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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

PJ #228 " RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. 2 ", chapter 9 & 10.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by André & Christ.
Nov 13, 2012 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 228



SAT., FEB. 14, 1998    8:20 A.M.    YR. 11, DAY 182

SAT.,   FEB. 14.   1998


(Or, shut up, Dharma)


DORIS: Friends, I am so burned out on our current topics that, much like the head-burying birds (the people of the world), I just think from time to time:

I can't do this any more. Then all sorts of things come to show me that we MUST do this some more--a lot more! And yet, the more Cmdr. writes and we pre­sent, the more pressure comes to every and each person around me. And remember something, others are putting their 10-cents in the paper and, now, the journals as well.


When I read on the back of Phoenix Source Publishing catalog I was shocked, if not downright stunned, that we have written some 222 journals. "We" being Master and Doris' fingers until, recently and then I understand that other "authors" have separate books. I know that some of the journals are inclusive of many other's fingers as well as the labor of compiling, sorting, in­dexing and, finally, just getting them printed. (This task comes as a financial impossibility as well as a seeming feat of super­human output). This observation always brings a chuckle from even myself--"ghost" writers all over the place--literally. In fact I also see that we have been able to "publish" only 108 of these volumes. I guess we'll get there some day--or we won't.


I say every now and then, "Isn't it yet enough"? I always get recentered abruptly and am told to look around. Is there free­dom? Is there knowing about anything? Where are you headed? Why do you complain? JUST PRESS ON.


And surely enough, just as I finish typing some material the next batch is waiting--material long out of print--collector's items I am told and unselfishly sent into our care. Box loads of infor­mation that is never allowed longer to be in public domain, in libraries, and are often destroyed even from library archives. The journals, for instance, are not allowed in any public place at all other than perhaps little personal gestures by a librarian or book merchant who deals in "used" books. And yet, they turn up everywhere around the globe, as does CONTACT (Ekkers get "blamed" for that paper too, so I smile to myself that the Masters are so involved that no one can really tell who writes for some of them so that there is no confusion or focus on the fingers doing the typing).


There is no payment enough to thank adequately the TEAM here that keeps pushing right through the incredible attacks and bombshells from people like Green, Jason Brent, etc. But we continue to work toward funding and in that first project already approved is enough to try and pay them enough to make us feel better--even if still inadequate.


WISDOM OF THE RAYS was a surprise which shall never find equal appreciation.

I KNOW the labor of love and caring that went into that volume from the Masters--AND that receiver, ed­itor, and producer. So, if we have touched even one life, God says: BE GRATEFUL AND COUNT BLESSINGS. [See or­dering information in the back of this Journal.]


My heart continually goes out to Mr. Carto of SPOTLIGHT who has been under such attack as to make our tribulations appear to be nothing. And yet, they keep on keeping on. They are, for Liberty Lobby, filing a Federal Racketeering case against the assaulters and I pray for their prevailing. No, we don't know these people although Rick and Ed have gotten well acquainted with some of the writers. But, we KNOW what price they have paid for bringing truth to we-the-people. Those entities are also on our "firster" list for assistance with the incredible costs of litigation. All we have been able to do thus far is just push their work a bit further "out there", just as ours is taken a bit further to a few more eyes and ears. We feel as if we are living in the dark ages and, in the beginning, Spotlight refused to even run our ads for journals and perhaps still does; we don't bother to pursue it at all. Did they not like George Green or God? They thought we were New Age Religious. Now, THAT is a funny one.


I worked all my "working years" for Jewish high-level parties or Mormon lawyers.

I was a Secretary to two Attorneys General in Utah and, earlier, worked as Clinic Administrator in Detroit for a Jewish Outpatient Clinic (for union employees--automotive union). I then worked for many years in Children's Hospital of Los Angeles which we lovingly referred to as "Little Israel" be­cause of the predominance of Jewish physicians, professors and administrators. It was also a pulling card for MANY foreign physicians for graduate studies, fellowships, and the like. How­ever, many of the doctors working with me were directly from Tel Aviv, Israel. I adored them--but I can tell you now that a pattern of behaviors would hit you right between the eyes con­stantly. There was always a joke going around about "running the world"

--but like Clinton's zipper problem, it always ap­peared as a joke.


Speaking of Clinton, I should note that, FINALLY, E.J. and I watched Air Force One and a president with wife and daughter was the only thing similar to Billy Clinton that we could isolate, even if Billy accepted the accolades for bravery. If anything, the plot of the movie made you be embarrassed that anyone would relate the two "actors". I found it terrifying as I am sure that I will find Wag the Dog.


Why this personal input? Because I really am having a hard time this morning as we are up so much in the night having to talk to Europe and then to the far Pacific time zones that we don't know night from day except that the day starts very early and weekends are busier than the weekdays.



But, that is "habit" and you get used to living backwards to oth­ers--of course Dr. Ed has made a total research of living and sleeping backwards to everyone, and others have had to stumble along without sleep to get the paper out.


My morning came today with such retained visions of my night tasks that I can't shake the sorrow as I again viewed the chaos, even among people claiming insight and "knowing" and watch­ing the destruction and insanity. I am not caused to view such things unless we are very, very near to some disaster or another.


Also, we have a "wild", trusting Band-tailed pigeon upstairs in a box. Pablo and Blas had caught her yesterday, literally from the clutches of the local big hawk. These pigeons were so over-hunted that they were all but extinct but we seem to have attracted hundreds of them. They are large as chickens and totally beautiful. Anyway, for the past days this little hen has been ailing and a perfect catch for the hawk. So, her mate has been trying to distract the hawk and somehow he has escaped, we think, the talons of the big bad wolf. We saw the hawk pick up one or the other but it escaped and is now hurt. I'm telling this because both are so innocent and vulnerable and, now, hurt. We don't know how to protect the male from the hawk, nor do we know what to do for the hen. She is a "wild bird" but cud­dles right down as if she expects us to make things right--and we try. Some days it takes a lot more tears than others.


Then I come down to my "post" and here is an article on my keyboard. They always "mysteriously" appear somewhere when I am supposed to find them, and its title? ARABS SEE MIDEAST ENGULFED IN BLOOD. I have seen that vision for so much of the time lately that I, at first, refused to look at it and then I knew I would have to type it so you will have to share it too. Then a little ad headline leapt out saying, "Don't Get Caught Unprepared". How can one get PREPARED for geno­cide of whole countries and nationalities? And the killers are US? I tell you truly, I have to turn it over to God and take one step at a time, one battle at a time, one illness at a time (and ig­nore it), and one writing at a time, for I find this so distasteful and so difficult to face that MY NATION, this wondrous and beautiful America, is run by the hound-dogs of Hell and, by de­fault, I am a piece of that.


So, I look within and say, "Pour it on, Sir". If not me--who? And now that I am completely undone, I will do my usual escape tactic and turn it over to HIM. "We didn't make the An­tichrist, dear", he says--"but our mission is to inform all the people so that vision is clear". Perfection, even of INTENT, is so lacking in every "group" or "religion" as to God's laws that I, just like you, have to accept, ask forgiveness for being so blind--and go on going on. Sometimes, to you dear, dear per­sonal contacts and writers--we feel your support and prayers and I just have to touch someone to get my own balance in this crazy world, human to human, mother, to mother and person to per­son.


How can speaking about a sustained attack on Iraq be as nothing more important than deciding English Muffin breakfast vs. a bagle? And worse, how can the people "polled" predominantly shout "kill them all" as if this is a tennis game?


In looking for answers I have to read my own scripts--but I don't have time to write, and read, and I don't want to face this any more than do any of you. The pain of HAVING BECOME THE Evil Empire personified is a total wipe-out for my heart and soul. Thank you and may we always serve in humble grat­itude for inclusion in this wondrous journey. Dorrie


* * * *



Now that we are settled back to the keyboard and ready to write I could respond to all the above but realization comes with hav­ing written, looked at, and knowing the answers within. GOD DID NOT SAY IT WOULD BE "EASY"--ONLY "POSSIBLE".


This is just a little article we ponder but it tells so much about our current topics. Remember please, that there is no "RACE" involved here and no "religion". These One Worlders who "call themselves" "Jews" are from every walk of life, every national­ity and every usurped position. These are a faction of Antichrist and are the most blatantly working to gain WORLD control. The U.S. ADMINISTRATION is now totally FILLED with their brethren and your nation is RUN BY FOREIGNERS, purely and simply put. You never noticed?! We here were amused at how little the ones in power actually even know about the others. Yesterday Satcher was inaugurated, I believe, for Surgeon General. In the introduction Mr. Gore called him "Hatcher". Mr. Clinton got up then to make his personal re­marks about this fine friend and colleague and called him "Thatcher". It seems to me there should be fewer pant zippers and more lip-zips.


QUOTING, from: Spotlight, Feb. 16, 1998:


by Warren Hough, exclusive


Can a war save Bill Clinton? Arab diplomats and Al Gore won­der.


     As the two most viscerally pro-Israeli Washington decision­makers--Defense Secretary William Cohen and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright--roam far and wide attempting to drum up support for another attack on Iraq. Middle Eastern and European diplomats at UN headquarters anxiously debate the prospects for an imminent end to the Clinton administration and Vice President Al Gore's early elevation to the presidency.


     "It will mean an explosion of bloody fighting in the Holy Land, an all-out armed showdown between Palestine's historic Arab population and its Israeli occupiers", a senior Palestinian representative at the world forum told The SPOTLIGHT.


     Aware that a violent outbreak will inevitably follow the cur­rent collapse of the so-called "peace process" in the Middle East, war hawk Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is­sued an ultimatum late last month demanding that Yassir Arafat, chairman of the feeble Palestinian Authority, disarm and dismiss a third of his police force of some 32,000 men.


     "Arafat will not--he cannot--do this", warned Arab spokes­men at the UN. "But Gore is known for his unquestioning fealty to Zionism--Israeli leaders are saying openly that if he takes over in Washington, they will be able to use force again to turn their ministate into the 'Greater Israel' they have long coveted".


     Such a burst of bloodshed is likely to rock the oil-rich Gulf and the vast Islamic world, destabilizing a strategic and oil-rich region.


     "It's not just Palestine", said one knowledgeable Gulf offi­cial, who traveled from New York to Washington recently for a series of crisis meetings in the company of a SPOTLIGHT cor­respondent.


     "Iran--along with of course, Iraq--as well as Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and even the oil monarchies of the Gulf, have all made it clear they feel threatened by a Gore administration", said this well-placed source.


     "Russia and the Europeans are already deeply worried by Is­rael's grossly excessive power to manipulate the Washington national-security bureaucracy and to deform U.S. strategy", a diplomat said. "They fear that these abuses will get even worse if the vice president and his inner circle of dual loyalists take over".




There are some pictures with this article of Cohen, Arafat and Mr. Yahoo, but the shocking pic might well be Madeleine Al­bright in her last little trippy to Israel and showing her colors in the U.S. (you must recall that she said when she became Secretary of State that "I didn't know I had Jewish family ties". The press had to tell her!??!) lately is head-bowed, weeping over a wreath she just "had placed" (SHE DIDN'T EVEN PLACE IT) on a memorial site. Caption: United States Secretary of State Madeleine Albright bows her head while flanked by two United States marines, after laying a wreath in the "Hall of Remem­brances" at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem.

Albright wept as prayers were sung by a rabbi. Albright is try­ing to drum up support for an attack on Israel's enemies.






I would also point out that last evening on your regular news another physician has come forward who is working at "cloning" of humans and already has capability and ability to put it into everyday use. Still think that there aren't some clones, down-loaded and functioning, among you? Programming and touch-ups of high-level duplicates takes place right in the Na­tional hospital and Camp David, didn't you know? How do you think they can lie so effectively? The entity lying to you is programmed to think he be speaking truth. The accusers are al­ready mind-controlled MK-Ultra playthings. So, the ONE THAT IS SUPPOSED TO WIN the game--WILL WIN THE GAME. It will depend on what the New World Order's leaders want to accomplish. These most noted replicas are such as Geo. Bush, Kissinger, Blair, Lizzie, Maggie and the Rockefellers (all of them you THINK to be still living originals).


Pay close attention to TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA and to the old Dr. Peter Beter writings and broadcasts for the facts, Sirs and Madams.


With this in mind, you still need more background for there have been "duplicates" of important persons for nigh a century and clones for 3/4-century. The art is now perfected for your consumption.


We will, here, except for interruptions as urgent things come forth, begin to offer the ENTIRE Henry Ford The Dearborn In­dependent publications. We will start at the beginning and work our way through as we can do so.








The World's Foremost Problem


Vol. I: Being a Reprint of a Series of Articles appearing in the Dearborn Independent from May 2 to October 2, 1920.


Published by: THE DEARBORN PUBLISHING CO. Dear­born, Michigan,

Nov. 1920.


Republished May, 1976 by:

     Liberty Bell Publications, Reedy, West Virginia 25270.


[H: We will not take time to run all the above information each time we write a "PART" so please hold onto this refer­ence if you hope to track down copies of the books. There are four volumes and we have no idea as to whether or not Liberty Bell Publications is still in business. Every effort has been made over and over again to stop any public availabil­ity of these articles and it has worked; they are scarce in­deed.]


From: The New International Encyclopedia:


"Among the distinguishing mental and moral traits of the Jews may be mentioned: distaste for hard or vi­olent physical LABOR; a strong family sense and philoprogenitiveness; a marked religious instinct; the courage of the prophet and martyr rather than of the pioneer and soldier; remarkable power to survive in adverse environments, combined with great ability to retain racial solidarity; capacity for exploitation, both individual and social; shrewdness and astute­ness in speculation and money matters generally; an Oriental love of display and a full appreciation of the power and pleasure of social position; a very high average of intellectual ability".




     Why discuss the Jewish Question? Because it is here, and because its emergence into American thought should contribute to its solution, and not to a continuance of those bad conditions which surround the Question in other countries.


The Jewish Question has existed in the United States for a long time. Jews themselves have known this, even if Gentiles have not. There have been periods in our own country when it has broken forth with a sullen sort of strength which presaged darker things to come. Many signs portend that it is approach­ing an acute stage. [H: 1920!]


     Not only does the Jewish Question touch those matters that are of common knowledge, such as financial and commercial control, usurpation of political power, monopoly of necessities, and autocratic direction of the very news that the American peo­ple read; but it reaches into cultural regions and so touches the very heart of American life.


     This question reaches down into South America and threatens to become an important factor in Pan-American relations. It is interwoven with much of the menace of organized and calcu­lated disorder which troubles the nations today. It is not of recent growth, but its roots go deep, and the long Past of this Problem is counterbalanced by prophetic hopes and programs which involve a very deliberate and creative view of the Future.


     This little book is the partial record of an investigation of the Jewish Question. It is printed to enable interested readers to in­form themselves on the data published in the Dearborn Indepen­dent prior to Oct. 1, 1920. The demand for back copies of the paper was so great that the supply was exhausted early, as was also a large edition of a booklet containing the first nine articles of the series. The investigation still proceeds, and the articles will continue to appear as heretofore until the work is done.


     The motive for this work is simply a desire to make facts known to the people. Other motives have, of course, been as­cribed to it. But the motive of prejudice or any form of antago­nism is hardly strong enough to support such an investigation as this. Moreover, had an unworthy motive existed, some sign of it would inevitably appear in the work itself. We confidently call the reader to witness that the tone of these articles is all that it should be. The International Jew and his satellites, as the conscious enemies of all that Anglo-Saxons mean by civiliza­tion, are not spared, nor is that unthinking mass which defends anything that a Jew does, simply because it has been taught to believe that what Jewish leaders do is Jewish. We give the facts as we find them; that of itself is sufficient protection against prejudice or passion.


This volume does not complete the case by any means. But it brings the reader along one step. In future compilations of these and subsequent articles the entire scope of the inquiry will more clearly appear.


October, 1920


[H: I ask the editors to please lay out these volumes in such a way as to approximate the originals as to Vol. I, Vol. II, etc. However this will run over the allotted number of pages pre­ferred for journals so I leave it in your hands as to whether or not to make the journals a bit longer/larger or present more volumes. I will comment from time to time and I apologize for the inconvenience but I feel it extremely impor­tant that you realize WHAT IS AND HAS BEEN GOING ON AROUND YOU.]

to the Bi-Centennial Edition


     In the year 1920 Henry Ford, Sr. published The International Jew, a comprehensive survey of Jewish power in the United States and throughout the world. This four-volume work was originally serialized in the Dearborn Independent, the house or­gan of the Ford Motor Company.


     These books have been best-sellers in many parts of the world, and have been translated into the languages of most civi­lized countries. Sadly, there are many countries today where possession of these books has been made punishable by confiscation or worse. In Germany, for example, a person who wants to borrow The International Jew from a library must first prove that he needs it for historical research. In other words, an ordi­nary tax-paying member of the public who supports the public library with his hard-earned money is unable to further his knowledge or satisfy his curiosity in this regard.



     It is therefore in the interest of spreading truth that we repub­lish these books in full so that new generations shall see for themselves how our problems of today are the same problems which have "mysteriously" occurred since the turn of the cen­tury. The fact that even the wealthy Henry Ford, Sr. could be forced to withdraw these books starkly illuminates the power of the Jews, even in the 1920s. To reprint The International Jew now (1976), when the Jews are so much more powerful, is some indication of the tremendous courage of the publisher. [H: And how much the more, today in 1998.]


     Every American who loves his country should make it his duty to buy sufficient copies for donation to libraries, universi­ties, business associations, etc. Most important, every Ameri­can parent should have at least one set at home to pass on to

his children.


     In further support of the findings and conclusions of The In­ternational Jew, an excellent companion book, The Dispossessed Majority, by Wilmot Robertson, exposes the rapid increase of Jewish power since the first publication of Henry Ford's great work. No conscientious, thinking American should be without these amazing, fact-filled books. (End of Foreword)


[H: In not wishing to bring attacks and further assaults on my typists and printers, we will stick to direct copy. This work is NOT under copyright, either in its original or in this reprinting. We have changed OUR title to reflect the "Global" aspect so that readers can know it is not the original "International" title affixed to the originals. You are welcome to read, copy, reprint, spindle or mutilate as you choose. We are in the information business--not the choos­ing up sides "just because" business. Will we hit other play­ers as hard? No, the "others" don't even know that they serve Antichrist.]




We have reached our preferred number of pages limit for this writing so let us begin with Article I in the next writing, PART 2. No one, except those among the Antichrist servants, need be offended for this is an open presentation of long-ago writings by informed men and research staffs. If you practice the ways of these New World Antichrists, then all I can suggest is that you put on the shoes and wear them. You have insisted on remain­ing blind, deaf and dumb--and some call that "stupid". That, however, is YOUR BUSINESS, NOT MINE. We offer histori­cal documents and you do with them that which you will. The paper, of course, is a nice size for the smaller bird cages. I do suggest you keep a close eye on Nora's Corner and Dr. Al's NEWSDESK and other paper presentations.


Dharma has a LOT of important work for me in addition to these writings so please carefully read the entire paper and not just look for my input. Thank you. Adonai.








SAT., FEB. 14, 1998 2:24 P.M. YR. 11, DAY 182

SAT., FEB. 14, 1998



Hearts, chocolate and roses? On the brink of WAR it seems a bit trivial. Doesn't it? This is not to besmall [Hatonnese for "belittle"] a token of love between friends, lovers and people in general.


Bill Richardson is in Beijing, China. He was turned DOWN FLATLY on support for invasion of Iraq.


It is interesting to watch the hounds go for trying to spin this into "we fundamentally agree on everything"--but--China "doesn't want to go on record as supporting war--yet". China FLATLY refused ANYTHING except diplomacy. And Japan? Well, I thought that at the end of World War II YOU OF THE U.S. MADE JAPAN DISBAND AND NOT REBUILD ANY MILITARY FORCES! SO, WHAT IS MEANT HERE BY "SUPPORT" INVASION?


Therefore you, U.S., have only Bahrain (owned by Bush) and Kuwait (owned by Britain) and Britain even suggesting you have an invasion or bombing of Iraq. Is this the United Nations in "support of"? Well, you know how it is: The British-Israelis and the U.S.-Israelis OWN the United Nations. You are, in addition, the very ones with the most and biggest bully weapons of mass destruction on the face of the Earth. From where do you think Iraq got ANY OF THEIRS?


Think about it as your President and Secretary of State "Hit the campaign trail", it is reported, "to gain support for the bombing of Iraq". Since when does it matter at all what We-the-people think? The POLLS will come back with full majority of YOU wanting an all-out war program.


Just remember the Executive Order of last November signed by your president, Willie, allowing full nuclear warfare against Iraq--in conjunction with Israel. Shame on you, America.





[H: I am taking no note of whether or not we have offered given articles in prior writings. We want to run this data through in order as presented. If it has been presented be­fore, it is IMPORTANT enough to "play it again, Sam".]


     The Jew is again being singled out for critical attention throughout the world. His emergence in the financial, political and social spheres has been so complete and spectacular since the war that his place, power and purpose in the world are being given a new scrutiny, much of it unfriendly. Persecution is not a new experience to the Jew, but intensive scrutiny of his nature and super-nationality is. He has suffered for more than 2,000 years from what may be called the instinctive anti-Semitism of the other races, but this antagonism has never been intelligent nor has it been able to make itself intelligible. Nowadays, how­ever, the Jew is being placed, as it were, under the microscope of economic observation that the reasons for his power, the rea­sons for his separateness, the reasons for his suffering may be defined and understood.


     In Russia he is charged with being the source of Bolshevism, an accusation which is serious or not according to the circle in which it is made; we in America, hearing the fervid eloquence and perceiving the prophetic ardor of young Jewish apostles of social and industrial reform, can calmly estimate how it may be. In Germany he is charged with being the cause of the empire's collapse and a very considerable literature has sprung up, bear­ing with it a mass of circumstantial evidence that gives the thinker pause. In England he is charged with being the real world ruler, who rules as a super-nation over the nations, rules by the power of gold, and who plays nation against nation for his own purposes, remaining himself discreetly in the back­ground. In America it is pointed out to what extent the elder Jews of wealth and the younger Jews of ambition swarmed through the war organizations--principally those departments which dealt with the commercial and industrial business of war, and also the extent to which they have clung to the advantage which their experience as agents of the government gave them.


     In simple words, the question of the Jews has come to the fore, but like other questions which lend themselves to preju­dice, efforts will be made to hush it up as impolitic for open dis­cussion. If, however, experience has taught us anything it is that questions thus suppressed will sooner or later break out in undesirable and unprofitable forms.


     The Jew is the world's enigma. Poor in his masses, he yet controls the world's finances. Scattered abroad without country or government, he yet presents a unity of race continuity which no other people has achieved. Living under legal disabilities in almost every land, he has become the power behind many a throne. There are ancient prophecies to the effect that the Jew will return to his own land and from that center rule the world, though not until he has undergone an assault by the united na­tions of mankind.


     The single description which will include a larger percentage of Jews than members of any other race is this: he is in busi­ness. It may be only gathering rags and selling them, but he is in business. From the sale of old clothes to the control of inter­national trade and finance, the Jew is supremely gifted for busi­ness. More than any other race he exhibits a decided aversion to industrial employment, which he balances by an equally de­cided adaptability to trade. The Gentile boy works his way up, taking employment in the productive or technical departments; but the Jewish boy prefers to begin as messenger, salesman or clerk--anything--so long as it is connected with the commercial side of the business. An early Prussian census illustrates this characteristic: Of a total population of 269,400, the Jews com­prised six per cent or 16,164. Of these, 12,000 were traders and 4,164 were workmen. Of the Gentile population, the other 94 per cent, or 153,236 people, there were only 17,000 traders.


     A modern census would show a large professional and liter­ary class added to the traders, but no diminution of the percent­age of traders and not much if any increase in the number of wage toilers. In America alone most of the big business, the trusts and the banks, the natural resources and the chief agricultural products, especially tobacco, cotton and sugar, are in the control of Jewish financiers or their agents. Jewish journalists are a large and powerful group here. "Large numbers of department stores are held by Jewish firms", says the Jewish Encyclopedia, and many if not most of them are run under Gen­tile names. Jews are the largest and most numerous landlords of residence property in the country. They are supreme in the the­atrical world. They absolutely control the circulation of publi­cations throughout the country. Fewer than any race whose presence among us is noticeable, they receive daily an amount of favorable publicity which would be impossible did they not have the facilities for creating and distributing it themselves. Werner Sombart, in his Jew and Modern Capitalism says, "If the conditions in America continue to develop along the same lines as in the last generation, if the immigration statistics and the proportion of births among all the nationalities remain the same, our imagination may picture the United States of fifty or a hundred years hence as a land inhabited only by Slaves, Negroes and Jews, wherein the Jews will naturally occupy the position of economic leadership". Sombart is a pro-Jewish writer.


     The question is, If the Jew is in control, how did it happen? This is a free country. The Jew comprises only about three per cent of the population; to every Jew there are 97 Gentiles; to the 3,000,000 Jews in the United States there are 97,000,000 Gen­tiles. If the Jew is in control, is it because of his superior abil­ity, or is it because of the inferiority and don't-care attitude of the Gentiles?


     It would be very simple to answer that the Jews came to America, took their chances like other people and proved more successful in the competitive struggle. But that would not in­clude all the facts. And before a more adequate answer can be given, two points should be made clear. The first is this: All Jews are not rich controllers of wealth. There are poor Jews aplenty, though most of them even in their poverty are their own masters. While it may be true that the chief financial controllers of the country are Jews, it is not true that every Jew is one of the financial controllers of the country. The classes must be kept distinct for a reason which will appear when the methods of the rich Jews and the methods of the poor Jews to gain power are differentiated. Secondly; the fact of Jewish solidarity ren­ders it difficult to measure Gentile and Jewish achievements by the same standard. When a great block of wealth in America was made possible by the lavish use of another block of wealth from across the seas; that is to say, when certain Jewish immi­grants came to the United States with the financial backing of European Jewry behind them, it would be unfair to explain the rise of that class of immigration by the same rules which ac­count for the rise of, say, the Germans or the Poles who came here with no resource but their ambition and strength. To be sure, many individual Jews come in that way, too, with no de­pendence but themselves, but it would not be true to say that the massive control of affairs which is exercised by Jewish wealth was won by individual initiative; it was rather the extension of financial control across the sea.


     That, indeed, is where any explanation of Jewish control must begin. Here is a race whose entire period of national his­tory saw them peasants on the land, whose ancient genius was spiritual rather than material, bucolic rather than commercial, yet today, when they have no country, no government, and are persecuted in one way or another everywhere they go, they are declared to be the principal though unofficial rulers of the Earth. How does so strange a charge arise, and why do so many cir­cumstances seem to justify it?


     Begin at the beginning. During the formative period of their national character the Jews lived under a law which made plutocracy and pauperism equally impossible among them. Modern reformers who are constructing model social systems on paper would do well to look into the social system under which the early Jews were organized. The Law of Moses made a "money aristocracy", such as Jewish financiers form today, impossible because it forbade the taking of interest. It made impossible also the continuous enjoyment of profit wrung out of another's distress. Profiteering and sheer speculation were not favored under the Jewish system. There could be no land-hogging; the land was apportioned among the people, and though it might be lost by debt or sold under stress, it was returned every 50 years to its original family ownership, at which time, called "The Year of Jubilee", there was practically a new social beginning. The rise of great landlords and a moneyed class was impossible under such a system, although the interim of 50 years gave am­ple scope for individual initiative to assert itself under fair com­petitive conditions.


     If, therefore, the Jews had retained their status as a nation, and had remained in Palestine under the Law of Moses, they would hardly have achieved the financial distinction which they have since won. Jews never got rich out of one another. Even in modern times they have not become rich out of each other but out of the nations among whom they dwelt. Jewish law permit­ted the Jew to do business with a Gentile on a different basis than that on which he did business with a brother Jew. What is called "the Law of the Stranger" was defined thus: "Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury".


     Being dispersed among the nations, but never merging them­selves with the nations and never losing a very distinctive iden­tity, the Jew has had the opportunity to practice "the ethics of the stranger" for many centuries. Being strangers among strangers, and often among cruelly hostile strangers, they have found this law a compensating advantage. Still, this alone would not account for the Jew's preeminence in finance. The explanation of that must be sought in the Jew himself, his vigor, resourcefulness and special proclivities.


     Very early in the Jewish story we discover the tendency of Israel to be a master nation, with other nations as its vassals. Notwithstanding the fact that the whole prophetic purpose with reference to Israel seems to have been the moral enlightenment of the world through its agency, Israel's "will to mastery" ap­parently hindered that purpose. At least such would seem to be the tone of the Old Testament. Divinely ordered to drive out the Canaanites that their corrupt ideas might not contaminate Israel, the Jews did not obey, according to the old record. They looked over the Canaanitish people and perceived what great amount of man-power would be wasted if they were expelled, and so Israel enslaved them--"And it came to pass, when Israel was strong, that they put the Canaanites to tribute, and did not utterly drive them out". It was this form of disobedience, this preference of material mastery over spiritual leadership, that marked the be­ginning of Israel's age-long disciplinary distress.


     The Jews' dispersion among the nations temporarily (that is, for more than 25 centuries now) changed the program which their scriptures declare was divinely planned, and that dispersion continues until today. There are spiritual leaders in modern Ju­daism who still claim that Israel's mission to the nations is spir­itual, but their assertions that Israel is today fulfilling that mis­sion are not as convincing as they might be if accompanied by more evidence. Israel throughout the modern centuries is still looking at the Gentile world and estimating what its man-power can be made to yield. But the discipline upon Israel still holds; he is an exile from his own land, condemned to be discriminated against wherever he goes, until the time when exile and homelessness shall end in a reestablished Palestine, and Jerusalem again becomes the moral center of the Earth, even as the elder prophets have declared.


[H: This was quite true in 1920, but surely it is CLEAR that after the formation of the United Nations and then the "voting in" of "Israel" OUT OF PALESTINE, everything changed. But, the point was, even then, TRULY NOT an Israel in the hardship places of a Palestine now become Israel--but a NEW JERUSALEM to be the NEW HOME­LAND of this reassembled people--in the North American continent and centered in that which is today known as the United States of America.]


     Had the Jew become an employee, a worker for other men, his dispersion would not probably have been so wide. But be­coming a trader, his instincts drew him round the habitable Earth. There were Jews in China at an early date. They ap­peared as traders in England at the time of the Saxons. Jewish traders were in South America 100 years before the Pilgrim Fathers landed at Plymouth Rock. Jews established the sugar industry in the Island of St. Thomas in 1492. They were well established in Brazil when only a few villages dotted the eastern coast of what is now the United States. And how far they pene­trated when once they came here is indicated by the fact that the

first White child born in Georgia was a Jew--Isaac Minis. The Jew's presence round the Earth, his clannishness with his own people, made him a nation scattered among the nations, a corpo­ration with agents everywhere.


     Another talent, however, contributed greatly to his rise in fi­nancial power--his ability to invent new devices for doing busi­ness. Until the Jew was pitted against the world, business was very crudely done. And when we trace the origins of many of the business methods which simplify and facilitate trade today, more likely than not we find a Jewish name at the end of the clue. Many of the indispensable instruments of credit and ex­change were thought out by Jewish merchants, not only for use between themselves, but to check and hold the Gentiles with whom they dealt. The oldest bill of exchange extant was drawn by a Jew--one Simon Rubens. The promissory note was a Jew­ish invention, as was also the check "payable to bearer".


     An interesting bit of history attaches to the "payable to bearer" instrument. The Jews' enemies were always stripping them of their last ounce of wealth, yet strangely, the Jews re­covered very quickly and were soon rich again. How occured this sudden recovery from looting and poverty? Their assets were concealed under "bearer" and so a goodly portion was al­ways saved. In an age when it was lawful for any pirate to seize goods consigned to Jews, the Jews were able to protect them­selves by consigning goods on policies that bore no names.


     The influence of the Jew was to center business around goods instead of persons. Previously all claims had been against per­sons; the Jew knew that the goods were more reliable than the persons with whom he dealt, and so he contrived to have claims laid against goods. Besides, this device enabled him to keep himself out of sight as much as possible. This introduced an el­ement of hardness into business, inasmuch as it was goods which were being dealt in rather than men being dealt with, and this hardness remains. Another tendency which survives and which is of advantage in veiling the very large control which Jews have attained, is of the same origin as "bearer" bills, it permits a business dominated by Jewish capital to appear under a name that gives no hint of Jewish control. [H: Son-of-a-gun!]


     The Jew is the only and original international capitalist, but as a rule he prefers not to emblazon that fact upon the skies; he prefers to use Gentile banks and trust companies as his agents and instruments. The suggestive term "Gentile front" often appears in connection with this practice. [H: Then, over the years, he got careless and more self-confidently superior in himself and wanted accolades to his grand SELF. This may prove to be his downfall after all.]


     The invention of the stock exchange is also credited to Jewish financial talent. In Berlin, Paris, London, Frankfurt and Ham­burg, Jews were in control of the first stock exchanges, while Venice and Genoa were openly referred to in the talk of the day as "Jew cities" where great trading and banking facilities might be found. The Bank of England was established upon the coun­sel and assistance of Jewish emigrants from Holland. The Bank of Amsterdam and the Bank of Hamburg both arose through Jewish influence.


     There is a curious fact to be noted in connection with the per­secution and consequent wandering of the Jews about Europe and that is: Wherever they wandered, the center of business seemed to go with them. When the Jews were free in Spain, there was the world's gold center. When Spain drove out the Jews, Spain lost financial leadership and has never regained it. Students of the economic history of Europe have always been puzzled to discover why the center of trade should have shifted from Spain, Portugal and Italy, up to the northern countries of Holland, Germany and England. They have sought for the cause in many things, but none has proved completely explana­tory. When, however, it is known that the change was coinci­dent with the expulsion of the Jews from the South and their flight to the North, when it is known that upon the Jews' arrival the northern countries began a commercial life which has flour­ished until our day, the explanation does not seem difficult. Time and again it has proved to be the fact that when the Jews were forced to move, the center

of the world's precious metals moved with them.


     This distribution of the Jews over Europe and the world, each Jewish community linked in a fellowship of blood, faith and suf­fering with every other group, made it possible for the Jew to be international in the sense that no other race or group of merchants could be at that time. Not only were they everywhere (Americans and Russians are everywhere, too) but they were in touch. They were organized before the days of conscious inter­national commercial organizations, they were bound together by the sinews of a common life. It was observed by many writers in the Middle Ages that the Jews knew more of what was tran­spiring in Europe than the governments did. They also had bet­ter knowledge of what was likely to occur. They knew more about conditions than the statesmen did. This information they imparted by letter from group to group, country to country. In­deed, they may be said thus to have originated unconsciously the financial news-letter. Certainly the information they were able to obtain and thus distribute was invaluable to them in their speculative enterprises. Advance knowledge was an immense advantage in days when news was scarce, slow and unreliable.


     This enabled Jewish financiers to become the agents of na­tional loans, a form of business which they encouraged wher­ever possible. The Jew has always desired to have nations for his customers. National loans were facilitated by the presence of members of the same family of financiers in various coun­tries, thus making an interlocking directorate by which king could be played against king, government against government, and the shrewdest use made of national prejudices and fears,

all to the no small profit of the fiscal agent.


     One of the charges most commonly made against Jewish fi­nanciers today is that they still favor this larger field of finance. Indeed, in all the criticism that is heard regarding the Jew as a business man, there is comparatively little said against him as an individual merchant serving individual customers. Thousands of small Jewish merchants are highly respected by their trade, just as tens of thousands of Jewish families are respected as our neighbors. The criticism, insofar as it respects the more im­portant financiers, is not racial at all. Unfortunately the element of race, which so easily lends itself to misinterpretation as racial prejudice, is injected into the question by the mere fact that the chain of international finance as it is traced around the world discloses at every link a Jewish capitalist, financial fam­ily, or a Jewish-controlled banking system. Many have pro­gressed to see in this circumstance a conscious organization of Jewish power for Gentile control, while others have attributed the circumstance to Jewish racial sympathies, to the continuity of their family affairs down the line of descent, and to the in­crease of collateral branches. In the old Scriptural phrase, Is­rael grows as the vine grows, ever shooting out new branches and deepening old roots, but always part of the one vine.


     The Jew's aptitude for dealing with governments may also be traced to the years of his persecution. He early learned the power of gold in dealing with mercenary enemies. Wherever he went there followed him like a curse the aroused antipathy of other peoples. The Jew was never popular as a race; even the most fervid Jew will not deny that, howsoever he may explain it. Individuals have been popular, of course; many phases of Jewish nature are found to be very lovable when known; but nevertheless one of the burdens of racial unpopularity. Even in modern times, in civilized countries, in conditions which render persecution absolutely impossible, this unpopularity exists. And what is more, the Jew has not seemed to care to cultivate the friendship of the Gentile masses, due perhaps to the failures of experience, but due more likely to his inborn persuasion that he belongs to a superior race. Whatever the true reason, he has always placed his main dependence on cultivating friendship with kings and nobles. What cared the Jew if the people gnashed their teeth against him, so long as the king and the court were his friends? Thus there was always, even through most of the severely trying times, "a court Jew", one who had bought by loans and held by the strangle-hold of debt an entrance to the king's chamber. The policy of the Jews has always been to "go to headquarters". They never tried to placate the Russian peo­ple, but they did endeavor to enlist the Russian court. They never tried to placate the German people, but they did succeed in permeating the German court. In England they shrug their shoulders at the outspoken anti-Jew reactions of the British pop­ulace

--what care they? Have they not all of lorddom at their heels, do they not hold the strings of Britain's purse? [H: And in the U.S.? Oh my, they RUN the court and

the govern­ment.]


     Through this ability of theirs to "go to headquarters" it is possible to account for the stronghold they got upon various governments and nations. Added to this ability was, of course, the ability to produce what the governments wanted. If a gov­ernment wanted a loan, the Jew at court could arrange it through Jews at other financial centers and political capitals. If one gov­ernment wanted to pay another government a debt without risk­ing the precious metal to a mule train through a robber-infested country, the Jew at court arranged that too. The first time an army was ever fed in the modern commissary way, it was done by a Jew--he had the capital and he had the system; moreover he had the delight of having a nation for his customer.



     And this tendency, which served the race so well throughout the troublous centuries, shows no sign of abatement. Certainly, seeing to what an extent a race numerically so unimportant in­fluences the various governments of the world today, the Jew who reflects upon the disparity between his people's numbers and their power may be pardoned if he sees in that fact a proof of their racial superiority.


     It may be said also that Jewish inventiveness in business de­vices continues to the present time, as well as Jewish adaptabil­ity to changing conditions. The Jew is credited with being the first to establish branch houses in foreign countries in order that responsible representatives of the home office might be on the ground taking instant advantage of every opening. During the war a great deal was said about the "peaceful penetration" which the "German Government" had effected in the United States by establishing here branch offices and factories of German firms. The fact that there were many German branch houses here is unquestionable. It should be known, however, that that they were not the evidence of German enterprise but of Jewish enter­prise. The old German business houses were too conservative to "run after customers" even in the hustling United States, but the Jewish firms were not, and they came straight to America and hustled. In due time the competition forced the more con­servative German firms to follow suit. But the idea was Jewish in its origin, not German.


     Another modern business method whose origin is credited to Jewish financiers is that by which related industries are brought together, as for example, if an electrical power company is ac­quired, then the street railway company using the electricity would be acquired too, one purpose being in this way to con­serve all the profit accruing along the line, from the origination of the power down to the delivery of the street car ride; but per­haps the main purpose being that, by the control of the power house the price of current could be increased to the car com­pany, and by the control of the car company the cost of a ride could be increased to the public, the controllers thus receiving an additional profit all down the line. There is much of this go­ing on in the world today, and in the United States particularly. The portion of the business immediately next to the ultimate consumer explains that its costs have risen, but it does not ex­plain that the costs were increased by the owners and not by out­siders who were forced to do so by economic pressure.


     There is apparently in the world today a central financial force which is playing a vast and closely organized game, with the world for its table and universal control for its stakes. The people of civilized countries have lost all confidence in the explanation that "economic conditions" are responsible for all its changes that occur. Under the camouflage of "economic law" great many phenomena have been accounted for which were n due to any law whatever except the law of the selfish human wi as operated by a few men who have the purpose and the power to work on a wide scale with nations as their vassals.


     Whatever else may be national, no one today believes that finance is national. finance is international. Nobody today believes that international finance is in any way competitive. There are some independent banking houses, but few strong independent ones. The great masters, the few whose minds a clearly the entire play of the plan, control numerous banking houses and trust companies, and one is used for this while another is used for that, but there is no disharmony between them no correction of each other's methods, no competition in the interests of the business world. there is as much unity of polis between the principal banking houses of every country as there is between the various branches of the United States Post Office--and for the same reason, namely, they are all operated from the same source and for the same purpose.


     Just before the war Germany bought very heavily in American cotton and had huge quantities of it tied up here for export when war came, the ownership of that mountainous mass cotton wealth changed in one night from Jewish names in Hamburg to Jewish names in London. At this writing cotton is selling in England for less than it is selling in the United States, and the effect of that is to lower the American price. When the price lowers sufficiently, the market is cleared of cotton by buyers previously prepared, and then the price soars to high figures again. In the meantime, the same powers that have engineered the apparently causeless strengthening and weakening of the cotton market, have seized upon stricken Germany to be the sweatshop of the world. Certain groups control the cotton, l.. it to Germany to be manufactured, leave a pittance of it there as payment for the labor that was used, and then profiteer t.. length and breadth of the world on the lie that "cotton is scarce". And when, tracing all these antisocial and colossal unfair methods to their source, it is found that the responsible parties all have a common characteristic, is it any wonder that the warning which comes across the sea--"Wait until America becomes awake to the Jew"!--has new meaning?


     Certainly, economic reasons no longer explain the condition in which the world finds itself today. Neither does the ordinary explanation of "the heartlessness of capital". Capital has en­deavored as never before to meet the demands of labor, and labor has gone to extremes in leading capital to new concessions--but what has it advantaged either of them? Labor has heretofore thought that capital was the sky over it, and it made the sky yield, but behold, there was yet a higher sky which neither capital nor labor had seen in their struggles one with another. That sky is so far unyielding.


     That which we call capital here in America is usually money used in production, and we mistakenly refer to the manufac­turer, the manager of work, the provider of tools and jobs--we refer to him as the "capitalist". Oh, no. He is not the capitalist in the real sense. Why, he himself must go to capitalists for the money with which to finance his plans. There is a power yet above him--a power which treats him far more callously and holds him in a more ruthless hand than he would ever dare dis­play to labor. That, indeed, is one of the tragedies of these times, that "labor" and "capital" are fighting each other, when the conditions against which each one of them protests, and from which each one of them suffers, is not within their power to remedy at all, unless they find a way to wrest world control from that group of international financiers who create and con­trol both these conditions.


     There is a super-capitalism which is supported wholly by the fiction that gold is wealth. There is a super-government which is allied to no government, which is free from them all, and yet which has never yet been received as a welcome part, and which has succeeded in raising itself to a power than the proudest Gentile race has never claimed--not even Rome in the days of her proudest power. It is becoming more and more the convic­tion of men all over the world that the labor question, the wage question, the land question cannot be settled until first of all this matter of an international super-capitalistic government is set­tled.


     "To the victor belongs the spoils" is an old saying. And in a sense it is true that if all this power of control has been gained and held by a few men of a long-despised race, then either they are super-men whom it is powerless to resist, or they are ordi­nary men whom the rest of the world has permitted to obtain an undue and unsafe degree of power. Unless the Jews are super­men, the Gentiles will have themselves to blame for what has transpired, and they can look for rectification in a new scrutiny of the situation and a candid examination of the experiences of other countries.


Issue of May 22, 1920




I do have one thing to remind these super-men about: "And Im­manuel was silent, and they hit him again on the head and he moaned in pain and started to speak, 'Verily I say to you, as you beat and mock me, you, too, shall be beaten and mocked. The time will come in five times one hundred years when you shall have to atone for this day. A new man will rise up in this land and whip and persecute your, and you shall have to pay with your blood...


"'He will create a new and have people call him a prophet, and he shall persecute your throughout all times...


"'His name will be Mohammed, and his name will be, for your kind, horror, misery and death, which will be of your deserv­ing. Verily, verily I say to you, his name will be written with blood and his hatred against your kind will be endless... ' ".


So, WORLD, to all of you who see this assault against Iraq as just another "incident",

I suggest you carefully look to the OTHER world of the Moslems, Islamics, etc., etc., etc., and see if you American-Israelis who send your children off to struggle and die, bomb and pillage a hapless, helpless country of women and children--THINK AGAIN--VERY CAREFULLY, FOR THE BLOOD YOU SHED SHALL BE YOUR OWN.



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