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Telepathic Messages : Others Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

The Final Agreement
By Teacher Ophelius:
Jun 29, 2012 - 8:31:17 AM

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Ophelius thru Chris  June 17, 2012

The message for today is about the Final Agreement. What is the Final Agreement? It is the supreme decision between the soul and the Indwelling Spirit to do the Will of the Creator and to ascend and pursue the paradise path to perfection--to become Godlike and to move inward through the schools of the universes, age upon age, until you have gathered the requisite wisdom and perfection needed to obtain membership in the Corps of Finality on paradise. It is there where you will then stand in the True Reality, the presence of the Universal Father, where He resides at the center of infinity, and receive the divine embrace.

This Final Agreement is not something that is necessarily a conscious decision you will make in your human mind, although, your supreme desire to want this is evidence of its eventual consummation. Only after the soul has attained adequate wisdom to understand such a supreme decision can the Agreement be ratified, and more often then not, this shall occur sometime in your mansion world sojourn. For those students on the path, many of you have already made this decision, have traversed the third psychic circle of human personality development, for which you are granted advanced standing.

Upon making such a supreme decision, you will at once be assigned a Guardian of Destiny (a pair of seraphim) to work with you here, while you still live in the flesh, or later in your mansion world sojourn, they are there to help you in your progress toward the divine goal. Your path to fusion with your God fragment is assured, but is yet revocable by you at anytime prior to fusion with the Divine Indweller. You may at any time reject eternal life--free will reigns supreme in the universe.

Many of you have already made a conscious decision to do the Will of the Creator and are wondering how and when the soul is ready and wise enough to make this supreme decree. There is no material indicator of this, yet you will know at the core of your being that this is so. What will be evident, is that you will feel that "oneness" of being that all spirits in the universes feel--to be a part of the whole and to be a willing participant in the creation. As you go about this co-creative process, you will show forth the fruits of the spirit in your daily ~lives and work as a universe citizen with that far seeing view of life and eternity.

If making this Final Agreement is your conscious desire, then my friends, you have taken the first steps toward that end--not really an end, for there are no beginnings or endings on paradise, only unending astonishment as you discover more about the Creator as He reveals infinite possibilities, levels, values, and attributes of Himself--an unending quest for the totality of God.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven




Candace:  I published this June 25th to the forum:   During the night when I was on aboard ship, we were reviewing the new additions to the "book of life".   Being written into the Book of Life, means the fusion/merger of  the Father Fragment (piece of Father's mind)  and the soul of the Ascending Son, which usually occurs during the attainment of 6d Consciousness,  which is also marked by the 6th mansion world in the systems for you UB readers.

Now the list contained about 100,000 names, and the names are the celestial names bestowed these ones as they are written into the Book of Life.   This particular list is of those galactic thugs  (not the "fallen angels),  who were imprisoned here. We wish more of them had gotten this far, but they did not. Its a small list list out of billions.  So  many will of course be moving to other worlds, or be uncreated or go to  a more serious prison planet, which I think we have labeled the void planet, being void of celestial assistance. Ones who go there get one last chance to clean up and get off that place. They blow the next life after getting off, and they are uncreated.

But at any rate, these ones are scheduled to fuse with their father fragments during the 3 days of darkness and since the process consumes their bodies,  they show up on mansion world #6 in their new forms there.   Just thought you would find this interesting.  During the 3 days since we have no morontial temples for the purpose, they will be elevated up into the atmosphere,  so that fires are not started by the process.

Another post I made to the same thread, in answer to a question:
This is a different situation David, the fusion with the Father Fragment.   When this happens it is reflective of the final and real choice to do the will of the Father.  In the early lives man chooses eternal life but generally he has no concept of what it means, which you see in a lot of religious folks, particularly christians, who think going to church and believing on Jesus gets them off to party land forever.

MIND is stored on photons and electrons.  The Father Fragment mind, is stored on photons, very high energy photons, and when this merges with the Mind of Man, while incarnate in a body, it always consumes the body.  It is VISIBLE to ones observing, as it produces a very high energy flash of light.  On worlds with morontial temples used for this process,  the vibrations of the worlds are higher and the "STAGE" on the morontial temple has a different energy on it, and these are thus "controlled" and can be witnessed without setting the stage on fire!  There are never morontial temples on worlds until they are in Light and Life, but we will have at least one small one on the surface later, which will be used for celestial visitors, they can be visible on it. 

Actually they have  morontial temples  in the inner earth areas, particularly  at the Nebadon Headquarters here under the Himalayas.  There is a large city down there of about 1 million people, of a higher vibration than the surface.  Many of the ascended masters like Germain are often found there,  and the Midwayers etc and just normal celestial visitors and other visitors from the inner earth cities.  They go there for fusion by flying saucer transport or inner earth rail. 

These are BIG family events,  on worlds that have these temples.  This is how "death" of the body is bypassed per se.  There is no body left behind to bury! This is called "translation".  Ones are always notified in advance so celebrations can be made and people come to wish their loved one farewell to heaven.  As this planet moves upward, more and more temples wil be built for this purpose. They are also used for celestial visits where many people gather to witness these visitors who are not visible to eyes except in the temple.  These temples are outdoor type small stadiums with a central morontial area for these activities.  

These ones then go immediately to the  resurrection halls on the mansion worlds where a new body is provided.  Its different from the other sorting processes at this time.

Here is a paper you can read in the UB that covers some of this.  I think I also place part or all of it in the UB section here on the front site years ago now, with explanatory teaching.

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