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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

PJ #230 " RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. 4 ", chapter 1 & 2.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by André & Christ.
Nov 23, 2012 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 230



SAT., FEB. 28, 1998    7:32 A.M.    YR. 11, DAY 196

SAT.,  FEB. 28,  1998



For our Arab oil friends I ask that the information on the early dealings with the Arab nations, offered several years ago, first by Lindsey Williams on such as Chase Manhattan Bank, be RUN FOR THEIR DIRECT INFORMATION.


Next, I want to offer this bit of material for all of you who in­vest, expect to win something financially, do business with these big banks (actually NO CHOICE ABOUT THAT) and never seem to see handwriting scratched like nasty graffiti  every­where.






     Chase Manhattan leads the DERIVATIVE SPECULATION BUBBLE with $62 in derivatives for every dollar in equity capital. Chase alone has a derivative exposure equal to the U.S. annual gross domestic product. A Bank for International Settlements survey shows 79 financial institutions with a collective $82.6 TRILLION in derivatives, banking's high­est RISK VENTURE.






In Spotlight, March 2, 1998, pg.3, is an Editorial that I feel is so excellent that I would like to share it with you in this time of total insanity. Then I would like to share a Front Page story on the Arabs. And thirdly, I would like you to note a "commentary" on page 3 of that issue of Spotlight but I don't have time to reprint it here. My focus is on the Author of that article, Michael Collins Piper, author of FINAL JUDGMENT, available through Liberty Library, 300 Independence Ave., SE, Washington, D. C . 20003.


I believe that Michael has done some of the best work in re­searching some of the most chaotic topics of your day and in this commentary has proven himself again at the top of my list. We will see if we can squeeze it in somewhere this week for you who can't get SPOTLIGHT.


QUOTING, EDITORIAL, SPOTLIGHT, March 2, 1998, pg. 3:




     As the SPOTLIGHT--alone among every other newspaper in the United States of America--has said from its first issue in 1975, and as its publisher, Liberty Lobby, has said for almost 43 years, this country's foreign policy is fundamentally disas­trous.


     The one and only correct foreign policy for the U.S. is non­intervention in the affairs of other nations. This policy was first laid down by George Washington. It was sane, sensible and correct then and is even more so now.


     America's interventions into other nations' wars have brought us nothing of value and, contrarily, almost all of the troubles--foreign and domestic--that we now have.


     Interventionism--internationalism--is totally flawed and un­workable. In the end it has to result in America's absorption into a world government: a turbulent morass of calamity, chaos, violence and tyranny with American sovereignty a fondly re­membered dream in the minds of a few still able to think ratio­nally.


     It means the end of the Constitution, American law, Ameri­can standards and values and the end of the American language. The full results of internationalism are so horrid to contemplate that most Americans prefer to look the other way.


     At this writing, we stand on the verge of being commanded into another aggressive war, a war against Iraq which has ab­solutely nothing to recommend it insofar as our national inter­ests are concerned.


     This war is totally the product of the demands of the leaders of a foreign nation and American traitors--Zionists and Zionist­-kissers--who put the imagined interests of a foreign nation above ours.


     In many editorials we have warned about the irresponsible stupidity of fighting other nations' wars--wars in which we have no legitimate interest whatsoever.


     Strangely and sadly, NO OTHER PUBLICATION in the entire expanse of America has joined with us. Amazing, eh? True: Everyone is out of step but us.


[H: No, this is NOT TRUE, there are many papers just like THIS one, CONTACT, that has taken all the same blows as has Spotlight while every effort conjured has been thrown against us to get us deaded. We honor and support Spotlight but we can't just let the accusation of "no other..." stand without objection for we can name 10 to 12 other publica­tions doing the very best they can, although I think they might well be considered newsletters or magazines. We also have regular journals but we are not, in this paper, a maga­zine or pamphlet. We have sometimes as many as 90 pages in our weekly publication and in our home state we are con­sidered a fully-fledged (tax-wise and that must mean something) newspaper. We are not tax-free or non-profit--al­though we have NEVER made it to the ranks of even so much as "paying our way". We had to decide whether to have a paper with TRUTH or a rag with nothing of value. We CHOSE TRUTH.


The facts are that SPOTLIGHT refused to run any adver­tisement for CONTACT as being too radical and "far out". This was when George Green was still here and we had such INSIDE INFORMATION as to boggle minds. YOU can't have it both ways. Our people have been shot at, blasted by helicopter lasers, the property seized, brought into court in a dozen different matters--and from some who claimed to be the highest level of "Christians". One nice Christian leader said the Churches would drive us out of town for consider­ing that we were also "Christ-ians". They left nice messages on machines calling my writer a "slimy puke" and another few who said "be concerned every time you turn on your car ignition--and say goodbye".


Our Editor has been around the block a few times and has had top-level research jobs in MAJOR places along with holding several doctorate degrees in physics, engineering and science.


We, like Spotlight which we have supported from upstart with both advertising and funds (we don't make a big deal of it), will hang in there until all we hounds are hanged OR we develop incentive of people to wake up and DO SOMETHING. And yes, we do know the way and have the way--IF SUCH AS SPOTLIGHT would bother to listen. All of us out here in the hinterlands beyond the beltway are strug­gling every hour of every day to do something to thwart

the takeover plans of the New World Israeli Zionist Order. We would welcome

a bit of help. However, we have learned very well to NOT EXPECT IT so, if

not us--WHO?]


     No politician, no leader of any sort has had the guts to say what is right for America. Believe it or not, the Establishment is locked securely within iron chains of Zionist command. No one dares to say the obvious--the truth.


     Of course, the limp, corrupt and lying "news media"--including every great daily paper in America--has gone along totally with the SCREAMS for American aggression, American genocide--for the sole purpose of backing up the aggressive designs of the gangster leaders of ISRAEL.


     The "religious" spokesmen, such as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham ad nauseam are perhaps the worst of the bunch. Their tongues are so sore from licking the boots of their Israeli masters they can hardly even explain that they hope that American intervention against Iraq will result in the BAT­TLE OF ARMAGEDDON AND THE MASSACRE OF MIL­LIONS.


     These lunatics seriously believe that such a horror is fore­doomed by their interpretation of an obscure passage in the Bible. People like this deserve a straitjacket in a padded cell, not an audience of impressionable American Christians.


     In this morass of deceit, corruption and evil we are glad to welcome the opposition of the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Egypt to Israel-Clinton war plans. In spite of the bribes and lavish wooing by Missy Halfbright and her distinguished supe­rior, "Zipper" Clinton, they are united in saying, "Get out of the Mideast and leave it to we who live here".


     Our intervention and aggression against Iraq is not merely a repudiation of everything America stands for and a continued violation of sanity in foreign relations, it can only wreak evil for this country.


     We covered this aspect in our editorial on page 17 on Febru­ary 9, and urge you to read it over again. It further explains INSANITY AS FOREIGN POLICY.


by Martin Mann


NATIONAL INTEGRITY WILTING. Once upon a time, America was the only country the Arabs trusted. Then our government lost its integrity.


     The Arabs did not trust the Germans who were unknown newcomers. Neither

did they trust the British who were too well known. The only outsiders they trusted were, believe it or not, Americans. [H: This may well be questioned, but this is

Mr. Mann's article, not mine.]


     "I had never fully realized the extent of the prestige and pop­ularity we Yanks enjoyed among the Moslems. They freely gave us information and help--we were the only people who never had to resort to bribery to get the Arabs to do something special for us".


     Those are excerpts from the memoirs of Kenneth Pendar, a Massachusetts-born intelligence officer who served as a U.S. secret agent during World War II in various Arab countries from early 1941 through the late summer of 1943.


     "The Arabs also admired our apparently boundless power but did not fear it, because even the most unlettered among them somehow knew that Americans were kindly people, who would never join the long list of their oppressors and exploiters... This sense of power and admiration clung like an invisible halo even to the lowly control officers such as myself", Pendar wrote.



     More than half a century after the young intelligence officer recorded these gratifying observations, the vast Islamic world's proven reserves of goodwill, trust and admiration for America have been squandered by a succession of abjectly pro-Israel ad­ministrations.


     The extent to which the U.S. has forfeited the respect and support of both leaders and ordinary people from Lebanon all the way to the oil-rich, geostrategically vital Gulf, has been strikingly brought home in recent days, when just about every Arab opinion-maker and publication denounced the Clinton ad­ministration's military preparations. [H: Bet your controlled media didn't tell you all THIS, did they? And no, I am not an "American", I am a Universal citizen in authority over quite a few more cosmic attitudes and endeavors. I am, however, an equal opportunity employer but the pay is not much--just FREEDOM, HONOR, INTEGRITY AND CITI­ZENSHIP IN A RATHER UNIQUE GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION.]


     In legal terms "The use of force against Iraq amounts to bru­tal, unequivocal aggression... Clinton has no international au­thority, let alone a UN mandate, for such an attack," proclaimed Dr. Hassan Naafa, a respected Egyptian legal analyst and com­mentator.


     "A strike against Iraq will be a rehearsal for one against Iran", warned Rose el-Youssef, the important Gulf daily, in a conclusion that was widely shared by Islamic policy analysts.




     In an unprecedented call for Islamic unity, a number of edito­rials urged that Arab nations abandon ancient regional rivalries and join forces with Iran against U.S. military intervention.


     "Iran must warn the U.S. that Iraq will not be alone if it is forced to fight... If the Arabs and Iran act together, some sense may enter the head of the U.S. president", urged Al-Shaab, an­other major Gulf publication.


     A peaceful settlement of the Iraqi crisis is the "only way to prevent the Middle East from sinking into chaos", asserted Al­-Ahram, Egypt's moderate old-line daily, regarded as the largest and most influential publication in the Arab world.


     There is no truth in the U.S. claim that Iraq must be bombed in order to "diminish its capability to threaten its neighbors", Al-­Ahram noted. In reality, "every Arab state with the dubious exception of Kuwait" opposes such an attack. [H: Note that Kuwait is totally controlled by Israel/Bush/Britain. By the way, these nasties have to bomb one of you nice Arab States to get Armageddon going for the Zionist-Israel. It is known that neither Arabs nor ALLAH will allow such abuse and lop-sided victory again and again for these ANTICHRIST gods of the oil business.]


     Arabs will oppose any such military intervention even if the UN Security Council comes around to endorsing it, cautioned Al-Ahram, because the loss of U.S. leadership and moral au­thority has also undermined the world forum's influence in the Islamic world.


     The U.S. has "hijacked" the UN Security Council and strong-armed it into an Israeli-inspired strategy of all-out war against ISLAM, the influential newspaper told its millions of readers. (Al-Ahram is published in English and French editions as well as Arabic).


     "As for Iraq, the UN is now attempting to induce the interna­tional community to legitimize Iraq's destruction by the U.S. As for Israel, the UN aims to ensure that all is still and quiet as Palestine is destroyed. Both rivers flow to one sea: Israeli hegemony in the region", concluded Al-Ahram on the 17th of February. [H: Right on, and as always there is a distancing of what APPEARS between the U.S. Administration and Is­rael's Mr. Yahoo, et al. This is so typical that when it hap­pens you KNOW a biggie is about to drop on you. And worse, this time when the Yahoos came calling, even the Jewish community denied him their sheckles--but he went to Evangelist leader Jerry Falwell and got not only a commit­ment for long-term alliance but immediate and BIG financial backing.]



     Dismissing another attempted U.S. justification for bombing Iraq--the claim that Saddam Hussein is in violation of some UN resolutions--the newspaper Al-Mussawar pointed out that "Israel has not only ignored UN resolutions, but it has also refused to implement agreements signed on the White House lawn in the presence of the U.S. president.


     "But Israel is America's darling", Al-Mussawar asserted, "and the Arabs are expected to prostrate themselves and thank the U.S. for the presence of 'POOR LITTLE ISRAEL' WHICH POSSESSES ONLY 300 NUCLEAR WARHEADS, ARSENALS OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS, THE LATEST WARPLANES, THE HEAVIEST BATTLE TANKS AND THE LONGEST-RANGE GUNS".






Dharma, I believe Mr. Piper's "commentary" is so important as to take the time to repeat it here for our readers, and hopefully for those friends we have out there in Arab-land and in the GLOBAL COMMUNITY. And yes, what you must do, all of you, is join within a GLOBAL COMMUNITY and never mind the United Nations of the Israel-U.S.-Britain (with colonies) coalition. For goodness sakes, PLEASE, put it OUTSIDE the United States and off of Rockefeller's land and never mind col­lecting "dues", which bind you more deeply, from the United States and allies. You DO NOT have to have a WAR to gain peace and prosperity--you need a Godly community based on RIGHT VALUES AND MORALITY.





Some interesting questions are bring raised about the "how" and "why" of the behind-the-scenes forces that are pressuring Presi­dent Bill Clinton to take action against Saddam Hussein. COMMENTARY, By Michael Collins Piper for SPOTLIGHT,

Mar. 2, 1998, pg. 3:


     Once upon a time there was a popular young American presi­dent who was bound and determined to prevent a scrappy Mid­dle East state from developing weapons of mass destruction.


     The American president reportedly had an eye for the ladies (despite his marriage to a high-profile First Lady who publicly remained loyal to her husband). The young president became engaged in a high-stakes, behind-the-scenes game of diplomacy and power politics to achieve his goal of preventing a nuclear buildup in the Middle East.


     However, the American president's Middle East counterpart remained intransigent and refused to buckle under. The leader of the Middle East state was determined to make his nation a nuclear power--the American president be damned.


     So far the story sounds awfully familiar and quite timely. Is it Bill Clinton and Saddam Hussein we're talking about? No, we're talking about John F. Kennedy and Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion.


     We know how the saga of John F. Kennedy came to a close. He was shot and killed in Dallas and, upon his death, his suc­cessor, Lyndon B. Johnson, turned a blind eye and allowed Is­rael's controversial nuclear weapons development program to move forward not only unimpeded but covertly assisted by pro-Israel elements in the American CIA.


     Although it is an "open secret" that Israel has developed a massive nuclear arsenal

--in contravention of John F. Kennedy's wishes--Israel has never signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and continually refuses to do so. Israel officially denies that it has nuclear weapons and therefore, so Israel's partisans say, Israel has no reason to sign such a declaration.


     In the meantime, however, Iraq--under Saddam Hussein--has signed the treaty and yet, as a consequence of Israeli pressure, there is an ongoing campaign by pro-Israel partisans who domi­nate policy-making in the Bill Clinton administration to force Saddam to open up his own weapons arsenal to United Nations inspection. If Saddam refuses to abide by the demands, it is threatened, Saddam and the people of Iraq will be subjected to a massive military assault.


[H: It must be inserted here that NOW there is supposedly an ONGOING CIA mission (READ MOSSAD) to get Sad­dam himself. This is not the first time and the other time this was so botched as to catch U.S. shooting down U.S. planes. These pigs from these "intelligence" quarters even blow up our own things to make it appear as if they have been damaged. It has happened over and over and over again--from ships to gassings, even to a so-called HOLO­CAUST which did NOT happen as it has been projected through the next half a century.]




     What makes the situation all the more incredibly ironic is that the so-called "ABC Gang" in the Clinton administration--Al­bright, Berger and Cohen--all have ethnic and emotional at­tachments to Israel and, as a consequence, have no regard for the desires and interests of the Christian and Moslem people of both Iraq and the U.S.


     (Incidentally, what few Americans know--with the exception of SPOTLIGHT readers--[H: CONFOUND IT, WRONG AGAIN!] is that Iraq has one of the highest percentages of Christians among its diverse peoples. [H: And these might well be considered "CHRIST-ians" and not the diverted, false "Christians" as that has come to be for almost all of the "Christian" religions since before the Crusades and manmade Inquisitions of Satan. The most of the alien-false Christians reside in the United States of America now under control of the Antichrist calling themselves "Christians" and "Judeans". How do I know? I KNOW CHRIST.] Some of the oldest Christian churches in the world exist in Iraq today, although at least one of the most prominent ones was bombed to rubble by American planes during the last Persian Gulf War. This fact was reported exclusively by the Spotlight's editor, Andrew Arnold, following his fact-finding mission to Iraq in the wake of the Gulf War).


[H: Oh my goodness, here comes another reminder. The flag of Israel bears a blue star of David and two blue stripes. I again remind you that the stripes represent the Euphrates River and the Tigris River--with full public notice that all lands between the two will be the property of ISRAEL. This represents the BLUE TURBAN of the Antichrist of Nos­tradamus, good friends!


In addition, the aliens from "out there" "somewhere" came in Christ-ness to your place in that area of Iraq once known as (SUMAR) Sumaria--among other places not relevant at this writing, but, we'll get there if you stay tuned-in.

And NO, I don't care who has told you something else.]




     One can only imagine the reaction among the adherents of Is­rael in America if President Clinton's three top foreign policy advisors [H: read: RULERS, HANDLERS, CON­TROLLERS.] were Americans of Arab descent. There would be cries of "conflict of interest" from the major media and de­mands for a "balance" in foreign policy making. But President Clinton's top advisors are NOT Arab-Americans.


     If Saddam Hussein must be forced to open up his arsenal for inspection, should not the same thing be required of Israel, so as to ensure that Israel will never use its nuclear weapons against some enemy--real or perceived? Is that question illogical or does it simply run contrary to what is "politically correct" to say and think in America today? Should we not also be concerned about Israel's potential use of weapons of mass destruction?


     Is the ongoing "sex and perjury" scandal that the media has been hanging over the head of President Clinton actually a high-level operation designed to force the president's hand on behalf of Israel--and against Saddam? [H: YES INDEED.]


     Frank Gaffney, director of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, has suggested that "it would seem, at a minimum, that the president has been in a compromised position, one that was susceptible to exploitation by a foreign intelligence ser­vice".


     It is known, for example, that President Clinton has been ac­cused by many of Israel's hard-line "right-wing" forces of hav­ing "turned his back on Israel" and that these accusations were erupting just prior to the media frenzy that accompanied the rev­elations of the president's relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. [H: It is now said that Billy Zipper has said he had ONLY a kissing relationship with Ms. Lewinscat. Kissing what? And is Hilarious so "trusting" of her Zipper Billy that she just "stands by her man"? No, if Billy goes, so goes Hillary--out of power and onto the scrap heap right alongside the dude with the zipper problem of long standing, no pun intended.]


     With this in mind, is it just a coincidence that the New York Times--the staunchest and most strident media voice promoting Israel's interests in America--is the one newspaper that most of­ten has been linked to anti-Clinton "leaks" in the so-called "monica-gate" scandal that threatens to bring down Bill Clinton?


     Is it likewise a coincidence that Newsweek (joined by its sister publication, the Washington Post)--both published by the pro-Is­rael Meyer-Graham empire, which has long been close to the CIA and its allies in the Mossad--has also been marshaling the media assault upon Clinton?



     If President Clinton fails to abide by Israel's demands that Saddam be destroyed, will a "smoking gun" emerge in the scan­dal that will, once and for all, bring down Bill Clinton? [H: Well, it appears to me that about the only claim of LIFE Billy has is his refusal to sign that order to war in this matter. Suiciding of this President might be even worse for these bastard pillagers than killing off Saddam--at this time--but they will very well probably try it for it has worked for the Clintons--why not the enemies of Clinton? Old Vince Foster probably didn't really want his brains blown out ei­ther!]


     These are just a few questions, among many others, that might be pondered as an American president once again finds himself trying to thwart a Middle East state from developing--and perhaps using--weapons of mass destruction. [H: The brainwash term set for your constant mental engraving.]




Please don't go away, readers, for when we next write we will take up the PROTOCOLS--yet again.


Many write and ask, "Why didn't you tell us all this information sooner"? WE DID and Nilus offered the Protocols in 1905 after they had already been around for a VERY LONG TIME. These topics from the INTERNATIONAL JEW were PUBLISHED in a public Newspaper by HENRY FORD in the early 1920s. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?


The next Protocols topic we shall speak about is on the Jewish Plan to split society by "Ideas". If you don't think these are dangerously timely--then go back to sleep but please don't call on GOD to save your assets when the final shackle is put onto you.


And people: any BLOOD that runs in the desert of Iraq IS ON YOUR HEAD--know it! And what does this mean? It means that if you shed blood on that place--it shall be shed BY YOU IN YOUR PLACE! IT IS CALLED UNIVERSAL LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT. Adonai.







SAT., FEB. 28, 1998    10:26 A.M.    YR. 11, DAY 196

SAT.,  FEB. 28,  1998



I must keep mentioning these two things over and over for if you are a recent reader you may miss the punch-line. There are a LOT of new readers among Arabs, Islamic and other religions outside any "White" populations, but THEY, TOO, ARE GENTILES. The Jew has only two categories of people: JEW and GENTILE(S). No matter what your color, your creed, your nationality, your race, your origin; YOU ARE GENTILE if you are not JEW--PERIOD. No slack is cut for any of you--but a "Jew" can be from any of these categories above. How nice to set your own rules and definitions for a world you plan to RULE and ENSLAVE.






     The method by which the Protocols work for the breakdown of society should now be fairly evident to readers of these arti­cles. An understanding of the method is necessary if one is to find the meaning of the currents and cross-currents which make so hopeless a hodge-podge of the present times. People who are confused and discouraged by the various voices and discordant theories of today, each seeming to be plausible and promising, may find a clear clue to the value of the voices and the meaning of the theories if they understand that their confusion and dis­couragement comprise the very objective which is sought. The uncertainty, hesitation, hopelessness, fear; the eagerness with which every promising plan and offered solution is grasped--

these are the very reactions which the program outlined in the Protocols aims to produce. The condition is proof of the effi­cacy of the program.


     It is a method that takes time, and the Protocols declare that it has taken time, indeed, centuries. Students of the matter find the identical program of the Protocols, announced and operated by the Jewish race, from the first of the century onward.


     It has taken 1900 years to bring Europe to its present degree of subjugation--violent subjugation in some countries, political subjugation in some, economic subjugation in all--but in Amer­ica the same program, with almost the same degree of success, has required about 50 years. Certain mistaken ideas of liberal­ism, certain flabby ideas of tolerance, all of them originating at European sources which the Protocolists had completely pol­luted, were transported to America, and here under cover of the blindness and innocence of a false liberalism and tolerance, to­gether with modern appliances for the swift acceleration of opinion, there has been worked a subjugation of our institutions and public thought which is the amazement of European ob­servers. It is a fact that some of the important students of the Jewish Question, whom Jewish publicists are pleased to damn with the term "Anti-Semites", have been awakened to the exis­tence of the Question not by what they have observed in Europe, but by what they have seen in the swift and distinct "close-up" which has been afforded in American affairs.


     The center of Jewish power, the principal sponsors of the Jewish program, are resident in America, and the leverage which was used at the Peace Conference to fasten Jewish power more securely upon Europe, was American leverage exercised at the behest of the strong Jewish pressure which was brought from the United States for that purpose. And these activities did not end with the Peace Conference.


     The whole method of the Protocols may be described in one word, Disintegration. The undoing of what has been done; the creation of a long and hopeless interim in which attempts at re­construction shall be baffled, and the gradual wearing down of public opinion and public confidence, until those who stand out­side the created chaos shall insert their strong calm hand to seize control--that is the whole method of procedure.


     Putting together the estimate of human nature which obtains in these Protocols, and their claims to a rather definite though as yet incomplete fulfillment of the World Program (these two comprising the themes of the previous two articles), some of the aspects of this propaganda of disintegration have become clear. But not all of them. There are yet other aspects of these meth­ods, which will be dealt with in the present articles, and there are yet future reaches of the program which will be considered later.


     The first point of attack is Collective Opinion, that body of ideas which through men's agreement with them, holds large groups together in political, racial, religious or social unity. Sometimes we call them "standards"; sometimes we call them "ideals"; whatever they may be called, they are the invisible bonds of unity; they are the common faith; they are the great overarching reason for group unity and loyalty.


     The Protocols assert that here the first attack has been made. The history of Jewish propaganda in the world shows that also.


     The first wave of attack is to corrupt Collective Opinion. Now, to "corrupt" in the real sense does not mean anything un­savory or unclean. The whole power of every heresy is its at­tractiveness to the good mind. The whole explanation of the strong hold which untruth has gained upon the world of our day is that the untruth is reasonable, inspiring and apparently good. It is only after a long discipline in false ideals--which are rea­sonable, inspiring and good--that the evil fruits appear in acts and conditions which are unreasonable, destructive and wholly evil. If you will trace the idea of Liberty as it has appeared in Russian history, from its philosophic beginning (a Jewish begin­ning, by the way) to its present ending (a Jewish ending also), you will see the process.


     The Protocols claim that the Gentiles are not thinkers, that attractive ideas have been thrown at them so strategically and persistently that the power of thought is almost destroyed out of them. Fortunately this is a matter on which any Gentile may apply his own test. If he will segregate his ruling ideas, especially those that center round the thought of "democracy", he will discover that he is being ruled in his mind by a whole com­pany of ideas into whose authority over him he has not inquired at all. He is ruled by "say so" whose origin he has not traced. And when, pursuing those ideas, he finds that they are not prac­ticable, he is received by the explanation that "we are not yet sufficiently advanced". Yet when he does see men who are suf­ficiently "advanced" to put these very ideas into operation, he recoils from what he sees them do, because he knows that "advancement" such as that is deterioration--a form of disinte­gration. Yet every one of the ideas were "good", "reasonable", "inspiring", "humane", to begin with. And, if this Gentile will observe a little further, he will see that they are the most persis­tently preached ideas in the world; he will also see who

the preachers are.


     The Protocols distinctly declare that it is by means of the set of ideas which cluster around "democracy" that their first vic­tory over public opinion was obtained. The idea is the weapon. [H: Now, speaking of "weapons of mass destruction", here you really get it going.] And to be a weapon it must be an idea at variance with the natural trend of life. It must indeed be a theory opposed to the facts of life. And no theory so opposed can be expected to take root and become the ruling factor, un­less it appeals to the mind as reasonable, inspiring and good. The Truth frequently seems unreasonable; the Truth frequently is depressing; the Truth sometimes seems to be evil; but it has this eternal advantage, it is the Truth, and what is built thereon neither brings nor yields to confusion.


     This first step does not give the control of public opinion, but leads up to it. It is worthy of note that it is this sowing of "the poison of liberalism", as the Protocols name it, which comes first in order in those documents. Then, following upon that,

the Protocols say:


     "To obtain control over public opinion it is first necessary to confuse it".


     Truth is one and cannot be confused, but this false, appealing liberalism which has been sown broadcast, and which is ripening faster under Jewish nurture in America than ever it did in Eu­rope, is easily confused because it is not truth. It is error, and error has a thousand forms. Take a nation, a party, a city, an association in which "the poison of liberalism" has been sown, and you can split that up into as many factions as there are indi­viduals simply by throwing among them certain modifications of the original idea. This is a piece of strategy well known to the forces that invisibly control mass-thought. Theodor Herzl, the arch-Jew, a man whose vision was wider than any statesman's and whose program paralleled the Protocols, knew this many years ago when he said that the Zionist (cryptic for "Jewish") state would come before the Socialist state could come; he knew with what endless divisions the "liberalism"

which he and his predecessors had planted would be shackled and crippled.


     The process of which all Gentiles have been the victims, but never the Jews--never the Jews!--is just this--



     First, to create an ideal of "broad-mindedness". That is the phrase which appears in every Jewish remonstrance against public mention of the Jew and his alleged World Program: "We thought you were too broad-minded a man to express such thoughts" ; "We thought Mr. So-and-So was too broad-minded a man to suspect the Jews of this"; "We thought the daily or weekly or monthly such-and-such a paper was too broad-minded editorially to consider such material". It is a sort of keyword, indicative of the state of mind in which it is desired that the Gentiles be kept. It is a state of flabby tolerance. A state of mind which mouths meaningless phrases about Liberty, phrases which act as an opiate on the mind and conscience and which allow all sorts of things to be done under cover. The phrase, the slogan, is a very dependable Jewish weapon. ("In all times peo­ple have accepted words for acts".--Protocol 5.) The reality be­hind the phrase the Protocols frankly admit to be non-existent.


[H: Let us pause long enough here to also consider the "ideas" of holidays. You will note if you have any historical study at all, that Christmas comes at a JEWISH time of cel­ebration. Easter is set to coincide with Jewish Passover. In Europe in the Orthodox sects you will find both Christmas and Easter being, at the least, a week or so after the Ameri­can-British-Jewish celebrations. Can't anyone tell time or has your "time" perhaps been altered to suit the needs of the "takers"--like by, at the least, 8 to 11 YEARS?


And what of this tradition of "Lent" and the celebrations going into this supposedly sacred time of the year? Last night closed the famous pre-Lent celebration called Mardi Gras in New Orleans. This also is a pagan Jewish HOLIDAY. This year, it is said, everything got so out-of-hand that the police just let it go--with naked people squirming in the streets and "sexual acts" taking place in the middle of the streets and near riot conditions of squirming, writhing masses of people out of control. Is THIS your idea of CHRIST? Shame on you. You are hypocrites and liars and your "own" will make you pay dearly for these attitudes and misgivings for they too one day will want to control YOU. These misfit activities bring the most basic scoundrel atti­tudes of human species to be your accepted normal "fun" holiday spending and acting. All of the reverse attitudes of GOD's instructions are the accepted NEW ATTITUDES OF MODERN TIMES, it is said. Fine, then you shall all end up in the dung-heap foundationed by these Antichrist hu­manoids without compassion, Truth, or souls.]



     Nothing has served to create "broad-mindedness", a state of mind whose breadth indicates its lack of depth, so much as the ideas of liberalism which the Jews are constantly teaching to Gentiles and on which they never themselves act. We need a new sort of allegiance to the reality of life, to the facts as they are, which will enable us to stand up under all cajoling to "broad-mindedness" and assert a new intolerance of everything but truth. The terms "narrow" and "broad" as they are used to­day represent lies. The liberal man ought to believe more, he ought to be deep and wide in his beliefs in order to merit that name; but as a usual thing he believes nothing. He is not liberal at all. When you seek belief, belief with a foundation, belief with vitality, you must seek it among men who are sneered at, under this false Jewish-promoted notion of liberality, as "narrow men". Jewish propaganda, in common with the Protocols, is against men who have dug down to the rock; they want "broad­minded men" who can easily be shifted about the surface, and thus serve the invisible scheme in any manner desired. This type of men, on their part, never imagined but that their "broad­mindedness" is a mark of their superiority and independence.


[H: This again reminds me of the presentations regarding last night's escapades in New Orleans. It was said that most of the sexual acts themselves were between homosexual partners or "anyone" they could grab off the streets. The word coming forth was, "Oh boy, this is probably going to set back the slowing of AIDS by about two decades!" (Laughter...) Laughter? Are you nuts, people? AIDS will kill you and guess who foisted off that onto you? Who made it purely and simply OK to be and do anything you chose and anything that "feels good"? You see what happens in a Godless society? You have no respect nor care for LIFE in its most simplistic format. You go out of your foolish way to destroy all beauty and wonderment from the very act of "being alive", that wondrous of gifts FROM CREATOR. Shame rests like a black shroud upon you as a species.]


     Now, see what follows. Men are born believers. For a time they may believe in "broad-mindedness" and under the terrific social pressure that has been set up in its favor they will openly espouse it. But it is too shallow to satisfy any growing roots of life. They must believe, deeply, something. For proof of this, notice the undeniable strength of the negative beliefs which are held by men who fancy that they believe nothing. Therefore, some who are highly endowed with independence of spirit, root down into those prohibited matters which at some point touch Jewish concerns--these are the "narrow" men. But others find it more convenient to cultivate those departments which promise a highway whereon there shall be no clashes of vital opinion, no chance of the charge of "intolerance"; in short they transfer all their contemplative powers to the active life, even as it is written in the Protocols--


"To divert Gentile thought and observations, interest must be deflected to industry and commerce".


     It is amazing to look around and see the number of men who have been actually browbeaten into committing their whole lives to these secondary or even tertiary things, while they look with great timidity and aversion at the vital things which really

rule the world and upon the issue of which the world really depends.


     But it is just this deflection to the materialistic base that offers the protocolists, and similarly Jewish propagandists, their best hold. "Broad-mindedness" today consists in leaving vital mat­ters severely alone. It descends quickly to material-mindedness. Within this lower sphere all the discord which distresses the world today is to be found.


     First, there is the ruin of the upper circles of industry and commerce:


"To make it possible for liberty definitely to disintegrate and ruin Gentile society, industry must be placed on a speculative basis".


     No one needs to be told what this means. It means, as ev­erything about us shouts, the prostitution of service to profits and the eventual disappearance of the profits. It means that the high art of management degenerates into exploitation. It means reckless confusion among the managers and dangerous unrest among the workmen.


     But it means something worse: it means the split-up of Gen­tile society. Not a division between "Capital" and "Labor", but the division between the Gentiles at both ends of the working scheme. Gentile managers and manufacturers are not the "capitalists" of the United States. Most of them have to go to the "capitalists" for the funds with which they work--and the "capitalists" are Jewish, International Jews.


     But with Jewish capital at one end of the Gentile-working-­scheme putting the screws on the manufacturers, and with Jew­ish agitators and disruptionists and subversives at the other end of the Gentile-working-scheme putting the screws on the work­men, we have a condition at which the world-managers of the Protocol program must be immensely satisfied.


"We might fear the combined strength of the Gentiles of vision with the blind strength of the masses, but we have taken all measures against such a possible contin­gency by raising a wall of mutual antagonism between these two forces. Thus, the blind force of the masses re­mains our support. We, and we alone, shall serve as their leaders. Naturally, we will direct their energy to achieve our end."--Protocol 9.


     The indication that they are highly satisfied is that they are not only not doing anything to relieve the situation, but are ap­parently willing to have it made worse, and if it be at all possi­ble for them to do so they would like to see this coming winter, and the privations which are scheduled for it (unless Gentile flabbiness before the Jewish power, high and low, receives a new backbone) [H: And it didn't.], bring the United States to the verge of, if not across the very line of Bolshevism. They know the whole method of artificial scarcity and high prices. It was practiced in the French Revolution and in Russia. All the signs of it are in this country too. [H: And everything in the world as to economic chaos and stress are AGAIN even more prevalent than in the 1920s to be sure--by big bunches.]


     Industrial problems for their mental food and light amuse­ment for their leisure hours, these are the Protocols' method with regard to the Gentile mind, and under cover of these the work is to be done--the work which is best expressed by the motto, "Divide and Rule".


     Read this:


"To divert over-restless people from discussing political questions, we shall now bring forward new problems apparently connected with them--problems of industry".-- Protocol 13.


     Has not everyone been struck by the divorcement which ex­ists in this country between the mass-thought which is almost exclusively devoted to industrial questions, and the party-thought which is endeavoring to keep the field of pure politics? And is it not a fact that our friends, the Jews, are strongly en­trenched in both fields--in politics to keep it reactionary, and in industrial circles to keep it radical--and so widen the split? And what is this split but a split of the Gentiles?--for society is Gen­tile, and the disruptive influences are Jewish.


     Read this:


"We have included in the Constitution rights for the people that are fictitious and not actual rights. All those so-called 'rights of the people' can only exist in the ab­stract and can never be realized in practice... The prole­tarian gains no more from the Constitution than the miser­able crumbs thrown from our table in return for his votes to elect our agents and pass our measures. Republican rights are a bitter irony to the poor man, for the pressure of daily labor prevents him from using them, and at the same time, deprives him of the guaranty of a permanent and certain livelihood by making him dependent upon strikes, organized either by his employers or his com­rades".--Protocol 3.


     This remark about strikes is not at all puzzling to anyone who has studied the different types of strikes in this country. The number fomented from above the working class is astoundingly large.


     Read this also:


"We will force up wages which, however, will be of no benefit to the workers, for we will at the same time cause a rise in the prices of necessities, pretending that this is due to the decline of agriculture and of cattle raising. We will also artfully and deeply undermine the sources of pro­duction by instilling in the workmen ideas of anarchy".-­Protocol 6.


     And this:


"We will represent ourselves as the saviors of the working class who have come to liberate them from this oppression by suggesting that they join our army of so­cialists, anarchists, communists, to whom we always ex­tend our help under the guise of the fraternal principles of universal human solidarity."--Protocol 3


     "Broad-mindedness" again! In this connection it is always well to remember the words of Sir Eustace Percy, heretofore quoted, words which are sponsored by Jews themselves--"Not because the Jew cares for the positive side of radical philosophy,

not because he desires to be a partaker in Gentile nationalism or Gentile democracy, but because no existing Gentile system of government is ever anything but distasteful to him".


     Or, as the author of The Conquering Jew says: "He is demo­cratic in his sentiments, but not in his nature. When he pro­claims the common brotherhood of man, he is asking that the social gate now closed against him in so many quarters shall be open to him; not because he wants equality, but because he de­sires to be master in the social world, as he is showing himself in so many other spheres. Many an honorable Jew will, I doubt not, dispute the accuracy of this distinction; but if he does it will be because he has lived so long in the atmosphere of the West that he is unconscious of what is bred in the bone of his Eastern race".


     It is not difficult, therefore, to see the genealogy of the Jew­ish ideas of liberalism from their origin to their latest effects upon Gentile life. The confusion aimed for is here. There is not a reader of these lines who has not felt in his own life the burden of it. Bewilderment characterizes the whole mental cli­mate of the people today. They do not know what to believe. First one set of facts is given to them, then another. First one explanation of conditions is given to them, and then another. The fact-shortage is acute. There is a whole market-full of ex­planations that explain nothing, but only deepen the confusion. The government itself seems to be hampered, and whenever it starts on a line of investigation finds itself mysteriously tangled up so that procedure is difficult. This government aspect is also set forth in the Protocols.


     Add to this the onslaught on the human tendency toward reli­gion, which is usually the last barrier to fall before violence and robbery unashamed stalk forth. In order to bring the condition about at which this World Program aims, the Fourth Protocol says:


"It is for this reason that we must undermine the very principles of God and Soul, and replace these conceptions by mathematical calculations and material desires".


"When we deprived the masses of their belief in God, ruling authority was thrown into the gutter, where it became public property, and we seized it".--Protocol 14.


"We have taken good care LONG AGO to discredit the Gentile clergy".

--Protocol 17.


"When we become rulers we shall regard as undesir­able the existence of any religion except our own, pro­claiming One God with Whom our fate is tied as The Chosen People, and by Whom our fate has been made one with the fate of the world. [H: Yes, and that god would be Jehovah-Lucifer-Satan.] For this reason we must destroy all other religions. If thereby should emerge contemporary atheists, then, as a transition step, this will not interfere with our aims".--Protocol 14.


     This will probably offer matter for reflection by the "broad­minded".


     It is curious to note how this religious program has worked out in Russia where Trotsky (as loudly heralded in the American Jewish press) is said to have no religion, and where Jewish commissars tell dying Russians who ask for priests, "We have abolished the Almighty". Miss Katherine Dokoochief is re­ported, under a Philadelphia date, to have told the Near East Relief that Russian Christian churches have been subjected to the vilest indignities by the Bolsheviki, details of which she gives; but "the synagogues remain untouched, meeting with no damage".


     All these lines of attack, whose object is the destruction of the natural rallying points of Gentile thought, and the substitu­tion of other rallying points of an unwholesome and destructive nature, are assisted, as we saw in the last article, by the propa­ganda for luxury. Luxury is recognizedly one of the most ener­vating influences. Its course runs from ease, through softness, to flabbiness, to degeneracy, mental, physical and moral. Its beginnings are attractive, its end is lasciviousness in some form, testifying to the complete breakdown of all the strong fiber of the life. It may make a theme for a more complete study some day, this lure to lasciviousness through luxury, and the identity of the forces that set the lure.


     But now, to conclude this general view of the method, rather this part of the method, the confusion itself, which all these in­fluences converge to produce, is expected to produce another more deeply helpless state. And that state is, Exhaustion. [H: Dharma claims right now to have reached this state.]


     It needs no imagination to see what this means. Exhaustion is today one of the conditions that menace the people. The recent political conventions and their effect upon the public fully illus­trate it. The people believe little and expect less. Confidence is gone. Initiative is nearly gone. The failure of movements falsely heralded as "people's movements" has gone far to make the people think that no people's movement is possible.


     So say the Protocols:



"To wear everyone out by dissensions, animosities, feuds, famine, inoculation of diseases, want, until the Gentiles see no other way of escape except an appeal to our money and power".--Protocol 10.


"We will so wear out and exhaust the Gentiles by all this that they will be compelled to offer us an international authority, which by its position will enable us to absorb without disturbance all the governmental forces of the world and thus form a super-government.


We must so direct the education of Gentile society that its hands will drop in the weakness of discouragement in the face of any undertaking where initiative is needed".-- Protocol 5.


     The Jews have never been nonplused. This is the true psy­chic characteristic of those who have a clue to the maze. It is the unknown that exhausts the mind, the constant wandering around among tendencies and influences whose source is not known and whose purpose is not understood. Walking in the dark is wearing work. The Gentiles have been doing it for cen­turies. The others, having a pretty accurate idea what it was all about, have not succumbed. Even persecution is endurable if it is understandable, and the Jews of the world have always known just where it fitted in the scheme of things. Gentiles have suffered more from Jewish persecutions than have the Jews, for after the persecutions were over, the Gentile was as much in the dark as ever; whereas Judaism simply took up again its century-long march toward a goal in which it implicitly believes, and which, some say who have deep knowledge of Jewish roots in the world and who too may be touched with exhaustion, they will achieve. However this may be, the revolution which would be necessary to unfasten the International Jewish system from its grip on the world, would probably have to be just as radical as any attempts the Jews have made to attain that grip. There are those who express serious doubts that the Gentiles are competent to do it at all. Maybe not. Let them at least know who their conquerors are.


Issue of August 14, 1920




The next topic is quite amusing in itself; "Did the Jews foresee the World War?"That would be World War I of course. Did they foresee it? They MADE IT, they made it and the wars prior to it and following it from national revolutions to other na­tional revolutions. Their money-changers (from your hands and pockets to theirs) made it possible and paid for it. You Gentiles just provided gun fodder and target practice for the enemy you didn't even have in the first place.


The effort to "dumb-down" students and society as a whole in the "new world" areas is so effective that you only have stupid robotic zombies moving about pretending to be alive. You ceased as a society to THINK many years ago. You move as a swarm of locusts devouring every luxury and thing you can get on credit and act as if there is never to be a time of accounting. Well, the controllers LIED TO YOU and the time of accounting IS UPON YOU. I don't think many of you will make it through that accounting. Oh well!




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