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By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by André & Christ.
Aug 30, 2012 - 12:00:00 AM

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You and I know that millions have died for freedom. And we appreciate beyond all human understanding the efforts and lives they gave so we could enjoy a certain measure of freedom. We will carry on now to regain those freedoms stealthily stolen from us by those who were supposed to watch out for our interests. Instead they have looked after their own selfish interests ahead of the common man. Way ahead. Let us now take up the pen, which is mightier than the sword, in the singular struggle to regain our constitutional rights.

Let this be your clarion call if you have not heard one yet. This is it. Take effective action now in your own sphere of influence and keep at it. The battle of words and wits has only begun. With God the Creation backing those who struggle for freedom there is only one outcome: Victory! Take action now.

Your inner self will urge you what to do. Do it as long as it follows God's rules. Of course, you all (readers) are doing the best you can. This is meant for the fence sitters.

Some of the topics included are: St. Germain And Our 4th Of July (Independence Day)-Where Has All Our Freedom Gone"-Pan Am Flight 103 And Its Links To The CIA, The Syrian-Lebanon Hostages And The Clinton Connection, Etc.-Details Of The Monarch Mind-Control Programming-Bo Gritz Connection-"God Will Save This Nation And Constitution." Oh?? God HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES-You Don't Like My Religion??-The Usurpers, Cont'd-More From Ronn Jackson--Militias & ADL/O.J. Connection-Linda Thompson On Armed Militia And Insurrection-U.N. Committee And Sodomy-Glue Bombs, Eye Poppers-Map Of U.N. Bases In U.S.-John Schroepfer's "Journey To Freedom", By Rick Martin-Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria-The Story Of Our Money-Solar Rays Warning-Mondex: Electronic Money.

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