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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

PJ #229 " RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. 3 ", chapter 11 & 12.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by Paul & Christ.
Dec 5, 2012 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 229



THU., FEB. 26, 1998     8:42 A.M.     YR. 11, DAY 194

THU., FEB. 26, 1998



Yep, again. This time, however, I honor Mr. Ford for he has written his essays and they are compiled and my own honor de­fends the entry of all of his work as presented. My comments are not his and this is the way of integrity. Mr. Ford has made his transition long before now and, therefore, I have to stand for his rights lest nobody stand for same.


Since I don't know any of you who can report the correct writ­ings BACK TO ME, it means that you NEED TO SEE AND HEAR, AGAIN, THE CONTENTS AND THE FOUNDA­TION UPON WHICH PROOF OF VALIDITY IS OFFERED--YES, AGAIN.




The followers and planners base their PLAN 2000 on the Proto­cols and utilize "Jewish" Talmudic LAWS and human Jewish guidelines. You can see these AT WORK in their most dis­gusting format--TODAY.


The SHOUTS FOR WAR and murder of Saddam and death to a nation (Iraq) are heating up, not going away, in the circles where the "red buttons" are handy. The work of Annan is being negated and any good in the agreements IS BEING GIVEN OVER TO MADELEINE ALBRIGHT'S WORK. I suggest you rerun the picture of Maddie with this as a caption [picture next page].



Make sure Ms. Albright's picture

is affixed; you know, that Secretary

of State, U.S.A. who "didn't know

she was Jewish".


The assumption is that all nations who would rise to defend Iraq AT THIS PARTICULAR TIME could not win anything but can be wiped out with the Big Boys' WEAPONS OF MASS DE­STRUCTION--easily.


I cannot urge you enough to act TIMELY. This is getting more serious than it was prior to Annan's visit. Remember, there doesn't have to be agreement with the UN--just Billy's signature and he is getting weaker and weaker by the moment.


Let us, Dharma, move on with our writing so that we don't de­lay others in their work-load.






The documents most frequently mentioned by those who are interested in the theory of Jewish World Power rather than in the actual operation of that power in the world today, are those 24 documents known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.


The Protocols have attracted much attention in Europe, hav­ing become the center of an important storm of opinion in Eng­land only recently, but discussion of them in the United States has been limited. These are the documents concerning which the Department of Justice was making inquiries more than a year ago, and which were given publication in London by Eyre and Spottiswoode, the official printers to the British Govern­ment.


Who it was that first entitled these documents with the name of the "elders of Zion" is not known. It would be possible with­out serious mutilation of the documents to remove all hint of Jewish authorship, and yet retain all the main points of the most comprehensive program for world subjugation that has ever come to public knowledge.


Yet it must be said that thus to eliminate all hint of Jewish authorship would be to bring out a number of contradictions which do not exist in the Protocols in their present form. The purpose of the plan revealed in the Protocols is to undermine all authority in order that a new authority in the form of autocracy may be set up. Such a plan could not emanate from a ruling class which already possessed authority, although it might emanate from anarchists. But anarchists do not avow autocracy as the ultimate condition they seek. The authors might be con­ceived as a company of French Subversives such as existed at the time of the French Revolution and had the infamous Duc d'Orleans as their leader, but this would involve a contradiction between the fact that those Subversives have passed away, and the fact that the program announced in these Protocols is being steadily carried out, not only in France, but throughout Europe, and very noticeably in the United States.


In their present form, which bears evidence of being their original form, there is no contradiction. The allegation of Jew­ish authorship seems essential to the consistency of the plan.


If these documents were the forgeries which Jewish apolo­gists claim them to be, the forgers would probably have taken pains to make Jewish authorship so clear that their anti-Semitic purpose could easily have been detected. But only twice is the term "Jew" used in them. [H: And that, you see, dates the translation.] After one has read much further than the average reader usually cares to go into such matters, one comes upon the plans for the establishment of the World Autocrat, and only then it is made clear of what lineage he is to be.


But all through the documents there is left no doubt as to the people against whom the plan is aimed. It is not aimed against aristocracy as such. It is not aimed against capital as such. It is not aimed against government as such. Very definite provisions are made for the enlistment of aristocracy, capital and govern­ment for the execution of the plan. It is aimed against the peo­ple of the world who are called "Gentiles". It is the frequent mention of "Gentiles" that really decides the purpose of the doc­uments. Most of the destructive type of "liberal" plans aim at the enlistment of the people as helpers; this plan aims at the de­generation of the people in order that they may be reduced to confusion of mind and thus manipulated. Popular movements of a "liberal" kind are to be encouraged; all the disruptive philoso­phies in religion, economics, politics and domestic life are to be sown and watered, for the purpose of so disintegrating social solidarity that a definite plan, herein set forth, may be put through without notice, and the people then molded to it when the fallacy of these philosophies is shown.


The formula of speech is not, "We Jews will do this," but "The Gentiles will be made to think and do these things." With the exception of a few instances in the closing Protocols, the only distinctive racial term used is "Gentiles".




To illustrate: the first indication of this kind comes in the first Protocol in this way:


"The great qualities of the people--honesty and frank­ness--are essentially vices in politics, because they dethrone more surely and more certainly than does the strongest enemy. These qualities are attributes of Gentile rule; we certainly must not be guided by them."


And again:


"On the ruins of the hereditary aristocracy of the Gen­tiles we have set up the aristocracy of our educated class, and over all the aristocracy of money. We have estab­lished the basis of this new aristocracy on the basis of riches, which we control, and on the science guided by our wise men."




"We will force up wages, which however will be of no benefit to workers, for we at the same time will cause a rise in the prices of prime necessities, pretending that this is due to the decline of agriculture and of cattle raising. We will also artfully and deeply undermine the sources of production by instilling in the workmen ideals of anarchy and encourage them in the use of alcohol, at the same time taking measures to drive all the intellectual forces of the Gentiles from the land."


(A forger with anti-Semitic malice might have written this any time within the last five years, but these words were in print at least 14 years ago according to British evidence, a copy hav­ing been in the British Museum since 1906, and they were cir­culated in Russia a number of years prior.)


The above point continues: "That the true situation shall not be noticed by the Gentiles prematurely we will mask it by a pretended effort to serve the working classes and promote great economic principles, for which an ac­tive propaganda will be carried on through our economic theories."


These quotations will illustrate the style of the Protocols in making reference to the parties involved. It is "we" for the writers, and "Gentiles" for those who are being written about. This is brought out very clearly in the Fourteenth Protocol:


"In this divergence between Gentiles and ourselves in ability to think and reason is to be seen clearly the seal of our election as the chosen people, as higher hu­man beings, in contrast with the Gentiles who have merely instinctive and animal minds. They observe, but they do not foresee, and they invent nothing (except perhaps material things). It is clear from this that Nature herself predestined us to rule and guide the world."


This, of course, has been the Jewish method of dividing hu­manity from the earliest times. The world was only Jew and Gentile; all that was not Jew was Gentile.


The use of the word Jew in the Protocol may be illustrated by this passage in the eighty section:


"For the time being, until it will be safe to give re­sponsible government positions to our brother Jews, we shall entrust them to people whose past and whose characters are such that there is an abyss between them and the people." [H: Poor old Billy Zipper and Hillarious.]


This is the practice known as using "Gentile fronts" which is extensively practiced in the financial world today in order to cover up the evidences of Jewish control. How much progress has been made since these words were written is indicated by the occurrence at the San Francisco convention when the name of Judge Brandeis was proposed for President. It is reasonably to be expected that the public mind will be made more and more familiar with the idea of Jewish occupancy--which will be really a short step from the present degree of influence which the Jews exercise--of the highest office in the government. There is no function of the American Presidency in which the Jews have not already secretly assisted in a very important degree. Actual oc­cupancy of the office is not necessary to enhance their power, but to promote certain things which parallel very closely the plans outlined in the Protocols now before us.


Another point which the reader of the Protocols will notice is that the tone of exhortation is entirely absent from these docu­ments. They are not propaganda. They are not efforts to stim­ulate the ambitions or activity of those to whom they are ad­dressed. They are as cool as a legal paper and as matter-of-fact as a table of statistics. There is none of the "Let us rise, my brothers" stuff about them. There is no "down with the Gen­tiles" hysteria. These Protocols, if indeed they were made by Jews and confided to Jews, or if they do contain certain princi­ples of a Jewish World Program, were certainly not intended for the firebrands but for the carefully prepared and tested initiates of the higher groups.


Jewish apologists have asked, "Is it conceivable that if there were such a world program on the part of the Jews, they would reduce it to writing and publish it?" But there is no evidence that these Protocols were ever uttered otherwise than in spoken words by those who put them forth. The Protocols as we have them are apparently the notes of lectures which were made by someone who heard them. Some of them are lengthy; some of them are brief. The assertion which has always been made in connection with the Protocols since they have become known is that they are the notes of lectures delivered to Jewish students, presumably somewhere in France or Switzerland. The attempt to make them appear to be of Russian origin is absolutely fore­stalled by the point of view, the references to the times and cer­tain grammatical indications.


The tone certainly fits the supposition that they were origi­nally lectures given to students, for their purpose is clearly not to get a program accepted but to give information concerning a program which is represented as being already in process of fulfillment. There is no invitation to join forces or to offer opinions. Indeed it is specifically announced that neither discus­sion nor opinions are desired. ("While preaching liberalism to the Gentiles, we shall hold our own people and our own agents in unquestioning obedience." "The scheme of administration must emanate from a single brain... Therefore, we may know the plan of action, but we must not discuss it, lest we destroy its unique character... The inspired work of our leader therefore must not be thrown before a crowd to be torn to pieces, or even before a limited group.")


Moreover, taking the Protocols at their face value, it is evi­dent that the program outlined in these lecture notes was not a new one at the time the lectures were given. There is no evi­dence of its being of recent arrangement. There is almost the tone of a tradition, or a religion, in it all, as if it had been handed down from generation to generation through the medium of specially trusted and initiated men. There is no note of new discovery or fresh enthusiasm in it, but the certitude and calm­ness of facts long known and policies long confirmed by ex­periment.


This point of the age of the program is touched upon at least twice in the Protocols themselves. In the First Protocol this paragraph occurs:


"Already in ancient times we were the first to shout the words, 'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity', among the people. These words have been repeated many times since by unconscious poll-parrots [H: Just like "weapons of mass destruction--Iraq and Saddam Hus­sein".), flocking from all sides to this bait, with which they have ruined the prosperity of the world and true personal freedom... The presumably clever and intelli­gent Gentiles did not understand the symbolism of the uttered words; did not observe their contradiction in meaning; did not notice that in Nature there is no equality..."


The other reference to the program's finality is found in the Thirteenth Protocol:


"Questions to policy, however, are permitted to no one except those who have originated the policy and have directed it for many centuries."


Can this be a reference to a secret Jewish Sanhedrin, self-perpetuating within a certain Jewish caste from generation to generation?


Again, it must be said that the originators and directors here referred to cannot be at present any ruling caste, for all that the program contemplates is directly to the interests of such a caste. It cannot refer to any national aristocratic group, like the Junkers of Germany, for the methods which are proposed are the very ones which would render powerless such a group. It cannot refer to any but a people who have no government, who have everything to gain and nothing to lose, and who can keep themselves intact amid a crumbling world. There is only one group that answers that description.


Again, a reading of the Protocols makes it clear that the speaker himself was not seeking for honor. There is a complete absence of personal ambition throughout the document. All plans and purposes and expectations are merged in the future of Israel, which future, it would seem, can only be secured by the subtle breaking down of certain world ideas held by the Gen­tiles. The Protocols speak of what has been done, what was being done at the time these words were given, and what re­mained to be done. Nothing like them in completeness of detail, in breadth of plan and in deep grasp of the hidden springs of human action has ever been known. They are verily terrible in their mastery of the secrets of life, equally terrible in their con­sciousness of that mastery. Truly they would merit the opinion which Jews have recently cast upon them, that they were the work of an inspired madman, where it not that what is written in the Protocols in words is also written upon the life of today in deeds and tendencies.


The criticisms which these Protocols pass upon the Gentiles for their stupidity are just. It is impossible to disagree with a single item in the Protocols' description of Gentile mentality and venality. Even the most astute of the Gentile thinkers have been fooled into receiving as the motions of progress what has only been insinuated into the common human mind by the most in­sidious systems of propaganda.


It is true that here and there a thinker has arisen to say that science so-called was not science at all. It is true that here and there a thinker has arisen to say that the so-called economic laws both of conservatives and radicals were not laws at all, but arti­ficial inventions. It is true that occasionally a keen observer has asserted that the recent debauch of luxury and extravagance was not due to the natural impulses of the people at all, but was sys­tematically stimulated, foisted upon them by design. It is true that a few have discerned that more than half of what passes for "public opinion" is mere hired applause and booing and has never impressed the public mind.


But even with these clues here and there, for the most part disregarded, there has never been enough continuity and collab­oration between those who were awake to follow all the clues to their source. The chief explanation of the hold which the Proto­cols have had on many of the leading statesmen of the world for several decades in that they explain whence all these false influ­ences come and what their purpose is. They give a clue to the modern maze. It is now time for the people to know. And whether the Protocols are judged as proving anything concern­ing the Jews or not, they constitute an education in the way the masses are turned about like sheep by influences which they do not understand. It is almost certain that once the principles of the Protocols are known widely and understood by the people, the criticism which they now rightly make of the Gentile mind will no longer hold good.


It is the purpose of future articles in this series to study these documents and to answer out of their contents all the questions that may arise concerning them.


Before that work is begun, one question should be answered--"Is there a likelihood of the program of the Protocols being car­ried through to success?" THE PROGRAM IS SUCCESS­FUL ALREADY! In many of its most important phases it is al­ready a reality. But this need not cause alarm, for the chief weapon to be used against such a program, both in its completed and uncompleted parts, is clear publicity. Let the people KNOW. Arousing the people, alarming the people, appealing to the passions of the people is the method of the plan outlined in the Protocols. The antidote is merely ENLIGHTENING the people.


That is the only purpose of these articles. Enlightenment dis­pels prejudice. It is as desirable to dispel the prejudice of the Jew as of the Gentile. Jewish writers too frequently assume that the prejudice is all on one side. The Protocols themselves ought to have the widest circulation among the Jewish people, in or­der that they may check those things which are bringing suspicion upon their name.


Issue of July 24, 1920




We have been interrupted in our work to have delivered an in­teresting paper pulled from some Catholic records which per­tains to that touted "mark of the beast". This is actually a "commercial" code which is planned to come in with the New World Order. There is going to be a major thrust by such as the Christian churches and the Catholic (not (c)atholics) to REFUSE THE NUMBER. Readers, there is no "refusing" the "NUMBER". You, after all, do not even know what the heck the "number" might be--it is only speculation to scare you to death and fulfill the false prophecies and move them into true prophecy.







METROPOLIS 90-01200-8

60-403,021-01000, PAULO




[Typist comment: This page comes via FAX from South Africa and some of the letters and numbers are not completely "formed". I will do the best I can but, please, if you are look­ing up confirmation by document number, do try several differ­ent similarly printed numbers before giving up, e.g. the second number above may begin with "5" instead of "6". Even with strong magnifiers it is unclear so I use the most visible possibil­ity.]


[H: I suggest you not go off the deep end about this, readers. The so-called "Holy" Roman Catholic Church has been con­trolled by this Elite element since upstart and the reason for the Catholic code to disallow any research into OTHER reli­gions was to stop members from fleeing by being in realiza­tion of TRUTH. Note the full cooperation of the current Pope and note, again, that the Bibles as written by the Tal­mudic Zionists are the basis of religious material dumped on you the blind. The term for universal is (c)atholic, so just hold it steady in your minds. Also note that this Pope, I re­mind you, is THE MAN who sold cyanide gas to the German detention camps during the second World War. The POPE was, and is, JUST A MAN, with feet of clay like any OTHER MAN. Use WISDOM, not hysteria, in dealing with any and all information--enlightenment comes with KNOW­ING and not with shouting and opinionating.]


Herein below are the 16 Articles of the Roman Catholic Church which were published in the meeting presided by Pope John Paul II in the conference of June 26, 1994 held in Kenya, Africa.


This document: Sixteen Articles of the Church will be pre­sented again in all countries of the world officially during the Pope's visit to the Philippines by next year [assuming this to be from this year and thus: 1999] for immediate implementation in the very near future. [H: We have to assume it was not from 1994 which would have indicated 1995, already long gone without this implementation.]



        Nobody from now will have an ACCESS to the postal service

                 without the number.

2          Nobody will be EMPLOYED in any factory or office unless

     they have the number.

3          No student shall be REGISTERED in any school or university without

     the students or the parents having the number.

4          No one shall be able to SELL OR BUY food nor shall they be able

                 to PLANT trees or vegetables without the number.

5          Every soul that will not CONFORM to this social part will not be able to      

                 BUY or SELL or MAKE business without the number. [H: SOUL??? BS,

     they can force the brain of physical person--they cannot force a SOUL

     in the hands of GOD.]

6          No one shall be able to DEPOSIT OR WITHDRAW money or TRANSACT

                 BUSINESS in any bank without the number. [H: Well, now we do know

     where this atrocity of injustice originates.]

7          If anyone does not RECOGNIZE or DENIES the articles of the union shall be

     severely punished with DEATH. [H: This is always the primary threat of

     the New World Order. Facts are if you refuse the number or whatever

     they are talking about--you can't survive in the physical anyway.]

8          Any person who does not have the number shall not be permitted to TRAVEL

     here or abroad. [H: From WHERE to WHERE?]

9          The ECUMENICAL CHURCHES [H: The WHO?] shall be decided to hold

                  services upon the approval of the number. [H: Now, this is clear as mud.]

10        The IMPORTATION and EXPORTATION of any goods or products shall be

                  carried out only ac­cording to their number. [H: So far I haven't seen

                  ANYTHING that differs from what you ALREADY have going.]



     [H: WOW, and what else do you have now? Have YOU really tried to

     do business with the Banksters?]

12        All the CHURCHES OF THE WORLD shall unite in one day (Sunday)

     according to the number.

13        POVERTY shall be changed to a better life if you have the number. [H: Then

     pick up your num­ber at the local desk, readers. We only deal in SOULS

     here and a number has no impact whatsoever on your SOUL. I will

     repeat it un­til you understand it.]

14        No one shall be permitted to HUNT for food nor catch fish in the sea, lake or

                 ocean without the number. [H: I note you already have to have a "number"

                 called a license for these activities in almost ALL PLACES.]

15        ALL TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS of the world will be allowed to operate

                 only according to the number. [H: Same thing--already done.]

16        No person shall be admitted to any HOSPITAL or any HEALING INSTITUTION

      without the num­ber. [H: Oh, and you THINK you don't al­ready have this



                                                                                    (SGD) POPE JOHN PAUL II




[H: What "original form" and WHAT and WHOSE PER­MISSION?]



[H: Now comes the clincher:]


Note: PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            DO NOT RECEIVE THE MARK OF COMPUTER BAR­CODE WHICH IS 666 (Ref: Rev 13:1-18) [H: Oh Eee-GADS! This must have come from good old Zionist Jerry Falwell.]


Weekly World News, Feb. 1, 1994, Canada. (Rev. 14:7-12, 16­2) [H: Well, worse than Jerry Falwell!]




Readers: WISDOM, WISDOM, WISDOM! Stop your non­sense, open your minds IN WISDOM!


Go take a rest for we still have so much work to do as to boggle even myself at the task before us. Adonai.









THU., FEB. 26, 1998      2:13 P.M.     YR. 11, DAY 194

THU., FEB. 26, 1998






"Upon completing this program of our present and future actions, I will read to you the principles of these theories. "--Protocol 16.


"In all that I have discussed with you hitherto, I have endeavored to indicate carefully the secrets of past and future events and of those momentous oc­currences of the near future toward which we are rushing in a stream of great crises, anticipating the hidden principles of future relationships with the Gentiles and our financial operations."--Protocol 22.


The Protocols, which profess themselves to be an outline of the Jewish World Program, are found upon analysis to contain four main divisions. These, however, are not marked in the structure of the documents, but in the thought. There is a fifth, if the object of it all is included, but this object is assumed throughout the Protocols, being only here and there defined in terms. And the four main divisions are great trunks from which there are numerous branches.


There is first what is alleged to be the Jewish conception of human nature, by which is meant Gentile nature. It is incon­ceivable that such a plan as that which the Protocols set forth could have been evolved by a mind that had not previously based the probability of success on a certain estimate of the ignobility and corruptibility of human nature--which all through the Protocols is referred to as Gentile nature.


Then, secondly, there is the account of what has already been accomplished in the realization of the program--things actually done.


Thirdly, there is a complete instruction in the methods to be used to get the program still further fulfilled--methods which would themselves supply the estimate of human nature upon which the whole fabric is based, if there were nothing else to in­dicate it.


Fourth, the Protocols contain in detail some of the achieve­ments which, at the time these words were uttered, were yet to be made. Some of these desired things have been achieved in the meantime, for it should be borne in mind that between the year 1905 and the year 1920 there has been time to set many in­fluences in motion and attain many ends. [H: So, just imagine an additional 78 years to have success.] As the second quota­tion at the head of this article would indicate, the speaker knew that events were "rushing in a stream of great crises", a knowl­edge which is amply attested by Jewish sources outside the Protocols.


If this series of articles represented a special pleading upon the Jewish Question, the present article would seek to win the reader's confidence by presenting first the set of facts which are described under "secondly" in the above list of main divisions. To begin with the estimate of human nature here disclosed is to court alienation of the reader's interest, especially if the reader be a Gentile. We know from abundant sources what the Jewish estimate of human nature is, and it tallies in all respects with what is disclosed in the Protocols, but it has always been one of the fallacies of Gentile thought that human nature is, now, full of dignity and nobility. There is little question, when the subject is considered in all its lights, that the Jewish conception is right. And so far as these Protocols are concerned, their low estimate of mankind, though harsh to human pride and conceit, are very largely true.


Just to run through the Protocols and select the salient pas­sages in which this view is expressed is to find a pretty complete philosophy of the motives and qualities of human beings.


Take these words from the First Protocol:


"It should be noted that people with evil instincts are more numerous than those with good ones; therefore, the best results in governing them are attained by intimidation and violence, and not by academic argument. Every man aims for power; everyone desires to be a dictator, if pos­sible; moreover, few would not sacrifice the good of oth­ers to attain their own ends.


"People in masses and people of the masses are guided by exceptionally shallow passions, beliefs, customs, tradi­tions and sentimental theories and are inclined toward party divisions, a fact which prevents any form of agree­ment, even when this is founded on a thoroughly logical basis. Every decision of the mob depends upon an acci­dental or prearranged majority, which, owing to its igno­rance of the mysteries of political secrets, gives expression to absurd decisions that introduce anarchy into govern­ment.


"In working out an expedient plan of action, it is neces­sary to take into consideration the meanness, the vacilla­tion, the changeability of the crowd... It is necessary to realize that the force of the masses is blind, unreasoning and unintelligent, prone to listen now to the right, and now to the left...


"Our triumph has also been made easier because, in our relations with the people necessary to us, we have always played upon the most sensitive strings of the human mind--on calculation, greed, and the insatiable material desires of men. Each of these human weaknesses, taken separately, is capable of paralyzing initiative and placing the will of the people at the disposal of the purchaser of their activi­ties."


In the Fifth Protocol, this shrewd observation on human na­ture is to be found:


"In all times, nations as well as individuals, accepted words for acts. They have been satisfied by what is shown them, rarely noticing whether the promise has been followed by fulfillment. For this reason we will organize 'show' institutions which will conspicuously display their devotion to progress."


And this from the Eleventh Protocol:


"The Gentiles are like a flock of sheep... they will close their eyes to everything because we will promise them to return all the liberties taken away, after the ene­mies of peace have been subjugated and all the parties pacified. Is it worth while to speak of how long they will have to wait? For what have we conceived all this pro­gram and instilled its measures into the minds of the Gen­tiles without giving them the possibility of examining its underside, if it is not for the purpose of attaining by cir­cuitous methods that which is unattainable to our scattered race by a direct route?"


Notice also this very shrewd observation upon the "joiners" of secret societies--this estimate being made by the Protocols to indicate how easily these societies may be used to further the plan:


"Usually it is the climbers, careerists and people, gen­erally speaking, who are not serious, who most readily join secret societies, and we shall find them easy to handle and through them operate the mechanism of our projected machine."


The remarks under this head are curtailed by the present writer, because the Protocols make reference to a very impor­tant special order, the mention of whose name in this connection might lead to misunderstanding, and which is therefore reserved for future and fuller attention. It will, however, be of interest to the members of that order to see what the Protocols have to say of it, and then to check up the facts and see how far they corre­spond with the words.


To continue: "The Gentiles join lodges out of curiosity or in the hope that through them they may worm their way into social distinction... We therefore give them this suc­cess so that we can take advantage of the self-conceit to which it gives birth and because of which people uncon­sciously accept our suggestions without examination... You cannot imagine to what an extent the most intelligent Gentiles may be brought to a state of unconscious naïveté under conditions of self-deceit, and how easy it is to dis­courage them by the least failure, even the stopping of ap­plause, or to bring them into a state of servile subjection for the sake of regaining it. The Gentiles are as ready to sacrifice their plans for the sake of popular success as our people are to ignore success for the sake of carrying out our plans. This psychology of theirs facilitates the task of directing them."


These are a few of the passages in which this estimate of hu­man or Gentile nature is made out in words. But even if it were not so baldly stated, it could be easily inferred from various items in the program which was depended upon to break up Gentile solidarity and strength.


The method is one of disintegration. Break up the people into parties and sects. Sow abroad the most promising and utopian of ideas and you will do two things: you will always find a group to cling to each idea you throw out; and you will find this partisanship dividing and estranging the various groups. The authors of the Protocols show in detail how this is to be done. Not one idea, but a mass of ideas are to be thrown out, and there is to be no unity among them. The purpose is not to get the people thinking one thing, but to think so diversely about so many different things that there will be no unity among them. The result of this will be vast disunity, vast unrest--and that is the result aimed for.


When once the solidarity of Gentile society is broken up--and the name "Gentile society" is perfectly correct, for human soci­ety is overwhelmingly Gentile--then this solid wedge of another idea which is not at all affected by the prevailing confusion can make its way unsuspectedly to the place of control. It is well enough known that a body of 20 trained police or soldiers can accomplish more than a disordered mob of a thousand persons. So the minority initiated into the plan can do more with a nation or a world broken into a thousand antagonistic parties, than any of the parties could do. "Divide and rule" is the motto of the Protocols.


The division of society is perfectly easy, according to the es­timate of human nature made in these documents. It is human nature to take promises for acts. No one who considered the list of dreams and vagaries and theories that have swayed the people through the centuries can doubt this. The more utopian, the more butterfly-like the theory, the more it commands public ad­herence. Just as the Protocols say, Gentile society does not scrutinize the origin or the consequences of the theories it adopts. When a theory makes its appeal to the mind, the ten­dency is to believe that the mind which receives it always had it in essence, and therefore the experience has all the glow of original discovery.


In this manner, theory after theory has been exploited among the masses, theory after theory has been found to be impractica­ble and has been discarded, but the result is precisely that which the program of the Protocols aims for--with the discarding of each theory, society is a little more broken than it was before. It is a little more helpless before its exploiters. It is a little more confused as to where to look for leadership. As a consequence society falls an easy victim again to a theory which promises it the good it seeks, and the failure of this theory leaves it still more broken. There is no longer any such thing as public opinion. Distrust and division are everywhere. And in the midst of the confusion everyone is dimly aware that there is a higher group that is not divided at all, but is getting exactly what it wants by means of the confusion that obtains all around. It will be shown, as claimed by the Protocols, that most of the dis­ruptive theories abroad in the world today are of Jewish origin; it will also be shown that the one solid unbroken group in the world today, the group that knows where it wants to go and is going there regardless of the condition of society, is the Jewish group.


The most dangerous theory of all is that which explains the rise of theories and the social break-up which follows them. These are all "symptoms of progress" we are told. If so, then "progress" is toward dissolution. NO one can predicate the fact of "progress" on the ground that, whereas our fathers made the wheels to go round with the blowing wind or the running water, we make them go round by successive small explosions of gaso­line. The question of "progress" is: Where are the wheels tak­ing us? Was windmill and water wheel society better or worse than the present society? Was it more unified in its morality? Did it more highly respect law, did it produce a higher and stur­dier type of character?


The modern theory of "ferment", that out of all the unrest and change and transvaluation of values a new and better mankind is to be evolved is not borne out by any fact on the horizon. It is palpably a theory whose purpose is to make a seeming good out of that which is undeniable evil. The theories which cause the disruption and the theory which explains the disruption as good, come from the same source. The whole sci­ence of economics, conservative and radical, capitalistic and an­archistic, is of Jewish origin. This is another of the announce­ments of the Protocols which the facts confirm.


Now, all this is accomplished, not by acts, but by words. The word-brokers of the world, those who wish words to do duty for things, in their dealings with the world outside their class, are undoubtedly the Jewish group--the international Jews with which these articles deal--and their philosophy and practice are precisely set forth in the Protocols.


Take for illustration these passages: The first is from the First Protocol:


"Political freedom is an idea, not a fact. It is necessary to know how to apply this idea when there is need of a clever bait to gain the support of the people for one's party, if such a party has undertaken to defeat another party already in power. This task is made easier if the opponent has himself been infected by principles of free­dom or so-called liberalism, and for the sake of the idea will yield some of his own power."


Or consider this from the Fifth Protocol:


"To obtain control over public opinion, it is first neces­sary to confuse it by the expression from various sides of so many conflicting opinions that the Gentiles will lose themselves in the labyrinth and come to understand that it is best to have no opinion on political questions, which it is not given to society at large to understand but only to the ruler who directs society. This is the first secret. [H: And oh boy, I think you can see in these days of Zip­per-gate and Iraq--that you can't find anything else on the news channels and you are so swamped by the in­credible boring continuation of the same mouths and chosen "JEWISH" commentators doing sillies, that you are hardly able to stand the physical assault on your digestive system. THIS IS THE PRIMARY STANCE FOR MOVING INTO HYPNOSIS AND IT DOESN'T TAKE ROCKET SCIENTISTS TO UNDERSTAND IT.]


"The second secret consists in so increasing and intensi­fying the shortcomings of the people in their habits, pas­sions and mode of living that no one will be able to collect himself in the chaos and, consequently, people will lose all their mutual understanding. This measure will serve us also in breeding disagreement in all parties, in disinte­grating all those collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us and in discouraging all personal initiative which can in any way interfere with our undertaking."


And this from the Thirteenth Protocol:


"...and you may also notice that we seek approval, not for our acts, but for our words uttered in regard to one or another question. We always announce publicly that we are guided in all our measures by the hope and the convic­tion that we are serving the general good.


"To divert over-restless people from discussing political questions, we shall now bring forward new problems ap­parently connected with the people--problems of industry. In these, let them lose themselves as much as they like. Under such conditions we shall make them think that the new questions have also a political bearing."


(It is to be hoped that the reader, as his eye passes over these details of the Program, is also permitting his mind to pass over the trend of events, to see if he may detect for himself these very developments in the life and thought of the past few years.)


"To prevent them from really thinking out anything themselves, we shall deflect their attention to amusements, games, pastimes, excitements and people's palaces. Such interests will distract their minds completely from ques­tions on which we might be obliged to struggle with them. Becoming less and less accustomed to independent think­ing, people will express themselves in unison with us be­cause we alone offer new lines of thought--of course through persons whom they do not consider as in any way connected with us."


In this same Protocol it is plainly stated what is the purpose of the output of "liberal" theories, of which Jewish writers, po­ets, rabbis, societies and influence are the most prolific sources:


"The role of the liberal Utopians will be completely played out when our government is recognized. Until that time they will perform good service. For that reason we will continue to direct thought into all the intricacies of fantastic theories, new and supposedly progressive. Surely we have been completely successful in turning the witless heads of the Gentiles by the word 'progress' ."


Here is the whole program of confusing, enervating and trivializing the minds of the world. And it would be a most outlandish thought to put into words, were it not possible to show that this is just what has been done, and is still being done, by agencies which are highly lauded and easy to be identified among us.


A recent writer in a prominent magazine has pointed out what he calls the impossibility of the Jewish ruling group being allied in one common World Program because, as he showed, there were Jews acting as the leading minds in all the divisions of pre­sent-day opinion. There were Jews at the head of the capitalists, Jews at the head of the labor unions, and Jews at the head of those more radical organization which find even the labor unions too tame. There is a Jew at the head of the judiciary of England and a Jew at the head of Sovietism in Russia. How can you say, he asked, that they are united, when they represent so many points of view?


The common unity, the possible common purpose of it all, is thus expressed in the Ninth Protocol:


"People of all opinions and of all doctrines are at our service, restorers of monarchy, demagogues, Socialists, Communists and other Utopians. We have put them all to work. Every one of them from his point of view is un­dermining the last remnant of authority, is trying to over­throw all existing order. All the governments have been tormented by these actions. But we will not give them peace until they recognize our super-government."


The function of the idea is referred to in the Tenth Protocol also:


"When we introduced the poison of liberalism into the government organism, its entire political complexion changed." [H: Organism of...? This is WHY we call this series of journals and writings, GLOBAL PARA­SITES.]


The whole outlook of these Protocols upon the world is that the idea may be made a most potent poison. The authors of these documents do not believe in liberalism, they do not believe in democracy, but they lay plans for the constant preaching of these ideas because of their power to break up society, to divide it into groups, to destroy the power of collective opinion through a variety of convictions. The poison of an idea is their most re­lied-on weapon.


The plan of this using ideas extends to education:


"We have misled, stupefied and demoralized the youth of the Gentiles by means of education in principles and theories, patently false to us, but which we have in­spired."--Protocol 9.


It extends also to family life:


"Having in this way inspired everybody with the thought of his own importance, we will break down the in­fluence of family life among the Gentiles, and its educa­tional importance."--Protocol 10.


And in a passage which might well provide the material for long examination and contemplation by the thoughtful reader, this is said:


"Until the time is ripe, let them amuse themselves... Let those theories of life which we have induced them to regard as the dictates of science play the most important role for them. To this end we shall endeavor to inspire blind confidence in these theories by means of our Press...


"Note the successes we have arranged in Darwinism, Marxism, and Nietzscheism. [H: Not to mention such long side-trips into LA-LA Land as provided by Albert Einstein, now being PROVEN TOTALLY WRONG IN HIS THEORIES WHILE YOU LET THE VIPERS PERFECT THEIR PLANS AND SCHEMES.] The demoralizing effect of these doctrines upon the minds of the Gentiles should be evident at least to us. "--Protocol 2.


That this disintegration and division of Gentile society was proceeding at a favorable rate when the Protocols were uttered is evident from every line of them. For it must be remembered that the Protocols are not bidding for support for a proposed program, but are announcing progress on a program which has been in process of fulfillment for "centuries" and "from ancient times". They contain a series of statements regarding things ac­complished, as well as a forelook at things yet to be accom­plished. The split of Gentile society was very satisfactorily pro­ceeding in 1896, or thereabouts, when these oracles were ut­tered.


It is to be noticed that the purpose is nowhere stated to be the extermination of the Gentiles, but their subjugation, at first un­der the invisible rule which is proposed in these documents, at length under the rule of one whom the invisible forces would be able to put in control of the world through political changes which would create an office of world President or Autocrat. The Gentiles are to be subdued, first intellectually, as here shown, and then economically. Nowhere is it hinted that they are to be deprived of the Earth, but only of their independence of those whom the Protocols represent to be Jews.


How far the divisions of society had proceeded when these Protocols were given may be gathered from the Fifth Protocol:


"A world coalition of Gentiles could cope with us tem­orarily, but we are assured against this by roots of dis­sension among them so deep that they cannot be torn out. [H: United Nations perhaps, sleepyheads?] We have created antagonism between the personal and national interests of the Gentiles by arousing religious and race ha­tred which we have nourished in their hearts for twenty CENTURIES."


As far as that concerns the dissensions of the Gentiles or Christian world, it is absolutely true. And we have seen in our own nation how "the antagonism between personal and national interests" have rested on "religious and race hatreds". But who­ever suspected a common source for these? More amazing still, who would expect any man or group to avow themselves the source? Yet it is thus written in the Protocols--" we have created the antagonism--we thus assure ourselves against the possibility of a Gentile coalition against us." And whether these Protocols are of Jewish origin or not, whether they represent Jewish inter­ests or not, this is exactly the state of the world, of the Gentile world today.


But a still deeper division is aimed for, and there are signs of even this coming to pass. Indeed, in Russia it has already come to pass, the spectacle of a Gentile lower class led by Jewish leaders against a Gentile upper class! In the First Protocol, de­scribing the effects of a speculative industrial system upon the people, it is said that this sort of economic folly--


"...has already created and will continue to create a so­ciety which is disillusioned, cold and heartless. [H: Well, let me tell YOU, READERS, THIS HAS OCCURRED IN YOUR LIVES TODAY.] Such a society is com­pletely estranged from politics and religion. Lust of gold will be the only guide of the people... THEN, not for the sake of good, nor even for the sake of riches, but solely on account of their hatred of the privileged classes, the lower classes of the Gentiles will follow us in the struggle against our rivals for power, the Gentiles of the intellec­tual classes."


"The lower classes of the Gentiles will follow us... against... the Gentiles of the intellectual classes. " [H: If that doesn't strike terror in your hearts as you look around at progression of this PLAN, nothing will touch you, I fear.]


If that struggle were to occur today, the leaders of the Gentile insurgents against Gentile society would be Jewish leaders. They are in the leader's place now--not only in Russia, but also in the United States. [H: 78 years ago this was written. Frightening, isn't it?]


"There is all the difference in the world," said a young Jewish philosopher, "between an American Jew and a Jewish American. A Jewish American is a mere amateur Gentile, doomed to be a parasite forever." The Conquer­ing Jew, p. 91.




I want you to take note of something very consequential taking place TODAY. There is a major push to move right on with bombing the daylights out of Iraq IN SPITE OF THE WORK OF KOFI ANNAN. They are probably going to end up getting his resignation, which would be devastating for any hope of freedom or peace. But, that and total disregard for world opin­ion--means get ready for WAR.


Secondly, pay attention to the news these days: There were 5 or 6 MOSSAD (Israel's secret intelligence) agents CAUGHT tap­ping, bugging and (??) a place in Berne, Switzerland. The pur­pose now has four responses: to tap into Iran's activities; to tap into Iraq in behalf of (??); something about checking out Hes­bola [misspelled I'm confident]; and/or has something to do with the step-down of the head of Mossad this week. Equally ???.


PEOPLE, ISRAEL WANTS WAR AND PLANS TO HAVE IT. You had best get ready for the HOLOCAUST--for they will come again and strip you for all the dirt you do to them. No, I'm quite serious! Switzerland says they will prosecute them-- wanna bet?


There have, for over two decades, been more KGB agents and MOSSAD agents in the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY than your own citizens--no matter of what nation. And this includes such incidents as in the O.J. Simpson matter. These are of the HIGHEST ORDER OF THUGS.


If you aren't about ready to totally panic--THEN YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES.


Good afternoon, Adonai.

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