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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

PJ #228 " RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. 2 ", chapter 11 & 12.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by André & Christ.
Nov 15, 2012 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 228




SUN., FEB. 15, 1998    7:55 A.M.    YR. 11, DAY 183

SUN.,  FEB. 15,  1998



The people who are sending out copies of articles and the paper on the Internet are coming under such harsh and pointed treat­ment (by the computer companies offering the networks) that we have to consider total shutdown in specific locations.


You can always tell when over a million addresses and contacts are pushed from your whole data-base.


Dharma calls to me: "We really need some help down here, Sir". I hear you. We do not, team, do anything to bring retali­ation of the nasty kind upon anyone, so use your reason and logic and CHANGE SOMETHING--but not much!


A new "virus" for your computer systems has been developed as a "flesh-eating" entity for all off-establishment Truth. The key­words which will pull it in to contaminate YOUR machine and scan your e-mail and on-line sending capabilities are such as Israel, Gulf War, Iraq, Egypt, any of your Jewish cabinet war­mongers, and Mideast. This will include New World Order, World Church, U.S.- & British-Israel(i), Saddam, IMF, World Bank and related terms. I suggest you get clearing programs and make sure, please, that P.K. gets one ASAP before his new computer system is wiped out. This "bug" may well come with power surges built in that "blow-out" your more sensitive "chips".


For everyone who has now gone to getting access to the paper through various internets, we can only suggest you subscribe to CONTACT for thus far we have been left quite alone and to our own resources with the paper itself. We are moving as quickly as we can to gain a website but, remember, we are just little folk doing impossible work.


[Editor's note: It is true that CONTACT is moving carefully to­ward the assembly of a website from which you will be able to download probably selected excerpts from the full content of the hard-copy newspapers themselves, but this project is taking some time to complete due both to technical matters as well as to the obvious caution which CONTACT must exercise due to our "lightning rod" nature of truth bringing and the constant at­tempts to pull us down.


However, I (E. Y.) once again caution about over-dependency upon the Internet form of information broadcasting and retrieval for two good reasons: (1) it is such a ready conduit for both the innocent as well as the purposeful injection of slick mis/disinformation that one must exercise on even higher degree of alertness than when monitoring the usual print and broadcast controlled-media avenues of mind control; and (2) from a purely behavioral perspective, the Internet is completely vulnerable to all kinds of access and routing "problems "--beyond the calcu­lated introduction of nasty viruses and sophisticated surveillance techniques.


The only reason (in my opinion) the Internet is still functioning is because most users are unaware of (and thus innocent to) the above-mentioned modes of manipulation and distraction--and thus just as easily controlled thereby as thru the usual radio or television news broadcast avenues. Moreover, in "going with the flow" of a lazy approach to information gathering the elite controllers would like you to become completely dependent upon that Internet resource. It would suit them just fine if you forgot all about how to use your local library or even that dusty set of encyclopedias up there on the shelf (the older, the better, if you want less tampered-with information). The school systems, of course, are rapidly eliminating the entire concept of library sci­ence (and the libraries themselves) from students' awareness, along with the rest of their dumbing-down agenda. And the Internet steps right on in there--as a new "baby sitter" of sorts, in terms of its "entertainment" value.


So, what happens, then, when "somebody" pushes a button and the Internet goes down? Or you can't access anything but dis­information without acquiring a virus and erasing your com­puter? About that point the old hard-copy issues of CONTACT and THE PHOENIX JOURNALS etc. , start to look pretty use­ful. So don't become too infatuated with the Internet.


Therefore, I would strongly suggest that if an important or useful document DOES happen to make-it across the Internet to your computer, say from our future website or Art Bell's website or wherever, you quickly save it, and just as quickly PRINT IT, so you have a hard-copy format available for later reference and sharing. You'll be glad you did when you're sitting around by candlelight, without power or telephone lines, or when your computer just sits there--dead--from the latest designer virus, broadcast to turn that collection of sophisticated electronics into a useless pile of junk.


As for those, especially among the younger generations, who can't even READ anymore--well, that's a topic for some other Editor's note!]


Patrick Henry make an interesting observation: "The battle is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave".


He is also credited with "Give me Liberty or give me death." Pw! Death is a cop-out every time. Are you worthy and wish to LIVE for a cause, to be active, vigilant and brave? It is in the LIVING that the goal is achieved--NEVER in the dying. Dead martyrs are a penny a dozen.


Apparently 2"x6" in Florida gets his SPOTLIGHT before others show up on our desk for specific attention to various stories and the one he sent yesterday is worthy of note because you are be­ing led down the bloody pathway to soul destruction. You don't even keep up with what goes on at home with Willie's zipper, much the less in Southern Egypt. I remind you that you ARE a Global community run and controlled by Blood-sucking para­sites and you had better look both ways before crossing the river of blood. The blood is literally dripping from the hooknosed beaks and talons of these deadly HAWKS prowling the nights so you can't find them by day.




All the way through here REMEMBER: Anyone who is not a Jew is a Gentile and the purpose of the Jew is to wipe out all Gentiles (it is called anti-Gentilism). The "Jew" is not a race or a religion, in this instance it is The New World Order. These Elite will, however, leave enough "little people" around to be slaves, servants and BUYERS of GOODS. Somebody, you see, has to use the OIL and products or there is no base for the One World economy.


Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State, U.S.A., claims to be a "Pacifist" adoring peace and avoiding bloodshed at any cost. Forget it. This woman lives on the blood of her enemies, which is humanity itself.


There have been some attacks pulled off in Africa and recently in Egypt by the very enemy in disguise. These are Israeli sneaks posing as radicals of "any" other nation in the Middle East for which they can pass the "look" evidence. YOU of the other manipulated nations listen and watch, but not very much, and lay everything to the "unrest" of backward people. No, it is MURDER and CARNAGE at its worst--on hapless and helpless victims--so such as Madeleine Albright, Israeli viper par excellence, can preach: "I am a pacifist".


QUOTING, THE SPOTLIGHT Feb. 20, 1995, front page:


by Warren Hough


With a nod of approval from the United States, Muslims are be­ing massacred in the Mideast.


     The summit meeting of leaders from Egypt, Jordan, Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Cairo on Feb. 2 was not, as the world press headlined it, a cordial round of "peace talks".


     It was held to coordinate a shoot-to-kill drive against Muslim dissenters, using intelligence supplied by Israeli agents for mass raids, SPOTLIGHT has learned from highly placed diplomatic sources.


     By Feb. 8, foreign correspondents familiar with the Middle East were able to confirm additional details of this exclusive in­formation at UN headquarters in New York.


     "Right after that Cairo summit, truckloads of secret police in masks--they could have been Arabs or even Israelis--went on the attack in Southern Egypt", recounted Amin A. Ishaq, a veteran Pakistani news editor. "We now have reports that in the province of Al-Minya alone, the security forces killed 227 peo­ple in a couple of days." [H: Ah yes indeed, doesn't this have shades of British Lawrence of Arabia all over its bloody swords?]




But the Clinton administration, moved last year to public out­rage--and military intervention--by the lesser atrocities of the Haitian military, made no attempt to protest the slaughter of Muslim faithful in Egypt, where the forces of repression are EQUIPPED AND FUNDED BY U.S. TAX DOLLARS.


     At the UN, U.S. Ambassador Madeleine Albright calmly condoned the carnage, calling it "A firm pacification strategy  for southern Egypt". [H: Say what? Read that again: The killings were a "strategy" for "pacification". And yes, for you really sleepy heads, Madeleine was the former U.S. Ambassador to the UN for the U.S.--before she became a bigger vampire in the administration with Zipper Willie.]


     In a confidential memorandum circulated among UN dele­gates from Islamic nations, Albright is cited for "strong ethnic and cultural links to Israel", which prompt her to support, not just the ministate's moves, but the policies of its most hawkish political faction, the Likud.


     Led by longtime terrorists Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir while it held power in Israel during the 1980s, Likud, the war party, is now the leading opposition group in the min­istate's parliament. It aims at open conquest to create a Great Israel, including all of Palestine and an adjacent area of Lebanon [H: ...the U.S. and Britain...].


     Likud's present leader, BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, warned during a U.S. visit last month that his party would return to power in the next elections and make sure that Israel is recog­nized as the "strongman of the middle East".


     To attain that goal the Likud must depend on unconditional American support, coordinated by Israel's infiltrated agents of influence within the Clinton administration.


     SPOTLIGHT will pursue its investigation of the ministate's militant loyalists who often turn out to be the key policymakers and trendsetters among the Washington elites.



Perhaps now that the annual day love-in of the 14th Big V-Day is over you can look again at the world agendas. And, oh yes, a Russian won the gold for figure skating, a Canadian took sec­ond, and the French took third--the U.S. placed fourth. This is just so, if you missed the marks like some skaters missed the "Quad" you don't have to waste more time searching for the scores.


I'm sure that later the big announcement will be how really nice the Americans have been to honor Japan by postponing the at­tack, and THIRD WORLD WAR, on Iraq's civilians. Proud, America? SHAME ON THE WHOLE MISGUIDED LOT OF YOU.


How many of YOU even know that while the HAWKS screech, the UN has teams going through those "off limits to the U.S." palaces and are welcome to go through them all. The Iraqi peo­ple are terrified that the U.S. and Brits will place bombs within the grounds and later detonate them while blowing up everything including the historical sites of irreplaceable value. Is that really so difficult to understand, you people of couch-potato violence?


Today, I too feel the despair of trying to do anything--just let it go and take whatever shreds are left of dying humanity and see what we can do after they kill themselves off finally.





Let's get back to something a bit more remote, like information poured forth onto you in May (29th) 1920:








     Humanity has become wise enough to discuss those forms of physical sickness over which it formerly drew the veil of shame and secrecy, but political hygiene is not so far advanced. The main source of the sickness of the German national body is charged to be the influence of the Jews, and although this was apparent to acute minds years ago, it is now said to have gone so far as to be apparent to the least observing.

[H: Well, it cer­tainly faded again before it got to today in 1998. I remind you of the U.S. and Canada (and other British Empire slaves--err-a--Subjects), THIS IS THE ANTICHRIST DE­STROYING YOU--NOT THOSE OTHER FACTIONS

I MENTION ABOVE.] The eruption has broken out on the sur­face of the body politic, and no further concealment of this fact is possible. It is the belief of all classes of the German people that the collapse which has come since the armistice, and the revolution from which they are being prevented a recovery, are the result of Jewish intrigue and purpose. They declare it with assurance; they offer a mass of facts to confirm it; they believe that history will provide the fullest proof.


     The Jew in Germany is regarded as only a guest of the peo­ple; he has offended by trying to turn himself into the host. [H: Sound like America, sheepleheads? Do I offend? I didn't think you COULD BE OFFENDED!] There is no stronger contrast in the world than the pure Germanic and the pure Semitic races; therefore, there has been no harmony between the two in Germany; the German has regarded the Jew strictly as a guest, while the Jew, indignant at not being given the privileges of the nation-family, has cherished animosity against his host. In other countries the Jew is permitted to mix more readily with the people, he can amass his control unchallenged; but in Ger­many the case was different. Therefore, the Jew hated the German people; therefore, the countries of the world which were most dominated by the Jews showed the greatest hatred of Germany during the recent regrettable war. Jewish hands were in almost exclusive control of the engines of publicity by which public opinion concerning the German people was molded. The sole winners of the war were Jews.


     But Assertion is not enough; proof is wanted; therefore, con­sider the evidence. What occurred immediately upon the change from the old regime to the new? The cabinet composed of six men, which substituted the Minister of State, was dominated by the Jews Haase and Landsberg. Haase had control of foreign affairs; his assistant was the Jew Kautsky, a Czech, who in 1918 was not even a German citizen. Also associated with Haase were the Jews Cohn and Herzfeld. The Jew Schiffer was Financial Minister of State, assisted by the Jew Bernstein. The Secretary of the Interior was the Jew Preuss, with the Jew Dr. Freund for his assistant. The Jew Fritz Max Cohen, who was correspondent of the Frankfurter Zeitung in Copenhagen, was made government publicity agent.



     The kingdom of Prussia duplicated this condition of affairs. The Jews Hirsch and Rosenfeld dominated the cabinet, with Rosenfeld controlling the Department of Justice, and Hirsch in the Department of the Interior. The Jew Simon was in charge of the Treasury Department. The Prussian Department of Justice was wholly manned and operated by Jews. The Director of Ed­ucation was the Jew Furtran with the assistance of the Jew Arndt. The Director of the Colonial Office was the Jew Meyer-Gerhard. The Jew Kastenberg was director of the Department of Art. The War Food Supply Department was directed by the Jew Wurm, while in the State Food Department were the Jews Prof. Dr. Hirsch and the Geheimrat Dr. Stadthagen. The Sol­diers' and the Workmen's Committee was directed by the Jew Cohen, with the Jews Stern, Herz, Lowenberg, Frankel, Is­raelowcz, Laubenheim, Seligsohn, Katzenstein, Laufenberg, Heimann, Schlesinger, Merz and Weyl having control of various activities of that committee.


     The Jew Ernst is chief of police at Berlin; in the same office at Frankfurt is the Jew Sinzheimer; in Munich the Jew Steiner; in Essen the Jew Levy. It will be remembered that the Jew Eis­ner was President of Bavaria, his financial minister being the Jew Jaffe. Bavaria's trade, commerce and industry were in control of the half-Jew Bretano. The Jews Lipsinsky and Schwarz were active in the government of Saxony; the Jews Thallheimer and Heiman in Wurtemberg; the Jew Fulda in Hes­sen.


     Two delegates sent to the Peace Conference were Jews and a third was notoriously the tool of Jewish purposes. In addition Jews swarmed through the German delegation as experts and advisors--Max Warburg, Dr. Von Strauss, Merton, Oskar Op­penheimer, Dr. Jaffe, Deutsch, Bretano, Bernstein, Struck, Rathenau, Wassermann and Mendelsohn-Bartholdi.


     As to the part which Jews from other countries had in the Peace Conference, German observers declare that any candid student may discover by reading the accounts of impartial non-Jewish recorders of that event. Only the non-Jewish historians seem to have been struck by the fact; the multitude of Jewish writers apparently judged it wise to conceal it.


     Jewish influence in German affairs came strongly to the front during the war. It came with all the directness and attack of a flying wedge, as if previously prepared. The Jews of Germany were not German patriots during the war, and although this will not appear a crime in the eyes of the nations who were opposed to Germany, it may throw some light on the Jew's assertion of patriotic loyalty to the land where he lives. Thoughtful Ger­mans hold that it is impossible for the Jew to be a patriot, for reasons which will presently be given.


     The point to be considered is the general claim that the per­sons already named would not have obtained the positions in which they were found had it not been for the Revolution, and the Revolution would not have come had not they brought it. It is true that there were unsatisfactory conditions in Germany, but they could and would have been adjusted by the people them­selves; the conditions which destroyed the people's morale and were made impossible to reform were in the control of the Jews.


     The principal Jewish influences which are charged with bringing about the downfall of German order may be named un­der three heads: (a) the spirit of Bolshevism which masqueraded under the name of German Socialism; (b) Jewish ownership and control of the Press; (c) Jewish control of the food supply and the industrial machinery of the country. There was a fourth, "higher up", but these worked upon the German people directly.


[H: Can't happen in America? It already HAS HAPPENED IN AMERICA. Does anybody remember Archer Daniels Midland Co.? This is the GRAIN CARTEL OF THE GLOBE AND THEY HAVE NOT ONLY "CONTROL" BUT HAVE GOTTEN RID OF ALL RESERVES WHICH WOULD FEED SOME OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME--IN THE U.S. THE U.S. DOES NOT HAVE EVEN ONE WEEK'S SUPPLY OF RESERVES. Oh yes, and your favorite Jewish commentator, David Brinkley, is now em­ployed by this company while Gorbachev and the ex-prime minister of Canada are also major players with that corpo­ration.]


     As it is possible that German conclusions upon this matter may be received doubtfully by peoples whose public opinion has been shaped by Jewish influence, it may help to quote George Pitter-Wilson, of the London Globe, who wrote in April, 1919, "Bolshevism is the dispossession of the Christian nations of the world to such an extent that no capital will remain in the hands of the Christians, that all Jews may jointly hold the world in their hands and reign wherever they choose". As early as the second year of the war, German Jews were preaching that Ger­many's defeat was necessary to the rise of the proletariat, at which time Strobel declared, "I openly admit that a full victory of the country would not be in the interest of the Social Democrats". Everywhere it was preached that "The exaltation of the proletariat after a won victory is an impossibility". These instances, out of many, are cited not to reopen the military question but to show how the so-called German Jew forgot loy­alty to the country in which he lived and joined the outside Jews in accomplishing the collapse of Germany, and not merely, as we shall see, to rid Germany of militarism, which every thoughtful German desired, but to throw the country in such confusion as to permit them to seize control.



     The press of Germany echoed this plan of the Jewish spokesmen, at first faintly, then boldly. The Berliner Tageblatt and the Municher Neuster Nachrichten were during the whole war official and semi-official organs of the government. They were owned and controlled by Jews, as was also the Frankfurter Zeitung and a host of smaller papers that were their spiritual dependents. These papers, it is charged, were really German edi­tions of the Jew-controlled press of the Allied countries, and their purpose was the same. One of the great pieces of research that ought to be undertaken for the purpose of showing the world how its thought is manufactured for it every day, and for what ulterior purposes, is this union of the Jewish press, which passes for the Public Press, throughout the world. [H: Any­body want to argue that it isn't STILL THE SAME?]


     The food and supplies of the people quickly passed into Jew­ish hands as soon as the war emergency came, and then began a period of dishonesty which destroyed the confidence of the bravest. Like all other patriotic people, the German people knew that war meant sacrifice and suffering, and like other people they were willing to share the common lot. But they found themselves preyed upon by a class of Jews who had prepared everything to make profit out of the common distress. Immedi­ately Jews appeared in banks, war companies, distribution soci­eties, and the ministries of supplies--wherever the life of the people could be speculated in or taxed. Articles that were plen­tiful disappeared, only to reappear again at high prices. The war companies were exclusively Jewish, and although the gov­ernment attempted to regulate the outgo of food in the interests of all the people, it became notorious that those with money could get all of anything they wanted, regardless of the food cards. The Jews simply trebled the price of the goods they let go without the cards, and so kept a stream of the nation's gold flowing into their private treasuries. None of the Government's estimates of the food stocks could be depended on because of the hidden hoards on which these speculators drew. This began to disturb the morale of the people, and complaints were made and prosecutions started; but as soon as the cases came up it was discovered that the prosecutor appointed to charge and the commissioner appointed to judge were also Jews, and so the cases usually wore themselves out without results. When, how­ever, a German merchant was caught, great noise was made about it, and the penalty placed upon him was equal to what all the others should have had. Go the length and breadth of Ger­many today, say the reports, study the temper of the people, and you will discover that the abuse of power by the Jews has burned across Germany's memory like a hot iron.


     While these influences were undermining the mass of the people, higher influences of Jewish origin were operating upon the government. The advisers of the Bethmann-Hollweg gov­ernment were the great ship magnate, Ballin, a Jew; Theodor Wolff, of the Berliner Tageblatt and member of the Pan-Jewish press; Von Gwinner, director of the German Bank who is con­nected by marriage with the great Jew bankers, the Speyers; and Rathenau, the leader of Jewish industrial-financial activities. These men were at the source of things and were bending the government as the other influences were bending the people.


     The rich German Jew could buy the recognition he desired by acquiring financial power over those interests which most di­rectly affected the ruling class of Germany, but how was the poor Jew to gain the recognition he desired?--for all Jews are actuated by the same desire; it is in them; they feel the spur to mastery. Having explored the conquest of the higher circles by Jewish money-power, there is yet to explore the conquest of the body of the nation by Jews who had no money except what they could seize in the disorder which they caused. The analysis that is given, follows:


     The Jew is not an anarchist. He is not a destructionist. All this is true, notwithstanding he is the world's Bolshevist and preeminently Germany's revolutionist. His anarchy is not in­grained, it is a device which he uses for a purpose. The rich Jew is not an anarchist, because he can achieve what he desires by more subtle methods. The poor Jew has no other recourse. But rich and poor go jointly for a long stretch; the bond of sym­pathy between them never breaks; for if the anarchy is success­ful, then the poor Jew shall take his place with the rich Jew; and if the anarchy is not successful, it has nevertheless served to break up new fields in which the rich Jew may operate.


[H: Perhaps I can make this a bit more clearly understood. The point, readers, is certainly not to destroy the U.S. as in "retaliation" by the Mideastern countries or China. The point is to get the war going OUT OF TOWN, so to speak, so that the U.S. mainland is more surely maintained in one piece. The perpetrators don't want to give up the luxurious lifestyle of what America has come to represent, so don't lose sight of the wish to CONTROL, OWN, MONOPOLIZE AND RULE by this New World Order where you-the-people PAY AND SERVE. The real "rub" comes as to whether or not the other parts and religious people of the world will allow you to go unscathed in your dictatorship of horror.]


     In Germany it was possible for the poor Jew to thrust himself up through the wall of Germanism above him only by breaking it up. In Russia the same was true. The social system had en­crusted around the Jew, keeping him in a position where, as the nations knew by experience, he would be less harmful. As na­ture encysts the harmful foreign element in the flesh, building a wall around it, so nations have found it expedient to do with the Jew. In modern times, however, the Jew has found a means of knocking down the walls and throwing the whole national house into confusion, and in the darkness and riot that follows, seize the place he has long coveted. When Russia broke, who came first to light? Kerensky, who is a Jew. But his plans were not radical enough, and then came Trotsky, another Jew. Trotsky found the system too strong for him to break in America--he broke through the weak spot in Russia and would extend that weakness round the world. Every commissar in Russia today is a Jew. Publicists are accustomed to speak of Russia as if it were in disorder. It may be that Russia is, but the Jewish government of Russia is not. From a mass of underlings, the Jews of Russia came up a perfect phalanx, a flying wedge through the superinduced disorder, as if every man's place had been previously prepared for him.


     That also is the way it was in Germany. The German ceiling had to be broken, as it were, before the poor Jews could realize their ambition. When the break was made they swarmed through and settled in places of control above the nation.


     This may explain why Jews the world over supply the energy of disruptive movements. It is understood that the young Jews of the United States are propagandists of an ideal that would practically abolish the United States. The attack

is aimed, of course, against "capitalism", which means the present govern­ment of the world by the Gentile. The true capitalists of the world are Jews, who are capitalists for capital's sake. It is hard to believe that they wish to destroy capital; they wish to obtain sole control of it, and their wish has long been in fair way to ful­fillment.


     In Germany, therefore, as in Russia, distinction is made be­tween the methods of the rich and of the poor Jews, because one method affects the government and the other the morale of the people, but both converge on the same objective. It is not only desire to escape oppression that actuates the lower classes of Jews, but desire to gain control

--for the spirit of mastery pulses strong within them. German convictions on this question have reached the place where they may be expressed thus: Revolution is the expression of the Jews' will to power. Parties such as the socialists, democrats and freethinkers are but tools for the Jew­ish plan to power. The so-called "dictatorship of the proletariat" is really and practically the dictatorship of Jews.


     So suddenly have German eyes been opened, so stormfully wrathful has been the reaction that the word has gone out through German Judaism to retire to the second trench. There has been a sudden and concerted abandonment of office wher­ever the office made direct contact with the public; there has, however, been no abandonment of power. What will happen in Germany is not now known. Some regrettable things have al­ready happened. But the Germans will doubtless prove them­selves equal to the situation by devising methods of control at once unobjectionable and effective. But as to Russia, it is hardly doubtful any longer what will happen there. When Rus­sia turns, a shudder will run through the Earth. [H: And this, you had best believe, then and NOW.]


     How Gentile Germany and Russia look at the entire question may be summarized as follows:


     Judaism is the most closely organized power on Earth, even more than the British Empire. It forms a State whose citizens are unconditionally loyal wherever they may be and whether rich or poor.


     The name which is given in Germany to this State which cir­culates among all the states is "All-Judaan".


     The means of power of the State of All-Judaan are capital and journalism, or money and propaganda.


     All-Judaan is the only State that exercises world government; all the other States can and may exercise national government only.


     The principal culture of All-Judaan is journalistic; the techni­cal, scientific, literary performances of the modern Jew are throughout journalistic performances. They are due to the mar­velous talent of the Jews for receptivity of others' ideas. Capital and Journalism are joined in the Press to create a political and spiritual medium of Jewish power.


     The government of this state of All-Judaan is wonderfully or­ganized. Paris was its first seat, but has now been moved to third place. Before the war London was its first, and New York its second capital. It remains to be seen whether New York will now supplant London--the drift is toward America.


     As All-Judaan is not in a position to have a standing army and navy, other states supply these for it. Its fleet is the British fleet which guards from hindrance the progress of all-Jewish world economy, or that part of it which depends on the sea. In return, All-Judaan assures Britain an undisturbed political and territorial world rule. All-Judaan has added Palestine to British control. Wherever there was an All-Judaan land force (whatever national uniform it might wear), it worked with the British navy.


     All-Judaan is willing to entrust the government of various strips of the world to the nationalistic governments; it only asks to control the governments. Judaism is passionately in favor of perpetuating nationalistic divisions for the Gentile world. For themselves, Jews never become assimilated with any nation. They are a separate people, always were and always will be.


     All-Judaan's only quarrel with any nation occurs when the nation makes it impossible for All-Judaan to control that nation's industrial and financial profits. It can make war; it can make peace; it can command anarchy in stubborn cases; it can restore order. It holds the sinews of world power in its hand and it ap­portions them among the nations in such ways as will best sup­port All-Judaan's plan.


     Controlling the world's sources of news, All-Judaan can al­ways prepare the minds of the people for its next move. The greatest exposure yet to be made is the way that news is manu­factured and the way in which the mind of whole nations is molded for a purpose. When the powerful Jew is at last traced and his hand revealed, then comes the ready cry of persecution and it echoes through the world press. The real causes of the persecution (which is the oppression of the people by the finan­cial practices of the Jews) are never given publicity.


     All-Judaan has its vice-governments in London and New York. Having wreaked its revenge on Germany it will now go forth to conquer other nations. Britain it already has. Russia it is struggling for, but the chances are against it. The United States, with its good-natured tolerance of all races, offers a promising field. The scene of operations changes, but the Jew is the same throughout the centuries.


Issue of May 29, 1920.



I suggest you ALL pay close attention to these articles. These were written 77 years ago--over three quarters of a century. You have watched Russia be taken and then fall. Every great nation and civilization has fallen at the hands of these Antichrist takers.


I am quite interested in, however, when we give them CREDIT for this incredible feat



You have lost your direction, but let me assure you of this ad­versary to freedom: THEY DO NOT FOR EVEN ONE SEC­OND OR HEARTBEAT LOSE THEIR DIRECTIONS AND GOALS.


Perhaps you didn't have any goals, or anything other than self­-oriented--you know,

"If it feels good do it!" Readers, we have been this route before and I remind you that

it only takes into a third generation to completely change society, attitudes, direc­tions, and especially MORAL STABILITY. Once the moral stability is gone--there is nothing left save the bloodletting, im­moral attitudes, lust and greed for SELF.










MON., FEB. 16, 1998    8:04 A.M.    YR. 11, DAY 184

MON.,  FEB. 16,  1998



You move only upon the surface of that which is underneath you in foundation, be it an ocean of water, a ploughed earth, a ce­ment sidewalk, a garden pathway or a kitchen table. Moreover, you CANNOT SEE what is underneath the first three inches of whatever is piled atop the surface. If you be ON THE TABLE and the table be of wood and covered with dishes and food--you can only see the TABLECLOTH in places, the dishes (but not their underside without turning them upright) and anything on the "other" side of that which sets atop the table.


If you are in a "foreign land" standing on the table, there may well be food which your eyes tell you is bread, for that is the most basic of food; what will you call it? If it is "coffee cake", will you call it Krendl? Or if it is a "filled" bread, will you rec­ognize it as Kulich or will you believe that perhaps you are in Russia? Or, if you see packaged there on the table with you, and you are going forth to a burial, will you name the bread Pan de Muertos? How about a bit of Julbrod or Bara Brith or even Lambropsomo?


Now, shouldn't you perhaps get OFF THE TABLE if it be laden with breads for the eating? Whatever are you doing atop the table in the first place? And how do you recognize the table? From the things atop IT? Why do you stop the curiosity of a child when you come to accept anything and everything told to you? Perhaps it might even be that the only way through a nar­row space is over or under THAT table? Why do you see the table before you, need to get to the OTHER SIDE OF IT, and yet listen to those who will tell you THERE IS NO TABLE? OR, MORE OBVIOUS; THAT WHATEVER YOU THOUGHT YOU NEEDED TO REACH WAS NOT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TABLE!? THINGS ARE RARELY WHAT THEY SEEM TO BE AND WHEN YOU BEGIN TO THINK IN THOSE TERMS YOU WILL HAVE FINALLY MATCHED THE SHREWD MINDS OF THOSE WHO HAVE SET YOUR PATHWAY FOR THEMSELVES!

What would I say to those who would want the "contract" of great size when half comes back to you as presented? If they need more than is their half for the construction--GIVE THEM PART OF YOUR HALF. DO NOT CHARGE USURY (INTEREST); ALLOW THE OTHER TO PURCHASE THE USE OF THE FUNDS RIGHT UP FRONT AND THEN YOU HAVE A JOINT VENTURE WORTHY OF BOTH IN­VESTORS. Even better; give them two contracts and some of yours from both. Or, give them, if they be trustworthy, ALL and purchase back enough to fill

your own needs--and SHARE THAT PORTION!


How many places can you occupy at once? How many vehicles can you drive at once? How many bathrooms can you use at once? Think, children, WHY DO YOU NEED TO OWN THE WORLD TO HAVE... WHAT?


Don't you see the pattern of putting thoughts and reactions into your brains--constantly? Now, the brain-warpers want to go with a cute code-name--AGAIN--called Desert Thunder. This will go with the "Weapons of Mass Destruction". You can see that anyone of the political-military assault forces must use that term "Weapons of Mass Destruction" EVERY TIME THEY REFER TO THE IRAQ MATTER. IT IS AN ORDER.


So, ask John Doe on Main Street, "What is this Iraq thing about?" Smugly you will get back, "Madman Saddam has--err-­a--ah--yeah, weapons of mass destruction". Say what? Go ahead and ask "WHAT?" "Well-er-ah--bunkers full of antisep­tics or something like that (anthrax), and well, he is just a nasty person". But won't a lot of innocent people get hurt? "Who the hell cares, it is their fault"! Oh, and what of Saddam? Say, you know, what is that bad dude's last name? "Who knows", will probably come the answer but let them continue, "...something like Husane or Insane

--yeah Hoosain!" Response: "I thought he was King of Jordan." Then note: "Oh well, I'm not good with names and they all sound alike anyway and..." And YOU would blow up a nation over THIS?


You think I jest? Out of 150 kids of high school age polled in Los Angeles almost all could not tell you that Wisconsin was a part of the United States. And if pressed they would call it a "brand of cheese". Most didn't even know the latter informa­tion and actually, from the press of advertisements for Califor­nia Cheese--will tell you California is noted for its cheese. Sick!


The thought always flows back to me: "but can we really change much"? Perhaps not, but Truth is the way to freedom, espe­cially of spirit. And I would remind you that we write--you read and it is up to YOU. HE WHO READS THE LETTER SHOULD EXECUTE THE MESSAGE!


My people are assaulted and insulted by our writings? How be it that it would be so? We ARE Semites so "anti-Semitic" is a silly reference. We offer massive information and background on the ACCOMPLISHMENTS of these dispersed peoples who didn't accept Christ as a Messiah and rose up against the very people who wished to live lives according to Godly rules. THEY named the "(c)hristian" messenger "Jesus", not the par­ents of the child. How can it be an insult against anyone if you speak of their accomplishments and place them as, literally, world rulers? And "hatemongers"? Do not ALL do business with these very personages? Do you not bank with these very bankers? What can there be about a people's history that could possibly represent hate or disdain about them? Why, if I call a Jewish man a Jew, is it wrong while Larry King can call himself and all his friends "Jews" and they are all bowed to the high ti­tle? Is there something WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?


We are not going to toss out anyone, subvert anything--all we do is offer facts, truth and information. How can a man complain if we repeat that which he produced and has such pride in ac­complishment. How can Jason Brent, for instance, call us hatemongers and anti-Semitic because we reprint his own thesis on population control? I welcome any and all to reproduce, reprint and tell the world what I offer on my theses of living and being.


Speaking on these matters brings us back to Henry Ford. The Ford Motor Company is a great corporation--run by Jews as is Henry's giant Foundation. But Henry wrote endlessly his ob­servations and research on these very Jewish parties who have come to run the commercial world. The fundamental basis of living is presented in the Talmud AND THE ACTION PRO­GRAM IS IN THE ZION MANIFESTO, THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION. There, and I didn't mention the word "Jew" even once!


No, readers, I am not going to "bite" on the ridiculous rantings of a few non-informed persons for this very topic is the most important one topic of your entire historical experience.


The next "in line" portion of the articles of Ford is missing its beginning and ending, or it is out of place in the book, or--what­ever. Remember that these articles appeared three-quarters of a century ago and some pages, like the Dead Sea Scrolls, may have gotten lost, perhaps? We take them and offer them as they come.





[H: Since I find no title we will label it:]




     "At first sight it would seem as if the economic system of North America was the very one that developed inde­pendently of the Jews... Nevertheless I uphold my asser­tion that the United States (perhaps more than any other land) are filled to the brim with the Jewish spirit. This is recognized in many quarters, above all in those best capa­ble of forming a judgment on the subject....


     In the face of this fact, is there not some justification for the opinion that the United States owe their very exis­tence to the Jews? And if this be so, how much more can it be asserted that Jewish influence made the United States just what they are--that is, American? For what we call Americanism is nothing else, if we may say so, than the Jewish spirit distilled". Werner Sambart, The Jews and Modern Capital, pp. 38, 43.

     [part missing]...profit. The result has not been a decrease in cost to the public, but an increase. It is characteristic of Jewish business methods that economies are for the sake of the business, not for the sake of the public. The commodities in which there have been the most inexcusable and exorbitant increases in prices to the public, and the lines of business which have been most quickly frightened into lower prices without any explanatory change in the general situation, have been those lines in which Jews exercise the widest control.


     Business to the Jewish mind is money; what the successful Jew may do with his money after he gets it it is another matter, but in the getting of it he never permits "idealistic slush" to in­terfere with the dollar. His dollar of profit is never "clipped" by any of the voluntary reforms by which a few men are trying to ameliorate the condition of the workers. [H: What's wrong with this? Unless, of course, you are one of the workers.]


     This is not by any means due to the hardness of the Jewish heart, but to the hardness of the Jewish view of business. Busi­ness is to it a matter of goods and money, not of people. If you are in distress and suffering, the Jewish heart would have sym­pathy for you; but if your house were involved in the matter, you and your house would be two separate entities; the Jew would naturally find it difficult, in his theory of business, to humanize the house; he would deal with it after a manner which other people would call "hard", but he would not feel the charge to be just; he would say that it was only "business". [H: How many of YOU have lived through the loss of property, homes, etc., and experienced this approach AT ALL COST (TO YOU OF COURSE)?]


     It is probably this way that the Jewish "sweatshops" of New York may be explained. When the susceptible people of the na­tion commiserated the poor Jews of the New York sweatshops, they for the most part did not know that the inventors and oper­ators of the "sweatshop" method were THEMSELVES Jews. Indeed, while it is the boast of our country that no race or color or creed is persecuted here, but liberty is insured to all, still it is a fact which every special investigator has noted that the only heartless treatment ever accorded the Jew in the United States came from his own people, his overseers and masters. And yet there is no evidence that either the "sweater" or the "sweated" ever thought of it as inhumanity or as "heartless". It was "business". The "sweated" lived in the hope of having a room­ful of people sewing for him or her some day. Their endlessly vital interest in "business" and their unflagging ambition to get further up the ladder and become masters in their own sweat­shop, enabled them to work without the slightest sense of op­pression or injustice which, after all, is the sorest thing about poverty. The Jews never regard work as a calamity, but neither do they regard subordinate positions as permanently theirs. Thus, they spend their energies in getting up and out rather than in lamenting the inconveniences of the place where they are and trying to improve it.


     All this is individually excellent but socially harmful. The result is that, until recently, the lower ranges of employment were wholly unsupervised, and the higher circles never felt the necessity of devising industrial reforms and benefits. The record of the great Jews in charity is very noble; their record in industrial reforms is nil. With commendable sympathy toward their own people they will donate a part of their profits to rectify some of the human need resulting from the method by which they made their profits, but as for reforming the method by which they get their profits in order that the resulting need might be diminished or prevented, apparently it has never occurred to them. At least, while there are many charitable names among the wealthier Jews, there are no names that stand for an actual, practical humanizing of industry, its methods and its returns.


     This, of course, is unfortunate; but it is intelligible; more than that, it is explanatory of many things for which the Jew is blamed by those who do not understand his nature. The Jew will go part way in sharing the results of his prosperity; he has not gone any length, save upon outer compulsion, in sharing the processes, or sharing wealth in the making. And while the so­cial effect is the same as if this were done out of cruel insensi­bility and inhumanity, still it must be said that mostly it is done not out of such feelings, but out of the Jew's ingrained concep­tion of the game of business. Some proposals of industrial reform appear as crazy to him as would a proposal to credit one baseball batter's hit to his opponent's score, just as a matter of humanity.


     [part missing] names as furs of high origin. The idea of renovation gained commercial value through the Jew. In the "rag men" who blow tin horns through our cities and save the old iron, old bottles, old paper and old fabrics, we have the commercial descendants of these earlier Jews who turned adver­sity into success by converting the rubbish of the Earth into ma­terial of value.


     Unwittingly, old Peter Stuyvescant compelled the Jew to make New York the principal port of America, and though a majority of New York Jews had fled to Philadelphia at the time of the American Revolution, most of them returned to New York at the earliest opportunity, instinct seeming to make them aware that in New York was to be their principal paradise of gain. And so it has proved. New York is the greatest center of Jewish population in the world. It is the gateway where the bulk of American imports and exports are taxed, and where practi­cally all the business done in America pays tribute to the masters of money. The very land of the city is practically the holdings of the Jews. A list of the property owners of the metropolis re­veals only at rare intervals a Gentile name. No wonder that Jewish writers, viewing this unprecedented prosperity, this unchecked growth in wealth and power, exclaim enthusiastically that the United States is the Promised Land foretold by the prophets and New York the New Jerusalem. [H: And THE place for the New World Order and United Nations! Don't you feel a bit insecure for these Jewish people in the large "taken-over" cities and industries when the big bang comes from  THEIR OPPOSITION? THESE ARE THE PLACES ON THE GEOGRAPHICAL GLOBE WHICH WILL BE BLOWN AWAY. THIS IS WHAT TERRIFIES, COMING FROM SUCH AS SADDAM HUSSEIN--HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT LITTLE ISRAEL EXCEPT AS A NASTY FLAW IN THE MIDDLE EASTERN COMMUNITY--HE WILL USE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION ON BRITAIN AND THE U.S. THE FIRST CHANCE THAT COMES--THESE ARE HIS ENEMIES. WE, OF LITTLE CHRISTIANDOM ARE NOT THE ENEMY--WE ONLY "INFORM". WE DON'T BLOW UP THINGS OR EVEN DENY THE BUSINESS TO THESE BROKERS--WE OFFER THEM MORE. BUT THE RELIGIOUS FANATIC IN REVENGE FOR WRONG-DOING WILL GO TO THE HEART OF THE PROBLEM--AND READERS, THAT IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, GREAT BRITAIN AND ALLIES. NEW YORK IS THE NEW JERUSALEM TARGETED FOR THE BIGGEST BLAST OF ALL, AND THEN OTHERS OF YOUR JEWISH CITIES.


     Saddam doesn't dislike the Americans--he simply CAN'T FIND ANY OF THEM. I wonder if YOU can?] Some have gone even further and described the peaks of the Rockies as "the mountains of Zion", and with reason, too, if the mining and coastal wealth of the Jews is considered.


     The new waterways proposal, which will make an ocean port of practically every great city on the Great Lakes and take from New York the prestige she has maintained by being the gateway toward which the principal railways narrowed, is being strongly protested at this time. And the strongest motive in opposing the most obvious betterment is that so much wealth counted in New York is not wealth at all, but fictitious values depending solely on New York remaining New York. When anything comes which will make New York merely a city on the coast, and not the city where the great taxers sit to levy their tribute, much Jewish wealth will decrease. It was fabulous before the war. What it is now the statisticians will hardly undertake to say.


     In fifty years the increase in the Jewish population of the United States has been from 50,000 to more than 3,300,000. In the British Isles there are only 300,000, in Palestine only 100,000. It is fortunate for the Jew himself that in Great Britain his numbers are not greater, for the large and evident control he exercises in great matters would sometimes make it inconvenient for the poorer Jew, if he were abroad in England in large num­bers. [H: He already controls the whole of Great Britain so numbers here don't mean anything other than an effort to HIDE TRUTH.] An unusually well-informed Briton says that anti-Semitism is always ready to break out in England upon suf­ficient cause, but it cannot break out against the inaccessible rich Jews who control in politics and international finance. It is probably true that the commonest real cause of anti-Semitism is the action of the international Jew who is often unknown and always secure, but the innocent victim of it is the poor Jew. Anti-Semitism, however, will be considered in the next article.


     The figures representing Jewish population in Great Britain and the United States indicate that the colossal power wielded by international Jewish financiers is neither consequent nor depen­dent upon their number. The arresting fact about the Jew is his world-wide unchallenged power, coupled with comparative nu­merical inferiority. There are only about 14,000,000 Jews in the world; they are about as numerous as the Koreans. This comparison of their numbers with the Koreans will illustrate still more vividly the phenomenon of their power.


     In the time of George Washington there were about 4,000 Jews in the country, most of them well-to-do traders. For the most part they favored the American side. Haym Salomon helped the Colonies out with the loan of his entire fortune at a critical moment. But they never assimilated, they did not take up the usual employments nor farming, they never seemed to care for the worry of manufacturing things, but only for the selling them after they were made. [H: Doesn't that sound like just about everybody who prances through your place wanting to be a "manager" or a "trouble shooter" or "organizer", etc.? FEW want to work to make a thing possible--just SUPERVISE at another's EX­PENSE. This is now such a wide-ranging attitude that "Jew" simply becomes a slang term for drifters and welfare recipients. Embarrassing? Well ponder this one, Ameri­cans: as far back as the turn of the '60s loud and spending tourists in Europe of ANY nationality were called "Americans" and "American Jews". Jews were simply not WELCOME

in the Arab countries.]


     It is only of recent years the Jew has shown any capacity for manufacturing, and most of what he now engages in has grown up as an adjunct to his merchandising plans. By manufacturing, he saves a....  [the rest of this article is missing]....., and there is no date of issue reflected.]




I often watch and wait (impatiently, I admit) to see what people will do and hear.

I watch what you watch so I can hopefully see what it is YOU SEE. The so-called "news" is a total brain warp offering of nothing--but you need to watch to see what you are NOT OFFERED. TRUTH lies in that which is covered up by the cover-ups.


Last evening on the news came a segment on the "new party scene". Beautiful young people done up in outrageous costumes now attend these "empty mansion" parties and sometimes they even "rent" a place. The youth pour in by the hundreds and trash everything including themselves. They have vulgar music, drugs, booze and "boogie" till they drop--sometimes dead. There is open sexual activity ongoing anywhere and my thought is that there is very little "safe sex" taking place AT ALL. Now Surgeon General Elders, what do you have to offer for this problem?


This is the "hottest thing going" in L.A. at the "Hollywood Scene" and now is getting a "real foothold" in San Francisco and New York and, and, and... THESE ARE YOUR CHIL­DREN, AMERICA! The "inventors" intent? Well, he could hardly hold his head up to speak he was so wasted, but it is "to be bigger and nastier than even the Beatles". My own thought was that he had succeeded even that lofty goal.


Then, of course, the show (news) turned back to Billy's zipper. Ah, but what about Vernon Jordan? The news is filtering down that what he and Billy talk about in their great friendship golf games and adviser meetings--(a forbidden, word of course)

"Pu‑--" Now, you watch 60-MINUTES, don't you?


Then finally, we take these same people and watch as they promise to bomb immoral Saddam' s citizens. They don't expect to "get Saddam", but to teach him a lesson! What, pray, kind of a lesson? All Saddam has to do is watch the news (your news) to get a lot of lessons in how sick you really are as a nation.


Along with other shifts of old things to America, came first to Britain and now on to America: Sodom and Gomorrah! And you better look up what finally happened to those immoral places of disease and doom.


You even have children playing "Sexual Roulette" to see who can screw the most partners before they GET AIDS. Where are YOUR children and what are they doing? RIGHT NOW. Peo­ple, some of them have very, very tired angels, and when the fatigue gets too big--the non-learner will be dumped back in the Sea of Despair. To ME, this day, this Antichrist world IS THE SEA OF DESPAIR. WHEN GOD TURNS AWAY, YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR, TRAVELERS. Adonai.

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