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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

PJ #227 " RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. I ", chapter 7 & 8.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by Paul & Christ.
Nov 10, 2012 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 227



WED., FEB. 4, 1998     7:59 A.M.     YR. 11, DAY 172

WED., FEB. 4. 1998



Perhaps it is the other way: Can't see the forest for the trees? Either way the point is made. When we are A PART of some­thing, like Father Coughlin being within the Catholic Church of Rome, we sometimes can only see fragments and miss the WHOLE. His vision will get much better and more clearly de­fined when he makes it to his topic of Antichrist which is, after all, about which the book was penned.


Bandaids on a broken liver just won't do a thing. Bandaids on a broken leg won't fix anything. Worse, if you can only see the abrasion accompanying the broken leg or the jaundice of the liver failure--you haven't identified much of anything of the problem--only a symptom. If you find the problem in either in­stance--the bandaids are still worthless.


I am NOT "picking on the Catholics" like "you pick on the Jews"! Like the assumed Jewish people--I don't know hardly any. I know even fewer "catholics". I see myriads of Jews and Catholics and indeed, the differences are huge. Any more, however, you will notice that Judeo-Christian has brought the Catholics and the Jews into the same temples to worship the same ANTICHRIST! However, the protestants are even further off-base. AND NOTICE, PLEASE: ALL PROVE UP THEIR POSITIONS FROM THE SAME BOOK WITH THE SAME, OR WORSE, MISINFORMATION. EVEN THE JEWISH TEMPLE READERS WILL READ FROM "YOUR" NEW TESTAMENT TO INSURE THAT YOU RECOGNIZE THEM AS YOUR UNARGUABLE LEADERS--AND BOTH COME DIRECTLY FROM THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND-ISRAEL.


You KNOW that there is goodness and therefore there must be a symbol of that goodness. You also know that all through the ages there would be messengers to remind you of that goodness. So, you murder the messenger and take up the more comfortable entity developed for your own personal comfort with Raptures, irresponsibility forgiveness, unconditional (instead of absolute) love, and go hug trees. You killed and buried THE MESSEN­GER! Now there is not enough compassion among the drop-out politicians to change a death sentence in Texas to a lifetime in prison where she can teach "goodness".


Never mind what "Jesus" or "CHRIST" is at the foundation of her belief or conversion--for she had only one chance to label her redeemer--and that, surely, is Jesus in her mind. But truth, love, beauty, goodness and other attributes are NOT WANTED CIRCULATING AROUND IN A PRISON WHERE AN­TICHRIST REIGNS. Political hot potato? Indeed.


However, it is noted that a pro-Karla stated it best: "We are talking about bombing, without recourse, a helpless nation of Iraq where millions will be murdered and our nation cheers the big brave jackals in Washington." Oh yes, Iraq is helpless as a nation with the entire Air Force overhead with every death-dealing weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION (that is a cute little tag everybody now uses). Have you noticed their "army"? It breaks the heart; there are men so elderly and stooped as to be marching in a bent-over, hold-on-to-the-walking-stick, position. This, however, is dedication to nation and God, people--for they know it to be RIGHT. The largest "march" or "stand in" I noted yesterday in Texas were CHILDREN out for a romp and bloodthirsty-for-violence death screamers. And the words of excuse? "Texas is macho!" This, then, makes the executioners NO BETTER IN ANY WAY AT ALL THAN THE ORIGI­NAL CRIME ITSELF. These rabble are the epitome of cow­ards and self-righteous FOOLS.


No, I am not concerned about Karla Faye Tucker Brown--not one iota. I am concerned about YOU WHO PERPETRATE SUCH ATTITUDES.


Jerry Falwell asks for clemency? But, he says, "I am in favor of the death penalty." He also got paid off by some 70 millon dollars by ONE man for his college. He finally asked the man to be allowed identification--why? So he wouldn't have so much trouble raising 100 million $$ for the next phase of expansion and double enrollment to over 2000.


Who did this? An insurance "tycoon",  Art Williams, with a bit of extra change for a good big tax write-off. Falwell wants the youth to understand "Zionism".


No indeed, I certainly do not concern over Karla--I concern over YOU.


Let us turn back to Antichrist, so we can get into the interesting parts of these Essays.






[QUOTING, ANTICHRIST, Coughlin (Circa 1970):]








In preaching the gospel, Peter and his associates insisted upon its practical and reasonable acceptance, otherwise, if it was regarded merely as a mental cathartic or an emotional experi­ence, the transfer from paganism to christianity was no more profitable than an excursion into dreamland. Christianity was never intended to be only an escape from slavery, poverty, heartaches and despair, all of which are negative. On the con­trary, it was designed by Christ to be a contest to prove oneself worthy of the infinite prize which, of itself, human nature was not intended to possess. I mean the face to face confrontation with God; the "seeing Him as He sees us"; the ineffable vision of infinite Truth, goodness, Beauty and Orderliness which, to­gether, are as close as the limited human mind can come to defining the essence of God.


In other words, christianity, in its relation to man, is a tremendously positive philosophy which offers ways and means to its recipients to gain an equally tremendous reward after having overcome the obstacles which obstruct the acquisition of happiness during life-in-the-flesh, particularly the obstacles which involve death; for every child born into this world has an innate longing for immortality which the Creator would not have given him except there was, at least, the possibility of actualiz­ing it.


These christian basics were preached by Christ, repeated by the evangelists and handed down to the recipients of christianity, for the past 2000 years. Always, and in various modes and words, this doctrine was accompanied by the warning that the contest to overcome the world and its obstacles of evil required (1) the grace of God; and that each person (2) must do his own "overcoming" or fighting; for Christ appeared on Earth, not to save humanity, but human persons. "As many as received Him, He gave them power to become the sons of God." (John 1:12)


[H: Can't do it--just can't let this pass. "...become the sons of God..."? Every created boy-child IS A SON OF GOD; every girl-child IS A DAUGHTER OF GOD. Every creature created is a child or presentation of GOD. Now, let us go back and look at 2000 years of "handing down to recipi­ents...". Neither YOU nor your media can get a story retold correctly within two minutes--what think you might, just might, get misrepeated in a week and, much the more, in 2000 years? The tale couldn't even make it this far keeping a calendar of counting straight. The magic word above, however, is DOCTRINE. Once into the hands of MAN, the idea became, as it always does, DOCTRINE manufactured by MAN.]


Probably for the next 100-200 years this combat for the prize will continue; possibly for thousands of years longer.


[H: Bad news: the prize is already in the hands of the An­tichrist--you are experiencing the period of time in which Sa­tan would rule everything and control everything upon the Earth in one way or another. You are now people of the lie, living again in the barbaric age of darkness and only a spark of light hither and yon break the gloom. YOU proceed to kill, execute, silence the messengers with the matchlight. This author is, though, getting on into historical reference of first person and it is the "now" which you must experience--and then realize the original fairy tale is not so.]


By no means are these foregoing thoughts to be interpreted to indicate the Church itself is either moribund or about to die; for one must constantly distinguish the church from churchmen. This is only a new phase in the life of the church; an evil phase, in one sense, wherein God knows how to turn evil into an ad­vantage. It is a phase such as Christ experienced on Earth in the final months of His ministry when He advanced from the glories of the period when the populous hailed Him as King to the phase of Gethsemane and His Passion.


Today there hangs the wounded, Mystical Body still pulsat­ing, still throbbing, still writhing on the cross of secularism. Only John, of all the apostles, stood beneath the cross when Christ's [H: No, "Jesus's" at best, yet "Jesus" didn't YET EXIST.] physical Body experienced torture. One does not ask where the others had gone 2000 years ago but one is curious to count how many of John's successors in the episcopate are standing courageously beneath this modern cross where the Mystical Body is suffering.


Here we stand in 1972-2000:


2000 years after the Resurrection of Christ.

120 years after the Communist Manifesto.

104 years after the First Internation.

97 years after the Paris Commune.

50 years after the Russian Revolution.

No years after the current European and American Revolutions.


All this was prior to 1968 [H: 31 years ago, over a quarter of a century]. Already America has launched the last of secu­lar revolutions preparatory for the unification of the world. It will not be achieved, probably until the year 2000 when only one of the combatants, I insist, will survive.


Notwithstanding, no student of geopolitics doubts the exis­tence of a new phase in the revolution, deny it as an optimist will, affirm it as a finality as a pessimist will, or see beyond 2000 A.D. as a realist must.


There is no question in my mind that we, of this year, age and phase of world development, have manned the barricades of a final revolutionary phase in which the Mystical Body of Christ is fulfilling the tradition begun by the living Christ 2000 years ago. [H: Well, readers, that in itself should make you cringe in terror.]


The specter which is facing the Church is not one of a real radical uprising unless Christ is regarded as a revolutionary. It is the owner confronting the possessor of this Earth; the rightful King in combat with the usurping Prince. It is life in its un­folding completeness, death in its total emptiness. It is Christ in His glory rescuing the remnants of the Church Militant which shall blend into the eternal Church Triumphant; for it, too, shall rise from this miserable phase created by the Iscariots and the tomb where they seemingly sealed the Saviour. Only seem­ingly!


As respected as are the antichrist secularists, their lack of in­telligent understanding, their monumental arrogance, and their misreading of world history have removed them from serious competition. [H: Anybody want to bet?] Soon they will take their place in the archives with their predecessors such as Churchill, Roosevelt and the petty personages who created wars, wrote treaties and devised plans to no avail.


Satan has used them; Satan will discard them. They have been unfaithful to the Christ in Whom they once believed. [H: No, "they" have stayed true to their "cause" all along.]


The "sealed-in-the-tomb" Christian Church will emerge, eventually, through the power of the Holy Spirit. [H: Oh no, it WILL NOT.]


"Seeing is believing" then will be translated by "Believing is seeing". It will be recognized when Christ's hopeful prediction will have been realized. Thus read: [H: Yes, REALLY read this next.]


(John 1:47-51) [H: How many of you know who this "John" is? Who is he supposed to be? (without looking it up).] "At that time, Jesus saw Nathanael coming to Him, and said to him, 'Behold a true Israelite in whom there is no guile. ' Nathanael said to Him, "Whence do You know me?' Jesus answered and said to him, 'Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you. ' Nathanael answered Him and said, 'Rabbi, You are the Son of God, You are King of Israel.' Answering, Jesus said to him, 'Because I said to you that I saw you under the fig tree, you believe. Greater things than these shall you see. ' And He said to him, 'Amen, amen, I say to you, you shall see heaven opened and the Angels of God as­cending and descending upon the Son of Man. '" [H: WOW! ]


Christ's prediction to Nathanael will become a reality. The sky will be filled with myriads of angelic hosts accompanying Christ in His return to Earth. And though these are spirits, in­visible to the human eye, they who have faith will see them in all their beauty and grandeur.




Meanwhile, christians are not prone to applaud the lamentable conditions in which the Church Militant exists at the moment any more than Peter and his associates were asked to shout alleluia when Christ was in the tomb. But Christ did rise; He did send the Holy Paraclete; the miracle men did become miracle men; and they did rejoice, especially when they in­ducted thousands into the ranks of the Church Militant.


Consider what Confirmation does to one who has hope of conquering Satan: To understand the meaning, let us read one of the neglected and ill-taught [H: And now again ill-taught.] pas­sages of the New Testament. I have reference to the Acts of the Apostles,


Chapter 8:14-17: "When the Apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had accepted God's message, they sent Peter and John (two bishops) who went down to the Samaritans and prayed that they might receive the Holy Spirit. For it had not yet fallen on any of them; they had only been bap­tized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Then the two laid hands on them and they received the Holy Spirit. "


These christians had "only" been baptized prior to this event. The emphasis (1) is on the adverb "only"; (2) on the signifi­cance of the twelve apostles having consolidated this action by delegating two of their members to journey to the Samaritan christians already baptized; (3) and on the liturgy where both bishops placed hands on the Samaritans. These three items give to the administration of this Sacrament, a major significance which has gradually become lost in the shuffle of secularism during the past centuries.


What then, is this Sacrament of Confirmation which enables us to transcend the confusion in which we dwell? It is not a mere extension of baptism; nor is it a negligible accessory to be used at the recipient's choice. Peter and his apostolic associated taught otherwise; so did the Holy Spirit who reserved this Sacrament as a conduit to convey the supernatural gifts of wis­dom, understanding knowledge, fortitude, counsel, piety and fear of the Lord to baptized christians.


[H: I don't even dare touch this one lest we be here for an­other ten years. Baptism certainly is the "recipient's choice"--how could it be otherwise, except as an infant? "Holy Spirit ...reserved this Sacrament..."??? Holy Spirit had NOTHING to do with any such thing--that is mere Church DOCTRINE.


Then why do I go on if everything stated is wrong? Because I want YOU to KNOW it is wrong--from the beginning--and this "Father" was considered among the most brilliant minds and speakers, not to mention writers, of his day and within the Church. And his use of "supernatural" and "mystical" makes him uninformed AT ALL! DON'T YOU READERS SEE THAT YOU FELL INTO THE TRAP A ZILLION YEARS AGO AND HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO EX­TRICATE SELVES BECAUSE OF THE SHACKLES OF ALL THE NONSENSE AND DRIVEL BURYING YOU IN DOCTRINE, LIES, EXPECTATIONS WHICH DON'T EVEN APPEAR IN YOUR INSTRUCTIONS UNTIL SOME EVANGELICAL MOUTHS PRODUCE SUCH AN IDEA FOR YOUR IRRESPONSIBLE PLEASURE?




These are the gifts which transform a citizen into a soldier; these are the militiamen's courses in strategy, tactics and mili­tary training which are bestowed upon baptized persons who are old enough to realize they are making a choice. A choice as citizens to forego the comforts of their domestic pursuits and to assume the rough army life with its hardships, privations, wounds and even death in defense of Christ and Christ's consti­tution and flag.


[H: Do you think so little of the allness of CHRIST to think HE needs your popguns and darts? Defend Christ? Who would think need of "defending" Christ? You may well need to defend your own perceptions of that HOLY SPIRIT BE­ING, but HE, CREATOR, is quite capable of CREATING a full army if that were HIS choice. That is not HIS choice for "army" in your day defines military games and captured soldiers bearing all sorts of toys of destruction. Remember, the U.S. and Israel already have a pact to USE NUCLEAR NEUTRON BOMBS ON IRAQ! Is THIS what YOU would have GOD BLESS? Sorry about that, children of the lie. When GOD'S PEOPLE GET IT STRAIGHT--GOD WILL MARCH WITH YOU--NOT UNTIL. As long as BOTH SIDES haven't the remotest idea of GOD and CHRIST TRUTH, God will bless neither side, nor shall there be much of any protection for either side. GOD DOES NOT BLESS HIS ENEMIES--NEITHER MISREPRESENTED NOR MISPERCEIVED SIDE.




I am told that "my approach" will lose readers. GOOD, if you can't absorb truth I certainly don't care if you toss these writings--just stay as far away from me and mine as you can get selves. And don't come back begging at our door, when you are hungry and unsheltered, to "change your mind". The time to get it straight and change your silly-game minds is NOW! GOD IS NOT THE WIMP YOU HAVE BEEN SHOWN WHO HIPPITY-HOPS THROUGH THE TULIPS AT YOUR WHIM! GOT IT?]


These are the supernatural gifts which bestow competency upon incompetents to encounter and defeat Satan in personal and social combat. And this is the Sacrament which inspires a sol­dier to fight firercely, to love extravagantly, to hope insistently.


At present the Prince of this world has seemingly banished the Holy Spirit to some Siberia beyond the confines of Earth. No longer are christians properly encouraged to extoll His pres­ence or celebrate His feast days, as was the custom prior to the Renaissance. As a result, modern christians minimize their con­firmation and discount its sacramental meaning.


No longer is He adequately adored as the Creator of Life, the God of Beauty and vindicator of the condemned Christ. Too often is He regarded as an intangible, indefinable spirit created by the fantasies of men who weave their sensitive modes, liber­alistic concepts and mundane fashions into a fabric which they call the "Spirit of the Age".


All christians of responsible age should be instructed in the meaning of Confirmation; encouraged to fight--actually fight--for the objectives outlined by Christ with the supernatural weaponry indicated by St. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians.


Victory requires daring, determination and sacramental for­titude. [H: No wonder the Church is in decline. Too many saw through the facade and into realization that this simply is not all of the picture.]


"Anyone who would save christian civilization may not col­laborate with Communism in any manner whatsoever because it is intrinsically evil," [H: Oh, I thought that this Christ went forth and mixed with whores, tax collectors and other dis­reputable parties who needed his wisdom!?! Does this au­thor, like the rest of the world, think that you cannot "mix" in interchange with the enemy by any name WITHOUT "BECOMING" THE ENEMY? IF YOU HAVE NO MORE KNOWING THAN TO WISH-WASH THROUGH EVERY ENCOUNTER--YOU DON'T YET TRULY "KNOW" DO YOU? YOUR ENEMY HAS NO OTHER WAY IN WHICH TO BECOME YOUR FRIEND--DOES HE? WISDOM IS THE GIFT OF GOD IN PRACTICE, ONCE YOU KNOW TRUTH.] so wrote the courageous Pius XI whom recent eccle­siastics have spurned together with his warning.


The old-fashioned word for noncooperation was "sloth"; Christ's word for it was "lukewarmness"; and lukewarmness on the part of a Confirmed christian invites rejection both by the Saviour and the Paraclete.




I'll try again: The Teacher did not come to SAVE ANYTHING, including YOU. He did not come to take YOUR SINS! He did not, without pain, go to any cross, any time, anywhere. If he went, he certainly did not go willingly. He did NOT shed his blood for you for that is a physical outrage. He did not promise you a Rapture. He did say: "These things that I do, you can do--yet greater." YOU HAVE CHOSEN A CHRISTIAN EXIS­TENCE THAT IS NOT! Somewhere along the line you entirely MISSED CHRIST. You now "modernize" your churches to take in all the things that Christ opposed. Fine, for you have a bunch of doctrines, confusion and chaos set forth by Antichrist to suck you in, in every way. THE TEACHER CAME TO BRING YOU TRUTH! WE TRY AGAIN AND PROBABLY, FOR THIS OLD WORLD, FOR THE LAST TIME--TO OF­FER TRUTH. Never mind the messenger--WISDOM DE­MANDS YOU LOOK AT TRUTH. GOD DEMANDS THAT YOU HAVE WISDOM FOR IN THE PLACES OF GOD IN OTHER DIMENSIONS OF TRUTH THERE ONLY DWELL THOSE OF WISDOM. Other souls travel exactly where they left off the physical, in the limbo-land of puzzlement. AN­TICHRIST KNOWS THIS AND TRAPS YOU MERCI­LESSLY IN HIS PHYSICAL WEB OF LIES. GOD ULTI­MATELY WINS--THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU WIN! CHECK OUT THE DIFFERENCE!


"But sir," you say, "I can only deal with what is in my attention or consciousness at the moment." Good. The examples flowing around you as we write are overwhelming in their impact. You can even shut down the means of presenting the WORD--YOU CANNOT STOP THE WORD. You can slay the messengers--but you cannot slay TRUTH. A million lies will not one TRUTH MAKE but one TRUTH can discount a zillion lies. If today is Wednesday then all the world calling it Tuesday will not make it so! In some places it may well be Thursday--but NOT Tuesday. By the way, all the sacramental baptizing you want to do will not make it Tuesday.


All the lies you choose to utilize to sidestep responsibility will not make it happen--TRUTH WILL ALWAYS, WAS AL­WAYS, AND SHALL ALWAYS, BE--TRUTH. Truth is often negative, ugly and painful--but nonetheless, Truth. Lies are fabrications of men to deceive, trick, and finally destroy the very souls of man-beings. To make a LIE your shield and clothing--LEAVES YOU QUITE NAKED. AND ALL THE KING'S MEN AND HORSES, CANNOT COVER YOUR NAKEDNESS WITHOUT PUTTING ON SOME CLOTHES.


Truly, I suggest you stay tuned because it [these essays] is going to get better. Not, probably, any more true as to the God ele­ment, but certainly it will get interesting as concerns Antichrist. Religions and handed-down doctrines only bind you more se­curely than any bonds--for Antichrist takeover. I still like the Pogo cartoon character who looked over everything and said: "I have searched for my enemy and now I have found him--it is me." Even "Pogo" learned something.


God is not going to have mercy in continuation of evil. Is it not time that you begin to have MERCY ON SELF? You may well seem to subdue and enslave another--but the "other" is the only one who can actually "surrender", and in your subduing tactics, it is highly unlikely there shall ever be true surrender.


Mankind must now think seriously upon these things for his time is running short for realization and, after transition, realization is very difficult to realize in a timely way. Consciousness is available at any level in which you find you are "conscious" and it doesn't matter WHERE you park yourself.


To move deliberately into the so-called "consciousness" of higher expression leaves you singularly ALONE for you will not have MASTERED the consciousness of your environment expe­rienced. You have simply once more opted out of responsibility of your expression here--or there. Even the greatest gurus alive today will tell you no differently. They may well teach medita­tion and how to achieve bliss and nirvana and enchantment--but note something: THEY ARE DOING THEIR PHYSICALLY-ORIENTED JOB AS ACCEPTED. ARE YOU? IF THESE TEACHERS BE OF GOD CREATOR, THEY ARE MAKING EVERY EFFORT POSSIBLE TO TEACH YOU HOW TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET IN HUMAN FORM--NOT TO FLOAT IN THE ETHERS OF IRRESPONSIBILITY FROM HUMAN EXPERIENCE. "OVER THERE" IS WHERE YOU GO TO GET YOUR FUEL FOR THE RESPONSIBILITY OF DAILY EXPERIENCE AND EXPRESSION IN THIS DIMENSIONAL MANIFESTATION.


I now wish each of you would take a while and go meditate that you might think HARD upon what I bring lest you drift into eternity and infinity without foundation upon which to experi­ence same.


Please, do not fool self: ANTICHRIST WILL PRESENT AS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIGHT, AND THE SAVIOR! YOU have to make the choices.






THU., FEB. 5, 1998     7:58 A.M.     YR. 11, DAY 173

THU., FEB. 5, 1998



It must have broken them up beyond belief as BOTH George Bush and George Bush Jr. were at the White House (yep, THAT one) playing tennis yesterday. And YOU concern about an in­tern? By the way, where is Kissinger while all these loose ends are bring tied around Clinton's neck?





Can anyone remember the Bank: BCCI? Recall, please, that in one of the group of banks under this charter, that WE KNOW of, one joint account with Saddam Hussein (and George Bush) of a mere $250 million. George really had fun with Peruvian Certificate 3392. He had his pals in the loops so tightly woven that when the central bank was dumped--they all fell down to the tune of BILLIONS-plus dollars. I want you to please read the following and see what justice there really is in this world. And note that you won't hardly find any mention of Bushes.


[QUOTING, The Orlando Sentinel, 2/4/98:]




Clark Clifford, 91, and protege Robert Altman agreed to the settlement with the Federal Reserve Board.


WASHINGTON -- In a quiet end to an affair that rocked the capital in 1991-92, venerable Washington insider Clark Clifford and his former law partner agreed to pay $5 million to settle civil fraud charges in the BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) international banking scandal.


Under the settlement with the Federal Reserve Board an­nounced Tuesday, the 91-year-old Clifford and protege Robert Altman will pay the money to compensate what the Fed called the "innocent" depositors and creditors of the now-defunct Bank of Credit and Commerce International.



Altman and Clifford, a defense secretary under President Lyndon Johnson and adviser to several other Democratic presi­dents, did not admit wrongdoing.


In addition, Altman, 50, who practices law in Washington, agreed not to re-enter the banking industry without the Fed's approval. Because of Clifford's age and ill health, the central bank dropped such an action against him.


BCCI was shut down by regulators in 1991 amid allegations of arms smuggling, drug running and financing of terrorists. The Luxembourg-chartered private bank--once the world's largest--operated for a time in about 70 countries, with its head­quarters in London.


Regulators charged that it engaged in wide-ranging fraud and lent billions of dollars to insiders without requiring col­lateral or keeping proper records among other misdeeds.


In a joint statement, Clifford and Altman said they were con­fident that they would have prevailed in fighting the reduced charges against them. However, they said, citing Clifford's frailty, "to continue for years and at great expense" to fight the case "made no sense".


Clifford and Altman were charged in July 1992 in separate federal and New York state indictments, and in the Fed's civil action, with making millions in illegal profits.


They pleaded not guilty to charges of accepting bribes and participating in a massive criminal conspiracy that offi­cials said was designed to give BCCI secret control of U.S. banks.


BCCI illegally owned FOUR U.S. banks, including FIRST AMERICAN BANKSHARES, Washington's biggest bank holding company at the time. Clifford and Altman were BCCI's principal lawyers in this country and were chairman and president, respectively, of First American.


The Justice Department later dropped its charges against the two, and Altman was acquitted of New York state charges in 1993 after a lengthy trial.


A New York judge dropped all charges against Clifford. [H: He was acquitted because of poor health, not because of in­nocence.]


The Federal Reserve also eventually dismissed some of its civil fraud allegations against them.


"When this case arose seven years ago, we publicly de­nounced the sensational charges against us as wholly untrue," Clifford and Altman said in their statement Tuesday. "Subsequent events have proved the accuracy of our state­ments."


[H: The "COLLATERAL" certificate/contract 3392 IS VALID AND LEGAL--but it was UNLAWFULLY USED WITHOUT ABILITY TO GAIN THE ASSETS AT THE TIME THE LOANS WERE DUE! Herman refused to sign off on the thing and rendered it such a public focus that they sim­ply murdered him--slowly, to allow time to torture the signa­tures and information out of him. He had, however, AL­READY HAD THE CERTIFICATE BASTARDIZED AND PUT INTO CONTRACT FORM WHICH WAS FULLY CERTIFIED, CONFIRMED AND RECONFORMED, REG­ISTERED, AND EVEN LODGED IN CERTAIN GOV­ERNMENT DEPARTMENTS, SUCH AS TREASURY, AFTER VALIDATION AND EVALUATION BY THE FED­ERAL RESERVE. Since the collateral (3392) was (AND IS) still being utilized all over the globe--they couldn't very well close every bank it touched, now could they? GOD BLESSES RUSSELL HERMAN! Russell Herman was sane until he died and took care to properly handle the assets of that CONTRACT to benefit the people of the U.S.--but that, too, didn't even bother to bring responses from the States or the people. Tuff!?!?


Personally visiting Russell after getting no response from threats by others were Bush, Cheney, Greenspan, North, Bentsen and Baker IIIrd (at the same time, yet). Oh indeed, good friends out there everywhere--that contract is good and the big boys have never ceased using the loot--unlawfully. However, many banks folded under the shortfall and some of those were the biggest in the world.


How could this be? There isn't enough money in the world? Of course there is--all the Feds have to do is print some more worthless notes. However number two: THAT CON­TRACT IS BASED ON HARD METAL GOLD. Well, the thugs had moved all the gold so now you have a worse mess in which to be bogged. The problem with then trying to re­gain control of the mess came with the efforts to wipe-out Saddam and freeze his assets, for which Bush had made ar­rangements. Also, they were caught selling illegal arms, etc., through Reagan-Bush's Dept. of Agriculture--to such as Iran, et al. Oh my, isn't this cute? You all wondered what VP Bush was doing? Well, this is the stuff of Kings and this particular Vice President. North took the fall, but they were ALL into it to their noses.


Do I think it terrible? No, for the contract is still valid and perhaps since it became a legal-lawful debt of the U.S. Trea­sury and because it was a debt prior to the Federal Reserve, it moves right on over legally to the Federal Reserve and to the World Bank and United Nations International Monetary Fund. And yes indeed, the debts have been OFFICIALLY LODGED WITH THEM ALL!


This portion of my input is very definitely something of which they preferred you not have reminding. So, they think they are waiting for Grannie Two-Shoes to die (tried to kill her and only made her crazy) to get rid of any intruders. THIS IS STILL BUSH'S "SUPERFUND" although he quit calling it that when he about got suicided for his unlawful actions which cost many banks with equally nasty leaders. This gang does have some far higher and larger problems, however, if agreements regarding that document fail to be met--like NOW.


You are about to start a killing war and it is not going to go very well in some of those nations which were ripped off by the billions of dollars through these outrageous schemes and scams--and Saudi Arabia is top of the list. And that, read­ers, is over oil and money!


Did Yeltsen "slip the lip" yesterday about a world war? No indeed, and it doesn't have anything to do with Russia! Well, let's finish the article so we can move on to our work.


By the way, you who take stuff off the Internet from Ru Mills--forget it. She is now hooked in with Skolnick and they are dis- mis-information feeders. They say Gore will be sworn in as President tomorrow, Friday, and what do you REALLY think about that? Could be, I suppose, but some­body is going to have to get deaded or suicided in the in­terim. I suppose it could happen--but it will be, if the infor­mation is already out there, that it won't be an accident. Ru Mills, however, has told so many outright and provable LIES as to make us balk at even hearing her cute little tag name. She is the wife of Gunther Russbacher who claims in turn to have had his U.S. marriage to Raye annulled in Aus­tria. Skolnick did a "threatening" tape on the air from Gun­ther--from information provided to Skolnick from Raye. Cute? Well, I suppose it might be, considering sources. But we are really tired of the sick "patriot" actions doing such damage to a news-hungry world.


Yes, while on the subject--Ron Brown, Sec. of Commerce, WAS SHOT in the head (executed) and was not just killed in the airplane crash. There is a bullet-hole to prove it. The problem of information becomes such a rumor-mill (no pun intended) that you can't get facts so people stop even paying attention and fail to respond to anything except the gladiator fights over everything evil that can be conjured.]


BCCI pleaded guilty in December 1991 to federal fraud charges and forfeited $550 million in assets, the biggest forfei­ture in U.S. history.


In a plea bargain, the bank acknowledged that it illegally owned First American and the three other U.S. banks.


For 45 years, Clifford was a powerful figure in Democratic politics.


The lesser-known Altman is a figure in Hollywood circles, husband of Wonder Woman television actress Lynda Carter.




And now this same bunch of thugs, inclusive of new thugs, are going to start a war and blow away nations? And YOU cheer and demand that this action be taken. YOU are the ONES with weapons of "mass destruction", you ducks. Didn't any of you see the new satellite pictures last night of YOUR, and cohorts, ability to see underground and at night and through clouds and, and, and...? How else do you think "we" know that there are other weapons in Iraq? But the weapons in Iraq--CAME FROM THE U.S.! TANGLED WEBS? WELL, I GUESS SO! Oh by the way, YOU, Israel, have supplied that other "little Israel" with more and more MASS WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION, such as neutron and atomic BOMBS. Secured the Middle-East, did you? I don't think so...! Have you noticed the programme laid out so that even the speakers are embarrassed? "Weapons of Mass Destruction" MUST BE REPEATED EVERY TIME THE TOPIC COMES UP--it becomes like "EL NINO" causing every problem on the globe. YOU hear it enough, you will be­lieve it? Fine, see what you get out of your dreaming.




As of yesterday, 54 tremendously large whales (sperm whales) are stranded along the beach in Tasmania. They are so big that they can't be moved and helpers are asked to stay back. This was only at yesterday's count.


People, this is Australia giving out this information and so what do you think is going on? The grid system and the responders are misdirecting every creature. That is not the intent--this is the RESULT of your toys and frequency control grids. How much mercy do you think God has? When you destroy HIS creatures without recourse--you have REALLY ERRED!


Shall we go on with Antichrist now and let's see if once again we can determine who might be behind all this trouble in par­adise.






[QUOTING, ANTICHRIST, Coughlin (Circa 1970):]








The American hierarchy are painfully aware that, since Vati­can II, many militiamen in their army, having put down their arms, are in a disorderly retreat towards Camp Nowhere.


For six or seven years the bishops convened, discussed cur­rent problems, displayed monumental timidity, avoided facing challenges to their authority and accomplished a minimum in the area of sanctifying souls. [H: They also knew the New World Order and One World Religion would replace EVERY­THING that was known about Christianity and the Sovereignty of Nations.]


It is high time, however, to cease criticizing these gentlemen, who at the moment are objects of pity and prayer; for what has been done neither time nor circumstance can undo. Nor does it profit any of us to finger many of them as Satan's little helpers; for all of us at one time or the other have been Antichrists either in public or in private. The hour has approached to reassemble our troops, to change our tactics, to cease competing with our civilian superiors in affairs materialistic, naturalistic and politi­cal and do a little dying. It is no shame to become either a pen­itent or a martyr.


So, let us reason a moment, research a few more moments, and see if we can acquire a clearer picture of the major An­tichrist who is knocking at the door.


To preface this essay, may I venture to inform the readers that in such places as Notre Dame, Catholic University, Ford­ham and most so-called Catholic universities no solid course in "secret agencies which control government" is taught in depth. In such places, now very much left-of-center, "secret agencies" is a fiction.


Not so at Georgetown and, particularly, not at Oxford. The latter has been exposing this phenomenon and prospering it since the lifetime of Cecil Rhodes; Georgetown has had the benefit of Dr. Quigley for several years. And of him there will be a few informative paragraphs. [H: Well, it seemed we would never make it, didn't it?]


To begin with: It seems logical to approach the genesis of the major Antichrist both from scripture and history. [H: This is probably more appropriate than you might think since the ANTICHRIST WROTE THE SCRIPTURE AND THE HISTORY.] In doing so, it is not in a spirit of dogmatic certainty. The subsequent thoughts are merely my own personal reasoning and observations. I realize I am swimming in a whirlpool where many fine scholars have met their doom; where millions of dabblers, like myself, have been given a warning to desist. Nevertheless, Scripture is Scripture as history is history. [H: Yes indeed, and nobody seems to discern which it true and which is false.] Neither is ornamental, simply to be ad­mired.


Thus: While Christ was dwelling upon Earth, we recollect. He expelled devils from many afflicted persons. Toward the end of His public ministry He had this very significant informa­tion to disclose, namely:


"You have heard me say to you, 'I go away and I am coming to you. ' If you love me, you would indeed rejoice that I am going to the Father, for the Father is greater than I. And now I have told you before it comes to pass, that when it has come to pass, you may believe. I will no longer speak much with you, for the Prince of the world is coming, and in me he has nothing. But he comes that the world may know that I love the Father, and that I do as the Father has commanded me. Arise, let us go from here."


May we analyze this significant statement.


(1) Christ specifically predicts His departure from Earth and His second coming.

(2) This departure and second coming should be a matter of joy because it is part of the divine plan which has to do with Satan's ultimate defeat.

(3) After His departure, the Prince of this world will take over but will have no power over Him.

(4) The purpose of his "taking over" is to let the entire world and all its races, populations, nations and governments know that, despite Satan's power, he will be vanquished by Christ.

(5) And very significantly, the Prince has not had full liberty on Earth nor will have until "I go away".


This last statement defines that until and during Christ's mis­sion on Earth only minor devils infested the Earth, possessed persons, wrought havoc and persuaded weak willed, un-sacra­mentalized men to choose evil. Not until Christ's departure; and probably, not until the church was fairly well established did God unleash Satan, the major devil, to roam the Earth with his powers and principalities and take over kingdoms, empires, uni­versities and governments.


Particularly since Luther's revolution which was generated by worldly, naturalistic prelates who fell foul of the "Prince" was a major advance made in Satan's solidifying his new princi­pality. [H: We'll have more directly from Martin Luther a bit further on in OUR OWN writings and those will be as confused as to Scripture as any offered here. Everyone seemed to absolutely miss the point of JUST WHO WROTE THE SCRIPTURES AND WHEN YOU LOOK--SURELY ENOUGH--ANTICHRIST!]


Of course, he is the Antichrist. And most certainly he was clever enough to purloin blueprints which record the founding of "Christ's Kingdom on Earth" together with the plans and struc­tural mechanism employed by the Holy Spirit in building His di­vine edifice which houses the Church Militant.


No human being sees or touches the Holy Spirit because it is His nature to be a spirit. So with Satan. He, too, is a spirit whom no man sees, touches or hears. Like the Holy Spirit, he works through a "Church Militant" called the mystical body of Satan. [H: Now HERE, "mystical" is the exact and perfect term.] Has he an apostleship as Christ instituted to govern His Mystical Body? Certainly he has. Does he inspire them with thoughts, suggestions, policies and power? Absolutely yes; but his power-element is merely natural or supra-natural while the power which the Holy Spirit has given to men is supernatural--not supra-natural--to such a degree that the recipients thereof are miracle men raised above those with only natural endowments.


Just as the Holy Spirit is on every battlefield so is Satan; just as the Holy Spirit has thousands of bishops to lead His troops, so has Satan. The first group are "other Christs"; the second are "fallen Principalities and Powers".


This deadly parallel can be followed through a thousand questions and answers. In their politics one stands for Truth, Goodness, Beauty and Order; the other for deception, evil, ugli­ness and crime. One is for eternity; the other for time. One depends on nature plus the sacraments; the other depends on nature injured by sin and destined to failure.


Nevertheless, man, the image and likeness of god, is the prize for which each leader and his battalions are striving.


Both armies evolved orderly. One from Bethlehem to the Last Supper and Gethsemane; then to Pilate's Hall and Calvary; and the sealed tomb. From the broken seal and Resurrection to the Ascension; then Pentacost and the Holy Spirit; then to the shores of the seven seas. These were the days when the miracle men performed miracles abundantly. Both Andrew and Paul preached the new philosophy and the new faith atop the Acrop­olis. James journeyed to Spain; Thomas preceded Francis Xavier to the Far East; Patrick Boniface, Cyril and Methodius told the story of Bethlehem to the Irish, Germans and Slays while Austin blessed the acres of the Anglo-Saxons with the word of God. Nor let the world forget the forgotten Lazarus and Mary Magdalen in their apostleship to France. [H: Oh we won't ever forget them, apparently. I guess there is too much on which to comment here so we will not therefore comment further.]


At the later date Benedictines, Carthusians, Carmelites, Franciscans, Dominicans and Jesuits carried the flag of the cross to new battlefields where love, hope and faith were contesting for leadership.


Even in our beloved America Jogues, DeBrebeuf and Lalle­mant preached to the Iroquois, Algonquin and Hurons the gospel for which Christ died, as did the magnificent Franciscans. [H: Yes, and stole their constitutions, too!] Throughout our West Fra Junipero Serra braved the deserts, mountains and baking heat to carve a pathway, the Camino Real, which stretched from San Diego to San Francisco. All this was accomplished in days when meager transportation and communications were insur­mountable impediments. Days which three hundred years later still haunt us with their glorious memories. That was the evolu­tion of Christ's Mystical Body which proved what miracle men could accomplish when faith assessed every obstacle as a chal­lenge; and evolution which transcended all earthly calculation while Damien was sanctifying service to the lepers. Indeed the evolution was not without defeats and no defeat in the past 2000 years has surpassed the humiliations which the Victor over death sustained since Vatican II--humiliations which betrayed Him for another handful of silver. [H: I'll let you comment on this one.]




The mystical body of Satan likewise had an orderly evolution once Christ liberated him to seek the throne as the "Prince of this world". From Arius (325) to Mohammed; then by way of the fall of Constantinople to the Medici and Renaissance; then to Luther, Kant, Hegel, Hume and Locke; from there to Voltaire [H: Whose mistress did his translating, i.e., Newton's Principea Mathematica.], Rousseau and the Revolution of 1789; from The Rights of Man to Marx, Engels, Kerensky, Stalin and Lenin--when finally the Prince of this world will have traveled from his original emergence to this throne in 1972 where he reigns and apparently rules the world.


In each and every era until now it was Satan, the invisible, sometimes hiding behind miter and chasuble; at other times, marching over the spiritual corpses of Christ's militiamen; and at all times inspiring kings, emperors, presidents and dictators to enslave the confused populations.


[H: Boy, I surely hope every ONE OF YOU are seeing and hearing. This is not the cartoon of the day--this is the mak­ings of Antichrist for real.]


Probably the most disastrous doctrine Satan has disseminated through his earthly leaders was "government by the people". Never in history has government by the people been actualized. Always it has been a will-o'-the wisp. For one short year only (1917) the blandishments of Karl Marx relative to the reign of the proletariat were cheered to the high heavens; then, (1918) following Kerensky's defeat, Stalin tore up the Rights of Man and, despite the promises of Das Capital, instituted the reign of a dictatorial oligarchy. Here was the beginning of the end of democracy. Dead in Russia, 1918; dead in the United States, 2000. [H: Or, the beginning of the newly defined democracy which has nothing to do with democracy as presented even prior to Socrates. There is nothing FAIR nor JUST in "democracy"--NOTHING. Besides, it was dead in both places long, long before the 1900s.]


When Christ advertised to His apostles that the "Prince of this world is coming", little did any of His contemporaries think the event was scheduled to happen so soon.


To my mind 1917-1918 until 1972 has witnessed the final emergence of Satan into the world. And from 1972 until 2000 this final expansion will have been achieved.


In democracies such as Italy, France, and, particularly, the United States, powerful groups of unelected men dominate elected presidents and congressmen by obtaining Cabinet posi­tions and other important office. These are the new apostles of Satanism such as the Kissingers, Mitchells, Burns and others in the United States who exercise more influence, power and im­portance than all governors, congressmen and elected officials combined--including the president of the nation who, in foreign affairs, has become secondary.


There we stand today. Populations, it is now evident, are becoming little more than marionettes dancing on strings manip­ulated by a group of oligarchs, one in each nation. And all these groups like so many colleges of bishops, are subject to one invisible Pope, one master called Satan.


The uninformed in our country still acclaim democracy and applaud a two-party system to government which, upon analysis, proves to be the head and tail of the same political party. The real party, if I may change the metaphor, is a submerged un­marked and unchartered iceberg which, because of the fogs of confusion and brainwashing, is seldom visible but always in control of the situation with a "God help those who collide with us.


Yesterday, this American group secretly financed and nur­tured Communism, as contradictory as that may seem; today this same group inspires racism and ecumenism hoping to capture even the Kremlin, even the Capitol, even the government of ev­ery nation. Deviously they scuttled the League of Nations which they founded and began to build the United Nations which they now control. This is a group which fights against Commu­nists and for Communism; against Red China and for Red China, all in one decade. [H: Yes, and now it is over two decades later just since this nice man wrote his notations.] Tomorrow they will both attain and lose their objective--One Worlds with a modified Moscow, a liberalistic Washington, a placid Peking and a common government for all the people. Robert Hugh Benson's Lord of the World may not have been a madman's dream, nor Christ's prediction will not have been idle.


These foregoing remarks are unsupported as they stand. [H: THEY ARE NOT UNSUPPORTED ANY MORE, ARE THEY, READERS?] May I become more concrete: Some­times an anomaly is an unsuspected truth as in the case when the Prince of Peace is deliberately permitting the Prince of this world to wage war against the Kingdom of God on Earth. [H: Perhaps the players are not yet straight, my friends. The Prince of the world is only waging war on his own frag­ments--he can't even find the people of the REAL Prince of Peace.] The present conflict looks like a rematch between Go­liath and David when the stonethrower has no chance against the sword-wielder. So be it: But the boy, David, had a miraculous stone in his slingshot; a miraculous muscle in his arm; and a miraculous aim in his eye. This, Goliath did not know. Nor does the Prince of this world correctly calculate the supernatural power of his antagonist.


Although many Americans are aware the battle is not going in our favor particularly since the administration of F.D.R. (the first Chief of State to recognize Red Russia in 1918, and the first to finance the Red Flag by $11 BILLION of American money) nevertheless two-thirds of our fellow citizens are not opposed to establishing friendships, plus financial and trade collaborations at the price of disarming our military, of allowing Red Russians to roam our country, work in our government of­fices and prey upon our news media.


This could never have been accomplished except the past ten administrations at Washington will it that way. It was tragically evident in the Truman, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson administrations when we recollect the "no win" wars we deliberately fought in Asia. It was all planned that way.




Let us let this digest a while and take a break. This Essay has many more "parts" so do stay tuned, please.


I am amused at people who exclaim loudly that "And, you only have a little over a thousand subscribers? This is the first truth we have found." We thank you for the compliment and have to repeat that people are fearful of this Prince of the World for re­taliation, and denial comes in many miserable forms of assaults. Suffice it to say that this is the most-read paper in the world to­day! People, I suppose, especially those of the Prince of the World, are cheap, stingy, and thieves even of newspapers. These writings are taken right off the computer as we write and are delivered to the top-level intelligence circles before the pa­per is printed. We appreciate the service but wouldn't it be far nicer to pay for it once in a while so they don't lose their infor­mation resource? Well intelligence has nothing to do with their titles. It is like "military intelligence", "political science", "Government intelligence" and dozens of other oxymorons--there is absolutely no meaning to their titles, or worse, most are on opposite ends of the extremes.


Well, we like the security and don't plan to change the network. We WANT the agencies to have the information and know that we do nothing either subversive or of any threat to the great god of "Intelligence" of the Prince of the World. THEY make agreements WITH US; we simply expect them to keep the agreements; no more, no less. THE TRUE PRINCE OF PEACE IS STILL ON HIS WAY!



All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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