Various tipping points coming
By General Radetsky
Jan 23, 2016 - 8:47:32 PM

Dear ones of Abundant Hope:

Things are reaching a tipping point and we expect for the first domino to fall in very short order. This message is a strong reminder to those of Abundant Hope to prepare for imminent massive and cataclysmic developments on this world. Take heed, for this is not an empty warning but a final call to complete your preparations before the upheaval begins in earnest.

The planet is expected to make some massive movements in the very near future that will leave millions in a very vulnerable situation. In addition, expect to be without use of your banking system for a few weeks. Many of you will find yourselves in challenging circumstances and being well-stocked with food, water, and other necessary supplies will enable you to be much more effective in assisting others during the period of controlled chaos.

Further, we ask that you relentlessly turn inward for guidance and support. Your full and grounded presence will be very much needed as you step into your role as a wayshower. You must strive to maintain your balance and be as the calm eye of the storm, projecting a steady confidence that will inspire trust in others. Do not overthink or over-analyze but shift your awareness from your head to your heart and listen to the divine knowing that emanates from within. Trust your higher self and spiritual guardians for instruction and things will flow as they should.

Dear ones, we truly are on the brink of extraordinary changes on this planet. The outcome shall be a resounding victory for the forces of light, and your role as the ground crew is essential to this victory. It is time to step into your wholeness with the knowledge that you are blessed and held up by Christ Michael's ever-flowing grace, power and love. Be at peace beloved ones, for your opportunity to shine has arrived.

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