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PJ #228 " RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. 2 ", chapter 5 & 6.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by André & Christ.
Nov 9, 2012 - 12:00:00 AM

PJ 228



MON., FEB. 9, 1998    8:02 A.M.    YR. 11, DAY 177

MON.,  FEB. 9,  1998



Rain is like unto any other gift of Creation unto MAN. It falls upon the just, the unjust and anything in its pathway. Is that dif­ficult to understand?


If you sit upon a cliff-side and the rains come and the winds blow and the ground shifts--AS IT ALWAYS HAS AND AL­WAYS WILL--who errs, the rain or the thinking-capable man who builds his nest on the barren sand? "But the view is so beautiful", exclaim the dwellers (usually "former") and "we shall build again for this is just the way of God". Then what? You get disaster aid and low-cost loans from your "sugar daddy" and the blind go on doing what they have done for a bil­lion years--refusing to see.


Why is there so little compassion for those who never wasted YOUR funds and live in the squalor of the ghettos and have pa­per for their shelters? Upon whom should God have compas­sion? Did you build your castle to see, or be seen? Think care­fully, friend, for God knows TRUTH.


"Not equal are the blind and the seeing man, the shadows and the light, the shade and the horrid heat; not equal are the living and the dead.


"God makes to hear whomsoever He will; thou canst not make those in their tombs to hear--thou art naught but a warner. Surely we have sent thee with the truth good tidings to bear, and warning; not a nation there is, but there has passed away in it a warner.


"If they cry thee lies, those before them also cried lies; their Messengers came to them with the clear signs...".


If I offer that this was a brief statement from Mahomet's The Alcoran would it have meaning to YOU? Well, readers, that is sad for when the facts come before you, you will find that all there is is GOD and YOU.


Mankind dumps his trials, tribulations and demands onto the heads of "other men", dead men yet, and claims his idealistic place to the right hand of God for so-doing.


The teachers are sent and persecuted because mankind wishes not to change from his stance of ignorance, for in so-doing he must take responsibility for himself. God is not that which sim­ply makes it bearable to rest in the places of your fall; GOD IS THAT WHICH ALLOWS ALL THINGS ABUNDANT AND BEAUTIFUL. Antichrist and MAN put you down into that which is foolish and destructive. And, it will be Antichrist and Man which shall keep you there, tethered to hatred, vengeance, and loss of soul, for the very life essence will be pulled from you in your stupor.


Man takes the laws of God and EXPLAINS them to you to fur­ther remove responsibility from you and gain your wealth unto him. Check it out: God says,

"Thou shall not kill." Man says, "EXCEPT WHEN..." God says, "Thou shall not steal..." Man says, "EXCEPT WHEN..." This then allows man to write so many laws and conversions of truth to lie that no one can sort the meanings for there cease to be "meanings", only chaos. How many understand the IRS forms? Yet how many realize that until you sign and file the paper, it is worthless? It says so right on the front page.


You go by the millions to hear the preachers tell you of Raptures and other ridiculous things which gain you great irresponsible rewards--WHICH NEVER COME AS THE PROJECT--but you go and you shout "praise God" and absorb the lies like a sponge on a dry beach when a wave rolls in and water is of the mo­ment. Then, when a messenger is sent to tell you of your foolishness, you throw him into prison, cast him out, or slay him. Well, there is NO RAPTURE to SAVE YOU, kiddies. This is a sick figment of a deranged mind to get you killed by the mil­lions. The "signs" will appear in the sky--of your MAN IDOLS and ICONS--not God--for God appears in every LIGHT RAY from your skies. But you will be shown pictures of your fa­vorite icon and then melded into one you will believe in air-­nothing--for you cannot grasp a hologram. YOU ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE TAKEN THE MAN FROM THE CHRIST AND CLAIMED HIM FOR COVERAGE OF YOUR BASIC EVILS.


Your nations in evil intent CANNOT WIN. You may well butcher and blow apart a lot of innocent people, but this is a WAR YOU WILL LOSE for you go forth in evil contempt of God and your reapings will be this which you sow--a hundred­fold returned unto you.


How many of you realize that if you toss out Billy Clinton that you immediately get Al Gore? Ah, but what is that say ye, "He can't be worse". Ah so, but he will not last for it is not intended that he "last"--so what next? A new election? George Junior? What? MADELINE ALBRIGHT! Next in line for the position is Madeline Albright. But you will say, if you are at all in­formed, which I doubt, that she is not a NATURAL citizen so cannot serve as President. But the magic words not used are "without legislation".


You also sit smugly by and say you don't need Saudi Arabia for bases for your carriers of death and terror? After all, you shout, we can get Kuwait and Bahrain to park our death ma­chines of MASS DESTRUCTION. Oh? Kuwait belongs to Britain and Bahrain belongs to George Bush--partner of the sleaze balls in Britain--you know, the oily bunch of black-gold thieves and drug smugglers. But when the Middle East Arabs and others around the globe come to take a stand and you are running--these people from these two places will be shooting you in the back and blowing up your aircraft--they will turn and join THEIR OWN for they HATE YOU WITH SUCH A PAS­SION AS YOU CANNOT IMAGINE.


You had all best pay attention to what Saddam Hussein said at the onset of the last encounters in the "Gulf"--that this is and will be "the Mother of all wars". You cannot see beyond the body count of your losses which are never presented accurately to you

--or to those desert sands. THAT war was only the be­ginning, you blind people--only the beginning.


So, if there be Antichrist at work, is it possible God will even the playing field? COUNT ON IT! THERE ARE NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION EQUAL TO THE TINYMOST CREATION OF GOD.


You have loosed the evil from Pandora's box and it shall haunt the remainder of your days.


The prophecies of the Antichrist are not somewhere out-there; they are upon you and when you look around at who is doing it unto you--you will find it to be yourself.


Where are the warriors? Well, after another extremely long and tired week-end--here we are! As others came onto the scene and asked about the weekend, there was a blank look and then an inquiry: "Is this Monday"?


Yes, this is Monday and we will not further burden the staff with lengthy and troublesome documents. I needed to speak to you as my cherished family in the midst of such soul discomfort and restless disquiet. Accept the peace offered for within Truth is freedom and within freedom is the loss of fear. Antichrist cannot touch, nor will he, CHRIST. The man you leave still on the cross cannot do anything, chelas, so turn unto something LIVING AND BECOME ONE WITHIN THAT HOPE OF­FERED. Look and see beyond the moment for therein lies VI­SION. When you look into vision of wondrous things they must come to pass, for destruction is of MAN--visions in creation are of GOD.


My message this day is not just for you of a tiny handful of loved ones; this is for those long distant in despair and hopeless­ness--for God knows where are His children.


Just as a messenger stood forth in the small hall as the Constitu­tion was formulated and signed--so too is there a messenger in the midst of the most damaging storm--to hold up the light for your footsteps and guide you safely home.


Is this "dharma" one of those messengers? Well, perhaps she is but a computer keyboard--DOES IT MATTER? TRUTH AND THE WAY MATTERS, AND NO TRUTH-BRINGER WISHES MORE THAN FOR ALL TO LOOK UNTO TRUTH

--NEVER MIND FROM WHENCE IT FLOWS. SAFETY AND SECURITY COME IN THE NON-IDENTIFICATION AND ANY TRUE TEACHER-MESSENGER CARES NOT FOR ACCOLADES. THE ENEMY WANTS TO ALLOW THE WORLD TO KNOW SO THAT THE USUAL DEATH AND DESTRUCTION IS WROUGHT UPON THE HAPLESS SERVANT. Do not set people up before you to secure your own individual losses or appetites for hand-holding or milk-sop treatment. If you cannot contain Truth as your action without the teacher present--you shall never find graduation. You al­ways seek the intermediate personage so you can doubt and chatter--always chatter opinions. GOD IS and with GOD THERE ARE NO OPINIONS--ONLY TRUTH. You either live Truth or you DO NOT. You either believe in Truth or you DO NOT. Choices become very easy to make--unless, of course, you CHOOSE THE WRONG DIRECTION.


So be it, students. The end of this particular play is up to YOU. Adonai.





MON., FEB. 9, 1998    11:50 A.M.    YR. 11, DAY 177

MON.,  FEB. 9,  1998



As we sit again to write, we are once more flooded over with tremendously good information which cannot be overlooked as we delve into who is doing what and to whom it is being done.


No matter how high or far we search in intelligence gathering, it comes back the same

--some "alien" group of people who took from others to further their own ends. They steal heritage; they steal lineage; they have become the human Antichrist attempting to, finally, gain all property, have all power and control, and, generally, have the world through force.


You stand on the brink of war while the U.S. envoys go about the world trying to gain, buy, or threaten nations into helping in a UNILATERAL bombing of a helpless nation, Iraq. All you get are the already usurped misfits. But, citizens, perhaps you err? You are stripping your own nation of all means of protec­tion and defense. You are shipping off your soldiers and your materials. HATRED WILL BE YOUR DOWNFALL, AMER­ICA.


Let us move on to a new name for a very old game:




This material will be quite old and frankly a continued discus­sion of Antichrist vs. What? The one you THINK is at the op­position of the Antichrist is, of course, Christ. So WHY is the thrust to have Judeo-Christian AS A NEW WORLD RELI­GIOUS ATTITUDE? Just one big happy Earth family under the laws of the "Jewish" fabrications? You will perish as CHRIS­Tians in this foolishness. You have actually left CHRIST out of your religion and out of your recognition.


What I have before me is an excellent intelligence report which points out fact in the face of fiction--and again, as with all intelligence researchers, it is impossible to know WHO writes for the only protection anyone has is through anonymity. In this instance, AGAIN, we are not even given a date for reference [Ed's note: It gives indicators of being approx. 50 years old.] . That is fine for the basic plot is the same as always, and the plotters are also the same as always, AND THE BLIND ARE SAME AS ALWAYS--THE SLEEPING MASSES.


Your brethren who call themselves Jews but are NOT, call themselves Semites but are NOT, and those who would take all property in the physical world, are at the root of it all, this confrontation of man against man, wars, killing, greed, and the other negative things against God. I speak here of ANTI-GEN­TILISM.


"ANTI-WHAT?" you next ask--"yes, anti-gentilism," I repeat.


Gentiles, in the definition of Jewish language, ARE ALL PEO­PLE WHO ARE NOT JEWS. Simple enough? That means that the self-styled false Judean usurpers who call themselves Jew deliberately separate the world into two categories of people: Jews and Gentiles. Ah, but, these self-styled "Jews" are not ac­cepting of the Hebrews or old Israelites--this is a NEW category formed for convenience to undermine all world activities and religions. I have no notice of who might like this information or not like this information--it simply is TRUTH and it IS informa­tion.


The authors open with an old Latin Motto: "The People Cannot See Through Truth, Because Truth is Simple".


Further, on the front page of the pamphlet:


"No country can conduct a proper offensive or defensive cam­paign without a competent Intelligence Service. A country's worst foes are those on the INSIDE.

That is why treason and treachery are branded capital offenses. A controlled press, supported by plotters with an ample purse, have so conducted a campaign of so-called "anti-semitism" that few have dared to challenge their conclusions. Any open-minded person can find within the pages of this brief pamphlet that it is properly titled: ANTI-GENTILISM.


"That is the real issue facing an awakening America at this mo­ment. Error has occupied our political throne for more than twelve years but, thank God, the resurgence indicates that truth may again occupy her rightful place from which she was de­throned under the operation of an alien-conceived plot. Columbia, whose eyes were blindfolded by the United Nations Charter, will regain her former vision and prestige if lovers of America will carefully consider what needs to be done. This pamphlet, if carefully studied, will render an 'Intelligent Ser­vice' ".


The publishers of this bit of information call the pamphlet itself: AT THE ROOT OF IT ALL.. ANTI-GENTILISM. That then is sufficient unto our needs:








As a regular reader of your publication I am convinced that you are informed on the real issue which confronts the world to­day. This explains why I am mailing you a copy of what seems to be a draft of a highly confidential nature which was written March 31st by a wealthy Jew and which fell into my hands. It must have been prompted by a deep concern over present world conditions and reads:


Nothing is accomplished in attempting to deceive ourselves, for every day that passes more and more people are becoming aware of the growing anti-gentile feeling of the Jewish race. Millions of people have read the original and the reproductions of the two articles, written by Marcus Eli Ravage, and published in the Century magazine, January and February 1928, stating:


"We have been at the bottom, not only of the lat­est great war, but of nearly all your wars; not only of the Russian, but of every other major revolution in your history".


The well-known French writer, L.F. Celine, said in his book: The School of Corpses

-- "All Wars, all revolution, are positively nothing but pogroms (organized massacres) OF THE GENTILES ARRANGED FOR BY THE JEWS". [H: This includes all those who THINK THEMSELVES to be Jew but are not--and THEY are the first to be tortured and murdered to make "a case" for the deceivers of Antichrist.]


I am sure you read the statement of Lord Haw Haw, New York Times, January 4, 1946, which he made just before his ex­ecution:


"In death, as in this life, I defy the Jews who caused this last war, and I defy the powers of darkness which they represent... I am proud to die for my ideals and I am sorry for the sons of Britain who have died without knowing why".


Such fanaticism against the Jews in the hour of death should cause us some serious thinking.


It is imperative that we Jews forget our master race complex which we have assumed for untold generations, based upon the Old Testament, Deuteronomy (The Jewish Law), Chap. XV, v.6, "And thou shalt rule over many nations, but they (the Gen­tiles) shall not rule over thee".


Gentiles have not forgotten the broadcast which was made by Samuel Untermeyer the day he returned to the United States, and which appeared in the New York Times, August 7, 1933.


On that occasion, Mr. Untermeyer, as a member of "our race", and the newly elected official of the World Jewish Eco­nomic Federation, fired the first shot which started our "sacred war" against Nazi Germany, stating: "FOR THE JEWS ARE THE ARISTOCRATS OF THE WORLD". (Any intelligent Gentile realizes that the literal translation of the GREEK WORD "Aristocrat" means the "Best Dictator", i.e., OVER the Gen­tiles.) [H: AGAIN: GENTILE IS EVERYONE OTHER THAN A JEW. NOW: SWALLOW THIS ONE AS YOU FIND THAT THE DEFINITION OF "JEW" IS ANYONE OPPOSED TO CHRIST. THIS COMES FORTH, THEN, AS "ANTICHRIST".]

Millions of followers of Father Coughlin [Editor's note: This is, remember readers, the author whose Essays we just shared in last week's CONTACT] saw the reprint of Mr. Untermeyer's speech in one of the last issues of Social Justice and understood how we had the power, through our working in the Roosevelt Administration, to remove Social Justice Magazine from the mail and also Father Coughlin from his broadcasts.

By our arrogance we Jews are responsible for a rapidly growing wave of anti-Semitism and, what is even more dan­gerous to us, gentiles are discovering that this anti-semitism is a misnomer invented by us to cover up our own definite Anti-Gentilism. Among the educated gentiles there are many who know that Syrians, Arabs, Ethiopians, Abyssinians, and millions of Levantines are also Semites, and that the term anti-Semitism, once a smokescreen, is today fast turning into fire. Further millions of gentiles have studied the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which we have endeavored in every pos­sible way, and by the spending of huge sums of money, to discredit as forgeries, although we must admit that in no in­stance have we been able to prove our charge. [H: I remind you that this is being written by a "Jew".]


It is therefore more than asinine for a group of professional Jews to admit, and even "prove" in the Jewish magazine Medi­cal Leaves, Vol. IV, p. 143, 1942, that the Protocols were actu­ally written by the scholarly Jew, Dr. Elie de Cyon in Paris.


You recall that Protocol 9 says the term anti-Semitism is of our own creation.

"De facto we have already wiped out every kind of rule except our own. * * * anti-Semitism is indispens­able to us for the management of our lesser brethren".


Recall also from Protocol 5: "We shall create an intensified centralization of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community". (Look at

the U.N.O.).


From Protocol 3: "Of States we have made gladiatorial are­nas where a host of confused ideas contend... A little more and disorders and bankruptcy will be universal".


George E. Sullivan, LL.B., a prominent attorney of the Ro­man Catholic faith, has recently published an article entitled; "Pacelli's Political Phantasm", in which he says:

"Twenty-five years ago, Pope Benedict XV called at­tention to the need for 'a sort of family of peoples, calcu­lated both to maintain their own independence and safe­guard the order of human society' ".

(May 23, 1920).


"Later in the same year, Benedict XV gave explicit warning (July 25, 1920) against-‑


"The advent of a Universal Republic, which is longed for by all of the worst elements of disorder, and confi­dently expected by them".


Nevertheless in his broadcast of Christmas Eve in 1941, Pius XII spoke of an international "edifice" of World Government, and in 1943, "Of a new spirit of world union", which he empha­sized and reiterated in his broadcast Christmas Eve, 1945.


The explanation for this change of policy is found in Celine's (Louis Ferdinand Destouches) book THE SCHOOL OF CORPSES, published 1938 in Paris. On page 198, he says:


"Nothing is more Jewish than the present Pope whose real name is Isaac Ratisch. The Vatican is a Ghetto. The Secretary of State, Pacelli, is likewise a Jew as the Pope".


Gentiles are now beginning to understand why Pope Pius XII is advocating a global super-body directed by a handful of men for an unscrupulous dictatorship, although the Roman Catholic Church was formerly considered a bulwark against the monstrosity of World Government (the secret Free Masonic plan).


Why did Max Pam, an important Jewish corporation lawyer in New Orleans, donate to the Roman Catholic University of Notre Dame its School of Journalism? You are getting the gen­tile Catholics both ways.


A French priest told me that the Jews are responsible for the starvation and torture of the German prisoners in France. He saw many of these who looked like skeletons. "Read the Book of Esther in the Old Testament", he continued, "The Jews wrote it; it is now read in France more than any other book. There you will find the story of Haman, the Hitler of Esther's time. Not only was he killed but also his ten innocent sons. In Esther Chap. IX, v. 16, is told how the Jewess Esther was responsible for the massacre of seventy-five thousand innocent gentiles". To gentiles it is incomprehensible that every year at the feast of Purim, when we celebrate this anniversary, we Jews still rejoice and commemorate such an event of 2500 years ago and this cel­ebration is "covered" by the press of the world. If a formidable Jewess like Esther could murder 75,000 gentiles, reasoned the priest, one thousand powerful Jews who occupy positions of high authority in the Russian, French, British and American Governments, could easily liquidate a whole nation as we see being done in Germany today.

[H: Or Iraq, whichever seems more timely to you.]


This celebration of Purim coincides with the statement in the Encyclopedia Britannica, 1942, Vol. 8, p. 736, under "Esther" by the Reverend Thomas Kelly Cheyne, D.D., D.Litt., Oriel Professor of the Interpretation of the Scripture, Oxford Univer­sity, and the Canon of Rochester, 1885-1908, author of the prophecies of Israel, etc., who says: "There are two very con­spicuous blemishes; the lack of any religious element and the apparent delight in the wholesale slaughter of Gentiles". Deuteronomy, Chapter 2, verse 34, reads: "And we took all his cities at that time and utterly destroyed every inhabited city with the women and the little ones: we left none remaining". [H: And YOU can't see that that is EXACTLY what is planned for Iraq--babies and all! SHAME UPON YOU GULLIBLE FOOLS.]

Churchill is Jew-blooded through his Jewish grandmother, and F.D. Roosevelt's Jewish ancestry is no longer secret to mil­lions of American citizens after the astonishing revelation by the Carnegie Institute in Washington, D.C., published by the Washington, D.C. Star of February 29th, 1936.


The Jewish Examiner of July 27, 1945, stupidly made the statement that the 1915 Year Book (The Howitzer, Ed.) of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point thus described "General Ike" as a member of the graduating class:


"This is Dwight David Eisenhower, gentlemen, the terrible Swedish Jew". America Preferred, November 1945, page 12, commented on this as follows:


"Perhaps a new 'law' transmitted to 'General Ike' by Ben Cohen for the destruction and ruination of Germany, is no racial stain on 'General Ike' after all. Perhaps our late Caesar knew exactly what he was doing when 'General Ike' was shuffled to top rank in the interval just before the 'sneak attack' on Pearl Harbor was arranged".


---EDITOR'S NOTE: The New York Journal American of April 24, 1946, has this item: "Asked what the 'S' stands for in the name of President Harry S. Truman the Chief Executive explains its presence by saying it is the first initial of the names of his paternal and maternal grandfathers which were Shipp (Ed. Schiff?) and Solomon. That is certainly a quaint system of naming. Now that Mr. Truman has become President it seems he should expand his middle name initial so both his grandpar­ents are fully honored. That is, his name should be Harry Solomon Shipp Truman". It is reported that President Truman is proud of his association with a Jewish partner in a short-lived haberdashery enterprise which was a failure.--‑


Professor Jaeger in his book Discovery of the Soul, p. 247, says: "Baptism and interbreeding are of no avail; we remain, even in the hundredth generation Jews, as we were three thou­sand years ago. We never lose the odour of our race--no, not even by ten-fold crossing. And in every case our race domi­nates; young Jews result".




Maurice Samuel, in 1924, wrote a book titled: YOU GEN­TILES. On page 95 he says: "There does not seem to be a country with a history which has not been anti-Semitic at one time or another. There is no country today of which the Jew can say: In this country anti-Semitism will never become triumphant...nor is it conceivable to me that, as long as there are Jews and Gentiles it should ever disappear. P. 154: "The Jewish radical will discover that nothing can bridge the gulf between you and us.

P. 155: "We Jews, we the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever... Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which is not in your nature to build. P. 190: "A Jew is never baptized for the pur­pose of becoming a Christian: his purpose is to become a gen­tile...(i.e. to appear a gentile).


Maurice Samuel, in 1932, wrote JEWS ON APPROVAL. On page 37, he refers to Ben Hecht, who, in turn, wrote, A JEW IN LOVE. On pages 120-121, Hecht writes: "One of the finest things ever done by the mob was the crucifixion of Christ. Intellectually it was a splendid gesture. But trust the mob to bungle. If I'd had charge of executing Christ, I'd have handled it differently. You see, what I would have done was had him shipped to Rome and fed to the lions. They never could have made a savior out of mincemeat".


Nothing could be more unspeakably vile and contemptible to the followers of Jesus Christ than such a statement, for it is ob­vious that Hecht's reference to "mincemeat" meant excrement. Yet it was none other than Ben Hecht, New York Herald Tri­bune, March 10, 1943, who was selected to stage the pageant in Madison Square Garden said to have been attended by 40,000 Jews. I am afraid of these things.


Morgenthau was rewarded by B'Nai B'Rith, the "Holding Company" of all Freemason lodges in the world, for his services to the Jewish cause--the Morgenthau plan of extermination of Germany. Unquestionably he had in mind what was foretold in Deuteronomy, Ch. 11, v. 23: "Then will Jehovah drive out all these nations from before you, and ye shall dispossess nations greater and mightier than yourselves".


Do you remember when our Walter Rathenau, the Barney M. Baruch in Germany during the 1st World War, who pro­moted Bolshevism long before and during the war, mockingly proclaimed the downfall of the German people in the Zuericher Zeitung? Twenty-five years ago he foretold: "The towns of Germany will not stand in ruins, but still exist as semi-lifeless blocks of stone partially inhabited by a few poor wretches. The streets of certain quarters will still be crowded, but all joy and brilliancy will have gone forever. Wearied figures will drag along the rotten pavements toward their slum dwellings. The country roads will be broken up, the forests cut down, and scanty crops be growing in the fields. Docks, railways and canals will have decayed and everywhere the weather-beaten buildings, the monuments of our greatness, will have become homes of sadness. The German intellect which sang and planned for the whole world will be a thing of the past... A na­tion...which even today is still young and vigorous will be...dead.


Inasmuch as Bernard M. Baruch our "elder statesman" stands high in the estimation of many Americans, also as his counsel is front page material for our press, why is the real Baruch directly quoted in the Chicago Tribune, September 25, 1935: "I believe National Pride (Patriotism) is a lot of nonsense". However, we Jews are not a religious group, but a racial and nationalistic people living under common fate and base such claim on Deuteronomy 14 v. 2: "For thou art a holy people unto Jehovah, thy God, and Jehovah has chosen thee to be a people for his own possession, above all people that are upon the face of the Earth". And in this same book, Ch. 17, v. 14 we read: " from among thy brethren shall not set king over thee; thou mayest not put a foreigner (Gentile) over thee, who is not thy brother".


[H: Ok, brace yourself. These so-called Jews ARE the cho­sen ones of Jehovah. The only problem you nice people have is that of identifying Jehovah. Jehovah and Lucifer, the Prince of the World, are the same thing and these are the chosen people of that entity. This is the ANTI-CHRIST. What else is there that you just don't seem to understand?]


Thus Louis D. Brandeis, former Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.A., states: "Let us all recognize that WE Jews are a distinct nationality, of which every Jew, whatever his country, his station or shade of belief, is necessarily a member". Supporting this claim we have the statement of Joseph Cohn in the Jewish World, November 4, 1913: "He who has to make a choice between his duties as an Englishman or a Jew, must choose the latter".


A similar statement can be found in the Chicago American of April 6th, 1936:


After Mayor Kelly of Chicago had made a Jew-warning speech under the auspices of The Democratic League in Chicago, the Jewish President--Alderman Jacob M. Arvey re­torted: "I resent the fact that this propaganda has been started. I am a Jew first and then a Democrat".




We are only about a third the way through this document so we will stick with it until we get it done. It is truly worthy of your time when you find the people in the forefront of the opposition are actually the authors of the information we use.


These self-proclaimed would-be controllers of the world make no means of apology for their actions or beliefs. They have no moral code of ethics as do those with religious bearings based on God's laws or those of a Christed entity. It reminds me of "Who is telling the truth in Washington these days"? NOBODY! Absolutely NOBODY! Each player is simply trying to produce the LIE that will save their own assets--nothing more. This is nothing except an interesting game as the big boys square off at each other for control and the war goes forth to PROVE YOUR ANTI-GOD MENTALITY.


When Billy and Hilly went to church that first Sunday after the big cloudburst, he had Hilly in one hand and the Bible with a BUNCH of markers in the other. Funny thing is, we in this realm would have found Sex and the Single Girl far more be­lievable as undoubtedly would have YOU.


More amusing yet is the honorable Nobel Peace Prize for which it is said Mr. Clinton has been nominated? Really? The same people who choose the nominees and winners are the SAME BUNCH who are tearing him to pieces. I remind you, An­tichrist has no honor, no scruples, no truth and no compassion--just hard, bitter and cruel intentions and actions. Satan tempts and THEN DESTROYS. And when YOU are "too big" to learn--you are destined for the fall.


I am reminded of what Jason Brent (Jew) had to say about Adolf Hitler in his Mensa Journal article. He claimed to have lost some 50 to 100 members of his family in the Holocaust. Of course his name was something like Berkowitz before he changed it to hide. He said: "The real crime of Adolf Hitler was that he lost, probably forever, the opportunity to build a master-race".


Well, readers, if these are to be the examples of the "Master Superior Race" I hope that I shall never see it come to be more than this day for it is a choice of death when ye could have the wondrous beauty of life.




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