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Telepathic Messages : Others Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Collection of Recent Important Teachings From Uteah
By Trinity Teacher Uteah Thru Chris Maurus
May 31, 2019 - 2:49:10 PM

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Trinity Teacher Sons are all from Paradise.  They have their origin in the Paradise Trinity of God the Universal Father.. God the Eternal Son.. and God the Infinite Spirit.  There will be many more working here and many in fact are incarnate on this world.

All these I am posting unless I find others are thru Chris Maurus... of The Correcting Time website he has created.  We are IN the correcting time of Michael of Nebadon.. who played Jesus here 2000 years ago and is returned.  It means exactly was it says... we are being brought UP TO DATE.. This earth civilization is WAY behind where it should be at this time... since Humans first appeared nearly 1 million years ago out of the animal evolution on this world. This one I am posting first is from May 5th and apparently the first of several on Operating the Light Field.  This is GOD stuff beloveds.. And its time for Human Kind on this world to step into genuine Co Creation with the Universal Father.  KD


The Operator of the Light Field  May 5, 2019

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Visions turn into realities when we think about how we want to experience life.  When we use our co-creative imaginations to see how we might find a solution to a problem or experience a desire, we create a vision.  The Universal Father--the Creator of all things does this in all ways--He creates what he desires.  Because we are His co-creative children, we also do these things, but in a limited and safe way because of our immaturity in perfection of thought and will. To live in a world that is settled in Light and Life requires us (the children of the Creator) to create a vision.  The all pervading presence of the Creator is the medium that forms in light and becomes a reality when the field strength is great enough to solidify potentials.  What this means is that the Father's Will to create is inherent in each of us and we can use his all pervading omnipresence to form a vision and bring it forth from the unqualified absolute. When these visions are unified at a planetary level, the world changes.

This is not just a concept of universe reality, but it is a universal law.  Many of you have names for this all pervading omnipresence of the Creator--some call it the Divine Matrix, the Potential Field, the Light Field, and other such names.  We shall use the term "The Light Field" in this message.

How do we work with this Light Field and begin using it to bring a new reality to our life and to our world?  Because each of us has within us a Fragment of the Creator Father--the Thought Adjuster-the Indwelling Presence of the Father, this Father Fragment is the Operator of the Light Field.  As such, we have a powerful co-creative ability to work with this Divine Operator and see a vision come into reality from the potentials existing in the Light Field.  This understanding in and of itself should be something exciting to think about and to seed the forming of a vision for something truly wonderful.

Urantia has reached a point in its evolution where it is now time to begin putting things in order and using our powerful minds and powerful relationships with the Operators of the Light Field to bring an end to the suffering of rebellion and see the reality of Light and Life take hold on your world.  The Administrators of the universe want each of you to participate in bringing a unified vision of a world settled in Light and Life out of the potential and into reality.  It is important that you all participate to energize the field strength to see it come speedily into reality.  If you do not participate, you are allowing your neighbor to define what that reality looks like for you!

How do we begin?  We begin by understanding the process--how it works and how you use it.  There have been many books written about the Law of Attraction and much of this knowledge is helpful, but it is missing a powerful component that you will now understand.  Knowing that the Thought Adjuster is the Operator of the Light Field, you can have a relationship with this powerfully Divine Operator and work with the Adjuster to "open the light field for input."  This is a "conscious way" of initiating the work in the Light Field through a direct path--the partnership of you and the Father Fragment working together.

As more and more people on Urantia understand how to do this, and do this with the intent to bring a better world into reality, Light and Life will emerge from the potential.  It must be so because it is the will of the collective minds of the Creator's children in agreement with those things that align with Father's Will to bring all things to light and to perfection in time. 

In subsequent messages, we will discuss how to approach the Divine Operator and begin the process of working in the Light Field to see a collective vision form into a reality.  You live in a universe that is alive and energized in every aspect of your reality--even unto the empty space around you--it teams with energy and potentials waiting for you to command into existence when you work with the Operator of the Light Field. 

Please think deeply about these things?

I AM Uteah



Light and Life Teaching Corps  April  29 , 2019

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

There is a need for dedicated and highly motivated student teachers to take up the work of teaching people the meanings and values of Light and Life.  This takes great dedication, time, and patience to become an effective teacher that will work with sanctioned mansion world teachers and to develop teaching methods and lesson materials of a co-creative nature.  The development of these student teachers will be an ongoing activity far into the future and will be loosely organized until that time when they are brought under the wing of the Magisterial Son.  It is imperative that new teacher corps are developed and become the foundation for future generations of student teachers to stand on.  Each  generation will build on and expand the ideas of those dedicated teachers before them.  A world coming into Light and Life requires an ongoing "lineage of light" and these teacher corps shall serve this need.

It will be required that these teachers use plain language in their respective cultures to convey these enlightened ideas without the need of prerequisite knowledge from any religion or sanctioned text until that time when it shall become beneficial and as the unfolding Magisterial Mission has been established.  It is however, required that all student teachers in the Light and Life Teaching Corps be well versed in the foundation of Urantia Book cosmology, history, and philosophies.  This is only required for those student teachers that will be co-creatively working with sanctioned mansion world and Trinity Teachers.  This is not a directive for any person that desires to bring light through other means, I am only referring to those teachers working with me and other sanctioned mansion world teachers.

The Father Fragments will use any positive means of enlightenment in their guidance and there will be many ways in which light will enter your world.  We want to be clear that Christ Michael encourages good will and the open sharing of knowledge that has the intention of moving minds to a greater understanding of brotherhood and unity.  There is no plan to make the world into Urantia Book readers.  It may be by example of the great teachings that come out of the Light and Life Teaching Corps that people may want to explore those options and we certainly will support it.

Because of the co-creative nature of the training, it is required that the student teachers have a library of  knowledge that can be used as a foundation for the development of co-creative materials having to do specifically with teaching people the ways of Light and Life.  This library will be formed from the foundation of many sources including, but not limited to, the Urantia Book and other works that have proven to produce effective understandings in dealing with the rigors of life, sound philosophies, and the development of healthy relationships and moral values.  Student teachers will be guided in their decisions to explore an effective work or area of knowledge that may be used to add to their cerebral libraries. 

As you may know, the Urantia Book was authored using existing human knowledge wherever possible and only using revelation where needed to clarify the objectives of the celestial authors.  In like manner, the Light and Life Teaching Corps will employ a similar method in their teaching to ensure that they are being effective in communicating the meanings and values of light and life as it may be experienced by most people.  Because there are all types of minds and various intellects, there also will be teachings that address those various groups-some more advanced than others in concepts.  The lineage of light must be written between the lines so that future teachers may be developed.

As world events and discoveries in science begin changing the paradigm of human evolution, the materials used by the teachers will keep in-step with the needs of humanity to keep moving it forward toward greater understandings and revelations to support the path ahead.  Light and Life is coming and these teachings are to be an integral part of the unfolding destiny of a world settling in Light and Life.

If you feel you are being called to be such a teacher, your Father Fragment and Destiny Guardians will guide you to the opportunities for service and lead you to the sources of information they see as being in alignment with the objectives of the Trinity Teachers.  To shine your light into the world requires that  you serve the needs of humanity.  The light you shine must be a reflection of the Spirit within and will require great humility.  You are to be in good standing with your Thought Adjuster and Destiny Guardians to do this work and they will guide you to the area where you will be most effective.

In service, always,

I AM Uteah

Receivers note: Teachers are needed in many areas and Uteah does not want to convey that only spiritual teaching is sanctioned--it is not, but it is required that to be guided by sanctioned teachers you are to employ the necessary co-creative principals and have an understanding of how co-creative materials are inspired and directed from universe administrative circles.


Living in Immersive Faith  April  21, 2019

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Faith is the greatest attribute a human personality can realize.  It is the actualization of true peace in knowing you are more than a mere animal, but a partner with divinity itself.  Faith is the unification of human experience with divine expression.  Faith naturally results from the "allowing" of the human mind to express confidence in the divine assurance of personality survival.  Faith is the bridge that provides the avenue of approach with the Indwelling Presence of Spirit in human experience.  For without faith, the actualization of Spirit in human experience is blocked from attaining manifestation. Faith is the indicator that Spirit abides within you and is guiding and leading you to higher levels of personality realization.  How do all these definitions of faith help you?  

If you were to take a poll and ask a group of people, "What does faith mean to you?"  Many would relate it to religious beliefs and philosophic understandings about the human condition and the challenges of living in a world of good and evil--a way to find a spiritual antidote to problems of human suffering.  There are many definitions we could pull from these understandings of faith, but within the lexicon of all these limited expressions of human language about what faith really is, I would like to offer you another way to think about it.  Rather than barrage you with more and more definitions, I would like to move beyond a wordy collection of ideas and create a "mechanism" in your mind that is like an atmosphere that always exists around you--that surrounds you and nourishes you just like the oxygen you breath in for sustenance itself.  Let faith live above all your thoughts--let it be there always as a backdrop to your living experience.

When you think about what other things in your reality surround you invisibly, you might think about the omnipresence of the Creator as being "everywhere" and this would be true.  Take that thought now and apply it to faith.  Make them one in the same.  Always being aware of the surrounding presence of the Creator Father will become the faith that brings the reality of His mystery alive to you in ways you can understand in your reality.  In any situation in life where you are unsure of the path forward, this surrounding faith in the grace of Father's guidance is there to assure you that "there is a way" and to find peace in knowing that you are guided when you connect with that surrounding faith.  

Understanding faith this way brings a whole new perspective to your personal relationship with Spirit.  Rather than looking for faith in times of uncertainty or tribulation, you live in the immersive continuance of faith and hold all intentions, thoughts, and actions to light in the surrounding essence of Father's omnipresence.  Faith then becomes this inexpressible constant knowing that the incomprehensible mystery of the Creator's Will is being expressed by you in ways that you may only experience--not necessarily understand intellectually in the present moment or in any sense of totality.  Life is a faith journey where you live and move and have your being.  Faith that you will have a tomorrow is the most rudimentary exercise in faith you all share and many take that for granted.

Moving beyond rudimentary faith in life itself is reaching out with hope in discovering the great mysteries of life.  As you take one step forward in faith you step out with the guidance of faith in the surrounding omnipresence of the Creator Father.  Verification of your faith is always provided when you look back on the path of your choices that were taken in faith.  There you will see the fingerprints of divine guidance and providence--that leads to greater and greater trust in Father's Grace and watch care.  Living in "Immersive Faith" is the most powerful way to express the mystery of the Almighty through the experience of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Immersive Faith is a constant cooperative in unity with Spirit.  Dive in, my dear students, and immerse yourself in the mystery!

I AM Uteah


Learning to Relinquish Control is a Process  April 14, 2019

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

It is always darkest just before dawn--before the light of a new day breaks above the horizon.  This is true for those times in your life when it seems that all hope is lost and you are stuck in a situation that would appear to be beyond repair or approach.  In times like this, it is best to put your faith in Father's Grace and trust that something far better is in the works that shall exceed your greatest expectations.   Letting go of your expectations allows the universe to go to work and bring the highest good to your life.  You may not understand the outcomes of the current situation, but in the bigger picture--in the equation of universe destiny, those things that you relinquish to the Father's Will begin forming the future--a future that not only includes you, but all others.  Father's Will always moves the future toward light--even in the hours before dawn--the darkest time.  

Faith and Trust are the two main ingredients that help you to relinquish your will to control a situation that includes the will of other people in your life.  You cannot control what others will do--only you can control what you do--your own energy and how you use it.   When you find that you have created a situation that you are unsure how to navigate and you cannot see a clear solution, relinquishing your control and giving it to the Father in Faith and Trust is always the wisest thing to do.  At this point, it is a time to sort out your thoughts, take a deep breath and look at things from a higher vantage point.  

Allow yourself to be guided in Light.  Let go of what you thought would work--clearly it did not and holding on to this approach does not let the universe work for you--it waits until you have had enough failed expectations to relinquish the control you thought you had.  Learning to relinquish control will allow more light into your life.  You will begin to recognize that when you let go, things move--things happen--things unfold in ways you could not see or imagine.  You are handing the situation over to a Higher Power-Father's Grace.  

One thing you must understand about letting go and letting Father's Grace guide you is that you are to work together with this guidance and use your energy--your thoughts, your words, your actions, and hold them up to the light.  If the light shines on something dark in your past, you are to look at it, acknowledge it,  and ask for mercy--to be shown a better way forward--to be included in a future that is moving toward light--that you are working with the light and not against it.  When you sincerely express thoughts that show you are willing to be a participant in your own progress and in the healing of your world, then and there does the universe step in and steer the ship.

Learning to relinquish control is a process that all humans are subject to in this very intense and short stay on Urantia--it is meant to quickly orient you to rely on your Father's Grace so that in the worlds of light, hereafter, you may continue to grow and contribute to the Great Plan.  It is a character builder that shows that you are responsible for the energy given you in your precious life--that you are willing to be guided and to participate in your own growth.  It is an admonition that you are a young soul and that you are not always right--that you welcome the wise guidance of Father's Grace to show you what it means to be a child of the Creator.

Even in your darkest hour, Father's Grace is working out the details for the greatest way forward.  You are still captain of your life, and Father will use whatever you allow (relinquish) to move you toward light and eternal life. The more guidance you accept, the more light will come into your life--and that, my dear students, is a universal constant. 

In service always,

I AM Uteah


What does being "Guided in Light" really mean?  April 7, 2019

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Uteah

Being "Guided in Light" means you are trusting in faith that your Indwelling Spirit, your guardians, and other guides are seeing that you are growing in character and in the likeness of your Creator Father.  This sounds very straight forward, but in reality, this is something that needs much consideration because many of you fail to see that character growth comes with disillusionment and a realization that what you believed to be true turned out to be a lesson in humility.  These hard lessons in life are not always given as a way to "beat you up" and make you strong, but they are meant to get you to slow down and use your insights and discernment to hold decisions up to light--applying Truth, Beauty, and Goodness to the situation and possible outcomes before acting on them.  Being "Guided in Light" means you are to be an equal partner with Guidance and "Apply Light" to your thoughts, decisions, and actions.  

When the application of light is willingly and consciously applied by you, according to the maturity of your spiritual development, your Indwelling Spirit and your guidance teams can come in and bring the most value to your inner thoughts and decision making.  Being "guided" means just that--you are moved along a path that you will ultimately choose when you consider the consequences of your actions before taking them.  Guidance will point to those things you have learned when goodness was applied that turned out well.  Being caught up in the emotions of the moment when there is confusion and misunderstandings may almost certainly lead to a hard lesson in the making.  When this occurs, the entire guiding process has been circumvented by your own need to be right without considering the outcomes or the greater good of all parties involved.

A "wise person" is someone who has learned many lessons and came to the realization that when he or she slowed down in the moment of an emotional exchange and applied light, that the outcomes were more favorable to their own growth and the greater overall good for those involved in the exchange.  This is not easy and it takes time, patience, and perseverance to benefit from "wise choices."  How do you apply light?  A good starting point is to apply the "Golden Rule."  As simple as this sounds, it is one of the most difficult things to do because it means you have to be accountable for your actions before you take them!

You can think about it as using your imagination to bring light into the equation and seeing the outcome before it happens--like playing in the sandbox, you develop the solution by allowing the creative mind to test different situations and how those situations may turn out in reality.  This creative process is where your guidance teams can come in and participate and show you the potential outcomes.  Then you pick the most favorable path you created in your sandbox and use it as your sovereign decision.  Wisdom comes from seeing which things worked as planned in the sandbox and which did not.  Experience then tells you to choose a workable solution or go back to the sandbox for a more creative approach.  Guidance will always point to the path that is best--it will be your work to do to look at all the options and decide. 

A world settled in Light and Life is born from a majority of its citizens applying this simple consideration before acting on a decision.  World peace will come from such a simple consideration in humility and in the application of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  It is not afar off and it can only come about when you make it a priority to use your energy to consciously use the litmus test of light and apply it to all your decisions.

Choose wisely--the survival of humanity and the quality of your future depends on your wise choices,

I AM Uteah

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©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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