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Other Spiritual Pieces
Sep 22, 2020 - "Tomorrow it All Begins FOR SOME and... FOR SOME, Tomorrow is the Beginning of the End."

Such circumstances in this time of tumultuous change can be disheartening to many whose hearts are in the right place and fear for what might come upon them and their Hostages to Fortune. Think about it. Take a moment and think about it. WHY would all of this be going on at this time and what is the single basic consideration at work here? It is all about what you have put your faith in and a test to see how committed that faith is. The sheer power of appearances is/can be INTIMIDATING. Of course, you can see and hear all of that at any time and all the time. You can't hear or see (except in exceptional cases) The Invisible; the Realm of the Ineffable. "Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN." Ponder that AND... if it reveals the deeper meanings, it will amplify your faith considerably.   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Sep 21, 2020 - "George Soros is a Cultural Haboob. Wailing through the Ranks of the Prisoners of Nightmare."

Revelation, Exposing, and Uncovering are now the order of the day AND it is going to get far more intense than it is at the moment. We ARE God's hands and senses in the manifest realm. Speaking to God in our hearts, about this critical concern, is guaranteed to impact upon the minds of those caught up in Delusion. I cannot communicate the level of Certitude that exists in me, in respect of so many people completely out of control coming into contact with this DIVINE INTENTION. Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Sep 19, 2020 - "There will be Bobbing for Road Apples on the Highway of No Return and Musical Chairs with No Chairs."

This posting today is just to check in with you and let you know that NO MATTER HOW THINGS LOOK, that is ONLY appearances and APPEARANCES ARE LIES. You are what you think you are. You are self-creating at all times. Much of this is automatic, due to the FORCE of KARMA, which causes us to behave in a predetermined fashion BUT... it doesn't have to be like that. It doesn't. You can pause. You can stop for a critical moment and ASK FOR HELP.   Les Visible


Other Spiritual Pieces
Sep 16, 2020 - "The Mobocracy is in a Zombie Apocalypse, under the Rule of Bedlam LLC. Time to Change the Station!"

There is ONE MIND and the much larger majority of us do not want a persistent state of anarchy and disorder to prevail. One of the reasons that no single force- other than GOD ALMIGHTY- has EVER been able to control the whole world is... because THEY CAN'T CONTROL THE WHOLE WORLD. The Earth is a sacred vessel. Once again, it is also a living thing and a conscious entity and the time will come when it has had enough of the low-jinks taking place on terra-not-so-firma. Then, the Earth is going to SHAKE, RATTLE, and ROLL. You can count on this. You can bank on this.   Les Visible

Human/Animal Rights
Sep 14, 2020 - Do Any Lives Actually Matter?

Tim Kirby: The dog owner can provide care for his dog which is within the scope of his direct influence, he simply cannot exert concerned action across the entire Earth's dog population.

Ron: Arguably whether anyone or anything "matters" to us depends on the contend and meaning of the thought expressed and the amount of emotion invested in it. Matter manifests as a result of thought because the cosmos is an expression of Mind. Without mind nothing can exist. Mind energy radiates everywhere. It penetrates and permeates and IS everything. In that sense everything has a level of consciousness. But although everything in Creation is manifested and sustained by Mind, not everything is a medium for thought manifestation.

Not everything can think. Rocks, trees, schrubs and flowers etc have an element of consciousness but arguably they do not think. In order to think a thing has to have a dynamic connection to the mind of the Creator so that it can receive and interpret the conscious energies coming from the Creator. Animals have varying degrees of consciousness depending on their level of energetic physical development. Some higher animals like elephants, whales, dolphins, cats, dogs and horses can develop the consciousness levels attainable by humans. See eg: The Smartest Horse That Ever Lived - A True Story -

The human body is a collection of energies that are the result of thought. Similarly, all human experiences in the physical are the result of thought and so our world is created by our thoughts and emotions and the thoughts and emotions of others. The aggregation of those thoughts also creates a morphogenetic planetary mind that influences us all.

Ensouled human beings (HUmans) have “brain receptors” in the head, heart and gut which are capable of interpreting signals coming from their indwelling fragment of Creator consciousness and other spirit beings.

The quality of mind exhibited by a HUman is generally influenced by the degree of active DNA connections the individual has because DNA serves as a connecting bridge between the level of physical existence and the non-local level of Mind.

But higher DNA connection levels are no guarantee of right thinking and positive thought manifestation. Why? Because humans have been gifted with free will, namely the ability to choose or reject Creation and the gift of eternal life. The exercise of free will enables us to make inappropriate choices which is what causes the misery and chaos evident in our world. Presumably most inappropriate choices are mistakes due to ignorance and that is why HUmans need myriad incarnations to increase their understanding of life, the universe and everything so that they can begin to ‘fly right’.

However, free will also enables humans to choose to reject the Creator’s gift of eternal life and some do.

Arguably the degree to which something "matters" to an individual depends on the emotional weight s/he places on a thought about it.

Asserting that a certein category of lives matter does not automatically imply that one can or should exert physical effort or influence to universally implement or validate that assertion. BUT, as this cosmos is created by energetic vibrations emanating from MIND, if the assertion genuinely reflects the thinker's state of mind and heart, the thought expressed wlll influence planetary consciousness, ie the morphogenetic field that creates our reality. Zen Gardner rightly says:

'Language shared is clearly consciousness at work. This is our current fundamental method of communication. Perhaps general telepathy is on the horizon, but for now words backed by intention and no doubt other influences is how we understand communication.

Whichever, it only stands to reason that the greater the body of consciousness manifested, the greater the effect on the present, and hence the future. In the words of Roger Nelson, founder of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) from his book Quantum Mind p. 57;

My own ‘model’ is that consciousness or mind is the source or seat of a non-local, active information field (this is not a standard, well defined physical construct).  Such fields interact, usually with random phase relationship and no detectable product.  When some or many consciousness (information) fields are driven in common, or for whatever reason become coherent and resonant, they interact in phase, and create a new, highly structured information field… that becomes the source of the effects we measure.¹...

Morphic Resonance and Quantum Physics

Taking this field changing empowerment even further, morphic field theory is the “discovery” (coming into consciousness) that there’s a dynamic at work akin to the concept of non-separability and total connectivity that quantum physics has discovered. Reminiscent of Plato’s Theory of Forms, these interactive force fields give form to not just plants, animals, crystals, planets and the like, but to behavioral and social patterns. This is similar to the evolving informational field concept described above but even more profound. It is much like  Carl Jung’s collective unconscious understanding, but even broader while on a somewhat more so-called “scientific” footing.'
(Intentionally Shifting the Mystic Morphic Field...

The “Hypothesis” of Morphic Fields

The fields responsible for the development and maintenance of bodily form in plants and animals are called morphogenetic fields. In animals, the organization of behavior and mental activity depends on behavioral and mental fields. The organization of societies and cultures depends on social and cultural fields. All these kinds of organizing fields are morphic fields.

Morphic fields are located within and around the systems they organize. Like quantum fields, they work probabilistically. They restrict, or impose order upon, the inherent indeterminism of the systems under their influence. Thus, for example, a protein field organizes the way in which the chain of amino acids (the “primary structure” determined by the genes) coils and folds up to give the characteristic three-dimensional form of the protein, “choosing” from among many possible structures, all equally possible from an energetic point of view. Social fields coordinate the behavior of individuals within social groups, for example, the behavior of fish in schools or birds in flocks.

Pretty amazing..

Whatever the explanation of its origin, once a new morphic field – a new pattern of organization – has come into being, its field becomes stronger through repetition. The same pattern becomes more likely to happen again. The more often patterns are repeated, the more probable they become. The fields contain a kind of cumulative memory and become increasingly habitual. Fields evolve in time and form the basis of habits. From this point of view, nature is essentially habitual. Even the so-called laws of nature may be more like habits.²'

Intentionally Shifting the Mystic Morphic Field

Although we interact daily with the physical world we live in our thoughts, our minds, our own mental space. Our external world is essentially a manifestation and medium for the expression of our inner, mental world. So, as we think we become, because we live in our own unique mental landscape shaped by our own perceptions and understandings. But our mental landscape is not a closed isolated system. Expressions of the thoughts of others that are allowed to enter our mental world can and do help to shape its manifestation. The degree of that shaping depends on the extent of our awareness and conscious choices. Our thoughts are also influenced by the global genetic mind that has developed over aeons; as well as the thoughts of those around us.

However, as Thoth and others have said, because of our ever growing and expanding awareness, ensouled humans are on the brink of taking a qualitative leap in thinking that will lead to discovering the components for manifestation stored within our hologram. This will result in a quantum leap in consciousness. Arguably that leap in consciousness could enable us to become 'one with others' such that, for instance, all lives really would matter to us. As all lives DO matter to the Creator and we are on a journey to become like the Creator, that is the outcome we seek.

Tim Kirby: One could argue that the above example doesn't apply because governments can have influence over the lives of their subjects universally. The State can and does have vastly more power, wealth, resources and the ability to change lives than any one individual.

Ron: Governments and States are NOT living beings. They are merely words we use to refer to aggregations of people. Governments and States are organised and controlled by ndividual people. Those controllers usually influence what the aggregation of people they govern think and feel. Arguably though, only each individual HUman has the ability to change his/her perceptions and manifestations. Government and State mechanisms can only exert the external pressure that changes the physical and psychological circumstances in which people live but ordinarily each individual retains the ability to change his/her life.

Tim Kirby: So can a massive entity like the U.S. government with its millions of employed minds in theory make every dog's life matter?

Ron: ALL lives "matter" because they are created by God who loves all of Creation. Moreover, Millions of minds focussed in unison CAN change physical and psychological manifestations in our world.

Tim Kirby: These are Technocratic Approaches which on their surface show some level of concern for a specific issue. But has any law ever proven beyond a reasonable doubt that XXX Lives Matter?

Ron: This viewpoint is naive in that it should be obvious that IF the lives of many Black people in the US have not improved when governments have constantly asserted for the last 50 years that they intended to improve them, it is because the politicians and bureaucrats making those assertions were lying and they did not intend to make Black lives under their jurisdiction better. For instance it is obvious that welfare laws making Blacks dependent on government handouts for survival are NOT in the best interests of recipients whose interests would be much better served by provision of jobs and legislation enabling fathers to LIVE WITH their children and their mothers.

Tim Kirby: It is impossible for all lives of any large group to matter, it is not the way our minds or government works. As the quantity of faces grows in any group their names start to fade and they blur into a statistical mass. This is where the whole "One man's death is a tragedy..." logic comes from.

Ron: WHY does this author quote a genocidal mass murdering Bolshevik to make his case? Bolsheviks murdered 66 million Russian Christians so of course the lives of those people didn't "matter" to the Bolsheviks. Arguably though, most HUmans aren't mass murdering genocidal Bolsheviks.

Tim Kirby: This means that the belief in XXX Lives Matter is a Utopian belief.

Ron: NO it isn't! It is a God-centric belief. A Christed belief, since it accords with the loving concern of the Creator for ALL of Creation and especially for HUmans who are indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness.

Tim Kirby: Firstly, Utopian thinking sounds like another word for good-hearted optimism or hopefulness for the future, but it has a dark side. When one is sure that paradise can be achieved on Earth, [Ron: Which is a demonic Talmudic idea that has been proliferated via sub-ideologies like Jacobinism, Marxism, Communism and Fascism etc] then any barriers in the way of progress towards perfection can and must be crushed. You have to crack a few eggs to make a Utopian omelette. The French Revolutionaries, were sure that if they just got rid of the nobility everything would work out, The Russian Revolutionaries were sure that if they deleted the Kulaks from history then a Communist Utopia would start, and we all Know what Nazi Germany's "Final Solution" entailed.

Ron: NO we don't Know about the "Final Solution" because there was NO "Final Solution"; that is a fabrication, A LIE; a deliberate Jewish BLOOD LIBEL of the entire German nation designed to bring about the enslavment if not the genocide of all ethnic Germans. See eg: HOLOCAUST DEPROGRAMMING COURSE II -

And: Pdf: “Iron Curtain Over America-- John Beaty” -

Tim Kirby: If XXX Lives Matter then YYY and ZZZ Lives are of less importance and do not need to be discussed or pandered to in Washington.

Ron: Claiming that the lives of a specific group of entities "matters" does not necessarily imply that other lives are of lesser importance or do not matter.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Sep 14, 2020 - "Shadow Dancing to Mimic the Maestro or... how to Spiritually Trip Over Yourself."

God IS WITHIN you. The portion of God with the most importance and relevance to you is INTERIOR. God expresses through you... or... conversely... The Devil does. It's only one force with TWO possibilities of interpretation. You are either permitting God to pass unhindered through you OR... you are modifying or opposing God and you can CLEARLY see in every contact you have with anyone, which of these two is in action IF... if God is clearly expressing through you.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Sep 10, 2020 - Exclusive: Jim Caviezel Says Mel Gibson Sent Him Third Draft of ‘Passion of the Christ’ Sequel

Caviezel replied, "Mel Gibson just sent me the third picture, the third draft. It's coming. It's called The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection. It's going to be the biggest film in world history."

The Passion of the Christ yielded $612 million worldwide against its $30 million production budget.

Caviezel told Fox News in March of growing hostility towards biblical films in Hollywood. He said, "It's so imperative in this time. These films can't be made now. The films they make are Marvel Comics movies. You'll see Superman. You won't see Jesus. I got to play the greatest superhero there ever was."

The Passion of the Christ‘s sequel will focus on Jesus' resurrection, with Caviezel reprising the role of Jesus. - Robert Kraychik

Other Spiritual Pieces
Sep 8, 2020 - "That Blessed Assurance and the Atmosphere of Something Good, Coming Soon."

Okay... why did I go off on this particular ramble today ? It is because I FULLY expect coming events to escalate dramatically in the near field. I suspect what is going to happen is going to unsettle many. I know of entire segments of society that are in a Panic of Armageddon Looming, state of mind, and they are buying generators and food supplies; no doubt ammunition and delivery systems as well and they are aggressively exhorting me to do the same. I just can't go there. Maybe I am a fool in this respect BUT I feel... I feel this confidence; call it FAITH... or... something as yet unidentified.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Sep 6, 2020 - "KARMA... It's What's for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and Everything Else Besides. You Wouldn't be Here Otherwise."

Dear Lord, let the force of your TRANSFORMING LOVE break the stranglehold of FEAR and DOUBT that is so prevalent in so many in these Times of Material Darkness. Let it pierce us to the core so that we might truly awaken to you and be changed and made safe in the sanctuary of your being that is resident within us all. Let that portion of you that lies buried within, rise up from where it is hidden, and make us see... MAKE US SEE! I know Dear God that where there is life there is hope. Please let there be still some time left that many might come to their true senses and step away from the cliff's edge.   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Sep 4, 2020 - "Sheer Panic is Going to Thin the Herd in the Places of Greatest Human Concentration."

The REASON it is all coming to a head is because of THE CHANGING OF THE AGE. Those who have held power, through various personas and agencies, wish to extend their control from the passing age into the arriving age. It is for this REASON also that The Avatar is coming down through the planes and evicting The Powers and Principalities and Rulers of Darkness from their Places of Power in the invisible realms. They are, alternatively, being sent directly to Hell, or pressed downward and outward into manifestation for Judgment.   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Sep 2, 2020 - "Never Mind the FEAR, DOUBT and CONFUSION. Pray Believing. Pray Believing !!!"

What is happening in the temporal theater of the moment and what those running the tractor-trailers on the Disinformation Highway are up to, is to materialize FEAR, DOUBT, and CONFUSION. It is what they do and they have gotten rich and powerful as a result BUT... there is ONE COMING who has the power of many magnitudes beyond what they possess and he is coming in THE HUMAN HEART. IF you are pressing against that door from within, you are doing yourself a disservice past imagining. FEAR, DOUBT, and CONFUSION cause you to do so.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Sep 1, 2020 - Christ Come Back And Save Us

Kevin MacDonald: Corey is well aware that contemporary Christianity has been massively corrupted. Mainline Protestant and Catholic Churches have become little more than appendages for the various social justice movements of the left, avidly promoting the colonization of the West by other races and cultures, even as religious fervor and church attendance dwindle and Christianity itself becomes ever more irrelevant to the national dialogue.

Ron: Christianity, ie the Christian religion, has been corrupted from its inception. WHY? Because Jesus the Christ did not incarnate to establish a religion and didn't. He came to teach divine truths lost over millennia and corrupted by Pharises and others. The Christian religion was created by Pharisees who forced the Romans to crucify Jesus in order to silence his teaching. The Pharisees then sought to permanently eradicate Jesus' divine message by influencing Roman emperors to eliminate fundamental divine truths he taught and to take a distorted, corrupted version of Jesus' teachings and to make the resultant pastiche the imperial Roman state religion. For details see eg: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism -

Kevin MacDonald: On the other hand, Evangelicals, a group that remains vigorously Christian, have been massively duped by the theology of Christian Zionism, their main focus being to promote Israel.

Ron: Pharisees and neo-Pharisees have eviscerated and fatally corrupted Jesus divine message from the moment that they created the Christian religion. Possibly their most effective relatively recent distortion was The Zionist-Created Scofield 'Bible'. -

Kevin MacDonald: Until the twentieth century, Christianity served the West well.

One need only think of the long history of Christians battling to prevent Muslims from establishing a caliphate throughout the West-Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours, the Spanish Reconquista, the defeat of the Turks at the gates of Vienna. The era of Western expansion was accomplished by Christian explorers and colonists. Until quite recently, the flourishing of science, technology, and art occurred entirely within a Christian context.

Ron: Arguably whatever real evolvement Western Christian civilisation has achieved over the last two millennia has not been achieved due to the Christian religion as such but as a result of the retention of the true legacy of Christ Jesus' divine teaching about the need to love Neighbour (everyone and everything), AS Self (one needs to learn to accept and love self) FOR the love of God (ALL that is.)

The Christian religion cannot 'reunite the stricken White masses' as suggested by this author because it is a Trojan Horse created by demonic Talmudists to destroy Jesus' divine message. However, Christ Michael Aton and Esu Immanuel Kumara who were dual incarnates overshadowing Jesus the Christ when he walked this world HAVE RETURNED to take back control of this planet and restore it as a glorious seed planet for the Nabadon universe. So, in effect, the prayers of true Christians have been answered and Gaia and her HUman inhabitants have been rescued from the demonic controllers who have ravaged the planet for so long. Christ Michael declared the commencement of his Millennial Reign here on 5 February 2019 and that fact will become obvious very soon.

Unfortunately though, our world will experience much turmoil and destruction in the next couple of months as the transition to the Millennial Reign takes effect. As the COVID-19 hoax unravels chaos will occur on a global scale. This will be the final opportunity for people to choose to THINK about their experiences and the meaning of their lives. Lockdowns and other absurd government dictates and demands should be causing people to THINK about WHO they are, and to question the motives of their governments and the corruption they engender.

The two months leading up to the US presidential election will be very torrid for many people. Those who use the experience to reflect and grow spiritually will benefit enormously. After the election period life will begin to be unbelievably better than the world we have known. Pray for a positive outcome for everyone Pilgrims.

Kevin MacDonald: ... individualism lends itself to moral and ethical universalism which led to the religiously based eradication of slavery long before the rise of an elite hostile to Christianity itself.

Ron: I disagree with the proposition that ‘individualism lends itself to moral and ethical universalism which led to the religiously based eradication of slavery long before the rise of an elite hostile to Christianity itself.’ Arguably, for the last two millennia, the existence of the Christian religion has been a palpable, though concealed, example of hostility to Jesus and his divine teaching. Why?  Because it was established by Pharisees who had Jesus crucified to eradicate all mention and memory of the essential divine truths he taught. In particular the Pharisees removed the crucial "Good News"about the reality of reincarnation and the fact that, like Jesus,  EVERY ensouled human being (HUman) is an only begotten (ie unique) and sovereign son or daughter of the Creator. Why? Because each HUman is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness. These essential truths that constituted Jesus' "Good News" were deleted in order to promulgate the idea that HUmans are dependant suppliants, unable to seek salvation through their own thought and action and who therefore required Jesus to "save" them. This infantilises all who believe it.

In effect, the Christian religion has inculcated in believers the LIE that Jesus was the ONLY son of God and that he died for the salvation of all HUmans. He didn't and couldn't. Each HUman is a sovereign individual because each one has an indwelling God spark. Accordingly each individual must "save" self. Every HUman incarnates in physicality to learn about life, the universe and everything and through that process to gradually eliminate false ideas and mistakes (sins); thereby learning to "save" self by becoming more and more like God. That process involves  learning to accept reality (truth), in order to grow in wisdom, knowledge and love of self and others. Think about it. What is the point of creating thinking entities who have personality and the capacity to exercise free will? The miracle inherent in the creation of human beings is that they are free to choose or reject their Creator. That means HUmans have to 'save' themselves through a process of trial, error and personal choice. There is no point in such a situation unless the individuals involved are sovereign entities with the capacity to evolve; ie to 'save' self.

The false doctrine that Jesus came to save humanity here by sacrificing himself is a LIE which deceives and infantilises all who believe it.  It also enabled the Christian religion to promulgate the fear inducing LIE that "sinners" ie those who don't accept and live by the religion and its dogmas, will be damned to eternal torment in HELL. The truth is that there is NO Hell except the misery we may inflict on ourselves during our incarnations. Every HUman will eventually learn to love God and neighbour with his/her whole heart and soul and journey to paradise to see the Creator, unless s/he makes a conscious choice to refuse to continue the eternal journey. Such decisions are honoured.

Kevin MacDonald: And White intellectuals in the nineteenth century attempting to understand their own moral universalism often attributed it to their racial origins.

Such individualism was not disastrously self-destructive. As Corey notes, "Christian universalism historically posed little to no danger to White survival because it was preached by Whites living in a world ruled by Whites; it was only in the multicultural Egalitarian Regime inseminated [Ron: by Talmudists] in the mid-twentieth century that Christian sacrifice was transformed into a call for racial suicide." The individualist, Christian West was thus highly adaptive-until the rise of a hostile, Jewish-dominated elite bent on corrupting adaptive forms of Christian individualism in favor of a completely deracinated individualism, now accompanied by powerful religious, media, and academic voices preaching White guilt, often from a Christian perspective.

Ron: I disagree with the suggestion that 'Christian individualism' is an artifact of the Christian religion which was created by Pharisees and Roman emperors who imposed 'Christian universalism' AND the concept of 'Christian sacrifice' upon the Roman and post Roman European world. Arguably, the false 'Christian sacrifice' idea was embedded in the Christian religion by Pharisees to distort and vitiate the power of Jesus' divine message. Moreover 'Christian universalism' was introduced by Emperor Constantine and reinforced by subsquent Roman emperors and temporal rulers to reinforce their temporal power and control. Despite that, the truth that every ensouled HUman is a sovereign individual indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness embued many individuals in the European Christian culture that evolved in Europe after the collapse of the Roman empire with a sense of personal individuality not present in tribal and other cultures not influenced by awareness of Jesus' teachings.

Over a period of many centuries that sense of individual uniqueness and separateness from others and consequent awareness of personal responsibility made Western Christendom highly creative, adaptive and self confident. See eg: How the Catholic Church Created Our Liberal World -

However, although the neo-Pharisees were disliked for their nepotistic, monopolistic and usurious activities, the neo-Pharisaic Black Nobility controlling the Venetian empire infiltrated the Vatican and incited the Crusades which enabled them to increasingly encroach upon the economic and political freedom of Christian kingdoms in Europe. In fact the Black Nobility's usurious banking caused a devastating  Global Financial Collapse during the 14th century.  That collapse decimated the population and economies of the known civilised world namely Christian Europe, China and India. See eg: How Venice Rigged The First, and Worst, Global Financial Collapse -

As I mentioned above, the Christian West has been plagued from the time of Jesus by Pharisees (now predominantly Khazarian neo-Pharisees who call themselves Jews but are not) who have attempted to eradicate Jesus' devine advice and those who seek to know and follow it.  Accordingly, I disagree with the suggestion that the false Pharisaic demonic 'Christian sacrifice' mantra only appeared in the mid-twentieth century. Arguably the 'Christian sacrifice' dogma (including the symbolic Pharisaic blood ritual incorporated in the mass which totally distorted the genuine equalitarian communal idea typified by the 'Last Super') was embedded in the Christian religion by Pharisees like Saul (St Paul) even before the Christian religion was formalised by Emperor Constantine.

The Pharises used the Christian religion in combination with usury and denatured food to destroy the Roman Empire. Ever since achieving that, the Talmudists have plotted  to use the Christian religion to eliminate Jesus' real divine teaching. The Jesuits, the Inquisition and Bolshevik Communism were partially successful examples of that policy. The current demonic Talmudic use of cultural Marxism is just the latest, and last, attempt to destroy Jesus' Good News by socially engineering and mind controlling Christian religious adherents to commit cultural and 'racial suicide'.

Kevin MacDonald: Instead, Corey advocates a revitalization of Medieval Germanic Christianity based on, in the words of Samuel Francis, "social hierarchy, loyalty to tribe and place (blood and soil), world-acceptance rather than world-rejection, and an ethic that values heroism and military sacrifice." This medieval Christianity preserved the aristocratic, fundamentally Indo-European culture of the Germanic tribes.

Ron: This suggested panacea is NOT Christian in that it s contrary to Jesus divine message and doesn't accord with the divine plan for HUman evolvement in physicality. As mentioned earlier, Jesus taught that we must learn to love neighbour as self for the love of God.

Kevin MacDonald: This was an adaptive Christianity, a Christianity that was compatible with Western expansion, to the point that by the end of the nineteenth century, the West dominated the planet. Christianity per se is certainly not the problem.

Ron: Christianity, namely Jesus' true divine teaching, is not the problem BUT Talmudic falsification of the Christian message is.

Kevin MacDonald: The decline of adaptive Christianity coincides with the post-Enlightenment rise of the Jews throughout the West as an anti-Christian elite, and Corey has a great deal of very interesting material on traditional Christian views of Judaism. Traditional Christian theology [Ron: rightly] viewed the Church as having superseded the Old Testament and that, by rejecting the Church, the Jews had not only rejected God, they were responsible for murdering Christ.

Ron: Actually Christ Jesus did not die on the Cross but was resussicated and taken to Damascus where he frightened the bejabbers out of Saul of Tarsus (St Paul). He then journeyed to India where he married and had children, dying at about age 115.

Kevin MacDonald: As is so often the case with Jewish activism, the pornography movement has been motivated not solely by money but by hatred toward Christian morality and Christian family functioning...

In other words, the Western family pattern of monogamous nuclear families based on strong husband-wife pair bonds has been under attack from Jewish dominated movements, the most noteworthy of which was psychoanalysis promising an idyllic future if only people would jettison traditional Christian constraints on sexuality. These negative trends in family functioning have been most pronounced among the lower social classes and thus have much less effect on high-IQ middle and upper income groups, including Jews as a relatively high-IQ group. The disaster in family patterns has fallen far more severely on the White working class.

Corey's has an extended treatment of the corrosive effects of pornography, now extended to child pornography and legalized pedophilia as the "final frontier" in the sexual revolution. As Corey notes in the case of pedophilia, "We are presumably one Supreme Court ruling away from the National Review cocktail ‘conservative' crowd celebrating pederasty as the next great achievement of individual liberty."

Ron The Talmudists are well aware of this as their demonic masters havie been instrumental in achieving these results for aeons. For commentary on a detailed study of this phenomenon see: FLASHBACK: 1930s Anthropologist Finds Sexual Hedonism Destroys Civilizations -


"If only Americans knew, we are bringing them the plague!"
- Sigmund Freud to Carl Jung, on the ship bringing them to America

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 31, 2020 - "There are Many True Heroes to Pick from. DO NOT Emulate the Failed Dust of Witless Terrestrial Celebrities."

Strangely, at least it might seem so to many, my greatest enjoyment and my most precious memories were those moments of service, ESPECIALLY mutual service. The times I worked with others in a commonly shared enterprise, whose objective was the creation of joyful engagement in works that we were known by; "by their works ye shall know them," gave me fulfillment that I NEVER got anywhere else and fulfillment is not something to sneer at. Here is what it comes down to, YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH YOURSELF.   Les Visible

True US History
Aug 30, 2020 - The Scofield Bible—The Book That Made Zionists of America’s Evangelical Christians

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 29, 2020 - "Oh Happy Day, the Day You Make Parole out of The Penitentiary of the Mind!!!"

Wherever there is Fear and Uncertainty, there... is a lack of Certitude. The quality of your Love determines the quality of your life. The great mistake that misguides the life of so many, is the tendency to put God at a distance, to THINK that God is far off when God is closer to you than ANYTHING else. You COULD NOT think or feel if God were not present. You could not breathe and your heart could not beat because, GOD IS THE LIFE IN YOU   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 27, 2020 - "What do You Prefer, Light or Darkness...? You Make the Call."

In times of Material Darkness, the leaders of the Temporal World are NEARLY ALL COMPROMISED. This is WHY powerful Satanists are able to work their magic at will. People in possession of any greater degree of Integrity are ABSENT from the seats and corridors of power. However, there is one MAJOR REASON why these psychopaths are permitted to operate in an unhindered fashion and that is; God PERMITS it for The Purpose of Demonstration. It is all being directed to an end that most everyone is unaware of. Indeed, those preying on humanity and spreading Fear and Terror around the world, are being both assisted and encouraged to continue in their evil ways, ONCE AGAIN, for The Purpose of Demonstration.   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 26, 2020 - "COVID is a Myth Wrapped in a Fairytale Told by Idiots, STUPID is the Real Pandemic."

Don't be STUPID! Embrace the influence of Awakening or... be recycled. A New World is on the doorstep. I don't care what anyone else says about it; a Golden Age is in the offing. It REALLY is but many people are not going to see it. ANYTHING can and possibly will be happening soon. Natural and manufactured Catastrophes, such as have not occurred in recorded history, ARE on the menu. Manufactured or Natural; they can ONLY happen if they are the WILL OF GOD. The same applies to the ever increasing social unrest. There is the specter of food shortages and real pandemics, unlike COVID, which is nothing more than a scam, permitted by the WILL OF GOD. Everything created here by both Good and Evil intent, can ONLY happen through the WILL OF GOD.   Les Visible

Aug 26, 2020 - Let There Be Light… So Long as it’s Decolonised. Right-on academics condemn the science of illumination as ‘white male dominated’

Rob Lyons: Look at how Copernicus, Galileo and Darwin came to undermine religious teaching on the origins and central importance of humankind. It turned out that the Earth is just another lump of rock orbiting a star, and that humans - far from being fashioned from scratch by God - are simply the evolved descendants of apes.

Ron: I disagree. This is disinformation. Humans are NOT the evolved descendants of apes. Humans and everything in the cosmos is/are created by the MIND energy of the Creator. The cosmos is a manifestation of energy; and the physical cosmos is constituted by congealed radiant energy that solidifies energy from the either at very slow vibrational rates. Moreover, ensouled human beings (HUmans) are spiritually  enlivened by an indwelling fragment of Creator Consciousness (God spark) which bestows on each individual personality, free will and immortality. HUmans must have sufficiently high quality DNA to enable them to be soul carriers. Apes and lower animals do not have such quality DNA. Whenever any lower animal crosses the threshold to compassionate rational thought they evolve the DNA required for human status. Thereafter they reincarnate as human beings. Then, once a human being consciously chooses some moral action the Creator bestows on them a God spark and they commence their eternal journey. Being human is a gift from God NOT the result of random chemical and biological actions.

To the extent that Darwin's work is or may be being used to undermine the origins and central importance of humankind it is wrong. See eg: The Ten Dogmas Of Modern Science -

Genetics Is Giving Way to a New Science of Life See:

The 10 False Assumptions of Modern Science (and How to Set Science Free With New Paths to Discovery). See:

Why Mainstream Science is a Religion -

The Physical Universe is an Information System. See:

Complex Integration : The Fatal Flaw of "Evolution". See:


Science Needs a New Paradigm -


Complex Integration : The Fatal Flaw of "Evolution". See:

3 Reasons Why Darwinism Fails to Define Human Nature. See:

Evolutionist Mad Man Says he Found "Luca"-

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 25, 2020 - "An Arranged Marriage of Curious Bed-Fellows in a Throuple-Jerk Fever to Die For."

Daily, I thank my fortunate stars that GOD is AT THE HELM of The Ship of State and The Ship of Life. No firmer hand could there ever be at the tiller AND it ALL DEPENDS on 'if you think so.' Once again we are back at the consideration of... As a Man Thinketh, so IS HE! This is precisely the truth and nothing but The Truth and it is SELECTIVELY and INDIVIDUALLY relevant to us, each and all.  ..........................   I can understand why so many are giving up hope BUT... this is not the end of anything. This is a rite of passage to insight and realization. Try to remember that it is going to TURN OUT DIFFERENTLY in each singular case. Judgment, Redemption and Salvation await every person in their time, according to what they bear and intend. Let NOT your heart be troubled. There is far more to all of it than is presently evident and the possibilities of occurrence are limitless. There is no telling what 'may' happen or who 'might' arrive. There will be some amount of everything taking place, from the most brutish to the most serene of outcomes. Mind how you go !  Les Visible

True US History
Aug 25, 2020 - Honk if You Love Jesus

Ron: This analysis ignores the highly divisive and demonic role played by Jews, ie Pharisees, the Black Nobility and neo-Pharisees, in fomenting conflict, warfare and economic and societal catastrophies in Western Christendom and in US and world history. THIS sort of historical argumentation nintentionally supports the FALSE HISTORY that butresses the Jew controled MSM's FALSE NARRATIVE and their dumbing down of the US and the Western World which they have imposed upon the Euroanglo-US world for centuries.

This author's basic premise mistakenly assumes that the Christian religion created by Pharisees and Roman emperors is a religion of love. It isn't. The Christian religion pretends to be based on the divine teachings of Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) but, when creating the Christian religion the Pharisees and Roman emperors removed essential elements of Jesus' teachings and substituted lies and demonic half truths in their stead. Accordingly this author's criticisms to the effect that the (dwindling) number of USans who profess adherence to the Christian religion are hyper-hypocrits misses the mark. The true responsibility belongs to the Pharisees who inserted the Torah into the Bible as the Old Testament and the Pharisees and neo-Pharisees who have distorted Jesus' message and misled Christian relgious adherents ever since.

The Pentateuch and Torah contain a litany of ethno-centric, genocidal tirades attributed to the angry, vindictive, ego-centric entity the Torah calls god. See eg: THE OLD TESTAMENT – A WINDOW INTO THE SOUL OF GENOCIDAL SADISTIC RABID MAD DOG ISRAHELL - The genocidal killing and ethnc cleansing sooo typical of the behaviour of Anglos, USans and Israelis is perfectly consistent with the narratives and edicts expressed in the Old Testament.

The Christian religion was created by Pharisees who foisted it upon the Roman empire in order to destroy Jesus' divine teaching. The Pharisees used the Christian religion as part of their arsenal, along with usurious money creation and lending, and food denaturisation, in their destruction of the Roman empire.

Jesus didn't incarnate to create a religion and didn't. He came to teach divine truths lost over millennia and corrupted by Pharisees and others. Accordingly the Christian religion is a Trojan Horse inserted into the Roman empire and thence into our modern world by Talmudists. For a more detailed explanation of this process see eg: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism -

Once you become aware of this historic reality you can distinguish between the Christian religion and the true legacy of Christ Jesus' divine teaching about the need to love Neighbour (everyone and everything), AS self (one needs to learn to accept and love self) FOR the love of God (ALL that is.).

Contrary to Jesus' teaching, the Talmudic 'holy books' of the Pharisees and neo-Pharisees who now call themselves Jews but are not, teach that only Talmudists are true humans and that all gentiles, ie those who do not accept the Talmud, are animals to be used, abused and killed at whim by neo-Pharisees ie Jews. Belief in this ethno-centric, genocidal Talmudic political ideology enables Jews to do what they do to gentiles and this planet.

In successive iterations of Christian religious dogmas and the Bible over two millennia, Pharisees and neo-Pharisees have distorted and/or eliminated essential divine truths tasught by Jesus. This disinformation process was starting by the Pharisee, Saul of Tarsus (St Paul), who, never knew Jesus. For instance St Paul denigrated females, subjugating them to males. He also fostered the view that only believers in Christian religious doctrine could be "saved" although it might be possible for those who hadn't heard the Christian religious message to be saved pursuant to a mechanism termed "Baptism of desire".

The Pharisees were not satisfied with forcing the Romans to crucify Jesus and inserting the Torah into the Bible and calling it 'The Old Testament'. They also sought to remove all references to Jesus' GOOD NEWS such as reincarnation and the fact that EVERY ensouled human being (HUman) is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness making each HUman an only begotten (ie unique) 'Son of God', were deliberately omitted from the Christian religioun's teaching and deleted from the Bible.

This denial of the fact that every HUman is indwelt by a God fragment and hence sovereign and immortal was as crucial as the elimination of the truth about reincarnation. Why? Because it led to the infantilisation of Christian religious believers via the false doctrine that Jesus the Christ was the ONLY begotten son of God and that he sacrificed himself for the salvation of ALL of humanity. He didn’t and couldn’t. Jesus' message was that every ensouled HUman is gifted by the Creator with a unique personality and free will and that, as a consequence, every ensouled human being is a sovereign individual responsible for his/her own decisions, evolvement and destiny. Each HUman must learn about life the universe and everything and evolve spiritually to ‘save’ self. Moreover, HUmans are eternal spirits and have eternity in which to reincarnate and complete this process.

The Christian religion doesn’t tell adherents this truth because Emperor Justinian eliminated virtually all references to Jesus’ teaching about reincarnation from the Bible. This was finally achieved during the Fifth Ecumenical Council in 554 AD. At that time Emperor Justinian arrested Pope Vigilius for Believing in Reincarnation and had the Council declare:

If anyone asserts the fabulous preexistence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema. (The Anathemas against Origen), attached to the decrees of the Fifth Ecumenical Council, A.D. 554, in Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, 2d ser., 14: 318). See eg: Pope [Vigilius] Arrested for Believing in Reincarnation -

Eradication of the doctrine of Reincarnation, ie knowledge that the evolvement of life and hence MIND is based on the reincarnation process (which is essential to enable spirit beings incarnating into physicality to avail themselves of a sufficient number of physical incarnations to adequately explore and understand the immensity of life, the universe and everything) is the method used by the Pharisees and neo-Pharisees to convince gentiles (ie all who DO NOT accept Talmudism) that they are merely physical creatures having one, only, lifetime which has no meaning, destiny or purpose. Concomitantly this LIE, reinforced by the Talmudists’ funding and coercion of scientists to accept and promulgate false science about life, the universe and everything as typified by falsely promulgated Darwinian evolutionary theories about the Origin of Species, has made it easy for Talmudists and the Christian religious puppets they control, to instil fear of death into congregations. The truth is scientifically explained by Bruce Lipton. See eg: Bruce Lipton - Fear vs Love State and Stress's Effects on Your Body -

This process of inserting LIES into Christian doctrine and the Bible has made it feasible for Talmudists and materialists generally, to distort human consciousness and science by having scientists, academics, educators and commentators as well as the MSM, promulgate false and ridiculous ideas about consciousness arising from random chemical reactions. This also enables Talmudists et al to contend that people on this small planet on the edge of the universe are the most, and probably the only, consciously intelligent beings in the Cosmos. LOL.

A major 20th Century distortion of the Bible was the Scofield Bible financed by the Rothschilds at the beginning of the 20th century. See eg: The Zionist-Created Scofield 'Bible'. -

Arguably the Schofield Bible has been the major cause of the irrational acceptance of Judaism by Evangelical Christians and so-called Christian Zionists in the US. This has caused growth of belief in the gross LIE that Christian values that are derived from the teachings of Jesus the Christ have arisen from or have some real connection with, Judaism. This false belief has segued into the LIE that Western civilisation has derived its moral values from so-called Judeo-Christian roots. This enables the Jews to emotionally blackmail many religious USans into supporting Israel and its ethnic cleansing and genocide of Semitic Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

Catholic Popes gradually assumed the legal powers of Roman Emperors in Western Europe after the collapse of the Roman Empire there in the 5th Century AD. In the 11th Century the Black Nobility (who had neo-Pharisaic origins) and who controlled Venice and its Empire, infiltrated and began to take control of the Vatican and neo-Pharisees have greatly influenced the Catholic Church since that time.

Since Emperor Constantine establishe the Christian religion Pharisees and neo-Pharisees have always sought to manipulate Christian Ecumenical Councils. For instance, Jewish (neo-Pharisee) "converts" influenced Vatican II and its distortioned doctrines. See eg: Converts Who Changed the Church Jewish-Born Clerics Helped Push Vatican II Reforms -

The Pharisees of the Vatican -

The "Jews" Behind the Second Vatican Council -

The Evolution of the Relationship Between Catholics and Jews How Vatican II Sparked an Ongoing Revolution of Faith -

Vatican II = New Religion? See:

Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letters No. 39, 41 & 42:

But as always the Jews remain unsatisfied. They NOW seek to totally eviscerate the New Testament and eliminate the remaining valid portions of Jesus' teachings by further corrupting his Good News that we are all sons and daughters of the Creator. They seek to do this by eliminating all references to the truth of who the Pharisees were and what they did. The arrogance of Talmudists is almost unbelievable. See eg: How They Do It - Jewish Leaders Call for New Editions of the Bible and the Koran to carry 'trigger Warnings' highlighting anti-Semitic Passages -

In all the circumstances it is not surprising that pseudo Christian USans and others are unable to distinguish between what Jesus taught and the decadent, demonic Judaic morality that the Talmudists believe and promulgate. And as a consequence, many Evangelical Christians and others already embrace decadent, Canaanite derived, Judaic values and accept cultural Marxist and other atheistic, amoral Canaanite beliefs and sexual behaviours that are being aggressively imposed on Anglo-US and European social consciousness by Jew organised and funded militant Libtards and "progressive" cultural Marxist Communist elites in the US, UK, Europe and elsewhere. See eg: Marxism And Marriage -

The Problem with Gay Marriage -

How They Do It - Jewish Leaders Call for New Editions of the Bible and the Koran to carry 'trigger Warnings' highlighting anti-Semitic Passages -

The Talmudists’ current puppet Pope is Francis and his obvous tendency and intention to establish a Talmudic global religion are obvious. A major mission of Abundant Hope is to change the face of religion by introducing a truly spiritual personal dimension in which humans on this planet learn the truth about life, the universe and everything. In truth EACH HUman must personally forge a spiritual relationship with the Creator via his/her indwelling fragment of Creator consciousness.

Our reality is not as simple as the neo-Pharisees and their minions suppose. Thinking emanates from the Creator, the MIND that creates ALL THAT IS! Thus real thinking emanates from our immortal Spirit which is a fragment of the consciousness of the Creator, NOT from our physical brain which is merely a biological computer. Our world constantly manifests as a result of our thinking. The pseudo global religion being touted by the Jews' puppet Pope Francis, would result in a diabolically enslaved world that is the product of accumulated negative thoughts and actions that have generated negative energetic vibrations over aeons on this planet. Those thoughts have produced a planetary genetic mind that has manifested a demonic (Masonic, cultural Marxist Communist, pseudo religious) mind set. Those thoughts have become progressively darker and more negative due to continuing Satanic and demonic Talmudic influences.

It follows that, as this author implied earlier, the Christian religion IS A HERESY. It is not what Jesus taught. However, vestiges of Jesus' teachings have percolated down through the ages and because his divine truths are so powerful, those vestiges were still sufficient to create Western Christendom which was the civilisation that seeded our world with the real concept of unconditional love and the need for HUmans to serve other more than self. See eg: How the Catholic Church Created Our Liberal World - This was achieved despite constant undermining and distortion of Western Christian civilisation by Pharisees and neo-Pharisees who are primarily responsible for the misdirection of US political polity and the horrendous harm visited upon our world which this author complains of.

Religions are socio-political control mechanisms used to indoctrinate and pacify populations. Real spirituality is an individual accomplihment since it primarily involves personal reflection with each individual listening to his/her indwelling God spark. That tends to mean that individuals influenced by external religious rhetoric and dogma lack deep reflection about self and others. In relation to the criticisms about the religiosity of USans this author's crtique is justified BUT fails to understand the underlying reality which is that the public manifestation of Christian religiosity by USans is a manifestation of the corruption of Jesus' divine teaching. Moreover, that corrupted manifestation actually reflects Talmudism NOT Jesus' message.

In this connection be aware that demonic Talmudic influences have deeply corrupted English society from the time of Elizabeth I in the 16th Century. The neo-Pharisees (aka the Black Nobility) who ruled the Venetian empire from the 11th to 16th Centuries developed the slave trade between Europe and the Mongol empire and Conversos like Christopher Columbus introduced it into the Americas in 1492. See eg: The Venetian Black Nobility “ A History - And: Black Guelph Evil Nobility by LaRouche - The Black Nobility moved their HQ to the Netherlands in the 16th Century and then ensconsced themselved in England during the reign of King William III with the establishment of the usurious Bank of England in 1694. However, the neo-Pharisees' demonic influence appears to have started during the reign of the demonic Queen Elizabeth I. See eg: Dr. John Dee: Occultist Behind the British Empire and Judaic New World Order -

SerialBrain2: Trump's Historic Visit to the UK: Winning, winning, winning -

In the mid 17th Century the Talmudists funded Oliver Cromwell and later William III of Orange who they funded to become King William III of England. Arguably neo-Pharaisaic banksters rather than real followers of Jesus' teaching  increasingly controlled the British monarchy under King William III through to King George VI and until today because of their financing of the monarchy.

Arguably, Britain has been covertly controlled by Jewish banksters in the INDEPENDANT, SOVEREIGN ENTITY known as the City of London since, at least the establishment of the Bank of England in 1694 and probably since the so-called Glorious Revolution in 1688. The alleged sovereignty of the UK Parliament is a typical Talmudic myth.

At the beginning of the 17th Century Talmudists funded and controlled the British East India Company and the corporations that colonised North America as well as the Masons and the Illuminati which they used to increase their control of the British Empire and the US.

Jewish banksters have controlled the independant sovereign entity known as 'The City of London' for over four centuries. The 'City' financed and regulated Btitish empire trade, and the UK government seated in London sent out its navy to protect the 'City's' shipping routes. The UK slave economy was fully, though covertly, integrated into the City of London's commercial and financial structure.

Globalism is demonic Talmudism which operates through various power centres including the City of London, the Vatican, Washington DC, Brussels and various covert locations.

Neo-Pharisees always seek to blend into target gentile nations they wish to control, A major mechanism they use for this is having rich Jeweses marry into aristocratic and elitist gentile families. This mechanism is very evident in Britain and the US. See eg: Donald Trump Gets an Earful After Saying US-Italy Ties Go Back to Ancient Rome -

As the Old Testament totally contradicts Jesus' divine moral teachings and is included in the christian religion's "Sacred Scriptures"; AND Pharisees and neoPharisees have spent the last 2000, years distorting, corrupting and eliminating crucial divine teachings that should have been included in the New Testament portion of the Bible, anyone believing the pastiche of Talmudic lies inserted therein is bound to be confused and misled.


Larry Romanoff: Several authors have recently jumped onto this wagon, oddly presenting Christianity as China's next savior, painting such a generous, benevolent and kind-hearted picture of this religion that they seem to ask, "How could anyone be so mean-spirited as to prevent this lovely thing from entering China and infecting it with the plague"?

Ron: President Xi Jinping is a Christed individual who, together with Presidents Trump and Putin, is leading Christ Michael Aton's initiative to segue this planet and its inhabitants into CM's Millennial Reign which was declared on 5 February 2019.

Larry Romanoff: None of this is religious in any sense; all of it is political and driven by money.

Ron: I don't think the ultimate Talmudic motive is money. The monetary meme is only the mechanism used to corrupt HUman consciousness and it is used as a socio-political control mechanism as is religion.

Larry Romanoff: Returning to the American Christians, their fervent adherence to what were mostly misbegotten ideals rotting in diseased minds resulted in their conviction that they were special, closer to their Creator than any other living beings, which conviction imbued them with an imaginary but quite contagious stench of moral righteousness that invaded the DNA of every President, White House staff member, the entire Congress and, eventually, the entire population.

Ron: Arguably President Trump is genuinely spiritual and doesn't ouse moral righteousness. Rather he is genuinely serving USans and striving to free their minds from Talmudic ideology while working relentlessly to free them from usurious bondage to Jewish banksters and their minions.

Larry Romanoff: Obama was sending drones into Pakistan to kill thousands of children and families because he was the embodiment of good, so even his most vile and evil acts were therefore good and pleasing in the eyes of his god. Madeleine Albright deliberately killed more than 500,000 Iraqi children because she was good. Hillary Clinton so famously laughed on national television at the brutal murder of the President of a harmless country (Khaddafi) because she wanted him dead, and because both her wish and her celebration of its fulfillment were "good". Similarly, the USS Vincennes shot down a civilian Iranian airliner killing almost 300 people and George Bush refused to even apologise because he knew in his heart that his actions, however misguided and evil, were still "good".

Ron: This thinking is simplistic and misleading. Obama, Albright, Clinton and Bush et al are demonic Talmudists and have committed treason in relation to the US nation and the rest of the world. THAT is what Talmudists do. The reason that USans, as a collective, have accepted the satanic activities of those Talmudists and others is largely a result of a combination of ignorance, mind controlling education and constant governmental and MSM disinformational propaganda. Of course deteriorating societal DNA and IQ combined with egocentric venality is also a factor. As a collective, USans can be said to be hypocrits but that is a common failing among other nations and cultures also.

Larry Romanoff: It's interesting to think that if Americans one day realise the stupidity of their governmental system they would replace it instantly,

Ron: Arguably, the reason that President Trump and his supporters, including Qanon, are taking sooo long to drain the swamp is that Universe Management hopes that a majority of USans will start 'waking up' and that can only be done slowly because almost all USans are spiritually comatose.

Larry Romanoff: We can ask ourselves how it is possible for thinking people to execute such massive criminal activities, to propagate so many untruths, to cause so much visible suffering, and yet unable to see the immense gulf between their espoused ideals and their actions, and continue to claim they are "good".

Ron: It is almost impossible to convince an individual of something when their income or life appears to depend on NOT understanding it.

Larry Romanoff: Madeleine Albright had the Commandment stating “Thou shalt not kill”, delivered to her by her god, then set out to deliberately kill half a million innocent children while telling the world, “The United States is ‘good’.”

Ron: Two millennia ago the Pharises forced the Romans to crucify Christ Jesus and then they created the Christian religion to eradicate his divine message. They have very nearly succeeded as this article evidences.

Larry Romanoff: It is always the far Right-Wing religious extremists, whether Christian, Jew or Muslim, who exhibit all the bigotry, racism, hatred and blind ideology. It is they who are the most dangerous.

Ron: Right and Left labelling is a Talmudic trick. Labels are meaningless since they are subject to distortion and misdirection. The greatest slaughters in history have been done by Jews and people manipulated by Jews. Alexandr Solzenitsyn said that the Bolsheviks murdered 66 million Russians and Hatonn says that the Bolsheviks killed 100 million Russians and Eastern Europeans in all. The Rothschilds' agent, Mao Tsetung, caused the deaths of some 60-80 million Chinese and global Jewry has been responsible for creating the Bolsheviks and Maoists as well as fomenting the Jews' Coup falsely called the French Revolution; the Napoleanic Wars; the American Cvil War; the Boer War; WWI and WWII and all US wars and regime change "interventions"since WWII. The determining factor has been Talmudic influence and whether rabbinical rhetoric chooses to call it "Right wing"or "Left wing" is irrelevant.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 24, 2020 - "Somehow, by Supernatural Agency, You are Reassured and find Sweet Honey from the Rock."

Of course, the REAL reason that I do what I do is because I have no choice. Like those going down the other road, I have been on this road for too long to turn back. This is where it has led me. I am a poet more than I am anything else and poets are driven by love. They pursue and explore and study love. Sometimes they go in directions they might later repent of, like Lord Byron. If you pursue and explore and study love, you eventually wind up at the source of love and that is GOD. There is no way around that. It can't lead anywhere else.    Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 21, 2020 - "When God and Religions are The Targets of Protracted Cancel Culture, Wave Bye Bye to Your Country."

The purpose of Religion in a society is to provide a schematic for acceptable behavior, so that a country can prosper and be strong. It gives cohesion and community. It creates an atmosphere of kindred spirits. It HAS ITS DOWNSIDES AS WELL. Yes it does, as history teaches BUT... without it? Look out! Well, we have The Bolshevik Example of what happens and the same people who brought that about are trying WITH ALL THEIR MIGHT to do the same thing here and IF they can pervert the sexual force and destroy the family unit, THEY WILL SUCCEED. Were it not for the REALITY of the existence of God they would have already done so. Can you see where their efforts are directed? Can you see the messages in popular music and film, as well as in a variety of fairly recent cultural adaptations, ALL OF WHICH they control ?  Les Visible

Political Information
Aug 21, 2020 - NEEDED: Vision and Leadership for the Family of Man

Julian Rose: The new education will therefore elucidate an economic principle whereby the wealth of the planet is to be shared amongst all peoples and poverty is eradicated.

Ron: In my view humans on this planet need to desire to seek to love neighbour AS self FOR the love of God. That message rather than any 'economic principle' was what Jesus the Christ taught was the requirement for our salvation and evolvement. The money meme and so-called economic ideas based on it are demonic ideologies foisted on us by Talmudists who have used them to distract and divide humanity in order to conquer and enslave this planert and her inhabitants. The Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi are currently eliminating usurious fiat currency creation by the Federal Reserve System and all global central banks; AND the fraudulent fractional reserve lending systems used by commercial banks to impoverish and control humanity here. THAT initiative, together with divine planetary management pursuant to Christ Michael Aton's Millennial reign, will eliminate poverty, scarcity and want on this planet.

Julian Rose: Where there is to be an overriding central body concerned with ensuring the course for the emergent new society is set fair, it will comprise ‘a council of the wise and true'.

Ron: After the coming Magnetic Reversal, STAND STILL and stasis, the UN and all Talmudic organisations on this planet will be abolished and Christ Michael will appoint councils to oversight appropriate divine governance.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 20, 2020 - "Keeping in Mind that your Heart WILL BE BROKEN and that the World WILL BE Ruined for You."

Acquire The Qualities of God and look in the mirror. You WILL see God. Look with Pure Love into the heart of your neighbor and you WILL see God. Become the embodiment of Love and you will see and be God. That spark of The Divine is in all of us, or WE WOULD NOT BE. It is the Dynamic Animating Principle; resident in each of us. The trick is to bring it forward until ONLY that is expressing through you. This means attaining Selflessness and literally GIVING YOURSELF AWAY, every moment, every day.  Les Visible

Aug 20, 2020 - Nothing New Under The Sun
Alan Watt: The best scientific opinion believes that before 2029 physicists will have solved the problem of supplying the world with limitless amounts of cheap power.

Ron: Nikola Tesla had already presaged this. See eg: After Nikola Tesla Proved Wireless Electricity was Possible, A Startup Finally Made it a Reality -

Alan Watt: The agricultural basis of society, which has existed for so many centuries, was itself evolved from nomads and savages to reconcile such folk with a peaceful static life of the husbandman's need far more violent adjustment, than will be necessary to urbanize the descents of the world's present agriculturalists.

Ron: I disagree. Arguably the reverse will occur after stasis. Much of the, then much reduced, global population will disperse into the countryside and live in smaller communities.

Alan Watt: Many people in today's world are quite happy with that arrangement. They haven't consciously thought it through. In fact, most people (and it's true) don't really consciously think much through it all. Their ideas are marketed to them and downloaded into them, as efficiently as a program is downloaded into the computer; because essentially, we are just "walking computers," in a sense.

Ron: Arguably what makes an ensouled human being (HUman) is the ability to THINK. A biological entity that doesn't THINK and REFLECT upon his/her existence, is either unensouled or in the process of becoming so. Arguably exercising the ability to think and reflect creates the soul and once an entity achieves that, and chooses to take some moral action, s/he is gifted with an indwelling fragment of Creator consciousness. The tragedy being wrought by demonic mind controlling social engineering in our world is that, as this author says, many HUmans appear to be losing their ability to think, and hence their souls.  At that point they cease to have the potential ability to attract an indwelling Creator fragment; or if already indwelt by a fragment, they lose it and it departs.


Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 19, 2020 - "I Rode into the Desert as an Act of Defense, without a Hairnet of Flies and Mosquitoes."

It is sad what a buzz killer religion is. It turns so many smart people off to the spiritual side of existence. Unfortunately for them, that is the ONLY PLACE where succor, serenity, and sanctuary can be found. You won't find it in the world. What you will find in the world is an ever-increasing sense of doubt and confusion, attended by mounting fear as the end, the inescapable end, approaches. It is right around the corner this very day, this very hour for some but many do not know this.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 17, 2020 - "An Allegorical Wandering Contemplation of Reflections upon a Rapidly Transforming State of Being."

I am NOT the important factor here. What is happening and the force of it at this time, THAT is the important factor. I suspect that the effects I am discerning are not exclusive to me. They, like the waters of the spirit, are freely given to one and all. If you do not avail yourself of them then that is your loss. It does not have to go into the loss column. I really believe that with a little effort put forth on the part of any of you that there might be more in the offing than was the case at any time before in memory. I'm not 100% clear about why it is that I am going on and on about this but I think, I feel, it might be the product of a Contempo shift in the wind. Something has changed, dramatically, in the tenor of the moment.   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 16, 2020 - "Some Thoughts on Meditation by Swami Vivekananda with a Brief Introductory Commentary by Some Guy."

My friends, every moment in life is critical BUT NEVER SO CRITICAL as they are at present because of what is coming up in the rest of this year. EVERYTHING is going to be changed in profound and remarkable ways. For many, it will be no more than a tempestuous period that they will, or will not, weather. The really important and potentially transformative considerations will just go right on by them. How unfortunate this is I do not have to words to describe or define. Please take my admonition here as being of singular gravity and consequence and give it everything you got; Seek and Love the Lord God with all of the passion you can muster. He's waiting on that and so VERY, VERY, VERY much is riding on it. May God bear witness to this and respond and minister to every open, willing, and contrite heart.   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 13, 2020 - "Add in Religion and you've got a Dead Zone, Flayed Man Bacchanal, With No Cellphone Service but Lots of Selfies."

We all have God present within but few of us celebrate it and fewer still celebrate it with an inflexible self-abnegation. Only one persona can be supreme within. It is either self will run riot, or it is perpetual self-diminishing. God becomes more and more present the less of you there is. It's a hard course because that self elevator is VERY HARD to get rid of. It does its thing remorselessly. Shiva Nataraja can ONLY dance when the demon, Apasmāra is under his foot. Then the other foot is raised in dance. That is the conundrum- atavistic difficulty we are always suffering under. Selfless service accomplishes this too. Forgetfulness of Self ALWAYS results in remembrance of God.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 13, 2020 - My Gut Check Religion

Henry Makow PhD: I do not believe that the Bible is the word of God. It was written by men. I do not believe that Jesus was God. (But I'd be delighted if he were.)

Ron: As I understand it, Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) was a dual incarnation, ie his physical body was overshadowed by the spirit of Christ Michael Aton, the creator of this universe, and Esu Immanuel Kumara, a son created by Christ Michael Aton and the Creator, who had attained Christed status during his incarnational journey. Both spirits overshadowed Jesus because their very high vibrational spirit energies would have destroyed his physical body if they entered it. Christ Michael as the God of this universe is one with the Creator and that is the goal of Esu Immanuel Sananda Kumara and all ensouled beings.

Henry Makow PhD: I believe in his Gospel of Love. I consider myself a Jew only in an ethnic and cultural sense. I have no interest in Judaism, beginning with the ridiculous claim that Jews are God's "chosen people." The esoteric goal of Cabalist Judaism is to enslave and exploit humanity. (Only the initiated know this.)

Ron: As I understand it,  being a Jew is not genetic, ie Jews are NOT a race; they are a nepotistic, atheistic, ideological politicial collective. Moreover, Jews are not Semites, they are predominantly of Khazarian extraction but accept political converts from many races. See eg: What Every Prospective Convert to Judaism Deserves To Know -

Israeli Ministry Sets Sights on Millions of 'Potential Jews' to Improve Country's Image and Fight BDS -


Moreover, Judaism is not a religion in that the minority of Jews who profess to being religious worship a vicious, ethno-centric genocidal entity who is no god at all. However, most Jews profess to being atheists who follow a demonic, anti-theist political ideology. Being a Jew is dependant on whether an individual is a Talmudist, namely whether s/he adheres to demonic Talmudic ideology or acts in accordance therewith. Accordingly it is possible for individuals having Khazarian ethnic origins and/or having been raised as Jews, to reject that demonic ideology. An obvious example being Br Nathanael Kapner. And so is Henry Makow, as evidenced by his statements herein.

Be aware also, that ensouled humans who have had many previous incarnations may have incarnated in many different races and cultures and so being born of Jewish parents in a Jewish social milieu does not necessarily determine WHO an individual IS. So even if Henry Makow was born to parents of Khazarian extraction and he and they were raised in a Jewish milieu, that does not necessarily imply that he or they are Jews in the sense of actually supporting demonic Talmudic aims and objectives.


Henry Makow PhD: Generally, the Old Testament keeps people living in the past and prevents them from using their common sense and free will. Prophecy especially makes people fatalistic. I am making up my own religion in the sense that an immediate relationship with God is the only thing that matters.

Ron: Every ensouled human (HUman) being is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness which means each HUman individual is an only begotten (ie unique) son or daughter of the Creator just as Jesus was. In effect every HUman is gifted by the Creator with unique MIND (the ability to THINK) and a  personality and free will.  These gifts make a HUman a sovereign individual. And being indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness means each HUman can commune directly with the Creator and doesn't need any outside religious individual or organisation to facilitate that relationship. Accordingly it is possible for Henry Makow to rightly say he has an immediate relationship with God and that is the only thing that matters.

Henry Makow PhD: It really doesn't matter if Heaven exists except whether belief in it makes for a better life and a better world.

Ron: The Pharisees have distorted and corrupted Jesus' divine message about life, the universe and everything. The Christian fairy tale about "Heaven" is one of those lies. Havona is the the Centre of the Cosmos in the centre of which the Creator resides on the Paradise Isle. The goal of all created HUmans is to learn about life the universe and everything in order to evolve and advance in knowledge and consciousness. As they evolve they journey through their local universe and super universe until they reach Havona where they then go to the Paradise Isle and meet with the Creator. Thereafter they return to the Creation to assist with its governance and administration. In that role they continue to learn and evolve to become ever more like the Creator.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 12, 2020 - “In My Father's House are Many Mansions. If it Were Not True, I Would not Have Told You So.”

It is important to realize that this is not just any apocalypse that we are experiencing. This is a Grand Apocalypse. They come around at rare intervals that there isn't even any historical record of the last one. It was that long ago. One thing that can attend a Grand Apocalypse is an Extinction Event. I am in no way suggesting that this is the case with this apocalypse. I am merely mentioning that the possibility is always present in times like these and especially when the level of technology is what it is.   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 11, 2020 - "The Mack Daddy of Evil is Going to Give You One Sweet Ride in the Afterlife... NOT!"

We are on the precipice of tremendous and in many cases, catastrophic change. It is going to come in sociopolitical forms and in Natural Calamities. It is NOT going to happen everywhere BUT IT WILL HAPPEN. This is not about people who have been held down too long seeking to get their slice of the pie and it is not about natural transformations of a cyclic order. It is an apocalypse whose PRIMARY intent is the testing of human souls to determine the future course of each individual and group. It is about seeing if anyone is ready, by seeing what they are willing to let go of, what they are willing to endure, and whether they are willing to change and transcend OR... who knows ?  Les Visible

Political Information
Aug 10, 2020 - The Global Great Reset Explained

Jacob Nordangård: If we don't respond and act promptly and wisely, the foxes will soon to be in total control of the henhouse...

Ron: The foxes HAVE BEEN in almost total control of the hen house for decades. This article outlines the intended outcomes planned by the demonic global control cabal BUT the Triodity of presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their supporters have twarted that interntion with celestial assistance from Universe Management.

The obvious demise of the Talmudic control cabal was signalled by the election of President Trump but other indications include the Brexit vote in the UK in 2016.

From the moment he got into office Trump has been assiduously working to ensure that USans and their nation are able to throw off the yoke of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and their ilk, and to adjust to the decline and elimination of the petro dollar as a cheap if not free means of acquiring foreign goods and services. That is why Trump has rejected inappropriate foreign trade agreements and hastened the reindustrialisation of the US in order to eliminate dependence on foreign goods imports and related supply chain problems. Trump knew that the US could not continue to have a free lunch on the backs of the rest of the world and is rapidly reducing the dependence of the US on foreign imports which will start to cost much more when the USD is adjusted to reflect its true value.

The example being provided by the US in relation to globalisation has been noted and is gradually being imitated by the rest of the world. The COVID-19 debacle in relation to medical and governmental incompetence and malfeasance combined with global supply chain dependance on China has increased awareness of the absurdity of the globalists' plan to centralise political control under the UN and industrial production in China. Governments previously overborne and controlled by Talmudic banksters and cultural Marxist ideology have begun to grow the cojones needed to begin resisting the banksters and to renationalise their trade and industry; as well as reasserting the traditional political, social, and cultural identity of their nations.

In addition Trump has been actively deconstructing the banksters' control of the global monetary system and their demonic mechanisms for global control like the WHO, the Fed, the IMF, BIS and NATO, and various Talmudic trade treaties and arrangements. Ultimately the UN itself will be replaced by proper divine governance. And of course the Marxist controlled EU is on its last legs as popularist traditionalism and nationalism reasserts itself in Europe.

By enormously increasing US "borrowing" from the Fed for stimulous payments and capital works etc, Trump is running up 'fake' debts with the 'fake' Fed system prior to its demise. At the same time Trump is eliminating counter productive regulations that inhibit domestic US productivity and production. This will  increase US industrial efficiency. He is also using his Defence Production powers to ensure that the nation gets the type of production that is really needed; AND value for the USD (ie debt notes) being issued by the Fed. The plan is to ameliorate the impact of USans having to go "cold turkey" by having to pay the rest of the world the real value of their goods and services provided to the US instead of conjuring fake currency out of thin air to exchange for it.

Be aware that the "borrowing" of "debt notes" called USD from the Fed is a fraudulent activity introduced in 1913 with the creation of the Fed. The IRS, like the Fed is a privately owned corporation created shortly after the Fed to collect taxes to enable the US government to pay the fraudulent interest charged by the Fed on so-called USD created out of thin air for the US Congress. This activity was fraudulent not only because the Fed purports to create "money" out of thin air but also because the Constitution only empowers the Congress to create money for the united states of America. See eg: The United States of America Has 2 Constitutions -

The Trump Administration is currently in the process of agreeing with The International Treasury Controller the value of the international Petro Dollar replacement which will be the INTERNATIONAL GOLD BACKED GLOBEC CURRENCY. That process will establish the value of the US currency vis-a-vis the Globec.This process will stabilise values in international currencies and the existing  currency markets will be abolished.  See: DAVID CRAYFORD ---------- IT’S TIME THAT SOMEONE STARTED KICKING ASS SO THAT CHANGES TO THE CURRENT FINANCIAL SYSTEM CAN BE MADE TO BENEFIT EVERYONE, NOT THE MINORITY -

Changes to the monetary system and introduction of the Globec are unlikely to occur until after the Magnetic Reversal STAND STILL, and stasis, at which time this planet and its remaining inhabitants will be ensconced in the Millennial Reign.

The changes being implemented and the cabal's resistance to them are causing chaos on a global scale. This is the final opportunity for HUmans here to opt to THINK about their experiences and the meaning of their existance. Those who make a genuine effort to understand what is happening will remain with this planet to embark on its journey into Light and Life. Those who don't make the effort will be transferred to other planets and places to continue their cosmic journey at levels best suited to their aspirations or lack of them. This is a golden opportunity to enormously shorten (and sweeten) the usual HUman journey to Paradise Pilgrims, TAKE IT!

Frustration and anger are understandable in those "who have eyes to see". BUT rest assured that everything is under proper control by servants and agents of divine authorities. It is always darkest just before dawn. The darkness will give way to the light very "soon" but for a couple of months life on this planet will get worse, especially for those who refuse to wake up. Be aware though, that ultimately, love conquers all. See eg: An Apocalyptic Showdown -

And: Seraphin Message 423: A PAIN-FREE FUTURE -


And: "The Last Prophecy of Peter Deunov and a Commentary." -

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 10, 2020 - "From Mucoid Slithers to the Light of Love Alone; God Interpenetrates Everything."

God possesses wealth and power beyond both description and imagination but temporary baubles are of no value at all by comparison with gifts of the spirit. We need to get our priorities in order. We need to know what is important and what is not important. Both terrible and wonderful events occur every day and there is always a reason for it, whether you are aware of it or not. People come to their wit's end arguing about it and get nowhere. Pretentious intellectuals scoff at the idea of a living God and receive the fruits of that posture. One needs to be both humble and wary as a traveler crossing an icy stream in winter, as Lao Tzu puts it. Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 10, 2020 - Adam and Eve Only One

Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.: Scientists have proven that everyone descended from one ancestral mother, whom they call Mitochondrial Eve. This name is from a 1987 study that found all people were genetically linked to the same historical matriarch.

Ron: This is Talmudic disinformation. This planet was implanted with yellow, red, black and white races, and another race that died out, long before Adam and Eve came here to upgrade human DNA and consciousness around 34,000 years ago. Also the Annunaki are said to have come  here hundreds of thousands of years earlier than Adam and Eve. Similarly Lucifer's 'Satania' management fallen angel staff are said to have been quarantined here 200,000 years ago. That staff would have been here to administer to existing inhabitants. This planet has also accepted refugees from Mars and other places. For instance the Hebrews are said to have arisen as progeny of a man and two women whose space craft crashed in what is now southern Russia many thousands of years ago. They then migrated south to a warmer climate.

As I understand it, the Garden of Eden was prepared for Adam and Eve by existing inhabitants who were apprised of their coming. Apparently Eve's sin was having sexual intercourse with an existing Earth man which caused Adam to have sexual intercourse with a local female which resulted in Adam and Eve and their progeny, said to have been 119 children by that time, being expelled from the Garden of Eden and losing their immortal status (previously ensured by having the Tree of Life which ceased to be available to them). Adam and Eve were then forced to leave the Garden because of attacks from existing tribes and had to seek rehabilitation by "the sweat of their brow" like all other incarnates here. They and their progeny travelled east to the Fertile Crescent where they atoned for their failure and eventually became reconciled with God. Incidentally, although the Old Testament is an unreliable Levite pragerised and distorted pastiche of earlier historical tales, the story of Kane being banished and travelling east to the land of Nod where he presumably sired progeny, evidences that peoples lived there also.

Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.: The landmark study in 1987 found that all people have exactly the same mitochondrial DNA. Scientists uphold the study as proof that everybody comes from a single mother thus known as Mitochondrial Eve.

Ron: We live in a sea of lies on this planet. Science, like everything else has been distorted and corrupted by demonic Talmudists. Notice that this author doesn't even go through the motions of citing the tergiversatious "science" he  refers to.

Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.: Science and Sacred Scripture are in perfect agreement.

Ron: Spare me! IF any "Scripture" is in agreement with "Science" it is because both are the product of demonic Talmudic lies.

Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.: According to the Bible, Eve is the name Adam gave his wife, as Genesis 3:20 recounts, "because she was the mother of all the living." But having Eve as the original mother means that Adam is the biological father of all mankind including Eve as Genesis 2:21-23 attests that God made Eve's body from Adam's rib.

Ron: The Old Testament is a pack of lies, half truths and genocidal political ideology originally designed to browbeat and control primitive Judean tribemen, inserted into the Bible to distort the teachings of Esu Immanuel (aka Christ Jesus). See eg: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism -

Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.: Catholics also have a spiritual reason for knowing each person shares a common ancestry. The Church teaches mankind inherits original sin from the head of the human race, Adam. This historical patriarch lost sanctifying grace by committing a mortal sin.

Ron: More Talmudic bullshit. The 'original sin' dogma is another major LIE inserted into Christian dogma by Pharisees. The Pharisees were not satisfied with crucifying Jesus to prevent him teaching divine truths lost over millenia and corrupted by Pharisees and others; they subsequently influenced Roman emperors to establish the Christian religion in an effort to eliminate his message from history. The prevalence of LIES like this one evidence that they were very successful.

Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.: All of Adam's descendants, meaning humankind, would have shared in Adam's blessings without personally meriting it. So too they now share in his punishment without personally meriting it. As a result, all people are created in the state of original sin, meaning they are created without God's sanctifying presence in their souls.

Ron: This is typical Talmudic disinformation. Think about it. Why would a loving Creator create only begotten (ie unique) sons and daughters indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness yet taint them all with collective punishment for the mistakes of some other created individuals? Not only does that make no sense but it also belies the Catholic doctrine of a loving God. And of course this stupid LIE denies the existance not only of all the other humans on this planet other than the progeny of Adam and Eve, but also it presumes that there are no other beings indwelt by Creator fragments anywhere else in the cosmos despite the fact that the cosmos contains trillions of inhabited planets.].

Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.: Pope Pius XII in his 1950 encyclical Humani Generis flagged the unscientific theory that mankind has multiple first parents. The Pope noted this heresy, called "polygenism," contradicts the Catholic teaching that original sin "proceeds from a sin actually committed by an individual Adam and which, through generation, is passed on to all."

Ron: The Pharisees and neo-Pharisees have sooo completely mind controlled and socially engineered Catholics and many others in our world to such a degree that this sort of nonsense can be peddled about as if it is both true and meaningful. It isn't. Only brain washed people who have lost the ability to THINK could swallow such nonsense. Time is short Pilgrims.* If you want to stay with this planet during its ascension process after stasis you need to see this Vatican horsechit for what it is - demonic propaganda.

* See eg: An Apocalyptic Showdown -

Seraphin Message 423: A PAIN-FREE FUTURE -


And: "The Last Prophecy of Peter Deunov and a Commentary." -


Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 9, 2020 - "Dissonance and Dissidence are the Harmony Voices that Accompany the Siren Songs of Evil."

All of us on the Visible Plane are influenced by intelligences on the Invisible Plane. Like it or not. You do get to CHOOSE WHO INFLUENCES YOU. That is a good thing but imagining that all of the thoughts in your head are your thoughts is a dangerous delusion. In recent times and in present times and also in times going back a good distance, humanity has been routinely manipulated by malefic forces and caused to engage in many forms of self-destructive behavior. Unless you put yourself under the protection of The Celestial Hierarchy, you are going to have problems. A virtuous life IS NOT a carefree going with the flow process. One MUST walk in all ways contrary to the world. Most people are simply carried along on the larger waves that flow across the Mind Ocean of the Times, perpetual victims of ignorant desire and undisciplined appetites.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 8, 2020 - "They're Stuck in Pedophilia with the Ritually Sacrificed Children and the Satanic Adrenachrome Blues Again."

The day is coming, my friends and IT IS NOT FAR OFF when Mr. Apocalypse is going to get heavy and hard in ways many of us never previously imagined were possible. Why are THEY so frantic in these times? Why is there such an urgency to corrupt humanity and spread chaos and confusion in all directions? THEY KNOW that HE is on the way.   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 8, 2020 - 11 New Symptoms Of The Collective Awakening

No denying it now, the train has left the station and everything is being exposed. All of the darkness, depravity and evil that we've been collectively covering up and ignoring for generations is squealing and squirming in this flash of bright light. The powers that be see what's happening, they've revealed their hand, and they're pulling out all the stops in order to maintain the illusion of control.

Indeed, we find ourselves in quite a vulnerable position, and since we've been quarantined from all of the distractions that've helped to blanket us from reality, we can no longer avoid the truth. A new awakening is happening now, and this time it is global. We can no longer numb ourselves to this...

The stakes are incredibly high right now and the future of human freedom is at stake. This is not hyperbole. The Great Reset is coming our way, and while the globalists, central banks and international agencies would like to hijack this and steer us toward a new form of technocratic worldwide Orwellian slavery, the human race has never before had such a true opportunity to free itself from their chains.

It's game on people, time to play your part.

"Defy them. Glory in your awareness and freedom. Be bold and brash in the face of whatever they throw at us. Our fire is what is setting their cobweb of deceit aflame and they know it...but never mind them. Our concentration needs to be on manifesting the Truth. Their mechanisms are in place to discourage initiative, any sense of freedom or autonomy, and our clear and given knowledge of personal sovereignty." ~ Zen Gardner

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 8, 2020 - "How Can God be a God of Love When So Many Bad Things Happen in this World?"

Les Visible: ...Number One- Beirut is built on rock. After the explosion, there remains a near 600-foot wide crater. Whatever they are saying happened, is not what happened. Almost certainly, this was done by THE USUAL SUSPECT and if I have to mention who that is then you haven't been paying much attention to events in that part of the world and who it is that is ALMOST ALWAYS the perpetrator, if it is a negative event. Not identifying who it is is wonderful in some ways because I can't be banned or blocked for what I don't say and- by this time- I don't have to say it. You already know or strongly suspect and as has been the case for a very long time, the following evidence corroborates who it is that we already assumed it was.
Number Two (an appropriate number). Something REALLY big HAS TO BE going on with the power-grabbing self-styled elite. In major cities and entire states across the USA, the Democratic governors, mayors, and all elected and appointed flunkies are fining, arresting, and otherwise hassling those of us who KNOW that masks DO NOTHING to hinder the spread of their fictitious virus and refuse to wear them. Yes, there is a virus, which is about as dangerous as any of the other flus that come and go. Protecting you IS NOT their agenda. Controlling and intimidating you is their agenda. I was advised several years ago to move to where I am because this state is the least among the oppressors of individual rights and freedom. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN THESE DAYS, people. My personal choice is... well... to do what I almost always do anyway; keep to myself unless I simply have to go out and then to make that as brief as possible and come directly home. Not everyone has the options I do and I sympathize with you! God is mindful of your plight. Seek the counsel of God and his angels who are ALWAYS NEAR. These are trying times.)...

Life has become a free-for-all of chaos and chronic insanity. We've been calling attention to the relationship between ever-intensifying Materialism, breeding ever-intensifying Insanity, for some time now and it is REALLY becoming glaringly apparent in the present. Waves of hysteria are moving across the public consciousness and sooner, rather than later, you are going to see just how crazy it can get.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 7, 2020 - Daily Prayer For The Country:

Shelley Keith Childs: Protect those facing persecution, blessing and shielding them, and touch the hearts of their persecutors, lifting the veil, so that they will recognize their sin, repent, and trust Jesus Christ as savior.

Ron: Chrst Jesus was a dual incarnation, being overshadowed by the spirit of Christ Michael Aton, the creator of this universe, and Esu Immanuel Kumara one of his created sons. Jesus was NOT our "saviour". Every ensouled human being (HUman) is indwelt by a fragment of the Creator which makes him/her an only begotten (unique) sovereign son or daughter of God, responsible for saving self. See my comments in: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism -

Shelley Keith Childs: Father we pray that you would give us politicians who have clarity, integrity, and passion for what is right. Give them great intelligence to solve problems, but please give them great strength of character, to stay away from anything corrupt or sinful as well.

Ron: Arguably, HUmans on this planet are responsible for becoming leaders as well as choosing leaders. WE need to make the effort to inform ourseves on relevant issues abour life, the universe and everything, AND to then make appropriate decisions about those matters as well as choosing the individuals who are most appropriate to lead us. God doesn't do that for us, we must do it.].

Shelley Keith Childs: Bless all who love us and all whom we love.

Ron: Jesus taught that HUmans are called to love their neighbour, namely EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, not just those who love us and those we choose to love.

Shelley Keith Childs: Bless and protect Donald Trump, Mike Pence, all incoming Cabinet Members and Aides to the President, all lawmakers who uphold Biblical principles,

Ron: The Bible contains the Pharisaic Old Testament which is replete with barbaric genocidal, collectivist ethno-centric "principles". Also, the Bible didn't exist until Roman emperor Constantine established the Christian religion 300 years after Jesus' crucifixion. Moreover, Pharisees and others have deleted from the Bible crucial teachings by Jesus and filled the New Testament was many corruptions of what Jesus taught. Anyone who wishes to endorse lawmakers and others who will uphold Jesus the Christ's injunction to love neighbour AS self FOR the love of God, really needs to be explicit in saying that.

Shelley Keith Childs: Protect us from a slow agonizing destruction we pray.

Ron: HUmans incarnate to learn about life, the universe and everything and in that process they learn to accept responsibility for protecting themselves from pain and destruction by learning to love. The universe responds to our thoughts, wishes and actions. Loving thoughts and actions protect us from pain and destruction.

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