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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

PJ #230 " RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. 4 ", chapter 5 & 6.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by André & Christ.
Nov 30, 2012 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 230



MON., MAR. 2, 1998    7:35 A.M.    YR. 11, DAY 198

MON.,  MAR. 2,  1998



I know readers, just when you think you might be finished with "JEWISH" stuff, here comes some more.


The Constitutional Law Center had several major purposes when it was established, and before Mr. Green, Anderson, et al., di­verted the funds sent for that business. One of the major top-of-­the-list programs to set forth was a "Court, to provide arbitra­tions for disputes that could be handled in a Common Court, a People's court, or any civil matter recognized out of the Gov­ernments' Courts, a settlement by a panel or a jury". This would lessen the lengthy time consumed in the governmental courts AND take away backlogs from those courts along with cutting the expenses involved by incredible amounts.


We couldn't get it done and for our efforts it seems we just got pounded on over and over again. Mr. Dixon even had arranged a place where this court could be established right in Bakers­field, California, and people to run it. It would of course be open to all citizens.


Some observant reader sent the following:


LOS ANGELES TIMES, Saturday, Feb. 28, 1998.


QUOTING: [H: The sender has noted: "A nation withIN a nation. An official public notice."]




     The Southern California Board of Rabbis has created its first Jewish court, or

beit din, to provide arbitration of disputes within the region's Jewish community

--the second largest in the nation, with about half a million members.


     The entity, which will offer an alternative to costly, often di­visive civil court procedures, will be distinctive in the Los An­geles area, spokesmen said, because its panels of three rabbis will be chosen from Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative and Orthodox clergy and will serve claimants from all branches of Judaism.

[H: The "justice" will, of course, be based on "Talmudic Law".]


     Existing Jewish courts--both permanent and temporary--usu­ally serve only their own wings of Judaism, said Rabbi Lawrence Goldmark, president of the Board of Rabbis. The board enthusiastically voted in November to form the court, he said.


     "This is important, because it affirms our belief that there is ONE Jewish people", said Rabbi Aaron Kriegel, who proposed the idea.


     "Jewish ethics are not divided by denominational lines", he said. "This will allow the Los Angeles community to recognize our unity at a time when that unity is being challenged". [H: Guess what, though, readers, that unity is only being chal­lenged within the various "denominations" of the very Jew­ish people they serve. Some of those "JEWS" want out and this will further restrict them to a bound and non-separation grouping.]


     Mr. Kriegel is not only senior rabbi of Temple Ner Maarav in Encino but also an attorney.


     Acknowledging that certain disputes are too controversial within Judaism to resolve, Kriegel said the court will not handle disagreements, for example, over kosher practices, religious conversions and same-sex wedding ceremonies. But cases involving various business, medical, legal and "non-ritual reli­gious issues" will be accepted, he said.


     The first case to come before the beit din will concern a dis­pute that Kriegel learned about early last year between an indi­vidual and a Jewish institution. Rather than go to civil courts, the parties decided to wait for the Board of Rabbis to form the Jewish judicial body, he said.


     Each party will choose a rabbi for the beit din panel, then those two rabbis will select a third panelist from their own ranks, Kriegel said.


     "We should be rolling within two or three weeks", he said. Rabbi Paul Dubin, who recently retired as the longtime execu­tive secretary of the Board of Rabbis, will serve as secretary of the new court.




One comment about this that is apparent to everyone who has been caught in the trap of Judges, attorneys, lawyers (yes there is a difference), and any legal institution is that "What differ­ence does it make--everything in the Judicial system is based on Jewish standards from the Kol Nidre to the very Bar Association demands for "the brotherhood". Yes indeed, and there is no longer any suggestion or denial otherwise.



If you watched 60 MINUTES last evening you will have noted a program on the NEW Russia in Moscow. It is based on the Beverly Hills, U.S.A. concept of money changing, expensive duds and necessities, "girlfriend"-based marriages (sometimes "boyfriend"-based) and operates on such a commercial level as to require that the biggest single personal job is that of body­guard to these newly- rich bandidos. One of the big money­makers said he came over to America to take notes and lessons on how to run his big-money business and expected to meet people like "LP. Morgan, etc., and et al.". He met nothing except lawyers, lawyers, lawyers and more lawyers and never met any other business parties AT ALL. The lawyers have taken over America", he said, "and it is destroying America". He continued: "Russia will be the economy and growth nation to surpass all world focus in the next ten years--if we don't allow the lawyers to eat us alive like in the U.S.". It was noted that all the business people AND THE LAWYERS are ALL JEWISH!


And just think, YOU guys out there object to our even sharing such as the Protocols of Zion which is the very outline of how to TAKE A WORLD. Good business? No, for "good" indicates goodness and you have no goodness left in your big business. So, we write for the ones who have "inquiring minds and want to know...".






     The real estate speculations of the Jews are familiar to all, but unfortunately do not constitute their entire land program. Many American cities have changed their characters entirely during the past 15 years by reason of Jewish speculation in residence property, and it is a fact established in the larger eastern cities that the recent exorbitant and extortionate rise in rents was largely a matter of the Jewish landlord. The governor of one of the most important of our commonwealths was loath to sign a bill regulating rents. His hesitancy was encouraged by very heavy pressure brought to bear upon him by the weightiest Jew­ish financial interests in his own and neighboring states. He fi­nally decided that he would sign the bill and give the law effect, and the fact that decided him was his personal investigation and the investigation of his personal agents into hundreds of cases of abuse where he discovered that it was a common practice among Jewish landlords to transfer the same piece of property round and round to every member of the family in turn, each "transfer" being the excuse for a new increase in the rent. Men have their eyes opened to the Jewish Question in various ways; this was the way a governor had his eyes opened.


[H: Let me point out something which "they" don't want you to KNOW, readers. You wonder about the explosion and collapse of the market. THE MARKET IS NOTHING EX­CEPT A CLUE-LINE OF MANIPULATION.


YOU are headed for a deflationary depression. But, you will note rents and prices remain high. They will remain high until the market manipulators get all their ducks in a row and then collapse the market. But, nobody will be able to pay for things, so foreclosures by government on tax delinquency and mortgage arrears will be the thing of the day.


Now, you might think that these "disaster loans" are helping you? No, the bigger the money-owner the bigger the loan, which is quite obvious for much more land and property is damaged for these independent growers. But how are those loans BASED? They are based on the lending value the BANKS wish to set for the property--NOT the GOVERN­MENT. The migrant farmer's little house will merit only a pittance which of course will have to be "written off" later. But when those payments come due--foreclosure on massive amounts of acreage by large farming operations and dairy farmers, cattle raisers, etc., will be basically confiscated, and into the pockets of the Jewish landlords they go.


Much land in these low-land areas which are flooded once every three hundred years will be marked (condemned) as wet-lands and taken out of use and private holdings--except for the Bankers, of course. The PLAN takes all lands that had any standing water at all even after 53 inches of rainfall. Even in the deserts that will comprise new "wetlands". And, while you are at it--KNOW that this is the way to introduce SMUT into your grain crops and other disease into your garden crops. You are in far worse a position as a citizenry than you can calculate from your private veranda.]


     That, however, is not the peculiarity of Jew landlords alone; Gentile landlords have played the same trick. But landlordism is peculiarly a Jewish ambition and distinction; the Jew is the Landlord of America. Any group of tenants almost anywhere in America, except the West, could testify to this.


     Nor is landlordism itself reprehensible, things being what they are, unless it is anti-social and anti-American. [H: Now since war and killing is "American" and nothing seems to be considered, within the country, "anti-American", you don't have any recourse, do you, citizen?] And just here is where it gets pointed. Some of the oldest and most sacred shrines of Americanism in the East have entirely lost their character as such by the invasion--not of "foreigners"--but of Jews.


     The more one sees of this invasion, the more one utterly dis­trusts the statistics given out by Jews as to the Jewish population of the United States.


[H: Please realize that while your administration and congress argue and fling hatchets and rattle sabers over Iraq--EVERY DAY thousands of people from Israel are pouring into the U.S.A. and are, and will, be considered "refugees" eligible for PERMANENT citizen status. This non-war is going to be the basis of "terror" against the Jews and everyone who wishes to immigrate, and some who do not, will be reestablished for USE, by the controllers--wher­ever they are sent to relocate. THIS IS A MAJOR PART OF THE "PLAN" FOR THIS PART OF THE NON-WAR.]


     Do you know that the one nationality on which the Govern­ment of the United States is estopped from asking questions, ei­ther for immigration or census statistics, is the Jewish?


     Do you know that when the Government of the United States wants to know anything about the Jews, it must go to statisti­cians which the Jews themselves support? [H: And just as the "Polls" of today--the numbers come out ANY WAY THEY WISH.]


     If a nation claims that it is no nation with respect to the United States Government, as the Jews claim, and has no na­tional statistics which it will permit the government to collect in the official way, why should it treat itself as a nation and keep its own records?


     The Jews of the United States, like the Jews of every Euro­pean country, are a nation among themselves, with their own government, their own policy, their own records; and the United States Government does business with the Jewish Government in America through chosen Jews--no doubt of that.


     It is, however, a digression. The matter of Jewish statistics will come up again. In the meantime a glance at the rapid changing of so many American cities in all parts of the land leads to the belief that the Jewish statistics furnished by the Jews for Gentile consumption entirely misstate the facts, and this be­lief is strengthened by the knowledge that the statistics given by the Jews for Jewish consumption are very different from those supplied for the outside world.


     Landlordism may be explained by the inclination of the Jew toward speculation, and we know that real estate has been made one of the most speculative of occupations, disgracefully, almost disastrously so. The Jew cannot be condemned for becoming a landlord, for becoming the most conspicuous landlord in Amer­ica; he cannot be condemned apart from his Gentile co-offenders for the abuse he has made on his advantage as landlord. But it is a matter for American concern that the cities to which, in the schoolbooks, our children are taught to look as the birthplaces of liberty and as still the spokesmen of Americanism, should be­come Semitic cities, financially and politically, and the recruit­ing grounds of the world's Bolshevism.


     Until recently, however, the Jew in America has not cared for the land. It is a characteristic. The Jew is not an agricul­turist. Lavish fortunes have been expended to make him so, but the productive work of farming has not had, and does not now have, any appeal to him. His choice in land is this: land that produces gold from the mine, and land that produces rents. Land that produces mere potatoes and wheat has not directly in­terested him.


[H: Forget that in these days of the '90s. You will find BIG BUSINESS, JEWISH BIG BUSINESS, behind all those farms NOW. The little farmer is taken out and corporations such as Archer Daniels Midland will control the crops, pur­chase of crops, sale of crops and the decision as to what lands can be used--funnelled right through your government halls of injustice. If lucky, a farmer might get an opportu­nity to operate his little farm but usually it is far easier and less noticed if the farms are taken, merged into a conglomerate and operated with massive equipment, low-wage immi­grant farmers and the homesite either demolished or leased to the operator-manager. I will take up this subject again later where it is better seen and understood. Right here in this area in this year--there is a massive flooding problem and hundreds of acres are lost which were already growing major crops of ORGANIC CROPS. THIS IS MASSIVELY EXPENSIVE TO BOTH THE GROWER AND THE LANDOWNERS.


Yes indeed, "our" local "farm plot" had water standing and running through and within the fields. But I asked that a crop NOT BE PLANTED in the Fall last. You listen to the reports and you do not plant if you KNOW el Nino IS HOVERING OFF THE COAST. So, our land is dormant awaiting tilling for Spring crops which will, this year, be used by a major Organic grower to make up for some of his lost acreage. You have to understand that these large growers already have commitments for their crops before planting. It is part of the big and officious market options and com­modities game.


This does mean, however, that the lease for land will not cover the lease of the farm, so it doesn't work out fairly but it does save the cost of losing crop and seed, and for a year we will have about the only "stored" spelt around the coun­try in our little bins--which would have had to go for plant­ing and loss.


The farm is the least of our problems but gets to come back into being one of the biggest problems to the Ence gang. The equipment was vandalized, and witnesses say it was by them. The "Landlord" left equipment on the property that Mr. Ence took unlawfully and, in fact, sold. The landlord is very, very upset NOW because he had use for the equipment to lease to growers. He just discovered this major inconve­nience which negates the statute of limitations on his prior actions regarding that farm. At any rate, since the vandal­izing of the tractors and crop equipment, the working of the land needs more equipment so the best option is to lease the land this year--to people with massive equipment and let's see if Mr. Ence wants to dink around with THEM.


For you inquiring minds who are reminded of the EXTRA ongoing saga; their lawyers are working, as we write, on fundamental information about the program which was run last Spring. It seems the Ences, Fort, Beam, Tuten and George Green with attorneys were the culprits who FED THE PROGRAM'S DIRECTORS AND PRODUCERS THE FALSE INFORMATION. Ence even went on the AIR in shadow disguise stating that Ekkers and the Institute have an arsenal of weapons and tons of ammunition stashed--at the farm yet. EXTRA says they won't sit still for that kind of trashing of what they like to consider a clean magazine-type of television (international) programming.]


     It is true, of course, that the land question has been distinctly Jewish in countries like Poland and Rumania. No law against Jews owning land in those countries has ever been effective in preventing their control of whole provinces. Not that the Jews demanded the right to farm the land, their choice was to farm the farmers. By devious methods and the use of "Gentile fronts" they could always secure control of the land, and thus dominating the peasants they could create almost any condition they wished. That is what they actually did. That is the Jewish Question in those parts of the world. Not for farming purposes, it must be understood, but for the purpose of controlling the main source of wealth in agricultural countries and for taking the control of the people away from their natural Gentile lead­ers.


     These two things always go together in countries where there is intellectual or landed aristocracy to which the people look for leadership: the Jewish program is to destroy that leadership by gaining control of the land. It is profitable, of course, but when you survey the outworking of the plan you always see something other than profits involved. The consummate perfection of the Jewish plan for world Control is that it does not involve sacrifice as have other plans; it is immensely profitable at every stage, and the greater the profitableness the more surely the purpose is being achieved.


     In America there was no aristocracy to be cut under by the gaining of land control. Jewish activity in the United States un­til recently has confined itself to the control of land products af­ter they have been produced: that is, so to say, Jewish interests do not engage in trapping, but they control the fur trade.


     Speaking of furs, it is very funny to see how some affairs turn out. During the war there was a great to-do made about the German control of the American fur trade. It was true that the fur trade was controlled from Germany, but not by Germans--by Jews! And then a great to-do was made about seizing, confis­cating and absolutely selling out that "German" fur business to Americans, and the "Americans" who bought it were--Jews! The actual control has never changed; the profits still find their way to the "International" purse.


     But furs is just an example. Jewish interests do not engage in raising grain, but control the grain that others produce. The need of the United States is a "Who's Who of Jewish Fi­nanciers" that the people may identify the men about whom they read as having made this "corner" or sprung that "coup". These interests, which have simply grabbed American-produced wealth and made American consumers pay and pay and pay, have been able to operate almost openly as they read their newspapers. And, of course, while the American newspaper will gladly in­form you that this man is an Italian and that man a Pole and the other man a Briton, it will never tell you that the fourth man is a Jew. There is a Jewish organization in every city, large and small, to prevent it--and they prevent it by methods that are vi­olent and wholly subversive of the American ideal of liberty.


     So, until recently, the plan in the United States has been to seize the commodity at just that point in its passage from pro­ducer to consumer where the heaviest weight of profit can be extracted from it--at the neck of the bottle, so to speak--and control it there. It is not service that the people pay for; they pay for seizure.


     But a new movement has begun in the United States. Jewish millions are now being used to secure immense tracts of Ameri­can lands. Formerly it was enough to control the cotton, as the bread was controlled, but now the movement is toward control­ling the cotton lands. The operations are carefully guarded; "Gentile fronts" are used almost exclusively, but follow the trail through all the "blinds" and "false scents" and you come at last to the International Jew, whose throne is set up in London.


     Many Jews have written The Dearborn Independent saying that they do not know about these racial plans for world control. It may well be believed that they do not. One purpose of these articles is to tell them about it. But this every Jew rejoices in--the movement of his people toward power. And it is this sentiment that the International Jew implicitly trusts, and because this sentiment exists The International Program secures a maximum of success at a minimum risk of exposure. Jewry is not a democracy but an autocracy. Of course the ordinary Jew does not know! The question is, why should he revile the Gentile who tries to tell him? If a Jew will not seal his mind against the statements made in these articles, he will find in his own knowl­edge sufficient corroboration of their principal features, and he will be in a better position to assist in the solution of the Jewish Question.


     It is with amazement at certain men's conception of editorial honesty that The Dearborn Independent has read some of the re­ports made of these articles. Under cover, principally of the Yiddish, alleged translations of these articles have been flung broadcast among non-English speaking Jews, translations which not only bear no resemblance to the original, but actually insert whole paragraphs of matter which never appeared in the original at all. Is there a fear of permitting the average Jew to read this series? Nothing is more desired by those whose purpose is to lay foundations for the solution of the Jewish Question in America than that every Jew in the United States should know exactly what is being printed here week by week. The Jew has been deceived by his leaders long enough.


     The fact is, then, that there is a definite and already well forwarded movement toward the control of the cotton lands of the United States. The first step was to depreciate the market value of these lands as much as possible. Pressure was brought through certain BANKS to limit the cotton farmers' efforts. They were told that if they planted more acreage to cotton than they were told to, they would not be financed.


     Cotton production was to go down while cotton prices were to go up, and the profits were not the farmers' but those who controlled the course of cotton from the first market to the wearer. Cotton farming was to be made less profitable, while cotton speculation was to become more profitable. The public was being compelled to supply the money by which the Jewish controllers were to buy the land. In brief, it was to be made more profitable to sell cotton lands than to sell cotton. [H: Ev­ery farm land owner and farmer can give you better tales today about subsidies and removal of guarantees for this or that reason than I could possibly present one on one.]


     These statements are being deliberately restricted to the traf­fic in cotton lands. Jewish financiers in New York and London know these things, even if Jewish editors and rabbis do not.


     This movement has been within the knowledge of certain classes of businessmen for a long time, indeed some have been forced by what used to be called "the pressure of circumstances" to serve the movement. But they were not able to interpret its meaning. It is only recently that the more important Gentile businessmen of the United States have been able to interpret certain things. The war was a potent eye-opener.


     Those wonderful documents known as the Protocols, with their strong grasp of every element of life, have not overlooked LAND. The Land Program is found in the Sixth Protocol, which is one of the briefest of these documents and may be quoted in full to show now the relation it bears to certain ex­cerpts made in previous articles:




"We shall soon begin to establish huge monopolies, colossal reservoirs of wealth, upon which even the big Gentile properties will be dependent to such an extent that they will all fall together with the government credit on the day following the political catastrophe. The economists here present must carefully weigh the signifi­cance of this combination. We must develop by every means the importance of our super-government, repre­senting it as the protector and benefactor of all who vol­untarily submit to us.


"The aristocracy of the Gentiles as a political force has passed away. We need not take them into consideration. But, as owners of the land, they are harmful to us in that they are independent in their sources of livelihood. Therefore, at all costs, we must deprive them of their land.


"The best means to attain this is to increase the taxes and mortgage indebtedness. These measures will keep land ownership in a state of unconditional subordination. Unable to satisfy their needs by small inheritances, the aristocrats among the Gentiles will burn themselves out rapidly.


"At the same time it is necessary to encourage trade and industry vigorously and especially speculation, the function of which is to act as a counterpoise to industry. Without speculation, industry will cause private capital to increase and tend to improve the condition of Agriculture BY FREEING THE LAND FROM INDEBTEDNESS FOR LOANS BY THE LAND BANKS. It is necessary for industry to deplete the land both of laborers and capital, and, through speculations, transfer all the money of the world into our hands, thereby throwing the Gentiles into the ranks of the proletariat. The Gentiles will then bow before us to obtain the right to existence.


"To destroy Gentile industry, we shall, as an incentive to this speculation, encourage among the Gentiles a strong demand for luxuries, all-enticing luxuries.


"We will force up wages, which however will be of no benefit to workers, for we will at the same time cause a rise in the prices of prime necessities, pretending that this is due to the decline of agriculture and of cattle raising. We will also artfully and deeply undermine the source of production by instilling in the workmen ideas of anarchy, and encourage them in the use of alcohol, at the same time taking measure to drive all the intellectual forces of the Gentiles from the land.


"That the true situation shall not be noticed by the Gentiles prematurely, we will mask it by a pretended ef­fort to serve the working classes and promote great eco­nomic principles, for which an active propaganda will be carried on through our economic theories".


     The local and passing element in this is "the aristocracy of the Gentiles". That is to say, the program is not entirely ful­filled by the passing of aristocrats. Jewry goes on just the same. Its program stretches far. Jewry will retain such kings as it de­sires as long as it desires them. Probably the last throne to be vacated will the British throne because what to the British mind is the honor of being Jewry's protector and therefore the inheri­tor of the blessing which that attitude brings, is to the Jewish mind the good fortune of being able to use a world-wide empire for the furtherance of Jewry's purpose. Each has served the other and the partnership will probably last until Jewry gets ready to throw Britain over, which Jewry can do at almost any time. There are indications that it has already started on this last task.


     But the permanent elements in the Protocols are the Land, the Jews, and the Gentiles. A word of explanation may be neces­sary on this inclusion of the Gentiles as permanent: The Proto­cols do not contemplate the extermination of the Gentiles,

[H: Just the genocide and extermination of SOME of the races as in "Judean"

--"common" (their description, not mine), Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and "useless eaters".] nor the making of this world a completely Jewish populated world. The Protocols contemplate a Gentile world RULED BY THE JEWS­--THE JEWS AS MASTER, THE GENTILES AS HEWERS OF WOOD AND DRAWERS OF WATER, A POLICY WHICH EVERY OLD TESTAMENT READER KNOWS TO BE TYP­ICALLY JEWISH AND THE SOURCE OF DIVINE JUDG­MENT UPON ISRAEL TIME AND AGAIN.


     Now, look at this whole Program as it concerns the Land.


     "Owners of the land... are harmful to us in that they are independent in their sources of livelihood".


     That is a foundation principle of the Protocols. It matters not whether the owners are the "Gentile aristocracy", the peasants of Poland, or the farmers of the United States--land ownership makes the owners "independent in their sources of livelihood". And any form of independence is fatal to the success of the World Program which is written so comprehensively in the Protocols and which is advancing so comprehensively under Jewish guidance in the world of actual affairs today.


     Not "tillers" of the land, not "dwellers" on the land, not "tenants", not an "agricultural peasantry", but "owners of the land"--this is the class singled out for attention in the Sixth Pro­tocol BECAUSE they are "Independent in their sources of liveli­hood".


     Now, there has been no time in the history of the United States when apparently it was more easy for the farmer to own his land than now. Mortgages should be thing of the past. Ev­erywhere the propaganda of the question tells us that the farmers are growing "rich". And yet there were never so many abandoned farms!


     "Therefore, at all costs we must deprive them of their land".


     How? "The best means to attain this is to increase land taxes and mortgage indebtedness". High taxes to keep the land at all, borrowed money to finance the tilling of it.


     "These measures will keep land ownership in a state of un­conditional subordination".


     We will leave it to the farmers of the United States to say whether this is working out or not.


     And in the future reference to this subject we will show that whenever an attempt is made to enable farmers to borrow money at decent rates, whenever it is proposed to lighten the burden of "mortgage indebtedness" on the farm, Jewish finan­cial influence in the United States steps in to prevent it, or fail­ing to prevent it, mess it all up in the operation.


     By increasing the farmer's financial disability on the one hand, and by increasing industrial allurements on the other, a very great deal is accomplished. The Protocol says: "It is nec­essary for industry to deplete the Land both of laborers and cap­ital".


     Has that been done? Have the farms of the United States been depleted, both of laborers and capital? Certainly. Money is harder for the farmer to get than it is for any other man; and as for labor, he cannot get it on any terms.


     What is the result of these two influences, the one working on the farm, and the other in the cities? It is precisely what the Protocol says it will be: Increased wages that buy less of the materials of life--"we will at the same time cause a rise in the prices of prime necessities, pretending that this is due to the de­cline of agriculture and cattle raising".


     The Jew who set these Protocols in order was a financier, economist and philosopher of the first order. He knew what he was talking about. His operations in the ordinary world of busi­ness always indicated that he knew exactly what he was doing. How well this Sixth Protocol has worked and is still working out in human affairs is before the eyes of everyone to see.


     Here in the United States one of the most important move­ments toward real independence of the financial powers had been begun by the farmers. The farmers' strong advantage is that, owning the land, he is independent in his sources of livelihood. The land will feed him whether he pleases International Jewish Financiers or not. His position is impregnable as long as the sun shines and the seasons roll. It was therefore necessary to do something to hinder this budding independence. He was placed under a greater disadvantage than any other business man in borrowing capital. He was placed more ruthlessly than any other producer between the upper and nether stones of a thievish distribution system. Labor was drawn away from the farm. The Jew-controlled melodrama made the farmer a "rube", and Jew-made fiction presented him as a "hick", causing his sons to be ashamed of farm life. The grain syndicates which operate against the farmer are Jew controlled. There is no longer any possibility of doubting, when the facts of actual affairs are put alongside the written Program, that the farmer of the United States has an interest in this Question.


     But this is not all.


     Any writer who attempts fully to inform the Gentile mind on the Jewish Question must often feel that the extent of the Proto­cols' Conspiracy is so great as to stagger the Gentile mind. Gentiles are not conspirators. They cannot follow a clue through long and devious and darkened channels. The elaborate completeness of the Jewish Program, the perfect co-ordination of its mass of details wearies the Gentile mind. This, really more than the daring of the Program itself, constitutes the prin­cipal danger of the Program being fulfilled. Gentile mental laziness is the most powerful ally the World Program has. [H: And of course today it is KNOWN that less than 1/5 of the population CAN READ what is offered and the other por­tion has been so pointedly and deliberately "dumbed down" as to cause no problem to the controllers--for pure junk is provided for the population, controlled information --and who, after all, is going to read this "rubbish"?]


     For example: After citing the perfectly obvious coincidence and most probable connection between the Protocols and the ob­servable facts with reference to the farm situation, the writer is compelled to say, as above, "but this is not all". And it is a peculiarity of Gentile psychology that the Gentile reader will feel that it ought to be all because it is so complete. This is where the Jewish mind out-maneuvers the Gentile mind.


     Gentiles may do a thing for one reason: The Jew often does the same thing for three or four reasons. The Gentile can un­derstand thus far why Jewish financiers should seek control of the land in order to prevent widespread Agricultural Indepen­dence which, as Protocol Six says, would be "harmful to us". That reason is perfectly clear.


     But there is another. It is found in the Twelfth Protocol. It contemplates nothing less than the playing of City against Country in the great game now being exposed. Complete con­trol over the City by the industrial leverage, and over the Coun­try by the debt leverage, will enable the hidden Players to move first the Country by saying the City demands certain things, and then move the City by saying that the country demands certain things, thus splitting Citizens and Farmers apart and using them against one another.


     Look at the plainness and the boldness, yet the calm assur­ance, with which this plan is broached:


     "Our calculations reach out, especially into the country districts. There we must necessarily arouse those interests and ambitions for independence on the part of the provinces. It is clear that the source of this will be pre­cisely the same, and that it will come from us. It will be necessary for us before we have obtained full power to so arrange matters that, from time to time, the cities shall come under the influence of opinion in the country dis­tricts, that is, of the majority prearranged by our agents...".


     The preliminaries of the game are here set forth--to jockey City and Farm against each other, that in the end the Conspira­tors may use whichever proves the stronger in putting the Plan over. In Russia, both schemes have been worked. The old regime, established in the Cities, was persuaded to lay down power because it was made to believe that the peasants of Russia requested it. Then, when the Bolshevists seized power, they ruled the peasantry on the ground that the Cities wanted it. The Cities listened to the Country, now the Country is listening to the Cities.


     If you see any attempt made to divide City and Farm into antagonistic camps, remember this paragraph from the Twelfth Protocol. Already the poison is working. Have you never heard that Prohibition was something which the backwoods dis­tricts forced upon the cities? Have you never heard that the High Cost of Living was due to extravagant profits of the farmer?--profits which he doesn't get.


     One big dent in this Program of World Control could be made if the Citizen and

the Farmer could learn each other's mind, not through self-appointed spokesmen, but directly from each other. [H: This of course is a LEGAL RESTRICTION. NOTE THAT NOBODY WITH AN ATTORNEY CAN EVEN SPEAK TO ONE ANOTHER--EXCEPT THROUGH THOSE ATTORNEYS.] City and Farm are drifting apart be­cause of misrepresentation of outsiders, and in the widening rift the sinister shadow of the World Program appears.


     Let the Farmers look past the "Gentile fronts" in their vil­lages or principal trading points, past them to the real controllers who are hidden.


[H: And 78 years later IT IS TOO LATE TO CHANGE THIS.]


Issue of September 4, 1920




I must close this as it is far too lengthy and the paper must be done today. However, one of the most important things upon which you of the United States (and the WORLD) must focus is the UNITED NATIONS and the NON-PAYMENT OF THOSE INCREDIBLE SUMS OF DEBT (DUES) OF THE U.S. TO THAT BODY. You can probably now see why those are out­standing. This controls the "body" and determines when and if the very payment would lose control entirely. The money itself has to be LOANED FROM THE FEDERAL RESERVE and that means FROM THE JEWISH INTERESTS--NO I DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND TOO WELL, READERS, EVEN YET.


And you will applaud and laud some "Turner" who "donates (???)" a billion dollars over some long period of time. Don't you understand that that one donation assures him and Hanoi Jane the ability to write off four times that amount in one lump sum--in tax savings? Yes indeed, this Antichrist has done a su­perb job of fooling all you people all of the time. Truth can set you free--but will you find it in time to save anything? We shall see. Adonai.







TUE., MAR. 3, 1998    7:37 A.M.    YR. 11, DAY 199

TUE.,  MAR. 3,  1998


On the topic of:










and, from HOMER:




and, then, from Diogenes and Plato:





The modern humans taking the name "Jews" are the proverbial Hypocrites of the ages. They were in the temples of God 2000 years ago and they remain in all of our temples TODAY. And just as Hypocrites, the "Jew" knows no race, creed, color or race. He has become the representation of all that is not Christed. "To show an unfelt sorrow is an office which the false man does easy." And: "With devotion's visage and pious action we do sugar o'er The Devil himself". --Shakespeare


It appears the more meaningful observation needs some thought: "It is not uncommon to charge the difference between promise and performance, between profession and reality, upon deep de­sign and studied deceit; but the TRUTH IS, THAT THERE IS VERY LITTLE HYPOCRISY IN THE WORLD". --Samuel Johnson. (Just idiots with engraved opinions and wrong as­sumptions spouting great egotistical garbage while calling it words of wisdom.)


And on topics more personal it is quite easily observed:


Men use thought only as authority for their INJUSTICE, and employ speech ONLY TO CONCEAL THEIR THOUGHTS.--Voltaire







     The purpose of this article is twofold: To set forth what the Protocols have to say about the relation of the Press to the World Program, and to make an introduction to a study of Jew­ish influence on the Press. [H: Please keep in mind that in 1920 there were media limitations. Media control came into full glory with the television and modern motion picture ca­pabilities.]


     The Jewish race has always been aware of the advantages to be derived from news. This was one of the factors in the con­trol of European commerce from the earliest Christian times. To be informed beforehand, to know what was coming before the Gentiles among whom they lived knew it, was a special privilege of the Jews, made possible by the close communication in which widely separated Jewish groups kept themselves. From the first they were inveterate correspondents. They were the inventors of the news-letter.


     This does not imply, however, that the Jews were the fore­runners or even the sponsors of the modern Press. It was no part of their purpose to distribute news among the people, but to keep it for themselves as a secret advantage. The political, eco­nomic and commercial news which sped with such remarkable facility throughout Europe, from Jewish community to Jewish community, was in reality the official budget by which each community informed all the others of what was transpiring, as to war, trade currents, rising emergencies, or whatever the matter may have been. For centuries the Jews were the best informed people on the continent; from their secret sources in courts and chancelleries, from privileged Jews who were placed in every position of vantage, the whole race was informed of the state of the world.


     Scouts were kept in motion everywhere. Far down in South America, before the British or Dutch colonies in North America had hardly secured a foothold, there were Jews who served as outposts for European trade interests. The world was spied out in the interests of their race, just as today the entire planet is un­der the watchful eyes of Jewish agents--mostly Gentiles, it must be said--for any hint of new gold discoveries.



     An interesting and historic illustration of the Jews' apprecia­tion of news is to be found in the career of Nathan Rothschild. Rothschild had laid all his plans on the assumption that the Em­peror Napoleon, then banished to Elba, was finally eliminated from European affairs. Napoleon unexpectedly returned, and in the "Hundred Days" it seemed as if the Rothschild financial edi­fice might collapse. Feverishly the financier aided both Prussia and England, and as the Battle of Waterloo approached, no one was more interested in the outcome than he.


     Rothschild was a man who shrank from the sight of blood; he was physically a coward, and any sign of violence unnerved him; but so intense was his interest in the battle on which his whole fortune seemed to depend, that he hastened to France, followed the British Army, and when the battle began he hid himself in "some shot-proof nook near Hougomont" where he watched all day the ebb and flow of battle.

[H: Typical; the Jews send off the Gentiles to do their wars and bleeding while they hang out in hidden bunkers watching their "money" investments.] Just before Napoleon ordered the last desperate charge Rothschild had made up his mind. He said af­terward that his exclamation at this point was, "The House of Rothschild

has won the battle".


     He hurried from the field, galloped wildly to Brussels, com­municating not a word

of what he knew to the anxious people he met by the way. Hiring a carriage at an exorbitant price, he galloped away to Ostend. Here a fierce storm was raging on the ocean and no sailor was willing to set out for England, about 20 miles away. Rothschild himself, always afraid of danger, forgot his fear in his visions of the stock market. He offered 500, 800, and at length 1,000 francs to the man who would take him across. But no one dared. Finally one sailor proposed that if Rothschild would

pay 2,000 francs into his wife's hands, he would attempt.


     Half dead the two men reached the English coast, but without rest Rothschild ordered express post and hurried away to Lon­don. Whip and spur were not spared on that journey.


     There were no telegrams in those days, no swift communica­tion. England was anxious. The rumors were bad. And on the morning of June 20, 1815, when Nathan Rothschild appeared in his usual place at the Stock Exchange and leaned against the column, England knew nothing of what he knew. He was pale and broken. The sight

of his face led the other financiers to be­lieve that he had received bad news from the front. Then it was seen that he was quietly selling his securities. What? Roth­schild unloading? The market dropped disastrously, a very panic seized the financiers, the market was flooded with consols offered for sale--and all that was offered, Rothschild's agents bought! [H: Still works that way doesn't it?]


[H: In fact right here I want to insert some thought fodder: How many of you remember McCain of Arizona? You know, that Senator who was among the Keating Five. The same one who was a prisoner of war in the Asian sector BUT SOLD OUT HIS BUDDIES TO THE ENEMY. THAT ONE?? WELL, HE IS NOW PUSHING WAR IN IRAQ--THIS SAME MAN WHO SCREWED HIS BUDDIES, AND YOU-THE-PEOPLE IN THE S&L MULTI-BILLION-DOLLAR LOSSES--NOW WANTS A WAR IN IRAQ TO SCREW YOU AGAIN--AND AGAIN--AND AGAIN. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? McCain and all his "friends" in crime were working DIRECTLY WITH GEORGE BUSH AND THE BUSH TWIGS. THESE THINGS MAKE THE NEWS--SO WHAT ARE YOU OFF DOING DURING THE NEWS?







     So it went on, all day the 20th, and all day the 21st. At the close of business the second day, Rothschild's heavy chests were crammed with securities. Then in the evening a courier gal­loped into London with the news that Wellington had won and Napoleon was a fugitive. But Nathan Rothschild had made $10,000,000 and the men he did business with had lost that much--all as an affair of news!


     There was a little incident in Washington during the war--a "leak" of news, it was called. The wise men of Wall Street sometimes whisper that even between 1914-1918 there were men of Rothschild's race who showed his same appreciation of "news", with the same profitable results. And not only the men of "Rothschild's race", but some of their "Gentile fronts", also.


     There were times during the war when no Gentile knew what was going on in certain countries. The Jewish leaders always knew. Some very interesting testimony can be presented on that point.


     Aside from its own interest, this Rothschild narrative fully illustrates the statement that while the Jews were very early news-gatherers, they were not publicists. They used the news for their own benefit; they did not disseminate it. If it had de­pended on their influence, there would have been no public Press at all. It was in France, which had no newspapers outside the capital, that the French Revolution was possible. There be­ing no reliable exchange of news and opinion, the people were kept in ignorance. Paris itself did not know that the Bastille had fallen until next day. Where there is no Press, minorities easily gain control--as the Jewish-Bolshevist revolution in Russia illus­trates.


     One of the most dangerous developments of the time is public distrust of the Press. If the day ever comes when swift, reliable and authoritative communication with the entire people shall be necessary for public action in the interests of public safety, the nation may find itself sadly crippled unless a new confidence in the daily Press can be built up. If for no other reason than that a free press is a safeguard against minority seizure of control, such laws as the zone laws, or any restrictions on the freest and fullest communication between various parts of the country, should be absolutely abolished.


     But, the Press being in existence, and being largely an An­glo-Saxon creation, it is

a force not to be treated lightly, and that is the point where the World Program and Jewish Control come in contact with it.


     The Protocols, which overlook nothing, propose a very defi­nite plan with regard to the press. As in the multitude of other matters with which these remarkable documents deal, there are the two phases--"what we have done", and "what we will do".


     As early as the Second Protocol, the Press comes in for at­tention. It is significant that it makes its appearance in the same Protocol in which the "No Annexations" program was an­nounced 20 years before the World War, in the same Protocol in which it is announced that Gentile rulers will be allowed to appear before the people for a short period, while Jewish influ­ences were organizing themselves behind the seats of power, and in the same Protocol where Darwinism, Marxism and Niet­zscheism are claimed among the most "demoralizing" doctrines which Jewish influence has disseminated. These are very curi­ous statements, but not stranger than the actuality that has come to pass.


     Says the Second Protocol:


"There is one great force in the hands of modern gov­ernments, which creates thought movements among the people, that is, the Press. The presumed role of the Press is to indicate supposedly indispensable needs, to register popular complaints, and to create discontent. The triumph of 'free speech' (babbling) rests in the Press. But gov­ernments are unable to profit by this power, and it has fallen into our hands. Through if we have attained influ­ence while remaining in the shadow. Thanks to it, we have amassed gold, though it has cost us torrents of blood and tears ".


     In the same Protocol "our Press" is spoken of as the agency through which are disseminated "those theories of life which we have induced them (the Gentiles) to regard as the dictates of sci­ence".


"To this end we shall certainly endeavor to inspire blind confidence in these theories by means of our Press".


     Then follows the claim made concerning the three most rev­olutionary theories of the physical, economic and moral realms, namely, Darwinism, Marxism and Nietzscheism.


     In the Third Protocol the claim is made that this control of the Press is being used to break down respect for authority:


"Daring journalists and audacious pamphleteers make daily attack upon the personnel of the administration. This abuse of authority is definitely preparing the downfall of all institutions, and everything will be overturned by blows coming from the infuriated populace".


     Again, in the Seventh Protocol, discussing the progress which the World Program has already made, the part played by the Press is indicated:


"We must force the Gentile governments to adopt mea­sures which will promote our broadly conceived plan al­ready approaching its triumphal goal, by bringing to bear the pressure of stimulated public opinion, which has in re­ality been organized by us with the help of the so-called 'great power' of the Press. With few exceptions not worth considering, it is already in our hands".


     Thus twice is the claim made to control of the Press. "It has fallen into our hands", says the Second Protocol. "It is already in our hands," says the Seventh. In the Second Protocol the Press is represented as furthering revolutionary physical, eco­nomic and moral philosophies; while in the Seventh it is used to create the "pressure of stimulated public opinion" for the pur­pose of "forcing Gentile governments to adopt measures which will promote our broadly conceived plan, already approaching its triumphant goal".


     A word of comment may be made here upon the claim of the Second Protocol that "thanks to it (the Press), we have amassed gold, though it has cost us torrents of blood and tears".


     This is a statement which can be illustrated in many ways. "Though it has cost us torrents of blood and tears", is an admis­sion upon which the Protocols throw light, a light which also shines upon the Jewish argument regarding responsibility for the recent war, namely, that Jewish World Financial Power could not have willed the war seeing that Jews suffered so heavily in Eastern Europe. The Protocols frankly recognize the possibility of Jews suffering during the establishment of the World Program, but it consoles them with the thought that they fall as sol­diers for the good

of Israel. The death of a Jew, we are told in the Protocols, is more precious in the sight of God than the death of a thousand "seed of cattle", which is one of the delicate names applied to the Gentiles.


     The reference to the amassment of gold is very clear. It does not apply to ownership of publications and a share of their prof­its only, but also the use that may be made of them through si­lence or outcry to promote International Jewish Financiers' schemes. The Rothschilds bought editors as they bought legis­lators. It was a preliminary of nearly every scheme they floated to first "fix" the newspapers, either for silence or claque boost­ing. In matters of war and peace; in the removal of administra­tions inimical to Jewish financial or political plans; in the elimi­nation by public exposure of "Gentile fronts" whom their Jewish financial masters wished to be rid of; in the gradual building up of reputation and influence for "rising men" who had been cho­sen for work in the future--in these and like matters the Press very greatly aided the International Cabal in attaining its end.


     All the details of the foregoing paragraph can be illustrated at length by instances which have occurred in the United States within the past 15 years.


     There was once a Senator of the United States who--but that story illustrates another point also, and will be reserved until that point is reached in this series of discussions.


     The Twelfth Protocol, however, contains the entire plan of Control of the press, reaching from the present time into the fu­ture when the Jewish World Government shall be established. The reader is invited to read carefully and thoughtfully the deep and wide outreaching of this plan.


     Keep also in mind the boast that has been made for genera­tions that no publication that has handled the Jewish Question in a manner distasteful to the Jewish powers has been allowed to live.


"What role is played at present by the Press? It serves to inflame the passions of selfish partisanship which our interests require. It is shallow, lying and unfair, the most people do not understand what end it serves".


     In that quotation we have the same low estimate which was noted when we studied "the estimate of human nature" which the Protocols contain.


     Now, for the Plan of Press Control: We separate the points for convenience:


"We shall handle the Press in the following manner:


1. "We shall saddle it and keep tight rein upon it. We shall do the same also with other printed matter, for of what use is it to rid ourselves of attacks in the Press, if we remain exposed to criticism through pamphlets and books"?


2. "No one announcement will reach the people SAVE UNDER OUR SUPERVISION. We have attained this at the present time to the extent that all news is received through several agencies in which it is CENTRALIZED FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD".


     A sidelight on the first sentence above may be had from the Jewish statement regarding the British Declaration relating to Palestine: "This Declaration was sent from the Foreign Office to Lord Walter Rothschild... It came perhaps as a surprise to large sections of the Jewish people... But to those who were active in Zionists circles, the declaration was no surprise... The wording of it came from the British Foreign Office, but the text had been revised in the Zionist offices in America as well as in England. The British Declaration was made in the form in which the Zionists desired it... "

pp. 85-86, GUIDE TO ZIONISM, by Jessie E. Sampter, published by the Zionist Organization of America.


3. "Literature and journalism are two most important educational forces, and consequently our government will become the owner of most of the journals... If we permit ten private journals, we shall organize thirty of our own, and so on. This must not be suspected by the public, for which reason all the journals published by us will be EXTERNALLY of the most contrary opinions and tendencies thus evading confidence in them and attracting our unsus­pecting opponents, who thus will be caught in our trap and rendered harmless".


     This is most interesting in view of the defense now being made by so many Jewish journals. "Look at the newspapers owned and controlled by Jews", they say: "see how they differ in policy! See how they disagree with each other"! Certainly, "externally", as Protocol 12 says, but the underlying unity is never hard to find.


     Besides, one way of discovering who are the people that have knowledge of the Jewish World Problem, or who can be con­vinced of it, or who will write about it,

is just to start a paper which "externally" seems to be independent on the Jewish Question. So deeply is this thought shared by even uneducated Jews that a rumor is today widespread in the United States that the reason for the present series of articles in The Dearborn In­dependent is the desire of its owner to forward the Jewish World Program! Unfortunately, this scheme of starting a fake opposi­tion in order to discover where the real opposing force is, is not confined to the Jewish Internationalists, although there is every indication that it was learned from them.


     This idea of a misrepresentative front for certain secret pur­poses is expressed at length not only with reference to the Press, but throughout the Protocols in other relations. But in Protocol 12 it is fully developed with regard to the Press, as the following quotations show.



(a) In order to force writers into such long productions that no one will read them, a tax on writing is proposed--"on books of less than 30 pages a double tax". Small arti­cles are most feared. Therefore doubly tax the pamphlets of less than 30 pages. The longer articles fewer will read, so the Protocols argue, and the double tax will thus "force writers into such long productions that they will be little read, especially as they will be expensive". [H: And so it came to pass in the days that followed--and right up through TODAY in every way, but especially now that people coming out of school neither have capability nor inclination for reading long or short articles. And then, to get "on-line" or get information through the mails bears almost prohibitive costs, doesn't it? And, for all public mouthpieces, including such as even Ollie North--a "journal" BOOK is on the shelves for public consumption--BEFORE THE MAN EVEN HAS A CHANCE TO READ THE PROOFS FROM THE SAME WRITERS AS WRITE THEIR SPEECHES AND PLAN THEIR ACTIVITIES. HOW NICE TO BE KING! THEN YOU GET A TALK SHOW TO FURTHER DECEIVE THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME.]



"That which we ourselves shall publish for directing the public mind will be cheap and widely read. The tax will discourage mere literary ambition, whereas the fear of punishment will make the writers subservient to us. Even if there should be those who may desire to write against us, no one will publish their writings". (How many American writers know this?)


"Before accepting any work for printing, the publisher or printer must obtain permission from the authorities. Thus we shall know in advance what attacks are being prepared against us and shall be able to counteract them by coming out beforehand with explanations on the sub­ject".


     That is largely the situation today. They do know in advance what is being done, and they do seek to disarm it beforehand.


[H: Here is another good example to use here. Why don't the Jewish controllers make a big play for shutting down such as CONTACT and these Journals? One major reason is that there have been so many years of publicity on their ac­tivities via these routes that any assault NOW would end up with worldwide attention to the work in progress, namely, giving away their secret PLANS. A major court confronta­tion would undo THEM, not us, this time.]


(b) Here are the Three Degrees of Jewish Journalism which are not only stated in the Protocols but are observ­able in the everyday world of the present.


"The leading place will be held by organs of an official character. They will always stand guard over our interests and consequently their influence will be comparatively small.


"The second place will be held by semi-official organs whose aim it will be to attract the indifferent and lukewarm.


"In the third category we shall place organs of apparent opposition. At least one will be extremely antagonistic. Our true opponents will mistake this seeming opposition as belonging to their own group and will thus show us their cards. [H: And don't you see this of EVERY panel-type show on all the networks?]

"I beg you to notice that among those who attack us there will be organs founded by us, and they will attack exclusively those points which we plan to change or eliminate.


"All our papers will support most diverse opin­ions: aristocratic, republican, even anarchist so long of course as the Constitution lives... These fools who believe they are repeating the opinions expressed by their party newspapers will be repeating OUR OPINIONS or those things which we wish them to think.


"By always discussing and contradicting our writings superficially, and without touching upon their essence, our press will keep up a blank fire against the official newspapers, only to give us op­portunity to express ourselves in greater detail than we could in our first declaration. This will be done when useful to us.


"These attacks will also convince the people of the full freedom of the press, and it will give our agents the opportunity of declaring that the papers opposing us are mere wind-bags, since they cannot find any real arguments to oppose our orders".

[H: We are always happy to note that, on every Wednesday after we publish on Tuesday, the DAMAGE CONTROL squads march forth all over the map--to refute, rebut or just to "spin" the information we present. Now it happens daily, as information is going onto the Internet. We always enjoy the obvious--even to now using the term "Zipper" with dear sweet slick Willie. I coined that phrase to make sure we would know who is reading OUR MATERIAL. THANK YOU, WE SEE THAT MANY ARE READING OUR IN­FORMATION, NOW, EVEN TO THE DEATH OF DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES. You just can't ever know, can you?]


     Undoubtedly that would be the case were all the papers con­trolled. In the case of the present series of articles, however, the tables appear to be turned. It is the Jewish Press which has so signally failed to bring forward disproof either by fact or ar­gument.


"When necessary, we shall promulgate ideas in the third section of our Press as feelers, and then refute them vigorously in the semi-official press.


"We shall overcome our opponents without fail because they will not have organs of the Press at their disposal.


"The pretext for suppression of a publication will be that it stirs up the public mind without basis of reason"--a pretext which has already been urged time and again, but without the legal power to effect suppression, although without legal power the Jewish interests in the United States have effected a pretty complete suppression of ev­erything they do not desire".


     How far does Jewish influence control the Newspapers of the United States?


     In so far as the use of the word "Jew" is concerned, the Press is almost completely dominated. The editor who uses it is cer­tain to hear from it. He will be visited and told--contrary to ev­erything the Jew is told--that the word "Jew" denotes a member of a religious denomination and not a member of a race, and that its use with reference to any person spoken of in the public prints is as reprehensible as if "Baptist", "Catholic", or "Episcopalian" were used.


     The Jew is always told by his leaders that regardless of reli­gion or country of birth, he is a Jew, the member of a race by virtue of blood. Pages of the paper could be filled with the most authoritative Jewish statements on this point. But what the Jew is told by his leaders, and what the Gentile editor is told by the Jewish committee are two different and antagonistic things. A Jewish paper may shriek to the skies that Professor So-and-So, or Judge So-and-So, or Senator So-and-So is a Jew; but the sec­ular newspaper that should do that would be visited by an indig­nant committee bearing threats.


     A certain newspaper, as a mere matter of news, published an excerpt from one of The Dearborn Independent articles. Next day a number of advertising accounts dropped for lack of copy. Inquiry developed the fact that the reticent advertisers were all Jewish firms and the cause of their action was the really unim­portant excerpt which the paper published. It developed also that the advertising agent who handled all the advertising for those Jewish firms was himself a Jew who also held an office in the Jewish secret society, which office was concerned exclu­sively with the control of newspapers in the matter of Jewish publicity. It was this man who dealt with the editor. A lame editorial retraction followed which faintly praised the Jews. The advertising was returned to the paper, and it is just a question whether or not that editor was rightly handled or not. Certainly he has been made to feel the power. But the diplomacy of it was bad. The editor, along with hundreds of others, has only been given the proper background for estimating the Jewish power in its wider reaches.


     This is not to say that every editor should enter upon a cam­paign to expose the secret power. That is a matter for personal decision. Every editor, however, is so situated that he can see certain things, and he ought to see them, note them, and inwardly digest them.




     Jewish publicity in response to these articles is very easy to get in almost any newspaper. Some have fallen most lamentably for lying statements. Others have opened their columns to pro­paganda sent out from Jewish sources. That is all very well. But the Gentile interest in the question has been largely ignored, even in cases where the editors are awake to the whole Ques­tion. This too affords a vantage from which the average editor can view what is transpiring in this country.


     If a list of the Jewish owners, bondholders and other interests in our newspapers should be published, the list would be im­pressive. But it would not account for the widespread control of the Press as observed in this country. Indeed, it would be unfair in such a connection as this to list some of the Jewish-owned newspapers of the United States, because their owners are fair and public-spirited servants of the people.


     Actual ownership does not often account for much in a news­paper. Ownership in the newspaper business is not always syn­onymous with control.


     If you wish to know the control of the newspaper, look to its attorney and the interests he serves; look to the social connec­tions of its chief editors; look to the advertising agents who han­dle the bulk of Jewish advertising; and then look to the matter of the paper's partisanship or independence in politics.


     Newspaper control of the Press by the Jews is not a matter of money. It is a matter of keeping certain things out of the public mind and putting certain things into it.


     One absolute condition insisted upon with the daily Press is that it shall not identify the Jew, mention him, or in any but the most favorable way call the public's attention to his existence.


     The first plea for this is based on "fairness", on the false statement that a Jew is not a Jew but a church member. This is the same statement which Jewish agents in the United States Government have used for years to prevent the United States Government from listing the Jews in any racial statistics. It is in direct contradiction to what the Jews themselves are told. A flabby "fairness", a sloppy "broad-mindedness", a cry of "religious prejudice", is the first plea. The second is a sudden cessation of Jewish patronage. The third is withdrawal of patronage by every Gentile concern that is under the grip of Jewish financiers. It is a mere matter of brutal bludgeoning. And the forth act, in a community thoroughly blinded to the Jewish Question, is the collapse of the offending publication.


     Read the Jewish Encyclopedia for a list of some of the papers which dared open up the Question, and ceased!


     When old Baron Moses Montefiore said at Krakau:


"What are you prattling about? As long as we do not have the press of the whole world in our hands, everything you do is vain. We must control or influence the papers of the whole world in order to blind and deceive the peo­ple".


     He knew what he was saying. By "blinding" the people he only meant that they should not see the Jew, and by "deceiving" them he only meant that the people should think certain world movements meant one thing when they really meant another. The people may be told what happens; they may not be told what was behind it. The people do not yet know why certain occurrences, which have affected their whole lives, should have occurred at all. But the "why" of it is very definitely known in certain circles whose news service never sees print, and some­times not even writing.


     Statistics as to the space given the Jews by newspapers con­cerning the things they want to get into print would also be an eye-opener. A minority nation, they get more publicity than any ten of the important minor nations of Europe--of the kind of publicity they want!


     The number of Jewish contributors to the Press of the United States makes another interesting statistical bit. It would be sheer prejudice to make objectionable mention of many Jewish jour­nalists and writers, and they come within the scope of this study only as they have shown themselves to be the watchful agents and active servants of the System. This is what many of them are. Not the ambitious young Jewish reporter who runs around the streets gathering news, perhaps, but the journalist at the seat of news and at the necks of those two or three important inter­national runways through which the news of the world flows.


     The whole matter, as far as extent of control is concerned, could be visualized on a map of the United States, by means of colored pins showing the number of Jewish-owned, provably Jewish-controlled papers, and the number of Jewish writers who are directing the majority thought of the various sections of the country.


     The Jewish journalist who panders to unrest, whose literary ambition is to maintain a ferment in his readers, whose humor is sordid and whose philosophy is one of negation; as well as the Jewish novelist who extols his or her own people even while the story sows subtle seeds of disruption in Gentile social or eco­nomic life must be listed as the agents of that World Program which would break down society through the agency of "ideas". And it is very striking how many there are, and how skillfully they conceal their propaganda in their work.


     Here and there in the United States it is now becoming possi­ble to print the word "Jew" in the headlines of an article, and tell the Jewish committee which calls the next day that this as yet is a free country. Quietly a number of newspapers have tested the strength of this assumed control, in their communities and have discounted it.


     There is no reason for fear on the part of the editor who has his facts. But the editor who backs down will more and more feel the pressure upon him. The man who courageously and fairly holds his ground will soon learn another thing that is not so generally known, namely, that with all the brilliance there is a lot of bluff, and that the chain of control once broken is felt throughout the whole system as a blow.



Issue of September 11, 1920

The International Jew




The reason we are still operating is that we don't publish any­thing that we suspect to be false--except through accident, being totally and/or intentionally misled. Therefore if the assaults against us are made the adversary making the assault has JUST OFFERED US A PLATFORM FOR A HEARING, AND FALSE ASSAULTS END THE PARTY ASSAULTING INTO A CONFRONTATION BEFORE THE COURTS OR BEFORE THE ONES, I.E., EXTRA, THAT HE HAS DAMAGED FAR MORE THAN HE HAS US IN HIS IDIOT ATTEMPTS AT SELLING LIES.


This is also the reason that we DO NOT take random advertis­ing, for once you are held hostage by an advertiser you are ren­dered useless.


It is interesting that to internationally recognized EXTRA the cute little pimps and prostitutes, in addition to the basic lies of­fered, said that Gaia and Phoenix PRODUCTS WERE NOT ONLY WORTHLESS BUT EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND COULD KILL. Well, most of the products of general nature come from very reputable producers WHO IN THE NEXT WEEKS GOT SOCKED WITH BEING ALL OVER THE NETWORKS AS INVESTIGATIONS TOOK PLACE ABOUT MINERALS AND VITAMINS TO COLLOIDS.




Perhaps, Mr. Martin, here would be a good opportunity to again run Jewish ex-Judge Jason Brent's letter to George Green--after lying and denying any communications with the blood-sucker flukes of the "other" side. Also, it might be nice to again share with the readers this same Jew's attitudes through Mensa the "brilliant" club's presentation on depopulation and killing off of the old, infirm, and stupid. A category he obviously through EGO doesn't realize he fits all of the requisites. This Judge also placed ads in the paper TO JEWS, to join with him to form a Jewish political CLUB in town. Later he got a partner in his lawfirm and advertised his services thusly: "A SHARK? YOU BET"! He lost that partner, name withheld to protect the fool­ish, and now has another: an Ex-Judge who had a "dancer" sus­pect in his office on weekends

--to DANCE FOR HIM. He was defrocked from the bench--and NOW WORKS AS A PART­NER WITH JASON BRENT!


Hard feelings around these parts? Gosh no--who would ever have had such opportunities otherwise as we have gained through this routine type of judicial criminal behavior? Our re­alization is that at some point in historical movement forward TRUTH WILL OUT--JUST AS IT IS "OUTING" IN IRAQ'S POSITION AS WE WRITE THIS MORNING. Truth will bury the lies and the liars--just give it time.


And to suit those who object to the use of Adonai as possibly representing something inferior to something else as a meaning given (by the Jewish tamperers) as to "my Lord" I will close with:


Adonai, Aton (ONE WITH GOD, WITHIN GOD, AND IN RESPECT OF GOD). Any further arguments?


I would also note that you who like to close your notations with "Me Agape"--

I sincerely hope that is a state of God Love and Respect--and not a "state of being". Good morning.

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