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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

PJ #230 " RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. 4 ", chapter 7 & 8.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by André & Christ.
Dec 2, 2012 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 230



WED., MAR. 4, 1998    7:26 A.M.    YR. 11, DAY 200

WED.,  MAR. 4,  1998



It is said that, "We pre-judge what we do not know and we hate what we do not understand".


This is a good observation but doesn't quite fit the circumstance when you begin to know and to understand. "Hate" under any circumstance is a waste of time for usually with hatred comes the desire for some sort of revenge, for you note not that which has not affected you personally. To pre-judge is only one step from being judgmental if you have no knowledge. In both in­stances it can only pay one handsomely to become INFORMED--then, at the least, you can discern what is and what is not. In either instance you can only deal with that which becomes known or visible.


It is also said that I write on "hate-presenting" topics such as this when learning of the Jews. No, this CANNOT be so for when you know and understand--there is NO ROOM FOR HATRED. There is no reason that man cannot individually GROW up through whatever negative circumstances exist for, once you see, you too can use the methods within the law and within that intent and LAW OF GOD which serves well the GOOD as well as the adversary.


I feel I need to identify a word or two for you who spew "evil" and condemn as "sin" what you observe.


EVIL: That which intentionally pulls yourself or another from the path of goodness and into the breaking of laws, the "use" of another for unrighteous deeds and thoughts and, in general, that which is negative in WRONG ACTIONS, DEED, THOUGHTS.


SIN: An "error". This is usually an error in judgment that al­lows for misdirection of intent and actions.


You SHOULD abhor evil, recognize sin, and try to pull both into the LIGHT to be judged or discerned, for always either one will be attached to some human or HUman entity(s). But JUDGMENT is NOT YOURS TO USE except in the recogni­tion of actions perpetrated. Evil is intentional while usually sin is simply something that IS.





Even if you can't seem to find redeeming graces evident in the Jewish control gained over your own beings, you need to con­sider, very carefully, your WRONG ATTITUDES ABOUT THE MATTER.


Why do you allow the NEGATIVE attitudes to take over your world? Have you been so warped of mind that you cease to find the glory and creative capability of GOD CREATOR WITHIN SELF? Killing or disposing of your enemy doesn't do anything save warp self. You can use the positive tools and attitudes which allow one to rise strong and tall and thank the perceived "other" for the gifts of laws set forth--THAT ALSO SHELTER YOU and YOURS.


A good example is the use of incorporation (we always use Nevada for privacy) to protect self and assets. This was set forth by the most wealthy to protect themselves and their busi­ness from prying eyes and leeching government. USE THESE TOOLS, FRIENDS--PLEASE, USE THESE TOOLS. They are legal and they are NOT AGAINST THE LAWS OF GOD. It is INTELLIGENT. Anything that breaks either of the "LAWS" is not intelligent and will end you up in the human's prison if they can arrange it against you.


You will note a surge in the reporting about radical clans as in KKK, Skinheads, etc. These are, at the least, IMMORAL for they are based on hate, inequality, and stupidity. But why all the sudden interest in them? To cause unrest in your dooryards until world foment can be better established to confuse you. ANY VIOLENT ACT AGAINST SELF OR ANOTHER IS IMMORAL--AT THE VERY LEAST IN JUDGMENT OR DISCERNMENT.




On the topical Question involved here--learn and you shall pre­vail in change--in goodness. All can prosper when you KNOW what is taking place. You most surely do not need go forth with your sword and chop off heads--even your own.



PEOPLE HAVE TO BE SHOWN THE BETTER WAY. It is a FACT that a person will always move, first, away from pain. Then he will move toward perceived happiness where perceived pain is absent. Killing everybody along the way is not a solution and therefore wars can NEVER be a solution. The BEAST, however, will always grab the seat of power, so you must learn to judge and discern very carefully--and that means PARTICI­PATION IN YOUR OWN LIVES.


IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT: GOD DOES NOT GIVE EN­ERGY TO WRONG. BUT SATAN AND HIS ARMY DOES. RIGHT OR WRONG HAVE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TO GROW AND BUILD ONLY GOOD HAS ABILITY TO "CREATE"--WRONG TO DESTROY, CONFUSE, AND MANIPULATE TO SERVE AND SUIT ANOTHER. Human tends to be absorbed by the evil side of disposition while HU­man retains the capability of creating and replacing that evil with positive energy and goodness.


Goodness is not created to SUFFER! That is a total MISPER­CEPTION placed on people through RELIGIONS. Religions are of MAN; Spirituality is of God Creator. You are, in the physical manifestation, of man--therefore your Spirituality must always direct your human being toward LIGHT and Spiritual growth lest you become entrapped in the very thing you claim to detest. But as babies learn to walk, talk and master growth--so too must each come to learn and know what IS and what is wrong that a society becomes unbalanced. The controllers like it as it is without your input--that is why you are kept ignorant and deceived. Do you simply want to wake up and smell the toast and coffee--or do you want to HAVE for self some of that toast and coffee? It is up to you. You cannot be an electrical engineer until you LEARN HOW ELECTRICITY BEHAVES.





     Little has yet been said in this commentary on the Protocols about the political program contained in them. It is desirable that the points be taken separately in order that when our study turns to actual conditions in this country, the reader may be in a position to judge whether the written program agrees with the acted program as it may be seen all about us. The World Pro­gram as outlined in these strange documents turns upon many points, some of which have already been discussed. Its success is sought (a) by securing financial control of the world, this having already been secured by the overwhelming indebtedness of every nation through wars, and by the capitalistic (not the manufacturing or managerial) control of industry; (b) by secur­ing political control, which is easily illustrated by the condition of every civilized country today; (c) by securing control of education, a control which has been steadily won under the blinded eyes of the people; (d) by trivializing the public mind through a most complete system of allurement which has just brought us into a period which requires the new word "jazz" to describe it; and (e) by the sowing of seeds of disruption everywhere--not the seeds of progress, but of economical fallacies and revolutionary temper. All of these main objectives entail various avenues of action, none of which has been overlooked by the Protocols.


     In leading up to what the Protocols have to say about the se­lection and control of Presidents, it will be enlightening to take the views which these documents express about other phases of politics.


     It may be very interesting to those Jewish apologists, who in all their pronouncements never discuss the contents of the Pro­tocols, to know that so far from their being a plea for monarchy, they are a plea for the most drastic and irrespon­sible liberalism in government. The powers behind the Pro­tocols appear to have absolute confidence in what they can do with the people once the people are made to believe that popular government has really arrived.


     The Protocols [instruct] in frequent change. They like elec­tions; they approve frequent revisions of constitutions; they counsel the people to change their representatives often. [H: I changed the word above from "believe" to "instruct" because these are the very points upon which you lose face and battles. A set of papers with words on them can't BELIEVE anything--only the people believing in the instructions and acting upon them. This is a "silly" thing, but in today's world whole nations revolve around such rubbish.]


     Take this from the First Protocol:


"The abstract conception of Liberty made it possible for us to convince the crowd that government is only the management for the owner of the country, the people, and that the steward can be changed like a pair of worn-out gloves. The possibility of changing the representatives of the people has placed them at our disposal and, as it were, has placed them in our power as creatures of our pur­poses".


     Note also how this Use of Change is buried in this paragraph from the Fourth Protocol which describes the evolution of a Re­public:


"Every republic passes through several stages. The first is that of senseless ravings, resembling those of a blind man throwing himself from right to left. The second is that of demagogy which breeds anarchy and inevitably leads to despotism, not of a legal, open and consequently responsible character, but an unseen and unknown despo­tism, felt none the less because exercised by a secret orga­nization. Such a despotism acts with even less scruple be­cause it is hidden under cover and works behind the backs of various agents, the shifting and changing of which will not harm its secret power, but serve it, since such changes will relieve the organization from the necessity of ex­pending its resources on rewards for long service".

     This "changing" of servants is not unknown in the United States. A former Senator of the United States could easily tes­tify to this if he only knew who did the "changing". Time was when he was the tool of every Jewish lobbyist in the Senate. His glib tongue lent charm and plausibility to every argument they wished to advance against the government's intentions. Se­cretly, however, the Senator was receiving "favors" from a very high source, "favors" of a financial character. The time came when it was desirable to "detach" the Senator. The written record of his "favors" was abstracted from its place of supposed secrecy, a newspaper system that has always been the ready organ of American Jewry made the exposure, and an indignant public did the rest. It could not have been done had not the man been compromised first; it could not have been done without certain newspaper connivance; it would never have been done had not the Senator's masters wished it. However, it was done.


     In the Fourteenth Protocol, which begins "When we become rulers", it is pictured how hopeless the Gentile peoples will have become of any betterment of conditions through changes of gov­ernment and therefore will accept the promise of stability which the Protocolists of that time will be prepared to offer:


     "The masses will become so satiated with the endless changes of administration which we instigated among the Gentiles when we were undermining their governmental institution, that they will tolerate anything from US... ".


     The official who is changed most quickly in the country is the man who questions certain matters which come from Jewish sources. There must be a small army of such men in the United States today. Some of them do not know even now how it hap­pened. Some are still wondering why perfectly legitimate and patriotic information should have been lost in an icy silence when they sent it in, and why they should have lost favor for sending it.


     Protocol Nine is full of the most amazing claims, of which these may serve as illustration:


"At the present time, if any government raises a protest against us, it is only for the sake of form, it is under our control, and it is done by our direction, for THEIR ANTI-SEMITISM IS NECESSARY FOR KEEP­ING IN ORDER OUR LESSER BROTHERS. I will not explain this further as already it has been the subject of numerous discussions between us".


     This doctrine of the usefulness of anti-Semitism and the de­sirability of creating it where it does not exist are found in the words of Jewish leaders, ancient and modern.


"In reality there are no obstacles before us. Our super-government has such an extra-legal status that it may be called by the energetic and strong word--dictatorship. I can conscientiously say that at the present time we are the lawmakers".


     In the Protocol this claim is made:


"De facto, we have already eliminated every govern­ment except our own, although de jure there are still many others left".


     That is simple: The governments will exist, under their own names, having authority over their own people; but the super-government has unchallenged influence over all of them in mat­ters pertaining to the Jewish Nation and particularly in matters pertaining to the purpose of The International Jew.


     The Eighth Protocol shows how this can be:


"For the time being, until it will be safe to give respon­sible government positions to our brother Jews, we shall entrust them to people whose past and whose character are such that there is an abyss between them and the people; to people, for whom, in case of disobedience to our orders, there will remain only trial or exile (from public life), thus forcing them to protect our interest to their last breath".


     In the Ninth Protocol again is this reference to party funds:


"The division into parties has placed them all at our disposal, inasmuch as in order to carry on a party strug­gle it is necessary to have money, and we have it all".


     There have been many investigations of campaign funds. None has ever yet gone deep enough to inquire into the "international" sources of these funds. [H: Note the current events regarding THIS one, and yet, once again, NOTHING IS DONE EVEN WHEN THE EVIDENCE IS ON THE TABLE--BUT NOTE THE CONTINUATION OF "PARTY" GARBAGE.]


     Now, in the United States during the last five years we have seen an almost complete Judaized administration in control of all the war activities of the American people. The function of the regularly organized United States Government during that time was practically confined to the voting of money. But the ad­ministration of the business end of the war was in charge of a government within a government, and this inner, extra govern­ment was Jewish.


     It is, of course often asked why this was so. The first answer given is that the Jews who were immediately placed in charge of the business administration of the war were competent men, the most competent men who could be found. This was actually the answer given to an inquiry as to the reason for so large a part of the foreign policy of the United States depending on the counsel of a certain group of Jews--they were the men who knew, no one else knew so much, the officials chosen by the people had a right to select the most efficient and able counsel they could find.


     Very well, let that stand. Let the explanation be that in all the United States, Jews were the only persons to be found who could handle the emergency with masterly ease. We shall see more of this phase of the matter at another time. The war is not under discussion in this article, merely the fact that in an emer­gency the government became distinctly Jewish. [H: Any ar­gument THIS WEEK?]


     But the Second Protocol would appear to throw a little light on the matter:


"The administrators chosen by us from the masses for their servility will not be persons trained for government, and consequently they will easily become pawns in our game, played by our learned and talented counsellors, specialists educated from early childhood to administer world affairs. As we know, our specialists have been ac­quiring the necessary knowledge for governing...".


     The language is a trifle raw, as it usually is when Gentiles are under discussion.

But the same fact, namely, that Jewish spe­cialists have come to the aid of Gentile administrators in an emergency, when uttered for the consideration of the general public, may be very beautifully phrased.


     The untrained Gentile administrator must have help; his un­preparedness makes it necessary. And who knows it better than those who have the help to offer? The Gentile public has been taught to suspect the man who has had experience in politics or government. This, of course, makes the whole situation doubly easy for those whose specialty it is to give "aid". Just what in­terests they aid most will give, when discovered, a strong light upon their zeal.


     But in all that the Protocols have to say about the political angle of the World Program, nothing is of so great interest as that which concerns the selection and control of Presidents. [H: PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION, READERS.]

The whole plan is outlined in the Tenth Protocol. The fact that the President of France seems to have been in mind is a local­ism; the plan is applicable elsewhere; indeed has elsewhere its most perfect illustration.


     This Tenth Protocol, then, leads gradually up to the subject, tracing the evolution of rulers from Autocrat to President, and of nations from Monarchies to Republics.


     The language of this passage is particularly objectionable, but no more so than can be found in current Jewish literature where boasting of power is indulged in. Unpleasant as the whole atti­tude is, it is valuable as showing in just what light the supporters of the Protocol Program view the Gentiles and their dignities. It must be borne in mind that the Jewish ideal is not a President, but a Prince and a King. The Jewish students of Russia marched the streets in 1918 singing this hymn--



"We have given you a God;
Now we will give you a King".


     The new flag of Palestine, now permitted to fly without hin­drance, bears insignia, as does every synagogue, of a Jewish KING. The Jewish hope is that the Throne of David shall be set up again, as doubtless it will be. None of these things is to be decried in the least, nor to be regarded with anything but a de­cent respect, but they should be borne in mind as a sidelight on the expressed contempt for Gentile Presidents and Legislatures. [H: Surely you didn't think the Israeli flag with the Star of David was generated just to satisfy a need of a new stolen State called Israel.]


     The Tenth Protocol reaches the theme of President thus:


"Then the rise of the republican era became possible, and then in the place of a sovereign we substituted a cari­cature of him, a President picked from the crowd.... Such was the foundation of the mine we laid underneath the Gentile people, or more accurately, the Gentile peo­ples".


     It is with something of a shock that one reads that men with a "past" are specially favored for the presidential office. Men with a "past" have become President in various countries, in­cluding the United States, there is no doubt of that. [H: And boy, did they pick a good one with a "bad past" in Zipper Billy.] In some instances, the particular scandal that constituted the "past" has been publicly known; in other cases it has been hushed up and lost in a maze of rumor. [H: Come on, people, never mind the sex-trashing; Clinton was a very BAD BOY. He dabbled in crime and drug-running from the time he was a child--and worked in coalition with the CIA and George Bush to further importation of drugs right through Mena, Arkansas. The sex-stuff and the war on Starr is to keep that part of his "past" from coming out because it will reflect on others of high positions. Clinton is using BLACKMAIL at the minute and Hillary is even more into blackmailing some of the players. But sexual indiscretions are the least of Billy's problems.] In at least one case it was made the special property of a syndicate of men who, while protecting the official from public knowledge, compelled him to pay rather stiffly for their service. Men with a "past" are not uncommon, and it is not always the "past" but the concealment of it that concerns them most, and in this lack of frankness, this distrust of the understanding and mercy of the people, they usually fall into an­other slavery, namely, the slavery OF POLITICAL OR FI­NANCIAL BLACKMAIL.


"We will manipulate the election of Presidents whose past contains some undisclosed dark affair, some 'Panama', then they will be faithful executors of our or­ders from fear of exposure and from the natural desire of every man who has attained a position of authority to re­tain the privileges, emoluments and the dignity associated with the position of President". [H: Ah-hummnnn....]



     The use of the word "Panama" here refers to the various scandals which arose in French political circles over the original efforts to construct the Panama Canal. If the present form of the Protocols had been written at a later date they might have re­ferred to the "Marconi wireless" scandals in England--though on second thought, they would not have done so because certain men were involved who were NOT Gentiles.

[H: Dr. Ed, I think you can see right here where Mr. Tesla fits into this puzzle.] Herzl, the great Jewish Zionist leader, uses the expres­sion in The Jewish State. Speaking of the management of the business of Palestine he says that the Society of the Jews "will see to it that the enterprise does not become a 'Panama' but a 'SUEZ'". [H: Everyone still with me?] That the same expres­sion should occur in Herzl and in the Protocols is SIGNIFI­CANT; it has also another significance which will be described at another time. It must be clear to the reader, however, that no one writing for the general public at this day would refer to a "Panama" in a man's "past". The reference would not be understood.


     It is this practice of holding a man under obligation which makes it needful on the part of the true publicist to tell the truth and the whole truth about aspirants for public office. It is not enough to say of a candidate that he "began as a poor boy" and then became "successful". How did he become successful? How explain the "rise" of his fortunes? Sometimes the clue leads deep into the domestic life of the candidate. It may be told of a man, for example, that he helped another out of a scrape by marrying the woman involved, and received a sum of money for doing so. It may be told of another that he was implicated by his too friendly relations with another's wife, but was relieved of his predicament by the astute diplomacy of powerful friends, to whom THEREAFTER HE FELT HIMSELF IN DEBT OF HONOR. It is strange that, in American affairs at least, the woman-note is predominant. In our higher offices that has more frequently occurred than any other, oftener than the money-note. [H: Ah but you see something came about that CHANGED the moral attitudes of the whole of the citizenry--so there has to be something far worse than adultery, philandering and sex-oriented stuff. You have to be set up--and then wiped out by something really important like money games.]


     In European countries, however, where the fact of a man's being entangled illegitimately with a woman does not carry so heavy a stamp of shame with it, the controlled men have been found to have "pasts" of another character.


     The whole subject is extremely distasteful, but truth has its surgical duties to perform, and this is one of them. When, for example, a pivotal assemblage like that of the Peace Conference is studied, and the men who are most subject to Jewish influences are isolated, and their past history is carefully traced, there is almost no difficulty whatever in determining the precise moment when they passed over into that fateful condition which, while it did not hinder them of public honors for one hour, made them unchangeably the servants of a power the public did not see. The puzzling spectacle which the observer sees of the great leaders of Anglo-Saxon races closely surrounded and continu­ously counseled by the princes of the [recognized] Semitic race is explained only by a knowledge of those leaders' "past" and those words of the Protocols, "WE WILL MANIPULATE THE ELECTION OF PRESIDENTS WHOSE PAST CONTAINS SOME UNDISCLOSED DARK AFFAIR ".


     And where this Jewish domination of officials is glaringly apparent, it may be safely assumed that the custody of the secret is almost entirely with that race. When necessity arises, it may be a public service for those in possession of the facts to make them public--not for the purpose of destroying reputations, but for the purpose of damning for all time the most cowardly practice.


     Politically, so the Jewish publicists tell us, Jews do not vote as a group. Because of this, so we are told, they have no politi­cal influence. Moreover, we are told, they are so divided among themselves that they cannot be led in one direction.


     It may be true that when it is a question of being for any­thing, the Jewish community may show a majority and minority opinion--a small minority, it is likely to be. But when it be­comes a question of being against anything, the Jewish commu­nity is always a unit.


     These are facts to which any ward politician can testify. Any man in political life can test it for himself by announcing that he will not permit himself to be dominated by Jews or anybody else. Just let him mention Jews in that manner; he will no longer have to read about Jewish solidarity; he will have felt it. Note that, in a vote, this Jewish solidarity can accomplish any­thing it wishes; the Jew's political strength is NOT in his vote, but in the "pull" of, say, seven men at the seat of government. The Jews, a political minority so far as votes are concerned, were a political majority so far as influence was concerned, during the last five years. They ruled. They boast that they ruled. The mark of their rule is everywhere. [H: Note this was written in 1920, so the controlling rule has been since, at least, in the U.S., totally held since 1915.]


     The note which everyone observes in politics, as in the press, is the fear of the Jews. This fear is such that nowhere are the Jews discussed as are, say, the Armenians, the Germans, the Russians or the Hindoos. What is this fear but reflection of the knowledge of the Jews' power and their ruthlessness in the use of it? It is possibly true, as many Jewish publicists say, that what is called anti-Semitism is just a panic-fear. It is a dread of the unknown. The uncanny spectacle of an apparently poor people who are richer than all, of a very small minority which is more powerful than all, creates phantoms before the mind.


     It is very significant that those who most assume to represent the Jews are quite content that the fear should exist. They wish it to exist. To keep it delicately poised and always there, though not too obtrusively, is an art they practice. But once the balance is threatened, their crudeness instantly appears. Then comes the threat, by which it is hoped to re-establish the fear again. When the threat fails, there comes the wail of anti-Semitism.



     How strange this is, that the Jews should not see that the most abject form of anti-Semitism is just this fear which they are willing to have felt toward them by their neighbors. To inspire fear--what is more dreaded by the normal man, and yet what more delights an inferior race?


     Now, a great service is done when the people are emanci­pated from this fear. It is the process of emancipation that Jew­ish publicists attack. It is this they call anti-Semitism. It is not anti-Semitism at all; it is the only course that can prevent anti-Semitism.


     The process involves several steps. The extent of the Jewish power must be shown. To this, of course, strong Jewish objec­tion is made, though no strong disproof can be made.


     Then, the existence of this power must be explained. It can be explained only by

the Jewish Will to Power, as it may be called, or by the deliberate program which is followed in the attainment of the power. When the method is explained, half the damage is undone. THE JEW IS NOT A SUPERMAN. He is bright; he is intense; his philosophy of material things leaves him free to do many things from which his neighbor draws back; but, given equal advantages, he is not a superman. The Yankee is more than his equal any time, but the Yankee has an inborn inclination to observe the rules of the game. When the people know by what means this power is gained--when they are informed how, for example, political control is seized, as it has been in the United States, the very method takes all the glamour from the power, and shows it to be a rather sordid thing after all.


     This series of articles is attempting to take these orderly steps, and it is believed the complete effort will justify itself to reasonable minds, both Jewish and Gentile.


     In the present article one important means of power has been described on the authority of the Protocols. Whether the method laid down by the Protocols is worth considering or not depends entirely on whether it can be found in actual affairs to­day. It can be found. The two tally. The parallel is complete. It were well for the Jew, of course, if no trace of him could be found in either the written or the actual program. But he is there, and it is illogical for him to blame anyone but himself for being there. Certainly it is small defense against the fact to heap abuse upon the one who discloses the fact. We have agreed that the Jews are clever, but they are not so clever as to be able to cover their work. There is a certain element of weakness in them which reveals the whole matter in the end. And even the revelation would not mean much if the thing revealed were not wrong. But that is the weakness of the Jewish program--it is wrong. The Jews have never gained any measure of success so great that the world cannot check it. The world is engaged in a great checking tactic now, and if there are still prophets among the Jews they should lead their people in another path.



     The proof and the fruit of any exposure of the World Pro­gram IS THE REMOVAL OF THE ELEMENT OF FEAR FROM THE PEOPLES AMONG WHOM THE JEWS LIVE.


Issue of September 18, 1920



So, can the nations, say, the United States, be changed? Yes. Easily? NO! And the change will have to come from outside the typical government you HAVE in place. You haven't a prayer of changing the one you have or replacing it with some­thing new and honestly honorable. When the whole barrel of apples is spoiled and rotten, you will have to consider a whole new approach--but that can be accomplished in the U.S. as in no other nation already usurped and controlled by these elements of Elite One Worlders. But, indeed there are a WHOLE BIG BUNCH of people in very powerful nations who would change if shown the way and to recognize the problems. Most KNOW the problems--except you sleeping masses under the mind-warp processing.


It only requires insight, foresight, long-range sight and the abil­ity to CREATE THAT WHICH IS NECESSARY--and THAT comes from recognizing the absolute LACK OF ANYTHING BACKING ANY OF THE ELITE'S HOLDINGS.


So, now we know who "they" are and that isn't a bad start for today is it? "They" have presented AN ILLUSION of money, value, moral acceptance and thus and so. But, they have also incredibly incited the hatred of those in opposition and bearing the brunt of their outrageous crimes and deceptions.


A massive change could come about simply by the turning unto Truth and God but, logically and reasonably speaking, it won't. Therefore there will be some of the old arranged prophecies that have to come about for the writers of the prophecies will



When a man gains LOVE, he changes within self and stops the hatreds--AND STARTS THINKING. When thinking men are then shown "a way", they will take it and create that which they desire, and when this is done in the name of GOD--not some trumped-up idol to worship--there is no enemy anywhere who can do a thing to stop its happening. So, to you dear ones who find it difficult to wait and can't see that things are being ac­complished, I can't make you see, hear or experience--I can only assure you, in my own loop, that we are making incredible and beyond-your-dreams inroads into the solutions at hand. But the team is tired and no matter how hard or fast we run--so far the enemy is able to make the run difficult and miserable. However, GOD chooses carefully, and those he has placed in responsible positions will make it through one way or another--a bit frazzled and worn--but WE shall make it for some of you out there have made it POSSIBLE.


There is always the presence of the DISTRACTORS, even right among us, and the desire to be distracted, so the two get to­gether and great amounts of time and energy are expended where it should not be. But, it IS and so be it. Until you of the nucleus realize the distractions AND the distractors you will slow the progress. It is always quite easy to cast about and dis­cern "another's" problems or distractions but RARELY YOUR OWN. Why? Because YOUR distractions are not considered by you to be distractions.


Let me example a personal focus--with the coming of e-mail ca­pability--E.J.'s work load has DOUBLED OR TRIPLED. Dharma's is again out of control because everything from argu­ments to kiddies' problems are handed off to her. But it is through the computer networks that we can get viewing and hearing--so we really can't negate the computers can we?


Now our audience is more predominantly global and foreign than ever, so that more time is consumed, constantly--but with necessary business and interchange. We have foreign diplomats of such high importance as would stagger you, WAITING FOR EACH PAGE TO COME FROM THESE FINGERS. There is no substitute, therefore, for this task and no way to assemble help at this time. So, we keep right on moving and when we can't stagger another step, someone will be ready to take some load and then more load and finally we will have a larger TEAM. But it starts with the mundane because we need no more "help" steeped in their "own ways and directions" and who can't move beyond the meditation phase and actually do the work itself.


I am told that if we just had MORE MEETINGS "we could get our energy renewed and our focus reestablished". Well, inter­estingly enough, Dharma is running as hard as she can and she has to be there if we have a meeting--doesn't she? Not to bring the cakes, for someone else could do that, but just to speak--and lungs that can't hold air can't allow for long speeches but can allow for lots of finger exercises. Moreover, WE HAVE EX­PERIENCED AND THUS, LEARNED, that our enemies are AMONG US and our strategies and just our own daily privacy is totally invaded and moved out of the privacy of our family to be spun and twisted in the hands and minds and publications of the very adversary himself.


Who restores Dharma and who, save two or three, continues to shore up the financial needs for the work here? This in no way is a reflection on you who send to keep this paper going for it would have been over long before now if you had not stepped in and saved the day with your contributions above subscriptions.


I find that around here there are almost none who will watch the very news coming forth more than once, if that much, a day, and then turn it off because you "can't stand it". I ask Dharma to leave this keyboard and every minute not at this typing she is studying the broadcasts from every direction and every channel and talk show. It is THEREIN you find what is REALLY hap­pening. So, you guys say, "Well, we get it from CONTACT or these writings". Fine, it is then apparent that you don't want meetings quite badly enough to give relief to the production point. And yes, you are right, the circle spirals around and, surely enough, the cost of mailings rises and

we don't have room for more information anyway, and stay alive at all. This IS THE PLAN at work and the very best example we can offer. Many people within our circle are running for our lives so, please, this example is exactly that, an example using something to which you can relate.


Arguments about material do not accomplish anything and we have no time for debates. I KNOW WHAT IS REAL AND WHAT IS TRUTH, so an argument with me is useless as most arguers state right off the top of their letters. I chuckle as I re­call early on over the topic of And They Called His Name Im­manuel that the publishers of some of the same materials started large arguments with Green about the materials.

I responded. So, the next arguments came from the "committee" appointed to "handle that E.T." and that insane receiver. However, the letter started with: "Don't have Hatonn respond because he can just blow out our arguments--because we are not so quick of wit". No, I am not kidding you. Either I Am or I AM NOT. So, IF I AM NOT, doesn't that scare you a bit that Dharma is so "quick of wit" as to out-think and out-run the entire world population? She makes no claim of such. But she will be first to tell you that she has gotten a REAL EDUCATION in just about every sub­ject there is--and even Dr. Young would probably give her an honorary degree in quantum physics as well as qualifying as a "writer" which she still claims to NOT be. Peculiar isn't it?


She is not a Jew BUT IS A SEMITE. But she is pale of color and yet is Egyptian of origin--in THIS particular job. Interest­ing? Not really, once you KNOW what life is ABOUT and IS. Do "WE" have some bond? Beyond all human realizations as do I with most of you who read this material and know the real­ity of this time and this place in historical sequence. We are al­ready woven as the threads into a finished tapestry with myriads of colors and textures, and even if taken apart we do not lose

our DNA "picture" engraved forever upon the timelessness of eternity and universality.


Are YOU in the picture? That is not for ME to answer, but rather, for me to ask. ARE YOU IN THE PICTURE? Oh, in­deed, modest ones--YOU DO KNOW AND YOU EXPERI­ENCE FOR SOMETHING SO MUCH GREATER THAN A "DOODLE RIDE" ON SOME SHIP OR OTHER--BUT FOR THE VERY GIFT OF LIFE ITSELF.


E.J. and Dharma don't even bother to STUDY the heavens as they once did for they know where GOD IS LOCATED and the trappings and show of a few moving objects has no longer much interest. Appreciation is always present--having to meditate on one star or another--or even the belly-button, wastes valuable production time. So we do that sort of thing only when the bal­ance has been blown by some of the necessary distractions that REQUIRE handling. Others are the same; once again I only use EXAMPLES. Moreover, it is understood that all ones entering the circle must "catch up" but you who have always been within THIS circle and haven't "caught up" are not in such good standing.


Most RIGHT HERE UNDER OUR NOSES do not even read all the material--now, don't you who can't wait to get it into your hands and heads find that shocking and appalling? No, I don't; I find it typical. Most people would join any group just to search, usually for betterment of self's acquisitions, be they hu­man or material. There is little interest in accomplishment be­yond that "job" and the "pay" therefrom. People, there isn't even a "group" here to hold anyone as in "membership", and if you cease to study the truth as we bring it--you don't have ANYTHING HERE. I repeat, you don't have ANYTHING HERE. And some, if the pay were cut off, would not even con­sider staying a day longer and that would be blamed on the ex­cuse of having to work--when some were not working when they came here. Good, it is an excellent sorting tool.


Am I not afraid that some will see this and be offended? No, the ones who would be don't read the "stuff". The others know their positions are set in cement and would work days to support themselves and give all night to serve God if that were neces­sary. And, in some of the jobs, that is THE CASE, only the service itself is 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and some­times doubled up at that.


I do not deal in what-ifs or ifs or shoulds. We deal here with WHAT IS and that is all we have in the here and the now. We do the best we can with what IS. Good "strokes" are nice but we work mostly without anything except complaints and gigantic efforts to insult, discount, discredit and destroy us. But the love and support of the rest of the team and crew suffices, and even if they be few, they are IN TRUTH and IN LOVE and it is suf­ficient unto our needs. We KNOW that what we do is TRUTH AND WHAT WE DO IS RIGHT. THERE IS NO ENERGY STRENGTH GREATER THAN THAT.


We chuckled when Dr. Ed sent up a note AND ANOTHER BOOK TO BE TYPED and inquired as to whether or not Dharma had worn off the letters of her new keyboard yet. The "funny" thing is that, yes indeed, they were going, going and going--but this time she got smart and weekly lacquers over the print. We laugh because she can certainly tell by looking at the keyboard which alphabet letters are the most used.

We also find it amusing that people say and think we have a great consoli­dated membership game going here daily. Dharma has not even SEEN most of the people here who work daily on the same projects in WEEKS and, as with Dr. Young--

in months.


So please, readers, when somebody calls this a "cult", will you please turn about and confront them. Call them to their faces what they are: uninformed, ignorant or simply "you are a liar". It works every time--TRUTH WILL WORK EVERY TIME IF YOU SIMPLY USE IT. WHEN YOU MAKE STUPID EX­CUSES YOU HURT SELF AND EVERYONE WITH YOU. AND, UNTIL YOU ARE NOT ASHAMED OF GOD IN YOUR LIFE--YOU HAVE BIG PROBLEMS.


Adonai,  hAtonnn.  The Greeks will know what the symbol means.







THU., MAR. 5, 1998    7:25 A.M.    YR. 11, DAY 201

THU.,  MAR. 5,  1998



Sometimes you truly do have to walk, or fall down, in that Val­ley of Shadows before you stop long enough to look around and see and hear.



I look for anything and everything that will help you to see and understand what is taking place. That must come from seeing what has TAKEN PLACE. You CANNOT live again in what is past--but you MUST KNOW what is historical past--IN TRUTH--or you are destined to be enslaved.


The Elite One World Order (under "their" rule, of course) have been around since the days of the very beginning of history as you might recognize it and, as hard as it may be to swallow--they ARE the very ones who came forth calling themselves the Serpent People. They took on the sham of nationalities, races, creeds, religions, and other ingratiating personalities to enable them to take on control of the world. A BIG Plan? Oh yes, a very big plan.


God, on the other hand, gave you LIFE in physical form that you might experience, grow, and BECOME what you would or what you will. Free-will choices were your gift of gifts. You would choose your pathway without force or coercion for it would determine what later you would come to be. Just as Mr. Ford created his automobile, God created YOU. Flimsy exam­ple? No, for Mr. Ford could not determine what his car would go forth and do or be. It could become a family freedom vehi­cle or a DEATH WEAPON. God offers you the opportunity to be a freedom vehicle or a DEATH WEAPON. BUT, now you have a burden of the vehicle having its manual direction-finder replaced by a guided missile system with warheads of destruc­tion.


And worse, the top level echelon (hierarchy) of the Adversary's team is located in what was once considered (although it wasn't) the "Land of the Free"--as world puller and pusher. The WAR mongers with the most power are settled into America and these days you can SEE what is taking place in chaos and determined push for war against the most helpless of people half a world distant. And YOU bow to them, push them to kill--but you will find it is YOU and THOSE OF YOURS who will kill and maim

--not the ones who order the bloodshed. THEY DO NOT GO FIGHT--IF THEY GO, THEY SELL OUT.


Even George Bush, as a pilot--bailed out and left his crew to DIE. He has now been called a hero. Senator McCain of the Keating Five criminals--was a prisoner of war

--who SOLD OUT HIS FELLOW PRISONERS. He is now called a war hero.


There are only TWO groups of people according to these High Rollers: Jews

(a coined term meaning very little) and Gentiles (everyone who is not a Jew). This means, people, that there is no singular race, religion, creed or color for EITHER GROUPING.


I am not here to speak of religions except in a most impolite manner. Religions are of MAN and they have destroyed more souls than any other one weapon ever taken up AGAINST MANKIND. The most outrageously absurd things are told to you, on faith, which can only deposit you in a death trap. You cannot, for instance, in physical form

--sit atop a cloud--nor can you live in the belly of a whale for days without being digested or dying for lack of oxygen--in the physical form. Noah COULD NOT have had two of every animal aboard his boat--for he could only reach out to a very, very limited space and time in his experience. So, the examples are good parables and partial truths for examples, but they are written now to fool you-­the-people all the

time if possible.






Great leaders come and, if they listen to me at all--they have no bone to pick with me. GOD DID NOT CREATE INEQUAL­ITY--MAN PRODUCED THAT TO SET HIMSELF ABOVE ANOTHER. I take no note of religious relationships other than to notice them as being unfair, pretentious, bigoted and money-­gathering--as expressed.

I only SEE and HEAR that which is Spirituality of "A" man or woman and listen to the wisdom of the child--until the adults ruin his precious all-knowing mind. But I do recognize that the worst offenders to the word of God are the FALSE TEACHERS who present as total hypocrites and adorn themselves in robes indicating status when the most be­lievable servant of God unto His people is the most humble and non-pretentious. This too, however, is a way to get past the "guards" and within the circle of hearing. For, you are people of the LIE. When you turn about and become PEOPLE LIV­ING WITHIN TRUTH--magnificent freedom will be yours.




I don't care what you call ME--No-Name (pronounced Noname) is fine, better, best--for you have no distraction to the Truth you receive. Certainly you don't want to trip around after my typist for she has a load of her own to carry.


One GOD, without intermediaries save truth-bringers, is all you really have, so don't be fooled by the great trappings or temples or those who claim authority and above-and-beyond status. YOU JUST HAVE GOD--AND YOU! EVERYTHING ELSE IS "SOMETHING" ELSE. AND, MOREOVER, YOU HAVE WHAT "IS" AND RARELY WHAT YOU JUST "WISH" IT TO BE. TO BE PERFECTION REQUIRES YOU TAKE RE­SPONSIBILITY AND CREATE A BETTER "IS".


I do not care which man you choose upon which to place your "faith" for, if it is NOT GOD CREATOR--it has no meaning except what YOU give it. And, frightening as it may be to you--GOD WILL ONLY HAVE THE PLACE IN YOUR LIFE PHYSICAL --THAT YOU GIVE UNTO HIM. GOD IS NOT AN INTRUDER--HE WAITS FOR AN INVITATION. AND YOU WHO CALL HIM TO WIN WARS, EXCEPT TO NEGATE THEM IN PEACE, ARE WAR-MONGERS AND YOU MAY "WIN" BUT YOUR SOUL WILL LOSE THE RACE. YOU CAN BE AMONG THE HUMANOID "humans" or you can be among the HUmans (Higher Universal MAN). Are you going to live in the radiance reflected from the ONE LIGHT OF LIFE or are you going to grovel in the slime of the mud-pots and blood-cups of man's basest self? Only you can choose and, in these times of decision--your choice must be made clearly, for the middle of the roadway or on the fence is no longer a third choice. YOU ARE JUDGED BY YOUR AC­TIONS, AND INDECISIONS ARE AS OBVIOUS AS BLOW­ING UP BUILDINGS OR FALLING ON YOUR KNEES BEFORE SOME ASSUMED HIGHER PERSON OR BEING. GOD DOES NOT WANT YOU ON YOUR KNEES--HE WANTS YOU ON YOUR FEET MOVING TOWARD THE GREATNESS AND PERFECTION YOU WERE CREATED TO BE.


God never leaves you, and if you are wasting time sitting on your backsides or being on your knees--HE MUST BE ON HIS KNEES OR BACKSIDE TRYING TO DRAG YOU AND OTHERS ALONG INTO REALIZATION OF THE TRUTH OF IT. All of us sitting and doing nothing causes God to have to piddle around with us--so let's get on with learning TRUTH and then we will KNOW what to do to repair that which we carelessly have damaged.


We just had a friend of mankind make a very long journey around the globe while even his citizenship within the U.S.A. is threatened--TO FIND TRUTH IN VISITATION. All have no way and could not gain audience as can this man who is willing to lead and share and speak Truth in spite of the threats and as­saults, and therefore, when he speaks we must learn to listen and discern for ourselves. We do not set him up as a Messiah in that "saviour" sense of the word definition. We listen to a man who tries to bring Truth and express what he perceives while expecting his audience to have WISDOM in the receiving. And, NO, he is not the only one--but he is "a" one willing to share. Never mind what he wears to show respect to Allah or Aton-- LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAYS. It is YOUR wisdom that is at stake here--not a speaker's.


I have been sent an article from The Final Call, March 3, 1998 that is worthy of reproduction and distraction because it deals with RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE, and YOU. It needs no further commentary and it matters not what YOU call God.





Minister Louis Farrakhan


Editor's note: The following text is excerpted from a message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on Feb. 22 during the observance of Saviours' Day 1998 in Chicago, IL. The full context of the speech is available on audio and video tape.


[H: OK, listen up for the very first speaking is far more true than any of you want to believe.]








In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

     What is Islam? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us that, Islam is the Sun of law and truth. He said, Islam is ev­erything in the universe--Islam is Freedom, Justice and Equality. He said, Islam is that which was taught by all the prophets of God. Islam is the means by which men and women enter into complete peace with God. Islam dignifies. Islam civilizes. Is­lam brings man and woman into Perfect Union with God. Islam is access to power. Islam is the basis for building a world that will never see an end.


[H: I hope that you will see meaning in this as "Islam" is a word denoting an ideal, a state of being in CHRIST, if you will. It bears, further, a label of a "religion", but so too does "Christianity". The reality of the expressions are reflected in the individual being as to whether or not you are Islam-ic, Christ-ian, Buddha-ist, Bahai-an, Tao-ist or what­ever you chose as your label. So if you believe ONLY in the man "Jesus", be careful--for you will be sold a bill of goods of unworthiness. I keep telling you that "Jesus" was NOT "Christ's" name as you would call it. But I remind you again and again, it matters not what you call a person for it is the energy, the intent, the Truth of that which is within which blesses or deceives. You can call me Sam or Joe if you wish--for I know the difference, and INTENT WITHIN is the name of God's game.]


     If this is Islam, then why haven't I heard of it before? And what does it mean? The word Islam, in terms of language, is a gerund; and a gerund is a verbal noun. Islam is the name of a religious system that demands action on the basis of belief. Is­lam is peace and contentment of mind. I hope that I have not offended you who say you are a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Bahai, Confucionist, Taoist, Believer in Jesus Christ, Moses, David, Solomon, Ibrahim, Ishmael or Muhammad (PBUH). But ISLAM only means COMPLETE SURRENDER TO ACTIVELY DO THE WILL OF GOD.


     To my dear family who are Christians, Jesus said, don't be hearers of the word, but be doers of the word. You can't do the word if you are not in obedience to the word. The word con­tains the Will of God. Moses told Israel that if you will do and obey all the laws, statutes and commandments that I give you this day, these will be your blessings. Simply talking about Je­sus or talking about Muhammad (PBUH) or talking about the prophets is not enough. It is only when WE DO THE THINGS THAT BRING PEACE, THAT BRING JUSTICE, THAT BRING RIGHTEOUSNESS, THEN WE ARE IN OBEDIENCE TO THE WILL OF GOD.


     Every prophet taught a method and a manner of strengthening the will to obey God. And each prophet that brought a manner or way of devotion, that manner or method became concretized in ritual. The method of believers in Confucius, or the method of worship of the Taoist, or the Bahai, or the Buddhist, of the Hindu, the Jew, the Christian or the Muslim, these methods and ways of devotion are different. But if you look at the method and the manner and extract the truth that is in it, then you will find that all the methods, manners, and rituals were designed to strengthen man and woman in their will that they would begin greater obedience to God.


     AMERICA IS AT WAR WITH ISLAM. Sometimes it is covert, sometimes it is overt. But she does not want Islam to survive. In this war I have chosen to be on the side of Obedi­ence to God. This means that my government is at variance with me,

and I am at variance with my government. I respect those in authority. This is a great country. But something is wrong here. America started wrong. She killed off the original owner, the Indian, the Native American, and put those who sur­vived on reservations. You brought us (Blacks) here, and you know that you have not treated us right. You made us build the country but we have not enjoyed the best fruit of it. You don't mind us being drug addicts, prostitutes or homosexuals. You don't mind anything that we do in disobedience to God. But if my brothers (Muslim F.O.I.) are out here with a (Final Call) newspaper in their hand that will wake up a sleeping human be­ing, you run them off the street; but the dope peddler is still there peddling. [H: But dope peddlers ARE THE PRODUCT of the Serpent--the TRUTH is his death sentence.]


     Inside America and other parts of the world there are a few people who have united to control the economy of the world and dominate the wealth of the world to their advantage and to the detriment of the weak and the poor. At the start of this century, Europeans met to decide how to divide up Africa and its wealth. Today, they are not talking about just dominating Africa; a group has met to take COMPLETE CONTROL AND DOMI­NANCE OF THE EARTH AND ITS WEALTH.


     The Christians sing a song that says, "He's got the whole world in his hands. He's got the whole wide world in his hands. He's got you and me, brother, in his hands. He's got the whole world in his hands". What are you talking about? YOU'RE THINKING IT'S JESUS, BUT IT'S SATAN. SATAN HAS THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS. HE'S GOT YOU AND ME, BROTHER, IN HIS HANDS. AND EVERY­WHERE I WENT ON THE EARTH, I FOUND SLAVES. RICH SLAVES. POWERFUL SLAVES. HEADS OF STATE AND GOVERNMENT SLAVES.




     Today I serve notice on all the leaders, Black and White, Jew and Gentile, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, if you are not going to lead in the Way of God, then you are either going to sit down or you will be sat down. A friend of mine talked to me about a pyramid... and in this highly competitive environment you push away others that are competing against you as you climb to the top of the pyramid. When you get to the top, you look down on those whom you pushed aside, and sometimes you look down on those who helped you to get where you are. When you are on top of the pyramid you can stay on top by kicking others down who are trying to get up, or you can stay on top by helping those at the bottom in their climb.


     If you are at the top helping those at the bottom, then you expand the pyramid and you keep growing higher and higher, because when you reach the top of the pyramid there is nothing else for you to climb up on. Then it becomes a spiritual journey. It's a journey from the top of the pyramid to meet with God in the air. The growth and expansion of the pyramid is the only way that those on top can get closer to heaven. And the only way those on top can get closer to heaven is to be a servant

of those at the bottom--to be a servant of the poor, the weak and those who don't have what you have to expand the economy to include those that have not the skill to expand it for themselves.


     I talked to some powerful people in government--thirteen Heads of State, a few heads of government, prime ministers, foreign ministers, ministers of information, ministers of trade and commerce, deputy foreign ministers, scholars of every type. They all know what is going on, but there is a silence because they are afraid. America frightens them. They fear bombs coming down. They see and fear lightning bolts coming from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury Department. All of these are instruments of America's foreign policy. And these gov­ernments hear a loud voice coming out of the American admin­istration saying, "Do what we say or we will kill you and your children"! This

is America.


     But there is another group in the country that is saying, "No, this is not the way the only remaining superpower should be­have". We (the Nation of Islam) are among that group. There are many Christian brothers and sisters in that group. There are many political leaders in that group.


     They say that I'm an anti-Semite. I'm not anti-Semitic. I do not hate the Jewish people. But there is a saying that there is good and bad in every race. I agree. White folks want the "good Negroes" to attack the "bad Negroes". And the "bad Negroes" are those that White folk don't like. I guess I'm one of those "bad Negroes". But there is a growing number of White people who are listening to Farrakhan, who see beyond the poison of the media. I want to know: When will the "good Jews" stand up against the "Jews that are not good"? [H: Now readers, THAT is a mouthful in reality.] When will the good Jews point out the bad Jews and say, you are a disgrace and a discredit to your race and to your culture and to your religion? [H: Well, the elusive beast here is that these are neither from a "race", a "culture" OR A RELIGION, except when it serves the purpose of gaining control of wealth. Another question I would answer right here and now: "Is Farrakhan in touch with your people, Sir?" NO, nor should he be. Protection of God's people is dependent on each of us and YOU protecting the brother and sister--no matter who they might be. Louis Farrakhan would NEVER put my scribe in such a position or focus--but do WE know one another? This is a far different question of which the answer, of course, is YES. My name is Aton, and HE KNOWS ME WELL INDEED! That, however, is for another writing, so please let us move on.]


     Jews have a very small number of people, but they are the most powerful in the world. They have the power to do good, and they have the power to do evil. There are ten million Jews in the whole world. Five million of them are in the United States. There are fifteen hundred million Muslims, which means that for every Jew there are 150 Muslims. Now what do the Jews do best? They have been the best in finance that the world has ever known. They are a little better than the Chinese. The Chinese come second, but the Jews are best in the world in finance.


     What I want to say to you today is that there are a few people of like minds who have taken Africa. (These are called in our lessons the 10 percent.) The Africans and so-called Third World countries want to develop but they don't have the money.

So here comes the United States behind the IMF, the World Bank and the Federal Reserve. These financial institutions say they will give these countries billions of dollars, but they make these countries devalue their currency. What is currency and what is current? Current is the flow of electricity from a source to that which receives it. And when that which receives current receives it, it has power to create motion, light, heat and en­ergy. To diminish the current is to diminish the power coming from the source, which means less light, less heat, less energy, less motion.


     When the IMF says, devalue your currency, they are liter­ally weakening that nation's ability to provide strongly for itself. Then the IMF says, after you devalue your currency, you must privatize. Privatize means you must sell off the things that gov­ernment owns as representative of the people so that private companies can buy your gold mines, your uranium, buy even your means of electricity, gas or water so that outsiders now own the means of production of wealth in that country. So the whole country is working for the IMF and the World Bank, and behind the loan is America buying the leadership so that when she needs a vote in the United Nations, they will not speak out, but they will abstain. Africa is enslaved now by debt. You see new roads being built but the price of the new road is that they have given up the gold. They have given up oil concessions.


     But what if the Muslim world decided to tie their currencies to gold so that they would not be the victim of a floating cur­rency that can go up and down at somebody's whim. If they tied their currencies to gold as a stable anchor for currency, then they could probably break the back of these world serpents.


     Believe it or not, the world serpent, the head of it, is right in America. America is at the top of the pyramid, and whoever can control America will control the world. What is happening to America? Have you noticed there is a dumbing down of the American people? The average American, reading at a fifth-grade level, doesn't like to read, so the American people be­come slaves to television, slaves to radio, while corporate giants are buying up the television and radio stations. There was a time when you turned on your radio you would get some music but they also had intelligent discussion going on that would raise the level of consciousness of the people. Now all consciousness is taken off the radio. Why? Because the aim is to make you dumb so that you will never be able to challenge the world ser­pent.


     Black and White leadership is in a comfort zone, and they won't challenge those who fight obedience to God and the liber­ation of the people. So, here we are. Master Fard Muhammad (the Great Mandi) came and He began a nation that is committed to Obedience to God. A nation committed to obedience to God is the only force that will destroy the world serpent. Why do I say this? If the whole nation stops smoking, then cigarette companies will shut down. If the whole nation stops drinking, the liquor stores and distilleries will close. The deaths from drunken driving, the deaths that take place because people lose the faculty of reason, stop. If we stop using drugs, the drug dealers close down. Only obedience to God will close it down.


[H: But how many of you are simply idealistic enough to be­lieve that this will happen unless the entire circumstances are changed first? YES, this COULD work but it WON'T work until people KNOW TRUTH TO THE EXTENT OF KNOWING THE WAY TO GO AND THEIR OWN GOD POWER.]


     If you obey God, we can take down a world of unrighteous­ness and bring in a world of righteousness. If you refuse to en­gage in filthy and indecent entertainment, and if our women de­cided to cover themselves, then we can begin to bring the world of the serpent down. If you just learn to love each other, you start bringing the world serpent down. And in our unity, we begin to pool our resources and start to build our world inside their world, so that a rising force will pull down and destroy a falling force.


This world has to come down and righteous world has to replace it.






I take exception to the last statements above for no, you do not have to bring anything DOWN to accomplish your growth UP THROUGH. GOD CREATES and never mind that which is between the effort and the GOAL. If your Goal is perfection in intent--GOD WILL SEE TO IT THAT YOU GET THERE--IF YOU LISTEN AND USE THE TOOLS GOD GIVES YOU FOR THAT SUCCESS. Eventually the serpent will eat himself, tail first, if you simply allow us to prevail.


God will not give "all" the answers to any one person, leader or otherwise, for ALL are God's creations and EACH must have a role, if indeed each will accept it. The obvious point is also that if only ONE has all the parts--then all the adversary has to do is TAKE OUT THE PARTY and it's over. You of God, by what­ever sect labels you call yourselves must come into some kind of unity of desire to change before anyone will BOTHER to change. And you must stop challenging your leaders with "do it for us"

or "I'm helpless but you are so strong..." and "Let's just see you do it and then maybe

I will come along". No thank you, we will not DRAG anyone or anything along. You are given the way, the means of accomplishment, and you have the people if you get rid of their fear and terror. YOU NOW HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO ACCOMPLISH THE FALL OF THE SERPENT--SO, WHAT WILL YOU DO? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ARE YOU ANALYZING AND CRITICIZING FAR­RAKHAN'S ROBES OR DO YOU HEAR HIM? YOU HAD BEST GET THOSE EARS AND EYES TUNED UP FOR YOU AT THE FINAL CALL.




Salu and Adonai, hAtonn.


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