The Path Lies Within You
By Surya (Siraya) thru Tatyana
May 25, 2012 - 2:44:46 PM

Back when my computers started being murdered,  I published some of the material from the Russian Tatyana. It is line with the other Ascended Master Material given on this world.  Today I was wondering for whatever reason and asked on the forum and one there had the link.  This lady came into action in the same year as myself.  This piece here, as I am catching up, was given by Siraya (her spelling is Surya),  on June 2011.  The English translations from the Russian are quite good.

The site has a lot of the material translated into other languages too.  I have a sence of feeling close to Tatyana than before, I wonder if we have met at night, it seems ot me she will be a force in Russia and her work there is consitant with Russian coming back into Christianity, after the Bolshevick issues.  I am told that Christianity was always better understood in Russia before its destruction there, than the European world, after the dark ages, which of course was translated to the Western Hemisphere.

This is the English Link to the site,


The Path lies within you

Lord Surya
June 15, 2011


I AM Surya having come again. 

Today I will try to compensate for the long time of waiting for our meeting since the winter cycle of dictations with the help of the transmission of this message of mine, full of Love and care for Humanity of the Earth. 

As you know, at this period of the summer solstice an opportunity is provided for each of you to apply with your letters to the Karmic Board. And today is exactly the day when you can all do it. It seems to you, perhaps, that it is insignificant and it cannot help you. However, do not disregard this God-given opportunity, I beg of you. 

Today, as always, I have come to you in order to avail of one more cosmic opportunity and give a message. In this message of mine I would like to pass on to you certain knowledge and to provide understanding of one more cosmic Law that acts in the universe. We have spoken about the Law of Karma or Retribution. And this Law is truly the main and fundamental Law of this universe. But there is one more important Law. It is the Law of Mercy and Compassion that acts in the universe. And this Law allows Great cosmic beings to render their help to those life-streams that are entangled in the net of illusion and see neither the meaning of their existence nor the purpose of their journey in the illusory world. This Law also makes it possible, for me in particular, to come to you with my messages twice a year. Therefore then, when your hearts are open towards me, and your consciousness is ready to perceive the Teaching, I can do that. And the extent of your success in the assimilation of the Teaching will be directly proportional to your sincerity and your aspiration to know the Truth. 

So, according to the Law of Mercy and Compassion you can be given help, and it is being given continuously. The only obstacle that impedes you to accept our help is your consciousness. And if there is not enough faith, love and sincerity in your being, all our good intentions and all our care will meet with the ice of misunderstanding and the barriers that stay in your consciousness. 

I understand very well that the lifestyle of the existing humanity and the life conditions on the planet are such that only a very insignificant probability exists that anyone from the incarnated people will succeed in raising his consciousness to such a level where he will manage to overcome the attraction of the illusory forces and to rise in his consciousness to the level of awareness of the Divine realm. However, I affirm that there is a probability that even during one life you will manage to rise in your consciousness to the level where there will be no need of a further incarnation in the physical plane. 

And today I will give you an instruction on how this can be achieved. All your life, every minute of your stay on Earth you must use only for the purpose of concentration on the Supreme. Every day you should devote all your thoughts, feelings and deeds to God. You should constantly make sure that none of the evil thoughts or desires can seize your consciousness even for a second. You should erect a fortress around yourself, a fortress unassailable for anything evil and non-divine that exists in your world, on your planet. 

This is a very difficult task, but it is achievable. There is a probability that with the help of your will, aspiration and concentration you will manage to break through all the low layers of physical, astral and even mental planes and find yourself in the etheric octaves of Light. 

Go ahead! I am telling you that it depends only on you yourselves whether you will be able to break through to the etheric octaves of Light during one incarnation or not. This is exactly why we come to you in order to support your aspiration, and keep showing you the Path that the best representatives of mankind went through in the past already. There exists a trodden path already and you can start on this path right now! 

And no matter how strange it may seem to you, you do not need to go anywhere, aspire to anything that lies outside you. That Path lies within you. And then, when you aspire and give up non-divine qualities within you and gain Divine qualities, you move along that Path that leads you back to God, to that world whence your souls came and where they must return. 

The door to this world is within your being. So, there is no sense in saving the world, there is no sense in chasing around the world in search of a panacea for the salvation of humanity. Basically speaking, you can only save yourself by becoming the Path that the rest of mankind will be able to follow. 

One person per century, who overcomes himself and achieves the etheric octaves of Light in the ritual of Ascension to the Light, is enough in order for the whole humanity to receive a sufficient energy impulse for the further advancement. 

Please note, you find the Path, and you move along this Path, and the moment comes when you yourself become this Path which thousands and millions of living beings will be able to follow. 

But first, at the very first stage, you will need the discipline of a disciple; you will need aspiration, self-consistency, and devotion. 

And only after that will you be given help and support. First, you show the necessary qualities and only after that you are given help and support. 

Then, when you are ready and when you show your willingness during a significant period of time - not less than seven years - you are shown the Path. 

Beloved, it is just seven years of aspiration, devotion and obedience. Does it seem much to you? But what are these seven years in comparison with those thousands of incarnations when your soul was wandering in the dark without any hope for salvation? And now, you have come in touch with our vibrations, you have felt their affinity with your inner essence. So what, will you leave Us in the chase for another illusion of your world? 

And very many people leave the Path shown by us and seek easier paths. First, a thought appears in your mind, it is fleeting, but the concentration on the purpose of your journey is already broken. Then a wish appears just to try, see or read… And you are already moving in another direction, and when you try to return to our Path, you cannot discern it. And it takes many, many incarnations to find the Path again. Your soul rejoices! You find what you have been seeking for a great many incarnations! But only a few years pass – and what is it in comparison with millions of years of incarnation on the Earth? -- and you are already disappointed, you lose enthusiasm and aspiration and start sliding off the trodden Path. 

Realise, only one person per century manages to ascend to the peak of the Divine consciousness. 

And even if one person achieves this, we are ready to expend huge amounts of invaluable Divine energy in order to show the Path and support him on the Path. 

Therefore, I have strong hope that at least one person, who has found this Teaching and reads our messages, will be able to complete his earthly path during this life and show the Path to the others. Exactly like Buddha and Christ showed the Path in their time.


I AM Surya.


© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translators: Ekaterina Reznichenko
and Svetlana Nekrasova


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