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Telepathic Messages : Others Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Collection of 11:11 Progress Reports
By Several
Apr 1, 2012 - 8:13:47 AM

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Ok, you will find lots of wonderful stuff here.  Listed not by date, but alphabetical order.  Parent site:

THIS first one in this posting, is so very TRUE and  clear.

Michigan, US of A, February 5, 2012.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Exclusivity of Belief.”

Received by Chris.
Teacher Ophelius: “Today we will talk about faith, beliefs, and religion, and how these things create a construct for the kind of experiences one will have that may lead to spiritual growth or spiritual stagnation. For any kind of spiritual growth, there must be faith -- to believe in God and things unseen -- hope for a better tomorrow and a desire for life eternal. This is the true foundation of spiritual growth. Without it, a belief system is merely a philosophy.

“Atheism is a belief system without faith and without God, and no real spiritual benefit can be had by this belief system nor can it produce a map for the afterlife, which is vital to eternal survival. There are far too many on your world who believe in ‘nothing’ and are headed down a path to oblivion and spiritual death. The expectation of these individuals is that once the physical body expires, life, the personality, and the identity of the individual is terminated and no longer holds a presence or consciousness in time or space. This is most unfortunate because they have ‘willed’ that there be no life hereafter, and so that individual having no map to the afterlife, may find themselves lost and in darkness -- a problem that is systemic on Urantia.

“Religion, on the other hand, is a practice of rituals or doctrinal teachings by a group that sets boundaries and limits to the construct of faith according to the religious credos of the group. It requires of its devotees to accept without question, the tenants of its creeds and to practice and adhere to the religious doctrines taught by the group. This type of belief system may be beneficial to spiritual growth and may provide a foundation for higher concepts of God as the individual progresses and produces good fruit in their life experiences, relationships with others, devotion to God and to service -- evidence of spiritual growth. However, because religion is ‘exclusive’ and sets boundaries by its crystallized dogmas, the devotee may be limited in their concept of God and may not fully realize their true spiritual potential in their terrestrial life.

“One of the dangers of religious exclusivity is that it may seek to impose its views on others’ beliefs and attempt to control governmental and societal institutions to promote its exclusive agenda over other faiths. This is the beginning of tyranny and a spiraling into darkness as was witnessed on Urantia in the medieval period and still persists in many countries and cultures today. With each new generation, the lessons of the past begin to fade from the collective consciousness and the danger of repeating those mistakes persist. It is one of the many goals of The Correcting Time to prevent this backward slide into darkness and to move humanity forward by revealing a higher concept of deity that is all inclusive and that unites, rather than divides, all peoples.

“In order for your world to become sustainable and keep a forward momentum towards Light and Life, world religions must become more tolerant and open the closed loop of exclusivity. Interfaith groups are leading the way to this all inclusive belief in ‘one God, many paths.’ Many souls who adhere to the exclusivity of religion will be surprised in the afterlife that ‘Hell’ is not as populated as they were taught to believe and that they themselves had not achieved perfection in one life by merely crossing over. When all religions teach that the Spirit of the Creator lives in every man, woman, and child, then will the exclusivity doctrines change into the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. This my friends, is the age of Light and Life.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”


Chicago, US of A, February 5, 2012.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Actions and their Repercussions.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Everything we do causes repercussions, either intended by us, or not. That is a universal law. No action taken by any creature in the universe is neutral, or circumscribed to its actor. That is the very essence of our expression in time and space. The same way you cannot take back words once they are uttered, actions, too: once put in motion, will follow their path and will cause other motions, like the fall of a dominoes chain. Repercussions are secondary actions that also affect people, things and situations, beyond the original or primary action’s goal or intention.

“When the Gods and the superior beings in the universe act, they are able to anticipate what would be the repercussions of their actions in the long term. The Gods, being infinitely perfect, act in perfection of purpose and all their direct actions are incapable of going awry by themselves. However, even Gods’ actions, when they enter the interactions of time and space with finite beings, whose action’s repercussions may reflect their limitations or imperfections, those primary and perfect actions may swing many times around the universes before accomplishing the perfect purpose originally intended for them.

“Human beings, however, rarely think about the consequences of their actions before acting. A good decision-making process finds the best way of acting, but should also include the thinking-ahead and projecting which undesirable repercussions these decisions might in the long run cause for others. While some repercussions can be anticipated, others, depending on third part reactions, are virtually impossible of being predicted. However, as a rule, human decisions should wisely leave room for foreseeable possibilities, and be acted out with discretion. Acting only after thinking of possible repercussions is to act responsibly.

“There are several reasons why human beings are sometimes unable to think about the repercussions of their decisions, which range from poor thinking to total inconsideration for others’ well-being. Most of human decisions suffer from immediatism – acting to achieve short-term results. Greed, besides being insatiable, is also impatient. Another human decision’s illness is emotionalism – making decisions on the heat of overwhelming emotions. Crimes of passion are amongst the ones to later cause most regret. However, the ‘old selfishness’ is mostly what makes human beings not think about their actions’ repercussion on others, because those with this personality ailment only know how to concern themselves with themselves.

“You cannot predict every repercussion resulting from your decisions. However, right there within you dwells a Spirit Fragment of God that can help you make decisions with others taken into consideration. Besides, have in mind that the Paradise Father is the Creator, Sustainer and Controller of all. Once you have made your best decision, do not entertain endless mental debate, which also brings dangerous inertia; act confidently knowing that you did your best, and know that your still limited, and less-than-perfect actions will eventually find their path into God’s all encompassing perfect will.

“I am Prolotheos, your spiritual tutor, glad to share these thoughts with you. My love is with you”.


The Divine Relationship 
By Teacher Ophelius through Christ

Today we would like to discuss the relationship between the Divine Spirit and the soul. The Divine Spirit, known by many names: The Higher Self, the Indwelling Spirit, the Over-soul, the Ka, God Fragment, the Thought Adjuster, and many others, seeks expression in the lives of its indwelling hosts (humans) and it is through this channel that the soul of an individual is born. What is the soul? The soul is that culmination of values and experiences that have to do with the identity of the individual that survives the life in the flesh and goes on to higher levels of perfection attainment through the process of ascension. Only those values and experiences that were born from the Indwelling Spirit and which found a channel of expression in the individual through the discovery of truth, beauty, and goodness, survives and becomes the true essence, identity, and personality of the ascending soul, the "real you."

Throughout your life, and mostly unaware by you, the Indwelling Spirit prepares your mind for these survival value experiences and begins the process of harvesting those experiences in preparation for the next phase of your ascension. There is a very delicate balance between what the Indwelling Spirit can inspire the individual to accomplish and what the will of the individual will allow. If the "student" is willing to embrace the values of truth, beauty, and goodness, the Indwelling Spirit has a wider channel in which to work. 

It is a long and sometimes difficult process for divinity to communicate with the electro-chemical animal nature of humans who are just starting out on the journey from imperfection to perfection. Divinity has to compete with all the distractions of planetary life and find a way to "spiritize" the mind in preparation for your next life on the mansion worlds, the training worlds of human ascension. Through this process of spiritualizing the mind, the Indwelling Spirit plants seeds along the journey that hopefully will sprout and grow into an awareness of Divinity at work in the life of that individual. Once this connection is made, the channel for divine expression opens up and the soul really progresses and flourishes and begins to seek perfection.

Once the perfection desire begins, the soul (the individualized part) seeks union with the Whole. It is the upon the realization of this desire for God-likeness that the individual is "born again of the Spirit." The partnership of God and man has been consummated and the eternal adventure begins. My friends, this new awareness of the presence of God in your life is monumental and you really have little understanding of what it means to have life eternally and to become god-like through unending and astonishing experiences as you travel inward and onward to the Corp of Finality on paradise! How blessed you are indeed to be aware of the divine relationship. Sit with this message now in stillness and contemplate what it means to you.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


The Feeling Network
By Teacher Ophelius thru Chris

The message for today is about "feeling." What does it mean to "feel?" In this context, we are speaking about your ability to reach out through the mind on the mental plane and to "sense" what is around you and to be more aware of the emotional and mental state of your neighbor, your community, your nation, and your world--to become aware of the feelings of humanity as a whole. 

This is what happens when a planet enters the age of Light and Life, it begins to wake up and to "feel" with deeper regard for all things and beings. It is an enhanced sensory perception that starts out small, with a few individuals, begins to build, and then with help from the Creator, it blossoms into a shift in consciousness. Right now, in this year of 2012, your planet is in the "building stage" and it is very important for you students on the path to be aware of this stage and to continue to feed it.

Mother Urantia is also in this building stage and she is transitioning as well as are you, for you are connected to her much more than you realize. Her "neural network" is undergoing a transformation--a hardware like upgrade to support the new "software" that will become the new consciousness of humanity. Many will not notice this shift in the outer world, for the eyes are not attuned to these new frequencies, but you my friends will feel it in the inner world, and what is within will eventually manifest in the outer world.

How do you begin tapping into this new neural network? By making a habit of being self-conscious of your consciousness. Stop your busy minds for a moment and reach out through the mind and notice how others feel, how they act, and how they react. Start to pray silently for each one of your brothers and sisters in your circles and connect with the Creator and asked that they be awakened and connected to the new frequencies that are coming on-line. Pray for the sick and needy and do this continuously throughout your day as much as you can be aware of it. 

When this process of searching out with the mind, feeling, and praying becomes second nature to you, and to all others who are aware, this neural network grows and connects to more and more people--the disconnected parts of the whole. It is the circuit of the Holy Spirit that supplies the energy for this network to grow, in partnership with you, by you allowing this spirit to operate through your conscious decision to "feel" for the disconnected parts of the whole. 

This is how we get from "here" to "there" and this is how a planet makes the transition from barbarism to Light and Life. Social change is the outward manifestation of this new "feeling" network, for it is building in groups and nations, yet are they still fragmented, but soon, very soon will these islands of awareness begin to connect with the others--a truly exciting time to be alive on Urantia.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

The Field of Higher Light

Teacher Ophelius:

Today's lesson is about accessing the "Field of Higher Light."  What is this "field?"  This is an energy field of higher, finer, purer consciousness.  It is higher knowledge, it is truth, it is a place--not in space, but in infinity, and it pervades all time and space.  There is no word in human language to describe it, yet the only word that vaguely represents this field would be the human word for "love."  This field is more than love, it is more of a "super-love" and it can only be accessed by those humans who are disciplined enough to align themselves with love for all things and beings.  Those that wish to be trained--to be of the highest service in bringing light to this world can have access to it.  Those that in all sincerity, integrity, and with the highest intent to be a vessel of the Creator's Will can ask for this gift of special access and the tools to do this work.  It is not available to the curious, but only to those that are dedicated to the service of humanity.

Those of you students on the path that see yourselves as having a mission in this life of greater purpose are invited to ask for this gift that you may better serve with greater awareness and with all opportunities before you.  You must be willing to go and do as you are inspired by this super-love consciousness to serve where you are needed.  You are outposts of the orchestration of divine love that coordinates and moves your world in the path of Light and Life.  You are the agents of change on the ground and you are of great value to the universe administration--to be the extensions of divine intent and the well pools of the Universal Father's love for his children.

If you feel you are ready to move to the next level of love and service, to be a part of the team of the Correcting Time administration, then present yourself for service by asking for this special access to the Field of Higher Light.  The planetary Prince of Urantia is in need of worthy volunteers as the Correcting Time campaign moves swiftly forward.  Great soul changing events are unfolding before you, and these events will be the most challenging experiences of your lives, yet they will also be the most rewarding.  You must be willing to sit in the silence daily for instructions and training that will help you make the right decisions that lead to the greatest and highest good for all.

Prayer of Consecration:

Father, Mother, Creator of all things, I ask this day that you open the Field of Higher Light to these worthy volunteers that they would serve you selflessly, with integrity, and with the intent to do the highest good for all in their service to humanity--that they would know and understand that by serving one another, they are serving you.  For in doing so, they will discover the connectedness of the whole through the parts; find supreme joy and satisfaction of accomplishment, which they may return to you as a gift of love--a contribution to the Supreme.  AMEN.

Peace to you,
The Circle of Seven



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