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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

PJ #230 " RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. 4 ", chapter 9 & 10.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by André & Christ.
Dec 4, 2012 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 230





THU., MAR. 5, 1998    12:06 P.M.    YR. 11, DAY 201


THU.,  MAR. 5,  1998






"In a world of completely organized territorial sovereignties he (the Jew) has only two possible cities of refuge; he must either pull down the pillars of the whole national state system, or he must create a territorial sovereignty of his own... In Eastern Eu­rope, Bolshevism and Zionism seem to grow side by side... not because the Jew cares for the positive side of radical philosophy, not because he desires to be a partaker in Gentile nationalism or Gentile democracy but because no existing Gentile system is ever anything but distasteful to him".


     We shall now briefly interrupt the commentary which we have been making on the Protocols to set at rest once and for all certain misstatements which are made for Gentile consumption.


     To learn what the Jewish leaders of the United States or any other country think, do not read their addresses to the Gentiles; read their addresses to their own people. On such matters as these--Whether the Jew regards himself as destined to rule the world; whether he regards himself as belonging to a nation and race distinct from every other nation and race; whether he re­gards the Gentile world as the legitimate field of his exploitation by a lower moral method than is permissible among his own people; whether he knows and shares the principles of the Pro­tocols--on such matters as these, the only safe guide is to be found in the words which Jewish leaders speak to Jews, not in the words they speak to Gentiles.


     The notable Jewish names which appear oftenest in the Press do not represent the spokesmen of Judaism at all, but only a se­lected few who represent the Department of Propaganda Among the Gentiles. Sometimes that propaganda is in the form of do­nations for Christian charitable organizations; sometimes it is in the form of "liberal" opinion on religious, social and political questions. In whatever form it comes, you may depend upon it that the real activities of the Jewish hierarchy proceed under cover of that which the Gentile is invited to observe and ap­prove.




     The statements offered in this series are never made without the strictest and fullest proof, confirmation and corroboration in the utterances of Jewish leaders. This is one of the strange fea­tures of the multitude of Jewish attacks on this series. They are attacking what they themselves stand for, and their only reason for the attack must be their belief that this investigation has not been able to penetrate through to that which has been kept hidden from the world.


     The most persistent denials have been offered to the state­ment that Bolshevism everywhere, in Russia or the United States, is Jewish. In these denials we have perhaps one of the most brazen examples of the double intent referred to above. The denial of the Jewish character of Bolshevism is made to the Gentile; but in the confidence and secrecy of Jewish communi­cation, or buried in the Yiddish dialect, or obscurely hidden in the Jewish national press, we find the proud assertion made--to their own people!--that Bolshevism is Jewish.


     Jewish propaganda has only two straws to grasp in the terri­ble tale of murder, immorality, robbery, enforced starvation and hideous humanism which make the present Russian situation im­possible to describe and all but impossible to comprehend.


     One of these straws is that Kerensky, the man who eased in the opening wedge of Bolshevism, is not a Jew. Indeed, one of the strongest indications that Bolshevism is Jewish is that the Jewish press emphasizes so fiercely the alleged Gentilism of at least two of the revolutionary notables. It may be cruel to deny them two among hundreds, but merely saying so cannot change Kerensky's nationality. His name is Adler. His father was a Jew and his mother a Jewess. Adler, the father, died, and the mother married a Russian named Kerensky, whose name the young child took. Among the radicals who employed him as a lawyer, among the forces that put him forward to drive the first nail into Russia's cross, among the soldiers who fought with him, his Jewish descent and character have never been doubted.


     "Well, but there is Lenin," our Jewish publicists say--"Lenin, the head of it all, the brains of it all, and Lenin is a Gentile! We've got you there--Lenin is a Gentile"!


     Perhaps he is, but why do his children speak Yiddish? Why are his proclamations put forth in Yiddish? Why did he abolish the Christian Sunday and establish by law the Jewish Saturday Sabbath?


     The explanation of all this may be that he married a Jewess. The fact is that he did. But another explanation may be that he himself is a Jew. Certainly he is not the Russian nobleman he has always claimed to be. The statements he has made about his identity thus far have been lies. The claim that he is a Gentile may be unfounded too.


     No one has ever doubted Trotsky's nationality--he is a Jew. His name is Braunstein. Recently the Gentiles were told that Trotsky had said he wasn't much of anything--in religion. That may be. But still he must be something--else why are the Rus­sian Christian churches turned into stables, slaughter houses and dancing halls, while the Jewish synagogues remain untouched? And why are Christian priests and ministers made to work on the roads, while Jewish rabbis are left their clerical privileges? Trotsky may not be much of anything in religion, but he is a Jew nevertheless. This is not mere Gentile insistence that he shall be considered a Jew whether or no; it is straight Jewish teaching that he is, and is considered by all Jewish authorities to be, a Jew.


     An apology must be made here for repeating well-known facts. Yet, so many people are not even now aware of the true meaning of Bolshevism, at the risk of monotony, we shall cite a few of the salient facts. The purpose, however, is not alone to explain Russia, but to throw a warning light on conditions in the United States.


     The Bolshevik Government, as it stood late this summer when the latest report was smuggled through to certain authori­ties, shows up the Jewish domination of the whole affair. It has changed very slightly since the beginning. We give only a few items to indicate the proportion. It must not be supposed that the non-Jewish members of the government are Russian.


     Very few Russians have anything to say about their own country these days. The so-called "Dictatorship of the Prole­tariat", in which the proletariat has nothing whatever to say, is Russian only in the sense that it is set up in Russia; it is not Rus­sian in that it springs from or includes the Russian people. It is the international program of the Protocols, which might be "put over" by a minority in any country, and which is being given a dress-rehearsal in Russia.


     It is not the economic experiment, so-called, that one objects to in Russia; it is not the fallacies, the sad delusion of the peo­ple. No. It is the downright, dirty immorality, the brutish nas­tiness of it all; and the line which the immorality and nastiness draws between Jew and Gentile. The horrible cruelty involved we will not deal with, leaving it merely with the explanation which has found utterance in the Jewish press that "it may be that the Jew in Russia is taking an unconscious revenge for his centuries of suffering".


     "But," asks some reader, "how may we know that all this is true"?


     Bearing in mind that we are speaking of Russia, not for the interest of the Russian situation at all, but to indicate the inter­national character of those who are responsible for conditions there, and to identify them for the protection of the United States, we shall look at the evidence.


     There is, of course, the evidence brought to light by our own United States Senate and printed in a Report of the Committee on the Judiciary. We do not wish to spend much time on this, because we prefer in these articles to use Jewish testimony in­stead of Gentile. But we shall pause long enough to show the nature of the testimony brought out by our own government.


     Dr. George A. Simons, a clergyman in charge of an Ameri­can congregation in Petrograd at the time the Bolshevik terror broke out, was a witness. Parts of his testimony are given here:


"There are hundreds of agitators who followed in the trail of Trotsky-Bronstein, these men having come over from the lower East Side of New York... A number of us were impressed by the strange Yiddish element in this thing right from the start, and it soon became evident that more than half the agitators in the so-called Bolshevik movement were Yiddish'.


          "Senator Nelson--'Hebrews'?


"Dr. Simons--'They were Hebrews, apostate Jews. I do not want to say anything against the Jews, as such. I am not in sympathy with the anti-Semite movement, never have been, and do not ever expect to be... But I have a firm conviction that this thing is Yiddish, and that one of its bases is found in the East Side of New York'.


"Senator Nelson--'Trotsky came over from New York during that summer, did he not'?


"Dr. Simons--'He did'.


"Later Dr. Simons said: 'In December, 1918...out of 388 members, only 16 happened to be real Russians, and all the rest Jews, with the exception possibly of one man, who is a Negro from America, who calls himself Profes­sor Gordon...and 265 of this northern commune govern­ment that is sitting in the Old Smolny Institute came from the lower East Side of New York--265 of them.


"'I might mention this, that when the Bolsheviki came into power, all over Petrograd we at once had a predomi­nance of Yiddish proclamations, big posters, and every­thing in Yiddish. It became very evident that now that was to be one of the great languages of Russia; and the real Russians, of course, did not take very kindly to it"'.


[H: Please recall from prior JEWISH writings that Yiddish is NOT Hebrew. Yiddish is a language created for the self-styled parties who came to call themselves Jews and to suit the needs of the TALMUD AND BE UTILIZED IN THE PROTOCOLS. It is much like using a code as in World War II when Native language was used and could not be deciphered. How much to you think, as a Russian, you might understand of Lakota Sioux? By using the Talmud and Yiddish--everyone, including the Hebrew-speaking Jews, could be fooled until it was too late to change horses.]


     William Chapin Huntington, who was commercial attache of the United States Embassy at Petrograd, testified:


"In Russia it is well known that three-fourths of the Bolshevik leaders are Jewish... There were some--not many, but there were some--real Russians; and what I mean by real Russians is Russian-born, and not Russian Jews".


     Roger E. Simmons, Trade Commissioner connected with the United States Department of Commerce, also testified. An im­portant anonymous witness, whom

the committee permitted to withhold his name, told the same things.


     The British White Book, Russia, No. 1--"a Collection of Re­ports on Bolshevism in Russia, presented to Parliament by Command of His Majesty, April, 1919". contains masses of the same testimony from many sources, all of them eyewitnesses.


     In that very highly respected magazine Asia for February-March 1920, is an article which contains, among other impor­tant ones, these statements: (the italics are ours)


"In all the Bolshevist institutions the heads are Jews. The Assistant Commissar for Elementary Education, Grunberg, can hardly speak Russian. The Jews are suc­cessful in everything and obtain their ends. They know how to command and get complete submission. But they are proud and contemptuous toward everyone, which strongly excites the people against them... At the present time there is a great national religious fervor among the Jews. They see in the spread of revolution the fulfilling of the Scriptures: 'Though I make an end of all the nations, whither I have scattered thee, yet will I not make an end of thee".


     Now, if Gentile proof were wanted, the files of The Dear­born Independent for a whole year would not begin to contain it. But Jewish proof is better.


     There has been a strange vacillation in Jewish opinion con­cerning Bolshevism. At first it was hailed with delight. There was no concealment whatever in the early days of the new regime as to the part which Jewry had in it. Public meetings, interviews, special articles poured forth in which very valuable elements of truth were mingled. There was no attempt at con­cealment of names.


     Then the horror of the thing began to take hold upon the world, and for just a breathing space Jewish opinion fell silent. There was a spasmodic denial or two. Then a new burst of glo­rification. The glorification continues within Judaism itself, but it now carries on the Gentile side of its face a very sad expres­sion labeled "persecution".


     We have lived to see the day when to denounce Bolshevism is to "persecute the Jews".



     In the American Hebrew, for September 10, 1920, an article appears which not only acknowledges and explains the part which the Jew plays in the present unrest and upheaval, but jus­tifies it--and justifies it, curiously enough, by The Sermon on the Mount.


     The writer says that "the Jew evolved organized capitalism with its working instrumentality, the banking system."


     This is very refreshing, in view of the numerous Jewish de­nials of the economic fact.


     "One of the impressive phenomena of the impressive time is the revolt of the Jew against the Frankenstein which his own mind conceived and his own hand fashioned..." If this is true, why is Jewish "organized capital with its working instrumental­ity, the banking system" supporting the revolt?


     "That achievement (referring to the Russian overthrow), des­tined to figure in history as the overshadowing result of the World War, was largely the outcome of Jewish thinking, of Jewish discontent, of Jewish effort to reconstruct".


     "This rapid emergence of the Russian revolution from the de­structive phase and its entrance into the constructive phase is a conspicuous expression of the constructive genius of Jewish dis­content."


     (This, of course, requires proof that the constructive phase has appeared. The implication here is sheer propaganda. The Protocols, however, have a reconstructive program. We have not reached it as yet in this series of articles, but it is clearly outlined in the Protocols--DESTROY GENTILE SOCIETY, and then reconstruct IT ACCORDING TO "OUR" PLANS). [H: And keep in mind: There are two kinds of people by Jewish demand: JEWS AND GENTILES--period!]


     Now read carefully:


     "What Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so pow­erfully contributed to accomplish in Russia, the same historic qualities of the Jewish mind and heart ARE TENDING TO PROMOTE IN OTHER COUNTRIES".


     Trsf yjy shsom/ Ejsy zkreodj ofrs;od, smf zkreodj fodvp­myrmy/// [H: We are stopped here because the worst has happened--fingers on the wrong keys and sometimes I think it is suitable to laugh at self and then move on. Sometimes we have almost a full page of this "alien" writing, and like all things mysterious, it is not mystical, and once discovered is no longer a mystery. So, to try again please.]


     Read that again. "What Jewish idealism and Jewish discon­tent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia!" Just what was that? And just how did it "powerfully con­tribute"? And why are "Jewish idealism" and "Jewish discon­tent" always linked together? If you read the Protocols it is all very clear. Jewish idealism is the destruction of Gentile society and the erection of Jewish society. Was it not so in Russia?--Yiddish proclamations on the walls, the ancient Hebrew in the schools, Saturday substituted for Sunday, and the rabbis re­spected while the priests were put to work on the roads! All "powerfully contributed" to by murder, rapine, theft and starvation.


     Our author is more candid than he realizes. He calls this linked idealism and discontent "the historic qualities of the Jew­ish mind". The Dearborn Independent is indebted to him for this clear confirmation of what it has been saying for some time.


     But even that is not all. "These same historic qualities of the Jewish mind" which "contributed so powerfully to accomplish in Russia" the Red Terror still existing there, are declared by this author to be tending to promote the same sort of thing in other countries. He says so in so many words--"tending to promote in other countries".


     But we knew that. The only difference is that when Gentiles said it, they were overwhelmed with the wildest abuse; but now a pro-Jewish writer says it in a leading Jewish publication. And he says it apologetically--listen to him:


     "It was natural that...discontent in other parts of the world should find expression in overemphasis of issues and overstate­ment of aims".


     What discontent? Jewish discontent, of course. Discontent with what? With any form of Gentile rule. And how did it find expression? "In overemphasis of issues and overstatement of aims". What were these issues and aims? To bring the Bolshe­vik revolution to the United States.


     No, they did not overstate their aims; they exactly stated them--they simply selected the wrong country, that's all. [H: Sorry, but so far it is certainly THE very country!]


     There are Russian Bolshevists in this country now, hawking about the streets of New York the gold cigaret cases which they stole from Russian families, and the family jewels, the wedding and birthday rings, which they filched from Russian women. Bolshevism never got further than the pawnshop and burglar's "fence" idea. The proof of this traffic in stolen property is go­ing to drive some people into hiding before long. It will be a long, long time before America will be taking orders in Yiddish, or American women will be giving up their jewels to "the cho­sen race".

[H: Yes, it might have even taken another 78 years, but it has all but come to pass.]


     However, that happens to be only the most recent acknowl­edgement that has come to hand. It is significant for its confes­sion that "Jewish discontent" was "tending to promote" in "other countries" what it has "so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia".


     And with such a link between the American Hebrew, Russian Bolshevism and the Protocols, there are still Jewish publicists with the crust to say that only crazy people could see the connection. Only blind people will not see it. But that is only a minor connection. This series of articles does not rest on any­thing so accidental as the Jewish New Year's apology for Bol­shevism in the great Hebrew weekly of the United States.


Issue of September 25, 1920




Well, now I really am in trouble. It seems there were two chapters left in the book and we had miscounted. We have a choice, however, of doing it now or doing it in the night and I think intelligence will prevail. I believe, however, that we need a new file reference.


Stop the long faces, readers. Rejoice at finding Truth for there is no longer fear in KNOWING; it is the ignorance that becomes problematic.


I am asked by those who think themselves to be Jewish: "What in the world do we call ourselves"? HUmans and Americans, or Italians or Greek or Russian or whatever you choose. If you are not THIS KIND OF JEW--then for goodness sakes call yourself a Gentile. What's the big deal? A name doesn't do a thing. Sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you--unless YOU LET THEM. Readers, FACTS ARE FACTS AND ALL THE WISHING IN THE WORLD WILL NOT CHANGE A BREATH OF IT.


The facts are that the world has been handed a "bill of goods"--you have been "had". So what? Are you going to just wallow and cower in the holes allowed to you? Get up off your assets and stop the nonsense.


Thank you, Salu.







THU.,  MAR. 5,  1998    2:09 P.M.    YR. 11, DAY 201

THU.,  MAR. 5,  1998


FROM: THE INTERNATIONAL JEW--The World's Foremost Problem.


Vol. I: Being a Reprint of a Series of Articles appearing in The Dearborn Independent from May 2 to October 2, 1920.


Published by: THE DEARBORN PUBLISHING CO. Dear­born, Michigan,

     Nov. 1920.

Republished May, 1976 by:

     Liberty Bell Publications, Reedy, West Virginia 25270.





"Out of the economic chaos, the discontent of the Jew evolved organized capital with its working in­strumentality, the banking system....


"One of the impressive phenomena of the impres­sive time is the revolt of the Jew against the Frankenstein which his own mind conceived and his own hand fashioned....


"That achievement (Russian Bolshevik revolution-Ed.), destined to figure in history as the overshad­owing result of the World War, was largely the out­come of Jewish thinking, of Jewish discontent, of Jewish effort to reconstruct....


"What Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Rus­sia, the same historic qualities of the Jewish mind and heart are tending to promote in other coun­tries....


"Shall America, like the Russia of the Czars, overwhelm the Jew with the bitter and baseless re­proach of being a destroyer, and thus put him in the position of an irreconcilable enemy?


"Or shall America avail itself of Jewish genius as it avails itself of the peculiar genius of every other race?


"That is the question for the American people to answer".


From an article in THE AMERICAN HEBREW,

Sept. 10, 1920


     The American people will answer that question, and their an­swer will be against the disruptive genius of dissatisfied Jews.


     It is very well known that "what Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Rus­sia" is also being attempted in the United States. Why did not the writer in the American Hebrew say the United States, instead of saying "the same historic qualities of the Jewish mind and heart and tending to promote in other countries".


     "Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent" are not directed against capital. Capital is enlisted in their service. The only governmental order the Jewish effort is directed against is Gen­tile governmental order; and the only "capital" it attacks is Gen­tile capital.


     Lord Eustace Percy who, if one may judge by the full and appreciative quotations of his words in the Jewish press, has the sanction of thinkers among the Jews, settles the first point. Dis­cussing the Jewish tendency to revolutionary movements he says:


"In Eastern Europe Bolshevism and Zionism often seem to grow side by side, just as Jewish influence molded Re­publican and Socialist thought throughout the nineteenth century down to the Young Turk revolution in Con­stantinople hardly more than a decade ago--not because the Jew cares for the positive side of radical philosophy, not because he desires to be a partaker in Gentile nation­alism or Gentile democracy, but because no existing Gen­tile system of government is ever anything but distasteful to him".


     And that analysis is absolutely true. In Russia, the excuse was the Czar; in Germany, the Kaiser; in England it is the Irish question; in the numerous South American revolutions, where the Jews always had a ruling hand, no particular reason was thought necessary to be given; in the United States it is "the capitalistic class"; but always and everywhere it is, by the confession of their own spokesman, a distaste for any form whatso­ever of Gentile government. The Jew believes that the world is his by right; he wants to collect his own, and the speediest way of doing so is the destruction of order by revolution--a destruc­tion which is made possible by a long and clever campaign of loose and destructive ideas.


     As to the second point, every reader can verify the fact from his own experience. Let him recall to his mind the capitalists who have been held up to public scorn in the Jew-controlled press of the United States--and whom does he find them to be? Whose forms have you seen caricatured with the dollar-mark in Hearst's papers? Are they Seligman, Kahn, Warburg, Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb & Company, or any of the others? No. These are Jewish bankers. The attack is NEVER made on them. The names made most familiar to you by newspaper denunciation are the names of Gentile industrial and banking leaders [H: Of which you have no more.]--and Gentile leaders only--the prin­cipal ones being Morgan and Rockefeller. [H: I find this most amusing for these are among THE biggest and most recog­nized "Jews", "Zionists", "Banksters" of this day. Therefore, here you have proof that "Jew" has no race, a nasty creed, no religion, really, and certainly no COLOR LIMI­TATIONS. OR, COULD IT BE WE ARE SEEING SOME OTHER FACTIONS OF THIS NEW WORLD ORDER FI­NALLY PRESENTING ITSELF? With this intent of owner­ship, wealth, controlled manipulations (and oh yes they have--ask Nikola Tesla about J.P. Morgan, et al.) they can­not fall into the classification of Gentiles by pure definition. Therefore, if there is only ONE OTHER CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO THE JEWS--THEY HAVE TO BE JEWS. No? Well, you WERE right--but the originals of these people ceased to exist so that you are now dealing with tools of these Elite hounds of hell.]


     It is a well-known fact that during the French Commune when men of wealth suffered severe losses in property, the Jewish Rothschilds were not injured to the extent of one pen­nysworth. It is also a well-known fact, capable of proof satis­factory to any ordinary mind, that the connections between Jewish financiers and the more dangerous revolutionary ele­ments here in the United States are such that it is most unlikely that the former stand to lose anything in any event. Under cover of the disorder in Russia at the present time, Jewish financiers are taking advantage of the stress of the people to gain control of all the strategic natural resources and municipal property, by methods which they fully expect to be legalized by Jewish courts when the present "Bolshevik regime" announces that it will give way to a "modified communism". The world hasn't seen the end of Bolshevism yet. Like the World War, Bolshevism cannot be interpreted until it is seen who profits most by it, and the profiteering is in full sway now. The enemy is Gentile capital. Not any other. And "all the wealth of the world in our hands" is the unspoken slogan of every Jewish outbreak in the world to­day.


     The quotation at the head of this article represents the posi­tion which the Jews are now ready to take with reference to the Russian Revolution. They have always been charged with re­sponsibility for what has occurred in that unhappy country, but at first their spokesmen denied it. The denials were most indig­nant, and were usually accompanied by the typical plaint that the charge was "persecution". But the facts have been so over­whelming, and the government investigations have been so re­vealing, that denials have been abandoned.


     For a while an attempt was made to distract attention from Russia by a tremendously powerful propaganda concerning the Jews in Poland. There are many indications that the Polish pro­paganda was undertaken as a "cover" for the immense immigra­tion of Jews into the United States. It may be that some of our readers do not know it, but an endless stream of the most unde­sirable immigrants pours daily into the United States, tens of thousands of the same people whose presence has been the problem and menace of the governments of Europe. [H: And TODAY, on pretext of fear of Iraq--thousands and thou­sands are being brought directly into the United States with­out need of even passports. Fair? Doesn't appear to be fair to me. But then, citizens, it is your country and you don't seem to object, while at the same time, you are sending mothers back to Mexico without their natural U.S. babies. You have lost sense of JUSTICE and the courts have long ago come under the control of Talmudic LAW.]


     Well, the Polish propaganda and the immigration movement are sailing along smoothly, and the United Sates Government is assured by the Jewish ring at Washington that everything is quiet along the Potomac (it is quiet there, quiet as the Jewish ring could wish), but still the Russian fact persists in calling for ex­planation.


     And here is the explanation: The Jews created capitalism, we are told. But capitalism has proved itself ill-behaved. So now, the Jewish creators are going to destroy their creation. They have done so in Russia. And now, will the American people be good and let their Jewish benefactors do the same in America?


     That is the new explanation, and, typically Jewish again, it is coupled with a proposal for the United States--and a threat! If America refuses this particular service of the Jew, we "put him in the position of an irreconcilable enemy". See quotation at the head of this article.


     But the Jews have not destroyed capitalism in Russia. When Lenin and Trotsky make their farewell bow and retire under the protective influence of the Jewish capitalists of the world, it will be seen that only Gentile or Russian capital has been destroyed, and that Jewish capital has been enthroned.


     What is the record? Documents printed by the United States Government contain this letter: Please note the date, the Jewish banker and the Jewish names:


"Stockholm, Sept. 21, 1917.

"To Mr. Raphael Scholan:


     "Dear Comrade:--The banking house, M. Warburg, opened an account for the enterprise of Comrade Trotsky upon receipt of a telegram from the Chairman of the 'Rhein-Westphalian Syndicate'. A lawyer, probably Mr. Kestroff, obtained ammu­nition and organized the transportation of same, together with that of the whom the sum demanded by Comrade Trotsky is to be handed.


"Fraternal Greetings!



     Long before that an American Jewish financier was supplying the funds which carried revolutionary propaganda to thousands of Russian prisoners of war in Japanese camps.


     It is sometimes said, by way of explaining the Bolshevik movement, that it was financed from Germany, a fact which was seized upon to supply war propaganda. It

is true that part of the money came from the United States. It is the whole truth that Jewish finance in all the countries was interested in Bolshe­vism as an All-Jewish investment. For the whole period of the war, the Jewish World Program was cloaked under this or that national name--the blame being laid on the Germans by the Allies, and on the Allies by the Germans, and the people kept in ignorance of who the real personages were.


     It was stated by a French official that two millions of money was contributed by one Jewish banker alone. [H: People, back then can you imagine how much was $2million?]


     When Trotsky left the United States to fulfill his appointed task, he was released from arrest at Halifax upon the request of the United States, and everyone knows who constituted the War Government of the United States.


     The conclusion, when all the facts are considered, is irre­sistible, that the Bolshevik revolution was a carefully groomed investment on the part of International Jewish Finance.


     It is easy to understand, then, why the same forces would like to introduce it to the United States. The real struggle in this country is not between labor and capital; the real struggle is between Jewish capital and Gentile capital, with the I.W.W. leaders, the Socialist leaders, the Red leaders and the labor leaders almost a unit on the side of the Jewish capitalists.


     Again recall which financiers these men most attack. You cannot recall a single Jewish name.


     The main purpose in these two articles, however, is to intro­duce the Jewish testimony which exists as to the Jewish nature of Bolshevism.


"There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolsheviks, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism".


     In the same paper, of 1920, is a report of an address made by Israel Zangwill, a noted Jewish writer, in which he pronounced glowing praise on "the race which has produced a Beaconsfield, a Reading, a Montague, a Klotz, a Kurt Eisner, a Trotsky". Mr. Zangwill, in his swelling Semitic enthusiasm, embraced the Jews in the British Government in the same category with the Jews of the Hungarian and Russian Bolshevik governments. What is the difference? They are all Jewish, and all of equal honor and usefulness to "the race".


     Rabbi J. S. Magnes, in an address at New York in 1919, is reported to have said:


"When the Jew gives his thought, his devotion, to the cause of the workers and of the dispossessed, of the disin­herited of the world, the radical quality within him goes to the roots of things, and in Germany he becomes a Marx and a Lassalle, a Haas and an Edward Bernstein; in Aus­tria he becomes a Victor Adler and a Friedrich Adler; in Russia, a Trotsky . Just take for a moment the present sit­uation in Russia and in Germany. The revolution set cre­ative forces free, and see what a large company of Jews was available for immediate service. Socialist Revolution­aries and Mensheviki, and Bolsheviki, Majority and Mi­nority Socialists--whatever they be called--Jews are to be found among the trusted leaders and the routine workers of all these revolutionary parties".


"See," says the rabbi, "what a large company of Jews are available for immediate service." One ought to see where he points. There are as many Jewish members of revolu­tionary societies in the United States as there were in Rus­sia; and here, as there, they are "available for immediate service".


     Bernard Lazare, a Jewish writer who has published a work on anti-Semitism, says:


"The Jew, therefore, does take a part in revolutions, and he participates in them in so far as he is a Jew, or more correctly, in so far as he remains a Jew".


     He says also: "The Jewish spirit is essentially a revolu­tionary spirit, and consciously or otherwise, the Jew is a revolutionist".


     There is hardly any country in the world, except the United States where denials of this could be made in such a way as to require proof. In every other country the fact is known. Here we have been under such a fear of mentioning the word "Jew" or anything pertaining to it, that the commonest facts have been kept from us--the facts which even a superficial knowledge of Jewish writing would have given us. It was almost a pathetic spectacle to see American audiences go to lectures about the Russian situation, and come away from the hall confused and perplexed because the Russian situation is so un-Russian, all be­cause no lecturer thought it polite to mention "Jew" in the United States, for, as some day we shall see the Jew has con­trived to gain control of the platform too.


     Not only do the literary lights of Jewry acknowledge the Jew's propensity to revolution generally, and his responsibility for the Russian situation particularly, but the lower lights also have a very clear idea about it. The Jew in the midst of the rev­olution is conscious that somehow he is advancing the cause of Israel. He may be a "bad Jew" in the synagogue sense, but he is enough of a Jew to be willing to do anything that would advance the prestige of Israel. Race is stronger than religion in Jewry.


     The Russian paper, On to Moscow, in September, 1919, said:


     "It should not be forgotten that the Jewish people, who for centuries were oppressed by kings and czars, are the real proletariat, the real Internationale, which has no country".


     Mr. Cohan, in the newspaper, Communist, in April, 1919, said:


"Without exaggeration, it may be said that the great Russian social revolution was indeed accomplished by the hands of the Jews. Would the dark, oppressed masses of the Russian workmen and peasants have been able to throw off the yoke of the bourgeoisie by themselves? No, it was precisely the Jews who led the Russian proletariat to the dawn of the Internationale and not only have led, but are also now leading the Soviet cause which remains in their safe hands. We may be quiet as long as the chief command of the Red Army is in the hands of Comrade Leon Trotsky. It is true that there are no Jews in the ranks of the Red Army as far as privates are concerned, but in the committees and Soviet organizations, as com­missars, the Jews are gallantly leading the masses of the Russian proletariat to victory. It is not without reason that during the elections to all Soviet institutions the Jews are winning by an overwhelming majority... The symbol of Jewry, which for centuries has struggled against capital­ism, has become also the symbol of the Russian prole­tariat, which can be seen even in the adoption of the five-pointed star, which in former times, as it is well known, was the symbol of Zionism and Jewry. With this sign comes victory, with this sign comes the death of the para­sites of the bourgeoisie... Jewish tears will come out of them in sweat of drops of blood".


     This confession, or rather boast, is remarkable for its com­pleteness.


     The Jews, says Mr. Cohan, are in control of the Russian masses--the Russian masses who have never risen at all, who only know that a minority, like the czar's minority, is in control at the seat of government.


     The Jews are not in the Red Army, Mr. Cohan informs us, that is, in the ranks where the actual fighting is done; and this is strictly in line with the Protocols. The strategy of the World Program is to set Gentiles to kill Gentiles. This was the Jewish boast during the various French social disasters, that so many Frenchmen had been set killing each other.


     In the World War just passed, there were as many Gentiles killed by Gentiles as there are Jews in the world. [H: Go back and read it AGAIN.] It was a great victory for Israel. "Jewish tears will come out in sweat of drops of blood".


     But the Jews are in the places of control and safety, says Mr. Cohan, and he is absolutely right about it. The wonder is that he was so honest as to say it.


     As to the elections, so-called, at which the Jews are so unanimously chosen, the literature of Bolshevism is very ex­plicit. Those who voted against the Jewish candidates were ad­judged "enemies of the revolution" and executed. It did not re­quire many executions at the voting place to make all the elec­tions unanimous.


     Mr. Cohan is especially instructive on the significance of the Red Star, the five-pointed emblem of Bolshevism. [H: The most impressive and expressive symbol of Satan that exists in your world. I wonder how many of you Californians note there is NOW A RED STAR IN THE WHITE FIELD OF YOUR STATE FLAG. SUBTLE, AREN'T THEY?]


     The Star of David, the Jewish national emblem, is a six-pointed star, formed by two triangles, one standing on its base, the other on its apex. Deprived of their base lines, these trian­gles approximate the familiar Masonic emblem of the Square and Compass. It is this Star of David of which a Jewish ob­server in Palestine remarks that there are so few among the graves of the British soldiers who won Palestine in the recent war; most of the signs are the familiar wooden Cross. These Crosses are now reported to be objectionable to the new rulers of Palestine, because they are so plainly in view of the visitor who approaches the new Jewish university. As in Soviet Russia, so in Palestine, not many Jews laid down their lives for the cause: There were plenty of Gentiles for that purpose.


[H: I would tell you a little tale about this very small town of Tehachapi. Over the non-Catholic cemetery here someone laid out a cross on the hillside. It contained flowers and somehow denoted the area as a cemetery. Along came the Jews and objected. They not only objected, but by law the township was required to remove the symbol. So, now there is the bottom of the Cross with no top--just a "T" for, I sup­pose, Tehachapi. There was a flap over that too as being outrageous in snickering compliance--but there it is, with only stones and no flowers. My, my aren't we cute? Do you REALLY think the dead people care about the flower beds? Well, I guess most of them are complaining about the hot-feet.]


     As the Jew is a past master in the art of symbolism, it may not be without significance that the Bolshevik Star has one point less than the Star of David. For there is still one point to be ful­filled in the World Program as outlined in the Protocols--and that is the enthronement of "our leader". When he comes, the World Autocrat for whom the whole program is framed, the sixth point may be added. [H: I doubt it because the red pentagram is the symbol of Lucifer and that is who is set to be enthroned. And who, good readers, also goes by the name of Satan.]


     The Five Points of the Star now apparently assured are the Purse, the Press, the Peerage, Palestine and Proletarianism. The sixth point will be the PRINCE OF ISRAEL.


     It is very hard to say, it is hard to believe, but Mr. Cohan has said it, and revolutions especially since the French Revolution confirm it, that "with this sign comes the death of the parasites of the bourgeoisie... Jewish tears will come out of them in sweat of drops of blood." The "bourgeoisie", as the Protocols say, are always Gentile. [H: Ah, but the Global Parasites are Jews, not bourgeoisie Gentiles. Yep, the old hot-feet symbol may well be that which the blood-suckers feel after they start this next war against GOD. Remember: GOD TOO HAS A PLAN 2000 AND HE ALWAYS WINS!]


     The common counter argument to the invincible fact of the Jewish character of the Russian revolution--an argument which is destined to disappear now that Jewish acknowledgement is coming thick and fast--is that the Jews in Russia suffer too. "How can we favor a movement which makes our own people suffer"? is the argument put up to the Gentile.


     Well, the fact is this: They ARE favoring that movement. Today, this very moment, the Bolshevik Government is receiv­ing money from Jewish financiers in Europe, and if in Europe, then of course from the International Jewish bankers in America also. That is one fact.


     Another fact is this: The Jews of Russia are not suffering to anywhere near the extent we are told by the propagandists. It is now a fact admitted by Jews themselves that upon the first sweep of the Bolshevists across Poland, the Polish Jews were friendly with the invaders and helped them. The fact was ex­plained by American Jews in this manner: Since Bolshevism came to Russia, the condition of the Jews there has greatly im­proved--therefore the Polish Jews were friendly. And it is true--the condition of Russian Jews is good.


     One reason is: they have Russia. Everything there belongs to them.


     The other reason is: the Jews of Russia are the only ones re­ceiving help there today.


     Did the second statement ever strike you as significant? Only the Jews of Russia have food and money sent to them. It is one form, of course, of the support which the Jewish world is giving Bolshevism. But if the suffering among the Jews is what the propagandists say it is, what must it be among the Russians? Yet no one is sending food or money to them. The probable truth of the whole situation is that Jewish Bolshevism is laying a tax on the world. Any time it may be required, there is plenty of evidence as to the good condition of the Jews in Russia. They have all there is.


     Another source of confusion is revealed in the question: "How can Jewish capitalists support Bolshevism when Bolshe­vism is against capitalism"?


     Bolshevism, as before stated, is only against Gentile capital­ism. Jewish financiers who remained in Russia are very useful to the Bolsheviki. Read this description by an eyewitness: "A Jew is this Commissary of the Bank, very elegant, with a cravat of the latest style, and a fancy waistcoat. A Jew is this Dis­trict Commissary, former stockbroker, with a double bourgeois chin. Again a Jew, this inspector of taxes; he understands per­fectly how to squeeze the bourgeoisie".


     These agents of Jewry are still there. Other agents are among the Russians who fled, getting their lands away from them on mortgage loans. When the curtain lifts, most of the choice real estate will be found to have passed into Jewish con­trol by perfectly "legal" means.


     That is one answer to the question, Why the Jewish capitalists support Bolshevism. The Red Revolution is the greatest specu­lative event of human history. Besides, it is for the exaltation of Israel; it is a colossal revenge, which the Jews always take where they can, for wrongs real or imaginary.


     Jewish capitalism knows exactly what it is doing. What are its gains?


     1. It has taken a whole rich country, without the cost of war.


     2. It has demonstrated the necessity of gold. Jewish power rests on the fiction that gold is wealth. By the premeditated clumsiness of the Bolshevik monetary system, the unthinking world has been made to believe still more strongly that gold is necessary, and this belief gives Jewish capitalism another hold on the Gentile world. If the Bolshevists had been honest, they could have dealt Jewish capitalism its death blow. No! Gold is still on its throne. Destroy the fiction that gold has value, and you leave the Jewish International Financiers sitting forlorn on heaps of useless metal.


     3. It has demonstrated its power to the world. Protocol Seven says: "To demonstrate our enslavement of the Gentile governments of Europe, we will show our power to one of them by crimes of violence, that is, a reign of terror". Has Europe been sufficiently "shown"? Europe has, and is afraid! That is a great gain for Jewish capitalists.


     4. Not the least of the gains is the field practice in the art of revolution which Russia has offered. Students in that Red school are coming back to the United States. The technique of revolution has been reduced to a science according to the details laid down in the Protocols. To use Rabbi Magnes' words again: "See what a large company of Jews was available for immediate service". The available company is now much larger.


Issue of October 2, 1920




Please don't lose sight of the fact that this was written in 1920, only a couple of years after the Russian Revolution STARTED. I also want you Americans to remember what LENIN said about the U.S.: "We will take them without firing a shot". AND, "They will sell or give us the rope with which we hang them".


Before we close down for the day I want to remind you of the myriads of lessons we have had on terminology, words, mean­ings, confusion, shifting and IMPLICITNESS.


The way the JEW works is to take a good word, and for his own purposes, change its meaning--180 degrees if necessary--causing it to have a directly opposite meaning to that which "was". When a word like Bolshevism is outdated, it became Commu­nism, and when Communism no longer served, it became Democracy. Nothing along the way changed except to get more and more enslaving to the Gentiles while the Elite have gotten richer, richer, and richer and the society collapsed into a heap of poverty and rich. The rich make no bones in Russia that their biggest service industry is Bodyguard, right after "call girl". Well, "call companion".


And the rest of the world of Gentiles of every race, creed, color and human form--IS TERRIFIED. You noted that the Middle East countries of the Arab Nations, as expressed by Rev. Louis--is that they are filled with FEAR from the Great Satan, Amer­ica.


Well, we shall see, won't we? We certainly will see!


Adonai, hAtonn.


This closes out Vol. I without fanfare, so we will move right on to Vol II with even less fanfare. Thank you.

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