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Telepathic Messages : Others Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Mama Maria Speaks to T......
By Mama Maria thru T
Oct 18, 2012 - 8:40:41 PM

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Hi folks,

I know its been a while since I last posted anything anywhere, especially any meditation reports. There is a good reason for that; the need for me to work out some very heavily  unresolved emotional issues from my past -

As my guide Laoshi put it: "You cant seriously expect to convince anyone to have a bath when you yourself stink like a Tibetan yak, can you?!"

He has a lovely way with words, my Laoshi does.....Good point he's got there! Anyway, all is a lot better now, and so Im back.

I had asked Mama Maria a couple of weeks ago, due to one of my many pangs of impatience, about the 3DD. She had told me this:

"Do not ask IF its going to happen. Ask what YOU will do WHEN it happens. Are YOU ready for it? If you say you are, then you certainly are NOT. Ask yourself: when you are about to sit for an exam, can you truly say that you are perfectly ready for it?  No. One can only keep on maintaining the process of readiness as much as possible until the event occurs.

Realise this. The event is occurring as we speak; and when it does happen, even the most knowledgeable of the so-called "Lightworkers" will not know how to act IF they have not worked out their spiritual and other issues from this present lifetime. Many people will have to assess if they have been just idling time away waiting for events to occur - yes, one MAY look at this as an indirect form of service to self - or if they have been helping others in some manner to alleviate suffering and pain; being of service to others in some way or form.  You will see when the time comes, that quite a few of the former will have to face a judgement of their own making - of their errant thoughts and actions, against themselves, by themselves - and they will also have to account for having mislead many who should have been rightly guided by them."

At that time, when I asked if I should put this on the site, she told me not to do this. She said that this was because those who were going to listen were already hooked up to their Higher selves and were busy preparing themselves by assisting those who came their way in whatever capacity was needed of them. Others, who were not going to listen, would not bother with the material anyway, and carry on doing as they have been doing. These would to be awakened by their own Higher Selves, guides and angelic guardians when the time was right.

I am assured by her today that it is the right time to put that message up. So, I am including it here.

OK. This morning, I was just finishing my meditation as per CM's latest directive, when Mama Maria came to speak to me. When we had finished talking - and most of it was either personal stuff or that to do with my spiritual path - I told her my intention of resuming my postings on the AH forum website. I asked her if there was anything wanted me to put there. She affirmed that there was. Please - like I usually say - use your spiritual discernment. Take what resonates, leave what does not. Anyway, this is what was said to me:

"My dearest children, I have warned many on this planet, for many years, about this time of darkness. Yet, many have refused to listen. Some have listened, but not heard. Only a very handful have truly believed. Now, I say to you: Be aware, now. Be vigilant, now. Now is the time to assume responsibility; to be a anchor for the passengers on a ship in the middle of this awaited maelstrom. The storm will be felt to be terrible, even though it will rage on in both darkness and light; for the predicted three days and longer. In this darkness, it will seem as if there is no horizon on which to fix one's gaze.

In this darkness, too, one will not be able to make out who is friend nor who is foe, who is family and who is stranger. For many, it will be a testing  "night of the Soul"; a time when they are being forced to evaluate the validity of all that they have held dear for such a long time. It has already started, my children. This is why all around you many are unable to function as they once used to and are acting irrationally and totally "out of character". I say to you all: Look inwards. Look deeply. Be at one with your I AM. Attune to He who you call Christ Michael, the One who is as your Father. You will be guided at this time by Him, by your spiritual guides and your guardians.

Less words. More action. That is what is needed. That is what is been commanded by the Father Creator, the Source of All. That is what is being done by your beloved Christ Michael.

So, my dearest children, lift your spirits. Let happiness shine out of your souls in this coming darkness. Be the beacon of Divine Light that you are. Let your smiles decorate the unveiling of the "New" Earth with Divine Love and Light! We will all meet again, aboard our vehicle, which you should know quite well by now - even if you do not consciously remember it. My Love will remain with you all no matter where you decide to go after this event is through."

Well, as for the meditation report: I received no visuals. Just a sense of unbounded happiness, overwhelming love and joy emanating from Mama Gaia. Apart from this, there is currently nothing more to report.

See you all soon.  :grouphug:

Love and Light,



Candace:  Beloveds, just to update a bit, those watching the sun should be noticing something.  Some of us here have friends noticing the sun but with no clue as to why its not so bright.  I can now gaze it for a short time at high noon without any pain or eye protection, its dulled that much but I still don't want to gaze for a long period.  Takes about only 5 seconds for me to discern the disk (not the craft)  now.  We have completely clear sky above right now, no chemtrails, no haze, and its NOT as bright and sunny as it should be, the feel is sort of like the sun being behind thin clouds.   It is as I post this, 1 hour or less from solar noon.

This is an AH telepath piece.  It may be posted anywhere freely but may not be modified in any way and the Linky back must be included.  If you cannot post it in its entirety, be sure to state that, and again, put the linky back to here.  The Linky IS above.


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