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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

PJ #13 " SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET ", chapter 11 & 12
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by Paul & Christ.
Aug 23, 2010 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 13



TUESDAY, MAR. 27, 1990 11:40 A.M. YEAR 3 DAY 223



Let us again turn our attention to the location of the bases. Even in this area Hitler had planned far ahead and at long range. Obvi­ously guided by the possible occupation and subsequent loss of Germany itself, he had cast around for land still available for colo­nization and found that Antarctica was, at that time, the only con­tinent still unclaimed. With his usual dispatch, a polar expedition was organized, the preparation of which was kept secret. The force consisted of several large vessels, at least two of which were aircraft carriers, not the present-day type but rather large ships with float-equipped airplanes on board. The planes were rocket-catapulted off special ramps at the end of the ships and retrieved out of the water via a crane. This secret Nazi Expeditionary Force was headed by Kapitan Ritscher and took place in 1937-38. The force landed in the area of Queen Maud Land and established bases there. Large float planes of the Dornier-Wal type, with the unusual pusher-puller propellers were used to explore a huge area of Antarctic terrain. Over 11,000 photographs were taken for mapping purposes. Significantly, a Swastika flag was dropped every 20 kilometers to substantiate the German claim to that land, comprising over 600,000 square kilometers in all. In this way, not only was a terrain claimed by Germany, larger than Germany itself, but more significantly, for the first time, ice-free oasis (warm lakes) were found by this secret Nazi expedition. They were pho­tographed along with Alp-like mountain ranges of over 4,000 meters in height. Naturally, the explored areas were given German names and so you have today places like "Ritscher Gipfel", or, "Ritscher Peak", named after the leader of the expedi­tion. The hot oasis amongst the eternal ice was called "Schirmacher Seen Platte" -- "Schirmacher Lake Group". These are also often referred to as the "Rainbow Lakes". The different colored appearances of these inland lakes are caused by algae found floating in the sweet water and vary in color from lake to lake as the algae color differs. The waters are warm enough to allow swimming and bathing with just bathing suits and swim trunks.


Added credence to the secret bases thesis is found in remarks at­tributed to Joachin von Ribbentrop at the outbreak of the war. "In accordance with Germany's long-range political strategy, we have taken into firm possession the Antarctic area, called New Swabia (New Schwabenland) to ensure a safe retreat in case of necessary."


If you compare the German area to the size of the United States it is huge in comparison.


Other factors intake Antarctica an ideal place for these bases. There is no rust, no germs, and consequently very little illness or decomposition. Food remains edible forever, since the entire re­gion acts rather like a giant freezer. The shed, for instance, where Scott spent some months pre-W.W. I, before he launched his ill-fated antarctic expedition, was recently discovered. The food which remained in the shed, from almost 70 years ago, was still as fresh and edible as on the day it arrived in Antarctica, and wooden boxes, tin cans, cups, candle and paper (in fact ev­erything), are as well preserved as if by inanimate suspension. Antarctica has no flies, no bugs, and no bacillus can survive the cold temperatures of the surface location.



Could all of this have taken place in the 20th century without de­tection? Hardly! What steps were taken to discover the truth? What has been done on your placement to do something about the secret bases now that their existence has been established and established beyond a doubt? Why did the world not hear about these incredible events? Good questions indeed and it is surely past time that you the people, open your eyes and look around.


Obviously, Hitler's escape was discovered immediately, otherwise the statements of Stalin and of Eisenhower and all other quoted sources would be an exercise in insanity. It has even been totally recognized that the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials were staged, to a great extent, in the hope that the "Last Battalion" could be drawn from their impregnable, inaccessible hideouts, and thus force the Fuehrer's hand. A large armed force of elite troops surrounded the whole of the Nuremberg area during the long agonizing months of the typically-Bolshevik show trials. Perhaps there are readers who will be able to recall from newspaper pictures or newsreels the "tight security" that existed in the whole of Germany during those trials. Some S.S. men were actually caught, tried and convicted for attempting to free their leaders, but when the cry of strangulations and torture was over, the Fuhrer was still no-where to be found. Some UFO overflights and activities were reported but no actual armed clashes or incidents took place.


Washington, Moscow and London then decided to really "get into the act"; in fact, eight countries in total decided to do some "scientific" work in Antarctica, of all places!!! A large expedition, lavishly financed, was quickly put together. It consisted of over 4,000 specially selected elite U.S. navy troops along with an eight month food supply. Thirteen ships under the overall command of Admiral Byrd made up this purely "scientific" expedition, com­posed mostly of military-types and very few scientists.


The U.S. Antarctic battle fleet left Norfolk, Va, on Dec. 2, 1946 -­three distinct battle groups, comprised of the Mount Olympus, Admiral Byrd's command ship, the ice-breaker, "Northwind", the catapult ship "Pine Island", the destroyer "Brownsen", the aircraft-carrier "Philippines Sea", the U.S. submarine "Sennet and the two support vessels, "Yankee" and "Merrick", as well as the two tankers "Canisted" and "Capacan", an additional floatplane carrying ship, "Currituck" and the destroyer "Henderson".


At the same time it was announced officially that a similar En­glish-Norwegian force was operating in a support capacity in Antarctic waters around Bahia Marguerite. A Soviet contingent was also participating in the "research".




The Soviet participation is an interesting one, since Winston Churchill had already spoken of an "Iron Curtain" and felt that "they" -- the crusaders to Europe had "killed the wrong pig". Ob­viously Churchill realized that they should have destroyed Bolshe­vik Russia and not Germany. So be it.


The general public (YOU) was told that the "RESEARCH" mission was interested in locating uranium and studying the weather. Admiral Byrd, who had already undertaken a similar, though much smaller and speedier, investigation of the north pole was asked why he had recommended the establishment of armed observation camps. His reply, "Because the pole lies between us and our enemies" -- El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile, July 7th, 1947. Further questioning as to which enemy meant, since the Axis powers had just been defeated and had "unconditionally surren­dered", brought no response from the "great" man.


It was soon learned, however, that as well as the scientific jobs, the mission had the task of "observing the activities of a foreign power in the South Pole Region". Questioned further on this part of the expedition's activities, Adm. Byrd reportedly replied, "To break the last desperate resistance of Adolf Hitler, in case we find him in his Neuberchtesgaden inside 'New Schwabenland' in the Queen Maud Land region, or to destroy him." How interesting indeed.


Also most interesting, the Byrd expedition was equipped with the very latest devices, amongst them were thermo-magnetic detectors.


The U.S. expedition duly arrived and landed in Antarctica. With them the very latest in military gear, gadgets and troops. With them the very latest in military carriers, helicopters, floatplanes and every other conceivable military apparatus. Bases were estab­lished and quickly expanded. Observation planes were sent out all over the region. Thousands of photographs were taken and mapping missions flown.


One particular flight stands out amongst all those reported and one with Adm. Byrd, himself, aboard. The instruments went totally haywire and the performance gauges and altimeters be­haved in a most erratic manner, causing Adm. Byrd to abort the flight and return to base on "visual" control. All instruments returned to normal as soon as open terrain had been reached.


It was reported, and it is true, that Admiral Byrd located the Se­cret Nazi Base (among other things we shall speak of later) and was approaching it when the above incident took place causing abandonment of the flight, but not before he dropped an American flag and a bomb or two on the approximate spot of the base. This was done, of course, to warn Hitler he was not entirely safe even in his Shangri-la.




Woops--what of an error or two? Vengeance was swift and the Fuhrer was not in a humorous mood. Within 48 hours, four of Byrd's planes had been lost, some without a trace and others without any survivors. Adm. Byrd hastily abandoned all his efforts and disembarked, with all his force, for home.




On board his flagship "Olympus" he gave the following startling in­terview, translated from the Spanish as it was reported in the pa­per El Mercurio, Santiago, Chile on March 5, 1947. It appeared on the front page under the headline "On Board the Mount Olympus on the High Seas".


"Adm. Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defence measures against hostile regions. The Admiral further stated that he didn't want to frighten anyone unduly but that it was a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects which would fly from pole to pole at in­credible speeds. (Earlier he had recommended defence bases at the North Pole). Admiral Byrd repeated the above points of view, resulting from his personal knowledge gathered both at the north and south poles, before a news conference held for International News Service."


During the press conference the Admiral also stated that in a quickly shrinking world the United States could no longer derive any sense of security from its isolation or on the geographic dis­tance of the poles or oceans. The Admiral affirmed once again his belief that the entire Antarctic continent should be closely watched and surrounded by a "wall of defense installations, since it represented the last line of defence for AMERICA". (THESE DEFENSE MEASURES HAVE SINCE BEEN TAKEN). Admiral Byrd further stated that no one could give a more accurate accounting of the true significance of the situation than he could, since he had had occasion to employ the latest scientific developments and from what he had learned he could make cornparisons for he had encountered the effect of the secret weapons.


When Admiral Byrd had arrived back in the U.S. and the significance of his findings had found their way into the press, he was mysteriously hospitalized. No hard information was ever un­earthed but his grand statements to the press in South America and on board the Olympus were not appreciated by the powers in Washington. Less appreciated were the actual facts regarding his expedition which I shall enlighten you about a little bit further on in this writing.


He was among the first victims of a long string of prominent people "removed from circulation" for their honest belief in Unidentified Flying Objects and encounters with higher forces.


You can gain great insight into important conclusions from the foregoing:


1: The final outcome of W.W. II is yet to be decided. This is borne out by the late General and former President Eisenhower's statement--"The second world war has not yet ended," and cor­roborated by Admiral Byrd's alarming phrase "in the case of a new war". Hitler's Last Battalion is waiting for its golden opportunity to be "the tip of the scale" in any conflagration yet to come. SO BE IT, BROTHERS, SO BE IT!


2: Hitler has defended his secret lair as successfully against Byrd as he had his numerous headquarters in Europe, during the war against the Allies. Byrd was forced to retreat and to acknowledge the superiority of the UFO's, and their secret weapons.


3: The over fifty small wars since 1945 including Korea and Vietnam, were supposed to provoke a premature "showing of hands" by the Last Battalion.


4: The "New Third Reich" has maintained its crucial time/technol­ogy advantage over its W.W. II adversaries -- even decidedly in­creased it.


5: Idealism (spirit) has triumphed already over Materialism (money), since only the German state was destroyed but not the ideology of National Socialism.


6: There has been a 30-year cover up by brain and more often by brawn, about the true identity of the UFO's or at least many of them. Their origins have been known, but deliberately suppressed by the rulers of the Unholy Alliance of 1939-45.


7: The real and only reason for the insane UFO cover up, now falling apart, is to be found in most UFO's German origin. The Allies in East and West have told so many lies about the barbaric, sadistic behavior of the Nazis, that they now fear wide-spread panic amongst their populations, should the truth become known. After all, if the Nazis are still around, would it not be logical and natural for them to take revenge one day? With U.F.O. power? Come now--what does the symbol of a swastika really mean? LIFE ONGOING AND WITHOUT END! No, I did not say that I adore and cherish the Third Reich--I said that the swastika means Life! All the liars are not yet out of the woodwork, my friends.




For over 40 years some of the world's most imaginative people have wondered about the "strange" behavior of their governments when it comes to the questions of the UFO's. If the UFO's are extra terrestrial and the humans on your planet have no "defense" against them, then why annoy these beings by orders to "SHOOT TO KILL"? It is interesting that once again you see perfect harmony of approach between the U.S. and the Soviets. In the 70's there was a very detailed report about the Soviet Air Forces having stumbled upon some secret UFO bases in far off Mongolia. The Soviets went in their usual barbaric style, bombed and burned everything to the ground. This was well documented by Dipl. Ing. A. Schneider in the Viennese newspaper, K.Die aktuelle Serie, P.a. Sat. Sept. 14, 1974 as follows:


. . . the following remarkable report reached us to­day from the Soviet Union: April 24, 1970 was a day that all hell broke loose. A supersonic Soviet jetbomber in a secret mission from Moscow to Vladivostok was lost without a trace over Siberia. The pilot was in voice contact with ground control stations when suddenly the transmission was interrupted. An intensive search by nearly two hundred planes was quickly organized over the area where the pilot was last heard from. Almost simultaneously a number of pilots reported to ground control, "We are not alone up here, above us are flying objects, maybe 25 or even more. They are huge, they are so high we cannot get near them." That same afternoon in Krasnojarsk, red alert was sounded and troops were deployed around the city because an entire formation of these silvery, silent visitors circled over the scared town. Apparently, entire salvoes of ground to air missiles were fired at hundreds of flying discs which crowded the airspace of the Sino-Soviet-Mongolian frontier area. There was a concerted action by the strange intruders against the town of Ulan Bator, where all flights seemed to emanate from and end. A spokesman for a group of touring German students said after returning from Mongolia, where they had been at the time of the "UFO invasion", "That the So­viet Union had destroyed a secret UFO base of immense proportions consisting of many miles of subterranean tunnels, and dozens of pyramid like structures in the northern area of Mongolia." However no photographic proof or documentary evidence exists. The Soviets are always very secretive.


After Admiral Byrd's hasty retreat from Antarctica he not only suggested bases around both poles and a ring of armed camps, but offered this plan: Turn Antarctica into atomic test ranges where atom and hydrogen bombs could be dropped to be "tested". Well, this is a quote from an incorrect source--it was not Admiral Byrd who suggested such a thing, he was simply blamed for it.


A strange thing, however, as soon as such a plan was put forth. Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. received an official visit. There is not a UFO fan who has not seen the historic photograph of an entire "swarm" of U.F.O.'s flying over the nearby Congressional Buildings and the White House in perfect formation. Interesting to note that the Antarctic test site idea was never again seriously considered.


Hundreds of sightings took place around the world from Japan to Korea, where you have a particularly good example of a UFO de­materializing in front of the cameras. One must then ask, "Why do these UFO's always show themselves, but why do they not land?" etc., etc., etc. Well, realizing the fear responses and the need to keep the lies hidden--it is indeed unsafe, isn't it? This is appropriate for terrestrial ships as well as extraterrestrial visitors.


The UFO cover-up is most similar to other actions of the other unholy alliances such as the mass murders of Operation Keelhaul, at Katyn, Dresden and Hiroshima. Let anyone dare to "not conform" with "the establishment's" version of things and you can see people being hounded, defamed and persecuted on a daily basis--not the least of which are our own scribes--just for receiving this information.




More distractors and I will investigate herein. Let us look from some other viewpoints, please.


Often, your UFO fans have advanced the theory that the strange flying objects come from distant planets and galaxies to check on your "atomic experimenting", and some people state "contactees" have been told that the UFO's would prevent an atomic war on the planet earth. Why should we? Why should we care? We certainly do not demonstrate any great desire to colonize the earth -- at least not in any great numbers. Well, perhaps some of these "aliens" are already scattered about earth. We have all sorts of reasons why we will not allow atomic devastation to wreck your planet:


These are speculations as presented by some sources who feel an alliance exists with space aliens, etc.


a) The UFO's are, by now, driven by electro magnetism, consequently all secrets surrounding electric power have been discovered. Since all modern communications and guidance systems are based on electronics, it is an easy task to "listen in", decode and prevent the start or to re-direct whilst in flight, any vehicle or space craft, now in use by the "allies".


b) The destructive power of atomic weapons is therefore much more of a threat to the powers who possess them and have them stored in silos, in subs, in planes or on their own soil than to those countries who do not have these weapons at all, since they could quite easily be set off by remote control from the UFO's, before they were even launched.

Please keep in mind that these are projections put forth from your placement--not mine.


c) The UFO's will undoubtedly prevent atomic war to prevent the extinction of the White Race. At the moment the white people are outnumbered ten to one on the planet and should there be an atomic exchange the ratio would be a hundred to one in the white's dis-favor.


Well, a few of your better thinkers have found some interesting conclusions which might be worth pointing out.


No man of the calibre of Adolf Hitler, deeply committed to the survival and resurgence of Western Culture, would ever allow this tragedy to happen to the White Race if he could at all help it.


There is a most interesting aside which I might note for you. Per­haps a few of you readers will already know the following, that in the region of the South Pole (Antarctica), and to a lesser extent the North Pole, it is possible to escape from the earth's magnetic pull and death through radiation because the Van Allen Belts open up, funnel-like, at both of these extremities. It is possible to launch a spacecraft, with very little radiation protection from this area avoiding enormous weight, a crew needs no radiation-pro­tective gear.


Now I am going to lay forth some other speculations which might bear contemplation.

You must remember that Hitler had massive feasibility studies of space stations, based on very specific and valid data.


He authorized launching an artificial satellite to be rocketed into space in 1947 with the A9-A10 rocket, in a steep angle away from the axis of the earth, and counter to the earth's rotation. From this point it would have been possible to observe any spot on earth within any given two hour time period, and hit any spot on earth with accurate missiles, bombs, radar-guided or other gadgets such as "mirror beams" or "death rays".


The Rosenbergs mentioned these platforms in their testimony during their espionage trials. They called them "Warships of space". Where did they get this information about top secret plans, not realized by the Allies until some 25 years later? From the same documents that gave them the atomic bomb, of course. Yes, this would definitely seem as if spaceflight was already known to a mysterious group of beings, would it not?




The American astronomer, Prof. Dr. James Greenacre and four of his colleagues made an astounding observation from Flagstaff, Ariz. Observatory and reported it to a Conference on "Moon Problems" in New York City in May of 1964. Because of the UFO cover-up policy still in force in the U.S. government, Prof. Dr. Greenacre was only able to give his report verbally to colleagues who were present at the Conference. Here is roughly what he said: "On 29th Oct. 1963 we observed several colorful spots on the Moon, the spots moved in formation across the motionless face of the moon." One month later Prof. Dr. Greenacre observed the same phenomena. The May 1966 issue of "UFO Nachrichten" Vol. 117 reproduced what Dr. Greenacre had stated he had observed. . . "Prof. Dr. Greenacre saw on or close to the moon at least 31 space craft of gigantic size. Some were from 300 meter to 4.8 kilometers long. They were in motion while being observed through the telescopes. Also, clearly discernible were numerous smaller craft approximately 150 meters in diameter, which moved past or alongside the huge craft, the "mother craft" occasionally changing color, as in the often-reported, pulsating style." (The distance from the earth to the moon is 384,000 kilometers). This was the end of the report.


The American Professor thought at first the Russians might have beaten the Americans to the punch. But not so! So, therefore, who is out there in the wild blue yonder? Well, Prof. Dr. Phillips of Berlin, Hitler's wartime comrade, claimed he knew. He even sent the author of much information on the subject, some charts and time tables of his flights and they match, my friends.


Before we leave this area of investigation and take a break, we have to look into the repeated reports of "glowing" or "pulsating" lights emanating from U.F.O.'s. You can find an interesting refer­ence to this phenomena from a brilliant German metallurgist who had created "a metal harder than diamonds" called appropriately enough "Impervium". This metal glows alternately in the colors of the rainbow when heated to a high degree. This seems to tie up another loose end and again, the timing is interesting. The metal was used for the first time commercially in 1935-36. The laboratories were located not at Schramberg as Michael X reports but at Starnberg and Starnberger See. However, this could be a simple spelling error by someone not too familiar with the German language. Oh, so much to learn, haven't we?


Dharma begins to see the handwriting on the wall and is quite un­nerved at t its time, therefore, I request a break and allow settle­ment. It is fine, chela, everyone keeps nagging for "new" informa­tion and perhaps it is time to begin to scatter it around a bit. You will stay closely in the light shield, chela, for as we tread on the proper toes the nasties will get more intense. So be it--the God of Light and Truth shall prevail and this word will go forth. Yes, I know ones are quite dead who have spoken of these things--I do note, however, that you are quite healthy and we intend to keep that status current.


I move now, to stand-by that we might have a break.


In love and total light of radiance I salute you for your service.


Hatonn to clear, please

PJ 13



FRIDAY, MAR. 30, 1990 9:00 A.M. YEAR 3 DAY 226


Hatonn present this morning that we might continue work on the Journal. I come in the Light of the Radiant One and clear all neg­ativity from this place. We shall speak of this herein, Dharma, for knowledge is your shield.


The vibration pulses of which you are so acutely aware within the past 48 hours are intentional indeed. While you ones were absent a new monitoring grid was integrated into your electrical system within your dwelling. You will find that circuits will overload quite easily in effort to lose of your computer data, etc. You will be bombarded with ELF cycles through the equipment. You are "field" recycled in that your own nervous system counter-balances the energy integration. For a while you will be acutely aware of the vibrations from all things you touch for the cycle impulses are different from your own and you will note the clash of sequence perception until you adjust. Know it is intended and that you are in protection. However, I request that you remain conscious of the input and challenge to your system in that you are constantly aware and recognize all changes.


Your system will automatically adjust but you will find exhaustion your constant companion for a while during the adjustment and all within the property will recognize contusion, depression and sleepiness until all is in total integration.


I speak of these things herein because we choose to make a public statement of conspiracy attempt to stop of your writing. We herein place the conspirators on notice that we can play this game far more perfectly than they can bombard. I ask, however, that all entering your physical space take extreme care and use superior caution. As the script plan is unfolded unto you ones, the serious­ness of the impact must be ever present. You are to use caution--not fear. Be receptive to intuition (all of you) regarding any and each who enters into your space. I did not say to be distrustful--I said to "pay attention'. This is both for the guest/visitor as well as for self.


The readers of these Journals must come into realization that the material to which they are now being made privy, is truth, is dan­gerous, and is your very guidelines to change as well as transition.


The threats have now been officially laid at my table to cease and desist with the bringing forth of these truths "or else". Dharma has requested that she be allowed to continue our work and we place her in protection, however, there is great risk in many forms. We are now to the point of "picking-up" where others were forced to "leave-off". The game gets rougher as we move along. Therefore, I must ask patience and indulgence of the readers in that we must work rapidly on the Journals and personal kibitzing over nit-pick­ing attitudes of personal nature will probably be set aside to re­spond to later in the upcoming weeks.


I humbly thank each and every one of you who have so generously given of your time and efforts. The training has been exceptional and the pressures constant. The building shall begin shortly and you will have great success. It is not the building of good business that is the problem; it is, rather, the bringing forth to public view of these atrocious lies which have been perpetrated and perpetuated through the last decades. As we tell you of the truth and then give you PROOF of same, it will be hard indeed, to comprehend and yet you will all find it logical, reasonable and totally valid.


We of the higher Command ask your patience and indulgence and an open mind that you might receive in clarity and purity of in­tegrity. The very hope and subsistence of your placement depends upon your changing of attitudes and ability to rethink circum­stances. So be it and I plead for the granting of your attention and kindness.


Dharma, ye shall not be yet given to remember these things for it is unsafe, chela. Allow the "fog" to bring you comfort and security instead of confusion for it is your safety net--believe me, chela, "they" know you know nothing of these things any more than any reader of the material.


The information is coming forth from several locations of which you must remain basically unaware, for that, too, is your security shield. All "they" can do is discount and discounting can no longer be successful as the logic of truth comes into the attention of mass consciousness. Hold tightly to my hand, little one, and fear not for the hosts of the heavens walk with you and the valley of the shadows is just that--shadows. The physical is ultimately of no importance what-so-ever and the time is at hand to bring these things into public awareness. So be it in the Light of God Source. There is no darkness in this place, in this receiver nor in the entities from which she receives. We come as the host with the Master Teacher in the service of the Universal Source.


Allow the above message to remain within the writings of the Journal. We shall now move on to continuation of the Journal material.


We were speaking of the Antarctic, counterfeit money and conspiracy.




It is important that you ones have input of general geographical and physical nature regarding the area of your arctic regions, both South and North. We shall deal herein with the Southern location for most of the incredible activities are being exploited there.


Your Admiral Byrd wrote great dissertations regarding his experi­ences in that location beneath the arctic area and he was discred­ited and finally, murdered. He was declared insane and promptly taken out of public circulation--he was murdered as a broken man as was Forrestal, Priore, Rife, Tesla and hundreds of other great men.


Byrd met with the beings of alien locales and his documents can be obtained--through your rather underground resources; therefore, I shall not dwell at great length in this chapter re­garding that matter. I wish to give you purely physical data for confirmation at this writing. Further, for you ones who have access to your National Geographic Journals--please refer to April, 1990 which will be released shortly. Ah yes, Dharma, you need to know that more than do others. In fact, we shall utilize a map or two from their presentation that you might have confirma­tion. There are no coincidences, chela, and ye shall be given all the credentials and confirmation that ye need.


If you will look at a globe of your planet you will find that there are two land masses close to the Antarctic regions--South America (namely, Argentina and Falkland Islands) and Australia. This is most important indeed in deciphering logically that which we give unto you.


Let me note right here that you of the U.S. have great bases in Australia with space flight, data collection, exchange shuttle fa­cilities, nuclear testing and great underground facilities for se­curity and survival.


Now Australia, (remember that Australia is a branch of Great Britain), has endorsed plans for a commercial space launch station using Soviet rockets, to be built on the Cape York peninsula in the continent's remote northeast. The plan is for a $450 million in­stallation to be functional not later than in the mid-90s. This, too, can be confirmed from reliable sources on your placement. Further, what of the USSR offering to make available to Japan over 59 technologies in the military and space fields as part of an effort to establish joint ventures with Japanese industry? Soviet officials have actually proposed joint ventures that would give the Japanese access to the Soviet Buran space shuttle. Still sleepy??? Do you still wonder about the importance of the Falkland Islands off Argentina?




I give Bryan Hodgson of National Geographic great honor and appreciation for I shall utilize his updated information to great extent in these current chapters for you need the confirmation of Earth scientific published material. Perhaps as you move along in truth you will subscribe to the Geographic to support the works of these outstanding researchers.


The Antarctica is larger than Europe or Australia, but it has no "native" human population. It contains more than two-thirds of the world's fresh water in the form of ice, yet some areas receive less than two inches of precipitation a year. Antarctica is the high­est, coldest, most desolate place on the globe (on the surface of it). But it irresistibly draws visitors. The fifth largest continent is a giant outdoor laboratory where scientists strive to decipher clues to our planet's history and detect early warning signs of global pollution. That which is called "earth's last terrestrial frontier" is drawing increasing international attention---and only a minute fraction of a percent of humans have the slightest idea as to "why".


In 1959 thirteen nations joined the twelve original signatories as voting members of the Antarctic Treaty. Research stations were constructed and a voting coalition was formed to be eligible for voting on control of resources on the continent. There are some 40 year-round bases on Antarctica at present (known publicly). Fourteen additional nations have gained observer status, introducing a strain of international politics to a gentleman's agreement that guaranteed only that Antarctica would be used for peaceful purposes--without specifying clearly what those purposes might be. And there you have it. NO PLACE IN YOUR ABILITY TO ATTEND IS ALLOWED PEACEFUL EXISTENCE--NO PLACE! THIS IS NO DIFFERENT AND ALL REALLY IMPORTANT AND "SECRET" BASES AND INSTALLATIONS ARE ALLOWED NO VISITORS OR RESEARCHERS AS YOUR MAJOR POWERS HAVE THEM SEALED OFF BY TERRITORIAL CLAIMS.


In October 1989 in Paris, the 15th biennial treaty meeting was thrown into turmoil by an unscheduled debate sparked by the an­nouncement of France and Australia that they had revoked their approval of a 1988 agreement prohibiting minerals exploration without the unanimous consent of all members. Instead, they joined environmental groups demanding an outright ban on minerals activities and establishment of Antarctica as a world park. Some nations, such as Chile and Argentina, saw this as the first direct threat both to the treaty and to territorial claims they had agreed to hold in abeyance. (AND YOU THOUGHT THE RIFT WITH ARGENTINA AND CHILE WAS OVER DRUG DEALINGS!)


Antarctica has never been truly isolated but I doubt any of your little school children realize this---were you taught this? Although it is surrounded by a barrier of swirling ocean currents and ferocious winds and crowned by a gigantic ice sheet averaging nearly two miles in thickness, this coldest region of the planet is a powerful weather maker for the Southern Hemisphere. Its frigid waters surge along the deep seabeds into the Northern Hemisphere, modifying ocean temperatures and carrying nutrients to nurture marine life.


More recently, scientists have discovered that Antarctica is a sen­sitive barometer of mankind's use and abuse of the planet.


Comparing today's atmospheric gases with those trapped in core samples of ancient Antarctic ice, they have found that the burning of fossil fuels has helped raise carbon dioxide to the highest level in history. Some have warned that this might cause a melting of the ice sheet by trapping heat from the sun. Other scientists have learned that man-made gases called chlorofluorocarbons, trapped over Antarctica by a stratospheric vortex of winter winds, react with spring sunlight to release chlorine atoms that destroy much of the ozone, which helps protect living organisms from harmful ultraviolet radiation. This is accurate enough to allow it to go undebated by me, at this point. Man always precipitates his own environment and therefore a debate at this point would be futile and useless. Further, this segment of writing is from the scientific viewpoint of very human observers and is not for my input. Let us just tell this segment as human sees it.




As early as 1975 scientists had warned that Antarctic waters were being overfished. In 1980 an agreement was reached on a Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Re­sources. By 1983 Soviet fishing fleets had seriously depleted the population of Antarctic cod around the French islands of Ferguelen. Other fisheries appeared on the verge of destruction.


There is a fish at South Georgia called Champsocephalus gunnari, which was most popular and is now most endangered. A fishing, limit of 10,000 tons of gunnari was recommended by a group of in­volved nations in 1986. However the Russians immediately reported catching over 69,000 tons--seven times the proposed limit. They claim the numbers estimates were wrong and that the protein would go to waste unless fishing is done at the optimum level.


At this point the good old U.S. Congress got into the act and re­quested a major study of Antarctica's marine ecosystems. This put up all sorts of wondrous distractors and gave excellent reason for infiltrating the area and checking on the security systems already in place. Oh, of course, Congress thought it was all a study of marine life--most of your Congress is as ill-informed as the masses of the population.




With all the military intrigue and installations, ships from many countries come into the waters of Antarctica claiming to be re­search vessels but are actually otherwise. For instance, in 1989 an Argentine supply ship Bahia Paraiso ran aground after hitting underwater rocks near Palmer Station, apparently because of inaccurate navigation charts. Thousands and thousands of gallons of diesel fuel fouled beaches and killed untold numbers of wildlife. Where was Exxon when you needed them?


The Soviets have intensive activity of massive amount and take marine life in uncountable amounts. Reports which could be verified were that the Soviet vessels were taking over 20 tons a day of gunntheri at Shag Rocks. At the South Shetlands some 18 vessels were taking krill at 85 tons a day and at the convergence 400 miles northeast of South Georgia, one boat reported catching two tons of squid within a few hours.


Right across the Strait of Magellan and Cape Horn you find Punta Arenas, Chile's southernmost city. It is a thriving commercial center, whose harbor, shipyard, airport, and communication facili­ties have made it the major gateway to the Antarctic Peninsula and is only a couple of hours flight to King George Island, site of Chile's Teniente Rodolfo Marsh station and airfield.


There are eight other nations which have research stations on the island: Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Poland, South Korea, the Soviet Union, and the People's Republic of China. King George's popularity stems more from its location, only 600 miles from Punta Arenas, than from its scientific potential. This should also tell you readers a lot of information.


It gets easier and easier to get to Antarctica as the French and British are building new airstrips. On the continental ice plateau you can land ski-equipped aircraft almost anywhere. It is also easy to land large-wheeled transports on areas of permanently bare ice, such as those near the Vinson Massif. The U.S. plans to establish a base there to give regular airway from Punta Arenas to the South Pole. Further down the coast from Punta Arenas is a place called Ushuaia---which means "Jesus" or in Hebrew--Jesuhia or Yeshua (spelled for pronunciation). How do you suppose that could have happened? Surely the Pale Prophet couldn't have gotten into that region also! So be the mysteries of "time".


Chile's base on King George Island is actually a colony, with quar­ters for some 240 airmen and scientists. Many sign on for two-year tours and live with their families in a suburban-style apartment complex called Villa Las Estrellas, which has its own bank (of course), post office, commissary, hospital, and a school­house which serves around 11 students.


This complex, together with the tourist facilities, reflects Chile's long-standing policy of "proving up" its territorial claim to a large sector of Antarctica, even though such claims are held in abeyance under the treaty.


Argentina has a similar policy. There is an Argentine Army base on the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula a hundred miles south of King George Island called Esperanza.

Why am I giving all these nitty details which hold no interest for you? Because they had better start holding interest for you for you will be hearing a lot about them very shortly in what you per­ceive as your future.


Argentina and Chile have been frequent adversaries to the U.S., but their huge and overlapping territorial claims have made them allies within the Antarctic Treaty organization. Issues such as mineral exploitation will loom very large in 1991, when under terms of the treaty any voting member may propose a reexamination of its provisions.




The Antarctic Peninsula and its island chains have been an international crossroads since 1820 when Russian explorer Bellingshausen arrived to claim first sighting of the continent after braving the savage weather of Drake Passage in wooden ships.


Today's mariners are better equipped, but some things have not changed. Storms are quick to form and deadly.


The U.S.A. has ongoing "studies" under the guise of NSF's Division of Polar Programs and travels the region's rich bird and marine life habitats regularly (too regularly), since 1965 when the jaunts could no longer be kept secret due to the traffic in the area. Note that Byrd's expedition was in the 40's and continuous monitoring was begun at that time.


One of the major stops on the "scientific" journey is Deception Is­land, where a placid lagoon fills the ten-square-mile caldera left by an ancient volcanic catastrophe. Don't count on it remaining simply "ancient". Today one can find a smattering of abandoned buildings and wooden boats that line the haunted shore which still steams with volcanic heat.


Records show that in 1924 the entire bay literally boiled, blistering the paint on a fleet of factory ships used to process some of the thousands of whales killed in these waters. There have been major eruptions in 1967, 1969, and 1970 which destroyed Chilean and British bases.


This is in the area of the Bransfield Rift and is a very active volcanic zone. It has widened considerably over the past several years and recent seismic activity can tell you the magma is welling up again.


The type of magma found in that area creates a fairly quiet erup­tion above ground, since it is highly fluid and has time to cool to crystals when it contacts air. But on the seafloor it reacts instantly with water to produce a tremendous explosion. There will be ongoing and more frequent eruptions in the current "time" seg­ment.


The food chain of the Antarctic is under heavy study. Microscopic plants called phytoplankton bloom in the ocean each spring, nourishing vast swarms of the shrimplike crustaceans called "krill"- (interesting label) that form the main food for many of the continent's creatures. Commercial krill catches now approach 500,000 tons a year, and scientists are concerned about the effects of heightened levels of ultraviolet radiation on phytoplankton.


So far you have no way to measure the volume of krill swarms accurately but one must look at the population of penguin colonies which numbers in the hundreds of millions and they feed only on krill.


Now, how do you suppose the Cooper group came up with a name like O.H. Krill in relationship to visiting "aliens"? Little gray men from outer space? Oh, I think not! Are these plots set up by your "free-people" government? Oh, I think most definitely, yes!


Krill have some interesting points about them, not the least of which is that they present an almost unlimited food supply for the human inhabitants of Earth.




The life span of krill is around seven or so years. They reproduce beginning in the third summer. The eggs are laid between mid-December and early March with the eggs sinking to between 600 and 1,200 meters before hatching while moving into the warm incubating waters. The larvae hatch and ascend through the water "column" to begin maturing. Ocean currents can move krill swarms far out of reach of bird colonies and protect the growing babies. An adult krill can go without food for as long as a year and survive nicely, larvae as long as two months without nour­ishment--a necessary defense against seasons in which phytoplankton are scarce or hard to find.


But now you have an interesting happening. The krill feed on phytoplankton which use sunlight to produce food by photosynthesis, utilizing carbon dioxide and such primary nutrients from the sea as nitrogen and phosphorus, plus trace elements. The threat of increased ultraviolet radiation pouring through the ozone "hole" over Antarctica has made the question of the effect on phytoplankton a most appropriate and urgent one.


Isn't this just getting more and more interesting? What about those Rainbow Lakes---and more important, what about that ostensible Rainbow City(s) of mythology--past and current? All so! The little phytoplankton glitter like jade, others are brown, etc., the microscopic seawater is a wondrous garden of the sea with a brilliant three-dimensional universe crowded with exquisite translucent organisms. There are tintinnids which are cone-shaped and which feed on bacteria, and squarish-looking organisms which are diatoms. Their outer shells are made of silica, so they are really like plants in glass houses. A tiny sample will contain over 10 species of these minute single celled organ­isms which link up to form colonies that look like a string of beads. The species and numbers change continually, decreasing as winter darkness approaches.


The lovely part of the lifestream of these little wonders is that they can adapt to increased amounts of ultraviolet radiation by producing their own sun-block pigments or by using a mechanism that, through exposure to daylight, enable them to repair UV damage. Would this not indicate that selective evolution indicates that these little fellows have experienced this same type of cycle prior to now?


The Australians are developing a sunscreen preparation for use by humans based on UV-absorbing compounds found in coral. Similar compounds have been found in fungi. Eighty-five percent of lichens in Antarctica have compounds that absorb radiation in the ultraviolet ranges.


Before we discuss the ozone and ultra violet radiation, let us take a rest-break, please. I shall move to stand-by. Thank you for your attention and you, Dharma, for your service. Salu,


 Hatonn to stand-by.

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