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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

PJ #228 " RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. 2 ", chapter 7 & 8.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by André & Christ.
Nov 11, 2012 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 228



TUE., FEB. 10, 1998    7:30 A.M.    YR. 11, DAY 178

TUE.,  FEB. 10,  1998




Bill Richardson of the United Nations (US rep.) said to Larry King (Live),

"...and to stop Iraq from threatening neighbors and Israel". He then goes on to say something to the affect of "...well, Israel". Of course Mr. King hopped on that one like a duck on a June bug, it was decided that if Saddam shot at Israel, this time he would be met with nuclear bombing. So, who has all these weapons of mass destruction?


Have you any idea WHY the U.S. would unilaterally attack and ravage Iraq? Wake up, my dears, because the U.S. is NOW THE ACCEPTED HOMELAND OF ISRAEL. Israel is THE parasite of parasites which has sucked the very life blood from America

--including the U.S. Furthermore, it is already under­stood that the Royals and government of Great Britain are the "British-Israel" coalition and have been since long before the U.S. Revolution. The politicians who might balk are given di­rect warnings that they will be destroyed in one way or another (useful to Israel's cause), if they do not "play ball" as directed.


Mr. Richardson is now going to go forth to Japan and China (Mr. Rubin and Mr. Cohen have already hit the Pacific area) to get support for this one-sided genocide. What will they do? Well, their whole economic existence rests in the hands of the mighty U.N.-Jewish coalition of so-called Bankers. The better question is, "What

CAN they do"?


Rothschild was right when he said that if you gave him the gold--he could control the world. And now, his parasites have got the gold.


There is a lot of talk about the U.S. economy being so good. My, isn't that interesting when every day hundreds of thousands of people are being laid off from jobs. The stock market itself only deals with some 25 companies which are simply shored up to fool all of you until a war and other confinements can be set in cement.


What of your welfare plans? What are you going to do with those multitudes of jobless, off-welfare people? Well, riots are what is planned for, but will the people even know how to riot sufficiently to cause the damage necessary? Of course, because they will be instructed to once again hit the minority citizens like the Vietnamese, Koreans and thus and so.


As Mr. William Henry Chamberlin said: "A very good case can be made, on moral as well as economic grounds, for a system in which the individual is required to stand on his own feet, not to lean on the state for handouts. Character, resourcefulness, ca­pacity are formed and developed in struggle with obstacles, not in waiting passively for benefits from outside". He goes on to say: "There is no warrant in logic or morals for trying to place the authority of religion behind measures of social and economic collectivism. Indeed, there is a much stronger case for arguing that the sense of individual responsibility--which is a key indis­pensable factor in making it possible for the individual to distin­guish between right and wrong--is best assured under a system in which the human being is mainly committed to his own care and required to make his own decisions".




The world is being held from these atrocious acts of genocide by, basically, one party

--BILL CLINTON. The citizens see the charade and recognize that there is no need of Congressional anything to dump war on the globe. Bill Clinton as President can, in a split-second with one signature on an Executive Order, start the bloodshed. The whole entourage of warmongers, in­cluding Blair from Britain, have done their best and of course the threat is, "We will getcha so you better play hardball; get the shooting started or we won't back off you and Hilly". Clinton was just a good old common criminal and hoodlum back in Arkansas and he never knew what had hit him when the Bilderbergs tapped him to be the interim "kid" on the block.


Do any of you notice that the man actually behind the power of a little Lewinski is one of the formidable Jewish pushers? Monica didn't ask for favors--this man DID. That also shows how powerful the man is--he is a major campaign contributor and expects favors when he asks. He may have gotten more fa­vors than expected. [From EJ: "He" is her grandfather--we are trying to get a name].


Bill Clinton has a sharp, incisive mind, it is said. Well, he is certainly as dumb as is a hood ornament. In fact, he IS just a hood ornament after all. This will all come to light, probably in a day or so, so let us allow you to decipher it. Bless the "fixed" and pounding media--for in their frenzy of information sent forth--other things are turning up and like the robots they are, it is managing to come out in spite of the efforts to now silence the trashing. Billy wouldn't have even known he was a set-up for frame-up. He just had a cute little thing willing to do anything he wanted--so "why not?" A good game off the oval office wouldn't take as long as a golf game--so...!


Efforts of much greater subterfuge have been thrust against us just to get us to make some wrong moves to escape the incredi­ble pressures of attacks--BUT, the very acts themselves are flowing back on the original troublemakers. Some of the "used" parties are so elderly now that they can be of little USE to the thieves and greed-mongers and yet still they are abused and used. A hundredfold trouble back to the senders somehow seems too little.


Has anyone noticed that we don't even have meetings any more? The Institute has been ordered to cease and desist from doing business by Betty Tuten and her attorney Abbott, so it works out fine. It SITS. Even Misery Tuten can't get anything moved out of it. Further, if Overton's estate is ever settled properly, that will flow in but CAN'T flow OUT! I consider that some kind of PROGRESS. It appears to me that at this time the Institute sits securely IN THE HANDS OF GOD. You who could have stopped Tuten, DID NOT. We can't help anything that has come to pass for only you who had an interest could stop it. So be it.


We will now, it appears, file some kind of "friendly" or "hateful" suit with Extra and get the Heaven's Gate Cult separa­tion finally publicly settled. This will pull in, and probably hang, Tuten, Fort, Beam, Ence(s), Brent and others we haven't yet identified. Extra is ready, willing and able to totally smash these liars and cheats that set them up. Is life not interesting as it rolls around again and again? And whoever produced that old picture of Ekkers--did it, they just upped the ante by millions because they went AROUND THE WORLD in living color accompanied by the lies supplied. The Channel 29 (local Bakers­field) people responsible for their rendition are also able to tes­tify. But they did the right thing and ran retractions in equal time segments. There is talk about convening a Grand Jury for looking into this but I wonder if the prisons are not already quite crowded enough. The crew from Channel 29 met with Jason Brent at some length that day and boy, are they sorry. It is im­portant to remember that Channel 29 is a branch off one of the Big Three Networks.


I would like to move back to our topic underway:



Author: Meschumad Iehachist ("Pfefferkorn"), a Jew.






     More and more gentiles are becoming convinced that we Jews were responsible for the revolution in Russia and that not only were we responsible for the murder of the Czar and his family, but also of the intelligentsia of that country--together with more than twenty million Orthodox peasants--under Lenin, Trotsky and Bela-Kun--which accords with the statement in our Talmud: "The best of the gentiles--kill".


     My authority for our responsibility of producing the revolu­tion in Russia is based on the New York Times of March 24, 1917: The movement was financed by a New York banker you all know and love," (Ed.: Jacob Schiff) "and soon we received a ton and a half of Russian Revolutionary propaganda. At the end of the war 50,000 Russian officers and men went back to their country ardent revolutionists. The Friends of Russian Freedom had sown 50,000 seeds of 'liberty' in 100 Russian regiments. I do not know how many of these men and officers were in the Petrograd fortress last week, but we do know what part the army took in the revolution." (From speech of Rabbi S.S. Wise, Carnegie Hall, N.Y., March 23, 1917).


     The following telegram, from President Wilson, was read at that same mass meeting in Carnegie Hall the night before: "...This government formally recognized the new Government of Russia. (Kerensky's: Ed.). By this act the United States has expressed its confidence in the success of and its natural sympathy with the popular government".


     Of Woodrow Wilson the famous Dr. H. J. Boldt wrote as follows: "Woodrow Wilson was a Sephardic Jew... the name of his parents was Wohlson--a German-Jewish name; they probably came from Germany, went to England where they were known as Mr. and Mrs. Wolfson and when landed here called them­selves Wilson".

His second wife, the former Mrs. Galt, is also Jewish.


On the death of Dr. Boldt the Herald Tribune, Jan. 14, 1943, said: " internationally known gynecologist and professor emeritus of gynecology at the Post-Graduate Medical School of Columbia University". He may be found in Who is Who in America, in Who's Who Among Physicians and Surgeons; in Who is Who in the Western Hemisphere; in the Blue Book of England, etc. (Ed.)


     Thus were we responsible for what has happened in Russia where the gentiles today are in serfdom under our Jewish con­trol. We note how our co-racists today are mourning the death of six million Jews. Gentiles, however, are hardly impressed by this figure because they realize that the Jewish leaders in Russia are responsible for the death of 20 million innocent gentiles during the Russian Revolution. Harry Watson, a Jew of Long Island, in the Preface to his book A Program for the Jews, pub­lished in 1939, writes: "When we Jews declared war against Nazi Germany and fascism I saw that that was a suicidal policy, which would bring to the Jews infinite suffering".

[H: And oh yes they did! The Jews in Germany DECLARED WAR--lit­erally. This changes a few wrong concepts, doesn't it?] An earnest appeal of the same nature from the pen of John Haynes Holmes was published in the magazine OPINION, September 1940, but no one could stop us (our Sanhedrin: Ed.) from rush­ing headlong into the ditch dug by our Untermeyers, Baruchs, and Frankfurters".


     Russia is dominated by Jews and it is common knowledge that Stalin and Molotov married jewesses and thus merely repre­sent the gentile front for the exclusive leadership of the Jewish Kaganowitsch brothers who keep in the background.


     Simon Liberman, former leader of the Russian Social Demo­cratic Party, who remained to serve as the business adviser to the Soviet Government until 1926, actually our Jewish leader behind the scene in the revolution from 1917-1926, told me that the Russian workers now realize that they are the slaves of Jews and he predicted the coming of violent anti-Jewish outbreaks in that country, just as soon as the people dare to chance a counter revolution against the Jewish dictatorship. Only the death penalty for anti-Semitism in any form has been able thus far to frighten or discourage such action.


     In France, from where I lately returned, anti-Semitism is daily growing and we now note that it is the French people who object to the selection of the Greenwich section for the U.N.O., because of the proximity of Jewish New York City. The French hate Jews more than they hate Germans. France does not pretend to have a Gentile government. It is commonly admitted who is conducting that program; De Gaulle did not confer with Stalin for naught, for bear in mind it was not long after his con­ference with Stalin when French funds in the United States, to the sum of four billions of dollars, frozen since the start of the Global War, were released to his credit.


     In France German prisoners of war are being allowed but 650 calories of food per day. The great "Humanitarian" outfit, UNRRA, under our Director Lehman, only recently being granted another billion and more does not even operate in France, a gentile country. It is reported that the French Gov­ernment is completely dominated by Jews and Grand Orient Ma­sons and it is common knowledge the latter are acting as the er­rand boys of Jews. Thus do we see the accomplishment of what was prophesied by an awakened gentile Francois Coty, in his Paris paper, L'AMI DU PEUPLE, February 29, 1932: "...All of these facts united, of which the reality cannot be denied, seem to have the same significance: that the heads of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., are engaged in an international enterprise of the same im­portance as that undertaken by Jacob Schiff against Russia, ONLY TODAY IT IS FRANCE WHICH THEY PLAN TO DESTROY, TO ERASE FROM THE MAP OF EUROPE ALL INDEPENDENT NATIONS, and to deliver the people over to a revolution on the Russian model which would allow them to reimburse themselves for the expense of triumphing over us".




     On page 186 of Rev. Fahey's book: The Mystical Body of Christ is given an account of the secret origin of Bolshevism and described the conversion of Heinrich Marx, (father of Karl Marx) and his family. "Marx's father had become exteriorly a convert to Protestantism, while continuing to practice the Jewish religion at home. Young Marx's infancy was thus steeped in the tradition of his race: God has given the world to the Jews. They will reign over it forever when the Messiah shall come. Jews alone have the right to own. When the Messiah shall have come, 200 mules will be required to carry the keys of the trunks or boxes in which the riches taken from the Christians will be heaped up, etc... Of this doctrine this young Israelite was to re­tain above all the idea of an expropriation on a vast scale, coin­ciding with the triumph of his race".


     Thus Communism can properly be defined as a Jewish scheme to expropriate the Gentiles and make them slaves of the Jews. Such Anti-Gentilism was taught to the Jews already by the racial fanatic Moses who asked the Jews openly to cheat and exploit the Gentiles in Deuteronomy 23, v. 20. "Unto a for­eigner (Gentile) thou mayest lend upon usury, but unto thy brother (Jew) thou shall not lend upon usury". (The Holy Bible, Authorized King James version.) [H: Wow, and could this be the reason the U.S. GIVES $3 BILLION free and clear--IN CASH--to Israel each year? Israel then invests it in high-earnings businesses and such:--and has NO INTEREST COSTS AT ALL.]


     In many other versions the words "Lend upon Usury" have been changed into "Lend upon Interest". Who is it that tampers with these original so enlightening passages in the Bible? How many more have been tampered with or wholly deleted? [H: LOTS AND LOTS--BUNCHES AND BUNCHES! THE VERY ONES WHO ORIGINALLY WROTE THE BOOKS NOW TAMPER AND CHANGE TO SUIT WHATEVER IS GOING ON WHICH WILL SERVE THEM BETTER.]


     Maurice Gomberg's POST WAR NEW WORLD MAP for the establishment of a "New World Moral Order" in the Library of Congress and copyrighted March 31, 1942, shows with what accuracy Coty made his prophecy. There is also something un­canny about Gomberg's advance information in that it shows Madagascar in the color of Great Britain although she did not take that island until six weeks later, and the Russian-German line is precisely shown, in March 1942, while the Island of Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands are shown to be the property of Russia. [H: My goodness, could it be that the map of Scal­lion doesn't relate to earthquakes at all but rather to the portions of the land mass that would be somehow lost to freedom and placed under total Antichrist rule? I can promise you that earthquakes are preferable.]


     Coty, worth twenty million dollars when he had the courage to write these exposures, died a pauper three years later and his widow married one of our race. That is what it cost him when he tried to save his beloved France.


     By constantly growing revelations, disclosed since World War I, many more people than we think are gaining knowledge that the aim of our Freemasonry has for its objective the chang­ing of the essentially Christian civilization and the replacing of it by a Masonic world ruled by Jews.




     The great mass of Freemasons, however, know little or nothing of this plan or of the part which they are made to play in the plot. Their task is to spread ideas apparently noble and beautiful, but which in reality are destructive, just as the slogan of the French Revolution of 1789: "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity", was used in that far-off day to teach to the gentiles tolerance. I cannot refrain from taking the following from Nesta Webster's World Revolution, p. 36. "Thus it was from the 10th of August, 1792, onwards that we find the tri-color, banner of the usurper, replaced by the Red Flag of the social revolution, whilst the cry of "Vive notre roi d'Orleans"! (Philippe Egalite, Freemason and cousin of the real king) gives way to the Ma­sonic watchword of "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity". It was none other than Franklin D. Roosevelt, receiving the almost unanimous support of our race, who during the week which ended January 11, 1941, used these same words when congrat­ulating General Petarin, although this slogan had been discarded when France was occupied by the German army. It had originally been coined by the Jew Marat, one of the most cruel and bestial leaders of the French Revolution.


     Leaders of Freemasonry sow their propaganda seed among the inner lodges which, in turn, transmit it to the lower lodges from whence it penetrates to the affiliated institutions and into the press which then moulds general public opinion. Many Masons would be horrified if they had any intimation of what lies ahead of them and if they knew for what they are being used. Our power with Freemasonry is invisible due to the watertight compartment system, incomprehensible to the outsider, in which each degree knows of the existence and actions of its own group, and of those below it, but is ignorant of all that is de­cided in the degree immediately above it. Over all of this structure are the higher degrees which form the real contact with the high international Freemasonry consisting of a small number in the last inner circle. An extraordinary system is featured to maintain secrecy. It begins with a vigorous discipline which is imposed on the candidate when he passes over the threshold of Masonry and it is renewed in restrictions with every advancing degree thereby creating a state of mind which is the explanation (apart from the fear of being liquidated by his own brethren) why Masons, who after long years have reached the high de­grees, never betray each other or the order.


     When the Sarajevo crime, which was the means we used to start World War I, was brought to trial one of the assassins, the Freemason Cabrinovic unconcernedly said to the judges of the military court: "In Freemasonry it is allowed to kill". And the Grand Master of the Masonic Province No. 7, stated "There is only one Masonry", i.e., all over the world.


     What is the directing power? Almost without exception, the high Masonic posts in all countries are held by us Jews. In 1886, Pope Leo XIII granted honors to Edouard Drumont for writing LA FRANCE JUIVE ; two volumes of some 1100 pages which proved that France was completely controlled by Jews. If gentiles, seeking the truth, would read the ISRAELITE OF AMERICA, they would find this significant statement by Rabbi Isaac M. Wise: "Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end". The Jewish Tribune of New York, October 28, 1927, stated: "Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left"?




     The Masonic oath is an immoral thing. The manner in which the oath is taken is irreverent and extravagant in the penalties invoked, bordering on the blasphemous. The candidate has to pledge himself blindly in advance to anything and everything, he knows not what: "all that has been entrusted to him thus far and what he will become acquainted with in the future". He signs a blank check which is left for others to fill out. When he is ad­mitted to the 33rd degree, i.e., into the circle of those who are in the know, he is compelled to swear: "Under my feet I trample the papal tiara, not as a symbol or a creed, a religion, or of a particular church, but as the symbol of ambition, of fraud, which reduces man to servitude by fear and superstition".


     One can gather some conception of what is implied in the foregoing vow from reading the following taken from the flyleaf of Wm. Arthur's The Pope, The King and the People, published by Hodder and Stoughton, 1903, and describing one incident which occurs at the Coronation Service of the Pontiff: "Take thou the tiara adorned with the triple crown, and know that thou are the Father of princes and kings, and art the Governor of the World".




I wonder how many of our local friends remember sitting in the Community Church here in town while the young minister, with great pride and zeal, said that he was the only church in town who WELCOMED the Masons. He said that no other Christian church would allow them in.


In a totally dumbed-down world you simply have no information with which to work, do you? You certainly can't get it from this new oppressed and controlled media or press--owned, oper­ated and orchestrated by the very people about which you need ALL THE INFORMATION IN THE WORLD.


Do they hate us for our own revelations? No, not really, they are so sure they have won totally that there is only a bit of relief that we would reassure the public that it is so. We annoy them but no more than that. Who is, after all, going to go against Al­bright, Cohen, Rubin, Reno, etc.? Certainly not some little Clintonista who loves wearing appropriate headdress for every occasion, is a Mason (33rd), and a relative of Rockefeller. He is, however, just a dumb thug from Arkansas.


Aren't they even afraid that "someone" important will listen to us? NO, that is not even in their "cards", readers. They have used their little local crooks and liars to make sure we have a very small audience. Then, what access do these "little people" here who never hardly leave their dwelling, have of getting anyone else in the world interested? This is GOOD! We have no wish to make waves for these nasty villains--God doesn't need more than we have and what we have will be sufficient unto our needs.


The big boys of Antichrist's factions will destroy themselves in time. We only need a remnant. And, we will have more than you think.


Enough for this writing, thank you. Adonai.






FRI., FEB. 13, 1998    8:04 A.M.    YR. 11, DAY 181

FRI., FEB. 13,  1998



We have been writing a lot about the Current status of Antichrist factions who have usurped the U.S. and are now working their way around the globe ASAP.


You had best hang onto that snivel know-it-all from Arkansas, citizens, because every choice after Willie is pretty bad.


Arguments pour in saying that at least Gore keeps his pants zipped? He does? How do YOU know he does? What, by the way, do you think would happen to Clinton if Gore becomes President? Does anyone remember what Ford did for Nixon?


There is a nice article in Spotlight which very briefly speaks to this issue and just WHO would run things for Gore. It is as bad or worse for Israeli Zionists taking over than Clinton already has working the job. You would keep the hounds of hell already aboard and pick up several more of the same teams.


QUOTING, SPOTLIGHT, Feb. 16, 1998, pg. 3:


by Martin Mann

[H: No, we are not going to stop talking about these Israeli Zionist Khazar self-styled Jews. They are the major and most dangerous faction of Antichrist's armies. I have noth­ing except abhorrence, disgust and disdain for these World Order Usurpers, by whatever name they call themselves (which are many indeed).


Are there other factions dangerous to the status of the U.S. and the "Free" World? Of course, but THESE ARE THE ONES WITH CONTROL OF THE BANKS, THE RELI­GIONS, THE MORALS, THE MEDICAL PROFESSION, BAR ASSOCIATION, FEDERAL RESERVE--AND THUS AND SO--controlling Britain, Canada, the U.S., and just about every other economic structure on the globe--so they ARE YOUR MOST CURRENT UP-TO-DATE PROBLEM.




     What might an Al Gore administration look like if he ascends the presidency?

Leon Fuerty, a shadowy presence in Washington's corridors of power and a mystery man to the vast majority of American voters, will turn up as the U.S. foreign affairs czar--the next Henry Kissinger--if Bill Clinton is ousted or "resigned" and Vice President Al Gore takes over his office.


[H: Al Gore is Jewish. So is Miss Lewinski, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Ginsberg, etc. The names in some instances are changed, i.e., Mother Lewinski calls herself "Wilson" and thus and so. Every lawyer spouting off 24 hours a day on the arranged media and in the two hyped magazines are Jews. Time and Newsweek are both Jewish Controlled as are all the three more recognized media channels and we all know that Mr. Turner is married to Ms. Fonda--all Jewish. Clinton even shows his own heritage by donning the cute little cap of Ju­daism every opportunity he finds to make Brownie Points (that means "asset kissing"). You think you can strong-arm the world? Well, I think you are going to find it not as pleasant a prospect as you are told. WHO IS GOING TO PROTECT THE WORLD FROM YOU? YOU MAY WELL FIND OUT--THE HARD WAY.]


     Congressional staffers, intelligence and diplomatic sources interviewed in Washington and New York about the likely cast of a transitional Gore administration predicted--with concern--that the key players would be seasoned dual loyalists.


     "During his first term, Clinton bent over backwards to assure Israel it was his favorite nation", said Dr. Jacques Oweiss, a Middle Eastern historian. "But Gore went further--he went all-out to be Israel's favorite politician".


     As a senator, Gore made himself known "as one of the most pro-Israel legislators in Congress", said Morton Klein, the hard-line president of the Zionist Organization of America.


     As vice president, Gore has "grown only better--and stronger--as a supporter of the state of Israel", added former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, another leading lobbyist for the ministate.


     Unconditional devotion to Israel's interests has marked many of the senior aides who surround Gore now and are expected to join his administration in the event of Clinton's early departure.





     *   Leon Fuerth, the vice president's chief adviser on national security and foreign affairs. Fuerth, with fervent ties to Zion­ism, has been Gore's closest counselor and mentor since his days in the Senate, congressional staffers say. He is reportedly slated to be named Secretary of State in a Gore cabinet. [H: Don't worry, Albright will find a nice nest with vipers to run--count on it.]


     Gore's dependence on Fuerth resembles the relationship be­tween the late Sen. Henry "Scoop" Jackson and his powerful chief of staff, the Israeli agent Richard Perle, known as the "Prince of Darkness" [H: Make you comfortable?] for his ability to turn his boss into an unquestioning promoter of the ministate's agenda. Jackson became known as the "Senator from Tel Aviv".


[H: I wonder how many of you have input regarding Gore and his stomach problems? I don't want to shock any of your sensitive little minds but this man, when in the midst of some bad ulcer situations, literally has a vial of blood he uses to "quiet" his stomach. The more interesting part of this cuteness is that it is said to be human blood. Is all this so? Well, there is so much talk about things like this--and any longer there are few enemies from THAT SIDE of the groupings as to make it pretty possible at the least. Let us, however, keep with THIS information.]


     *   John Deutch, described by one source as an "orthodox Zionist" who served as Clinton's Director of Central Intelli­gence, is another long-time adviser and mentor to the vice presi­dent, although never in a salaried position. Deutch is said to be first in line as Gore's secretary of defense, a post he has long coveted.


     *   Ronald Klein, the vice president's chief of staff and confi­dential liaison with Israel, is expected to move up to Director of the National Security Council in any White House team headed by Gore.


     *   Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), a tried-and-true Israel-­firster, is widely held to be the top candidate for the post of Gore's VICE PRESIDENT. [H: And this is why she decided to NOT run for governor of California now.]


     *   Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.), another Israeli loyalist, will be offered the post of White House chief of staff, Capitol Hill insiders say.


     At the United Nations, Middle Eastern delegates anxiously weighed the impact of a Gore administration on their tense re­gion.


     "For us the name has an ominous double meaning; we fear it threatens the gory cataclysm of war, a flare-up of violence at a number of critical flashpoints", said a veteran Arab diplomat.



OK, readers, I have had arguments about the "ability" of the U.S. and Israel to use nuclear bombs and warheads on Iraq. How else do you get HOT ENOUGH weapons to bore into the Earth and bunkers and incinerate biologicals and chemicals??


Want to hear the HARD PART? This agreement was not "just signed"--it was set forth and your President signed the Executive Order allowing United States military, for the first time, to tar­get Iraq with tactical atomic warheads. How did this happen and when? Last NOVEMBER, and indeed it was published in public newspapers. Nobody noticed because, after all, it was going to be Christmas and other important times of non-murder.


Still think you are peaceful humanitarians, Americans? You are still the ONLY warmongers who have used nuclear bombs.


This is the same mentality as in Waco: "They might hurt or molest children"! Oh, so your FBI and BATF goes in and burns them alive! Good show, kiddies. No Koresh is going to have a chance to hurt those babies, is he? With your embargo and former chemicals and radiation--thousands of babies are dying RIGHT NOW IN IRAQ and we can rerun the information on that from a couple of papers ago if you can't remember the atro­cious acts YOU PERPETRATED.


And STILL you act as if you just can't understand THIS or what went wrong or who got all this started and pretend confusion at every opportunity. You have sensitized your whole society and especially your children to all sorts of bloody violence and taught them to enjoy sex at four years old (but make sure a con­dom is used). Wouldn't it be nice if someone just used a lot of condoms around a lot of necks?


Some man called into MSNBC to the talk (chat) show and was very angry about the affairs of the President and suggested Jo­celyn Elders be brought back to teach the President her own methods of spelling "relief" by self-contact as she planned to teach all YOUR KIDDIES IN SCHOOL. It was quite amusing to watch John Gibson get that man off the phone while grum­bling about the phones not being adequately MONITORED. Masturbation couldn't be mentioned on an adult media show, but the Surgeon General could make it mandatory classwork in the entire Federal School System? Is there something wrong with this picture?


No indeed, I am not going to stop writing about these SICK people who have control of YOU and your nations. I am also asking that the inpouring of excellent information from our es­teemed guest writers and journalists be offered as well--just as soon as they can be converted to use-friendly press.


But might we lose readers? DO YOU WANT TRUTH OR DO YOU WANT MORE OF THE SAME GARBAGE AS IS FED YOU CONSTANTLY AND UNCEASINGLY ON THE TUBES AND PRESS? Jerry Spence was a panel member with four of these Khazarian attorneys and he was finally drowned out by the overspeaking and shouting as they put him DOWN SOUNDLY for speaking logically and with reason.


So, "they" have the gold, they control the banks, they control the schools, they control the media and press and everything else about your system--including the Judicial system and the entire RELIGIOUS community. What is left? Nothing--go read the PROTOCOLS.


For you readers who think this "trash-sex" doesn't take place, think again, even with Willie Clinton, and actually, with Hilly. We are going to rerun parts of the book TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA and see if you don't get enough of the life of the hidden vipers.


Let us move on with our current little series so we can release the scribe for other business.






by: Meschumad Iehachiss ("Pfefferkorn", a Jew.)






     We know that Freemasonry is a secret society directed by a Jewish international minority which has sworn implacable hatred to gentiles, camouflaged as hatred towards Christianity, which we Jews refuse to accept. Thus far, however, the ultimate end, the final objective of Freemasonry has in no way been disclosed. According to the New York World Almanac for 1946, page 594, there are 15,264 grand lodges, with a membership of 2,565,391, in the 48 states of the United States, with those of the 33rd de­gree comprising 1796 members. The total number in all countries is estimated to be five millions. For the enlightenment of 99 per cent of them the following facts will likely be surprising. The ultimate end of Freemasonry is contained in the figure of our venerable King Solomon, who for the purpose of deceiving the gentile is portrayed with gentile features. He stands on a cube, holds an acacia twig in his left hand and seals his lips with the forefinger of his right hand which signifies absolute silence as regards the last secret of Masonry.


     1.  The cube, in the cabalistic teachings, is the symbol of Je­hovah control.


     2.  The acacia is the rod of Moses, the symbol of Jewish sovereign power.


     3.  There are two signs on the lower part of the body, which is covered with a                            shroud.


     a. The upper sign is in the shape of four triangles which represent for the cabalist and for all Satanic orders: "god and Satan", in their belief in the two simultaneous faces of Jehovah. It lies over the male genital organ and its contour indicates the Star of David containing the first letter of the Jewish alphabet "Aleph" in Latin script.


     It is here symbolized that the male generative power or seed shall always be put under the conse­cration of Jehovah, who is our God, not the Chris­tians', as gentile Freemasons suppose.


     b. The lower sign, the cabalistic cross in a ring, which is identical with the last letter Tau of the Jewish alphabet, lies over the germinal glands, and carriers of the race her­itage of the coming generations.


     It represents the act of begetting, conveying that the "beginning and the end" of every Freemason are in the service of our God Jehovah, to whom it shall bring generations deprived of their race conscious­ness.


     Thus, the last ends of freemasonry are unveiled in this mysterious figure. The road leads from the symbolic circumcision of a free gentile--via the training of a fighter for the Jewish world control--to a procreator of future generations in the service of Jehovah, which are divested of their racial individu­ality.




     Hence, the beginning of Jewish world domination is the race consciousness of the Jews; its downfall will be the race awak­ening of all gentile people. That is why the initiated Jew Dis­raeli stated: "The race question is the secret of the history of the world".


     From the above it is evident that only Jews gain from the aims of Freemasonry, which is the realization of the triumph of Judaic ideas or the domination of Judaism. It is certainly never a question of a struggle for the interest of humanity. "We intend to remake the gentile... what the Communists are doing in Rus­sia", wrote the Jewish author Lewis Brown in his book: HOW ODD OF GOD.


     In view of the above facts it is no wonder that so many high generals, admirals, and the cabinet, from the President down, are and were 33rd degree Masons: Truman, Marshall, Leahy, Franklin D. Roosevelt and many others, the latter three having participated in the sell-out at Yalta. Naturally the interest and welfare of the U.S.A. will never be represented by such gov­ernments, cabinets and high officials of the Army and Navy.


     This also explains why Tyler Kent on his arrival in this country was reported to have been warned by Secretary of State Byrnes not to reveal any of the secret messages he had decoded. Tyler Kent has not been examined by a Congressional Commit­tee, the urgency for such an examination being justified by the disclosures in the Pearl Harbor case. It will be impossible to as­certain the truth if those investigating that incident are themselves Freemasons, as is reported are most of the culprits involved.

     Thirty-one of the fifty-six signers of the American Declara­tion of Independence were Masons, but none of the participants in such a plot as that unfolded above. Proof of this is the great freedom provided for the Americans, when those who were at the helm would, without any equivocation, be loyal in their de­fense of the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and that form of Government which for more than 160 years, by the right of individual initiative, made this the greatest country on this globe. Freemasonry, however, was permitted to act outwardly, which in the course of time enabled it to finally oc­cupy such a place in the State that today the U.S.A. is no longer a Republic, but a Freemasonic State ruled by the statue of King Solomon.


     Is this not openly confirmed on the reverse side of our dollar bill? There one finds what purports to be the Great Seal of the U.S.A. IDENTIFIED WITH THE Great Seal of Freemasonry. In the design on the right is again the acacia twig and above the Eagle are 13 stars (the original States) so placed that their con­tour forms the Star of David. In the design on the left there is at the bottom the inscription "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (The New Order of the Ages). Above it the gleaming eye of Jehovah is set on a spot in the height of 9/10 of the pyramid, which has no capstone, emblematical of the unfinished undertaking and signifying that the last 1/10 is still to be attained in the U.S.A. [H: But BEWARE, for the capstone is JESUS as described as being one with LUCIFER.] Above Jehovah's eye which is flooded with light is the inscription "Annuit Coeptis" (Jehovah nods approvingly upon the work thus far accomplished). In Russia the same pyramid is pictured with the Eye of Jehovah on the zenith, the Jewish Domination having been completed there. [H: This "seal" or pyramid symbol as described here is now worked into the financial portions of such programs as are presented on your intrepid CNN, showing up more and more frequently since its introduction which pulled so much negative mail as to cause it being pulled. It is being reintro­duced and is used more and more frequently as the logo.]


     Our dollar bill with all these curious symbols--hardly Ameri­can--appeared exactly 10 years ago and is for the first time in history of the U.S.A. signed by a Jew, Henry Morgenthau.


     On Washington's birthday in 1946 Harry H. Schlacht inter­prets: "This is said to be emblematic of the Unfinished Repub­lic", and "God has smiled on OUR undertakings". The "New Order of the Ages" he calls "Prophetic words". The gleaming Eye (of Jehovah, the Jewish god) is an "old Symbol" and the pyramid "rests in the very heart of King Solomon's Temple". He then referred to "Democracy" which "The heavens approved", although the word "Democracy" cannot be found in any of the writings of our founding fathers who created a Republic.


[H: Please pay attention here: The United States was set forth as a REPUBLIC with nothing such as a DEMOC­RACY AS ESTABLISHED BY OTHER NATIONS FOR MOB RULE. Remember also that the dollar upon which your currency is based IS SIMPLY PRINTED NOTES USED AND PRODUCED BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM (A PRIVATE BUSINESS). AND, WHO OWNS THAT FEDERAL RESERVE?]


     "Our" undertakings----. Whose, pray?


     "Prophetic" words: Prophetic? These words that the Ameri­can public saw for the first time only 10 years ago, just four years after Franklin Roosevelt took office?


     Small wonder the pyramid is "in the heart of King Solomon's Temple", which was Jewish--the whole symbol is Jewish on the Great Seal of this country. Do the three million American Ma­sons know that?




     The "unfinished" Republic. What does this mean? Perhaps it means: "The goal that the American Revolution was prevented from reaching, its successor, the Socialist Revolution, purposes to attain". Don't the Jewish Communists say just that?


     In 1917 America went into war "to make the world safe for Democracy". The result was Lenin, Soviet Russia and Partial Chaos. Twenty-five years have passed and free America was again brought into a foreign war, this time for "four freedoms". The net result Soviet Russia covering all of Europe, with Chaos over all the world. Out of all this the Cabalist Jews and Freemasons, ruled by the program of the Statue of King Solomon, have brought forth the United Nations Organization, the Jewish World State. This is the "Ordo ab Chao" (Jewish Order out of Chaos), a new order, the incarnation of the basic principle of Universality, i.e., "World Republic by World Rev­olution", with the deceiving pronouncement of "human rights"; with the slogan "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity", and with the fate of unfortunate France, which that country suffered in 1789, in store for all countries that succumb to the voice of this siren, i.e., total destruction of all Native Countries, States, Races and Nations.


     Going back to the Illuminati, from whence all these move­ments stem, we find it was the plan which the admitted leaders of the French revolution established: IT IS THE EXACT PLAN OF THE SOVIETS--an oligarchy and its Dictator. It is the Plan set forth in Colonel House's Philip Dru, in Clinton Roosevelt's New Dynasty, and it is the Plan forced upon the U.S.A. by those directing the New Deal with a global Dictatorship operating un­der the U.N.O. [H: Bush got right up there in front of ALL YOU-THE-PEOPLE AND TOLD YOU HE WAS JUST ABOUT TO PULL OFF THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND HE WAS GOING TO ACCOMPLISH IT WITH HIS "SUPERFUND". SURELY YOU REMEMBER, FOR IT HAS ONLY BEEN ABOUT FIVE YEARS AGO AND IN EVERY SPEECH HE SPOKE OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND CALLED IT "HIS" NEW WORLD ORDER.]


     Thus we note that identically as during the First World War Barney Baruch was directing Woodrow Wilson, while George Mandell (Rothschild) was guiding General Clemenceau, and Philip Sassoon directing Lloyd George, so in this present hour we have Boris Stein "advising" Andrei Gromyko, and Ben Co­hen in our State Department "advising" Mr. Stettinius and Mr. Byrnes, and another Jew, Laski, commanding Foreign Secretary Bevin in England.


     After this Global War, plotted by our race, no man, and cer­tainly no American who is not of Jewish blood, would be so cruel as to mass-starve a whole disarmed German people which our director Lehman, of the UNRRA, is actually in process of doing. Before the Appropriation Committee he testified that it would be against the UNRRA's constitution and contrary to law "to give so much as a crumb to German Nationals". Even per­sonal letters and parcels are forbidden Germans from any out­side country not even from gentile Americans of German birth although Jews may send anything they wish to Europe. Under UNRRA and other organizations, Jews are receiving 2300 calories of food per day. The gentile Germans are getting less than 1200 and prisoners 650 calories in France. [H: And, pictures of these starving people are plastered all throughout the "Holocaust" writings shouting that these are poor Jewish inmates. Isn't anybody sick of this garbage yet?]


     Another person mentioned to me that a refugee paper in New York City, predicted about eight months ago that the Germans would be compelled, through expropriation and proletarianiza­tion, to accept Communism in order to bring them definitely un­der Jewish rule. He said the same paper prophesied with uncanny accuracy Morgenthau's Potsdam Declaration, which op­erates today in Germany. All of the editors of the German pa­pers are Jewish, while the Hungarian Jew Habe completely di­rects the policy of the entire press operating in that section of Europe. What would we Jews do if all the editors of Jewish papers were suddenly replaced by gentiles by government decree? [H: Small chance even way back then.]


     It should be evident to every thinking citizen of the U.S.A. that the FEPC, is the first plotted step in America which will end in the death penalty for "anti-Semitism", just as it operates today in Soviet Russia. The Jewish press is stupid enough to admit Christianity, Communism and Freemasonry are Jewish  inventions. Rabbi Lee J. Levinger goes so far in his book: FOLK AND FAITH, the CONFORMANT'S GUIDE BOOK, as to charge that JESUS WAS A JEWISH RABBI WHOSE SOLE AIM WAS TO LEAD THE GENTILES THROUGH TOL­ERANCE INTO THE JEWISH FOLD AND THAT HE HIMSELF SAID: MATTHEW 5, 17: "THINK NOT THAT I CAME TO DESTROY THE LAW OR THE PROPHETS;

I CAME NOT TO DESTROY BUT TO FULFILL. " His disci­ples were Jews. So the true Christians are often our friends and co-workers precisely for religious reasons, while our Orthodox Jews thank God every day that they were not born gentiles, says Levinger.




     Is it any wonder that we hear reports from Europe that our G.I.s are called 'Gentile Idiots'? This expresses the stupidity of the gentiles in fighting each other for the sole benefit of our race which "knows no nationality" except our own and who for two thousand years have never fought a battle for themselves.


Do Jews think they can bamboozle the stupid Gentiles for­ever? I feel certain that the gentiles are beginning to realize that Jews intend to make them their slaves, thereby tending to justify the development of the situation prophesied in Deuteronomy, Ch. 2, v. 25; where Jehovah speaks through Moses to Israel: "This day will I begin to put the dread of thee upon the peoples that are under the whole heaven, who shall hear the report of thee, and shall tremble, and be in anguish because of thee". [H: I do not hold the same optimistic view about insightful gen­tiles in the U.S.A. I do know that the other religions of the world recognize the possibility and therefore there will be bloody confrontations--but the British and U.S. citizens are so soundly asleep that you can't fix further up the system than the pant zipper.]


     The Treasury Dept. with its decisive influence upon the Tax system is in our hands; it exercises its colossal power at its own discretion in conformity with the famous statement of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, whose house is dominating the financial policy of practically every country in the world: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws." [H: WOW, AND YOU GUYS HANDED IT OVER HOOK, LINE AND SINKER.]

(Congressional Record Nov. 6th, pages A5091-3)


     But we may be certain that the gentiles will not be intimidated forever as evidenced by the effort we made in the fiasco of the so-called "sedition trial" in Washington where it was shown that the Treasury Department ably supported by members of our race and with few exceptions, by the press which we control, sought through that action to intimidate and frighten every op­ponent to the New Deal and Communism. The defendants did not realize the enormous odds against which they were pitted. This pattern was really shown up in a masterly way by Repre­sentatives Dondero in his speech to be found in the Congres­sional Record of Jan. 23, 1946 where he proved that the Com­munists are trying to break the morale of the Army and aid Communistic activities; that all of the files of the Intelligence Branches on subversive activities were called back to Washing­ton to be destroyed and that the order for this was issued by

Lt. Gen. Joseph T. McNarney, Eisenhower's successor in Europe; that over two hundred communists were commissioned with none rejected in the Army from October 30, 1944 to December 30, 1944, when instructions were sent to all commanding offi­cers at home, behind the lines and at battle fronts stating that there should no longer be any distinction between Communists and Americans in the U.S. Army. This order was signed by di­rection of the Secretary of War, by Brigadier General Dunlop, Acting Adjutant General of the Army. That speech also states that innumerable decorations were lavished upon the Commu­nists. Thus have we from an unimpeachable source proof of how Communism has penetrated even American armed forces, also that, in this instance, files were destroyed showing charges in the Pearl Harbor hearing to have been well founded.


     The gentiles know today, especially those living in our fair southland, that it is the Jew who is organizing and directing hatred of the Negroes against White Americans. But Jews who think--"Let the gentiles hate us, as long as they fear us"--may soon learn to their sorrow how they err.


[H: So what happens when realization starts to show through? The evangelists and Pentecostal preachers take over the campaign for the Jewish factions and suck you "christians" into the fish-net with your conjured "Rapture" and Freemasonic Luciferian "Jesus" movements. Christ is not included except as an afterthought with use as "Jesus Christ" to FURTHER DECEIVE YOU NON-THINKING MASSES.]


     Without Jewish Communism there never could have been any Nazism or Fascism, "the only proven defense measures of gen­tiles against Jewish terror and domination". It was former Am­bassador James W. Gerard, who stated, N. Y. Times, Oct. 8, 1934, "If the American nation ever gets the idea that the Jewish race and Communism are SYNONYMOUS there is the possibility of a pogrom in the United States that will make those of the Czars look like a small parade". This my friend, I fear.


     In spite of such sound warning James Waterman Wise, son of Rabbi S.S. Wise, born in Hungary, wrote in the New Masses Oct. 29, 1935: "Jews who deny that many Jews are Communists are jockeying themselves into the position of citizens on toler­ance. ...The Jews of America write themselves down as Communists--so be it". And this same Wise was reported in the New York City Press of Oct. 29, 1934, as telling a Jewish congrega­tion assembled the day before in Carnegie Hall that the "United States needed a dose of the Reds, that the direction, plan and purposefulness of Russia had enabled that nation to achieve something no other nation has".


     Why don't we get Winchell (alias Lipschitz) to comment on this? Or do we have to use him to help get Americans into an­other war, this time against Russia, so Americans will be de­stroyed for good and all--for the benefit of the British whom, as you know, we Jews completely control. I'm afraid I don't like the Third World War they are brewing out of this.


     Twenty years ago, the London Jewish Chronicle, April 4, 1919, said: "The ideals of Bolshevism are at many points conso­nant with the finest ideals of Judaism". i.e., our domination of the gentiles.




     In the first World War millions of gentiles of English, Ger­man, French, American and Russian nationality liquidated each other to produce a Jewish dictatorship in Russia. World War II was likewise organized by Jews when the Sanhedrin entrapped the stupid Ribbentrop into an alliance with Russia to set their plans in action. Jewish papers refer to Ribbentrop as the be­trayed betrayer. In view of all these facts, which could be mul­tiplied, it is obvious that we Jews have lost our most effective weapon--the Conspiracy of Silence. Too much material is now commonly known which proves to the gentiles our heretofore hidden plan for world domination as well as our innate hatred of the goyim (gentiles).


     Jewish papers contemptuously speak of American gentiles as morons, mongrels or hodgepodge, phrases I have noted many times. Gentiles, however, are beginning to see that the Jews do not wish to join the American melting pot which is the first pre­requisite for participating in true Americanism. These same pa­pers state with pride that in the last one hundred and sixty years less than one percent of our race intermarried with gentiles. I married a gentile girl and my family ostracized me for this mortal sin. [H: Note that the Protocols INSIST ONLY IN THE MARRYING OF WOMEN INTO GENTILE CIR­CLES--NOT THE MEN.]


     What do we now observe? Hordes of semi-Asiatics--Jews--­impelled by what Russian-born Judge Simon Rifkind (General McNary's "good right arm") now calls the "bugaboo" of a Jew­ish world conspiracy, are finding their way into Western Eu­rope: From there, unknown thousands of them are making their way into this country where they are to find, according to Presi­dent Truman's announcement: "a haven of refuge". At the same time the dignified gentile English General Morgan is or­dered to the High Priest of UNRRA, Jewish banker Lehman, in New York, to crawl and then abjectly apologize for having stated the truth about the Jewish conspiracy. He is then rein­stated after "long and searching" talks with Mr. Lehman who cleared him of the charge of anti-Semitism. How stupid, partic­ularly from our own point of view, thus to expose our world­wide power over the gentiles!


     The term "Melting Pot", correctly used for more than a cen­tury, is now replaced by other terms such as "Acculturation", or, "Philharmony of Nations". This growth of Jewish immigra­tion constitutes a swarm of human locusts just as foretold in the prophecy of the Old Testament in the second chapter of the Book of Joel. They destroy as they come and that is the purpose of having them come here. "These countryless Jews, unwilling to be assimilated, are impelled, not by any "bugaboo", but by a diabolical plot directed by very clever men--such men as ex­pressed their plot in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This "bugaboo", Judge Rifkind to the contrary, is real and man­made. These hordes come as anti-Gentiles, and are fostering an intense hatred which we have nurtured for centuries. They come to what for them is no longer a "Melting Pot" but for the purpose of "Acculturation" which their high command expects to make their own; to promote the mongrelizing and the en­slavement of a gentile people. If this is not true why are they not directed to that paradise which was created for us in Biro Bijan, by our own Jewish leaders of Soviet Russia? Why, not, you ask? Because we must--as outlined in those damned Proto­cols of ours--be provided with victims from races other than our own; because we cannot practice Anti-Gentilism in a solely Jewish State.


     Now that the Americans are becoming aroused and are be­ginning to realize that only such persons as are wholly absorbed in their "Melting Pot" can become true Americans, there is this growing danger facing us as we contend for rights in Palestine, now owned by the Arabs, that these Americans will look upon us Jews, the only group refusing to intermarry with American Gentiles, as un-American and may drive us out of their country altogether".


Meschumad Iehachiss,





This has been a lengthy segment but it finishes the topic as pre­sented by Pfeffercorn.


This was obviously written before the giving away, by the U.N.O., Palestine to Israel. When you realize the WORLD PLAN WITH THE NEW WORLD ORDER, do you actually think there will ever be a Middle East Peace? Just yesterday there were the little Palestinians tossing pebbles at the Israelis with their automatic weapons (but supposedly using rubber bul­lets). Are YOU going to win a war for God with pebbles? I doubt it because you don't even know GOD WHEN HE STANDS IN FRONT OF YOU.


You are going to let the hounds of hell huff and puff and blow you away--while they "whine" and you "whimper".    Adonai.

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