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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

PJ #13 " SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET ", chapter 9 & 10
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by Paul & Christ.
Aug 21, 2010 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 13



THURSDAY, MAR. 15, 1990 6:30 P.M. YEAR 3 DAY 211



When we speak of Hitler, we must remember that he was trained through his individual experiences just as are all. He was deeply involved in a most secret society called Thule. This society stood for racial segregation with the Arian white race as masters of all. It included the Nordic culture and the society was interested in areas such as Greenland, the Arctic and Antarctic. The Thule Society emblem consisted of the swastika, a downward pointing sword and a wreath of oak leaves--all symbols later used in Nazi Germany--remember that the swastika is a symbol of "life" in the native Indian culture.


Nazi Germany was years ahead of the rest of the world in many technological areas. It is internationally recognized that if Germany had had a greater supply of natural resources and manpower, then the war would have undoubtedly had a much different ending.


Germany produced many super weapons including the first jet fighter aircraft, the first missile system and various others which were almost in the realm of science fiction.




The wind cannon was produced by Germany late into the war. This fired compressed air. There was also the sun cannon which reflected the sun and burned its target. They also had rocket packs worn by individuals that were jet powered. This rocket enabled persons to make jumps of up to a distance of some fifty to sixty yards. They also produced B1 and B2 rockets. Germany introduced the forerunner to the intercontinental ballistic missile. This was introduced in 1942 and was capable of striking the United States. No reason was found for its never having been used. In 1940 a vertical takeoff aircraft was invented and only in recent years have the western countries managed to produce such aircraft.


Let us speak of the "sound cannon". This was first produced for use in about 1943. It consisted basically of a combustion chamber with a barrel and worked by methane and oxygen. It was the resulting explosion which created the damage. Animals could be killed instantly within a hundred yards and troops could be paralyzed for hours at a range of 200 yards. By April 1945 Germany had in production 150 different types of missiles and rockets on the drawing board with diagrams and even models along with aircraft of all sizes.


Among these diagrams was one which eventually became the Boeing Corporation's 747 Jumbo Jet. Incredibly enough--among the technology was the Flying Disc. As early as 1940 these were being produced. There is photographic proof of such craft but no material proof was ever captured by wartime allies.


According to your own records there were as many as five major scientists working on the "UFO" projects. They developed a disc shaped machine with a 65 foot diameter. Involved were Bellonzo, Schriever, Miethe and, of course, Victor Schauberger. His disc or "Flying Hat" was electro-magnetically powered and if you look at photographs of the Schauberger disc you will note that it looks ex­actly like discs photographed over the United States. These discs attained great speed with silent take-off. There were also designs called flying wheels and craft with inflatable airbags for landing cushions. They had some quite fine prototypes but no, they were not Pleiadian design. They were more on the technology of Saturnians and some Reticulum craft.


The final model was referred to as the Bellonzo-Schriever-Miethe Diskus. This version was produced in various sizes, some as large as 135 feet and even 225 feet in diameter. Actual speeds recorded were over 2000 km/hour. Conventional rocket motor speeds of up to 4000 km/hour were anticipated. Interestingly enough, no German technicians who worked on those advanced machines have volunteered their knowledge.


More interesting is the fact that many scientists were taken by the allies and yet no UFO scientists were located. As a matter of fact, installations for work on the craft were often underground or in hillside cave dugouts. All facilities were dismantled and vanished without leaving so much as a detail. Now where do you think everyone went?




Now, dear ones, we are not speaking of sloppy workmanship. In 1945 a disc could attain an altitude of 40,000 feet in less than three minutes, reaching a speed of 1,300 mph. You need to also remember that Germany was the first to fly what you now call Delta Wing craft. As a matter of fact, the advanced technology was comparable to much of your public-attentioned aircraft of the current day--i.e., the Stealth, etc. This, of course, is a cover for what is actually going on but I need not spoil the story.


These discs were manufactured in many various areas and all were well hidden even from the local population. As the craft would be finished, they were immediately dismantled and shipped in pieces out of the country---usually along with the pilots. Orders for dismantling always came directly from Adolf Hitler himself. The major scientists involved simply vanished.


Many German scientists went to America after the war and they were all interrogated about the UFO works; however, it has never been made public to you ones as to whether or not the major technology was ever revealed. And yet you got the nuclear bomb--in fact, it was said that the bomb itself was built in Germany!


Many reports were made by pilots over Germany, about UFOs. The strange thing is that no-one was ever injured by them although they certainly unnerved many air crews. Then following the surrender of Germany, the same type objects were observed over the Japanese areas.




Probably the most unique thing that came out of that period of technological spurt was a new type of metal. This metal is harder than diamonds. This metal glows alternatively in colors of the rainbow when heated to a high degree. It was first used commer­cially in 1936. Strangely enough no record was made of this metal in the indexes of metals.




Hitler issued an order on September 26, 1936. A Dr. Esau was put in control of the project. With the capture of Norway there was available to Germany a source of heavy water which had previously been lacking. One tanker full of heavy water has not been accounted for to this day.


Thus it can be seen that Germany was a very advanced country--the mystery is, what happened to all the technology?


To start with, let us examine one of the biggest mysteries of your 20th century. Did Adolf Hitler commit suicide or did he not? Popular accounts are that on the 30th of April, 1945, Hitler shot himself. His body was said to have then been cremated. The most important witnesses and the men closest to Hitler have never been found, e.g. Bormann, Stumpfegger, Gunsche, et al.


Here you will find a most interesting situation, only two eyewit­nesses were found who claimed Hitler committed suicide--all other witnesses were never found or could not answer. Hitler's body was never found. Also, the bloodstains found on the furniture where Hitler supposedly committed suicide was not of Hitler's blood type. There is absolutely no concrete evidence, therefore, that Hitler died.


Further, Hitler was not a coward nor did he believe in "giving-in". Suicide is completely out of character for after he had heard of the suicide of the Mayor of Leipzig and his family, he had con­demned suicide as cowardly and unbecoming to a National Socialist.


Hitler's personal pilot stated that on the first of May, 1945 he flew Hitler and Bormann to an airfield in Norway. I truly doubt that this would represent a resurrection. There they transferred to another aircraft and flew on to another place along the Norwe­gian coast. Later the pilot retracted the statement and backed the suicide statement after having been made aware of the incident.


Now, very strange things happened when the allies got to Greenland. Norway had held out longer than all other defense positions for the Germans but when the allies reached Greenland they found two direct opposites--sites which were totally abandoned and dismantled and other places where the defense was so total that in the end even the defenders could not be found and were never found--they just vanished.




At the beginning of the war, long range plans were put into opera­tion to prepare bases in the Antarctic should relocation be neces­sary. Strange perhaps, but most effective indeed. Stranger yet, in February, 1945 in Hitler's last speech he said, "Germany will still win the war and the last bastion will be ours!"


Officially, the second world war was never officially ended. The German army surrendered on the 7th of May, 1945 and Japan followed on the 2nd of September, 1945---no formal peace treaty was ever signed. Your own General Eisenhower stated, just before he became President, "The second world war has not yet ended."


Stranger yet--during the war Germany had 1,162 U-boats (submarines). Of these, 783 were lost in action. Of the remaining 379, 215 were supposedly scuttled by the German navy itself and about 154 were captured by the allies--the rest were never found. Statistics are rough, however, and several U-boats of the latest design arrived in Japan with war materials some three weeks after-the defeat in Europe. These submarines subsequently sailed and were never again seen.


Later, some two months after Germany's surrender, a German submarine gave itself up to Argentine authorities after all scientific instruments and weapons on board had been destroyed. The U-boat had calmly slipped into the harbor of Rio de la Plata. The Commander's name was Otto Wermoutt. The world was stunned and electrified! What was a German submarine doing all the way down there in South America? And, why had they not surrendered earlier?


The crew was turned over to the U.S. military after long demand but no results were ever publicized. Funny thing--the crew was 54 men. The usual German crew size was only 18 men. There were also large food stocks on board. However, the real surprise was 540 large tin cans or barrels, all hermetically sealed and upon opening were found to contain nothing but cigarettes. Now what would a submarine be doing cruising around South America almost three months after the war with a triple strength crew; carrying, a cargo of nothing but cigarettes? The average age of those 54 men turned out to be less than 25 years, with the exception of the machinist who was 32 years old. The commander himself was only 25, and the second officer an incredible 22 years young.


Later, in checking, it was never found that there was a Captain by the name of Otto Wermoutt, the one given as that of the commander of the U-boat. All the crew had similar mysterious surroundings---no relatives, all alone, etc.


Five weeks later, another sensational submarine surrender took place and again at Rio de la Plata. A German U-boat, U-977 under Commander H. Schaffer gave itself up to the Argentinian authorities, and this, three months after the end of the war. There was a crew of 32 men--still fourteen above the regular crew. It was soon learned, however, that there had been another 16 men, all of them married and with families in Germany, and had been dropped off "on orders", on the Norwegian coast. It is obvious that the operation was completely in control and the men were dropped off at the exact same spot where earlier reports stated the Fuhrer had been taken after his departure from Berlin. This U-boat was inspected thoroughly in search of Hitler--it was obvious that all on the "inside" knew that Hitler was still alive.


Still more U-boats appeared off the coast of South America. Well, we will look at possibilities at the next sitting. I don't want to belabor this subject because it is well known that there is a Ger­man base in the Antarctic and the story gets most boring indeed. It is necessary for those of you who come newly into this knowl­edge not be left completely outside the story but it can get most lengthy and has little bearing on UFOs as far as the transfer to the base.


Dharma, it is late and it has been a very long day. Let us close for this portion. Thank you for your long hours. I will move to stand­by and allow you to close. Good-evening.


Hatonn to clear, please.    Thank you.

PJ 13




TUESDAY, MAR. 27, 1990 8:00 A.M. YEAR 3 DAY 223


Good morning in the Light of the Radiant One.  Hatonn present that we might work on the Journal this morning.


The question which comes to me from you ones who have privy to the daily writings is, "Well, what does Nazi Germany and Hitler have to do with the mess of the Conspiracy?" Lots! Great bunches!


It moves beyond the mysterious and becomes entangled with your very currency. As you will recall, in a prior chapter we spoke of encounters with German submarines in recent years and many of the German personnel who fled Europe have since been located living in South America quite comfortably and in great abundance.


Recall also, that in Europe, there exists a registration obligation for each member of a community. Precise and detailed records are kept where a person lives, number of children, sex, age and so forth, as well as place of employment. Also noted, are details of closest relatives. In Europe, therefore, it is relatively easy to trace and locate anyone and at short notice. True, there was a temporary breakdown in the last few months of the war due to heavy bomb damage and the refugee problem, but conditions rapidly returned to the usual bureaucratic precision. In fact, these very records allow for the ferreting out of the "Nazi war criminals".


Taking into account casualties and deaths from all causes (and this includes the million plus "other losses") there are still 250,000 missing persons and almost all were young people in their late teens to early twenties. That missing group has been widely re­ferred to as the "last battalion".


Remember, in addition, that when the "last battalion" departed for places of Antarctica and later to slip quietly into Argentina and integrate into the population, counterfeiting plates were taken with them.


My dear ones, the Falkland Island war had nothing to do with Argentina--it had everything to do with old war remnants of the second" variety. Also a major distraction at a most critical time, as we shall note later.


The continuous rumors about German U-boat activity in the region of Tierra del Fuego (Feuerland, in German), between the southernmost tip of Latin America and the continent of Antarctica are based on truth and were written up most critically as truth by France's Agence France Press on the 25th of Sept., 1946.


One of the more startling facts proving quite definitely that W.W. II did not end on May 8th, 1945 is an account some one and a half years after cessation of hostilities in Europe. the Islandic Whaler, "Juliana", was stopped by a large German U-boat. The Juliana was in the Antarctic region around Malvinas Island when a German submarine surfaced and raised the German official naval Flag of Mourning -- red with a black edge. I urge you not to take exception if I repeat a few incidents for they are indeed most important from several aspects and are often missed the first reading.


The submarine commander sent out a boarding party which approached the Juliana in a rubber dinghy, and having boarded the whaler demanded of Capt. Hekla part of his fresh food stocks. The request was made in the definite tone of an order to which resistance would have been most unwise. The German officer spoke correct English and paid for his provisions in U.S. dollars, giving the Captain a bonus of $10 for each member of the Juliana  crew. While the food stuffs were being transferred to the submarine, the submarine commander informed Capt. Hekla of the exact location of a large school of whales. Later the Juliana found the whales exactly where designated. This, too, was reported in the French press.


Now comes the hook-up. Huge amounts of money were clandestinely invested by Nazi Front men all over the world, but especially in South America. KNOWN are 300 million dollars to Spain, Sweden 250 million, Switzerland 100 million and Portugal 50 million and this represents only about 25% of the known investments which were mostly centralized in South and Central America.


Billions of dollars were invested (and are being currently, 3/27/90) in large tracts of jungle and pampas real estate, factories, transportation, airlines, shipping and other assorted companies in­cluding food processing and agriculture. ALL PAID FOR IN AMERICAN DOLLARS--BY THE BILLIONS. It is not drug money being laundered through the South and Central American Banks that is the target of the U.S.--it is an effort to stop the flooding of the counterfeit money.


The U.S. tells you the new money will be for the purpose to stop drug dealers and stop counterfeiting among the drug dealers---nay, nay, NAY--it is the only way to stop the German printing presses in your own hemisphere.


How many of you are further aware that the U.S. GAVE currency printing plates to Russia? I thought not. Check it out--it will do wonders for your confirmation of old Hatonn's input.




Let us look at some findings which surfaced in 1944. Yes, Dharma, the history is most important, chela, for you cannot have continuity and find belief in these truths unless you are given confirmation in background. You know me and know my words are truth--most readers are still in shock and are looking for every detail possible to disprove my input. I'm sorry, chela, I know the writing is long and distressing, but it is indeed necessary. Thank you for continuing this dialog. Your legacy shall be great, let us lot weaken now for mankind must know the whole of it. He must be able to locate from whence his attackers shall be coming forth.


I think, for clarification, it would be easier and give more earth confirmation if I dictate a portion from a book entitled THE  AVENGERS, by Michael Bar-Zohar dealing with Jewish war and post war tactics against the Germans. You can find a lot of detailed information about the transfer, of German money to foreign lands. You do not need to get the book for I shall honor the author but we are more concerned, at this point, with the counterfeit funds. But you need confirmation regarding the money shift, etc., to give credence to this writing as to background.


The Red House Conference: let us quote, please.


A most unusual conference of German officials and industrialists was held at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10, 1944. The proceedings of this "Red House" conference are known from the shorthand report, which fell into the hands of the American OSS at the end of the war. A Lieutenant Revesz showed it to Simon Wisenthal, who took a photostat and published it some years later.


Among those present at this conference were representatives of the Ministry of Munitions and the Foreign Office, delegates from the big industrial com­bines--Krupps, Messerschmitt, Rochling, Goering Werke, Hermannsdorfwerke--and several senior civil servants. The object of the meeting was to decide upon measures for safeguarding the treasury of the Third Reich. They reached two main decisions--some of the riches would be hidden away in the territory of the Reich, and German capital would be sent abroad.


The conference urged that the Nazi Party should go underground in the event of defeat, and should prepare for a return to power with the help of the treasures safely hidden away.


These decisions began to be put into effect in the following months. An "experimental station" was set up near Lake Toplitz and a number of containers packed chiefly with forged pound notes and documents were submerged in the lake, and some other containers were hidden away in old mines in the hills. Most of them were removed again when Allied forces were approaching the region. Although the Allies did not have full knowledge of these hiding places until the report of the "Red House" conference fell into their hands, some information on the Nazis' postwar plans had reached the Allied secret services early in 1945. In March of that year a detailed report on the subject was submitted to the State Department in Washington:


"The Nazi regime has made very precise clans for the perpetuation of its doctrine and domination after the war. Some of these plans are already being put into effect.


"Members of the Nazi Party, German industrialists and Army leaders, realizing that there is no hope of victory, are presently preparing commercial plans for the postwar period, endeavoring to renew connections with industrial circles abroad in the hope of reestablishing prewar cartels. After the war, the intention is for 'front men' to appeal to the courts of various countries against the 'illegal' seizure of German industrial concerns and other German property by the Allies at the outbreak of the war. In the event this method does not succeed, the recovery of the German property would be made through figureheads possessing the requisite citizenship. German attempts to continue to have a share in the control and development of technological progress during the immediate postwar period are reflected in the phenomenal increase in German patents registered in certain foreign countries during the past two years. These registrations reached their peak in 1944....


"German capital and plans for the building of ultra­modern technical schools and research laboratories are being offered on very advantageous terms, in view of the fact that the Germans will hereby be able to make and perfect new weapons.


"The German propaganda program is an integral part of this general planning for the postwar period. The immediate aim of this propaganda program will be to bring about a relaxation of Allied controls on the pretext that the Germans should be treated `honestly'. Later, this program will be extended and intensified with a view to reviving Nazi doctrine and pursuing German ambitions of world domination. Unless these plans are counteracted, they constitute a constant threat to the peace and security of the postwar world."


The American specialists had greatly extended their knowledge of this subject by the end of the war. They soon had a list of 750 firms with head offices in neutral countries, founded or bought with German capital. Switzerland headed the list with 274 firms; then came Portugal with 258, Spain with 112, Ar­gentina with 98, and Turkey with 35. A number of firms had also been acquired in South American countries other than Argentina.


Special accounts in Swiss and Liechtenstein banks were placed at the disposal of the Argentine Government, officially to help their industrial development. Some of the accounts were made personally available to Argentine leaders.


As military defeat and final catastrophe had become more certain, the Nazi chiefs stepped up their preparations for the future--a future in which they meant to have a stake. They had deposited large sums with banks in neutral countries and salted away just as much in the portfolios of apparently respectable people in Liechtenstein, Portugal, and Patagonia, and had hidden much wealth in the depths of old salt mines in Austria and below the dark water of the Alpine lakes. All of this hidden treasure might indeed permit a revival of Nazism one day--so long as there were still Nazis around able to draw upon it.


Ah, the Germans were a busy lot, from whom you ones at this time in history, could well take lessons in preparation. Added to their tucking away of treasures, extensive research was immediately launched into areas of artificial food cultivation, in huge greenhouses, with everything grown only on "chemical soil" an under artificial light. "Butter" was produced from coal and dry milk was one of their very survival inventions. A method was alsc invented to indefinitely preserve wheat flour. Great strides were also made in Freeze Drying all types of food and this was carried out particularly in experimental plants located in the area of Helmstedt. Hitler was keenly interested in these projects, visiting them frequently. In a very short while, Germany was more or less self-sufficient and for the first time in centuries. NO GERMAN EVER EXPERIENCED WANT AND HUNGER AGAIN UNTIL THE ALLIES BURNT OR ROBBED ALL THE HUGE WAREHOUSES OF THEIR CONTENTS IN 1945 AND AFTER.




Any German who lived through that dreadful time will tell you what the humanitarian "liberators" of Germany doled out as food rations after their victory. In the French zone of occupation it was officially 850 calories a day, in the American zone it was "officially" a little more, whilst the inmates of Hitler's concentration camps (whose bony corpses you are still seeing daily on T.V. and in the newspapers), received more than double that amount of calories daily. The resultant famine and death from starvation, particularly among the elderly and infants, is well remembered by the German population. They call it a "peace crime". The food supply for any secret UFO force, (which is what Hitler himself called the "last battalion"), had already been solved.




What about funds? Well, let us examine some facts which should also begin to give you clues as to why the Jewish community insists on keeping the "holocaust" in the forefront of people's minds some forty plus years later. IT SIMPLY IS NOT LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD IT IS, AND WAS!


Let us look into the counterfeit situation. Hitler had again already planned, with great foresight, for this inevitability. In captivity in concentration camps such as Dachau, Buchenwald and Auschwitz, were Europe's best-known and most skilled forgers, ---- many of them JEWS. They were geniuses at their particular craft.


A secret order was issued from Berlin code-named "Operation Bernhard". All the forgery experts were collected and were offered life and freedom if they cooperated in producing for Hitler, perfect forgeries of some of the allied currencies, but in particular, forgeries of the British pound and the American dollar, in various denominations. At first the forgers refused, but one by one they cooperated and in an astonishingly short space of time, they produced what seemed to be perfect forgeries. The German government supplied from its own papermills what is usually the stumbling block to perfect counterfeiting -- high quality paper. The plates and paper were perfect, but not satisfied with their own judgement, a secret agent was sent to neutral Switzerland with a suitcase full of "German-made" pounds and dollars as well as other currencies in all denominations. This agent went to one of Switzerland's largest banks and requested to see the manager and stated: "I am negotiating a business deal with a man I suspect of being a Nazi agent, and he intends to pay me in this currency with these bills. Please test them and see if they are genuine."


The bank manager explained he could not do this right away since it was in foreign currency, so the Nazi agent left the bills with the bank manager arranging to return within a few days. Upon his return, he was told that the money was genuine, and that the bank would be pleased to accept it for exchange. The agent returned to Germany and the printing presses started rolling in Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Untold millions were printed, so much so that Britain, after the war, withdrew from circulation its five pound note--a first in British history.


"Come now Hatonn" you say: "This is too much!" Well, let us look at a documented incident and sequel to this story.


Rumors persisted about Operation Bernhard long after the end of the war and one such rumor was checked out quite thoroughly by you human entities. For weeks a group of Austrian government frogmen searched Lake Toplitz in Austria. Eventually they found the wreckage of a German plane, the skeleton of the dead pilot still strapped to his seat. In the hold were large metal trunks which, when pried open, revealed over 300,000 British five-pound notes, in neat bundles, perfectly unspoiled and with them, some of the printing plates. The money was confiscated by the Austrian authorities, although it was at that time useless as the five pound note had been withdrawn from circulation by the British.


Now remember the U-boat captain had paid for his food in U.S. dollars and obviously had no shortage of money since each crew member of the whaler had been given a $10 bonus.


It is not yet generally known that the entire Reichsbank Treasure (All of Germany's reserves) disappeared from the bank vaults in Berlin before the end of the war. Guinness "World Records" book lists this story under "The greatest unsolved robbery!" Dear ones, that money is still viable indeed as a currency--remember that the war was never officially ended?


NOTE: During the U.S. balance of payments crisis, Time magazine carried an article about discussions taking place at the Headquarters of the World Monetary Fund in Basel, Switzerland. They found that 15 billion dollars were in circulation, which should not really exist. One wonders where that amount of money might come from wouldn't you suspect? And that had naught to do with the American hemisphere. So be it!


Please, let old Hatonn believe that you are beginning to get a better perspective on current events. Why do you suppose the Thatcher government sanctioned Bush's action in Panama? (The Panama "invasion" was to get control of those banks--remember I told you?). Further, WHO WERE THE ALLIES OF GERMANY IN WWII? JAPAN PERHAPS? WHY DO YOU THINK YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE GETTING THE NEW MONEY INTO CIRCULATION? OH, MY YES--INTRIGUE, INTRIGUE AND JAMES BOND MAGNIFIED!!


Further, pay attention to the effort to keep the holocaust (which we will point out probably did not occur as you are told) alive and well--the Zionists who plan Global 2000 takeover of world control know the enemy is at hand and ready to take on anything that comes along---for THEY also plan Global 2000 takeover and control of the world--the conspirators of the Cartel of bankers is all mixed up within them all! Now isn't this grand game playing? Well, it would be if the blind masses of humanity weren't up for enslavement and gross genocide and annihilation.


How could all these things be kept secret? Easy--no-one gives you any news--the media is totally controlled. Let us look for a minute at the operation Antarctica and Admiral Byrd's expedition, then we can move on into a brief discussion of why the big UFO cover-up.


A break, please. This computer is acting up. Please open a new file to avoid any losses.


Hatonn to standby.

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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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