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Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 12, 2022 - "Satan's Little Helpers, With Their Shoulders to The Wheel. Helping Us All on Their Way to Perdition."

It might calm you somewhat to know that this is all programmed to a specific end, in every specific direction it moves in. Just because you don't know how it is going to turn out, DOES NOT MEAN it will be turning out badly. Yes... there are those locations that are going to be hosting Dramatic Demonstrations. There are also those places where nothing much will be happening at all; birds of a feather.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 11, 2022 - "Everything You Could Possibly be Looking For Can be Found In... or Had From... The Sun.

Everything you might ever wish to learn or understand can be found in the simple dynamics discussed in this posting. Whether it has to do with a pedestrian concern or something like Immortality or the favour of Heaven, it can be located and understood through the interplay of these dynamics; the endless dance of The Singularity... as it subdivides for The Purpose of Demonstration. How could we know it unless it differentiates into everything else? What does that sentence even mean ?  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 10, 2022 - "Tumbleweeds and Tombstones. Tumbleweeds and Tombstones. A Rolling Stop at the Wrong Time of Day."

It is only lately that I realize what a great ocean of the unawakened, swims in schools... all around the rotting reefs of a great culture in decline. The scavengers are already junk-bonding the infrastructure. They stole everything that wasn't nailed down, and then they went back for crowbars. I could say that there are going to be a great many dead, but... that's happening all the time, and all of us are dying by increments as we begin to resist CHANGE. That is one of the great features of Childhood. You are very willing to change. If your life should crumble all around you, there is an insight that comes, and it's impact also brings a great willingness for CHANGE. That is what Trauma does for us.  Les  Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 9, 2022 - "It is in times Like These that One Sees the Sleaze and Hypocrisy of Those Who Create War for Profit."

Once you appear here... unless you take certain actions, your course will proceed to whatever coordinates your Desires and Appetites set. There will be some variety at first. Then it will become inflexible routine. You have a choice. You can listen to the liars from The Carnal Nature or you can hear The Truth from The Celestial Realm. Both are within you. The first is easy because it plays upon your Attractive Nature and gives you good reasons to pursue whatever attracts you. Alternatively, you will be faced with the considerations of restraint and self-discipline. In Times of Material Excess, restraint and self-discipline are not the popular choices.    Les  Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 8, 2022 - Sanity For Humanity

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 8, 2022 - "That Low Spark of a High-Heeled Tribe Dancer Promised Russia a Number of Things. He Broke Them All."

It is best... from my perspective... to court The Divine to appear in your life. I have found that NOTHING is more important, and every man... woman... and Jackie of us is going to see where their investments (thoughts, words, and deeds) have taken them. Many things are reversed on the other side. You'll see your stats come up on The Big Board. Seldom do you hear the cry to nail a golden spike where that cat wailed.   Les  Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 7, 2022 - Hayley Westenra & Aled Jones - Pokarekare Ana

This 4' 24" video was published by richpals on May 18, 2008:

Ron: Hang in New Zealand. This will be over soon. This is your future:

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 6, 2022 - A whale saved my life | Close Encounters

This 9' 53" video was published by BBC Earth on Sep 8, 2021:

Whale scientist Nan Hauser describes how she believes a humpback whale saved her from a shark, and what happened when the same whale came back.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 5, 2022 - "There is Spiritual and Terrestrial Currency. Build Up Enough Virtue and You Will See What I Mean."

Don't let this massive tidal wave of lies have any play in your state of mind. This is the last gasping of tyrants climbing the 13 steps. I don't know what process Heaven will employ to restore order. I do know that this must happen because of what is to follow. Nothing here lasts all that long. Mountains last longer, but eventually even they wear away. However... it is not all bad times unless that is the carpet you are weaving. Some do... for reasons I cannot comprehend, have a deep attraction to Misery ♫The World is treating me bad, misery♫      Les Visible

Mar 4, 2022 - Woke Academics Want To Teach non-binary Gender Identity to Toddlers

Binary: Toddlers and preschoolers will learn about non-binary gender identity and become champions of reconciliation and sustainability under a proposed new curriculum for early learning.
Children should explore "aspects of identity formation that encompass gender identity and gender expression (with a non-binary dichotomy)", according to a discussion paper produced as part of a review of childcare centres, preschools and outside school hours care...

"Why do these academics insist on presenting sexualised content to very young children? Why can't they let kids be kids?" she said.

Ron: A major reason for cultural Marxists and their LGBTQ+ cohorts wanting to use government childcare and education systems to sexualise infants and preschoolers is to prep them for debauched use by paedophiles. Infants and children are seen as a resource to be exploited by the elites that control Australian and global societies.

Sexualising infants and preschoolers looong before they have the mental, emotional and social experience needed to integrate such experiences into their psyche also facilitates the destruction of their ability to function as rational adults later in life. In other words, it is deliberate miseducation.


Cultural Marxist activists have spend decades gas lighting and emotionally blackmailing gullible politicians and others into believing that emotions must override reality; human biology is fungible and not immutable; and every child can choose their sex irrespective of their actual physiology.

These ridiculous propositions have already been foisted on children in primary schools but the demonic LGBTQ+ activists are not satisfied with that, NOW they are seeking to have society bless and encourage this destructive, life destroying ideology upon infants and preschool children.

Infants and preschoolers have yet to reach the age of reason. The idea that society should program them with "aspects of identity formation that encompass gender identity and gender expression (with a non-binary dichotomy)" is DIABOLICAL!

Such pernicious indoctrination of morally, emotionally, psychologically and intellectually defenceless infants is a criminal infringement of their rights and those of their parents and society at large.

The proposal that society should deliberately inculcate toddlers and preschoolers with palpably false, personally destructive, socially dysfunctional ‘insanity inducing' ideas about biological sex and personal identity before they have developed even rudimentary thinking ability and a sense of self and personal morality, is despicable.

The huge hikes in the incidence of transgenderism and the numbers of children seeking transgender drug and bodily surgical mutilation treatments in recent years evidences the impact this grotesque ideology has already had on school age children.

Moreover, the surge in legislation criminalising the actions of parents and others who seek to counsel children against seeking puberty blocker drug treatments and transgender surgical mutilation evidences the increasing effectiveness of transgender ideological propaganda in schools and the COMPLICITY of governments and legislators in foisting  these destructive criminal practices on vulnerable children.

Sexual identity is an immutablle scientific fact determined by physiology apparent at birth (except for rare dual genitalia anomalies). Teaching infants or anyone that they can choose their sexuality and change it at will, is insane.

Teaching infants and preschoolers that sex is non-binary in order to turn them into "champions of reconciliation and sustainability" is a criminal breach of their free will, which can only be effectively used once their physical brain, mental faculties and social experience enables them to properly exercise it. Moreover, the idea that children raised to be champions of non-binary gender identity and expression can somehow also be champions of societal sustainability is absurd. IF schools teach infants and preschoolers to eschew their biological sex the result will be a significant reduction in heterosexual family life and procreaction of subsequent generations. THAT is NOT sustainable. It is societal suicide.

Demonic Talmudism in its cultural Marxist format seeks to confuse, confound and destroy the moral, physical and social health of Christian societies by corrupting infants and children with blatantly insane, contradictory concepts and images of self in order to destroy their intelligence and moral compass and to confuse and scramble their sense of personal identity and ability to socialise. See eg: CREATOR GOD ATON/HATONN: THE TORAH vs. THE TALMUD (Repost)

This insane indoctrination of children is also designed to turn them into lifetime neurotics and drug addicts, chronically dependent on Big Pharma and the medical (sickness) industries at community expense. See eg. my comments in the article at:
New Zealand's Radical New Law -

Teaching children to pretend that biological reality is optional is personally and socially damaging for all concerned. Any politician, official or teacher who seeks to indoctrinate children with such anti-personal and anti-social, community destroying ideas needs to be removed from their office or employment; and prosecuted where appropriate.

The aim of the cultural Marxists and their ‘useful idiot' enablers who seek to create changes in language and ideas that turn education into anti-social indoctrination; is the destruction of the ability of children to discern fact from fiction, truth from falshood and, in this case, the difference between "Arthur and Martha".

Once such distinctions cease to exist anything becomes possible because nothing has meaning.

Once the ability and willingness of children to rationally discern fact from fiction is removed, they become senseless robots marching to the messaging of demonic masters.

To destroy society you have to destroy its moral underpinning, its language and its family ethos. This LGBTQ+ language inversion nonsense typifies the manner in which demonic cultural Marxists and their cohorts are doing this.

This language and education destruction process started more than a century ago when the Rockefellers and their ilk took over the US education, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Their pernicious influence and covert control has now spread to the whole world as the mass psychosis and stupidity of billions of people willingly accepting the COVID scamdemic nonsense attests. IF you believe that a man can choose to be a woman and have babies, thinking that common colds and flues justify locking down the entire planet for years, is a doddle.

Any society that condones or supports the corruption of infants and children cannot survive. These proposals constitute an attempt to induce the Australian community to commit societal suicide.

These policy recommendations reveal the need for a total rethink and revamp of our attitudes to education. It has become apparent that the enforced public factory style mass education of children in age segregated cohorts foisted upon Western societies by the Rockefellers and their ilk, is a Trojan Horse inserted at the heart of our most vulnerable societal infrastructure and designed to dumb down and destroy our Christian derived morals and culture, leaving a drooling, enslaved remnant.

In future, education needs to be decentralised, localised, organised and controlled by parents operating in neighbourhood and community groups and settings. Governments should not be directly involved in the process and centralised government school, college and university systems should cease to exist. Such decentralisation of education processes will prevent the general dissemination of corrupt ideas and practices.

The fact that Australian state and federal government education ministers are contemplating the public indoctrination of infants and preschool children with this biological and sexual  nonsense highlights the fact that Australian political and legislative arrangements are also fundamentally defective and destructive; and need to be replaced.

Australian governments are temporary servants of the general population they pretend to serve and as the education and other systems they have foisted upon Australians are dysfunctional and unfit for purpose those governments should be removed and replaced with governance arrangements that are fit for purpose. Our future governance arrangements need to be genuinely representative systems consisting of grass roots councils in which every elected representative is subject to RECALL by those who elect them, if they fail to advocate and, if possible, implement, ethical laws and arrangements in accordance with policies they promised their electors they would advocate for them.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 4, 2022 - "Over and Over They Die in The Mud that is Made From Their Blood. Some Do This for a Long Time."

It really does look like one of those patches of time when The Usual Suspects and their minions and their Master, like to get up to what I call, Blood Mischief. I KNOW that there is a destiny outworking in these times. I have a vague idea of how it works out (it ALWAYS works out, one way or another) so I am not greatly concerned. Life here is fleeting in any case. I, personally, have other places to be, and I'll get there when I get there while being there already... in advance of it. Remember what we said about Karma? How you can pay before it arrives on the due date?   Les  Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 3, 2022 - "You Want Tomatoes, You Plant Tomatoes. You Want Peace and Harmony, You Plant Peace and Harmony."

I wonder what goes through a person's mind when they read something like, "Ye must become as a little child in order to enter The Kingdom of Heaven." That should be a BIG clue, but people's eyes glaze over and they go right on by. This is what self-deception and denial cause in a pathological fashion. Once the ego gets writ large in The Mind, you are beyond the reach of anything but Grace, and Serendipity... which relies on Grace to exist at all.  Les  Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 3, 2022 - Elizabeth April - Psychic, Consciousness, 5D (Ep. 08]

Political Information
Mar 2, 2022 - Say What? Pat Robertson Comes Out Of Retirement To Say Putin Is Fulfilling God's Plan - next stop Armageddon in Israel

Patricia McKnight: Former televangelist Pat Robertson came out of retirement to co mment on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, saying Russian President Vladimir Russian President Vladimir Putin is being "compelled by God" to bring about the "End of Times," prophesied in the Bible.

Ron: The Bible was organised by Roman emperors under the influence of Pharisees who forced the Romans to crucify Christ Jesus in order to silence his divine relevations and teachings. Subsequently thePharisees established the Christian religion in cahoots with Roman emperors in an effort to eradicate Jesus' teachings. They, and later Neo-Pharisees, were largely successful in that they eliminated Jesus' revelations that reincarnation is a fundamental mechanism for enabling spiritual growth in the cosmos and that every ensouled human being is 'an only (ie unique) son of God' because each one is indwelt by a fragment of Creatotr consciousness. See eg: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism

Patricia McKnight: "I think you can say, well, Putin's out of his mind, and yes, maybe so," said Robertson. "But at the same time, he's being compelled by God. He went into Ukraine, but that wasn't his goal. His goal was to move against Israel, ultimately."

Ron: Putin is not out of his mind. He is doing 'God's work' because he has chosen to do it. Moreover, Putin and Russia have 'gone into Ukraine' because Ukraine is a major centre of demonic corruption that must be cleansed and that is what Russia is doing there. See eg: The Importance Of The Russian Peacekeeping Operation In Ukraine

Putin Will Take Kiev, The Heart of The Kievean Russia

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 2, 2022 - Through Russia Comes The Hope Of The World

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 2, 2022 - "You Don't Have To be a Chemist to Understand the Intention of the Drugs THEY Shoot You Up With."

It is usually best to leave Russia alone. Many have been taught that lesson about poking The Bear. The only time Russia was really hegemonic was when the AshkeNAZI Bolsheviks were in charge. How do you get the perfect oppressive system? You combine Communism with Fascism. Then you can call it whatever you like. Who is going to object? Right...  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 1, 2022 - "I Am Moving Through the Minds, Euphemistically Present Behind their Eyes and I See Something Forming."

How many of us go directly to Heaven out of concern for something or someone other than ourselves? How many of us have a daily relationship with Heaven? In scripture, Jesus the Christ is said to say at Judgment, "depart from me, I never knew thee." It really comes down to what it is you work down here. Is it Virtue or Vice? By your works, not only do others know you, but Heaven knows you as well. We autograph The World with our actions. We write our story and our epitaph as well, here... in the clay of ourselves and others. Clay is very malleable. You can change your world any time. It is The Great Work.   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Mar 1, 2022 - Queen Romana answers questions about what you can do to help.

This 2' 40" video was published by The Official Kingdom of Canada Channel on Feb 28 2022:

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 26, 2022 - "Instead of a Real Tidal Wave, There is a Tidal Wave of Bullshit Rolling Over The Land of the Stupids."

I can literally feel people waking up, out there among The Great Unwashed Pod People. I can see them saying to themselves, "Oh, my God, they've gone and done it. That is too stupid for even me to believe." I wish I could put into words how it is all kaleidoscoping in front of me. Let me just say that The Divine Symmetry is truly divine. Lady Truth, who looks a little like the lady holding the torch in the opening of any Columbia Pictures movie is now doing The Dance of the Veils. Soon she will be revealed in all her naked beauty, and then? Some will be in a rapture, and some will see their worst imaginings given shape and... coming for them.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 25, 2022 - "This Would Apply With any Destination Apart from the Shoes You are Standing In."

It amuses me sometimes to think about all those people who have philosophies of an intricate nature. I sympathize with them. I know what that is like. One afternoon when I was young and full of knowledge about western things, I took a magic potion and the cleansing wind of God blew through my head and washed all of it away. To me, it all looks like a dog chasing its tail or the tail of another which leads to all those other things you hear about, from Romeo and Juliet to Heloise and Abelard; both of them end tragically and all lovers in separate suits must part eventually.   Les  Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 24, 2022 - "Look at What Can't be Seen, but Intuited... Because The Outside... is Just The Inside on a Larger Scale."

If you don't know there is a God then you haven't been looking very hard. You might not understand him; the things he does, the things he lets happen. You have to consider the magnitude of the affair. The period of time we are in is long by our standards, longer than many ages, like the one we are entering. This period of time is the smallest of the time periods, millions of years are involved. What is happening now and has been happening here, for some thousands of years; on a small scale and larger scale, is the outworking of debts come due.   Les  Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 23, 2022 - "You Will be Handled Accordingly by The All Seeing Ever Present, Presently..."

Loving God is made comprehensible when one becomes engaged in giving love away from the bottomless reservoir where it is; making it spill over its banks, inundating the fields below. Then The Sun shines upon it and a world of iridescent colors rises up in beauty and bounty; at least, that's the plan at the moment (grin). In other words, if you don't like freely giving yourself away in celebration of it, you wouldn't get the appeal, because that is what it results in. Anyone can see that on the way to selfless service there is an ever decreasing sense of interest in The World    Les  Visible

Human/Animal Rights
Feb 22, 2022 - Prominent Gay Conservative Wants Political Right To Surrender To The Sexual Revolution

Doug Mainwaring: Murray sees objections to abortion, divorce, and homosexuality as problematic. He wants Catholic social doctrine to be treated as nothing more than an unwanted "encroachment" into the world of conservatism while warmly welcoming the acceptance of inhuman pre-Judeo-Christian pagan practices as new norms.

Ron: Arguably Judaic practices are governed by the Talmud and hence they are actually pre-Christian pagan practices. There is nothing Christian about the Talmud or the Pentateuch and much of the rest of the Torah i.e. the Old Testament. Endless repetition of the Talmudic LIE that the divine revelations and spiritual teachings of Christ Jesus emerged from or had anything in common with the barbaric, pagan tenets of the Talmud and Torah Judaism does not make it so.

The Pharisees forced the Romans to crucify Christ Jesus to stifle his divine revelations and teaching. Not satisfied with that they then influenced Roman emperors to establish the Christian religion to eradicate all vestiges of his teaching. Jesus did not incarnate to start a religion and didn't He came to reveal divine truths lost over millennia and corrupted by Pharisees and others. The Pharisees have been largely successful in corrupting Jesus' message. See eg: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism



Doug Mainwaring: In essence, he wants conservatives to surrender to the full range of demands of the sexual revolution.

Murray reveals himself to be not a conservative, but a libertarian sexual revolutionary.

Ron: Libertarians obfuscate their ego-centric sexual desires by submerging them in the language of love. After all, who can possibly object to anyone wanting to love anyone else? Of course no rational individual does. Indeed, Christ Jesus taught that we need to learn to love everyone in order to grow spiritually and become true children of God in Oneness. However love is not lust and it is not the same as carnal satisfaction. Love is the core aspect of higher consciousness which is a spiritual attainment.

BUT, as Murray makes clear, what LGBTQ+ists, and in particular their homosexual component, really demand is not approval of their love of others but condonation and celebration of their aberrant sexual lifestyle choices backed by community support to enable them to bypass the deficiencies inherent in homosexual lifestyles. In effect, he seeks the blessing of the general community to homosexual lifestyle choices and approval of their desire to kill inconvenient fetuses together with assistance with the acquisition of babies and children when deemed convenient.

So pleaseee, let's dispense with the emotional blackmail of kvetching homosexually inclined individuals who complain that they must be allowed to love who they please and that their feeling are grievously hurt by statement of the truth in these matters. Christ Jesus taught that to evolve as spirit beings we need to learn to love everyone but that doesn't mean that we should have sex with them or approve and celebrate homosexual practices in accordance with LGBTQ+ community demands

Doug Mainwaring: The poll suggests that nearly two-thirds of Republicans are comfy with sodomy, same-sex "marriage," and the building of gay families via adoption and surrogacy.

Ron: Homosexuality is not normal. If it was normal humanity on this planet would have ceased to exist because human communities would fail to reproduce themselves. The differentiation and complementarity in biological sex is essential to enable continuation of human life and societies. Heterosexuality is necessary to properly exercise that sexual predisposition, ie the ability, of males and females to reproduce humans and thus continue human society.

Biological sex is determined at conception and is immutable, ie, it is NOT an 'orientation' because orientations are variable and result from socialisation.

Also, male homosexual practices are not normal in that anal intercourse is physically, psychologically and spiritually detrimental for those practicising it.

Lauding and encouraging homosexual attitudes and practices gives them a spiritual, social and cultural cachet which is spiritually and socially deleterious since it reinforces mistaken spiritual and psychological attitudes and physical practices by spiritually immature individuals.

The idea that homosexual orientations and practices are normal forms of a human sexual predisposition conflates contrary realities. Arguably a sexual 'predisposition' stems from the individual's biological sex determined at conception and apparent at birth; whereas an 'orientation' is created by socialisation after birth. Only biological females can conceive and give birth to offspring. That is an inherent predisposition not an orientation.

It is a contradiction to assume that a predisposition is an orientation. Claiming that a socialisation process that results in a homosexual orientation is actually a predisposition is special pleading no matter how erudite and prestigious the advocates.

Sodomy is detrimental, physically, psychologically, spiritually and socially. Acceptance of same sex marriage compounds those detriments by tacitly encouraging spiritually, psychically and physically damaging sexual practices which not only damages the lives of individuals but also damage the ethos and spirituality of society as a whole. At best social acceptance of homosexual practises obfuscates the truth and confuses children and others not involved in it.

Same sex marriages cannot procreate the next generation and so encouraging it is societal suicide.

The glib suggestion that same sex families can be 'built' by adoption and surrogacy requires the corruption of third parties, including healthy heterosexual individuals. That damages society  by socially conditioning its members to treat each other and progeny as objects not subjects. Accepting usage of human individuals, babies and children for the benefit of third parties whose sexual lifestyles eschew the divinely created natural means for bringing children into our world treats babies and children as objects from the moment of conception and is morally and socially destructive.

NO human being should ever be treated as an object and certainly no embryo, baby or child should ever be produced and obligated to adorn the lifestyle of a homosexual couple. Any society that adopts such attitudes is doomed. History is littered with examples of the homosexual deterioration of society. For instance it was one of the major factors in the fall of the Roman empire not to mention Sodom and Gomorah.

Doug Mainwaring: If there's anything that conservatives need to conserve, it's marriage, the nuclear family, and every kid having a mother and father. Yet that's not what GayCons like Murray and Rubin want or strive for.

Ron: Each soul is responsible for his/her own soul journey and it is inappropriate for anyone to interfere in an individual's pursuit of that personal journey provided that the individual is not infringing upon the sovereign personal rights of anyone else. This appears to be where the LGBTQ+ community crosses the line in Western society. LGBTQ+ists expect all of society to accept their ideology; cater to their needs; and celebrate their activities.

Arguably consenting adults need to be left to do as they please when their activities do not impinge upon the rights of other individuals or society at large. Unfortunately much LGBTQ+ activity DOES impinge upon the rights of third parties and the rest of society. At that point the community needs to exercise its authority to limit any negative impacts LGBTQ+ists have on children, non-consenting adults and society at large.

That responsibility obviously extends to ensuring that public discourse, education and governmental laws and regulations, do not enable LGBTQ+ advocates and activists to proslytise children and otherwise impinge upon proper community education, activities, morality and norms.

For many decades Western nations have honoured this responsibility in the breach rather than the observance. Russia appears to have been a notable exception to this demoralising cultural Marxist trend. Since the overthrow of Bolshevism in the 1970s, Christian Russia has rejected both Talmudic Bolshevism and its cultural Marxist offspring with its LGBTQ+ist proslytising and destructive personal and social morality and activities. The EuroAnglo-US world has gone in the opposite direction.

Douglas Murray originally espoused Communist ideas and ideals and then says he saw the light. However, by tacitly espousing LGBTQ+ism he is leading pseudo sophisticated Westerners down the garden path to personal preferance as opposed to community health and wellbeing. Arguably, regardless of how plausible Douglas Murray sounds, his message is that personal desires and proclivities are paramount in determining one's approach to life, the universe and everything.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 22, 2022 - 7:50 / 8:52 Mondiaux de patinage : Papadakis et Cizeron sacrés pour la 4e fois !

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 22, 2022 - "Why is The World as It Is? We are Far From Heaven. The Further Away You Go the Less Light There Is."

See... this is a thing about an apocalypse. More is exposed and revealed than in any other period of human experience... in the long cycles that some things run through that is significant. Also... in an apocalypse, "business as usual" is unusual. Plots don't gel or come off. Yes... a great deal of damage can be done, tearing down the stages for the new performances, BUT... these are times of tremendous spiritual change, IF you take advantage of it. It's not a time to be a bad guy, even if it looks like it is. That's a sucker's trap.            Les  Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 19, 2022 - "They Most Especially Want to Shut Down Our Access to The Pineal Gland and Kill Our Spiritual Nature."

There is a lot more going on behind the scenes now than there has been in a long time. BIG CHANGES are coming and The Celestial Realm is fully engaged... THROUGH US in many cases, whether we know this or not. NOTHING happens here that escapes the notice of Heaven, and Heaven's representatives are judiciously placed around the planet. You may not see them, BUT... they are most definitely here.       Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 18, 2022 - "You and God, Dancing in a Thousand Reflecting Pools and Mirrors in Which the Light of Heaven Shines."

One is able to REALLY enjoy the simple things HERE because The Supreme Enjoyer is in residence. This is something you know... when it happens... because there is no question about it. Following this happening, you get to hang out with your greatest friend of all time... all the time. It is the same one who has appeared in every friend and lover you have ever had. It is just you and God dancing in a thousand reflecting pools and mirrors in which the light of Heaven shines. You can dance your way right out of this world by SIMPLY dancing INTO the next one... behaving as if you are already present there, BECAUSE... you will be. You can dance like that... in and thru this world... because it is one of the nicer things you can do for everyone else, WHILE YOU ARE HERE.    Les  Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 17, 2022 - "Except for Your Carnal Nature... They Can't Get their Hooks Into You... IF YOU DON'T TAKE THE BAIT!"

This is ALL Mr. Apocalypse at work!. You may object to his job title. You might not like the appearance I give him, BUT... you cannot deny that some force, some entity is actively engaged in the changes I am calling attention to. The real kicker here is that it has only just begun. Karen's not here to sing about it anymore, but that changes nothing. You are about to see MASSIVE push-back from Humanity on several fronts... and it's not like Humanity is coming up with this on its own. Humanity has no great track record in this respect. It is the force of The Awakening from within that is driving human awareness of the need to react. It is also the advance energy of The Avatar upon the material sphere. It is Mr. Apocalypse... telling and showing... as we come more fully into the next age.   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 16, 2022 - Australia Under Threat - Religious Discrimination Bill - Riccardo Bosi (Australia One Party) - 26 Nov 2021

This 15' 19" video was published by 20TWENTY on 26 Nov, 2021:

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 16, 2022 - "The Great Hall of Mirrors, Also Known as The World Reflecting Endlessly Back Upon Itself."

Until you are able to quiet the mind, it can be hard to tell who it is that is whispering in your ear. Most human minds are a disorganized junkyard of useless stuff. There are valuable items there, but they can't be seen for all of the junk. You HAVE TO empty your mind so that only the essential remains. How do you accomplish this? It is done through Prayer, Austerities, Mantras, Meditation, Contemplation, and Discipline... BUT... mostly it is done with Love, which is needed to inspire all of those in the first place.     Les  Visible

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Feb 15, 2022 - "They are Trapped in The Paddle-Boat Wheel on The Ship of Destiny, Turning... and Turning."

Agitating The Truckers of the World is a mistake they will regret for a very long time. They woke up a sleeping giant of can-do independent-minded souls. The truckers KNOW what power they have and their intentions are HONORABLE. That is a BIG part of the certainty of their success. As The Awakening continues, all The World's peoples will be uniting against the tyranny of The Deep States in every country. I remember a quote. I think it was by some general. He said, "Every ship of state sails on a river of darkness." The light is going to be shining on those waters soon. My friends, this IS an apocalypse, attended by a Grand Awakening.  ..............    The Power, when it is flowing through you from Central Command can be a thrilling experience. That is the real reason we are here, besides providing God with playmates and entertainment. We are supposed to be channels for The Divine, we block that out by focusing instead on pedestrian desires and appetites. We are also here to reap our investments from previous turns on the wheel... on that paddle wheel. Perhaps we have made bad investments. Perhaps we have made good investments, but... almost everything comes with some amount of what you don't remember having ordered up, so... it is best to seek no return on your investment at all. I like to think that I work for The Common Fund that we all draw from.   Les Visible

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Feb 12, 2022 - We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.


Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 12, 2022 - "All These Identities are Nothing but a Pack of Cards, Tumbling Through The Air on Invisible Winds."

The Deep State and its deeply entrenched agents are in a full-scale panic at this time. There are holes in the Dikes of Darkness that they have fenced us in with. Now... light is streaming through thousands of portals in The Dikes. There are not nearly as many agents and fingers as are needed. Look what happens when you turn on the light in a formerly dark room. Think about it!!! This is what is presently happening with The Grand Apocalypse and The Grand Awakening.       Les  Visible

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Feb 11, 2022 - "The Kings Highway is Composed of Interwoven Sunbeams and It Runs to Heaven's Gate."

It doesn't matter how Draconian, small-minded, and casually vicious some sectors may get. They are on The Losing End. The more absurd and ridiculous they become, the more they so appear before the eyes of The World. This is all happening for The Purpose of Demonstration, so you need not be alarmed. It is being worked out despite the worst intentions of The Usual Suspects and their Catamite Fellow Travelers.      Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 10, 2022 - "Life Might Seem Like a Long Time, but... When You Measure It Against Eternal Life."

Impersonal Love makes it possible to love everyone. It resolves the dilemma of attraction and aversion. You are just loving to be loving. You are no longer personalizing it. It sets you free. This Impersonal Love will set you free in the most astounding ways. It is like... "Wow! I didn't know it could do that!!!" Impersonal Love covers a large area... a large radius. It charges your atmosphere. It controls The World around you. I am not saying that Personal Love is bad. We need it for replication if nothing else, and what would life be without all that drama and disappointment? (grin)     Impersonal Love is the passport to entering The Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone there is an expression of Impersonal Love. It is a world of everyone doing their job and being thrilled by the opportunity to do it until the end of time. The Personal is very temporary. Life might seem like a long time, but when you measure it against Eternal Life... it is not long at all.   Les  Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 9, 2022 - "There is No Victory for Evil. Evil has No Real Existence. It is ALL Good When You Can See It." (as such)

There are a million theories and a million plans, all waiting on that Mike Tyson punch in the mouth. You don't know squat and you never will, but you can discover that you don't know, and then... then... it is just possible that something serendipitous... something wonderful might happen. It did for me. Knowing that I fundamentally do not know has been a blessing beyond description. Sometimes... I know something when I need to know it, and then I don't know again. Explaining how this works is impossible, but... that it does work? That has been proven to my lasting satisfaction.       Les  Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 8, 2022 - "You See the Rough Outlines of All Passion and No Brains that ALWAYS Appears in the Beginning."

The World is a magic act, and there are magicians at work on the mass mind every day. They tantalize and seduce. They misdirect. They lie. They have a material interest in the success of their game, and they are all competing with each other. Then there are the real magicians. There is no greater nor more profound magic than Love. Sure... on the lower levels, it can look more like raw force; catch and release, catch and consume... catch and defile. Let's see, there is also, deceive and catch, lure and catch, pounce and catch. At the higher points... it is ALL release. Freedom is the BASIC imperative of life. It is the spoken and unspoken articulation of every human life. In other kingdoms, because of the forms that love takes, love expresses in its specific way. Higher Love is ALWAYS in control, no matter what appearances may say.           Les Visible

Human/Animal Rights
Feb 7, 2022 - Oh, Canada

This 1 hr. 3' 29" video was published by Jordan B Peterson on Feb 6, 2022:

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 6, 2022 - Karma - Dolores Cannon

Other Spiritual Pieces
Feb 5, 2022 - "There are Much Nicer Places To Be than Here. We Can Get to Them by Being Much Nicer Here."

I got to see how life is in many places since I have been here. I've been places where life was dirt cheap, and places where people lived The High Life. You don't have to be there very long, if you are a good person... before you realize it is not for you. Let those who want it be welcome to it. I don't understand excess at all. It looks like a mental deficiency to me; living in massive debt, living in the driving expectation that there are better days ahead where you can be even more excessive, buy a bigger boat (or several), buy a bigger house (or several), buy your way out of what's coming... no... that's where the currency runs out of influence, and the place where you need it the most.     Les Visible

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