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Telepathic Messages : Others Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Answers to Questions & Transcendence
By Ophelius
Apr 17, 2012 - 6:02:50 PM

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The Answer to the Questions

Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today contains the answer to many questions.  The questions are: What do the many, who have not the light, seek for when they are searching, doing, and living? They almost certainly feel something is missing, but they know not what. How is it that they find themselves to have this unquenchable thirst for something they do not know, yet they keep looking in all the wrong places, doing things that cannot satisfy, and desiring material comforts as a substitute for the very thing that can make them whole?  Why do humans insatiably hunger for that which is hollow, not fulfilling, and unsustainable? What is it that creates this blind spot for knowing God, for wondering about what comes next, for wanting answers to the meaning of life?  These are questions that baffle us (spirit) because the answers are so simple, so undeniable, and so basic from our point of view that we have difficulty understanding how a child, created and brought into being, can grow up and have no clue as to who their divine parent is, or why they were created.

The answer is not "blowing in the wind," yet it would seem so for the many that go through life without a compass--wasting the days that have been given them to find the answers to the questions about life--why they are here, and what is their purpose for being?  

Your world, your societies, having reached a relatively high level of development in science and technology teeters on the brink of it's own decline and regression because so many do not even have a clue as to what their purpose is or knows what lies ahead of them after they have breathed their last.  This blindness away from god-knowing seems to be deepening with each generation rather than evolving naturally toward awakening.

Even in the past two thousand years since the Master walked this earth, declaring, "The harvest is plenty, yet the workers are few--pray the lord of the harvest sends more workers," we still today have few workers when compared to how many still walk in darkness.  So then, what is the answer?  You my friends are the answer.  You students on the path desiring to know the truth, to seek for the light, to know the One--you are the hope for your world, and you are the salt of the earth.  

Every spiritual resource is being allocated to help you to gather the harvest.  You have so much potential and latent ability if only you would recognize this in yourselves.  The Lord of the harvest is calling you to double your efforts and is lavishly pouring out the tools, gifts, and resources for you to do so.  The further down this path you walk, the greater is the journey and the brighter is the day.  Stay on the path my friends and use these resources that are provided you. The reward for the workers of light are many and the joy of having participated in the Creation is priceless.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


Teacher Ophelius:

The message for today is about transcendence.  What do I mean by this?  In this example it is the totality of experiential wisdom measured by the quality and depth of the journey from imperfection to perfection.  As you move through the ascension process from the animal nature on up through the higher levels of spirit attainment, there is a value in the height, width, and depth of your experiences--a contrast from the unconscious life of survival on an evolutionary world, to the awakening into God knowing, to attaining the goal of eternal life and standing in finality before the God of all creation.  

Wherever you are in the journey, your experience represents a value to the Supreme Being.  For all the children of time are the sensors--the feelers of what can be experienced in the universes of time and space and they return to the Supreme those unique experiences that become a part of the Supreme. 

You therefore become the wisdom builders of the Supreme, and this my dear friends, is why you are so important and so loved. This is why the journey inward to perfection is so diverse, so brilliant, so sublime, and so astonishing--to give you the most exhilarating and prolific experiences possible as you discover higher and higher truth, behold the greatest of beauty in the creation, and feel the infinite layers of love, joy, and goodness as you travel inward and become more God-like.

The contrast and breadth of your experience is most important, for it serves the Supreme to know all that is knowable, for you are the parts that make up the whole.  Is there value in living on a world isolated in rebellion--dark, ignorant, confused, and struggling to know the Creator?  Some would say this was a mistake, a miscalculation, a flaw in the divine plan, but I tell you it is not.  You my friends, the Agondontors--those who believe without seeing, will be the most sought after administrators in the universe.

Those who have transcended the adversities of life on a world such as Urantia and have triumphed over the ignorance, the darkness, the selfishness, the materialism, the hate, the tyranny and self destruction, are the jewels of the universe, and your experiences are extremely valuable to the Creator.  Never should you doubt your worth in this world, for  God has great plans for you, my friends, in the ages to come.  

How unfortunate it is for those who remain asleep and never awaken to the truth and meaning of life, for their contribution is small and their reward is measurable.  The highest risk has the greatest return, and those who persevere the adversity of this world and awaken to God's Will shall reap the rewards of eternal life in glory and in honor.  You students on the path, be therefore humbled, for you are the salt of the earth, and children of the Most High God--transcendent, unconditionally and eternally loved.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


candace: for those not knowing what is meant by the Supreme,  the Supreme is all over everything that is evolving.  All of US together.  You might wish to search it in the Urantia Book.


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