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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

PJ #23 " BURNT OFFERINGS AND BLOODSTAINED SANDS ", chapter 27 & 28, final.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by Roel & Christ.
Nov 30, 2010 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 23





THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 1991 10:28 A.M. YEAR 4 DAY 164




As the flood of material confirmation pours back upon you, it becomes difficult to cover it all in sequence for one thing means much to one and something else unto another. We shall simply deal with attention getting variety.


Please note that the media presenters of current events are now in rebellion at the "fixed" and fabricated "news" and the controls placed upon freedom of speech and press. Heed their call to you-the-people for help in this fiasco of conjured and deceitful dis-mis-information flowing through the airwaves.


Dharma, there are some other things which have flowed through which should now be put forth to the public who will take time and effort to read the material. Go through and print the material "for internal use" regarding what the "Fourth Estate" is saying about air and space.




"Spy Satellite Could be Best Iraqi War Tool"


A radar spy satellite capable of seeing through cloud cover and penetrating the top few feet of the Iraqi desert may be the best bet for locating hidden Scud missile launchers that threaten Israel and Saudi Arabia, a space expert said.


The UPI reports that William Burrows, author of "Deep Black, Space Espionage and National Security", said Friday only one such "LaCrosse" satellite is known to be in orbit and it only passes over the Middle East every few days.


The story quotes Burrows as saying "radar is their only bet if there's a cloud cover. The problem is, they've got one satellite and it comes over every couple of days."


The story further quotes Burrows, "everybody's always known trying to find cruise missiles and mobile missiles was going to be very difficult. And it's turning out to be very difficult. That's the nature of the game. This guy has come up with a camouflage system to try and thwart our satellites and that is something we have lived with since the dawn of the space age."


The story says that among the arsenal of observation equipment the U.S. has brought to bear on the Iraqi war are photo-reconnaissance satellites equipped with large mirrors and infrared sensors, extremely advanced optical telescopes believed capable of photographing objects as small as three-inches across, radar satellites capable of piercing up to ten feet into the desert sands, electrical signal interception satellites capable of eavesdropping, and missile plume detector satellites capable of observing the launch of rockets.




That which is relative to the "arsenal of observation equipment...." is confirmation in its most blatant, but unsuspecting, form. I have told you repeatedly about the seriousness of launching and maintaining the appropriate satellite equipment. This whole scenario happening in the Middle East proves to all that the satellites having been launched are NOT FUNCTIONAL--THEREFORE YOU NOW HAVE CONFIRMATION THAT THE RUSSIANS TOOK THEM OUT! You don't know where Saddam has his missiles! The top players in this game may all be in some semblance of "cahoots" but allow me to remind you that, through blackmail and double-crossing, the players are dead set on making the other side quite literally dead. And now I am going to require that you pay attention to that which Israel demands of you-the-people this day: (Again, I shall first ask that you type the information from the document, Dharma, and then we can analyze it a bit more in-depth.


(This transmission was interrupted at this point. The document referred to indicated that Israel has requested an additional grant of $15 Billion from the U.S. plus $8 Billion from other members of the "Coalition".)




SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 1991 9:30 A.M. YEAR 4 DAY 164




Hatonn present in Light, Dharma, thank you. Firstly, my direct and urgent request is that you do nothing which prevents monitoring that which you call Super Bowl. There is a large incident planned to bring attention to just how vulnerable you as citizens actually are in this game of pawns. It will not be an Iraqi incident! There are "in-house" factions efforting to prevent an incident and at this moment the point of incident is NOT within the bowl itself. There is a large alien community in Miami and yet, the terrorists are of your own citizenry!!! "Paid mercenary terrorists", I believe you call them. At any rate, your task is to monitor this afternoon, please. The point of the incident is, at this time, not to damage too many people but rather to unify the non-thinking masses into fury and outrage--there are carefully placed rabble rousers in appropriate locations to incite riot and mass hysteria.


It is a Mossad led and structured incident and will be well structured with massive cover-up facade already well in place. It DOES require large numbers of "security agents and personnel" to cooperate and hence the problems for these ones are coming from the American "goodly" people.


Oberli, allow this document to follow on immediately adjacent to the writing begun on the 24th. I do want it correctly dated however, for I am giving information which I want noted as to dateline (Sunday, 1/27/91).




How do you have a "MILITARY ACTION" against an oil spill? That is what Cheney tells you this day--"We have taken military action against the oil spill deliberately perpetrated by Saddam Hussein." Further, WHY would there be an allied action regarding same? BECAUSE THE ALLIES CAUSED THE OIL SPILL AND IT HAS BACKFIRED!! The heinous act was done to bring more backing from the Saudis in both backing by means of morale and financing. It is a direct action of the Israeli Mossad and you ones had better start listening to truth as it seeps through.


There are clues to learning truth--and then, await leaks of information through underground routing. Now, you can simply take my word that we monitor every incident through a magnifying glass even prior to action; ours is to monitor planning.


CLUES? Oh yes, the "mouths" are telling you exactly that which has been done--always look for the denials (for no reason) and the cover-up actions and pronouncements.


Firstly, "We must do all to keep the oil from the water reclamation facilities," and "booms" are already in place and somehow anticipation of need was present for many months now. Next, the CBS crew is missing for several days as they headed for the Kuwaiti border--they knew the actions were planned and that they would be restricted from bringing you the truth. The media reporters are completely boggled by the restrictions on the news and confused by the happenings at your own hands.


Next, listen to the pronouncements being made regarding the oil--"...the allies had nothing to do with this oil spill--I repeat, the allies had nothing to do with this oil spill"...this, from your General Schwarzkopf. Next, they tell you that it has been decided that in spite of all other expectations, it will now require a ground assault to route the Iraqis from Kuwait. Schwarzkopf further states that the oil will make no difference in assault from the sea. Yes it will, because the Iraqis will have that crude oil detonated and aflame with a nice air/fuel missile.


What happened was that the bombing raids of the past weeks hit several filled tankers locked in offshore in the gulf. Then by bombing them along with the loading docks you have released these mammoth quantities of devastating tar into the water supply, destroying untold quantities of fish and wildlife of all types. It is good politics to blame Iraq but the important fact overlooked is that YOU CANNOT FOOL GOD AND MOTHER NATURE! Remember the old saw: "It is not nice to try and fool Mother Nature!"? When the Israeli Zionists tell the world that "We have our methods and ways of retaliation"--they mean it! But they take any and all dastardly means they choose. Further, is this the way you go about "...saving a nation?" America, what are you doing?


Another clue: The Americans are sending a crew of environmentalists to see what can be done about the oil spill---WHY? Because too many of your "allies" know that you caused it! Listen again to what Schwarzkopf tells you for he gives you the exact date and hour of the incident!


By the way, the Iraqis also gave you the exact date and hour that you did it and said at the time and all the while since--that they had nothing to do with the oil spill, that you had bombed the ships and the dock!




You had best watch Russia with the magnifying glass for your government is now telling you of the danger recurring from them and the loss of power of that good old ally--Gorbachev! The Soviet Union is under total control as in the "bad old days" and they are out to "get you" and they are openly telling you so, if you could but get the news through your own censors! But news leaks through if you listen and watch carefully through the eye/ear deep sludge of you know what.




Let us speak again about that "Death Ray". There are two sides to such weapons--not the least of which is that if misdirected it will blind your own troops and yes, your military nit-wits fully plan to use this murderous weapon which is a thousand-fold worse than chemicals--very soon.


POOR ARAB INFANTRYMEN ON BOTH SIDES: their first look at advancing American troops will prove the last one. Behind a smoke screen of denials, the U.S. Army has begun deploying against Iraq the first working (hopefully) ones of the dreaded secret weapon: a portable laser beam that will destroy the eyesight of ground troops, enemy or ally.


The Pentagon has repeatedly denied that it was even experimenting with a battlefield laser system that blinds people. But it is now openly touted that there has been a crash program to perfect such a weapon and now it is available and deployed and thusly---"the ground war can begin". Are any of you feeling a bit sick at this point? God weeps, dear friends, for you are in deep trouble.


Your beloved ones have no notion about these weapons and are totally untrained in the use thereof--giving you further "proof" of the intent to rid the earth of your troop's presence upon the planet.


The laser gun sweeps advancing enemy troops and all in the adjacent path with a beam intense enough to puncture and destroy their eyeballs--even when they are not looking directly at the light source. Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA), the Pentagon's leading science unit, has announced that the first "trial" testing is deployed!


This "toy", code-named "Project AOC" (Army Optical Countermeasures), has a nice portable laser unit that "would easily fit into your ordinary station wagon and not be noticed", reports Senior army scientists. The research is classified "several grades above top-secret" with threat of death warnings against disclosure. Therefore, disclosure of public nature has been awhile in leaking out. This toy is called the "death-ray laser" and it has now "gone to war".


Since 1987 this has been your most-funded, crash project in hopes of beating the enemy to the "goodies". Oops! Didn't work--Russia has already perfected this little "death-ray laser" and your enemy already has it! You see, beloved ones, you continually miss the point of this war. It is not to conserve life--it is to annihilate all personnel who might get in the way of the Elite plan for World Domination and you start with massive annihilation of the troops who could defend against attack.


Let us look at the mechanism of this "weapon". It is made to incinerate a human eye. A high-frequency laser gun pulsing 10 joules of beam power 100 times per second will incinerate a human eye, I can assure you. A joule is a term used to quantify energy. One joule equals 10 million ergs. Ten joules equals the work required to accelerate a quarter-pound weight to 100 feet per second. This is for information for you who may not know or understand a "joule".


This new "solid-state" compact power generator for the battlefield laser can now be taken into combat on an ordinary little Army jeep and, of course, in helicopters.


Let us look at what your beloved Congressional (oh yes, Congress knows--at least the ones in Congress who are controlled by Zionists) staffers say about this machinery. "They want this inhuman and terrifying weapon to hit the enemy with the force of a shattering surprise. There are psychological and psychopolitical studies indicating that the sudden terror of losing one's eyesight will panic troops more quickly than the deadliest gunfire or chemical weapon."


The fact that battlefield use of a blinding laser beam is in violation of international treaties on the conduct of military operations is beside the point, of course, for violations of such treaties "are only valid as objections against your enemy, it would appear.


"Oh, but we would have hear about it if it were true!" No, you would not have heard about it for who would tell you? A fact or two right here might be appropriate: A 30-second anti-war commercial paid for by the Military Families Support Network, has been refused for airing by all the major networks and by all Cable News Networks. The ones involved in the filming have been refused interviews or further discussion regarding the matter. HOW "FREE" DO YOU REALLY FEEL?




Managed war? Try this one on for "short" point. President Bush has still not issued an executive order designating Panama as a combat zone during "Operation Just Cause" nor to officially "oust Noriega". By refusing to recognize Panama as a combat zone, Bush is denying the troops who fought there the rights and benefits bestowed on combat veterans, including U.S. citizenship for foreign nationals who fought for the U.S., exempting troops' pay from income tax for the time served in which they served in a combat zone, and numerous others I will leave you to research. And, yes, there are prisoners of war from your U.S. ranks in Viet Nam and Korean POW's in Korea and in Russia. But not to worry, for the good old representative who runs your government's drug business in that sector was just sent as a special ambassador to represent the U.S., to Jordan--that would be Richard Armitage (I suggest you get Beau Gritz' book which will tell you all about this criminal in your system). Do you suppose he is looking out after the "drug rights" of the U.S. in the Middle East? Some of the best "hash hish" and now, cocaine, not to mention opium, comes right from the Middle East.





Before we cover that subject, we are going to talk about:




Your Western news sources tell you that there is only bombing of military targets, etc. Strange things, now proven, that before 2 P.M. local time on Jan. 17, there had been a minimum of 15,000 to 20,000 casualties in the attack by the United States--of civilians! NOW HOLD YOUR BREATH: THE WESTERN REGION OF IRAQ WAS ATTACKED BY ISRAELI JETS FLYING THROUGH THE SYRIAN AIRSPACE!!!****


In the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, the Israeli forces had, in addition shot and killed at least 100 Palestinians in the early hours of January 17. Israeli military commanders clamped a total curfew on those areas. All Arab residents are confined to their houses, and violators are shot and killed without hesitation. You who want to prove this can find out by watching the Ophra Winfrey show of some three days ago when a relative of a West Bank person said these ones aren't even allowed out for food or water.


This, dear ones, qualifies as one of the biggest massacres of Palestinians in the blood-soaked history of the Israeli occupation--and YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE THE MURDERERS ANOTHER 15 BILLION DOLLARS IN MONEY AND ALREADY PAY FOR ALL THE MILITARY AND "PATRIOTS" IN THE AREA.




He was definitely surprised by the attack because the Mossad working within BAGHDAD misled him--he had been told that Israel would not be involved in the early attack and that the initial strike would not take place until the 19th. Oh, are you getting nervous that this war is rigged and set up and all sides (except you) are in the KNOW? Yes, that is exactly that which is happening--right before your blinded eyes and deafened ears. So be it, I have tried to alert you and you simply shoot at my scribes and publishers. So be it, indeed!


The background on this incredible coup for the Trilateral Commission and the Zionists goes back all the way into the late 1950's--and you would know all this if you had read the Journals--when Iraqi Gen. Karim Kassem seized power from King Faisal. Kassem expelled 16,000 Jewish citizens of Iraq. When Saddam launched his war against Iran in 1980, at the urging of the United States, he was told by U.S. officials that he would win U.S. support only if he readmitted those expelled 22 years earlier, which he did.


It was from this group that Saddam formed an intelligence network, which purposely misled him about the date of the planned attack and the Israeli participation. You see, it ends up, dear friends, that Saddam is the one showing restraint in not totally destroying Israel in retaliation, not dear, sweet Shamir. Truth hurts a bit, perhaps?




Yes, you will be seeing a lot of terrorism--again, mostly set up and orchestrated right through your own system with instructions by Mossad trainers for most beauteous impact on your senses.


Why? To allow for the next step in counterterrorist strategy set up by your administration--the so-called "decapitation strikes"--that is, the assassination of foreign leaders who support or encourage anti-U.S. violence. This will be spearheaded by the Bush administration's counterterrorists--you see, this is WHY all the denials that you are out to kill Saddam. There is an international law against assassination of the enemy leader--there is no law against assassination of terrorist leaders!!!


Under a secret (always secret) White House contingency plan, small U.S. commando teams will follow the tactics of Israel's notorious hit squads to "immobilize" (officialese for "murder") key figures linked to Middle Eastern violence and war in general. But you must remember--Saddam is not a target for you must have the man alive lest the war fold--so your great protectors are protecting none other than Saddam Hussein to keep him nicely alive and well.


If you are under the delusion that a major government could not order its soldiers to stage terrorists raids in an attempt to pre-empt similar attacks from abroad, let me assure you that that is exactly what Israel has done for decades. The result: it ended up as a pariah among nations--a despised Kriminalstaat (criminal state) torn by compulsive violence.




Your government is secretly aiding and abetting the same terrorist tactics that is condemned in public. State-of-the-art security technology offers you the best weapons against alien saboteurs and raiders, not murder missions, and the Pentagon is up to its neck in the show-and-tell.


You have every type of surveillance technology available to keep tabs on, and command through, the terrorists. As an example, today's hidden microphones are multi-functional for, powered by micro-mini lithium cells, they transmit in encrypted bursts, making interception or interference just about impossible. We have this technology attached to this very location in several places--to the computer, the answering machine, even the light switches. I don't mean that "we place the devices", I mean that "everything in this location is monitored by several sources". We simply are not in any way involved in subversive nor anti-anything activities--we just bring the truth and lay it out for you and suggest you go get the proof for it will be found available in proper resource material. We do try to slow up the flow back to source so as to assure as much safety as possible.




At Fort Meade, Maryland (and elsewhere--but this installation is most visible), the giant satellite dishes and supercomputers of the National Security Agency routinely listen in on the phone calls and message traffic of every foreign diplomatic and commercial outpost in America.


Another advancing technology, known as Access Control Encryption (ACE), has revolutionized building security procedures. To control admission to a protected facility, employees are issued cards that contain a sub-miniature, wafer-thin lithium battery. Looking like the usual credit cards, these plastic devices function like tiny security computers. It is just about impossible to use them in any manner that is not specifically authorized. But, you must know something disquieting--even though these security devices are available and working--in key areas bureaucratic infighting, political interference--and the ubiquitous influence of Israeli counter-terrorist advisers HAS HALTED THE PROGRESS OF SUCH DEVICES.




You are no better protected today than a decade ago--all the increased intelligence and security is simply hoopla to aid the psychopolitical propaganda. There is a new instrument for screening baggage and passengers; it combines so-called molecular interrogation with an artificial intelligence computer--but it is not being made available until at least 1993! It is a part of the planned control of the masses AFTER the population comes under government and police control.


So, will you have terrorism? Indeed you will!




For you who might be concerned about the welfare of the Bush Boys, please relax. Bill Walters, Neil Bush's partner in the failed Silverado S&L, deposited over $20 MILLION in a British offshore bank before filing for bankruptcy. He defaulted on $100 million in loans from that failed Denver thrift. Oh well, it is only costing you-the-people a bit over a BILLION DOLLARS for that one little slipup but rest well, for Neil will split that little nest-egg at least 50-50.


It is your own fault, they will tell you--it must be your fault that all these institutions have failed for you are, the ones, paying the debt. No wonder "they" are wealthy and you are not--Far-West Savings ranks among the largest thrifts in Southern California. It is owned by the fabulously wealthy Canadian Belzberg brothers (we have written extensively about these brothers). Good old U.S.A. taxpayers--over $500 million this failure will cost you but the Belzberg's won't pay a dime.


And what of Columbia Savings? Now the "great pretenders" are suggesting "open ended funding" for these failures because there is no way to begin to estimate costs involved.




Of course--it is YOUR gun which is controlled. A Los Angeles man was convicted of selling over 1,000 guns illegally to gang members--guns that showed up at numerous crime scenes (no way to count the unfound ones) and he was given a year's sentence with time off for incarceration prior to conviction and a portion of the sentence allocated to probation.


The gangs and young drug dealers have been intentionally armed for political purposes--and, when the arm of force comes down there will be the bloodiest battle in your streets with the children's blood running in the gutters. Several minority groups, but most especially the blacks, will lose a whole generation to the drug/gang wars and the military operations under way.




They claim it was a vote for peace! "The only way to prevent war is to force Saddam to realize we are prepared for war!" the resolution reads. Oops, guess they overlooked something, again. They also claim that "...we don't want to undermine the foundation of the New World Order". Peace? New World Order? Now, you shall never again have either!!




Ideology, especially false ideology for public consumption, is easily conquered by money deals.


When it comes to making money, the government of Israel never lets a little ideology interfere. So it is that Red China has taken Iran's place as the Mideast ministate's most important clandestine arms customer. Sweat, sweat--remember what I have told you about the ending and China?


This comes even as Israel protests the sale of Chinese ballistic missiles to Saudi Arabia, coupled with threats to destroy the missiles unless they are removed. That threat is currently being held in abeyance pending the outcome of President Bush's military adventures in the region, aided and abetted by Irael's direct, but secret, involvement.


The absence of diplomatic relations between Red China and Israel has been no bar to an export business that has been worth billions of dollars to the Zionist state over the past few years--it has even assisted in keeping the operation under cover.


There are over a hundred joint ventures with the giant Asian dictatorship now under negotiation and/or under way and functional, from agriculture to textiles and chemicals. The Reds are most anxious to benefit from Israel's scientific expertise---and just where does Israel get its money for these expenditures and all this technical expertise? I thought you might insight better understanding if we point out--from your pocketbook!




Business has been previously conducted almost exclusively through third parties based in Hong Kong, Singapore and Western Europe. Dummy companies and "cutouts" would be set up to handle the paperwork, and Jews with foreign passports would be used to travel to (Red) China for meetings with government officials.


Hundreds of Israeli technicians are working in Red China at all times. Even telephone links, set up two years ago without any press notice from either Peking or Tel Aviv, are available to ease contacts and reduce the need for Hong Kong offices of Israeli trading companies.


Check on it, America--Saul Eisenberg, a multi-millionaire whose specialty is arms, and David Buxbaum, a Canton-based American commercial lawyer, are two of the very biggest names in Israeli-Red Chinese trade. However, the most well-known regular travelers and business personalities are, of course, Henry Kissinger, Eagleberger and Scowcroft.


Israel's expertise lay in upgrading outdated weapons--just what the People's Liberation Army needed. Subsequently the Israelis agreed to upgrade Red China's Soviet-made T-69 tanks with a 105-mm gun originally manufactured by the state-owned Israel Military Industries (IMI) under license from the British Royal Ordnance Factory.




Other "updates" done for the Red Chinese include night-fighting devices, laser sights, fire-control systems and new add-on armor protection. The provision by Israel of tungsten-headed shells capable of penetrating the frontal armor of Soviet T-72 tanks also comes into the picture. By the way, America, these are now on all the tanks which are hidden across your southern border in Mexico, poised and waiting orders to move into the U.S.


The Israelis have also sold the Red Chinese armed forces 60-mm hypervelocity guns suitable for mounting on armored vehicles or for towing--these, too, are tucked away in the Mexican border installations.


Strange thing here, there was a canceled Israeli contract in which IAI (Israel Aircraft Industries), a state-owned conglomerate, received multi-millions of dollars from you U.S. taxpayers wherein you poured the funds in like water to the Lavi project before cancellation. And now, following cancellation, this same IAI is in joint venture (with that technology and equipment) with Red China to finish developing a new and incredibly advanced combat aircraft. (Lavi is the project label.)


More by-the-way: Yitzhak Rabin, former Israeli defense minister, cooperated in the field of ground-to-ground missiles, an advanced version of the CSS-2 intermediate-range missile Red China recently delivered to Saudi Arabia.


Proof? You want proof? Well, read on and you will certainly get some confirmation of possibilities: Red China actually got in trouble with its clandestine trading partner just months ago when it copied the famous Israeli Uzi machine gun--without license or permission from Israel. Then the colors showed through in transforming brilliance--they "sued" the Red Chinese dealer, Norinco, the giant arms maker charged with the Uzi "NO-NO". The funny part? Norinco is Israel's principal partner in the defense and weapons sector.


Both parties seem to be thriving on this new love-affair and, in the meanwhile, the southern army in Mexico is being well-outfitted at your own expense--cycled, of course, through all this direct aid to Israel.


Dharma, go please, as we move on towards time for the pre-game broadcasts and I want you there from beginning to end for the intent is now changing every ten minutes as last minute plans are being thwarted and alternatives inserted--I shall be very busy for a while so will keep frequency silence unless summoned. Thank you, chela--you may as well go enjoy the ball game.


Hatonn to stand-by status. Saalome'





PJ 23





MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 1991 9:19 A.M. YEAR 4 DAY 165




Hatonn present and very happy, indeed, to be finding all of you still present and accounted for. Let me tell you what to look for in yesterday's planning which will give you confirmation of truth of planned events which did not come off for various and sundry reasons.


The original plans for Super Sunday events began to fold when THE key boat which would launch a missile into the area of the Tampa Bowl was discovered--quite accidentally. First I will have to give you the plans and then it will make more sense as to that which "didn't" happen. From onset of planning for events there was disagreement among the "powers-that-be".


As a portion of confirmation you can KNOW there were plans because at least two decoy helicopters identical to the one in which the Bushs arrived back in Washington from their "refuel" trip to Camp David) were utilized--fooling everyone awaiting their arrival.


Firstly, there is so incredibly much money exchanged and riding on the outcome of the Super Bowl from betting that it was decided that the game would not be interrupted in the bowl itself or until after the score would be decided. This was in deference to your criminal community.


But, there was to be an incident of "near miss" during the half-time with all the children present on the field. A most unwilling Iraqi person would be given a dud bomb and dropped by rental plane with parachute, which would not open, onto the field. This person would come equipped with "proof" of nationality. This plot was uncovered and--since the purpose was for international attention--the half-time activities were thwarted by being recorded and NOT SHOWN AS LIVE BROADCAST. So, no point in running the risk of being caught in the subterfuge. (Please note, you home viewers, that you did not see the half-time as it happened but only after the "news" filled the airwaves. The live presentation did not return to the bowl until the participants were almost gone from the field.


An alternative plan was to lob a missile into Tampa Bay from off shore. The boat in point, with missile, would originate mysteriously somewhere around Cuba, in order to involve the Cubans--by circumstantial evidence. Then the missile would be launched from a Coast Guard boat which would be accepted as patrolling for terrorists.


However, the boat was noted as not being one of the local surveillance fleet and stopped for interrogation. All that was found aboard were some nice CIA agents (running a "secret" mission of seek, search and lie). Now, the thing that saved the day was that this incident WAS REPORTED and, since there were also Israeli nationals aboard, the fear of discovery became a real point in question. If, indeed, an horrific incident was perpetrated and the Mossad/CIA were caught dead to rights--it would destroy all future terrorist actions. So, in the delay awaiting the game ending, the "terrorist plants" were discovered and the plan had to be dismantled. The boat was delayed in the interrogation and "checking" to the point the time of planned incident passed.


It was all nicely tied in with the foreign elements in Miami so as to insure connection with the Iraqi terrorists. The whole thing is preposterous for the Iranians are correct--the whole bunch of hoodlums are involved in the plot to insure One World Control.


You ones might well watch "60 Minutes" again, wherein the former Iraqi prisoners released to Iran in the recent agreement, spoke. Even the physician in charge and the "recovering" prisoners can't wait to heal to get to war--AGAINST THE U.S.!!! There were several, including the physician/surgeon, who KNEW there was collusion between Saddam and the U.S. but blame the U.S. for the entire aggression. It is not "love of Hussein"--it is deadly "hate" of the U.S.


In addition, you had best watch the Russians moment by moment--they are getting ready to do-you-in! Your leaders are going to get some smiles for the press and some very explicit instructions for "or-else" management of this circumstance in which you find selves.




George asks me to comment a bit more on this subject for his group meeting in Florida. I have already written sufficiently--most recently, regarding how the doubles are created from holographic projection and DNA cellular reproduction. Please do not ask Dharma to spend time in repetition. With some 14 of you reading this material daily, surely at least one of you can locate the writing bearing this information--if not, sic sic!


I will, however, tell you when the Bolshevik use of these "doubles" became mandatory and proliferation blossomed. Now, in addition, you always desire speaking of the "little gray aliens"--0k, get ready, for this is wherefrom came the technology for reproduction of the robotoids. It is NOT like the projections the UFO "crowd" pronounce nor are the secret Majestic 12 uncoverings truthful (the documents are total fabrication).


When I tell you that the problem of "little gray aliens" on your place is not coming this day from the cosmos--believe it. It is the evil on your own placement--now locked into your Earth density, which is your problem. Your immediate perpetrators and expressionists are the Zionists in dispersement throughout the governments and financial communities, along with, of course, the scientific community.


Any more recently "transported" "little gray aliens" which are seen regularly and reported by ones who see them and cannot be denied, are mostly reproductions. You are watching the very duplicates made functional by Satan himself come to, what appears, life. It is not the same kind of "life" given through Creator in soul gifting. Satan cannot "create", he can only utilize material, manifested, physical matter. Therefore, KNOW that he can reproduce replicas ad nauseam from genetic blueprints and programming but he still only has robotoids and robotoids continually give him a great deal of trouble for they are easily identified once people realize there is such a thing. It is the ignorance of the fact of it that keeps the secret secure. You witness, say, Mr. Bush acting in a such and such manner and looking particularly young--then over the weekend he is changed and appears either more youthful or older--but definitely "different". You simply mark it up to "a bad night's sleep or too much to think about or responsibility" or any number of excuses for the change. Even your magazines and newspapers note the changes and simply comment on the incredible duplicity of the man. No, you are now encountering your 29th replica of George Bush. And with him must come a new Barbara Bush lest the show be spoiled. These duplicates become weak in strain and, under stress, are incapacitated quite rapidly as would be a "growing organism" placed in a stressed environment.


Henry Kissinger is another one to watch closely--he is changed-out frequently, also, for he bears the responsibility of orchestrating the Plan for New World Order. So, if Kissinger is a biggie and is also robotoid, WHO is the PUPPET-MASTER? You guessed it! The prince of deceivers, himself. You were told that--in the ending--Satan would be given total rule over the planet and you now have a very real entity deceiving you as a mass populace of the planet.


"Well, why don't you do something about it--you who claim to be of the Light?" We are--we are bringing you Truth just as fast as you will accept of it--for when you know and accept Truth--you will also be given to know how to counter that which is imitation of life. You who are creations of God Source are not "imitations of life" but experiencing fragments of the Creator's Self. Satan's army is now land-locked; unfortunately, it is on the same land upon which God's Creations are also experiencing. So be it for it is the schoolroom of soul progression. You are simply living out the prophecies as you perceive them to be.


You see, even the prophecies of one Nostradamus are coming into focus--the Mongol in the blue turban, let us say--this represents the Khazar element of the anti-Christ with the flag colors of blue represented by the "turban" (which was the color, or flag, of identification in the ages past). The Soviet Union appeared to have been killed and is now to rise again more deadly than ever. Even the Pope of Rome is a duplicate playing the role of deceiver.


Ah, but WHEN did it become necessary to begin to bring doubles into public perfection? With the death of David Rockefeller.




Well over a century ago the United States of America began falling under the spell of Rockefeller power (please see prior Journals). Slowly at first, but then faster and faster, John D. Rockefeller, Sr. moved to the head of the line of America's robber barons. As the 19th Century was well on its way, the Rockefellers were forming alliances with other powerful groups, not only in America but overseas. Through their influence on America's leaders, they began turning the United States away from the virtues extolled by George Washington and toward the vicious ways of Machiavelli.


More than 90 years ago the Spanish-American War broke out as the shadow of things to come. The war was brought about by the United States, not Spain (you ones are going to have to face the truth about the U.S. and the power leaders), yet most Americans were lured into supporting America's acts of shame--just as today. America began to trade national honor for prestige as a world power. In this way the stage was being set for the 20th Century. It was to be the century of OIL POLITICS, of War after War--each worse than the one before--and ever expanding Rockefeller power. In all of this the United States of America was to be no more than a springboard in the Rockefeller plan to finally control the whole world. And so, as Rockefeller power became ever more complete in America your country's behavior became increasingly foreign to your own traditions and values. As a nation, you began to court your enemies while punishing your friends. The Land of Opportunity gradually was twisted into the Land of Regulations, and the original American concept of "All men are equal in the sight of the law" was gradually warped into the idea that all human beings have to be the same in all respects.


Your value as individuals began fading from your own minds so that you might be moulded more perfectly into a society of perfect slaves.


Down through the years millions of Americans have been alert enough to feel at least vaguely that something was wrong, but the real source and reason for all these disturbing trends was always kept hidden and so there was no one to challenge or hinder the master program of "Rockefeller" conquest. In more recent years America's drift toward nuclear war has also been more and more apparent; but here, too, Americans sat paralyzed as the Rockefeller planners dragged you closer and closer to the fire. For decades most Americans fell into one of two groups. By far the larger group consisted of that great "Silent Majority", so called. They have been silent about Rockefeller power and intrigue because they did not know about it. The other main group, much smaller, has consisted of those who did know about the Rockefeller power and felt it was too great to be challenged. Down through the years only scattered individuals have both known the truth and dared to actively oppose what was happening to America, and they were easy to isolate and neutralize in various ways. But then, for the first time in a century, the situation was changed.


Almost over night the centralized control of the world-wide power of the four Rockefeller brothers of the third generation were no more (please understand that I KNOW that which I just wrote--please just accept that for now), and there was no one who could really fill their shoes. But the new gang of four--BREZINSKI, BROWN, BLUMENTHAL, AND SCHLESINGER--were eager to set themselves up as your undisputed RULERS. Left to themselves they would lead America into thermonuclear national suicide in their quest for total power. But their dreams of replacing the four Rockefeller brothers were insane--or so it would appear. What would they do, dear ones, when it would become known in the corridors of power world-wide that David Rockefeller was "no more"?!


WHO would hold the intimate, private dinner gatherings with the Powerful in the U.S. and abroad by which David kept everyone on the same track?


WHO would take his place, giving word from "on high" on big policy shifts?


WHO would keep the TRI-LATERAL COMMISSION, the COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS (CFR), the COUNCIL OF THE AMERICAS humming along in unison as he did? It had become as disastrous for your Elite as if Saddam Hussein were removed from Iraq. The entire well-planned take-over was threatened unto death.


WHO would coordinate the actions of the top 200 industrial corporations and banks of the world as he did?


WHO would guide the policies of the Business Council or of the Business Round-Table as did David Rockefeller?




WHO would decide the global issues that he did? and force unified action to implement those decisions--Brezinski? Blumenthal? Brown? Schlesinger?


It is in the nature of human people to form their own opinions about things if they are not forced to accept and implement certain policies. And so think of the free-for-all that would soon start developing behind the scenes on all sides! Within the industrial community, for example, honest differences of opinion would start cropping up as to how to handle new situations as they would arise. Without David Rockefeller to act as arbitrator, these differences would not just go away. Industrial leaders would begin to break up into factions built around different policies, but no faction would be able to impose its will on all the others as did David Rockefeller. And so, inevitably, that phenomenon which John D. Rockefeller, Sr. denounced as a "sin" would begin to rear its battered head. It is called COMPETITION. If you could avoid a suicidal disaster in Nuclear War I, the same thing would also begin happening in all other areas of life--in banking, in business, in politics, even in religion. A new freedom of independent thought could yet be reborn--IF war could be prevented, at that time in sequence, between Russia and the United States.


Soon the inevitable internal conflict in the U.S. would be getting under way. On one side there were the Corporate Socialists of the now headless Rockefeller cartel; on the other side there were the Bolshevik State Socialists who were in control of the U.S. government at the time. Right then the Rockefeller Corporate Socialist Empire was still more powerful than the U.S. government. If they woke up in time, they could put a stop to the Bolshevik plan which was then directed AT THEM; and if the people also awakened, then the inevitable re-birth of competitive enterprise could lead gradually to a new era of freedom and prosperity in the West. By breaking their silence about recent events, the fourth generation of Rockefellers could help bring about the turn of events.


As the conflict built up between the Corporate Socialists and the Bolsheviks, Jimmy Carter would be caught in the middle. Already he was racked by Leukemia and by Cancer in his head, in his intestines, and then in his lungs and bladder. If he did not die first, he would flee from the presidency under these pressures. When that would happen you would be faced with a choice which you could not avoid. Carter's hasty departure from the presidency would be the first public sign that the rout of the Bolsheviks was beginning in America. At that point you would have to decide to do one of two things--to act, or not to act. If you decided to act to help save America from the Bolshevik nightmare, you would be choosing Freedom, Life, and the Survival of Christianity. But if you decided to step back and do nothing, you would be casting your vote for Bolshevik control over America; and if you did that, you would be choosing SLAVERY, DEATH, and the SATANIC HELL---BOLSHEVISM.




At this time, understand, it was not possible to have genetic doubles as in holographic perfect duplicates--so the beginning of the deceit came in the form of "doubles"--trained and simply playing a part as in a Hollywood drama. But it also meant that others had to be removed from the play lest they spill the truth--so you entered a time of murder beyond your imaginings, perpetrated at the hands of the highest leaders in your land. If you replaced Carter, you had to replace the family members who might tell and/or render them totally useless as to function and then remove them from "natural appearing" causes--as in the case of brother, Billy. Security had to be increased to the point of no privacy for the players for the truth would be found out instantly by friends so almost total isolation was required. A lot of very famous earth people made some most untimely transitions and dimensional changes in the wake of this One World Plan. Science fiction? Call it what you will--but remember, TRUTH IS ALWAYS FAR STRANGER THAN IS FICTION--FURTHER, THE MIND CAN ONLY CONJURE THAT TO WHICH IT CAN RELATE--AND THAT IS TRUTH! SO BE IT.




Dharma, we have to change topics at this point for I need to respond to Wally regarding craft under-belly for he is moving right along with the scripting for Sipapu. Just leave the information in the writing for ones need to realize that our writings are only a portion of our work and they might well find the other tasks quite interesting.


Dear Wally,


Your perceptions are accurate and your work superb--believable and acceptable to the viewers. Carry on.


In response to the "spokes" facing inward or outward I can clarify that easily. Further, just for your own information and please do not try to justify it for this motion picture lest we confound the audiences by the sheer magnitude of the circumstance and/or size of a Mother craft. However, in a Mother Ship itself, there will be many portals of entry and exit so we must deal with that which can be visualized by the audience.


In the smaller "Mother ships" where we specifically consider details of physical apparatus, you will find a functioning mechanism which would work almost as a "sea-anemone". In the closed, or "inward", station of the spokes, the light can be so concentrated as to laser-project and remains folded into self--as a hand which is closed. Then, as more surface (volume) of light projection is necessary--for grasping, if you will--the digits open as does a lotus. The spokes extend and the extensions actually "slide" so that which was representative of the end with the light force in the folded position, slides to the horizontal direction and the opposing "end" becomes a more powerful frequency "machine", or light projector--much as a "petal" tip. In this manner the wider diameter will offer great diameter of light field (tunnel or path) and the inner focus pulls as with a magnet into the inner diaphragm. The "spokes" themselves are utilized in many, many ways but I feel it would be totally above the heads of most viewers to get caught up in the distraction of too much too soon. Ponder this concept a bit and you will recognize the pattern of which I speak.




You ask if the Rainbow Dance could have Indian dance implications? Oh, indeed, indeed. The Indians refer to the Rainbow Dancers and I would prefer that Little Crow outline this for you in the beautiful tradition of His people. It is time that we call Little Crow in to reminding of his path for he is a bit caught in "life" and "responsibility of the moment" and it is time to allow him to really realize that the work is progressing. His commitment to us was that he would oversee all Indian Native customs and keep the track in perfection of the traditions--and the Rainbow Dancers and dancing fall into that category. I shall have to speak with him.


As to your last query regarding the shape of ancient ships and the relationship to the "big bang", I can say that yes, there has always been a smoothed, polished perfection of the original shape of the nautilus as well as the spiraling elongation of the triangled/rectangular shape of the elongated seashell design. However, the latter did not function well except in the horizontal traversing pattern as does the "clamshell" or "saucer" aerodynamic efficiency of "no front"/"no rear" design. These were practical, or impractical as the case may be, for traversing great distances necessary prior to thought projection and materialization of the craft through timelessness and spacelessness. Cosmic travel has also "come a long way, baby" as your advertising demonstrates evolvement. We of the cosmos are caught in the trap of two dimensions--one in which our mission is to handle human physical forms in and about a placement which operates in the near invisible dimension of non-matter. It is quite a challenge of which I shall delight in sharing with you, brother.


Do not get too hung up on the "big bang", either. It is a description given to allow for some semblance of understanding of the mechanism--but there was not necessary anything such as a big bang explosion for God Creator simply assembles the molecules of matter into the desired manifestation according to His thought--much as you would go and garner parts for your photographic equipment.


Dharma put it quite nicely a few days past when she proclaimed that she finally understands "manifestation"--she said " simply decide what you need to come up with a ‘thing' and you get off your duff and go gather the stuff to put it together--no secret mystery about it!" It is not entirely accurate but for your dimensional reality it is exactly the way it is--nor will we do it for you! God provides--YOU devise.


I miss our long visits, Wally, for yours is such a wondrous searching mind for detail of truth and I so greatly honor you. Ah, but we have such myriad tasks in this time of change and we are so limited by the confounded confounding things of the physical experience--so be it, for so shall come the day of "reality" and the joys of that which "really is"!


We tend you in our being, always, for we treasure the gift which you are, given unto our work that there be measure of perfection to allow man to realize possibility of total perfection. Blessing be upon you, brother, for that which you do for mankind in this closing time of perceived terror and transition. And blessings be to the entities who "put up with us" while we fill our measure of duty unto Source. Salu.


Dharma, we may close this writing now, please. Thank you for your hands.


Gyeorgos C. Hatonn, Cmdr.





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