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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

PJ #227 " RISE OF ANTICHRIST VOL. I ", chapter 3 & 4.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by Paul & Christ.
Nov 6, 2012 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 227



SUN., FEB. 1, 1998     8:21 A.M.     YR. 11, DAY 169

SUN., FEB. 1, 1998



I have been very nicely petitioned to have something like we originally had called "Today's Watch" to somewhat clear what is REALLY happening when, say, the First Female goes off to Switzerland at a touchy time. You won't be told WHY, because if you were reminded, you would know that it has everything to do with personal Clinton MONEY (Vince Foster did the runs when he was alive). Well, it has to now be tended because there must be a way to run a conduit flow, silently, between the account holders and the banking sources. That is, IF there are remaining funds, for the "5th Column" removed bunches of assets from those politician's accounts throughout the last couple of years and "retired" a bunch of political ma­nipulators and quadruple dippers. You know, they all had to go "spend more time with my family"?


If Billy is oozed out he will have a pretty rough time getting going again on his own--but Mighty Hillary will be into politics FULL TIME and will make a very large impact. How nice for Billy who would have lots of time for chasing the girls--except Hillary will dump him before that happens.


I am inclined to not be bound to a regular start of the morning with what I foresee for, by now, all of you should be glued to that boob box 24 hours a day and KNOW what is taking place without my input. Most of you, however, say you can't stand it--well, it isn't any easier for us to watch it. If somebody doesn't watch, the assumption has to be that you don't care enough to give a damn.



What is little Maddie trying to cook up in her whirlwind run? My, she is a busy little Antichrist, isn't she? She is doing ev­erything she can do to START THE MOTHER OF ALL WARS!


While she is running and spewing, demanding and threatening, Saddam let a WHOLE BIG BUNCH of inspectors INTO IRAQ and they quietly went about inspecting and having meetings on accounting for the last 5% of any "missing" weapons. Iraqi teams destroyed, in the face of the inspectors for full viewing, some more dumps scheduled already for detonation.


Now, readers, doesn't that count toward good intentions? It certainly looks better to me than a MAJOR war which this time, good buddies, is going to hit on your doorsteps in the good old U.S.A. and points West and East. If the Arab nations hit BACK, and they will, there will be helter-skelter international retaliation to hopefully, to them, clear out vermin even in the luxury bunkers of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the U.S.A., and any other hiding places of the Elite lizards. We do not speak of nice little mosquito-type lizards that eat insects which in turn makes home a nicer place to be. These are the lizards that poison an entire global habitation.




It seems that it might be more difficult to convince some of the nations that destruction of the world is better than patience--but, it seems that Russia has a bunch more patience than little Al­bright and Cohen.


Cohen says if we strike Iraq it will not be a meager..." Say what? The full intent is to strike those palaces where Saddam hides things under his bed, you know, and other inhabited cen­ters, called homes. The touting is how terrible it is to use hu­man shields--well, nobody is making anyone do anything, in­cluding Saddam Hussein. Would not you as Americans go forth and try to shield your hospitals and foundling homes? No?


When did you become so bloodthirsty and violent, good friends--of Jesus and god?


Your laws have always stated that you would keep out of other nations' business--police terrorists of the world.


Guess what: when you move to do this to helpless nations, you are going to get it back, in SPADES! There will be retaliation of which you never dreamed. The attacked will counter with bombs on your major cities housing Zionist centers of activities, major CITIES such as Chicago, Phoenix--even Denver.




There is a State of Emergency underway, as I write, where the U.S. and Allies have basically closed space activities in an at­tempt to make sure that satellites are left intact and, to shield their heinous weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION, there will be an ignition of the radiation belt (photon-belt effect) to keep those pieces of control equipment in safety--you know, to hell with the world and all the people in it.


No, they still won't bring nuclear garbage into our areas beyond 150 miles, and if they burn the Van Allen belt, you really have a problem, little Earthians. That kind of HEAT which burns radi­ation materials will fall-out in the same way you would get death FROM neutron bombings. The life forms will die off, steriliza­tion of the species (all) will take place and you are a "memory". Oh, the gold will be left intact for the next inhabitants a zillion years from now and so too will the buildings, etc. But the winds and weather will knock them down and bury them before any­one comes along to use them again.




I don't think you really WANT a rundown of observations from me regarding your "mess"--EVERY DAY. And you who don't even watch the tube or read the press and do not do so as to not interrupt your "blissful state of ecstasy" will never know what hit you. Fine--but your CHILDREN WILL! GROW UP AND GET A LIFE WHILE THERE IS STILL LIFE TO BE GOT­TEN.


You with access to Internets and e-mail outlets--pay attention and go find the intended restrictions coming up NOW to get that net under CONTROL and locate anyone who even attempts to get free information to the people. The movements taking place are happening at frantic pace and when that takes place, we go silent because we will not risk our people to send information out to people who only want to quarrel or ignore it for being "too big a bunch" to even read. We only need a scatter on the material--YOU do not have to waste your precious time left, dealing with it--just send it on, please.


YOU would rather dwell on Clinton's illicit and tainted-sick sex habits? Well, wait and see, while Clinton diddles--you are set to DIE, literally--if the demons of Hell can get it arranged for those massive strikes against Iraq. That Iraqi area is the very seat of Godly HUman origins and the world will erupt like you have never seen as those of Mohammad, Muhammad, Ma-hammed, and thus and so with your silly games of spelling, rise up to meet Israel's Antichrist--now home-officed and home-landed in the U.S.A., CANADA, BRITAIN, AND IN YOUR HOME TOWN, AMERICA. Nobody with the Antichrist gives a damn in Hell about little Israel or Palestine--they would as soon bury the evidence of their rise to power in the desert sands of simply another hated nation.


And Ms. Lewinski? She is a controlled butterfly sent in to do a job and did it; no more, no less. She is Jewish out of the power Elite wealthy "class" of Beverly Hills, California and did ex­actly what she was presented TO DO, even to getting into the Pentagon!


Well, "But, did Clinton have sex with her, proper or other­wise?" No, she GAVE him sexual expression but even com­plained that he would NEVER have "proper" or "normal" sex with her. Really? Who knows? The SHADOW knows! And yes indeed, those tunnels under the city running hither and yon give access to all sorts of fun and games for EVERYONE, not just Billy-boy.


Please ALSO NOTE that Clinton and child are spending a re­freshing weekend at Camp David for their regular checkups and alteration courses. Buddy the dog seems to be getting the best care and attention of all, but he wouldn't even come near the NEW President the first day there. My, my, what DOES go on at these secret places? At first they even had to tie the dog to the cart in order to make sure he went along for the planned photo-ops.


No, I don't think you REALLY want to hear from me every morning!


I do have another observation about writings, however. It is wondrous that so many of you take to heart our efforts and even (d)harma's participation. I appreciate your concern about her keeping her "stuff" out of the way, or resent a possibility of her shoving it in, but, we write for 7-1/2 BILLION PEOPLE and I am hard put to believe some of you still have such a narrow per­ception as to think I am aiming silver bullets at YOU, specifi­cally. If shoes fit, wear them, and yes, continue to bash and complain. We have a job and we are going to do it and you can stand in front of, within, behind or on top of your mirrors mak­ing judgments until Hell freezes (WHICH IT CERTAINLY WILL NOT DO) while we wade through duplicate copies of pages and pages of comments. We appreciate the words of en­couragement but my people have to have rest, even if some of YOU do not. Thank you for your powerful purple paper; Ger­main, I suppose, enjoys it but I find it hard to read almost matching print.


Please, as you requested, read this with the intent in which it is offered. Not one person on the globe has to read or believe one iota of anything we present. My people do and shall and therein is the purpose of this central task. Or, perhaps we can shut this down and go park (d)harma in front of a mirror to see if she can find YOUR REFLECTION there.


I am reminded of "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!" This time the toy soldiers are going to CRUCIFY AN ENTIRE PLANET, NOT JUST A PERSON IN JERUSALEM--AND IT IS TIME TO REMOVE THE MIRRORS ADMIRING SELF AND GET BUSY OR IT WILL NOT MUCH LONGER MATTER.


May we please move on now to our series:






[QUOTING, ANTICHRIST, Coughlin (Circa 1970):]







When Pope John convened Vatican II there was less urgency and need to modernize the Church than there was necessity to "Restore all things in Christ". The self-styled theologians and a few powerful prelates who opposed papal supremacy, patristic interpretation of Scripture, and the one-ness of the Church exer­cised an undue influence on the entire conclave of bishops by their cry for modernization. They returned to their homes and began to patronize heretical ecumenism, insurgent cler­gymen, top-heavy racialists, odd liturgy, unpriestly behav­ior, and anti-celibacy groups. All this and more was toler­ated or silently condoned by certain prelates who gave the impression that Vatican II was some sort of "Magna Carta" which not only opened a window but removed the Dome from St. Peter's.


In the aftermath as we evaluate Vatican II it is not fair to quote, "By its fruits it shall be known," because the mistaken policies, divisionary spirit, challenging of authority and skepti­cism related to the Eucharistic Sacrifice are not attributable to either John or his successor, Paul VI. The embarrassing truth is both John and Paul have not disciplined the radical bish­ops, priests, theologians and professors who misinterpreted and misconstrued the official documents of the Council.


Bluntly, these two successors of Peter the Rock appeared to be too pliable in the exercise of papal discipline in an age which historians will characterize as revolutionary. They were dealing with rebels who should have been subdued, not tolerated; for all that is required to guarantee the success of an incipient revolu­tion is that authorities endorse it by failing to nip it in the bud. A top executive simply cannot sweep a rebel under the rug. He must be vacuumed or his filth will breed vermin. That is a basic principle of history which obtains both in civilian and ecclesias­tical life. And one, therefore, must so deal with an Antichrist when he encounters him as did Christ who unflinchingly said, "Retro Satanas" ["Be gone, Satan!"].


This attitude of being tolerant towards offbeat cardinals, bishops and theologians has cost the Vatican multi-millions of Catholic lay persons in the past few years alone. They are scandalized Catholics surfeited with ethnic music, long-haired liturgy, mistranslated Latin, empty confessional boxes and a lack of discipline. [H: Yes, just about everything the Proto­cols insist upon being now presented.] They are disgusted Catholics whose prelates are more interested in destroying the value of residential properties with their brash endorsement of cross-district school busing than they are in protecting the faith of their old-time parishioners.


I should know better than permit myself to venture an excur­sion into radical politics. However, I shall extend my remarks to state that Satan is using the racial syndrome to drive White Catholics from the Church because churchmen have gone overboard in their presentation of "Love your brother as yourself," and "whatsoever you do to the least of my little ones you do unto me." These Christly mandates of "love" have been tortured as has the norm of "Let your conscience be your guide."


Probably the Vatican officials do not fully comprehend the racial problem in America. Probably no prelate presented a documentation of the Angela Davis epic to them. This highly talented lady--in matters mundane--was recently declared inno­cent of murder and other charges by the California Courts. For more than a year she has been schooled to take over the leader­ship of the Black revolutionary movement--a fact which has been an ill-kept secret. Intellectually she is brilliant; morally, in matters of patriotic and theologic, she is an open revolutionary.


[H: Don't misunderstand what this author is presenting here lest you think it is more racially punitive than the original attitudes. What he is saying is, how dare anyone or any­one(s) come along and mandate, not so much what the White people will do--but to insist that whether or not it is "ok" with the Blacks, to push them into a totally alien environ­ment and insist for "equal rights" of some stupid notion, they MUST go to assigned Churches and worship whatever is thrust onto them. Black people, by and large, like to make joyful loud noises unto God in appreciation, so to tuck them into a place and onto their knees to false icons with in­cense and candles is heresy. This attitude belittles a MAN more than any other kind of subservience.]


She is the new leader of the new leftists who have moved from protesting racial injustices into the polluted area of violent revolution. She has preempted the leadership formerly held by Martin Luther King, Jr., the N.A.A.C.P., the Panthers and all other Black organizations of any importance. She has the lim­ited financial backing of two huge foundations; of some Catholic bishops through their contributions to ancillary organizations which, in turn, befriend her; of the Democratic political party; of many other institutions and organizations too numerous to mention. On her intellectual steering committee she has not only Herbert Marcuse but a score of highly trained, highly com­petent Communists.


On Sunday, June 18th, Miss Davis appeared at the State Fair Grounds in Detroit before an audience of twelve thousand and approximately twelve million on the radio and television. There she brazenly called for open revolution against our government.


The multitude of American Negroes are followers, not thinkers. [H: Once again, no need to get angry, brothers, this stems from slavery of ANY KIND. Just as TODAY--you are NOT ALLOWED TO THINK! And, moreover, when a man begins to think and be heard--he is REMOVED from among the living or his reputation is so destroyed as to lose any possible followers of like-thinking. Don't get offended--there are proportionally MORE White and other "minorities" in the category of NON-THINKERS than you can conjure among the Blacks. Radical oppression always births radical revolution--it is the way of freedom seekers who usually cannot find another avenue through which to bring change.] They are easily susceptible to this magnetic personage whose anarchy requires resistance and powerful con­demnation. None has been forthcoming from Catholic official­dom.


Catholics in great numbers will not tolerate any longer their archbishop's policies and attitudes towards misled Blacks until he openly abandons Angela Davis. [H: How is THIS for sim­ply understanding?]


As matters stand with millions of Americans and Catholics we no longer ask but demand that our bishops cease and desist their sponsoring of inter-district busing and their closing down of parochial schools while they bestow diocesan funds upon nondiocesan projects. [H: I find it amazing that with such INSIGHT there is no ACTUAL "INSIGHT" where humanity has a foundation in equality, which SHOULD be within ANY Church claiming to be an offspring of GOD. Do I, then, curse the Catholic Church or any other Church? No, only the Churches of Satan--which seems to be all of them in this day of acceptance. I don't "curse" them in your terms of defining--I detest them and abhor them, but what YOU allow is your business and it has nothing to do with equality or freedom--it is simply a limited manner of gaining power and control over those searching for some measure of FREEDOM. If I chose to "curse" the Churches with anni­hilation, they would vanish, so we wait, and they will CURSE THEMSELVES INTO OBLIVION AS POWERS VIE FOR MORE POWER AND LEAVE GOD TO SERVE SATAN AS DO THE POWER-ELITE.]


Certainly there must be some type of pressure employed by radicals to have the top executives in Vatican City tolerate cer­tain cardinals, bishops and hundreds of so-called theologians who are determined to destroy the structure of the Church, the essence of the Mass and Sacraments, devotion to Mary Immac­ulate and the primacy of the Papacy. Again, be it repeated, it is all too smart to be human. The authorities are not dealing with a prodigal son; for he came home. They are being victimized by a group of pro-Satanists who should be read out of the church unless they submit to authority as should their patron saint, deChardin, who, somehow has escaped condemnation be­cause of technicalities, not because of open errors. [H: "Unless they submit..."?? Is this not a worse form of control--make someone "submit" and that one will ever hate you and all your breed until there is opportunity, and there is always opportunity in patience, to DO YOU IN.]


If, therefore, many of us persistently quote the yardstick of truth employed by Christ--"By their fruits they shall be known"--we do it because the evidence of decay is mounting every day. If freedom slowly settles down from precedent to precedent, so does slavery--slavery to Satan.


[H: Let us pause here for a minute and hear what we are barraged with from the "White" people who assume God and all Angels, Hosts and important beings, TO BE WHITE. We are asked to spend less time on "Churchy stuff', "...never mind the colored races..., we want to know about us Whites." Well, what makes YOU THINK that you are dealing with WHITE deities, Hosts and Christ-beings? Do YOU describe S. Spielberg as a White man? How do you describe Eddie Murphy? You limited-thought White people of the world had best look around--YOU ARE THE MI­NORITY! BY FAR, YOU ARE THE MINORITY. AND FURTHERMORE, THIS TIME YOU ARE REALLY ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE FENCE FOR YOU HAVE JOINED WITH THE SATAN--WHO, BY THE WAY, IS WHITE ALTHOUGH "DARK". YOU, THROUGH YOUR INSULTING SMUGNESS, JOINED WITH YOUR VERY DEADLY ADVERSARY--LUCIFER, THE WHITE AND SHINING STAR OF HUMAN ASPECT. YOU PEOPLE HAVE PRIMROSES IN YOUR TEETH AND EARS FROM WALKING THAT SAD PATHWAY.




In developing some aspects of the Antichrist, it is important to recollect that from the beginning of civilization until Christ's time, Satan had not been permitted to wage total warfare on Earth. Christ's prediction that the "Prince of this world is coming" indicates that Satan was not unleashed until after pentecost [H: Whatever in the world THAT means.]; and then, apparently, in a graduated manner. [H: Can you see that these informed and well-meaning leaders try to interpret that of which they have no notion? They take the incorrect teachings and try to fit them into TRUTH. It will not work, EVER. But, oh, this doesn't please YOU and it irritates you that we take notice of such indiscretions? Sorry about that; perhaps YOU are not the intended recipient of TRUTH for YOU will continue to your DEATH defending the lies.]


Marxism or Communism has grown and matured all the way from Arianism through the logical development of revolution--a growth encompassing sixteen centuries of conflict. Communism is the logical development of the mistaken Christian policies and practices of the past. It is a synthesis of all heresies; a com­pendium of all the false theories of sociology; a denial of all ba­sic, natural and moral laws; and exaltation of Satanism. Yet Communism's rise to primacy in the short span of fifty years has been too spectacular to be man-directed; while the decay of christianity's influence equally has been too tragic to be the re­sults of mere human hatred or ingenuity. Satan is unleashed! [H: Yes indeed, and leads both sides against the middle to explode in annihilation.]


One must be entirely myopic if he fails to see the dual cause of this strangest phenomenon in all history: First a lack of faith in their own potencies on the part of the Bishops; second the unleased warfare of Satan. To my mind there is no better ex­planation. [H: See, this "Catholic" can't even recognize the Protestants.]


So far, in this year 1972, there is no indication that these two essentials are evaluated by authoritative churchmen as the main contributors to the tragedy of decadence in the Catholic Church.


[H: OK, readers, let us let this man off the hook for seem­ingly being so narrow. However, he looks first unto his own house's dirty windows, as it must be, before he can see far enough to evaluate other dark windows. You, too, must look about your own house and into SELF before you can even start to discern correctly or JUDGE actions in any measure of TRUTH. It took an incredibly brave and daring man to bring this kind of observation openly against the biggest and greatest Church in the world. There are bigger "religions"; there is no bigger CHURCH.]


Satan's first emergence from the tomb of confinement was almost contemporaneous with Christ's resurrection from the dead. [H: So, did Satan perhaps fabricate this incident of resurrection to SUIT HIS OWN NEEDS FOR CONTROL AND MIND-WARPING?] From that time his total assault against the Mystical Body of christ has been an orderly devel­opment until his year, 1972, when with all his astuteness, diplomacy, suavity and savagery, he is moving more quickly from parliament to pulpit, from classroom to clubroom, from mass-production unions to the media.


There has been no public "nipping in the bud" as far as the laity can see. As a result the seed sown by Marx plus the in­fidelity of leftist bishops have become a sizable mustard tree where the buzzards and crows have come to roost.


[H: Hummnn--smacks of the PROTOCOLS instructions: "In this manner we shall prepare Revolutions which the Chris­tians will make themselves and of which we shall reap the fruit." "By the ceaseless praise of DEMOCRATIC RULE we shall divide the Christians into political parties; we shall destroy the unity of their nations; we shall sow discord ev­erywhere. Reduced to impotence, they will bow before the LAW OF OUR BANK, always united, and always devoted to OUR CAUSE."




"By our mockeries and our attacks upon them we shall make their PRIESTS RIDICULOUS, THEN ODIOUS, and THEIR RELIGION AS RIDICULOUS AND AS ODIOUS AS THEIR CLERGY. Then we shall be masters of their SOULS. For our pious attachment to our own religion, to our own worship, will prove the superiority of our religion and the superiority of our souls.


"We have ALREADY ESTABLISHED OUR OWN MEN IN ALL IMPORTANT POSITIONS..." and, this may not ap­pear to relate to Church but where else are brains of chil­dren more "educated" than in the restrictive boundaries of a religion? "But above all let us monopolize Education. By this means we spread ideas that are useful to us, and shape the children's brains as suits us.']


Today the situation becomes more alarming, especially when some informed Catholics in Europe anticipate Sicco Mansholt's rise to the top executive post of the Common Market following October, 1972. Already he has the backing of Willy Brandt of West Germany, Harold Wilson of Great Britain and Francois Mitterand of France. His advertised goal is to establish social­ism in all ten Common Market countries; then to erect a su­per-government to control the ten; then to turn the entity into its normal evolutionary development called Commu­nism. This forthcoming incident is the logical turn of the wheel which is spinning rapidly. The Prince of this world is enlarging his holding. [H: !!!!!]


Despite this evolutionary and revolutionary political phe­nomenon emerging in Europe and America there is still hope the fervor, faith and fearlessness of many bishops and Catholics will counterbalance the Satanists. [H: Small chance! And why? It would simply further MORE misinformation and wrong as­sumptions.]


Recognize that many of the philosophies and immoralities of the French and Russian revolutions have been firmly rooted in universities and seminaries; and generally accepted in part by a formidable segment of politicians. I refer not only to their eco­nomic theories of socialism already factualized in America and planned for all Europe but, more particularly, to their beliefs and attitudes toward authority. In the case of Catholics this means eventually retaining or rejecting papal primacy and the entire concept of the supernatural life. [H: Wow, is that ever a wrong mouthful, as if the papal primacy is somehow SUPERNATURAL!]


Prior to Vatican II all was not heaven on Earth; nor was the Catholic Church officered by 100-percent "believing" prelates. Then there was a motivation of public respectability which in­fluenced prelates to follow, at least, the visible signs of being conservative, obedient bishops. The liturgy of the mass, the administration of sacraments, the silencing of radical priests--those and other "visible" signs of regularity were upheld, while wholesale scandal was not tolerated.


Following Vatican II the mask of external respectability has been discarded; indeed, in the name of Vatican II all those and numerous other excesses are practiced as if they were the orders of John and Paul and the official credo of the Council.


This is why it may be too late for the nippers to be employed. I fear the services of a chain saw are required in more than one diocese in the United States unless the Holy Father will risk seeing a portion of the nation's church becoming a stronghold of a new schismatic entity whose prelates will endorse divorce, pre-marital experiments and rationalize abortion; prelates who will succumb to the blandishments of the Federated Council of Churches with headquarters in the United Nations Com­plex.


What chain saw is needed? None less than a Vatican III where the bishops will be summoned to listen and obey rather than pressure the Holy Father. [H: FAT CHANCE!]


There are many Scriptural references supporting this type of execution action. It was a procedure sanctioned by Christ and many of the early pontiffs. Possibly the present Papal Cabinet might reassess their overly patient policies and the spiritual loss which has resulted from their adoption.




I ask that you readers be a bit patient while this collection of very insightful essays are presented. Do not divide yourself away from Truth just because you may not be catholic Catholic. Remember that "catholic" means universal and if a branch of misdirected intent sprang forth--don't be too quick to judge them lest ye be judging SELF more severely.


I did not say this man was correct in perceptions--I said he of­fers a lot of insight and if it is not what YOU expected, be pa­tient, please.


I like a paragraph out of the next essay, number three: "'Christ versus Antichrist' may be an alluring title. Nevertheless, it neither crystallizes the totality of the stupendous contest which we are witnessing nor clearly and correctly identifies its armies and leaders. I refer not only to the surface confrontation be­tween good and evil, but, more particularly, to the complicated warfare waged by the Creator on one side and, on the other, Satan, a potent spirit-creature."


Bear with us for this is going to get ever the more interesting as we move along.









SUN., FEB. 1, 1998     1:11 P.M.     YR. 11, DAY 169

SUN, FEB. 1, 1998





[QUOTING, ANTICHRIST, Coughlin (Circa 1970):]








The battle between Christ and Antichrist began, probably, many millions of years before Jesus was born [H: !!]; many thousands of eons, possibly, before Earth and the solar system were created. Little do we know about this except from earliest records there has been a constant contest between good and evil.


Nevertheless, they who accept divine revelation as a factual­ity have translated the words "good and evil" into God and anti-god or Christ and Antichrist.


This basic contest is not a figment of the imagination. Evil surrounds us, engulfs us, and constantly threatens us as we in­cessantly either fight to destroy its invasions or surrender to its advances. It is an actuality of life which both christian and atheist accept.


Only christians seem to have a satisfactory, although re­vealed, explanation for its cause. While they insist God is not the cause of evil but merely permits it, they affirm that where moral evil exists, it is the result of creatures who choose, through their free will, to reject good.


"Christ versus Antichrist" may be an alluring title. Never­theless it neither crystallizes the totality of the stupendous con­test which we are witnessing nor clearly and correctly identifies its armies and leaders. I refer not only to the surface confronta­tion between good and evil but, more particularly, to the com­plicated warfare waged by the Creator on one side and, on the other Satan, a potent spirit-creature.


To skeletonize this divine drama, one should define the na­ture of its contestants, the cause of their hostile confrontation, the soldiers they employ and the progress of the war.


The multiple volumes scholars might write on this subject would be unsatisfactory because they would endeavor to encom­pass the techniques and tactics of super intelligent creatures im­measurably superior to human beings, together with the strategy of the infinite mind of God which brooks comprehension.


Yet, we men are in the battle. Brother unsheathes his sword against brother. And every angelic being, also, is involved in the Armageddon which will eternalize the victory of Christ or Antichrist.


[H: Be careful with the next for this can only be one man's PERCEPTION.]


Angels were the first free-willed creatures fashioned by God. The word "angel" is generic, meaning a created personage of a pure, spiritual nature. As the word "animal" comprehends thou­sands of species from a mono-cell germ to a man, so "angel" connotes, possibly, millions of spirit-species from the lowest to the mystical "four" who "grace the throne of the Lord". As creatures, they are endowed with intellects and wills immeasur­ably superior to man's. These personages were created outside heaven with the opportunity of earning entrance into God's abode where His infinite Goodness, Truth, Beauty and Orderli­ness are manifested. [H: You see, if you have wrong defini­tions as accepted, you will err. "Outside of heaven...?" If you only can isolate heaven and Earth where does that leave hell or limboland? We have to be VERY CAREFUL that our perceptions are not passed on as absolute fact. Even when we define "absolute" can we understand "total". You are NOT loved by God "unconditionally"--YOU ARE LOVED BY GOD "ABSOLUTELY". Conditions are a major part OF GOD'S LAWS AND INSTRUCTIONS. I don't want to get sidetracked here, however, because the man has the right concept.]


The entire concept of "angel" is unacceptable in the philoso­phy of the modern pagan. He is sure that science accepts as re­alities only entities of material nature; and is equally certain that in a "God-is-dead" world there is no worthy argument to support that war is being waged by Satan against God, both of whom are expansionist creations of the human mind.


At least, for argument's sake, may we question our material­ists on a point: What lesson does Nature teach us in the totality of creatures with which we are familiar? First, there is a pattern in creation called "hierarchy". I mean it is evident there exist inanimate rocks; then, one step up the ladder, the loosest forms of mono-cell life in the vegetable world; then the lower animal world stretching from the microbe to the highly sensitive ape, dog and elephant; then, the human world possessing all the at­tributes of the entities below--mineral, vegetable, animal--and ascending above them to man with his intellect and will.


Of this the majority of men are certain--all save those who believe without proof that a lower species of non-life can pro­duce a higher species with life. Confessedly, I balk at this be­cause neither reason nor sensitivity can hurdle the axiom that "Nemo dat quod non habet" (One cannot give what he hasn't got.). Not only is reason against these Darwinians and erratic de Chardinists but also is history: Why doesn't this natural phenomenon continue happening today?


HOWEVER, this point is this: Why should God terminate His creation with man? After all, man is part material because of his body; and part spirit because of his intellect and will.


If there is a law of hierarchy stretching from the inanimate stone to the thinking man, why not go further? Why not create a pure spirit independent of matter? The pattern of creation we already know suggests the continuation of the pattern of creation we do not know--but believe, particularly since Christ who rose from the dead by His own power testifies to the truth of an an­gelic creation.


One does not anticipate that millions of materialists after reading the foregoing and the more philosophical contributions of eminent scholars will march to a Catholic church seeking Baptism.




We who also know so little about man know less about an­gels. Nevertheless, in common, some angels and most men, so we believe, share the title of sinner which many human beings forget when they assume that Christ died for the sins of man only. As a matter of fact, He died for the sins both of the "Earth people" and for the sins of the "outer world personages"--the fallen angels. [H: BS SQUARED. HE did not die for ei­ther one. He died, if you will, "OF" the sins--because of the sins, not "for" the sins. YOU had best get THIS LITTLE ERROR IN PERCEPTION CORRECTED RIGHT NOW! YOU PEOPLE MURDERED THE VERY "CONCEPT" OF THE CHRIST AND EVER SINCE YOU HAVE GONE DOWNHILL IN A MAD SUCKING SOUND OF IDIOCY.] As a matter of more important fact, He died not only to redeem and save men, (not fallen angels) but primarily to offer sacrifice to the Godhead who had been infinitely outraged by sins com­mitted both by the fallen angels as well as by men.


[H: Watch this next:]


Possibly, for eons stars and galaxies were being formed from the dust of their predecessors which was pressured and com­pressed into new molten masses. Here scintillated a new PLEIADES; THERE SHOWN PIERCINGLY THE LUS­TROUS JEWEL OF ANDROMEDA; each many times more ponderous than our solar system. On and on, beyond the cal­culations of human minds, the drama of creation continued to unfold itself while myriads of spirit-persons, unable to glimpse the face of God, were privileged to see Him intellectually re­flected in the indescribable expanse of the heavens. [H: How in the world do you suppose this gentle Catholic Priest lived into his eighties, with these concepts, in that narrow and re­stricted atmosphere of the Holy Church of Rome?]


Satan, the super-minded angel, was there as were Michael, Gabriel and the uncounted royalty of the Seraphim. [H: There is no ROYALTY off your physical place.] They were capable of translating the glory of the material universe into its proper dimensions. "If this sublime orchestration of majesty, power, beauty and science evolves from particles of dust, through a hidden power of synthesis, how potent must be the mind of the Super Scientist who effected it? [H: !!!] HE MUST BE OM­NIPOTENT! HE MUST BE OMNISCIENT! HE MUST BE THE FOUNTAIN OF BEAUTY! HE MUST BE GOD, THE INFINITE, THE UNCAUSED CAUSE OF ALL BEINGS!" [H: Are we actually getting somewhere now?]


It is presupposed, in speculation, that if, at a later date, God's revelations were made through prophets, priests and kings to human beings, likewise secrets in this distant past were re­vealed to the angels--secrets which these spirits, by themselves, were incapable of discovering or fully understanding.


It is also speculated that two tremendous mysteries were re­vealed to the angels; one, the Trinity and the other, the Incarna­tion. Upon the acceptance or rejection of these two mysteries, it is further speculated, the entrance of the angels into the throne room of God's glory and majesty depended. Their rejection of these mysteries meant disaster.


Even the mind of the mightiest angel is not so perfected as to comprehend how Three Persons can be in One God or how two natures, human and divine, can be in one person. These are God's secrets not revealed by Him and not understandable by created intellects any more than one could pour the Atlantic Ocean into a fairy's thimble.


Satan rejects these Godly secrets as philosophical contradic­tions. And again, there are other contradictions, thought he, which are unsolved in the Incarnation.


At this point Satan, possibly, began to define both the power and limitations of man."Man, part star, part spirit; man composed of flesh, blood and bone destined to depend for his exis­tence upon the lower animal and vegetable kingdom; man unable to survive for a day without air, water and sunshine! If Christ is born as a man, therefore I will not adore Him!"


These and a multitude of decisions Satan flashed to his fellow angels who gathered about him as he voiced his rebellious "non-­serviam" .




Here, then, is infinite rebellion. Here is the birth of evil. Or more correctly, here is the beginning of evil; for evil is the con­tradiction of good. In a moment the unknown planet of hell was created. In an instant, Michael, the Archangel, unsheathing the sword of God's Truth entrusted to him by the Holy Spirit, sub­dued both the mighty Satan and his followers. Crashing into hell went the power, splendor and hopes of these indescribable creatures who preferred pride and self to humility and God! Disobedience to God's authority is the cradle of all evil.


Satan, although in hell, dreamed of destroying the Christ-to­-be even though He was still millions of centuries unborn.


Let us recall the Scripture upon which I base these thoughts: the date is fixed about 29 A.D.; John the Baptist is preaching on the banks of the Jordan. Curious and devout crowds stand in rapt attention as they listen to him tell the story of Isaias who both predicted the Virgin Birth of the Messias and the prophecy of His passion as if it had transpired but yesterday. [H: If you WRITE both the start and the end of the play what think ye of what might fall in between?]


Day after day, John's audience was briefed concerning One whose sandals the Baptist was not worthy to unfasten. "It was he," preached John, "who came to placate the Father for the sins of the world, and to redeem the downtrodden children of this Earth--Jew and Gentile alike." [H: OUCH! AND JUST WHO WAS THIS "JOHN"? Oh, I see, Baptist? And what or who was a "baptist"? Was this a man or a spirit? If it was "man" it stands to reason that his own reasoning might well have been somewhat clouded by eating nothing but grasshoppers and honey? "But the gospels say----?" WHO wrote the gospels? The BIBLE was not compiled for 300 YEARS after the fact. Then, only four were used from some 28. All share different information so the four chosen were chosen because they reflected what the authorities WANTED TOLD IN A MANNER ENOUGH ALIKE TO BE UNQUESTIONED. Ah, but are there ACTUALLY ANY WRITTEN GOSPELS AT ALL?]


During these days of John's ministry, Christ was baptized. [H: WHO WAS BAPTIZED? "CHRIST" IS A STATE OF BEING--A SPIRITUAL DEFINITION OF A GOOD STATE OF BEING. CHRIST WOULD NEVER NEED BAPTIZING FOR THAT IS A CONCEPT OF ACTION AND THOUGHT--NOT A "MAN". If this studied man can err in total concept is it not possible that 2000 years ago somebody else just might have perceived something incorrectly? Oh, I see, you instructed followers MUST NOT QUESTION EVEN OUTLANDISH AND STUPID PRESENTATIONS.] At the ceremony John's audience heard a resounding voice from heaven crying out, "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased." Jerusalem heard it. The Pharisees heard it. And, above all, Satan in the depths of hell heard it. [H: My good­ness, THAT was a loud voice to be sure.]


Suddenly Satan became aware that Isaias and David who pre­dicted the advent of the Messias, were more than poets. "They," he exclaimed, "were inspired messengers of God. Their prophetic voices have come to challenge my conquest of Earth and its inhabitants. This Jesus [H: WHO?], therefore, must either adore me and be destroyed or I must be crushed and forced to say "Thou are God!" [H: And so it went and through the years this later-created non-entity "Jesus" did, in their speakings, come to totally adore Satan and upon the lie was built the temple of Satan and the capstone of the pyramid was set to confound all who would come for the re­ligions would preach of this "Jesus" while never again turn­ing to Esu ("Jesu") Immanuel and certainly having NOTH­ING to do with CHRIST.]


Thus, the hour of truth had arrived and so had the hour for action. Satan's first encounter with Christ is at hand.


In modest prose we read of it in the Fourth chapter of Matthew [H: WHO?]: (Matt. 1-11)'Then Jesus was led into the desert by the Spirit, to be tempted by the devil. And after fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. And the tempter came and said to him, 'If thou art the Son of God, command that these stones become loaves of bread. ' But he answered and said, 'It is written, Not by bread alone does man live, but by ev­ery word that comes forth from the mouth of God. '" [H: WRONG AGAIN. It is by bread and things necessary to the flesh of man that he lives, literally. The SOUL of man lives by the WORD for it needs no food; it only needs thought.]


"Then the devil took him into the holy city and set him on the pinnacle of the temple, and said to him, 'If thou are the Son of God, throw thyself down; for it is written, He will give his angels charge concerning thee; and upon their hands they shall bear thee up, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. ' Jesus said to him, 'It is written further [H: WRITTEN?], Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God."


"Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them. [H: My goodness that "devil" was a busy hunk taking this man everywhere from the spire of the tem­ple which must have been most uncomfortable to run­ning him all over the wilderness like a stupid sheep and parrot. You are talking about a CHRIST? Come on people, even YOU might say enough is enough already and a CHRIST would not bite in the first place. So, who is presented as the actual FOOL in this little pic­ture drawn to suck you in?] And he said to him, 'All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. ' Then Jesus said to him, 'Begone, Satan! for it is written, The Lord thy God shalt thou worship and Him only shalt thou serve. ' Then the devil left him; and be­hold, angels came and ministered to him."


[H: My, my, and it took him all that time to say no? CHRIST? And YOU believe this bunch of BS as if it is TRUTH? How long will it take YOU, people of the LIE?]


Unfortunately, this significant drama has not been empha­sized sufficiently either in pulpit or press. [H: How can this be emphasized "sufficiently" when it is not TRUTH? Somebody "out there" will see through the lies and bury the preacher. You base your entire lives and souls on lies and then com­plain that someone doesn't stress the "significant" lies?] But there it stands in the record of christianity. Call it the first foray in the Battle of Armageddon, if you will. Whatever name one gives it, the gauntlet has been thrown down as error sets out to overcome truth, hatred to destroy love, ugliness to vanquish beauty, chaos to dispel order and Satan to become the Prince of this world for all eternity.


[H: Yep, all that and more because the teachers of the teachers TEACH LIES!]


This earthly beginning of the drama began multi-millions of eons ago [H: Yes, and that is why you can't have truth here for it fits so nicely with the Satanic plan as to stretch even the Devil's imaginings], possibly, long before Earth had been firmed and coalesced from the dust of countless, fragmented planets. It will not end until Earth, the battleground, will be­come devastated, depopulated and un-habitable, either from nat­ural causes of planetary attrition or by a positive act of God. But surely and certainly it will come to pass. [H: NO, it will NOT come to pass. GOD does not need a "battleground" and certainly would not cause upheaval to his precious cre­ations. The fragments of Satan in the LIES, will make the Earth a battleground and blow it to Hell where the energies of this warped plan are destined to be anyway.]


Meanwhile, as Scripture informs us [H: Here we go again with those Scriptures out of the tampered book.], there are the blessed spirits--Angels, Archangels, Thrones, Dominations, Principalities, Powers, the Virtues of the Heavens, Cherubim and Seraphim [H: WHO SAID?]--who bowed their intellects and wills to the ineffable secrets which the Omniscient God re­vealed to them. For eons they have been enjoying His vision face to face. In the indescribable horrors of hell are the rebels who joined Satan in his "non serviam".


Beyond Earth-time even though galaxies and stars will con­tinue their orbiting around the immovable, motionless centrum of God, this war will have ceased, Satan will have been defeated and God will be victorious for eternity.


[H: NO AGAIN! What a nice thought? How dare you or anyone else of MAN's ilk decide what GOD IS and pro­nounce the above upon anything, and much the less, eter­nity. If the galaxies and stars will continue their orbiting, then there will always be the presence of both the concept of good and evil for both are birthed (created) by the THOUGHT OF GOD'S PROJECTIONS. This old concept of "God will be victorious for eternity" concludes that all will live, like the fairy princess, happily ever after. People, FROM THE LIES CANNOT COME TRUTH! TRUTH IS--AND IS, FROM THE BEGINNING THROUGH THE END­ING--EXCEPT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BEGIN­NING OR AN END.]




I really don't know how much of this we will utilize, perhaps all 12 essays for they, in themselves, are such teaching tools, but tedious and some things cannot be left to be stated "as fact". But WHERE are we in instructions? We have been at this al­most a decade now from JUST this keyboard and you don't seem any closer to understanding that THE BAD DEAL WAS DUMPED ON YOU, FINALLY, WHEN IT WAS ALLOWED THAT SATAN USURP THE VERY CHRIST. WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THERE WAS A JESUS? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THERE WAS EVEN AN IM­MANUEL? THESE WRITERS WHO TELL YOU WHAT TO BELIEVE, AND CERTAINLY THE TRANSLATORS, WERE NOT THERE EITHER! You are given hocus-pocus wadded into book bindings and in direct confrontation to every other re­ligion yet, and accept it like sheep to slaughter. Even the Jews adamantly rejected this "Christ" being dumped on them. It was not until it became handy to bring forth the JUDEO-CHRIS­TIAN combination that JESUS became even a recognized per­son of any kind. HOW DARE YOU DUMP YOUR TRASH UPON THIS PERFECT TEACHER? YOU ERR GREATLY IN YOUR IGNORANCE.


One thing this author is right about--and the Satanists know it as well--is GOD WINS and HELL BECOMES. You help build Hell and you shall be left within its limitations and that, people, is a promise. You so-called "Christians", if Heysoos (Jesus, that Greek character of Saul's) is THE BEST TOOL FOR TAKEOVER EVER INVENTED TO "GETCHA"--what ever happened to that nice Esu Immanuel, the Great Teacher? Oh well...!


Why don't you "thinking" people with the GIFT of reason and logic (and choices)--THINK? GOD SAYS IT IS ALRIGHT!


How much longer will we make you uncomfortable and miser­able while you have to "think about it"? Not much longer, for the hourglass is empty. Salu.     ADONAI.

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