A musician asks how meditation helps a musician to compose a symphony. He claims that teachers are necessary because of
technique. Teachers can never teach you to be a poet, musician, artist, inventor, or creator of anything. They can only teach you techniques which they themselves have attained at the very best. God is the only one who can teach you to create. A teacher can tell you how to give a material body to your concept, but only God can give you your inspired concept. In other words, a teacher can give you a technique for expressing your idea, but he cannot become your Soul from which your concept extends.If the teacher can reinspire you with his inspiration, that inspiration of his, reflected in you, awakens the sleeping genius which is within you, but no one can teach you that. If you have been inspired by listening to a Paderewski, he has not taught you anything. He has enabled you to recognize the Light within your Self by his re-illumining.

The beauty of music is not in its technique; it is in the Soul of its creator. That is why the same “tune” does not express the same Soul essence as different persons present it. One may be a genius--the other a player of recorded music. A copy of a great master’s art may be quite identical but one is the original with its Soul and the other remains “a copy”. Music is neither the sound vibrations of music; it is in the silence of the Light from which the sound sprang--a series of “tones” does not make music. You can KNOW music and THINK it without having acquired the technique of expressing it, or without producing sounds to give it a body. Your inner ears can hear the music in the silence of God’s eternal rhythms and you can interpret your moods into the rhythms of the universal heartheat, as Beethoven interpreted the mood of the moonlight into the rhythms of it without having any teacher but his God-Self.

Consider the life of any great musical genius. What he finally produces in a written composition first begins in his Soul.He must first find aloneness with Self by getting away from all other people--even from his own body-awareness. He must suppress all outer influences to seek that stillness from within from which the inner ears of his Soul can hear the rhythms of the universal heartbeat of God’s creative thinking. This is why, for instance, Dharma must have silence and quiet about her and aloneness when we write for otherwise her consciousness is distracted into fragments and she cannot hear that which we bring forth, or send forth,as the case may be. I know that ones who live and work with her assume she just sits and types--no, she is as any other writer--she must hear the message. God is the author of any worthy writing. All GREAT writings are of God for those of the adversary DO NOT ENDURE.

To find that stillness in the Light of knowing, he must stop thinking in order that he can conceive idea from the Light of all-knowing. From the ecstasy of that stillness, the inspiration is born in his very Soul. The motive for his symphony gradually takes form through the heartbeat of his thinking, which he extends from the stillness of his Soul. He then ceases to extend it, again to find the stillness of the Light which is gradually giving him his motive through inner inspiration.

This is the mood of all creative geniuses during the inspiring and ecstatic hours during which they commune with God. By such communion, you awaken and unfold your own genius. There is no other way to become a cosmic being. There is no other way to acquire inspired knowledge to uplift you from earth into the high heavens of the kingdom of the Soul where cosmic man dwells.

Not until the creator of a cosmic idea wishes to give it a material body can a teacher be of any help.

Giving an inspired concept a material body means to extend the conception from the consciousness of Mind, through thinking, to the sounds of a musical instrument, or the symbols of a written manuscript. That is purely a question of technique. A teacher is helpful in the acquirement of a technique and all of its mechanics. Does Dharma have this practice and technique when she writes? Not exactly--as with this material she presents for us--however, the technique of getting in clear touch and reception of the work required great discipline and giving, not to even include inspiration. The technique is most human--the gift, divine. Do you see the difference? For through the technique, she ALLOWS us to write that which we need to share with you without inserting her OPINION.

In giving your conception a material body, many years of technical and scientific practice are needed. The science of the octave spectrum of color or tone is needed for expressing each of the arts, for from those octave-wave rhythms the poet, painter, architect, sculptor or musician gives rhythmic bodies to his inspired conceptions.

The architect must first go to the Source of all inspiration for his conception. He does not need to be an engineer or mathematician for that, but when he builds the cathedral of his inspired imaginings he must know the technique of the engineer and mathematician in order to give a material body to his imaged one. Likewise, the painter, sculptor, poet or musician needs to be informed, either by books, teachers, experimentation or experience, regarding the techniques of giving bodies to his spiritually-conceived ideas.

Remember, however, that technical information is not knowledge. You can be informed through the senses but you can acquire knowledge only through desire of the Soul for illumining with the Light of all-knowing. Knowledge is of the Soul and the Soul is not concerned with techniques. To the Soul they have no existence for your consciousness can conceive a greater symphony, poem, monument, painting or temple than you could ever give to a material body, no matter how perfect your technique is. So too, as you ask about these JOURNALS: Dharma writes on a keyboard through an earth technique that which God and we of his Hosts, present as the Soul unto the work. Without the KNOWING and the addition of input of Soul direction--we would simply have compiled more piles of print without direction or motivation save to present piles of print. Dharma herself, would, further, have preferred to write other types of material--or at least in beginning that was preference. She did not, nor does she yet, perceive herself a writer--shhh: she is still awaiting her “purpose”! She agrees to do this “favor” until she recognizes her purpose! Who are we to bend her from her seeking? For you who are new into the work here--she only started writing for us in July of 1989. God gets right with it when His time sequence is attended. There weren’t any more startled to find themselves doing this work than perhaps George and Desiree’ Green. George had made a commitment years ago to the Pleiades Command and Hatonn simply wrote a few little JOURNALS and reminders of commitment--it can be quite shocking when God comes knocking with his reminders of commitment. There have been some most interesting stories unfold herein which would be fun some day to relay to all so you can share your knock-knock’s, as in “Knock, knock! “; “Who’s there?” “God--where have you been?”

The Soul’s greatest masterpieces are never produced on Earth Shan. They never descend from their high heavens of the Mind universe. No musical master can produce in sound the music which he hears in his Soul while in communion with God. Physical sounds can be heard by anyone but the silences from which they spring can be heard only by a cosmic God-conscious being while his Soul is in communion with the Universal Soul. How well that music is received and appreciated by his listeners after he then records the remembered strains is that which gives life and Soul unto the projected works. At best, it is but a recording of God’s thought projected through physical perception.

Speaking, again, of techniques, an electric machine can remember information recorded upon it electrically, and it can repeat it countless times with accuracy. The electric machine is sensed (wired) for that purpose. It is a body without a Soul. It obeys the will of an intelligence which presses a button.

Man humans are but electric machines which remember and repeat information recorded upon their senses. People say of such persons that their technique is perfect but soulless. That means that God-awareness in them has not yet been awakened. That is what we mean by saying that teachers can give you techniques but God can awaken the Light of cosmic inspiration in you.

Many unawakened humans forever repeat the ideas of others, such as those who stand in assembly lines, each one electrically sensed to do his unthinking, unknowing part like an electrically-driven automaton. But many there are who also stand in assembly lines who perform work automatically with their bodies while their Souls are in communion with God in His high heavens. These are the cosmic ones among men who are seeking to find the kingdom of the Soul’s high heavens They gradually break away from the treadmill of life through communing with God.

John Doe of the assembly line can escape from John Doe and be Rachmaninoff, or Shakespeare, or whoever else at will. Through meditation, John Doe can roam the universe and be alone with God in the deep woods hearing the rippling fall of waters or the breezes in the pines above the crash of factory wheels or gears.

No matter how heavy the burden of the treadmill of life may be, or how bitterly your body may be chained to Earth, you may escape from it and be exalted among men by hearing the still small Voice within you whispering inspired words in God’s language of Light.

Let us bring this section to a close because I wish to discuss “how to meditate” a bit at the next sitting and the hour grows too late to complete the thought pattern. We shall sit again in the morrow, please. Thank you for attending me and thank you for your service.

I bid you precious friends peace within the wondrous Presence.