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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

PJ #228 " RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. 2 ", chapter 1 & 2.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by André & Christ.
Nov 5, 2012 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 228



SAT., FEB. 7, 1998    10:41 A.M.    YR. 11, DAY 175

SAT.,  FEB. 7,  1998



I am caused to wonder what in the world you people think we are doing? I tell you that we have moved past the prophecies and right into the Apocalypse and you drowse on. You go play in things that have NO MEANING. You think that you have tabs on some new something or other--THERE IS NO NEW ANYTHING OR OTHER. We are dragged down and actually stopped in some instances by perceptions which even my team thinks more important in a moment than our own work. It is not acceptable but human beings are not always able to be discern­ing enough to be acceptable to higher priorities.

If, however, we can't get return even to the extent of READ­ING OUR MATERIAL--from some of our participants--we are going to start cutting strings right and left. Some are biting off more than they can or will chew and it is not alright--at the expense of one moment of our funds or time. You just continue to bring more chaos, distraction and time consumption on those distractions within my own time schedule. I tell you and repeat it, and still, it is as if you cannot hear or see. It is not going to be SOMEBODY ELSE who doesn't get our job done, friends--THINK ABOUT IT.

What is more important than the immedi­acy of our work TODAY? Well, where is everybody who is usually waiting for the fingers to stop? I claim priorities in this mission and I abdicate nor relinquish to anyone or to any task.


Others get meetings? Well, it had better pay handsomely in ev­ery aspect. If your time is too thin, then cancel SOMETHING ELSE BESIDES ME, PLEASE. What we will be offering next in the ANTICHRIST series will be "old hat" by the time we write it--some many years later than the author's observations. That, in itself, SHOULD TERROR­IZE YOU A BIT.






QUOTING, ANTICHRIST, Coughlin (Circa 1970):







     The C.F.R. and its associates are well unified both in moti­vation, procedure and objectives. Many persons regard their 1500 members in the United States as the elite of the nation in many respects. Their leadership in wealth, political and socio­logical areas is unquestioned. They are expert in mass psychol­ogy, organization and influence through the news media which they control. Definitely they present an oligarchy of rare indi­viduals whom those dedicated to socialistic democracy and the destruction of the establishment castigate violently and, some­times, unjustly.


     As a christian, naturally, I uphold the One World-ism pro­posed by Jesus Christ. I fear its counterpart as advertised by the C.F.R. This fear exists not because the latter maliciously seeks evil (which is not true), nor because it seeks world unity by waging a secularistic warfare against christianity. (This is only partially true).

     The affirmations require some enlightenment. Thus, to do so, my thesis is this: Christianity is a divine establishment in its functions, teachings and structure.

[H: Well, it certainly SHOULD be although it has long since lost all original

meaning of "life in Christ".] The human element which oper­ates the structure, however, has seriously compromised its Di­vine Founder that Christ insisted on the usage of faith more than fickle reason, on divine inspiration more than on scientific research, on the motivation of eternal happiness rather than on terrestrial prosperity.


     Yet, after nearly 2000 years of growth, this divine institution has seemingly manifested an inability to establish a world of "one Faith, One Lord and One Baptism". On the contrary, par­ticularly since 1453 and the Renaissance, the structure slowly decayed until the Lutheran Revolution exploded; then the decay slowly accelerated until the violent eruption of Marx, Engels and Stalin; then, with the advent of the three world wars (the climax of a hundred previous wars), the acceleration again in­creased almost beyond computation until the once powerful Catholic Church is now contemplating merging into the disorganized ranks of the World Council of Churches. [H: The Judeo-Christian One World Church!] In each instance, the Church was the major loser.


     Despite its decadence, the Church still is a divine establish­ment [H: This poor guy just can't see it can he?]; its earthly battlers still are supernaturalized by sacraments; its leaders are still the divinely consecrated "miracle men" (no other title is ad­equate) [H: Oh I can think of a lot of more suitable titles.] who, lamentably, have divested themselves of belief in them­selves and their calling. As such they have become inferior competitors to persons of the elite laity who lay no claim to "miracle men" but who have been compelled by circumstances to take over the world leadership in an effort to secure a mod­icum of peace and prosperity in this life, at least; a peace which is unthinkable without worldwide cooperation. [H: Unholy Crusades and Inquisitions and mystical witchcraft, ladies and gentlemen? Is that what you think will set this world to peace and righteousness? WAKE UP, you foolish dreamers--for the nightmare is at hand and you mystically dream of magic and fix-it potions. The next thing you will get on the "christian" side is a JESUSIAN FALSE TEACHING DELIBERATELY DUMPED ONTO YOU AND IT WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH SPIRITUAL EXISTENCE OR CHRIST. IT WILL BE A HUMANIST OF THE WORST KIND, CONSTRICTURE ON YOUR VERY SOULS. THIS IS SERIOUS AND IT IS NOW UPON YOU--WARMONGERS.]


     This horrible betrayal of Christ and His way of doing things through belief rather than through reason; through grace more than through science, is a tragedy too enormous to gage; a tragedy whose course can be altered only if a few brave prelates will rebel against their national organization and scuttle the century-old policies which have proven disastrous. [H: This author is the more important tragedy of this type of inability to see facts or Truth.]


     And the second part of my thesis is this: The C.F.R., or whatever human institution preceded it or will follow it, is the normal type of organization that should be expected to emerge from the ruins of christianity's false policies. No person or na­tion sits in a sinking vessel until it becomes submerged. [H: Well, today it is submerged!] At least recourse can be had to the lifeboats in which there might be some chance for survival. It is that principle which prompts men to abandon the Church, not because of Christ but because of its churchmen who failed to avoid the perils of the recent centuries.


     I hold no brief for the C.F.R. nor hope for its success, be­cause history has proven that man, of his own ability, can nei­ther save himself nor solve the problems of life with its thorns and thistles, its cancer and polio, its hatred and war. The lifeboats of naturalism, atheism and a Marxist One World-ism will never dock humanity on the shores of survival let alone raise man from the dead. Thus the C.F.R. and its captains of finance are fighting the Prince of this world who is immeasur­ably mightier. Him they can never conquer. He will use them and destroy them. [H: Yes, but a lot of misery will come be­tween now and then.]


     Granted that the C.F.R., its associates and institutions are purely secular, still, as an organization, they are Antichrist, not by intent but by non-malicious design. The whole concept is a leaking ship which mean persons will board to seek safety.


     To form a better concept of the C.F.R. may I outline the prominence, power and efforts of one of its families.




     The money and finance of this nation as we know is con­trolled by the Federal Reserve Bank System, a privately owned institution. James Warburg, a member of the C.F.R., comes from the family chiefly responsible for this Banks' creation; and it was he and his private banks who financed Trotsky and Lenin from his sources in

New York and Frankfurt.


     On February 17, 1950, in addressing a Committee of the United States, Mr. Warburg said, "We shall have world gov­ernment whether or not you like it--by conquest or consent". He and his successors are determined, successful gentlemen. And such is the program of the C.F.R.


     At a later date forty-seven members of the C.F.R. were pre­sent at San Francisco to dominate the founding of the United Nations. At the opening session Alger Hiss, the proven traitor, and a member of the C.F.R., was the Secretary General and with Leon Pasvolsky, also a member of the C.F.R., was per­sonally responsible for writing the Charter of the United Nations which, as moribund as the organization appears to be, never­theless is very much alive. In fact it is now planning to create a tax power, an international court and a punitive army. It will be ready to display the total dimension of the present placid iceberg within four years.


     Today the Rockefeller family has succeeded the Warburgs, and exercises the major influence in the C.F.R. It is the same family under both David and Nelson who not only control the Chase Manhattan Bank, Chase National Bank and others, but also the many facets of the Standard Oil Corporation and a great percentage of the oil industry throughout the world. It is they who name operators for various foundations and heads of the Department of State in several governments.


     Particularly has this family controlled the Department of State in our Nation. With their cousins, Allen and John Foster Dulles, these men were among the founders of the C.F.R. Later on John Foster Dulles became the Secretary of State; Allen became a prominent partner of the law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, which represents Standard Oil Corporations and other Rockefeller-controlled corporations; and Father Avery Dulles, S.J. is their voice in the Catholic Church where, at pre­sent, he is busy preparing the Bride of Christ to be harem-ized into the World Council of Churches. John Foster Dulles was active in the Federal Council of Church Organizations before his priest-son became a Catholic. He was also chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation and a trustee of the Carnegie Endow­ment. [H: PROTOCOLS: "AS FOR WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT THEIR MAKING ATTEMPTS ON YOUR LIVES: MAKE YOUR SONS DOCTORS AND APOTHECARIES, THAT THEY MAY TAKE AWAY CHRISTIANS' LIVES. AS FOR WHAT YOU SAY OF THEIR DESTROYING YOUR SYNAGOGUES: MAKE YOUR SONS CANONS AND CLER­ICS IN ORDER THAT THEY MAY DESTROY THEIR CHURCHES. This poor author just didn't have it all avail­able to him, did he? Ah, but he saw the players--he just didn't KNOW WHO THEY WERE OR ARE.]


     An additional paragraph on this renowned scholar is apropos: While this C.F.R. official was chairman of the "Commission to Study the Basis for a Just and Lasting Peace" sponsored by the Marxist Federal Council of Churches in 1943, his group published their objective which said, (We desire) "a duly constituted world Government of delegated power; an international legisla­tive body, an international court with ample jurisdiction, an in­ternational, adequate police force and provision for enforcing its worldwide economic authority". These words were published in Time, March 16, 1942. Mr. John Foster Dulles successfully evaded orbiting into Communism and actually gained a reputa­tion of being an anti-Communist.


     No wonder his not-too-sound theologic son has been adopted by the National Bishops' organization to be their liaison man in their venture into World Churchism.

[H: Now, one more time: This information is available to you even from some TV stories. It is that JESUS is to be the Capstone of the Illuminati ANTICHRIST pyramid. It is also that Jesus is to be the CORNERSTONE of the Masonic Temple. All of these "ORDERS" worship LUCIFER. Go look at the oaths and assignments. THIS IS NOT "THE CHRIST". This refers to A MAN chosen to deceive you for you would come to associate this "Jesus" with the term Christ. Therefore you would be unable to disassociate Jesus the man from Christ, hopefully, ever again. But the An­tichrist who birthed the concept never lost sight of the goal of world domination and hence now offers you a Jesusian One World Religion which will toss out Jesus as well to fur­ther wipe-out you people of the LIE.


All religions who base their teachings on "good" things and God laws, know the difference--what makes you so-called Christians so blind and dumb? Christ is NOT a man called ANYTHING. CHRIST is a way of life, a structure of perfection. You wish to honor this "Christ" with drinking "blood" and eating "flesh" as your very communion. You cannot reach heaven by wandering around and practicing everything offered in HELL. You must find the Christ be­yond the veil, the shroud, THE LIE.]


     To return to our subject: Following his tour as Secretary of State, Mr. Rockefeller's cousin, Mr. Dulles, was succeeded by another Rockefeller associate, Christian Herter (C.F.R.), who married into the family [H: PROTOCOLS: "Let us take care not to hinder the marriage of our men with Christian girls, for through them we shall get our foot into the most closely locked circles. If our daughters marry Goyim ,they will be no less useful, for the children of a Jewish mother are ours. Let us foster the idea of free love, that we may destroy among Chris­tian women attachment to the principles and practices of their religion.]; then under John Kennedy, came Dean Rusk (C.F.R.), who marched straight from Rockefeller Foundation to the Secretary of State office. President Kennedy, under pres­sure, also appointed Chester Bowles (C.F.R.) from the Rocke­feller Brothers Fund. And almost ad infinitum the parade goes forward until Mr. Nixon appointed John Mitchell as Attorney General who, until then, was Nelson Rockefeller's attorney; and DR. KISSINGER as acting Secretary of State for foreign poli­cies. (He was Mr. Rockefeller's close associate in the C.F.R.).

[H: And STILL IS.]


     These paragraphs relative to the Rockefeller families are re­quired knowledge to form a background on present day think­ing, and on their influence in government and Church.




     If the preceding paragraphs indicate very briefly both the thrust and influence of this highly respectable Rockefeller fam­ily, these following remarks indicate, in part, their wealth and their relation to tax-exemption. The subject is the "Rockefeller Foundation" which is the largest stockholder of Standard Oil of New Jersey. This means it not only owns the stock but receives annual dividends therefrom. As of recent date the Foundation owned 4-million, 300 thousand shares worth many millions of dollars. In addition, (I am quoting from "One world" by Gary Allen, American Opinion Magazine of June 1972), "The foundation owns 2-million shares of Standard Oil (Indiana), 230-thousand shares of Standard Oil (California), 300-thousand shares of Socony-Mobil, 300-thousand shares of Continental Oil and 100-thousand shares of Union Tank Car...." According to the Patman Report, six other Rockefeller Foundations own 3­1/2-million shares of Jersey Standard, 300-thousand shares of Socony-Mobil, 450-thousand shares of Ohio Standard... the as­sets of Standard of Jersey alone are valued at $15-billion. These combined assets of Socony-Mobil, Jersey Standard, Indiana Standard and California Standard in all of which the Rockefellers were major stockholders, amounted to $30 and 1/2-bil­lion. [H: Do you REALLY think you are going to get non-carbon based fuels? Silly dreamers.]


     By using the Foundations as havens of security, the Rocke­fellers alone have more than $50-billion sheltered from the Fed­eral Government's tax officials; and this fabulous sum earns yearly dividends which are also untaxed. To measure the size of these "foundation" entities is almost impossible when one considers that the Rockefeller fortunes have one holding com­pany alone--Jersey Standard--operating in 52 nations and mar­keting in more than 100 countries. This is the story of (ONLY) one Foundation and one family.


     With these seemingly preposterous facts as a background, may we reason for a few paragraphs:


     Granted that the Rockefellers and the 1500 members of the C.F.R. are One World motivated; granted this, likewise, is the goal of the Kremlin; granted that the C.F.R. has made many overtures towards the communists both through foreign relation policies implemented by the government and through the offices of the United Nations, it is still unacceptable for me to conclude that the American elitists plan to surrender to Moscow. Bluntly, they plan either to mollify Moscow or, at least, compress the plans and objectives of the Kremlin into an acceptable conjunc­tion with those of a new fashioned Marxist government in America which the oligarchy will control as they did the last five administrations. They persist in forgetting they are playing into Satan's hands. [H: It doesn't pay to ever forget for a split second that THE ELITE CONTROLLERS ARE THOSE WHO STRUCTURED THE ENTIRE PROGRAM, INCLUDING COMMUNISM IN RUSSIA. BUT, SOVIET RUSSIA IS NOT BY ANY MEANS, RUSSIA, AND I SUG­GEST YOU NOT FORGET THAT FACT EITHER!]


     Politics is a game, if one wants to regard it in that light. At least contacts with other nations, friendly or unfriendly, are un­avoidable. To win the game, or, more politely, to hold contact with unfriendly nations bent on destroying our country and to outwit and out-general them; or to win them over to our way of thinking, is the name of the game or the objective towards which the C.F.R. is striving. Both contestants are endeavoring each to win its own goal without God. One is definitely Antichrist; the other, at the utmost, is neutral but does not expect help from Christ. Who will win? Satan's Kremlin will win. [H: Because it becomes the SAME THING, without specific geographical location.]


     This is the contest which should preoccupy the attention of the episcopal world. Already the Catholic Church has been re­jected by the Kremlin and is merely tolerated by the C.F.R. and the United Nations. At present it is not a serious combatant be­cause its bishops are attempting to compete for leadership by sheathing the sword of Truth and oneness and abdicating their throne of miracles.


     Thus, we Americans who still strive to survive, even though our churches become empty tombs, must do some solid thinking both as nationals as well as christians.


     To do so, it is a "moral-must" on the part of the bishops to take up where Christ left off, namely to oppose the tax-ex­empted foundations which control well over $300-billion of dividend-earning assets. Christ initiated this campaign when He castigated the Pharisees for devouring the homes of widows and orphans, thus taxing them into abject poverty. He got Himself murdered for having done this as well as for driving the money­changers from the temple. Possibly a few bishops can get them­selves "murdered" in the press and in Congress for following up this policy.


     Tom Paine, the insurgent Englishman who encouraged our forefathers to fight "taxation without representation" said, "It is not only our duty to fight tyranny but also to fight tyrants". That, too, was the philosophy of the Fathers of the Church who not only fought heresy but also heretics by name.


     It is my opinion that there is no recovery of prestige, respect or influence for the Church in America until this campaign is launched. Too many informed lay persons are too resolute to tolerate episcopal silence on this subject.


     Per se, neither a sound christian nor American can oppose private ownership of oil or bank interests as long as the owner pays taxes on his open or hidden wealth which increases by way of dividends. Nor can an American, now beyond the point of confusion and disgust with the impotency of democracy, com­plain too much if an oligarchy seeks control of the nation's for­eign policies. Fifteen hundred expert non-christians or ex-­christians of high intellectual powers and highest news media and press control are superior to the rioters, revolutionaries and mob-minded philosophers.


     Regard this suggestion only as a temporary intervention in these days when politics are debased and organized minorities of a revolutionary type are endangering the life of our country.


     A contest between Moscow and Washington is inevitable. Who will win? The Kremlin, of course. The victory of the Kremlin, however, will be short-lived--very short-lived. The second coming of Jesus Christ is as certain as tomorrow's sun­rise and will endure for eternity without another intervention or disturbance. [H: WRONG! GOD WILL RETURN AND THE "IDEA" CALLED JESUS WILL GO DOWN WITH THE CHURCH AND IN THE BLOODBATH OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Eternity without another intervention or disturbance? No, no, and NO. That becomes mere wishful thinking and fantasizing. It is not even worthy of GOD's thinking people.]




When will you understand, people of the world, that there is no booger called Kremlin? There is one entity behind the entire surge of evil intent--ANTICHRIST. You can huff and puff, war and die, but you won't find GOD IN THE LIE. Others around the globe who have felt the brunt of your maniacal and incestu­ous stupidity, will not wait for you to catch up, sleepers of America. When these other segments of the world rise up to confront the Antichrist of these Elite--Apocalypse is upon you--and it is NOW SO.


These incredible buffoons have stripped your world of assets, property and, now, LIFE. And you sit on your backsides and ponder Bill Clinton's zipper problems. The next zipper you note will be on your body-bags--sold to you, of course, at rip-off Khazarian prices. How can the Turks, for instance, forget the Khazars? How can Saudi Arabia ever forget the rip-off of Rockefeller's Chase-Manhattan banking thefts? World, what is wrong with your brains? Have you already forfeited your souls? You petition God for help; HE HELPS and OFFERS, and you sit and piddle in your playpens. You either must act when opportunity is available--or you may as well never act at all and kiss it goodbye before we sweat our own guts to fiddle-strings trying to shake you awake. We in this place are just about ready to sit back and meditate on our own zippers. It is already easier to create another environment rather than try to salvage the one you have presented. Why do we continue to try? Be­cause GOD HAS CHILDREN HERE TOO!

We need a break now for it is not such a good day in the heart and souls. Adonai.








SAT., FEB. 7, 1998    12:55 P.M.    YR. 11, DAY 175

SAT.,  FEB. 7, 1998






QUOTING, ANTICHRIST, Coughlin (Circa 1970):








     Probably thirty-two to thirty-six percent of the Catholic pop­ulation has been scandalized to such an extent that faith in epis­copal leadership (or lack of leadership) has been seriously warped. This information is so common that specifications to support the observation are unnecessary.


     As a matter of record the Church Militant has lost more ad­herents in the past fifty years than it did in the previous five hundred years. Its once highly valued and prosperous mission­ary activities are moribund; and its commission "to preach the gospel to every creature" has become a haunting memory. History will record that Martin Luther's revolution was a tran­sient cloudburst compared to the present flood: for Karl Marx has removed more members from the Catholic Church Militant than did any previous religious convulsion. He and his associ­ates, having seized the momentum generated by the Augustinian friar, sparked the Earth into a motion which produced the con­flagration of three world wars over which pontificated Protes­tant, Catholic and ex-christian leaders; and, finally, dominated the peace conferences and summit meetings which, most certainly, will ignite the final explosion.


[H: Dharma keeps trying to account for the "Third World War" as we go along here. So too are lots of you others. Well, consider that you ARE IN IT AS WE WRITE! THE THIRD, THE BIG, AND PROBABLY THE LAST.]


     Those who are abreast of the extraordinary movements in the world of politics and religion are aware of the uncontrollable currents in which both the captains of State and church are hopelessly involved. Day by day problems appear to increase both in momentum and magnitude despite man's best efforts to contain them. In our lifetime the League of Nations, conceived in a cavernous womb of "get-along-without-God", did not sur­vive the lecherous Peace Treaty of Versailles. Following World War II the United Nations, constitutionally atheistic, surfaced as a second attempt to unite the human race into a one-world cor­pus with aspirations of its developing into a one-world govern­ment.


     In the religious world a similar cycle of evolution is very evi­dent. First: Since the surrender of Constantinople in 1453 christian leaders recognized the futility of fashioning a one-reli­gious world. The impasse compelled both christians and Mohammedans to acknowledge by secret conference and open treaty the permanency of Mohammedanism which, in its final analysis, was an outgrowth of Arianism as arianism, in turn, de­veloped from fractured christianity.


     Second: Since World War II both Protestants and Catholics have become desperately interested in forming a single ecu­menical organization wherein they can strengthen their sagging moral and numerical influence. (Mohammedans 750-million; Christians 620-million; other non-christians 1-1/2 BILLION.) [H: But note that those of Mohammed alone so outnumber you "christians" as to be quite frightening if "they" weren't far more GODLY IN CONCEPT, INTENT, AND BELIEF THAN ARE YOU RECENTLY CONVERTED ANTICHRISTIANS. For Gosh sakes, Jesusians, the Evangelis­tic Pentecostals are going to RAPTURE YOU TO THE NEAREST SPACE EXTERMINATOR'S CHAMBERS.]


     Third: there is the alarming tax situation compelling both the minority Protestants and Catholics into an integration.


     This proposed American amalgamation of Catholic and Protestant is more or less a veiled secret. It is planned to estab­lish a worldwide organization which is counter to the one Christ and the Holy Spirit established when they organized the original "one faith" structure.


     Few acquainted with the present novelty understand the in­temperate haste of a score of American prelates who, in panic, seemingly choose to abandon the Bark of Peter. The bigger, better, modernized, nuclear flagship of the National Council of Churches has lured them, despite its many direct and indirect affiliations with Communism. They have forgotten how to ex­claim, "Master save us, lest we perish". So, for the nonce, there is arm-in-arm-ism with non papal christian sects as the leaders of American Catholicism aspire to join a jello entity for a materialistic objective.


     Indeed, each member of this organization will be forced to accept the nonsensical conclusion that a score of rotting apples can produce one healthy Macintosh (apple, that is).


     Wheels are spinning erratically in many episcopal offices. The fait accompli has not yet been achieved. However, both Catholic and Protestants are on their way to become a new kind of "One" without any clear understanding of who they are, where they are going or under what flag they are fighting Christ's battle.


     The "Joint Study Committee on Possible Roman Catholic Membership in the National Council of Churches" was set up two years ago by the bishops of America (1970). It has printed a record of its two years work in a forty-seven-page report. Its findings were finally written by the fuzzy theologian, Father Avery Dulles, S.J., son of John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State during the Eisenhower Administration. The Secretary was a top official in the National Council of Churches which oper­ated under the discredited title of the Federal Council of Churches.


     At present a Catholic commission, appointed by the Bishops of the United States, is preparing to betroth publicly the "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church" (as Catholics formerly believed)--to the presently unnamed master of the harem who will preside over the National Council of Churches which is more apt to prefer Moscow to Vatican City.


     Let it be a matter of documented history to record the names of the seven Catholics officially selected to serve on this pre­nuptial committee: Catholic co-Chairman, Bishop Charles H. Helmsing of the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese; Bishop Joseph L. Bernardin, Secretary of the National Council of Catholic Bishops; Father Avery Dulles, S.J., professor at Bellarmine School, Chicago, III.; Father Fredrick McManus, Executive Secretary of the Bishops Committee on liturgy; and Father Ed­ward Neil, Assistant Secretary of the NCCB.


     This constitutes the skeleton crew. The unnamed personages behind the curtains are vastly more important both in power and prestige.


     Insofar as each unit of the NCC has proven to be a failure in its own sphere, how can a proper Catholic rest at ease inside the jurisdiction of such a worldwide religious monstrosity?


     Catholic churchmen, evidently, have been "keeping com­pany" with this hidden harem-master for some time. As early as 1966 the General Board of the Council officially recognized the Catholic Church as being in general accord with its principles. Already five Catholics are members of the Council Staff. Since 1970 Catholics served on the council's theological group, known as "The Commission on Faith". The most shocking information of all is this: Pope Paul VI recently contributed $10,000.00 to the NCC Commission on "Faith and Order", which gift was accompanied by the Papal words, "(May) this gesture dispel any cloud that may be hanging over our relations with the World Council of Churches and help to further collaboration even in those forms prevailing until now".


     An interesting side-notation is found in the fact that, while many Catholic dioceses already are members of NCC Councils, (almost 100 at this writing) many Protestant churches have ter­minated their association with the NCC because of "its inordi­nate, immoral and un-American support of left wing activities".


     To say that many clerical and lay Catholics are disturbed on reading this is a flagrant understatement. Even mature persons who do not read available literature on ecclesiastical trends for­tunately are simplistic and mercifully uninformed of what is transpiring inside the Church. Unfortunately many priests are not "in-personages" on the motives, plots, plans and purposes of their hierarchy. "Why", one asks, "has there been a sudden re­versal of policy? What has happened to the firm condemnation by the Popes from Leo XIII to Pius XI of this type of ecu­menism"?


     Having recorded the preceding alarming happenings, I am in­sistent on seeking an answer. To preface my solution, the an­swer does not lie in the assertion that the Holy Father has grown fearful of his own position; nor that he has changed either his faith or philosophy; nor that those like myself, who have been notorious for our opposition to Communism or Marxism for more than fifty years are about to surrender; nor is it logical merely to surmise. An official answer is demanded to destroy the suspicions such gestures create.


     Transferring my thought, momentarily, from this hideous manifestation of disloyalty to the ironclad doctrines of Jesus Christ in which there is no elasticity or compromise on many points, may I cite four historic facts of interest, mostly associ­ated with His Holiness, Paul VI. These may be classified as "dirty linen" which require exposure to the sunlight of explana­tion to firm our support of His Holiness.


     Fact one: It is notorious that the Catholic hierarchy has ceased fighting Communism. This is reflected in the pro­nouncements in the Catholic press, in pulpits and classrooms by priests and nuns and by Catholic politicians.


     Fact two: shortly after Communist Yugoslavia resumed diplomatic relations with the Vatican (1970) Tito was invited to visit Paul VI. The public press reported that "solemn honors" were accorded him; and the "red flag of Communism flew over the buildings of the Holy See". Magnificent honor to the man whose government murdered thousands of Catholics. [H: And other nice people, too.]


     Fact three: The ILO (International Labor Organization) con­vened a worldwide meeting at Geneva, June 1970. One trust­worthy American, George Meany, is my authority for stating that this organization "is an instrument of the Communists". Nevertheless, Pope Paul VI appeared before the assembled hier­archy of the ILO in June, 1971, and described this "instrument of Communism" as a "deserving and representative, interna­tional organism, so very congenial with our own mission of jus­tice, of peace and of brotherhood". At the same time, our lib­eral United States Senate refused to sanction an annual donation from the American government to the ILO because of "its top-level Communist control".


     Fact four: The U.S. News and World Report for July 5, 1971, observed that "Pope Paul VI has espoused Red China's admission to the United Nations, and has made a number of conciliatory references to the Peking regime". "...The Review of the News for November 17, 1971, recorded further Vatican dealings with Red China, relating that, in return for Peking's "word" (words written on air) life would be better for the

4-mil­lion Catholics enslaved in Communist China...".


     This essay does not pretend to be encyclopedic; nor could several volumes condense the multitude of once startling facts which have become so commonplace they no longer rate public­ity; for since 1970, "off-beat" Catholicism has become the fifth mark of the Church which once boasted of its being "One, Holy, Catholic and apostolic". Flirtation with Communistic principles has become the "in-thing" as are disobedience to the Holy Father (GOD) and disloyalty to our beleaguered country, long since the target of Marxist mobsters and purchased propa­gandists.


     Now, may I attempt to rationalize the "Why" of some of these confusing facts: If Pope Paul hoists the flag of Commu­nism when he receives in his own home and office a formal vis­itor from the Soviet government, can a true member of the Mystical Body of Christ applaud him? Yes! First because he, the Holy Father (Pope), has 60-million Catholic christians living in mortal peril behind the iron curtain. [H: Well there are more than that number into the millions living in mortal peril OUTSIDE the iron curtain--even back in 1971.]


     Most importantly: Paul is the Vicar of Christ. It was Christ who consorted with sinners because He came into the world to save neither the rich nor the poor but sinners. [H: No com­ment!] It was Christ who permitted a well known adulteress to wash His feet. It was Christ who, finally, from the pulpit of the cross, rationalized Paul's action when He said, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do". [H: Do you REALLY think that's what was meant?]


     Stalin, Engles and their butchers [H: Khazarian Zionist One-Worlders, every one...] murdered 21-million christians, seized their churches, nationalized their children and perpetrated the worst persecution on world record.


     If the blood of martyrs was the seed of christians under Nero, what will one say about the 21-million martyred Russians? Paul knows the words. Who knows the future with certainty? [H: And just WHO was this "Paul"? Ummnn Hummnn.]


     He has official contact with the Holy Spirit. Only to him, for the present, has been spoken the words, "He who heareth you, heareth Me". Therefore, it is not the business of a chris­tian soldier to question Pope Paul's authority or disregard his divine information. [H: Why the H... heck, not?] Bluntly, how can one convert an enemy unless he makes contact with him? [H: Ah, but just who in these tales got, and gets, con­verted? If these are the "christians" of the world--SPARE ME FROM THEM.]




     Too many bishops are Satan's little helpers. Too many are second-hand Antichrists, at least in the lukewarm manner de­scribed by Christ. Bishops, we agree, should love Communists, but we challenge them for adopting Communistic policies and principles out of fear for survival since the Holy Spirit has al­ready armed them with invincible weapons.


     To rationalize the so-called "dirty linen" of criticism aimed at Pope Paul's approaches to the Communists (not communism) is not difficult for those who understand the master's attitude to­wards sinners and His persecutors. [H: How fuzzy can you get, people? I said you can work with your enemy without becoming the enemy. The Church became the very Com­munists they claimed to abhor.]


     The bishops' advances to Communism and non-Catholic philosophies, however, present a totally different problem. Can a sincere Catholic applaud the NCCB's subversive and subter­ranean effort to join the World Council of Churches or its affiliates? Their highly suspicious and suspected motive for so doing seems not to spread the faith but to "save the money".


     For more than fifty years the World Conference of Churches and particularly its American affiliate, the National Council of Churches, in which the Catholic Church is now interested, has been operating under a cloud of suspicion. Recall that those churches which enjoy tax-exemption are manned by well edu­cated gentlemen. Citizens in their category are aware that ap­proximately $300-billion of Foundation money (e.g. Ford, Rockefeller, etc., etc.) is also tax-exempt, is expended on char­itable institutions; a larger sum on questionable social activities which oftentimes are socialistic or anti-American; and the bal­ance invested at interest to swell the original fund.


     It is painfully obvious the educated churchmen never contest the policy of challenging these tax-exemptions which, if the foundations were taxed, would amount approximately with re­investments to $10-billion (Federal and State) per year. This money could feed the poor, cure the sick and care for the aged. [H: Hummnn, the very ones Jason Brent and Mensa would kill off.] It is money the middle class citizens must supply in taxes from their already exploited pay envelopes.


     Now the tragic question: Why the criminal silence on the part of both Protestant and Catholic clergymen? My answer is more than a suspicion. It is this: Because the churchmen fear the powerful corporations which control the tax-exempt foundations will lobby legislation through Congress to tax the churches.


     This conclusion is not a mathematical certainly. However, I am conscious of the mortal fear the churchmen have of being taxed. I am doubly conscious they seldom refer to Christ's courage in attacking the "exempt" Pharisees. Words of the Master keep ringing amidst the din of the "not guilty" cries of some frightened writers. "Woe to you Pharisees who devour the houses of widows and orphans. Woe to you Pharisees who place imponderable burdens on the backs of the poor. Woe to you whited sepulchers filled with dead men's' bones". Phar­isees and foundations are one breed, both of whom exploit the poor Jews, poor Americans, the poor christians and pagans. [H: And is PROVEN to be "the Pharisees"? Thank you for remembering!]


     History is repeating itself. The ecclesiastical Pharisees pro­tect the financial foundations--tax-exempt brothers protecting each other. They shed tears over racism, but will not breathe even a sigh for the causes to which are traced the origins of poverty.


     How far these clergymen have departed from their apostolic predecessors is beyond assessment. It constitutes a new image for the bishops in a day when the Christ-image of the apostles is being totally abandoned.


     To firm my observations as to what has happened in America under the leadership of our present bishops, read an exceptional Roman release which appeared in the

New York Times and De­troit Free Press (Saturday, May 13, 1972). It was publicized worldwide because its author and the journal in which it first appeared are above the ordinary. The article is reproduced here below:


"ROME--a Vatican weekly said this week that the Ro­man Catholic Church in the United States was being shaken by a "tremendous earthquake" and seemed on the verge of collapse, but it voiced the hope that it would be saved by its "silent majority".


The publication L'Osservatore Della Domenica said that almost daily "some new disaster" was befalling the Church in America--priests deserting their ministry, nuns abandoning their convent, theologians looking for secular jobs, parochial schools closing.


The weekly lamented that Roman Catholic writers and publications in the United States were criticizing their church "with a masochistic furor that has few precedents in the history not only of the Church but also of any soci­ety".


     THE AUTHOR OF THE article, the Rev. Father Bat­tista Mondin, wrote that during a recent visit to the United States several persons told him the Catholic Church would be "totally wiped out" within the next 20 years. [H: Well?? Now harken up, readers; if this was truly the CHURCH OF GOD OR OF THE LIVING CHRIST--do you think there would be ANYTHING THAT COULD WIPE IT OUT? WHEN YOU LIVE THE LIE--YOU NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT SURVIVE--PERIOD, AND QUITE SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND. THE TRUE BODY OF GOD WILL NOT BE WIPED OUT, GOOD BUDDIES.]


     Father Mondin is an Italian priest who works in the central administrative body of the Roman Catholic Church.


     L'Osservatore Della Domenica has no official Church status, although its articles often reflect the thinking of influential churchmen. Its editor, Federico Alessandrini, a layman who is also the official Vatican press spokesman, said that Father Mondin was "well qualified".


     The Italian priest gave three reasons for disarray in the American Church--excessive discussion and criticisms in the wake of the Ecumenical Council Vatican II (1962-65), infiltra­tion of secularism into Roman Catholic thought in America and ethnic inferiority complexes.


     THE WRITER explained that the secular fallacy consisted in regarding anything connected with an after life as irrelevant and the conviction that the church was significant only in that it was able to help counter war, hunger, racial conflicts and other so­cial ills.


     Recalling that the Roman Catholic Church in the United States has been nurtured by immigrants from Ireland, Italy, Poland and other European countries, Father Mondin said that many in these groups striving to be accepted by "Yankees", were renouncing their old-world religious traditions.


     But, he said, there still is a strong "silent majority" among American Roman Catholics clinging to the Basic tenets of Christianity", and that this majority would guarantee the sur­vival of their Church.






Scribe, bear with me for we only have three more essays to make it through. It will not be easy for I will insist that every­one reading the SCRIPTURES offered for ALL "christians" are going to be WRONG. They cannot be correct for there was no one NAMED "JESUS" TO BE TRANSLATED. You simply will have to begin to grow up through the concept foisted off on you so that you would succumb to the New World Order One Church Antichrist. Oh, the words will make sense, the "Christed" quality will be integrated to fool you and you will grimace and hate me for my input. You have taken the easy way of the serpents and you are now dead-ended in the trap. How many of you will about-face, revolve around, and walk out again? GOD WAITS.


With 80-plus years of Catholicism and "not catholicism" in his training, how could you expect this man to realize his own er­rors? There is no more shackled a bunch of followers than those housed in the priesthood of such a secret and controlled ORDER as is the Roman Catholic Church, with the centuries and centuries of false teachings and wrong perceptions. You can only be what you believe, no more. You must come to BE­LIEVE in TRUTH--to BE more.



Let us have a rest, please. We can accomplish the work prior to the paper run if we stick right with it and I will give you the en­ergy necessary for the task. Tarry with me for a while in the quiet, please. There shall be peace in the valley where ye dwell for it is my promise unto you--the reward of service beyond call to duty. I salute you and my team and all the readers without whom there would be no need or purpose for our mission. Adonai.

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