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Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 17, 2019 - "My Investments and All My Treasures are in The Bank of the Living and Eternal Lord and Master of all Things."

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 14, 2019 - The Gathering Darkness of New Banker Wars and a Golden Age for the Good and the True... Somewhere.

The season of life in which we presently find ourselves is unlike other times. We are in the midst of a spiritual war. One side is seeking to lift humanity to the next level, into the Aquarian Age, the Age of Brotherhood. The other side is seeking to pull it down into perdition. It will be an individual thing in every case. Those who think they can accomplish under their own power will fail. Those who are utterly reliant upon the Supreme Being are already victorious. Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 13, 2019 - Visible Works the Crowd at Woodstock 20.

As hard as it may be, sometimes, to see it, there is an awakening taking place. This awakening can be a grand epiphany that settles your hash once and forever, yes. There is also a process whereby a series of events occur, in a gradual leading into understanding. It seems to me that the best approach is simply to serve as you go. One step follows another and one day... one day...  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 10, 2019 - A Light went on In My Head; Insight... Inspiration... or Revelation?

This Supreme Being (since we are in an apocalypse) is presently engaged in some degree of revelation and epiphany as it relates to all and sundry. Some will realize and some won't but... EXPOSURE is now coming for all of the highly ranked vermin, in the backrooms and in the shadows, pulling the strings and now, in panic mode, jerking the strings, on all of the politicians, religious leaders, entertainers and public spokesbots for The Dark Side; their underlings. All the servants of the swamp are being egregiously harassed, by the chief agents of the Horned One. This is why they are screeching and howling as they are. Also... there are all those embarrassing video recordings and audio tapes. Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 8, 2019 - Behind the Velvet Umbilical Cord, the Aborted Fetus Frottage occurs in the Belly of the Beast.

Because... it's not just the screaming mobs, illegal immigrants and lone gun-nuts that you have to look out for. It's the rough, fire breathing shit golem, that is slow walking behind them that you have to worry about. But you don't have to worry do you? No... you don't have to worry, unless... you have to worry; "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 5, 2019 - The Snake Oil Salesgoblins of the New Age OR The Everlasting Ineffable Waters of the Spirit Freely Given.

Make Love the primary engine of your personal expression and in your small way, you will be using the same engine as The Great One. Assimilate his characteristics and exercise them and you will be behaving as he does when he moves about here, as he does. He is always here in one persona or another and encounters do occur now and again. You may be absolutely sure of this... or not, that's up to you.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 3, 2019 - In the Midst of this Grand Apocalypse, a few Inspired Thoughts from Swami Vivekananda

Other Spiritual Pieces
Aug 1, 2019 - Walking Like You Mean it through the Kingdom of God.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jul 29, 2019 - Having Love in the Engine Block and the Qualities of God in the Windshield, Light Up all the Future Exit Signs.

You are in a living, breathing moment of incredible transformation. Such time periods as the one we are in do not come around very often. It accounts for the large amount of people that are here. Their having immediately forgotten, on arrival, why they were driven to appear, does not discount the importance of the time. The sheer force of collective, low level desire that is present, creates a degree of difficulty seldom seen. Therefore the possibility of a quantum leap spiritually, is an advantage one should take very seriously. We are in a Grand Apocalypse.

The moment anyone decides to move toward the light, the forces of good in the universe rush to their side, leading and encouraging. There is nothing in the darkness but darkness and those who serve the darkness, or are lost in the darkness. The center is everywhere, the circumference is nowhere. What do you find when you unravel a riddle or a mystery? There is nothing there. Mystery is mystery only. Ergo Mystery Babylon. Priests and New Age hucksters have been spieling mystery for profit for a very long time; justifying the need for them. You buy their books and CD's. You take their seminars. You take showers in the glittering confetti of their fabricated, celestial bullshit. You ARE the church. You ARE the holy of holies. You just have to get there, even if you are already there... it has to be realized. Don't give up and you cannot fail.
Don't give up and you cannot fail. -  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jul 27, 2019 - Trying to Outrun the Hava La Gila Monster, Zombie Apocalypse Express Train, with Satchel Paige.

Human/Animal Rights
Jul 27, 2019 - Jordan Peterson Encourages Women to Seek ‘adventure’ of Motherhood, Ignore Climate Alarmism

Featured Image

Pete Baklinski : A civilization that views children merely as "carbon footprints" and not as beings with a spark of divinity in them that have something wonderful to contribute to humanity is a civilization that has lost it bearing. In the end, a civilization that has no children has no hope, no future.

Ron: Arguably "a civilisation" that has no children ISN"T a civilisation, its a Canaanite menagerie on its way to extinction.

Pete Baklinski: Peterson's remarks provide a path forward to those who want to have families but are weighed down by "climate change" talking points.

Ron: Anyone who thinks that CO2 is detrimental to life and this planet and that humans and their procreation and activities are causing climate change and the destruction of the planet have either the thinking ability of a gnat or are demonically possessed. Those choosing to not have children for such reasons are doing humanity and the planet a favour by not reproducing their kind.

jordan Peterson: And I think that the great adventure for women - at least in part, this is the maternal adventure - is to bring a child into the world, knowing full well the consequence is a crucifixion-like brokenness. And that it's still a mark of faith in the possibilities of being [existence], to participate in that and not to hide from it and to say: ‘Well, despite everything, I'm going to act out my faith in life and in the possibilities of being [existence] and I'm going to bring someone into the world who will be a net force for good rather than evil. And that's my moral obligation.'

Ron: This somewhat dismal view of life seems to be nurtured by Torahite ideas about life, the universe and everything. Bringing a potential HUman (Higher Universal Man] into the world is a glorious feat fully in line with the Creator's plan for Creation. It is not a moral chore although to refuse to procreate through fear of consequences is a denial of the purpose of Creation and a negation of the reality of individual conscious being. Being born into physicality is the means by which ascending souls evolve. However, not everyone is morally required to procreate. Some souls have other moral imperatives.

I wish Jordan Peterson would focus more on the teachings of Jesus the Christ rather than Torahite mythologies.

Pete Baklinski: One academic proposed two years later to put a "carbon tax" on children to disincentivize procreation in wealthy nations.

Ron: Sooo, HOW will parents in poor nations PAY this "carbon tax"? OR, does this 'academic' have an unstated premise that poor parents will be physically prevented from having children? IF THAT IS NOT THE CASE, the effect of using taxation on procreation to only limit reproduction in wealthy nations would ensure that our world becomes ever more overpopulated by people with little ot no thinking ability and self control. HOW will that enhance existence on this planet?

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jul 26, 2019 - Sturm und Drang are not a Comedy Duo from Hoboken and the Menu is Prix Fixe.

There is a tale being told at this time and we are all here to witness it. It is an ancient tale and it has been told many times before. There is a reason that over 7 billion people are on the planet at this time. There is a reason that such a large percentage of people fall into excess, when excess is possible. There is a reason that certain personality types are drawn into the lazy effeminacy of same sex congress, which is the official, sexual expression of Materialism, just as Atheism is the official religion of Materialism and Satanism is the official philosophy and selfishness is the preeminent behavior characteristic. It's all a package deal. Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jul 25, 2019 - Fear Displaces Love and... Love Displaces Fear. This is ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Should I be concerned that the world is going to Hell without even employing a hand basket? I am not.  God almighty, the ineffable, is in firm control of everything. Not a sparrow or a leaf falls that the Lord of all Things is unaware of. You may think otherwise, not having the necessary Faith. You might think otherwise because you would do it another way. You might think otherwise because you are deluded and bound up in a Halloween dream of darkness but God Almighty is IN CONTROL of Everything and ALWAYS has been.  Rest upon that unshakable truth, both here... and in the Valley of the Shadow.   Les Visible

Political Information
Jul 21, 2019 - Cardinal's Clarity

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jul 18, 2019 - As the Moon Landing Unfolded, Buzz Aldrin took Communion. Here's why

Simon Smart: But we all have our moments of awe and wonder - the birth of a child, a sunrise that takes our breath away, a painting of unfathomable beauty, a moment in a musical concert that, without warning, brings us to tears. And, when we do, it seems no amount of technological brilliance will ever fully explain or replace that feeling, nor the hunger for transcendence that haunts the human spirit, whether blasting into outer space, or tethered to more mundane, earthly existence.

Ron: Be aware that the NASA Moon landings were public theatre designed by the Rockefeller cartel to conceal the true space exploration situation commenced by Germany during WWII and rapidly developed by the US and the Soviet Union in the 1950s and 60s. See eg: Dr Peter Beter audio letters. See: See especially Audio Letter No. 26. ff. -

William Tompkins - Secrets Space Program. See:


Vladimir Terziski - Secret Nazi Technology & Secret Societies. See: -

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jul 17, 2019 - A Lutheran Pastor Explains - Russia Is a Beacon of Promise for a Christian Future

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jul 17, 2019 - The Thumb-Humping Cellphone Zombies, Line Dancing to the July 17 Tango.

We are in the time of 'awaken or else'. There can be no golden age until the darkness is swept away and there can be no grand awakening, without some consummate tragedy, that finally stuns human consciousness into the common awareness that, presently... universal selfishness fights against with every breath, in every body, that insists on the right to do whatever they please.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jul 15, 2019 - A Mathematical Inevitability of Reaction, to the State of Existence as it Presently Exists.

This summer is shaping up to be a time of massive social change, greater than anything we may have seen before in this lifetime. The trends that have been materializing recently indicate that Push and Shove are soon going to discover how small the confines of the room they are occupying is.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jul 9, 2019 - The Strange and Curious Tale of Kalifornia. Will there be a Whole Lotta Shakin Going On?

The power which is the source of all power, is in control of everything at all times, no matter what it looks like. Regardless of appearances, we are living in a time of broken eggs making omelets. Some things have to happen or we don't learn otherwise. It can seem like the dark side is winning but what is really happening is that the dark side and its proponents are being exposed before the eyes of the world. The main byline of an apocalypse is 'revealing', 'uncovering'. We are being 'shown'. What we make of it and what we do about it... that's up to us.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jul 8, 2019 - “Be The Change You Wish To See In The World” — Misattributed, Misused, And Obscenely Underappreciated

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jul 6, 2019 - The Crack in the Liberty Bell is Where the Truth Leaked Out.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jul 5, 2019 - A Return to "The Love and How to Reach it."

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jul 4, 2019 - Oh what a Torturous Road Indeed... is the Way of the Reactive Mind.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jul 3, 2019 - That Remarkable Gift from the Invisible Masters of Compassion.

Political Information
Jun 28, 2019 - Sir Thomas More's Utopia

SARTRE: From Bartleby Writings the importance of natural law is established by More, while his error upon relying on reason to achieve this understanding negates revelation based upon faith.

Ron: It is not an error to rely on reason to understand natural law. The problem faced by humans on this planet has been that demonic entities and their Talmudic and other controlled agents have distorted and falsified the truth about life, the universe and everything including the natural law. Arguably reason cannot negate revelation since true revelation is truth and reason properly exercised will accept truth.

SARTRE: "The detailed description of Utopia acts as More's mode of expressing his humanistic views, commenting on the fundamentals of human nature and the importance of reason and natural law while gracefully combining the two seemingly conflicting ideals of communism and liberalism."

Ron: The seemingly conflicting ideals of communism and liberalism were created by Talmudists and reflect their demonic collectivist ideology. They were created as part of the Talmudists' Hegelian dialectic methodology whereunder opposing  movements are created to cause societal conflict so that the Talmudic instigators of the conflict can provide their desired solution to it. The mechanism is designed to create chaos and destroy rational thought and hence genuine social relationships and community peace and unity.

SARTRE: Note the outlook expressed by More back in the 16th Century is quite different from the godless [Ron: Talmudic] culture that has engulfed the planet. In Utopia Book I the outline of the systemic problems are examined. However, in Book II the factors and answers to create More's Utopia are presented.

Most notable are the conditions under:

Officials, "The leaders or government officials, chosen from the citizens of superior intelligence and integrity."

Ron: Ordinarily leaders and government officials will also have an adequate knowledge of life through experience.

Community Life, "Menial tasks are performed by slaves."

Ron: The Cosmos is created by Love energy. Accordingly, in "Utopia", the ideal spiritual community capable of experiencing Light and Life will emulate love energy and hence community members will seek to serve others more than self. This means that when and if needed, everyone will perform menial tasks within their capacity. However, as humanity evolves it is being gifted with ideas that create mechanised and electronic technologies culminating in artifical intelligence and these developments are rapidly eliminating the need for human beings to do most menial tasks. ALL that is required to ensure that future human communities live in increasingly utopian material and social conditions unburdened by menial tasks is that community members develop a sufficient degree of higher consciousness, ie greater spiritual maturity, so that communities agree to intelligently control the use of technology and properly and reasonably share its abundant benefits with everyone in society. Eventually this will require dispensing with the money meme and the various mechanisms currently associated with its use and abuse such as privately owned corporations.

Economy, "There is no private property among the Utopians and they have no money."

Ron: Once HUmans evolve spiritually to reach the Utopian level of Light and Life money will no longer be needed to grease the wheels of social interaction. At that point, communities will understand and agree that the Creator is the true owner of everything and that HUmans are stewards and guardians of the natural physical world in which they live. Individuals will become caretakers of the land and housing they occupy and have tenure as long as they need it, provided that they properly maintain and care for it. Occupiers would have quite possession of land, housing and any other property that they validly occupy and have guardianship of, provided that they properly maintain, use and adequately preserve the quality of such land, housing and/or property.

Similar attitudes and responsibilities will typify the control and use of all industrial and commercial premises and property. Local, district, regional and national governance organisations would be tasked with ensuring the proper and reasonable allocation, usage and stewardship of all such premises and property; and the proper and appropriatly equitable distribution of goods and services produced from enterprises using them. Relevant governance organisations would also oversight and control the use of all unoccupied lands.

Philosophy, "The belief that a life pattern must accord with the dictates of nature; since nature prompts people to seek pleasure, pleasure is regarded as the goal of life."

Ron: I agree that life patterns need to accord with the dictates of nature, ie energetic cosmic laws, but disagree with the proposition that 'pleasure is regarded as the goal of life.' Each individual HUman being is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness and endowed by the Creator with a unique  mind and personality. Arguably the ultimate goal of every created spirit and of everyone incarnating in this physical world is to grow in knowledge, wisdom and love and thus to become more like the Creator. That requires that HUmans must strive to grow their minds through rational thinking and action in accordance with that thinking.

Laws, "They have no lawyers. Their body of laws is brief and readily understood by laymen."

Ron: We have it on good authority that Humans incarnate to learn to love their neighbour (everyone and everything) AS themselves (ie we need to learn to accept and love ourselves) FOR the love of God, ie ALL. This requirement to learn to love everyone and everything unconditionally is a simple concept that doesn't require reams of man made laws and regulations. It requires good will and personal honesty and integrity. In a Utopian (Light and Life) situation everyone needs to accept responsibility for their actions, and failure to act when action is necessary. If that is done, there is no need for large legislatures, police, security forces and judiciaries.

A Utopian community will accept responsibility for ensuring that all responsible members have adequate housing, nutrition, health care and transport; and the ability to avail themselves of educational and recreational facilities commensurate with the community's capacity; and each individual's personal capacity to contribute to general community productivity and affairs.

Religion, "There is uniformity in the belief in immortality, and, as a consequence of this, they have developed a cheerful attitude toward the approach of death. They regard atheists askance and refuse to let them hold office."

Ron: Arguably it is a precondition for the existance of a genuine Utopia that its members uniformly believe that they are spirit beings and hence immortal. This requires that members understand that the Creator (God) has established reincarnation as the methodology whereby HUman beings can have myriad incarnations in order to learn about life the universe and everything and thus learn to love unconditionally and become ever more like the Creator. Current experience in our world adequately demonstrates that those who do not believe in God and Creation create dystopias not Utopias. Accordingly people with such beliefs cannot be allowed to have any power or control over any Utopian community.

SARTRE: It is obvious that the Thomas More notion of Utopia would fall flat with today's secular humanists. Based upon this historic reaction, drawing the conclusion that any expectation on a Utopia is relative. Entrusting on reason when the intellectual standard varies with every generation and ideological outlook results in a constant redefinition and make-up of what constitutes Utopia.

Ron: The utopian conditions needed for a community to experience Light and Life is not subjective or subject to redefinition.

SARTRE: Yet the dream to secure an imaginary never-never land keeps recurring because the human condition is so dissatisfied with the state of affairs that offer continuous despair and disillusion. The political injustices are a direct result of the malevolent nature of evil which is the heart of human beings. It is absurd to speculate that mankind can attain paradise here on earth.

Ron: I disagree. The idea of reaching Utopia (Light and Life) is NOT imaginary and delusional as this author implies. Current human conditions on this planet ARE perceived to be unsatisfactory because they ARE; and HUman being here sense that to be so.  Careful analysis reveals that the malevolent and evil nature of life on this planet is due to demonic Talmudic influences that have controlled and subverted HUman consciousness over millenia causing many people to think and act in evil ways. BUT that does not mean that evil necessarily and irrecoverably resides in the heart of all or even any HUman beings. Humans have been endowed with free will and hence they can CHOOSE good or evil. Evil is an option but not innevitable for anyone.

Arguably the reason for the Creation and the creation of spirit beings and their ability to experience physicality via the incarnation process on this and other planets, is to grow in experience and knowledge and hence to learn to love unconditionally so that we become ever more like the Creator.

As demonic Talmudic influences have made life her a dystopia, Christ Michael Aton, the God of this planet, has returned to remove ALL evil individuals and energies from the planet so that the remaining inhabitants can learn to love unconditionally and evolve into Light and Life, ie into what this author calls Utopia. This process is called the Millenial Reign and it commenced on 5 February 2019. See eg: AND SO IT BEGINS - Tuesday February 5, 2019,   Mark’s the first day of the Millennial Reign of Michael of Nebadon. -

SARTRE: Since all Utopia ambitions are wishful desires it should not be surprising when they are never fulfilled.

Ron: I disagree for the reasons mentioned above. The ambitions of those who wish to experience Light and Life will be fulfilled provided that they persevere in their efforts to reach that goal.

SARTRE: "In Utopia, the freedom of the individual, the ability for each to choose how and where to live, is sacrificed for the maximization of the collective happiness of all citizens. This self-sacrifice comprises the base of Utopian society, and paradoxically serves to both enslave and liberate its citizens. Utopians forgo their individual freedom of will for the sake of nationwide material and spiritual contentment with the world.

Ron: I disagree. This argument assumes its conclusion and smacks of Communist ideology. A real utopia can only exist where its members have and exercise free will. What constitutes a utopian situation is that community members CHOOSE to love one another as Jesus the Christ loves them. The loving members of truly loving families DO NOT cease to have free will because they CHOOSE to serve members of the family more than they serve themselves. Family welfare and spiritual contentment DO NOT eliminate the free will of parents and children, they enhance them.

SARTRE: In Utopia, there is no struggle because all temptation has been systematically eliminated. The ultimate end of humanity on Utopia is thereby limited, and this grave flaw at the heart of Utopian philosophy is loudly reflected in the policies of the island on deliberate death, imperialism, war, and the dissolution of the family."

Upon this supposition one should conclude that Utopia, in reality is really Dystopia.

Ron: I disagree, unless this author's definition of Utopia is consistent with his false premises. The idea that "sin", ie mistakes by HUman and Celestial beings, are somehow completely eliminated by the Utopian (Light and Life) concept is self fulfilling and automatically justifies his conclusion BUT that is not the way the Creation works. An obvious instance of enlightened individuals existing in "utopian" conditions using their free will to reject their "Utopian"situation is the Lucifer Rebellion in which Lucifer and about a third of his staff in the Satania Sector of the Nebadon Universe, deliberately refused to live in their angelic circumstances as Sector administrators. Indeed, their deliberate free will choice to reject their angelic situation has resulted in the severity of the demonic dystopia we suffer on this planet.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jun 27, 2019 - The Accelerating Rise of Sexual Fascism, Coming to a Sidewalk Near You Soon.

The sexual force is the attractive force in the universe and if you mess with it, you can affect manifest conditions. The family unit is the basic building block of a society. If you mess with that, you can seriously affect manifest conditions. The idea of gender fluidity is a bunch of nonsense that is being promoted through the culture for the purpose of confusion. There is a certain force in the world that generates confusion... division... chaos... conflict and so on. When materialism reaches a certain point, the human mind becomes very easy to manipulate. Most people no longer know what is real or not. Perhaps they never did but at least the road was not so rocky and contentious...


Les Visible

True US History
Jun 24, 2019 - US Bishops give $750K Grant to Group Pushing Homosexuality, LGBT Propaganda

Michael Hichborn: The bishops of the United States, through this $750,000 grant to the Ignatian Solidarity Network, are morally complicit in the promotion of the grave sin of Sodom, which cries to Heaven for vengeance.

Ron: NO it doesn't!  The word "sin" really means "error" or "mistake" and in and of itself a personal behavioural mistake primarily impacts upon the maker(s) of the mistake. The idea that "Heaven" or anyone else must automatically seek vengeance against persons making mistakes in sexual or any other behaviour is itself a MISTAKE. The community in which a "mistaken" behaviour occurs need only get involved in curbing or preventing its repetition if the activity involved adversely impacts otherwise uninvolved members of the community in some significant way. As sodomy is phychologically and physically, and hence spiritually, harmful to participants; AND detrimental to the well being and even the continued existance of the wider community if the practice spreads; communities have a duty to discourage proselytising and dissemination of the practice. BUT that does not mean that "Heaven" or the community must wreak vengeance on sodomites.

Cosmic laws are simply statements about how the Creation operates. The Cosmos is created by myriad interacting divine energies and the results of those energetic reactions is balance. Imbalances due to inappropriate thoughts and actions are simply the effects of those inappropriate causes. Accordingly, harmonous and loving thoughts and actions result in balance while inharmonous and unloving thoughts and actions result in dysfunctional physical and psychic effects.

It is true that sodomy, like all mistaken human activities here, results in creating an imbalance in the planet's genetic mind. However, ideas like seeking vengeance against sodomites or anyone else also increase that negativity in the genetic consciousness of the planet. The solution to problems created by inappropriate consensual private sexual activities is not punishment but understanding and compassionate education. This article suggests that the Jesuits and other organs of the Catholic Church are going beyond compassion and prosleytising for sodomy and gender dysporia. That is inappropriate and contrary to the community interests the religion allegedly supports.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jun 22, 2019 - Kalifor to NY- from Sodom to Gomorrah; Twisting on the Dance Floor with the Fallen Angels.

We are on the verge of all manner of world shaking transformation. This should be clear enough to anyone who is not wandering in darkness. I sense all manner of things but hesitate to comment further on what I do not know. Time will tell and we shall see. Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jun 19, 2019 - Who Dares Say He Believes in God?

This 1 hr 43' 33" video was published by best Audiobooks on Jun 9, 2019:

Ron: Jordan Peterson's somewhat tortured views on life the universe and everything seem to stem from an over focus on the Talmudic Old Testament in the Bible. As a result he seems to think that Christian values, ie the spiritual values taught by Jesus the Christ, arise from Judaic origins. They don't. Jesus was not a Hebrew, an Israelite, a Pharisee or a Judahite. His mother was of Sumarian stock and his father's seed was supplied by the Gabriel of Nebadon. Jesus didn't incarnate to establish a religion and didn't. The Pharisees crucified Jesus in an attempt to eliminate his divine teachings and then distorted his Good News about reincarnation and the fact that all ensouled humans are indwelt by fragments of Creator consciousness making them ALL sons and daughters of God, by influenced Roman Emperors to create the Christian religion. The Pharisees then inserted the Torah into the Bible, labelling it as the Old Testament. Accordingly the statement that there are Judeo-Christian values is bogus. The Judaic Torah is a materialistic, ethno-centric political ideology that is diametrically opposed to Jesus' teaching that salvation consists in learning to love everyone and everything unconditionally, including one's self, FOR the love of God (ALL).

Peterson also talks about the Holocaust as if it really happened. It didn't. Any intelligent person who has examined the issue would know that. Anyone who fears being called an antisemite for saying the Holocaust didn't happen can simply refrain from talking about it. By consistently and gratuitously referring to the Holocaust and proclaiming that it must not be allowed to happen again Peterson is spreading the Jews' BLOOD LIBEL of the entire German nation and indulging in gross ANTI-GERMANISM. Moreover, by consistently referring to the Holocaust AND the alleged Judeo-Christian origins and values of the Western World, he is a spokeman for the Jews' faux religion of Holocaustinaity which is a core constituent of their global propaganda used to enslave all gentiles on this planet.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jun 18, 2019 - It's a Curious Kind of Road, where only the Traveler Bends. It's a Most Unspoken Place where Mirrors End.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jun 14, 2019 - Fake News and Amorous Hippos Sucked up into the Porthole of the Posterior of the Prince of Darkness

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jun 5, 2019 - Once One has Melted their Own Selfishness with Love, There is No More Devil.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Jun 3, 2019 - Lead Us Not Into Bad Translations: Pope Francis Enacts Change to Lord’s Prayer

Ron: Religions are socio-political control mechanisms. They are not necessary for spiritual development because each ensouled human being is a temple of God being indwelt by a fragment of Creatorr consciousness.

Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) didn't incarnate to establish a religion and didn't. He came to teach divine truths that had been lost over millenia and corrupted by Pharisees and others. The Pharisees influenced Roman emperors to establish the Christian religion and they deliberately inserted false doctrines into it in an effort to eliminate knowledge of Jesus' teachings. They also organised the inclusion of the Torah into the Bible as the 'Old Testament'. The Torah is an ethno-centric, genocidal, collectivist political ideology and its core contents are diametrically opposed to Jesus' teaching that human beings are here to learn to love UNCONDITIONALLY our neighbour (everyone and everything) AS self, FOR the love of god (ALL).

A major LIE inserted by the Pharisees into the Christian religion was that Jesus came to sacrifice himself for the salvation of all humans. He didn't and he couldn't. Jesus taught that ALL ensouled human beings are indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness and hence each is a sovereign son (daughter) of God Accordingly every individual human being is responsible for his/her own thoughts, actions and inactions, ie each must save self. That is the reason for reincarnation which was another divine teaching by Jesus that was suppressed by the Pharises. It takes myriad incarnations for a new soul to garner and learn from sufficient physical experiences to graduate in wisdom and knowledge to reach the higher levels of consciousness needed to traverse the many worlds between this lowly planet and Paradise. The growing human spirit graduates through the local System and Constellation HQ's and then on to our universe HQ of Nebadon and thence to Uversa, the HQ of the super universe of Orvonton and finally to the Paradise Isle to meet with the Creator. Then the imortal spirit returns to the Creation to assist with its administration and management. Currently there are many such spirits here to assist this world and its inhabitants to progress into Light and Life.

Be aware also that Jesus did not die on the Cross but was resussicated and went to Damascus where he frightened the bejabbers out of the Pharisee, Saul of Tarsus (St Paul) whereafter he went to India, married and had children to improve humanity's DNA. He died at about age 115.

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Jun 1, 2019 - Let Slip the Dogs of Tofu and Thus does Cochise Make Cowboys of Us All

Something happens in the heart and mind of the one awakened from the dream of life. A hunger is awakened that cannot be satisfied and it leads to the cessation of all hunger. A love is awakened that renders every other love pedestrian and trivial. It cannot be described except in the silence that passes between those singular souls that share the same consuming passion. It is pointless to attempt to communicate it but that effort will never end, however futile it may be.  Les Visible

David Crayford and the ITC
May 29, 2019 - Responding to DAVID CRAYFORD ............... RESPONDING TO RON'S RESPONSIVE ARTICLE RE: Political Information ----- May 24, 2019 - After Trillions Printed Under QE, Politicians Now Say Deficits Don't Matter.

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May 28, 2019 - Slaloming down the Fecal Sidewalk Fantasies of San Francisco's Gender Neutral New World Disorder.

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May 28, 2019 - Jordan Peterson on Catholicism: ‘That’s as sane as people can get’

Ron: Anyone who truly believes that God exists will strive to love self, and others AS self, because God IS LOVE and Loves everyone and everything unconditionally. When any human soul loves unconditionally as God does, his/her action is God-like and s/he becomes a spirit manifestation of his/her indwelling fragment of Creator consciousness. Jesus the Christ reportedly said: 'By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you love each other as I have loved you.'

Jesus the Christ was a dual incarnation, a representative in human form of Christ Michael Aton, the God of this universe, and of Esu Immamual Kumara.

Human/Animal Rights
May 22, 2019 - Milo: Forbidden Conversation

This 1 hr 45' 21" video was published by Jordan B Peterson on May 20, 2019:

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May 20, 2019 - The Lure Of The Physical Body

Jon Rappaport: No wonder life on planet Earth brings on such difficulties. The soul, unencumbered, can fly and soar. It can invent, and deal with, energies in all sorts of extraordinary ways. It is immortal. Yet the soul, cloaked in a physical body, presents a very different picture to itself.

Ron: As I understand it, ascending souls grow from scratch. That is, ascending creature souls start out as nascent consciousness imbeded in inanimate physical matter and evolve through flora and fauna into higher physical creatures culminating in human beings that inhabit a variety of physical forms of which variations of the human forms on this planet are common in our universe. The reason and purpose of this process appears to be to accrete to the individual and through him or her, to the Creator, myriad experiences only attainable in physicality. The process is designed to have trillions upon trillions of sovereign  souls that have unique God-given minds and personalities evolve through developing the ability to think and make positive moral choices during a series of incarnations that require undergoing myriad physical experiences so that they become eternal spirits who will eventually unite with the Creator from whence they come.

Souls individuate by seperating from a group soul and subsequently reach a state of consciouness in which they becomes capable of free will choices. Once a soul grows in knowledge and experience and chooses some moral action it is infused with a fragment of Creator consciousness and becomes a sovereign human spirit albeit still in a physical body. This transition may require enumerable incarnations. In due course the human soul grows in knowledge and consciousness through experience and positive choices and eventually chooses to seek to love and live a moral life. When that happens the indwelling fragment of the Creator fuses with the individual's soul and the human soul becomes an eternal spirit. The spirit retains all true valuable knowledge on photons hence the association of spirits with light.

After the soul's fusion with the Creator fragment called a Thought Adjuster in the Urantia Book,  the human soul journeys through myriad incarnations growing in knowledge and wisdom and moving through ever higher realms of physical experience and spiritual consciousness levels, graduating through the Local System HQ on Satania, then through a local Constellation HQ  and on to the HQ of our local universe of Nebadon. Thereafter the human spirit/soul continues its physical incarnational journey through the local super universe of Overton and thence on to Paradise where the spirit meets with the Creator. Thereafter the spirit returns to the Creation to continue his/her experience, education and evolution by assisting in some form of Cosmic management and administration.

Energy contains information and spirits are conscious energy. As spirits evolve into a state of higher consciousness their energy vibrates at increasing rates so that higher spirits vibrate at rates too high to be accomodated in a physical body. Thereafter, if a spirit being such as Esu Immanuel  (aka Jesus the Christ) wishes to incarnate in a physical body the spirit overshadows that body rather than dwelling within it because the physical meat suit cannot contain the high vibrating energy and would be destroyed by it.

To get a real grip on this process one needs to read the Urantia Book.
The UB says of human consciousness:

[9. Reality of Human Consciousness]
16:9.1 (195.7) The cosmic-mind-endowed, Adjuster-indwelt, personal creature possesses innate recognition-realization of energy reality, mind reality, and spirit reality. The will creature is thus equipped to discern the fact, the law, and the love of God. ..... (KD EDIT)
16:9.4 (195.10) Human self-consciousness implies the recognition of the reality of selves other than the conscious self and further implies that such awareness is mutual; that the self is known as it knows.  This is shown in a purely human manner in man’s social life. .....  And these cosmic gifts [science, morality, and religion], socialized, constitute civilization.
16:9.7 (196.3) Unselfishness, aside from parental instinct, is not altogether natural; other persons are not naturally loved or socially served. It requires the enlightenment of reason, morality, and the urge of religion, God-knowingness, to generate an unselfish and altruistic social order. .....

16:9.9 (196.5) Self-consciousness is in essence a communal consciousness: God and man, Father and son, Creator and creature. In human self-consciousness four universe-reality realizations are latent and inherent:
16:9.10 (196.6) 1. The quest for knowledge, the logic of science.
16:9.11 (196.7) 2. The quest for moral values, the sense of duty.
16:9.12 (196.8) 3. The quest for spiritual values, the religious experience.
16:9.13 (196.9) 4. The quest for personality values, the ability to recognize the reality of God as a personality and the concurrent realization of our fraternal relationship with fellow personalities.

16:9.14 (196.10) You become conscious of man as your creature brother because you are already conscious of God as your Creator Father. Fatherhood is the relationship out of which we reason ourselves into the recognition of brotherhood. ..... We worship God, first, because he is, then, because he is in us, and last, because we are in him.

Jon Rappaport: All metaphysical philosophies and religions brush up against the question of the soul...THE SOUL CLAIMS IT CANNOT DEVELOP A SENSE OF ETHICAL ACTIONS, EXCEPT BY REFERRING TO THE PRECEPTS OF A RELIGION.

Ron: The soul doesn't claim anything. People do. Religions are socio-political control mechanisms created and operated by rulers and priests whose primary objective is power in this physical environment. Arguably it is a mistake to confuse religion as it is understood on this planet with spirituality. That mistake has been fostered by Talmudists and others who seek power and control over human beings by concealing the truth that EVERY ensouled human being is a temple of God in that they are indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness and hence each is an only begotten son (daughter) of the Creator. It follows that ensouled humans do not need external authorities such as priests, gurus and  religions to direct their lives. All they need to do is "go within"and heed the divine heart messages they receive from their Thought Adjuster (however described).

Jon Rappaport: The individual soul is a master chess player who keeps demanding millions of games of tic-tac-toe.

Ron: I disagree. Arguably it is the physically based human ego, NOT the soul, that wants to pfaff about playing silly games.

Jon Rappaport: "Immortality wants to become mortal." For what purpose? To find out what it is like to "abandon the act of lifting a mountain in favor of the act of struggling to climb it?"

Ron: Some highly evolved spirits, including ascenders who have reached higher levels of consciousness and others who have attained Paradise and returned to the Creation, have incarnated in our world to assist with its evolution. Similarly, some angelic spirits have chosen to descend into our world by means of incarnation. Their purpose in doing this is to assist in raising the consciousness level of the planet and its human inhabitants. Such assistance is very necessary because of the placement here of Lucifer and some of his fallen assistants (said to have been about a third of his Satania System staff) plus other miscreants quaranteened here, causing the planet and its inhabitants to be inveloped in negative energies. The result has been a massive corruption of knowledge and understanding and a great reduction in consciousness on this planet that has grossly impaired the planetary genetic mind. These massively negative energies have threatened to destroy the planet. In that sense this is a very unusually dark planet and Universe Management is having to provide considerable assistance to set it and its inhabitants on the upward path to Light and Life. That assistance is about to culminate in a Magnetic Pole Reversal and a stasis period that is needed to cleanse Gaia of accumulated negative energies.

Jon Rappaport: The soul apparently seeks to wipe out knowledge of itself and what it can do. Rather, it seeks to wear a badge of materialism, which insists that physical matter is all there is.

Ron: I disagree. Because of the quarantine imposed on this planet to keep evil inhabitants and negative energies from escaping and contaminating other parts of the universe, new souls and spirits who volunteered to come here, have to experience amnesia. New souls and spirits come here to experience physicality and because of the fact that Talmudists have dominated and controlled the planet and its inhabitants, our world is awash in materialistic and atheistic lies such that many inhabitants think that physical matter is all there is. Unfortunately, because these negative Talmudic energies have thoroughly contaminated the planet and global consciousness, many higher consciousness beings who volunteered to come here have apparently not woken up.

Jon Rappaport: THE SOUL CAN INVENT ENERGY-but it prefers to spend its days "standing on a ladder in a room changing light bulbs."

Ron: The Creator is the source of all energy in Creation. Spirits and souls can manipulate energy but they do not create it.

Other Spiritual Pieces
May 18, 2019 - Eva Cassidy - Time after Time

This 4.16" video was published by 'Eva cassidy' on Oct 31, 2014:

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