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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by Paul & Christ.
Sep 14, 2010 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 14



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 1990 7:15 A.M. YEAR 3 DAY 224


Dharma, Hatonn in the Light of the Radiant One. Chelas, you must prepare for more intense impact as we correlate the old with the new information.


Oberli, you may not consider Dharma the author of these Journals, however, if she is stopped in her work you may as well accept the fact that there will be a break in authorship--it is simple technicality. You ones fail to understand that her concerns are quite valid. I, too, am distracted by the interruptions and inflow of knowledge to be categorized. After interruptions for other unrelated writings, we need the ongoing "skeleton" of the Journal available to save time at onset of writing each morning. In a simple pile is fine, I do not wish to sort through binders; an extra copy as you send to the regular re­ceivers is sufficient. You ones do not seem to understand that I must move through her fog and it is sometimes most difficult indeed. I find no one else setting their ego and consciousness aside to take on every "big gun" there is available. Do not be harsh with her concerns for she is also human indeed. In your courts of "injustice" she will be considered the author of these materials and don't you forget it for even one moment.


As to Mr. Hackett's new writings in preparation; let it be known that no more energy will be given unto his bleatings. He is most welcome to write into in­finity; we have no privilege to air these things in the public journals to any fur­ther extent as the ones awaiting these Journals have no further interest in such drivel. He, too, is out to demoralize Dharma and today she finds it only pa­thetic and somewhat amusing. Give full love and protection to the mother who is the one truly under attack and release the matter. If he wishes to pur­sue the matter, he must return to the Gatehouse from whence his information continues to he conceived. If he wishes to have his bellicosity aired then per­haps Sister will be more gracious regarding the printing of it, but I sincerely doubt she will give him the time of day regarding the matter. At any rate, our beloved ones under siege are to concern themselves with it no further except as their hearts guide them to participate.


James may send all the literature he desires and we will graciously purview it and bless it in Light. We will, however, no longer take the time from the load of work in which we are overloaded.


Yes, Pat should contact every one who enters her attention wherein she is nudged to make contact. She is strong and will wrap herself in the protection of Light and discern intent if requested of us to join her. The word must go forth and there is no other way to find the "waiting" ones except to make the contact. So he it.


The very confusion of energy in the Sedona area speaks of its importance and for every "clear" energy personage in that placement there will be at least ten of opposition and frivolous intent. You need only the perception to know the difference and always bless the antagonism for it gives balance unto thine own intent. The same ratio shall emerge in this placement as ones move into knowledge of the matter. This is exactly why the Journals must be laid in foundation prior to the "building" so intent can he sorted easily and without necessity of weeding after the fact. You ones will be discerning and only truly interested parties will desire participation at any rate. In Sedona, the impact of the "new age" groupies is still most fashionable, but interest in the "fun and games" is abrogating and diminishing rapidly now while the "seekers" who truly do not wish to "find" will move on to more interesting activities. As nourishment and subsistence dries up the "participants" will mostly drift away. After the dust settles there will be the ability to make necessary connections and build properly.


As long, however, as the government is experimenting so diligently with the ELFs it is foolish to spend the time and energy required to lift ones up into proper association. All in proper sequence, chelas. What you need now are ones who are willing to contribute to the upstart of "building" and then carry forth in the taking of the methods and information unto that area, for it will be needed. Sister knew it then and knows it yet and the rest must have patience for a 91 year-old lady cannot do it alone. All she can do is keep the impact of negativity located away from you in the interim, and then the technology can be located into that area also, for it is a most important placement; currently rendered all but useless for higher resources due to the very earthly output from the location. This, of course, is why the only real bombardment of our work in this location comes from that location--ponder it and act accordingly.




The serious problems are coming forth from much more dangerous sources than a child who prattles prurient and vulgar nit-picking. We have been warned to cease and desist with these Journals from very powerful and dan­gerous coalitions right on your plane. You will use caution, you will keep thine shields about you constantly and you will keep Dharma within security at all times.


You must take this most seriously indeed, as it is now beyond little quarrels over information. We are bringing forth information that is really most irri­tating to the Conspirators on both sides of the play for predominance. They do not like their game-plays revealed and thus far they have been able to hide in the very obvious.


The threat, of course, is to hold Dharma hostage--but they must get through a host of lighted energies to reach her. Unfortunately, there are ways to get to her through you other participants and that, obviously, is the route they will take--it has destroyed other receivers right down the line and it is most earthly indeed. It will be the bombardment against her consciousness which shall be the undoing and it will come from you surrounding her for it is the only way the dark energies can gain entry--ponder it most carefully indeed. It is your free-will and her free-will and she is weary and quite frankly, would appreciate greatly being removed from this responsibility.


The word is the only weapon which can destroy the Conspirator's Global Plan of Control and Power. It is the only tool which can undo them--they do not take the Journals lightly and you must remove them from your scope of enter­taining and light reading. You ones within this group are too close to see the widespread explosions on the other end of the information stream.


Ones coming within the cadre must recognize the importance and seriousness of this "commission" and responsibility. We have no wish to make it sordid and take away the very joy and fun of the transition, but you must realize that the transition itself and how it goes depends upon the integration of the truth from all the scattered tid-bits that unity of intent can flow.



We are now being bombarded by the thrust of, "You denounce homosexuals and they can't help themselves." Ah, but we do not---we denounce homosex­ual "behavior" and there is a great difference indeed.


Most homosexuals do not even realize of that which has undone them as a group and AIDS is only a minute portion and the ultimate consequence of that behavior.


Right here I am going to utilize information which you will find degrading and heinous indeed, however, it is necessary that you understand that which is truly at point in activities of negative homosexual nature. Dharma, we will use information already known but well hidden and then we will make sure writ­ten confirmation comes to ones in the group who can confirm the writings. Evil knows no bounds and God will never sanction behaviors as I will now pronounce unto you as freely being utilized about your sordid places.


Oberli, you will also set this aside for Journal use as we update the AIDS in­formation. I trust George will be open to contact with Elizabeth Taylor to see what can be done in a practical way without involvement with your govern­ment and Gay activists who simply desire to prolong and promote acceptance of the problem instead of change the activities which promulgate annihilation of the group as a whole. For those who wish to verify that which we will now write: SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES IN HOMOSEXUAL MEN, Plenum Books; THE ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYN­DROME AND INFECTIONS OF HOMOSEXUAL MEN, Pearl Ma and Donald Armstrong; THE AIDS COVER-UP?, Gene Antonio, Ignatius Press, San Francisco; GAY MEN'S HEALTH: A GUIDE TO THE AIDS SYN­DROME AND OTHER SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES,  Jeanne Kassler (Harper and Row), and at least a dozen more which I will not take time to list. Again, I take no exception to same gender preference of "company"--but the following is what is destroying the humans who participate in this kind of behavior.




In May, 1985 in The Advocate, Paul Diamond, a homosexual activist diag­nosed with Kaposi's sarcoma said: "Don't call us AIDS victims. AIDS is not my weakness. AIDS is my strength." So be it!




In the United States, male homosexuals have comprised over three-fourths of all AIDS cases. The percentage of homosexuals among the total of all AIDS patients has remained relatively constant. In Europe, male homosexuals comprise over 85 percent of all AIDS cases. The enormous prevalence of AIDS, along with several other grave communicable disease endemic in this group, is not mere inexplicable chance, and we shall go into a few of the other health risks. There are numerous major biological and social factors which have been distinctly linked with their spread. Of course it is not the major numbers in the groups which indulge in these extreme behaviors but it only takes a few to affect the multitudes. Ponder it.





Among male homosexuals, sodomy or anal intercourse is the act substituted for heterosexual penile-vaginal coitus. This damaging practice provides ready access for the transmission of AIDS and other virulent infections.


Physiologically, the rectum is designed for the expulsion of feces. When sodomy is performed, the peculiar forced inward expansion of the anal canal results in a tearing of the lining as well as bleeding anal fissures.


Violent spasms of the bowel wall may occur as a reaction to the bodily intru­sion. Colitis, a severe inflammation of the mucous membrane of the colon, of­ten develops as sodomy is repeatedly engaged in. This disorder causes fever, malaise, painful wrenching cramps in the lower abdomen and eruptive diar­rhea and commonly contains blood or leukocytes. Along with anal fissure and syphilitic chancre, mucosal ulceration of the rectal area is common in homo­sexual males.


The prevalence of colitis and rectal lesions among homosexuals is such that they may mask the symptoms of intestinal lesions resulting from Kaposi's sar­coma.


The trauma of sodomy also produces a unique form of inflammatory psoriasis in previously unaffected areas. This psoriasis extends from the rectum to the pubic area, penis and scrotum. This is known as Kobner's phenomenon. During sexual activity, the thin silvery scales which have formed on the in­flamed areas are rubbed off, leaving the skin raw, bleeding and exposed to in­fection. The friction against existing hemorrhoids also leaves their surface vulnerable.


Written before the discovery of HTLV-III/LAV as the AIDS agent, a national case study found: "Blood from rectal mucosal lesions which are known to be common in homosexual males who engage in rectal intercourse, could contain the infectious agent responsible for this epidemic."


Note that this important study detailing the correlation between homosexual behavior/diseases and the prevalence of AIDS was published by the American College of Physicians in August of 1983--so don't go about saying Hatonn is a bigot. There has only been occasional mention of the relationship between homosexual acts/diseases and AIDS transmission in the national media or press. Usually it is in the context of stressing the susceptibility of heterosexu­als through IV drug abuse. One major article doing reasonable justice to this correlation was finally published in the December 1985 issue of Discover. However, it unwisely downplays the potential of heterosexual transmission of AIDS. Once present it is walking dynamite.


The damage to the rectal wall facilitates access to the bloodstream of AIDS-infected sperm and other disease-causing organisms. Anal receptive sodomy has been definitely linked to AIDS transmission. Do you see that especially at the time of a female menstrual cycle (when birth control devices would not be used) the infected sperm could cause infection in the already compromised inner uterus which is sloughing oil attached material and already bleeding?


Anal receptive sodomy has been definitely linked to AIDS transmission. In studying the depressed immune systems of practicing male homosexuals in New York City it was found that receptive anal intercourse was the specific sexual activity which correlated most strongly with reduced levels of helper T-cells resulting in immune dysregulation. Do you further see that condoms would be chancy even if employed?




The opening of the urethra, along with penile abrasions and lesions resulting from sexual activity and disease, permit infected bloody secretions seeping out of the damaged rectal tissues to enter the bloodstream of the active partner.




The weakening of the sphincter through repeated sodomy results in fecal in­continence and the dribbling of blood-stained contaminated stool. The invol­untary depositing of AIDS virus infected fecal secretions on the benches in locker rooms, toilet seats and elsewhere also creates a potential for spread by this route. Oh, they never told you these things? Well, too late is too late, isn't it? These are things no one wishes to even speak of much less draw pic­tures for the modest masses of people who use all sexual activities as means of control and vengeance instead of love and then call it love. Then, you refer to it as "human rights"! So be it.




Sodomy has proven debilitating to the immune systems of passive recipients apart from AIDS infection. During sodomy, the naturally aggressive proper­ties of sperm combined with damage to the rectal wall enable spermatozoa to penetrate the mucosal lining.


A report in the April, 1984 (27th), issue of Science by researchers at the De­partment of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cornell Medical Center, New York, stated that occurrence of AIDS among homosexuals, may have some relation to circulating antibodies evoked as a result of semen deposition in the alimen­tary canal. Human seminal fluid apparently contains components that poten­tially can suppress the immune response."


A few weeks later other researchers reported in Lancet, a most respected medical journal, "A homosexual individual is repeatedly exposed to viral anti­gens such as herpes and sperm antigens which can be absorbed through the intact intestine or through mucosal lesions. Bleeding lesions are not necessary for absorption of spermatozoa and harmful infectious agents during sodomy, but they do facilitate it.


"Host immune responses can be modified by exposure to sperm, with the sub­sequent formation of anti-sperm antibodies."


During normal heterosexual intercourse, the dynamic qualities of sperm en­able penetration and fertilization of the female ovum, resulting in impregna­tion. The walls of the vagina are elastic and several layers thick, and they have glands which provide natural lubrication during sexual relations. This pre­vents large quantities of sperm from entering the bloodstream.


In 1984 a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association noted that the association of sperm-induced immune dysregulation with the practice of anal intercourse "underscores the critical structural differences between the rectum and the vagina. While the lining of the vaginal mucosa comprises a squamous multilayer epithelium capable of protecting against any abrasive effect during intercourse, the lining of the rectum is made of a single layer of columnar epithelium. The latter, unlike the vaginal epithelium, is not only in­capable of protecting against any abrasive effect, but also promotes the ab­sorption of an array of sperm antigens, thus enhancing their exposure to the immune apparatus in the lymphatic and blood circulation. The high im­munogenicity possessed by spermatoxoa, coupled with the microbiological flora of the rectum, can work in synergism to generate a state of chronic anti­genic stimulation.


"In this connection, four of seven immunodeficient female sexual partners of male patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) also en­gaged in anal intercourse. An analogous phenomenon can be extracted from the strong association between the high frequency of seroconversion for Hep­atitis B virus and the routine practice of 'passive anal-genital intercourse'."


Do you begin to understand the horrible damage the sex therapists such as Dr. Ruth and others, does to an unsuspecting public? In the name of "sexual freedom" ones are taught that all is fine and the more bizarre between con­senting adults the more wondrous will be the marriage and/or relationship? They become tools of the "spreaders" of the poison and are most unwittingly utilized.


However, the unsuspecting partners seeking the illusive fulfillment of the rela­tionship touted to be the "all in all" and can't find the incredible experience portrayed in all your media, will try anything to "save their marriage" or "keep the flame alive" and all that drivel of lies. Man was created to find his ulti­mate join the emotional soul fulfillment--not in a water bed with intrusion of protrusions--those things were designed for procreation of a species.


During sodomy, the biological design of the rectum combined with the aggres­sive properties of sperm expedite their substantial entrance into the blood­stream. When this occurs repeatedly, antibodies to sperm develop which cir­culate and impair the immune system. This happens both apart from and along with infection by the AIDS virus. It likely is a co-factor in HTLV-III infection.


In addition to suppressing the immune system per se, the introduction of sperm containing the AIDS agent has been cited as providing a "Trojan horse" (no pun intended) mechanism for the transmission of the HTLV-III/LAV lentivirus.


Leukocytes in the seminal fluid, also present in colitis-induced diarrhea, carry the AIDS virus directly to the lymphoid organs of homosexual partners, thus achieving a highly efficient transfer of the infection to most lymphoid cells.




You will find that in monogamously paired homosexual males, three quarters of the passive partners manifest sperm-induced immune dysregulation. Rec­tal insemination also alters immune responses in rabbits and other lab ani­mals.


The immune dysregulation induced by sperm debilitates the system quite apart from infection by an AIDS virus. Although AIDS development per se must involve the transmission of the HTLV-III/LAV lentivirus (except in cases of beastiality which we will speak of later) the development of sperm-induced immune dysregulation predisposes the anal-sperm-recipient homosexual males to the more severe phenomena of opportunistic infections and Kaposi's sarcoma. Immune responses to semen provide a background of immune suppression, not only promoting repeated CMV (cytomegalovirus) infection, but also exacerbating the resulting immunologic disorders.


Although AIDS is not what we can consider a "sexually transmitted disease" in the usual vernacular, it is most certainly transmitted by sexual misuse and/or abuse in a compromised recipient. HTLV-III is most certainly a sexually transmitted disease through the rectal mucosa and is usually vulnerable to passage of the AIDS agent as well, in a compromised vaginal passage. From a purely biological perspective sodomy, even apart from the transmission of AIDS, is an intrinsically unsanitary and pathological act. In addition, the prac­tice of sodomy has been a primary reason why AIDS has been so readily transmitted and fostered among homosexuals.




Oral-penile copulation is also a frequently employed form of homosexual gratification. It is also touted as to be the ultimate pleasure in heterosexual coupling. Well, if you want every vaginal/penile yeast infection and random viral (herpes and/or warts) introduced into thine mouths--I suppose. Is a moment of pleasure worth the rest of your life with a mouth yeast infection or mucosal warts and lifelong herpes? So be it.


Infected semen received into the mouth provides a source of infection through abrasions or lesions on the gums, tongue and or roof of the mouth.


Venereal diseases affecting the mouth and throat are especially problematic among homosexuals. Often going unrecognized for a period of time, the re­sulting lesions provide ports of entry and exit for the AIDS virus; AIDS-in­fected saliva also is a potential danger involved in oral copulation.


Studies have yet to determine whether or not the gastric juices in the stomach prevent absorption of the potent AIDS virus into the bloodstream after being ingested. Since the eating of AIDS-infected meat is a possible factor in the spread of AIDS among humans (pops! No one told you about that one? I thought not!), consumption of infected semen may also play a role in trans­mission.






Activities involving severe bodily abuse and personal degradation are an inte­gral part of the repertoire of homosexual behavior. Regardless of what ye in the general public perceive, the above statement is TRUE!


The damaging practice of sodomy itself can be classified as a sadomasochistic act. The bloodletting and exchange of contaminated secretions involved in other traumatic homosexual acts further facilitate the spread of AIDS and other diseases. A brief overview of these follows for if you don't confront the facts you will not eradicate the problem.




How can God speak of these things? Because you didn't pay attention to the "thou shalt nots". Ye are a "liberated" society with "human rights" are ye not? Then pay attention and perhaps the truth  may set you free! God will tell you exactly how it is for your very soul is at stake herein, not to mention your physical lives destined for annihilation---and---no! God is not doing it unto you. YOU, WITH THE HELP OF SATANISTIC INPUT, ARE DOING IT UNTO YOU.


You will herein also find out why a condom is useless in these practices--bare facts, my beloved friends.


The practice of "fisting" involves the insertion of the hand, fist and forearm into the rectum and lower colon. In the jargon of participants, it is called "fisting"--I did not make up such terminology. Fisting causes bleeding lacera­tions of the intestine and tearing of the sphincter muscle as you might suspect. These internal wounds provide enormous opportunity for the entrance and spread of AIDS virus and other infections. Fisting has been cited as a con­tributing factor in AIDS cases for years now.


Mechanical devices, dildos, vibrators, etc., inserted during fisting have punc­tured the intestinal wall causing dangerous seepage of fecal matter into the abdomen. If surgery is not performed promptly enough, this can result in death and you no longer have to concern yourself with AIDS.


In some cases, the damage from fisting is so extensive that a sphincterectomy or colostomy must be performed. Some individuals have then continued to have sodomy performed through the colostomy opening, causing further damage. In San Francisco, where a percentage of murders reportedly are linked to homosexual sadomasochism, a workshop has been offered for instructing homosexuals in how to engage in sex torture without killing each other. Nay, I do not jest--check it out! Just like teaching grade school babies the art of sex and condoms. You are a troubled society.




Acts in which a dominant partner ties up and tortures the submissive "slave" are also part of the homosexual sadomasochism scene. Those involved are voluntarily bound in painfully tight leather or rubber apparel, whipped, vio­lently sodomized and beaten. Lighted cigarettes are used to burn sensitive parts of the body, especially the genitals, causing ulcers of the penis and scro­tum.


Urination into the mouth and over the bleeding body of the participant (called by you ones, "golden showers", "water sports") is also a most common practice. These are commonly used rituals of the Satanists at every good old regular meeting.


Urine contains the infectious agents for a number of various diseases includ­ing AIDS virus infection; this type of behavior is both unhygienic and haz­ardous. The sores and blisters left on the sex organs also facilitate the en­trance of infectious agents into the bloodstream.


"Water sports" are also generally engaged in apart from brutal sadomasochis­tic behavior. Perhaps that is why a recent "safe sex" guideline from the Gay Men's Health Center published in the October 21-27, 1985, issue of the ho­mosexual tabloid New York Native reassuringly advises: '"Water sports' are considered safe so long as urine does not enter the body."


Some homosexual clubs have "slave-auctions" in which those who prefer being abused are sold to the highest bidder. Now therein must lie double jeopardy, I would surmise.




Sexual relations with animals has also occurred among a certain segment of the homosexual population and rampantly among the Satan practices.


It has a major connection with AIDS spread and becomes obviously such be­cause Visna virus is endemic in some flocks of sheep--especially noted in Eu­rope, where it is called maedi-visna, and causes a neurodegenerative disease not unlike that seen in the late stages of AIDS in many patients.


Cases of AIDS have been reported from certain urban areas in Northwestern Europe known for their lax sexual mores. There are many jokes regarding men and sheep, etc., but the last laugh is no longer with the joke tellers. In a homosexual community in such an area, playing with the animals, ONE mem­ber's having had sexual contact with a diseased sheep can pull down the entire group. Further, once a homosexual community with international cornice-dons has become infected, spread of AIDS becomes inevitable. The practice in the Satanic community is usually with goats who represent the Devil, but sheep are usually substituted due to the ease of procurement.




The occurrence of AIDS among heterosexuals in Africa has been frequently stressed as proving that the AIDS virus has no special affinity for homosexu­als. One of your medical pundits recently suggested, "The virus has no intrin­sic attraction for gays, and gays have no mysterious susceptibility to infection." Absurd, because the rest of what you are told about AIDS is filled with lies.


What is not being said is that there are a number of diseases and infections common among the African patients with AIDS, especially those with Ka­posi's sarcoma, and homosexuals in the United States which are uniquely en­demic to both groups but are not generally found among Western heterosex­uals.


The African villager at risk for Kaposi's Sarcoma and the homosexual male at risk from AIDS share evidence of past exposure to an identical range of viral and protozoal infections, especially CMV, EBV, HSVI and II, HBV and En­tamoeba histolytica. No, you look them up.


Among those in developing nations, these disorders are frequently a result of extreme poverty: lack of adequate sanitation resulting in sewage-contami­nated food and water supplies and unhealthy living conditions.


Among Western male homosexuals, the prevalence of these diseases is dis­tinctly related to unhygienic sexual practices which facilitate the spread of in­fectious agents.


It is true that AIDS has developed in persons who previously had their im­mune systems intact. It is also true that the rapidity and severity with which the AIDS virus conquers the immune system varies among those infected. When the immune system has been disrupted by certain infections and dis­eases prior to exposure to HTLV-HI, this enhances the destructive effect of the virus.


T-4 helper cells in the immune system are most susceptible to infection when they have been stimulated and their numbers increased by chronic parasitic or viral infections. In other words, ones compromised by herpes are greatly at increased risk.


Among practicing male homosexuals in the United States, there are a number of grave infections and disease prior exposure to which has been strongly cor­related with the prevalence of AIDS.


There are several epidemics running loose and not all of them are perma­nently confined to the homosexual subculture and, in fact, gave the very op­portunity to intentionally infect the homosexual gay community, i.e.--




Hepatitis B virus infection (HBV) is a major cause of acute and chronic hep­atitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer. Among practicing male homosexuals in the United States, hepatitis B infection has been pandemic for years prior to AIDS. Homosexual practices, notably sodomy and oral/anal contact, have been key factors. Trauma to the rectum and penis as a result of sodomy and oral lesions from venereal disease provide ports of entry and exit for the virus.


Unlike Hepatitis A infection, fecal-oral spread was not considered an impor­tant route of transmission. Instead, HBV was thought to be transferred from acute or chronic carriers to other susceptible persons through shared tooth­brushes, razors, or fomites. Quite the opposite now is proven to be true in homosexual men. Oral-oral transmission may also occur if HBV gains entry through minute lesions in mucosal surfaces.


Between 50 and 75 percent of gay men have or have had hepatitis B and the percentage is growing daily. In the light of the fact that 90% of homosexually active men demonstrate chronic or recurrent viral infections with herpesvirus, cytomegalovirus and hepatitis B, these recurrent or chronic infections are triggering factors for the development of acquired immunodeficiency.


In your United States, homosexual men have a higher prevalence of hepatitis B infection than any other group. More than 10 percent of homosexual males are chronic carriers of hepatitis B. This is fifty to one hundred times higher, friends, than the national average of 0.1 percent.


Homosexuals have been proven to have an HBsAg (Hepatitis B surface anti­gen detectable in large quantities in serum) positivity rate anywhere from 40 to 60 or more times higher than the general population.


Considering the early age at time of infection and the high attack rates, one can expect all sexually active men to eventually become infected with Hepati­tis B virus.


Since the routes and prevalence of AIDS transmission bear a striking resem­blance to those of hepatitis B, this has enormous implication in terms of the level of AIDS infection in this group as well. It should be further noted that rectal mucosal lesions, usually including punctate bleeding points, have been noted to prevalently occur in homosexual men with-persistent hepatitis B virus infection.


Hepatitis B induces bleeding lesions and provides ports of entry and exit for the AIDS virus. IV drug abusers also frequently contact hepatitis B through the use of contaminated needles. Their estimated rate of seropositivity is over 65%.


Let us hear what Lancet had to say about this and we will give you research data.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sir, over a decade SWIS­SAIR crews will typically spend 300-400 nights in tropical coun­tries, most of which are high risk for viral hepatitis. A perennial question has been--should such personnel regularly receive pas­sive immune prophylaxis or, more recently, hepatitis B vaccine! We have studied the risk for hepatitis virus infections in cockpit and cabin staff...


The most outstanding feature of this study was that male flight attendants, employees and candidates, significantly more often had anti-HBs and/or anti-HBc antibodies (20-33%) than did either flying personnel (1.4-5.6%) or Swiss blood donors (4­8%).


During the year, 13 of the total of 2664 flying personnel had manifest hepatitis, an incidence of 5 cases per 1000 per year. The estimated incidence of acute hepatitis in the Swiss popula­tion in 0.5-0.8 cases per 1000 per year. This high incidence of hepatitis amongst flying personnel was mainly accounted for by male flight attendants, who represented only 19% of all flying personnel but among whom 7 of the 13 hepatitis cases arose. Five cases were of the hepatitis B type (HBsAg positive), and of these 4 occurred amongst the male flight attendants. Thus, the observed high frequency of HBV infections in this occupational group probably have little to do with being a flying airline em­ployee--since candidates already showed signs of increased infections. It rather reflects a different HBV exposure due to a life style outside professional duties. Amongst the many explanations, homosexuality might be the most realistic. Worldwide, male cabin attendants are often homosexual, and we have hints that this might not be different in SWISSAIR.


Cockpit personnel and female flight attendants are not at a special risk for HBV or HAV infections, despite exposure in high risk areas, and so they do not need active or passive im­munization against viral hepatitis infection. However, for male cabin attendants, as for other individuals with high risk life style, active or passive immunization could be warranted.


A more detailed report will be published in Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine.


-- F. Holdener, SWISSAIR Medical Service, Zurich Airport, Zurich, Switzerland.


P.J. Grob, Section of Clinical Immunology, Department of Medicine, University Hospital, Zurich.




The spread of acute delta infection is endemic in the homosexual community. This particular infection is particularly associated with an Italian background, IV drug use, and multiple transfusions but it is now becoming, most prevalent in the non-drug-abusing homosexuals. I love Italians so don't suggest that now Hatonn is after the Italians.


Let us just touch on additional problems and disease because this has become a most lengthy writing.




"The gay bowel syndrome" is a term used as far back as your mid 70s to de­scribe the prevalence of a group of rare bowel diseases, previously considered "tropical", among male homosexuals in the U.S.


AMEBIASIS: a disease of the colon caused by parasites (Entamoeba histolyt­ica). Causes dysentery and sometimes live abscesses. Can result in diffuse in­flammation and ulceration of the distal colon and can be mistaken for Crohn's colitis. Usually picked up from contaminated foods and residual in the mouth.


GIARDIASIS: a parasitic (Giardia lamblia) bowel disease causing diarrhea. Can result in severe enteritis (inflammation of the intestinal tract), producing symptoms ranging from acute diarrhea to chronic malabsorption. Spread in similar manner to amebiasis.


SHIGELLOSIS: a bacterial bowel disease which can cause severe dysentery. Can be fatal, especially in children. Contaminated food is the usual cause.


HEPATITIS A: a viral liver disease spread by fecal contamination, e.g., food, water and close person-to-person contact.


Dissemination of these diseases can run rampant through poor fecal disposal as well as through homosexual practices. From the time of Moses, chelas, there has been concomitant consciousness of the benefits to the public health of careful fecal disposal. Although man's technical ingenuity has achieved remarkable strides in the purification of your immediate domestic envi­ronment, the recent increase in transmission of intestinal infections among homosexual males offers new challenges in preventive medicine for physicians caring for these patients and requires caution and most extended testing of water supplies  for presence of  contaminants.


AIDS can be spread through the very tools to increase sanitation, i.e. enema nozzles used for rectal douching. The evil contaminant lurks in ever present and in ever increasing numbers of infection sites and carriers.




SYPHILIS: Over 50 percent of reported cases (and who knows about the un­reported) of syphilis in the U.S. occur in homosexual men. Primary syphilis in this group commonly occurs in the rectal area. A history of syphilis has been associated with development of AIDS--and I told you in AIDS, THE LAST GREAT PLAGUE that AIDS is a tertiary syphilis with the spirochete being isolated from almost all Kapose's sarcoma lesions.


INCURABLE GENITAL HERPES: This incurable disease is almost ubiqui­tous among practicing male homosexuals. Infections can occur concurrently Mite rectum, penis and mouth. Among homosexuals, infection with herpes has been associated with squamous cancer of the tongue and cancer of the rectum. It is also associated with nasopharyngeal cancer, cancer of the cervix and lymphoma (Burkitt's).


Herpes-type viruses are known to suppress specifically t-lymphocyte function aimed at recognizing and mounting an immune response toward the viral antigens.


Perianal herpes virus infection and herpes proctitis are common in homosex­ual men. In the acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome, patients seem espe­cially predisposed to more intractable and progressive forms of this infection.


CYTOMEGALOVIRUS: CMV is found in semen, and the repeated exposure of the rectal mucosa to the virus has resulted in high frequency of CMV infec­tions among homosexuals.

VENEREAL WARTS: Anal warts are a common disorder among practicing male homosexuals. They cause intense itching, and produce a fetid discharge which is highly offensive to others and embarrassing to the sufferer. They are extremely resistant to treatment. These warts appear in large cauliflower-like masses in and around the anus in addition to infecting the penis. Anal coitus and elimination of the stool become excruciating and result in further rectal trauma. Various homosexual periodicals contain numerous advertisements by physicians offering specialized treatment for these and other related mal­adies.


Some of the diseases I have outlined suppress immune function prior to expo­sure to the AIDS VIRUS and other, with their recurring sores and lesions, provide ports of entry which facilitate transmission of the AIDS virus.


Both male and female prostitutes are also frequently afflicted with various si­multaneous venereal diseases because of their high number of sexual part­ners. And, of course, as the hapless infections can occur and then spread to unsuspecting lovers, these will very, very often be found infecting devoted and loving marriage partners. Many of these viruses lay dormant for years without outbreak. This is not to panic, but rather to inform.


As the AIDS virus suppresses the immune system, preexisting infections like
CMV and herpes run amok through the body. CMV may invade the heart, lungs and other vital organs. Large blackened herpetic boils, up to several inches in diameter, can form across the mouth and rectum. Fulminant herpes is one of the most gruesome aspects of progressive AIDS infection. Entire sections of the face can be rendered unrecognizable by the explosive, bloody hemorrhaging of the skin.


From a biological perspective, therefore, there are many objective reasons why homosexual acts per se have proven to be such an effective means of transmitting AIDS and other debilitating diseases.


•1. Sodomy, fisting, the use of mechanical devices and other practices pro­duce tears, fissures and lacerations of the rectum. This trauma facilitates the entrance of infected sperm and pathogenic organisms into the blood stream.


•2. Infected bloody secretions leaking through the damaged walls of the rec­tum transmit the disease to the active partner through the urethral opening and through open sores and abrasions of the penis produced as a result of bodily abuse and disease. Fellatio, manual-genital and anal-oral sexual prac­tices involving the ingestion of infected semen, blood-streaked fecal matter and secretions facilitate transmission of pathogens.


3. Incessant, oftentimes simultaneous sperm-induced immune dysregulation, liver damage, intestinal parasites and venereal diseases all abet debilitation of the immune system prior to and along with infection by the AIDS virus.


So be it for this writing. Obviously, we shall have to carry this dissertation much further for you ones don't seem to understand--HOMOSEXUAL BE­HAVIOR AND LOVE BETWEEN TWO BEINGS ARE NOT ME LEAST BIT THE SAME. LOVE IS EMOTIONAL IN EXPRESSION AND RECEP­TION--BEHAVIOR OF SEXUAL NATURE IS PURELY PHYSICAL AND  NAUGHT MORE.




Go, Dharma, the writing has been too long without a break but most neces­sary indeed. You will have a new attack upon thine writing dealing with this very subject and all needed preparation in the countering. God always "allows" and man will come into truth of that fact and shall reap exactly that which he sows no matter whom he "blames" for his plight. Murder is accepted as incorrect moral behavior--well, to murder that closest one ye call lover is murder in its most heinous form, it would appear to me. Salu.


Hatonn to stand-by that we might clear of the frequency and take respite.


PJ 14



MONDAY, APRIL 16, 1990 9:00 A.M. YEAR 3 DAY 243

Aton present in Light, that we might continue on our question and answer in­terrogation of a few days past.



Let us speak of your reference to mass thought forms. Ah yes, it is the way of it. To come into the creation of that which you desire there it be the thought form and intent with focus for without focus there is only the creation of chaos and the ability of the negative, which automatically comes into focus in absence of "order", to pull apart the structured creation.


This is why, of course, the scenario will probably be played out unto the ending laid forth in the prophecies. Further, man does not truly desire change into peace and understanding for he has learned to thrive on conflict and chaos and requires more and more heinous input to satiate his need for violence and evil.


Let us consider studies done in some of your groups of "teachers of truth". A well known experiment was performed wherein groups were asked to sit and write a description of individual perceptions of how it would be if the world was at total peace and balance. Less than one (1) (uno) percent had anything positive to say about it. The other 99.7 percent said it would be "boring", "dull" and "unchallenging". Oh, they were not clever enough to word it di­rectly, in all instances, in that manner but that is the ultimate perception. Man cannot yet picture himself as the inventor of wondrous peace machines, creative birthings of new species and in training a hawk to eat corn instead of prey.  He has forgotten almost ALL of what peace and harmony is about and HOW to experience without the chaos.


The world in chaos presents such interesting and challenging experiences of simple survival that you are now overpopulated by some 5 and a half billion persons. You who focus only on the transition and the awakening are thriving on the challenge of the experience of birthing the change. Billions of souls have come forth for this experience which you and they have created. There­fore, until mankind truly desires peace, he will focus on insuring that the devastation of the prophecies come upon him.  Man is simply not ready to listen and do a whit to change.


Persons flock to the classes on "how to change the ending" and absorb, nod
their head in agreement and then leave seeing nothing they can do to change
it. The facts are, they are unwilling to make chances in self which would change the scenario, In fact, it is more extreme than that example. Take the ones who go to the self improvement classes--say body reshaping and weight adjustment--they do not do it for the health of the body--they do it be more appealing and "come hither" to an audience--or to "feel better about self'--pooh! They are mentally creating more of the same problems they had prior to the adjustment and when it doesn't bring fulfillment, will return to that which they were prior to the effort.


This is the same with positive thinking success seminars--focus on success in relationships with sexual overtones and seduction and/or acquire more per­sonal wealth, power and control of others. Worse yet, most persons attend the sanctuaries (which, by the way, are no longer sanctuaries), not to find God, but rather in grasping at straw-men and to be seen in "good" company. "Let us somehow purchase our way back unto God and 'home"' becomes the intent.


Why do you not simply produce the financing for your community? Because you have fallen into the habit of not having the prize and calculating how to manage without it. It becomes easier to be without it than to face the bom­bardment with start-up when you have no time at present for the work load. If you would but focus on the management teams to hand the load off to--you would precipitate the funding. It is in place and has been in place many times and you ones end up rejecting it--perhaps it is the challenge of seeing if you can make it one more month, etc. When you cannot--then you will change the scenario--or move or whatever.


This time it is not Dharma, for she writes incessantly and the books are won­drous--then what happens? There should be magnificent return flooding back but you perceive it needs take a certain path and have certain expenses to have massive audience--and yet, what do you do to acquire massive audience? Do you borrow the funds to purchase a billion names on mailing lists? Nay, ye reject the idea for you cannot handle the load as it exists--you do not focus on the massive return, you focus on the limited resources.


Closer to home as example, Dharma prefers to dwell upon the lack of funds to purchase larger clothing than to simply reduce her size and have the abun­dant wardrobe wasting in the closet--as does just about every one in the group. You have fallen into the trap of realizing the only nurturing you do for self any more, is the sharing of sup. Why not trim down and go on tour to sat­isfy the need for nurturing? Well, Dharma can't do that for she would get herself shot. Do you see that you are creatures of indecision or wrong de­cision? Why do I not step in and put a stop to the behavior? Because you have to get satiated with your behavior as is and then YOU will change it!


The point is that there are simply not enough people that wish change to bring about change. The homosexual community, nor the drug community, do not wish to be "saved" by some do-gooders who are going to spoil their attention and ritual unto the death process. It will be the "innocent" "victims" who will cause the cure to be isolated. Why would a group give up that which they suf­fered so severely to create?


If you went to smell flowers and look at poppies in the fields and in the pro­cess you were involved in a robbery and auto accident---which would linger on your tongues in description? Well the poppies would fly from the memory like chaff in the tempest. If you go to pick up desert shack wood and find a scorpion underneath which stings, or a rattlesnake which passes on--which will you remember--the lovely Sego-lily beside the board or the snake beneath it?


This is why you cannot legislate morality nor force change--man will do that which he has grown to desire--in mass.  But, change must begin with the few and the rest can then be shown the way which then becomes more  desirable, just as color T.V. became more desirable than colorless and still man under­stood the functioning of neither. Blood is far more wondrous in red than in gray. Further, man would rather "blame" another for his perceived failure than run the risk of failure on his own efforts.


Then why don't we just rush off and give man lessons in self-esteem building? Because man doesn't want his self-esteem raised. He says he does--but he does not! For to do so requires action and man does not wish to effort at ac­tion and change--he  would rather complain or "be" than to take action and experience the possible failure of his choices.


Therefore, we must continue with the dreary and miserable outlay of truth of the way things have become and convince you that it is so, and only then, will man consider methods of change. Man will stand with others--if there are lots of others, but he is not yet brave enough to stand out front alone against any perceived enemy. In many ways that is the very wise approach--for there is not need of more martyrs but need for man to stand together and the enemy will back away for lack of the ability to control further. But the masses must have the picture of the circumstance, consider the possibility of change and then be shown HOW to begin the changes and ultimately the success of the change bearing positive fruit. You of the remnant have returned to out these things  forth as evidence and experience and then your brothers and sisters can see the way. They have been so exposed to lie after lie, which were touted to work and have not done so, i.e., come meditate and it will become perfection, have great love-ins and it will be perfection, live in communes in poverty and it will be perfection---no, none of it can work for all require for­feiting the very life essence--your own contribution and power to control self. To meditate to require answers and "how to accomplish a thing is wondrous-- to sit and effort at emptying the mind is stupid--the minds are far too empty already. However, note that it is far easier to sit by the hour and claim medi­tation than to get up off thy duff and get busy instituting change. Well, you say, "If it just IS why not just let it be and do naught?" Why not indeed'? Why bother to have made the journey into this experience at all? Do that whichever you choose--but just make sure YOU have chosen it wisely lest it be great error in discernment and you have no moral right to thrust that opinion of laziness off on another in the disguise of "fulfillment" for only one out of about 37 million souls can find fulfillment in such behavior.


No, man is not yet ready to act in order to make change possible but with the projection of truth of the lies, perhaps he will awaken and "smell the coffee perking"--you know, that coffee laced with poison. There is no free coffee--the intent of the giver of the "free" coffee must be considered! NOTH­ING IS FREE OF INTENT!




You refer to being the "first to know". No, you are only among the first to be remembering in these days. There is nothing new--there is, only that which to be remembered. There can be nothing new for otherwise it could  not be remembered. The mind has nothing upon which to base a new vision for any­thing truly "new" is unvisioned. If a vision can be conjured, it is only remem­bered and  recalled to attention.  There can only be "the first to remember"!  So be it.  Further, it will the remembering of the joy and wondrous existence  in the pure balance and harmony of oneness with Source which shall pull you back into the memory path back home.


You come forth to experience and come with everything veiled in the hopes and intent of changing the play as written--but you find that you can only be­gin to "remember" and therefore the whole scenario is rewritten identically to experience remembered. How will it end this time? Exactly as you remember it to be. Will it be as written in the prophecies? It remains to be seen as that which you will remember! However, the promise is that when enough re­member, the play will get on with the closing and renewal of another. Man is truly pitifully weary of the thrust upon his consciousness, of pain and degradation, so who knows, perhaps he will wake up if enough hear the alarm clock and say "no more".


In the beauty of the lilies lies the answer--when man is whole unto self, he can relax and flow in the gentleness of bursting forth unto home and God. Fur­ther, when that experience bursts forth upon the being--he will be home, for the perception will only be of the experience of knowing and therefore, the dimension, et al, will be changed without the perception of change. You can look forward to change and work toward that "thing"--you can look back and see how that "thing" has changed---but you cannot actually be aware of the fi­nite awareness of change for you have only the moment but there is no way to actually experience the moment for there is nothing upon which to base the relativity. However, if you perceive the goal of change and focus upon it as if it were done--it must come to be in that manner.


You continually say, "How have we as a species come to this?" Come to what? You have come to be exactly that which you have desired to be. Some of you have created and come forth to change of the creation and you have manifested in placement whereby you can perform that action. Does it mean that the opposition to your plan is wrong? Of course not--you have insured that they be there in opposition in that you can play out your chosen expe­rience. How many will have come to play in your focus of goal is the interest­ing question---will there be enough to end it as you chose or will you "cut out" before you achieve that which you thought you desired? Since it is YOUR experience, you can have it any way you desire it to be.


For instance, if someone comes into your play and you don't like them there--all you have to do is be hateful and rude enough and they will remove them­selves from your play. Can you see that every last detail is of your own mak­ing? Then why don't you just commit suicide and get the thing over with? It is not in your play, that's why.


Ah, but now comes the fun of it---there are other fragments (perhaps of self) floating around also experiencing on many dimensions and you have allowed participation (or "they" have allowed you as a fragment, participation) and now the impact of the perceived other's direction and intent--these are the fragments which confuse you for they are of your own aspects, each pulling in the direction of other perceived experiences. For instance, say you, Dharma, tire of writing and decide to break the computer and to hell with it, and you go take gliding lessons. Will the perceived world stop turning? No. But you will not have fulfilled the mission you touted that you desired to fulfill and others might well be irritated with you for they are utilizing your participation to af­fect their own scenario. Will they vanish? No. But many perceptions will be changed along the line of aspects and perceptions and directions of soul frag­ments will be altered in some manner or another.


What if you killed yourself this moment? So? Some left will mourn, most will be really ticked off at you and the other 5 billion 499 million and 62 thousand will never know you are missing and could not care less under any circum­stances!


Well, what is Little Crow going to write about when he and Grandfather put the oral traditions and teachings and truths to paper? This! Exactly this with a bit of a different aspect of language and vision---precious one, truth IS; nothing more and nothing less. Oh, you desire it to be MORE! SO BE IT-‑GET BUSY AND MAKE IT MORE! YOU DON'T LIKE IT THIS WAY? THEN GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDES AND MAKE IT DIFFERENT! YOU DON'T LIKE THE STORY AND PROPHECIES? THEN GET BUSY AND REPROJECT THEM  INTO THAT WHICH YOU PERCEIVE YOU DO LIKE. JUST REMEMBER--FRUSTRATION AND NON­FULFILLMENT COMES WITH NEGATIVE THRUSTS; PEACE AND ONE-NESS WITH GOD COMES WITH THE OTHER! THE CHOICE IS UP TO YOU!


You have, further, said it all, chela, when you said, "I shall quiet now, for my conscious being has tended to overstep my own limits." Oh, precious, you have said it ALL. You God-creations set of your own limits and will not go beyond--what is it you fear to go beyond?"'   Ah, I see, you fear you will KNOW and the experience will end so you refuse to step into the light of total accep­tance and hide behind the veil of unknowing. That, too, is sometimes most wise in the overall plan you make for self--for indeed, the experience would be cut short and wisdom tells you as much.


You are busily remembering how it IS and you do not wish to know more and therefore, the limits are set and you creep up on them like the tortoise for fear of uncovering that which will end this wondrous experience of present. You KNOW that which IS and lies beyond--you all choose to not be ready to confront the truth of it so you continue to mess and stir and confuse and hide and mess and stir and confuse and hide and over and over again, scramble it into entanglements. You ones pull directly unto you that which you claim to "fear" for it is actually the very experience you desire whether it be experienced as dread, fear or joy. Often times these things can be experienced in dreams or visions and the actual experience of physical perception is unnecessary. That is why you must allow your visions and dreams to take form and accept them as the experience they are.


You refuse to bring your dreams into consciousness for you will know then, that which is ALL and truth of ALL. Especially you who have returned for the purpose of walking through a remnant will refuse to bring the truth of thy sleeping experiences into focus of consciousness---it would ruin your chal­lenging game. You have agreed upon a purpose within this particular expe­rience and the all-knowing would distract you for you would understand the remarkable lie of it all--the illusion. Frustration would be manifested in tremendous burden for you would know what and how things must be done and yet, you would fall into the limits of the inability to thrust your actions upon those of another of free-will experience.


The great Masters upon your placement might have great masses who claim to follow NOW! They had only a handful at the time of their experience in physical perception. The great artists were mostly thought to be heretics in their own time and community for all is but remembered and forgotten and finally the "forgotten" outweighs the "remembered" and the cycle must re-cy­cle.



All who pother to read this book will know the truth of it--for they will be given  to remember. How many will read the book? That remains to be seen! If an entity hears of the book or feels the vibration of truth about the book, he will handle it as he is ready for enlightenment. If he is not ready to hear the truth--he will denounce the book and will refuse to read of it--or, he will nit­pick and refuse to understand it in his proclamations. It matters not--it does matter that the words forth for that is YOUR chosen mission--do you see? What man then does with it is not your business! If you on really wish the words to do their intended work--you will find a way to get mailing lists from the four corners of the world  and send forth the words unto those four cor­ners---at which point your funding problems would cease to exist at worst.  Ye must invest to receive rewards! Remember? You have to give forth to re­ceive the return! That of course, comes to play in the distribution! Of course it is a maze of endless spirals--for that IS the experience and challenge you have accepted---written and accepted and are now in the playing! But you see, you have scattered your God aspects and someone will know someone who will remember someone who can fulfill the portion and ultimately the mission can come together in wholeness--but first the call and response must be recognized.


Then what can you do as an individual? Share and inquire until you find ones who know someone who is ready to participate. What else do you have to do? It is your play and therefore if your goal is the same as another's you find someone who makes your joint effort into wholeness if you perceive you can­not be doing of that which you perceive needs doing.


Yes, Dharma, Little Crow will likely call and say you can stop writing now be­cause you finally get the message! But you know what, chela? You will not because you wouldn't miss scattering the truth about the Justice system, the Medical system, the Guyana lie, the Zionist takeover, the Space lie, the on and on and on! You have come to write truth and dissect it from the lies and you will not be fulfilled until such time as you have done of it. The readers, further, desire to read of it to realize their own knowledge of truth and receive confirmation of that which they know. Moreso--it will be far inure "interesting" than is this dissertation from God on the truth of existence.


It is, however, chela, why you will now settle down into quiet production and allow the others to handle their mission. You will gradually desist from the carrying of the overload of burden and allow others to do their own participa­tion. I grant you peace, little sparrow, for you have worked diligently in my service and we have only just begun--for each moment is a new beginning,--but you can remember and be pleased in the remembering. Each new thing re­membered then becomes joy and fulfillment instead of fear of not enough "time" or, or, or - - - -! It just IS!  You don't need to "save" anyone---you CAN'T "SAVE" ANYONE! YOU CERTAINLY CANNOT "SAVE" THE WORLD! It simply is not there to "save". It just IS! All you can do in the reality of perception and illusion is to alter and impact that which is unfolding and to do so requires action and  obviously information as to truth and ulti­mately -- change of attitudes. It has been the conflict of eons and shall endure in the universal perception and consciousness long after you have returned to wholeness and oneness of God. Even then, you will likely choose to go forth again and experience the same once more and effort again at impacting change. Ah, but your fulfillment and joy and peace will be the oneness again with Creation and Creator.




No, we have not spoiled the story--we have now given insight as to how you can continue and fulfill your play and he who has eyes to see--shall! Further, when he sees and  understands--he will act. Do not push the river, children, for the flow is quite sufficient as created. Find your own balance and move smartly along  and do not side-track at each ripple or rock in the stream-bed.  Those things are only distractors from purpose of reaching the goal--as the river, 'tis the sea.






Ah yes, "the call compelled  the answer". How many of you were ready for the answer? And we have only just begun the unfoldment! How many are ready? Willing? We shall see! Yes, precious, you soar with the unseen eagles--for you have not forgotten--you have deliberately  accepted the blinding! Come walk in one-ness with me that we might tarry a while in the glorious wonder of the experience. AHO!



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