Remember, the situation is fluid.
By Mama Maria thru T…….
Dec 22, 2013 - 11:25:33 PM

"My dear Child, listen to me, and listen attentively without interrupting. No "but this..." or "but that...". I know we have spoken of doing this and doing that, and there has been nothing which you can label as "hard evidence". The evidence has been there, right under your nose. Look at the events, my dear, and perceive them rightly. Listen to what is going on around you and hear what is been said with right discernment. Then you will know the truth of what has been transpiring and is currently manifesting moment by moment.  

Remember, the situation is fluid. Nothing is guaranteed, save the Divine Plan happening in Divine Time. And that only the Father Source knows. Right now - like the saying goes: "all bets are off". Just like a wounded animal that has been cornered lashes out furiously and blindly, thats what the remnant of the Dark ones who are still left on this planet are doing. Anything can happen, at any time. 

Don't even think those thoughts, dear child. [ed: I was just at that moment beginning to think of the "scorched earth policy" option that these vermin might implement] These misled children will find that all avenues have been blocked off; their toys taken away and other playthings worthless in operation. Their long cherished plans have come to naught and they will be made to see who really is "Lord and Master" of this World, and indeed, this Universe. Regardless of what events manifest, remember that they are a consequence of human arrogance and pride, and are a result of natural laws of cause and effect. Nothing to do with the Dark ones' actions - even though some people may blame them or the Dark ones themselves may take claim of it.  Steel yourself spiritually, mentally and emotionally for all eventualities. It is much more important now to be an anchor for the souls around you than to be an untethered ship being thrown around in a stormy ocean. 

That is why you need to go back home. You need to say your good byes and prepare to be the anchor. Your time has come to leave and begin what you promised to do before you came into this lifetime. You are one of many who will be assisting from this side, as that is where you will be most helpful.

And always remember, there never was a time when I was not with you. Likewise, there never will be a time when I will not ever be with you. I might scold you, yet I love you most dearly; for I am your Mother, as I am the Mother of All"

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