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Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 24, 2020 - "This Byzantine and Labyrinthine Maze is a Sad Testimony to These Times of Material Darkness.

If you are not consciously directed to a specific end. If you are not being influenced by representatives of one kingdom, you are BY DEFAULT, influenced by the other. This is why saints and sages across the ages have recommended one find a teacher. The moment you think of it that teacher is activated. The teacher is, in actuality, ALREADY PRESENT and has been for some time, often even before your most recent appearance here. You may have no sense of the presence of the teacher, initially. This comes by degrees over the course of time. Depending on your level of intensity, on that depends your rate of progress. This is why Trauma and Desperation are often catalysts to this end.   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 24, 2020 - A Religion-Free Society ?

Prof. Ruel F. Pepa: it is not impossible under normal circumstances to conceive in one's mind the being of a society where there is no religion at all.

Ron: So what? Doesn't this proposition depend upon the author's definition of "religion"? Religions as we know them have been established as socio-political and economic control mechanisms. As such they distort and butcher genuine human spiritual impulses. Every ensouled human being (HUman, ie higher universal man) is indwelt by a God spark, a fragment of Creator consciousness. That spiritual connection is internal and doesn't require any external material superstructure for its existance or fusion with and growth in the individual. In other words, every HUman is a temple of God.

We have it on good authority that spiritual growth depends upon us learning to love neigbbour (everyone and everything ) AS self (we need to learn to accept and love self) FOR the love of God, ie ALL THAT IS. IF we meditate on the meaning of those words of Christ Jesus for us and seek to live our understanding of them our spiritual evolution will follow.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 23, 2020 - "As the Evidence of Electoral Fraud becomes OVERWHELMING, is another 9-11 Caper in the Event Horizon?"

The array of armies of darkness is breathtaking. It is near Armageddon-like. What the armies of darkness do not know, because they can never know it, is the nature and power of the Lord of Light. At the mere approach of him, the darkness fades to nothing, which is what, in fact, the darkness is composed of= NOTHING. Shadows have NO POWER except what we give them. The power that we give them is generated by our fear. Fear is the offspring of doubt. Everything is connected in respect to the actions of any one part. Love manifests union because it is the ultimate attractive force. Alternatively, where Love is absent, Fear generates separation. It divides us against ourselves.      Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 22, 2020 - "BECAUSE... It Can Lead to the Most Important Thing You Will EVER Discover."

It could be that this apocalypse is not like the usual apocalypse. I get the sense that this is a Grand Apocalypse, that only comes round once in every complete turning of the cosmic clock. That makes it significant indeed. I CANNOT tell you about all of the wonders that are available for the determined and intrepid in this remarkable period. I don't know them all, BUT... I know some of them, and I know that I am here, for the purpose of bringing this up again, and again, and again. We all have our duties and this one is mine. I'm glad for the chance to do so. But for fortune, I could be selling or making women's shoes, or running a restaurant, or... the list is endless. I've done a fair amount of OTHER THINGS in this and other lives; no more... no mas...   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 21, 2020 - "It All Depends on What Lesson God Wants this Country to Learn; a Prayer for our Country."

I'd like to ask the reader to pray for our country, that the right outcome takes place. I am not asking you to pray for the president, although I do, because prayer influences the angels that nourish our higher nature, and ANYONE who is in power, where what they do affects the lives of millions of people, NEED divine guidance. Prayer... sincere prayer is effective beyond what most of us imagine and if the hundreds, actually thousands, who will read this post, would say a prayer for that outcome, which will lead to the greater good, I KNOW it would have an effect. If we don't care then the Celestial Realm WILL TAKE NOTE OF THAT.   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 20, 2020 - "I See a Hand Coming out of the Clouds Above my Head with a Martini (Shaken AND Stirred) from God..."

If you can't see this positive change in the wind, and not only about the election but... in so many subtle ways that are waving at us, peripherally. If you can't see that we are on the verge of spiritual and technological breakthroughs that are going to address problems that have been tormenting us for ages, I don't know what to tell you. I see them and they give me HOPE and encouragement that I haven't been the beneficiary of... not like this... in a long time.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 19, 2020 - "The Joy of the Presence of God, Intensifies as Time Passes, Until there is No More Sense of Time Passing."

You EITHER recognize that it is GOD expressing through you, in a HINDERED fashion (for the moment), OR... you think it is you doing all of this. This is the difference between being Illuminated and being in the dark. Why do people REFUSE to see this??? It is because they INSIST on being in charge, thinking themselves in charge of life, and INSISTING on the Imperial Force of their personal will. There is NO SUCH animal. The personal will is nothing more than one's resistance to the Will of God. Jesus, Visible, that is some stern and inflexible way to put it. It IS WHAT IT IS.   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 18, 2020 - "Politics and Religion, No Matter Your Precision, Leads to Derision and Division."

You can never apologize enough. You can never explain enough. Unless you are saying what people want to hear, even something like, "grass is green." They are going to object and try to argue about it. I don't argue. Take it or leave it. You can't please everyone, EVER, so... you speak your mind and you roll with the punches. You can't let it bother you. Don't say anything you don't know to be true in your heart and ALWAYS make sure to say that you don't know, whenever there is a call for it, and keep your eye on the prize. Nothing else matters, not even a little bit.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 17, 2020 - "Life is in Full Disclosure Mode, I Suggest Some Amount of Personal Housekeeping in Advance of The Cosmic Broom."

I recognize that... in the coming transition between the world that was, and the world that is coming into being, many, many people may perish. This includes the natural catastrophes which are presently pending. As much as we sincerely wish and pray that these events do not take place, it seems, at present, that there is no other way. The malicious intransigence of those, who WILL NOT relinquish their stranglehold on our lives, and the many who support them, seem incapable of change. Their attachments to their own sense of entitlement and privilege have a stranglehold on them. Change WILL COME. How that affects you depends on the degree of your resistance to implacable change. This force for change is relentless and uncompromising and cannot be resisted.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 15, 2020 - "He is the Lion's Roar. He Breathes In and Out in the Wind. He Shines in a Multiplicity of Stars."

Who are all these people who are screaming about injustice and payback ? These are the people who were performing the injustices only a short time (cosmically speaking) ago. Who are these people in deprivation and want ? They are the people who were stuffing themselves and got lost in a whirl of riotous living, with no concern whatsoever about anyone else. EVERYTHING balances out. Life is a balancing act, that never reaches total balance, or the stasis would be the end of it. Go too far in one direction and you will be irresistibly pulled in the other. Don't want to hear this ? Don't like the implications ? Too bad. This is HOW IT IS... PERIOD.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 14, 2020 - "Here be the Lying Cur Dogs of Infamy, Licking Themselves in Front of the Court of Public Opinion."

Those who will not be awakened WILL BE AWAKENED. It is better to arise as God shakes your shoulder, rather than to have him pick up a two by four. LOOK! Mr. Apocalypse, just as he said he would, is exposing them in public, pulling their pants down in public, letting them hang themselves out to dry, and getting 8X10 glossies of the whole affair. This is as obvious as your hand in front of your face. Sadly... many people are using that hand to block what is 'visibly' dancing in front of them. The denial is strong in this one... heh heh. Oh!!! Oh!!! Oh my God. It is REALLY HAPPENING!!! Thank you!! Thank you, my precious Lord.   Les Visible

Political Information
Nov 12, 2020 - The Pope's New Encyclical: A Surrender ?

Ron: This author rightly perceives the Encyclical "Fratelli Tutti"to be a pastiche of lies,half truths and Talmudic propagandabut fails to realise that it is intended to be so.
"Fratelli Tutti"AND this article evidence the fact that Talmudists have successfully corrupted the teachings of Jesus the Christ to the point where genuine Catholic religious adherents are lost and befuddled in a sea of Talmudic lies. I started to comment on obvious inaccuracies but gave up after a while.

Lawrence Franklin: Although Marxist-Leninists in the former Soviet Union called each other comrade for decades, these visionaries were responsible for the deaths -- often murders -- of up to 20 million of their own people. The toll during Mao Zedong's socialist experiment in the People's Republic of China has been estimated at more than twice that in just four years.

Ron: Lenin and his henchmen were Jewish terrorists NOT 'visionaries'. Moreover, Bolshevik Jews did not see Russian Christians as "their own people". Alexandr Solzhenitsyn said that the Bolshevik communists in the Soviet Union killed 66 million Russians. Similarly, the Rothschilds' communist agent. Mao Tse Tung is said to have encompassed the deaths of 60-80 million Chinese people.




Lawrence Franklin: The text of the papal document cites a plethora of Judeo-Christian scripture as the theological justification for these comprehensive structural changes in the world order.

Ron: The term 'Judeo-Christian scripture' is a Talmudic LIE, ie disinformation, and once you understand that fact the demonic Talmudic content of Papal rhetoric becomes understandable. The Vatican is part of the problem on this planet, NOT the solution. See eg: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism - And: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, November 1991, Volume 17, Number 4, 11/6/91 #1 HATONN, Page

To Save America, Christians Must Do More Than Vote. They must take action -

Lawrence Franklin: Francis has also revolutionized the centuries old Catholic calculus for a "Just War" and rules out the possibility that in many situations people might actually find themselves better off after a conflict than before one. So much for the American Revolution, the Civil War and World War II. Should people suffering under despotic rule, then, just be quiet and endure it? Has the Pope already forgotten that it was under the guidance of the Church -- propelled by the murder in 1984 of the Polish priest, Jerzy Popieluszko and under the leadership of the Solidarity Union's Lech Walesa -- that Eastern Europe was freed from its suffocating Communism? Such a judgment also strips away the entire U.S. military strategy of forward-deployed strength to deter aggressors from initiating wars in the first place.

Ron: This is absurd and ignorant special pleading. For instance Christian Russians UNAFFILIATED WITH THE VATICAN, freed the Soviet Union from Bolshevik Jewish domination and control in the mid 1970s. See eg: Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 26 ff -

And my remarks in Democracy Muzzled -

See also: Russia - Enemy Within: Declassified U.S. Documents Show Russian Oligarchs Supported NATO Expansion -

Putin - NY Review of Books reports this comment, but won’t print it -

Putin's White Guard. See:

RUSSOPHOBIA: The Zio-Anglo-American Conspiracy to Conquer Russia Unravels in Real Time -

Soros and His CIA Friends Targeted USSR/Russia in 1987 -

The reference to "the entire U.S. military strategy of forward-deployed strength to deter aggressors from initiating wars in the first place." is beneath contempt in this context. The US has NO right let alone 'responsibility' to engage in ANY foreign military bombings and invasions. Moreover, the US involvement in WWI and WWII and every US attack on foreign nations since then was done to further the control of this planet by global Jewry which is also the motivation of the Pope in this Encyclical, "Fratelli Tutti".

Lawrence Franklin: His judgment seems to rule out the moral rationale for a defensive alliance such as NATO, which pledges to defend its members against predatory states such as Russia, should it start to become restive.

Ron: Does this author live under a rock?! The US and NATO are the real war mongering criminal aggressors in our world, NOT Russia. Ask the Libyans, Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Somalis, Sudanese, Vietnamese, Koreans, and dozens of other nations.

Lawrence Franklin: it also fails to comprehend that a nation without secure borders is no nation at all, and leaves its citizens at the mercy of the "stranger."

Ron; the Pope "comprehends" very well what nations need for prosperity and security. That is why he is advocating the elimination of policies that ensure national security and prosperity. He is advocating for demonic New World Order policies.

Lawrence Franklin: There is no detailed discussion of Christ's passion and death sacrifice,

Ron: Christ Jesus DID NOT sacrifice himself for the salvation of humans on this planet. That is a Talmudic lie inserted into the Christian religion by Pharisees. HUmans are sovereign individuals responsible for their own thoughts, words, actions and destinies.

Lawrence Franklin: Jesus, in this encyclical, is reduced to an itinerant Jew-Preacher,

Ron: Jesus was not a Hebrew, an israelite or a Judahite, and he certainly was not a Jew because the neo-Pharisees didn't start calling themselves Jews until around 1775. Jesus' mother was a Sumerian and his father's seed was provided by the Gabriel of Nebadon. See eg: ESU IMMANUEL, THE CHRIST, WAS NOT A JEW - And: CREATOR GOD ATON/HATONN: THE TORAH vs. THE TALMUD -

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 11, 2020 - "The Answer to Every Question UNDER THE SUN is Hidden in Plain Sight, Under the Veil of Ignorance."

Keep one thing in mind and THAT IS THE REASON I present any of this as a backdrop; GOD... The Supreme Ruler of Existence and the SOURCE of ALL FORCE is in ABSOLUTE and TOTAL CONTROL of EVERYTHING. Period... Exclamation Mark!!! EVERY TIME an age changes the ARCHETYPES are RECONSTITUTED. They are the same archetypes but they will present through a different persona. For instance, in the overall sense; in the Piscean Age, the highest expression of Love was in SACRIFICE as demonstrated in the Life of Jesus the Christ. In the Aquarian Age, where we WILL BE fully resident in 41 days, the highest expression of Love WILL BE in Universal Brotherhood. This IMPLICITLY indicates... a coming Golden Age as a fait accompli.  Les Visible

True US History
Nov 11, 2020 - What's at Stake

Henry Makow PhD: What's at stake ?  Despite its flaws, mankind [Ron: namely ensouled humans aka higher universal man] could well be God's crowning achievement, the highest [Ron physically manifested] lifeform in the universe. A [Ron: glorious and demanding albeit somewhat ] frightening responsibility.

Henry Makow PhD: This is why Satanists (Communists) want to degrade and destroy humanity. They hate Love, Goodness, Truth, Beauty, and Justice. They hate mankind. They hate God. They want to own everything and deprive God of his crowning achievement. If Biden succeeds, nothing will stand in their way. Mankind will enter a Dark Age from which it may never emerge.

Ron: Communist ideology is an outgrowth of Talmudic ideology.  It was developed and promulgated by Karl Marx and other Talmudists. Accordingly, like Talmudism, it is an anti-theistic and anti-human collectivist political ideology.

Henry Makow PhD: This is our Jonestown moment. Renouncing the Creator, humanity has been inducted into a satanic cult. Not "The Peoples Temple," but Cabalism or illuminism. If we let Joe Biden steal the Presidency, we may as well drink the kool-aid and prepare to die.

Ron: As regards the reference to drinking the kool-aid and dying, be aware that the population of Jonestown were forced to drink poison and those who tried to escape were shot by US and Israeli military. Jonestown WAS a massacre not a mass suicide as presented by the MSM. See eg: Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 40. - IMHO this author's inference that IF Biden was to be successful in stealing the US election the result would be a death sentence for multiple millions of USans is correct. THINK about it! The obvious example is what happened in Imperial Russia when the Bolshevik communists seized power in the JOOS' coup mislabelled as the Russian Revolution in 1917. Alexandr Solzhenitsyn wrote that the Bolshevik communists murdered 66 million Russians. Moreover, Hatonn said the Bolsheviks killed 100 million people in Russia and Eastern Europe in all, so the bloodshed if Bolshevik puppet Biden wins is unlikely to be restricted to USans.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 10, 2020 - "It is LOVE that Put the Stars in the Sky and it is LOVE that Holds Them There and Makes them Shine."

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 9, 2020 - "The Invisible Light-Filled Wind of God is Blowing Sure and Strong out from The Gates of Heaven to The Material Plane."

My friends... this moment in time is CRUCIAL and you are going to see things that you did not expect and possibly signs and wonders as well. What is happening is the signal moment in the arrival of The Aquarian Age. We are going to see visible evidence of invisible force, operating... ubiquitously. Keep in mind that with the certainty of Infernal forces, working across the land, internally and externally, there is the certainty of Celestial forces at work as well. This is NOT like every other time over the last hundreds and couple of thousand years. It is NOT going to go the way that those entrenched Powers and Principalities imagine it will. They have had it their way for a LONG TIME and they are OVER CONFIDENT. In tandem with all of this outrageous hubris comes The Avatar; the INFLUENCE OF THE AVATAR, coming in advance of his arrival, and stirring the hearts of the righteous around the world, as well as the LEAKING OF HIS LIGHT into the human mind, that for so long has been dimmed and darkened.   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 6, 2020 - "The Dreams and Designs of Those Caught Out Will Unravel and Mr. Apocalypse is the Reverse Seamstress."

Heads are going to roll. Reputations- most of them false- are going to be destroyed. Entire industries, such as the polling organizations, are being ruined and will never recover. The Media is in BIG TROUBLE and Big Tech and Social Media are going to take huge hits, and likely be broken up in the coming times. The world is going to be changed PROFOUNDLY. In many ways, these will be positive changes and some won't be, due to the intransigence of those involved.    Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 6, 2020 - "Ah the Blessed Sphere; to Be a Resident in the Secret Kingdom of Answered Prayer."

People who pursue wealth, power, fame, and position are USUALLY motivated by Self Interest. Self Interest is a concern of the Infernal Kingdom. Selflessness is a concern of the Supernal Kingdom. You can, hopefully, do the math here. Every time you are out for yourself, at the expense of others, or indifferent to the thought of others, you ATTRACT agents from the Infernal Realm. Every time you act selflessly and with the thought of others, you attract agents from the Supernal Realm. This is HARD and INFLEXIBLE TRUTH. You can reject it BECAUSE it doesn't fit in with your Self Interest, but that DOES NOT CHANGE IT. EVER. EVER.    Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 5, 2020 - "Magic is Like the Wind and All Magic is in the Will and the Quality of All Magic is Determined by INTENTION."

LOVE is the MOST powerful magic of all. It immediately overcomes any other magic but you must be fixed in the expression of it... UNSHAKEABLE. FEAR is the tool of darkness and the interesting TRUTH Is that Fear and Love CANNOT exist in the same space at the same time. They displace each other. Your course of action should be clear. The power and force that is generated out of DISCIPLINE is amazing. Take command of your mind and your thoughts and you take control of your world.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Nov 4, 2020 - "It is LOVE that Put the Stars in the Sky and it is LOVE that Holds Them There and Makes them Shine." 2

I will tell you something else that is of critical importance, this Awakening is going to intensify and it is going to diversify and become an opportunity for EVERY awakening soul to be lit up INCANDESCENT, as WE let go of our attachments to the objects and concepts of darkness that have occluded our sight, and limited our comprehension of that which is SO MUCH greater than ourselves, and which DWELLS WITHIN US, which animates and motivates us, IF WE SO CHOOSE; if we just let go of what hampers and imprisons us. We fight this liberating force by insisting we know better and we know what is good for us. Has that proven to be true ?  Les Visible

True US History
Oct 29, 2020 - Archbishop Viganò hints he believes God will deliver the election to President Trump

C.M.V.: The Chinese communist dictatorship is courted by both the deep state and the deep church: Joe Biden is as subservient to the economic and political interests of Beijing as Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Ron: Arguably this view of China's governance is outdated. President Xi Jinping appears to be eradicating the Talmudic Marxist and CIA elements in China's CCP political organs, bureacracies and regional governments.

C.M.V.: Dominic Lawson denounced that «more and more nations have expressed their concern about the growing evidence of concentration camps and even genocide in the Chinese province of Xinjiang», and pointed out that «there has been silence from the one entity that has the whole of suffering humanity at the core of its mission. I refer to the Holy See». And he adds: «The failure to condemn the genocide is unforgivable.»[7] Furthermore, during the Angelus last July 5, Francis’s omission of the reference to the events in Hong Kong so as not to annoy Xi Jinping, after having circulated the text to the press[8], caused a stir...

Ron: Arguably China's policies in Xinjiang and Hong Kong are legitimate, humane and reasonable. For instance Beijing's population went from eight million in 1980 to twenty-five million, Shanghai's went from 6 million to twenty-five million in 2015, Shenzhen's went from nothing to twelve million with infrastructure, housing, markets, schools, hospitals, parks- no problem and the people are more civilized, polite, and productive today than in 1980.

But Hong Kong's population went from five million to seven million and all hell broke loose! Yet Hong Kong controls its own territory, its own population, its own businesses, its own laws, and doesn't even pay taxes, not a cent, while Shanghai pays enough taxes to support forty percent of China! That's why Shanghai is the "Lady of the House" and Hong Kong is the "High-Maintenance Girlfriend." After twenty-two years of marriage, she still acts superior, complains about everything, expects you to pay for everything, and keeps talking about her previous boyfriend..." - Robin Daverman (Hong Kong, Trial Spot Is Western Democracy Flunking Out ? -

Also see eg: Hong Kong, Trial Spot Is Western Democracy Flunking Out ? -

Chinese democracy resembles Proctor & Gamble more than Pericles of Athens, and Hong Kong is a typical product testing site, or what China calls a Trial Spot.

[1] US child poverty is twenty-one percent and home ownership is sixty-two percent. China's child poverty is two percent and home ownership is seventy-eight percent.

[2] By 2021 500,000,000 urban Chinese will have more net worth and disposable income than the average American, their mothers and infants will be less likely to die in childbirth, their children will graduate from high school three years ahead of American kids and live longer, healthier lives and there will be more drug addicts, suicides and executions, more homeless, poor, hungry and imprisoned people in America than in China.

As regards Xinjiang see eg: West’s Anti-Chinese Campaign Failing Spectacularly -

Xinjiang and Uyghurs - What You Are Not Being Told -

Dictatorships at U.N.: China’s Concentration Camps Bring a ‘Stronger Sense of Happiness’ -

China and the Uyghurs -

NYT’s “Leaked” Chinese Files Story Covers For Terrorism -

Fake News Debunk : China Is Not "Persecuting" Muslims -

March of the Uyghurs -

Western Media Fabrications regarding the Tibet Riots. See:

Xinjiang Mania Failed, Tienanmen Square Mania Failed so The Media-Industrial Complex is Focusing on Hong Kong -



C.M.V.: This subservience of the globalist movement and the Holy See to China is alarming, and is confirmed also by the meetings Father Spadaro, S.J. and other Jesuits had with representatives of the Communist Party during the lockdown, regarding the circulation of the Chinese edition of La Civiltà Cattolica.

Ron: Arguably the reason that the Vatican is subserviant to China is that until recently the Talmudic globalist cabal intended to move its global control HQ to China and thought that it could control the CCP using its usual CIA and Deep State agents and techniques. President Xi Jinping has thwarted those covert Talmudic control plans and elements and is ensuring that China is in conformance with the requirements of Christ Michael Aton's Millennial Reign which was declared on 5 February 2019.

C.M.V.: ... without putting into practice our having become children of God through incorporation into the Mystical Body, our words are empty and our witness is incoherent, and indeed scandalous for the faithful and those who do not believe.


Ron: No doubt Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is sincere in his expressed understandings and beliefs but that doesn't alter the fact that the Christian religion has been established as a demonic Trojan Horse by Pharisees and neo-Pharisees and manipulated for their own demonic purposes. See eg: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism -

Ensouled human beings (ie higher universal man - HUmans) are NOT "children of God" because they are incorporated into a so-called 'Mystical Body' represented by membership in a physical religious organisation. THEY ARE ONLY BEGOTTEN (ie unique) SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD because they are indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness (aka a God spark), a gift from the Creator.

C.M.V.: Father James Martin, S.J. is therefore wrong to limit himself to the purely bureaucratic aspect; his words are refuted by those of the Savior: «You are my friends if you do what I command you» (Jn 15:14). Friendship with God – which consists in the soul being in the state of Grace – depends on our obedience to Our Lord’s orders. Not suggestions or advice: orders! Again, He says: «Not everyone who says to me: ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the Kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven» (Mt 7:21).

Ron: Christ Jesus did not ORDER us to do anything. HUmans are indwelt by a God spark and hence they are sovereign individuals responsible for their own choices and hence their own "salvation". Jesus came to reveal to us THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, revelations needed to assist us to understand our situation and to progress in knowledge, wisdom and love so that eventually we will learn to love as he did and journey to the Paradise Isle to meet the Creator whereafter we return to the Creation to assist with its administration and management.

C.M.V.: I would add that hell is not reserved for non-Catholics: among the eternal flames there are many baptized souls, even religious, priests and bishops, who have deserved damnation because of their rebellion against the will of the Lord.

Ron: There is no Hell as taught by the Catholic Church. That is a demonic idea inserted into Christian religious doctrine by Pharisees to terrify people unfamiliar with Jesus' true divine revelations. It is used to inculcate fear in believers so that they will follow and obey the teachings, doctrines and dogmas of prelates and priests and live as directed by them. The demonic idea of Hell has inculcated a fear of death in Catholics and others which makes them much easier to manipulate and control. IF you think about it you will realise that fear of death and Hell is crucial to Talmudic control of humans on this planet. Once HUmans realise they are immortal spirits incarnating to have experiences in physicality designed to teach them about life, the universe and everything, death not only "loses its sting" but 'believers' are no longer susceptable to authoritarian police state control.

The rhetoric about eternal flames and 'deserved damnation' is actually an abomination. No ensouled individual "deserves" damnation although some may ultimately choose to cease their eternal journey and to seek extinguishment of their spirit, ie their existance. Apparently Lucifer is reported to have done this after his recent adjudication because he didn't wish to face a long humiliating rehabilitation process which would have entailed a very long period of reincarnations or similar.

Rhetoric about 'rebellion against the will of the Lord' is also misleading since the whole purpose of the reincarnation process is to give incarnating spirits sufficient lifetimes in physicality to learn about life the universe and everything and as a consequence to choose to love neighbour (everyone and everything) AS self (the process involves learning to accept and love self) FOR the love of God (ALL that IS).

The obvious fallacy in this "religious" teaching is that it implies that an all loving Creator could AND DID create conscious spirit creatures (his children) who he condemns to eternal torment and damnation IF they don't do what he says. Moreover, these 'God's children' are manifestly ignorant and ill informed from birth and God allegedly allows other beings to both overtly and covertly mislead them so that they will be damned to eternal hell fires if they mistakenly follow those deceivers. YET the Christian religion maintains God loves 'his children'.

C.M.V.: Self-styled adult Catholics and their preceptors ought to think carefully, before they hear the words of Christ resound: «I never knew you; depart from me, you evildoers» (Mt 7:23)

Ron: Be aware that the Gospels were written looong after Jesus left to travel to India. To understand just how far the Gospels and the Bible are removed from Jesus' divine teaching its worth noting that Emperor Constantine didn't begin formalising Jesus' Pharisaically distorted teachings until he convened the Council of Nicea in 325 AD.

So the formalised  Christian religion and the Bible didn't exist for almost 300 years after Jesus' crucifixion. After the Council of Nicea, In 331 Constantine commissioned fifty Bibles for the Church of Constantinople, but little else is known. In fact, it is not even certain whether his request was for fifty copies of the entire Old and New Testaments, only the New Testament, or merely the Gospels.

Once the Pharisees had arranged for Roman Emperors to establish a false religion in an effort to eliminate the truth taught by Jesus, they distorted his teachings by excluding the Gospel of Thomas and many other books from the Bible. But their biggest coup was getting the Torah included in the Bible as the "Old Testament". That completely compromised Jesus' teaching and created the basis for perpetuating the colossal Trojan Horse LIE that Christian truth somehow arose out of Pharisaic bullshit. That perfidious accomplishment has enabled Pharisees and neo-Pharisees to pretend that despite having crucified Jesus they never-the-less happen to be the font of "Judeo-Christian" morality and values and hence the source of the civilisation that Jesus' divine teaching caused to manifest in Europe.

How today's neo-Pharisees who call themselves Jews but are not, must laugh whenever they contemplate the obvious contradiction between Jesus's teaching and the Old Testament. What could be more opposed to Jesus' Revelations  than the materialistic, ethno-centric, racist, genocidal political ideology set out in the Torah? Quotes like the (Mt 7:23) above typify the problem.

C.M.V.: The self-styled Catholic Joe Biden, who supports partial-birth abortion, i.e. infanticide, and who even before Obama supported gender ideology and celebrated the “marriage” of two men, is not Catholic. Period.

Ron: In this connection the question has been well asked: “Post-natal abortion” … is there a statutory limit, e.g., a fetus cannot be aborted after age 30?

C.M.V.: Someone else, one of the Twelve, betrayed Him.

Ron: Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) has said that Judas was his friend and didn't betray him. Someone of a similar name presumably did.

Other Spiritual Pieces

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Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 29, 2020 - "I am not a Political Animal. I am a Lover of God, the Avatar and Humanity. PERIOD."

I do what I do to lead by example because I have one that I follow by example. I am unimportant but the work is important. I don't care a tinker's damn about gain, fame, power, position or ANYTHING this world can offer. I have found something PRICELESS and NOTHING on this Earth can touch it. I live with it all day and every day. There is nothing on Earth or anywhere else like The Presence of God.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 28, 2020 - Sadhguru Gently Unfolds The Truths about life With Business Students

This video was published by Ready4Adventure :

Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 28, 2020 - "Mr. Apocalypse is the Invisible Hand of God, Exposing Each of Us According to our Nature and our Intent."

It is said... and I believe it IMPLICITLY; those who follow The Path of Knowledge, they will have to come back again and follow The Path of Love, BUT... for those who follow The Path of Love, all knowledge will axiomatically come as well. The Truth is, my friends, that in these times of enormous distraction and the forces of evil loose in the collective unconscious, as well as in the wide, wide world, The Path of Love is the ONLY SURE AND CERTAIN WAY. Love is a protective force and the signal important feature of it is YOU FORGET YOURSELF in service to others. Not only does this free you from the possibility of tragic missteps, but it is the SINGLE most wonderful experience you can have; losing yourself in service to others.  Les Visible

Political Information
Oct 27, 2020 - The Voice of a Stranger. Of Wolves, Faithless Hirelings, Antipopes, and the Critical Necessity for the Smelly, Unlettered Sheep to Discern the Voice of the Good Shepherd

Ann Barnhardt: When it comes to the supernatural reality of The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, this process of synthesizing the dataset and finding the one true answer is obligatory, precisely because we know that The Church is Real, it is Visible, and the Gates of Hell will not prevail against it. We KNOW that there is a visible, knowable truth in this situation, and that the response and path forward is not only discernible, but is discernible by laymen - that is, "the sheep".

Ron: Christ Jesus didn't incarnate to establish a religion and didn't. He came to teach divine truth, REVELATION that had been forgotten over millennia and corrupted by Pharisees and others. The Pharisees forced the Romans to crucify Jesus to silence his teaching. They then influenced Roman emperors to establish the Christian religion to distort and where possible eliminate his divine REVELATIONS. See eg: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism -

The Pharisees and neo-Pharisees have been largely successful as this article attests. For instance characterising laymen as "the sheep" evidences that the Catholic Church denies the truth that EVERY ensouled human being (HUman) is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness (aka a God spark) and is therefore a living temple of God. That means HUman individuals do not need priests or any other intermediaries to intercede with God for them. The Catholic religion pretends they do. HUmans simple need to "go within" to commune with their indwelling God spark. Denial of this truth has fundamentally corrupted Jesus' message and enabled the Vatican to accumulate great wealth and socio-political power and control in our world.

The truth is that the Christian religion is a demonic Trojan Horse created by Pharisees. That truth throws a totally different light on controversies such as this article discusses.

Rabbinical rhetoric like claiming that 'The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is a supernatural reality' and that 'The Church is Real, it is Visible, and the Gates of Hell will not prevail against it' is materialist nonsense. The idea of "Hell" is a demonic fiction created to scare believers witless so that they are easily manipulated. There is no hell in the Creation except for the psychic and physical "hells" created in material worlds like this planet by demonic psychopaths. Think about it. Once you conceal the truth about reincarnation and the fact that HUmans are eternal spirits having finite experiences in the materium to explore life in physicality for the Creator, you can get them to believe, AND FEAR, anything. In particular you can cause people to fear death when in truth death is merely a transition from physical life to on-going eternal spirit life before subsequently being "reborn" yet again into another physical life.

The rest of this article confirms the truth that the Christian religion and in particular its Catholic church component, has been a monstrous demonic deception perpetrated upon billions of people on this planet.

Ann Barnhardt: Furthermore, precisely because we will all stand alone before Jesus Christ at our Particular Judgments,

Ron: this is typical demonic misdirection. Neither Jesus nor anyone else judges us. We judge ourslevs. We endlessly reincarnate to learn about God the universe an everything, including our selves. We make mistakes and when those mistakes are knowing and wilful they are sins, but eventually we learn to avoid them and move on to further and better experiences through our local universe and then through our local superuniverse  until finally we reach the Paradise Isle and meet with the Creator. Thereafter we return to the Creation to assist with its administration and management. The creation is verrry Large, and eternal. And learning to be like the Creator is a loong process.

Ann Barnhardt: Clearly, Antipope Bergoglio is consciously hellbent on destroying the Church, and also the Papacy itself, because the Papacy is the Rock upon which Christ built and sustains The Church.

Ron: Bergoglio does seem to be hellbent on destroying the Catholic church and the Papacy BUT the Papacy is NOT the Rock upon which Christ Jesus built a church. He didn't incarnate to build a church or religion and didn't.

Ann Barnhardt: None of these men were able to do what Bergoglio has done and continues to do, because all of these men were The Vicar of Christ.  As such, they were given the supernatural NEGATIVE PROTECTION that is intrinsic and unique to the Papacy, and is a key reason why so many of us converts entered The Church. Someone HAS to be in charge.  The buck HAS to stop with someone.

Ron: I disagree. Each HUman must ultimately accept responsibility for being in charge of self. The buck stops with each individual. No Pope has been a true Vicar of Christ IF that term is meant to mean an earthly representative of Christ Jesus and the title implies supreme and universal primacy both of honour and of jurisdiction. Christ Jesus didn't establish a religion and didn't bestow supreme and universal primacy upon anyone.

Ann Barnhardt: In nearly 2000 years, only a supernatural protection could explain the continuous existence of the Church Militant and the consistency of its infallible teaching.

Ron: This is rabbincal nonsense. Religions are ideological socio-political control mechanisms and the Papacy has been perhaps the most successful of the genre, most likely because the Pharisees and neo-Pharisees (notably the Black Nobility, lately in their guise as global Jewry) have used it as a long term societal control mechanism. And of course the claim that the "Church Militant" has demonstrated  consistent let alone infallible teaching, is risible.

Ann Barnhardt: Also, every day should include, if possible, time before Our Lord reposed in the Tabernacle, with you "just looking at Him", while He just looks back at you.

Ron: A God spark dwells within every HUman and we can access God's presence at any time anywhere through meditation or simply directing our thoughts to him.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 27, 2020 - "A Huge Surprise is Coming on November 4th. There WILL BE, Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth."

I AM NOT unaware of certain aspects of the president's policies. I've heard all the criticisms from 'the woke' on both sides. Yet... I watch him speak and I listen to the other side and it has all been made CRYSTAL CLEAR to me. I've been excoriated for being a Trump supporter though I have never claimed to be that. I am an AMERICAN SUPPORTER! I love this country! I really do and I don't want to see it go into the toilet and I don't want to see so many people suffer as I KNOW THEY WILL if these lunatics seize the reigns of power.   I go by what the master said, "BY THEIR WORKS YE SHALL KNOW THEM." That is my guide. People can hide their thoughts and they can convolute their words and promise all sorts of things but THEY CANNOT HIDE WHAT THEY DO.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 26, 2020 - "Sunk into the Cushions of Your Comfort Zone and Increasingly Aware of How Uncomfortable You Are."

The world is in a turmoil of change. It is DIFFICULT to put one's attention on inner verities. We are at the turning of the age. Confusion and chaos are ALWAYS large influences in such times. You MUST shut down the mind. You MUST still the reactive mind. You cannot hear the interior voice otherwise. Regardless of the 'appearance' of the external spectacle, nothing is happening. It is all distraction. Yes... I pay attention to the election and the news of the day BUT... I am not deceived by it, nor emotionally galvanized. Still...   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 26, 2020 - The Light Side of A Dark Age

Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 26, 2020 - Restoring Balance

Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 24, 2020 - "Doomed Flowers Fading, Falling and Endlessly Composting the Ground for their Next Brief Waving About in the Wind."

As I study life... and I do this FULL TIME, it becomes ever more and more clear to me that our reactions are one of the major definers of us. Our intentions are the other major definer. Everything we encounter and where we find ourselves afterward has to do with our reactions and our intentions. Reactions and Intentions are also what BINDS and FREES us. The nature of this is simple. The ramifications are too complex for even a library of books. If ONLY we did not react before reflecting on the outcome. If only our intentions were a reflection of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 22, 2020 - "Nailing the Priapic and Pantagruelian with the Ghost of Christmas Present in the Subconscious Funhouse."

If you are honest with yourself you KNOW what your shortcomings are; ask to have them removed. Pray with intensity and love and you WILL BE HEARD. Let your stained glass window become a thing of beauty, as the light shines through. You were there once. You have only forgotten. Memory is key and this is accessed by going INWARD. By what procedure does one go inward? Meditation. Don't look at it as an ordeal. You WILL be helped but you have to show the necessary bonafides. It's not like the New Age hucksters will tell you can be accomplished over 3 weekends and a 4 day intensive. It takes your life and MUST BE the single most important focus of it. The problem with most people is they don't see the payoff.  Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 21, 2020 - "Fame does not Bring Happiness. It Brings a Hairnet of Flies and Mosquitoes AND Regret."

When you are rich and famous, there are demons employed to make you crazy. As someone astutely noted, "Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad." Count on it. None of the things people ruin themselves over are worth having and you LOSE the one thing that is most valuable; Peace of Mind. Knowing what is and is not worth having is PRICELESS!!!   Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 20, 2020 - Here’s Proof Trump is Trying to Lead America Back To God

Ron: President Trump is a Christed individual tasked by Christ Michael Aton (CM), along with the Presidents Putin and Xi (the Triodity) and their supporters, to assist CM to eliminate the demonic Talmudic controllers of this planet and to usher in CM's Millennial Reign here.

Featured Image

True US History
Oct 20, 2020 - Whose Great Reset ? The Fight for Our Future – Technocracy vs. the Republic

Joaquin Flores: Until now, we have only been given a steady diet of distancing, of lockdown provisions, quarantining, track and trace, and we have forgotten entirely about the fact that all of this was only supposed to be a two or three-week long exercise to flatten the curveAnd now the truth is emerging that what is being planned is a new proposal being disguised as a 'great reset'. ......... It increasingly appears that the 'Coronavirus pandemic', was secondary to the foregone economic crisis which we were told accompanied it. Rather, it seems that the former came into being to explain-away the latter.  ........ The great political crisis now is that a pandemic is being used to justify an end-run around constitutional rights, an end-run around pluralist society, and so the vehicle - the mechanism - that the general public might use to fight for their version of a 'reset' is on the verge of disappearing.  In many ways this means that now is the final moment. We ask - whose great reset, ours or theirs ?

Ron: The RESET has been divinely determined. This is the end of an epoch. Christ Michael Aton, (CM) the creator of this planet and the universe it is in declared the commencement of his Millennial Reign here on 5 February 2019.

CM has tasked the Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their supporters to eliminate the demonic Talmudic globalist cabal currently controlling Gaia; and to usher in the Millennial Reign. That outcome is about to occur. Those prepared to accept the truth about the false world we live in and to embrace enlightenment and life will stay with Gaia after the coming Magnetic Reversal STAND STILL, and stasis. Those not ready to embrace the truth about life the universe and everything will be removed by CM's Space Fleet to other places more suited to their needs. Its time to get off the fence and decide what you want to do Pilgrims.

The Talmudic globalist controllers created the COVID-19 scamdemic and were using it in an attempt to RESET the planet's socio-political and economic systems and to completely control and enslave the inhabitants of the US and this planet.  BUT that plot has been thwarted because sufficient conscious human dissent has occurred via the Brexit vote in the UK and the election of President Trump. Trump's Administration and his supporters have taken control of the US and the Federal Reserve System (the Fed) and are currently eliminating the hidden demonic globalist controllers and their Rothschilds, Vatican, CIA, Pentagon and Deep State enablers and minions.

The demonic globalist Democrat and Deep State bureaucratic elements in the US and globally, have been allowed to push their scamdemic and riots and various anti-Trump Coup attempts in order to expose to USans and humanity generally, the nature and extent of Talmudic global control and the sordid truth of the cultural Marxist attempted COVID-19 global Coup. That coup was aimed at controlling the US and through it, the rest of the world. The scamdemic and BLM rioting has been monitored and limited in order to expose the perpetrators and their accomplices and useful idiot followers. The result is that a critical mass of USans and humans globally have WOKEN UP to the demonic Talmudic reality underlying the scamdemic and the current demonic control of life in our world.

President Trump has wrested control of the US from its Talmudic rulers by moving the Fed into the US Treasury and placing it under his control. He is also eliminating the fraudulent US debt ostensibly owed to the Fed by enormously increasing US "borrowing" from the Fed for stimulus payments and capital works etc while having the Fed acquire huge quantities of bonds relating to such debt thus causing the 'fake' Fed debts to be held by the 'fake' Fed system prior to its demise. Fake Fed debt token currency will never be repaid.

At the same time Trump has renogiated trade treaties and is eliminating counter productive regulations that inhibit domestic US productivity and production. This will increase US industrial efficiency and employment. He is also using his Defence Production Act powers to ensure that the US gets the type of production that it really needs while ensuring the nation gets real value for the currency (debt tokens) being issued by the Fed. The plan is to ameliorate the impact of USans having to go "cold turkey" by having to pay the rest of the world the real value of their goods and services provided to the US instead of conjuring fake currency out of thin air to exchange for them.

Trump's Executive Orders (EOs) providing payroll tax relief for USans earning up to about US$104,000 and relief regarding outstanding education loans is also beginning to change social awareness as regards the negative effects of Talmudic usury and income taxation. Trump's EO requiring a moratorium on evictions for non payment of rent also uses the scamdemic to change social perceptions on satisfying housing needs. Direct Federal relief payments for workers who lose employment because of the Scamdemic, in lieu of provision of bailouts for banks and major corporations, ostensibly to assist them to create jobs, completely reverses previous policies that enriched wealthy banksters, corporatists and politicians while impoverishing workers. These are some of the ways in which the Trump Administration is using the crisis caused by the COVID-19 scandemic to initiate policies reversing many of the core negative US socio-economic conditions created by the demonic globalist controllers to enslave USans and the rest of the world. These initiatives also reverse the uses to which the cabal and its Deep State operatives sought to put the COVID-19 Scamdemic. The Trump administration will release a solution to the scamdemic which will  demonstrate to the US and everyone the criminal intentions and false narratives of its CIA and Deep State perpetrators glibly published by governments and the fake, phony and false MSM.

Once the US Treasury resumes its Constitutional responsibility for issuing usury free US money and currency there will be no need for INCOME TAXATION. This will include elimination of onerous and unfair Social Security imposts. Moreover, Trump's EO removing payroll taxes on USans earning less than US$104, 000 will become permanent after he wins the coming election. Subsequently ALL income taxes will be abolished because they are cosmically illegal and there will be no need for them because the US government will cease repaying loan moneys or interest thereon to the global bankster cabal for its fake fiat token currency falsely called money.

These changes will transform the US politically, socially, economically and ethically for the better and enable a GREAT RESET of US spiritual, political, social, cultural and economic life, spearheaded by governance changes enabled by returning control of money and currency emission, banking, economic and taxation policies, to genuine national control.

The elimination of the Fed and incorporation of its functions into the US Treasury will collapse the Rothchilds' Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and their global Central Banking system. That will free the rest of the world from Talmudic control by globalist banksters. Then the example being provided by the US in relation to globalisation, usury free monetary and currency emission and income taxation will be noted and emulated by other nations and will gradually be imitated by the rest of the world.

In addition to actively deconstructing the banksters' control of the global monetary system, the Trump administration is defunding and beginning the elimination of their demonic globalist control mechanisms like the UN, the WHO, the WTO, the IMF, World Bank, Bank of international Settlements (BIS) and NATO; and various Talmudic trade treaties and arrangements. Ultimately the UN itself will be replaced by proper divine governance.

The coming monetary reset is being organised by the International Treasury Controller who has begun the process of agreeing, with all countries in the world, the "Pegging" of their currency to a replacement for the Petro Dollar which will be the INTERNATIONAL GOLD BACKED GLOBEC CURRENCY. That process will establish the value of each national currency vis-a-vis the Globec which will bring them stability and away from the currency markets which will be abolished. This will involve the collection of numerous details and data so that a real and practical value can be assessed for each currency and agreed with the applicable country. See: DAVID CRAYFORD ---------- IT'S TIME THAT SOMEONE STARTED KICKING ASS SO THAT CHANGES TO THE CURRENT FINANCIAL SYSTEM CAN BE MADE TO BENEFIT EVERYONE, NOT THE MINORITY -

The  monetary reset  process commenced on 1 June 2020 but may not be completed until after the coming Magnetic Reversal STAND STILL, and stasis period. It will transform social and economic life on this planet. Problems associated with commercial banking and usury as we know them will be gone. Sovereign National Treasuries will issue all local money and currency. The elimination of usury will eliminate income taxation and pave the way for global prosperity and abundance. This planet and its remaining inhabitants will then be ensconced in Christ Michael Aton's Millennial Reign which was declared on 5 February 2019.

Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 19, 2020 - "The Sun, Lady Nature, The Devic Realm, the Invisible Friends and The Stars are ALL LIVING BEINGS."

What a time to be living in!!! Off to the side is Lady Nature, p-e-r-c-o-l-a-t-i-n-g. Then... there is the spiritual hierarchy and the influence of The Logos. There are also, OTHER forces from unsuspected regions; those which are hidden in plain sight and also far afield. I can't go into further detail about this because I don't have the details. I have only the whispers of the interior. God is Real and we are soon to get evidence of this unlike ANY that we have previously been exposed to.          Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 16, 2020 - "That Da Vinci of Drunken Desperadoes, that Rip Roaring, Munchhausen Maestro of WTF."

In an interview with Bernie Marcus, the founder of Home Depot was asked. "Why are you voting for Trump ? He's rough, rude, aggressive-completely un-presidential. I don't understand." Bernie smiled and quietly replied. "Well, you know, I thought about General Patton. He used coarse language, his manners weren't pleasing to the ladies, and his language sure offended a lot of Christians. But we needed him to win a war. Trump is our General Patton, and we're in a war we have to win." "I believed then and I believe even more strongly now that our battle is against powers and principalities. And in a war between good and evil, we've seen the demons loosed and the masks come off. Evil forces aren't even pretending to be civil anymore. I am on my knees for my children and grandchildren; I'm daily interceding in prayer for my beloved country, my cherished Christian heritage, and so much more. With all due respect and appreciation for the kind, well-spoken orators, it's time to wake up and welcome our General Patton." Les Visible

Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 15, 2020 - "The Maya on the Mind is Breaking Up and Light is Streaming through the Cracks."

This is a joyous moment, a rare moment that does not come often. Yet, the greater number of us live in an ever-mounting fear of looming uncertainties AND... they shall surely materialize because that which we fear shall come upon us. However... this is not the case for those who serve the Shining Invisible. This is not the case for those who have embraced the Will of Heaven. Lao Tzu also said; "though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven."   Les Visible

Political Information
Oct 15, 2020 - Why Communism is Compelled to Destroy Christianity

Judith Acosta: Because in order for the left to win the heart of America, it must defeat Christianity and Judaism. Completely.

Ron: I disagree. Arguably, Judaism is Talmudism and cultural Marxism is Tamudism In other words "the left" IS Talmudism. Talmudism has been the enemy of Christ Jesus and his divine revelations since the Pharisees forced the Romans to crucify Jesus. See eg: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism -

The fact that Judaism is implacably opposed to Jesus' true teachings and his exhortation to love neighbour (everyone and everything not just one's 'own tribe') AS self (we must learn to accept and love self) FOR the love of God (ALL that IS), is the crux of the problem of the presence of evil in the US and around the rest of this planet. The fact is that Judaism is Talmudism and it skulks like a wolf in sheeps' clothing throughout the US and our world. It is a FIFTH COLUMN whereever it resides

Judith Acosta: In Judaism and Christianity, we were never created to be alone.

Ron: This is confused thinking. Judaism is an atheistic, ethno-centric,  collectivist political ideology.  Most Jews are atheists who worship the Jewish collective. That is fundamentally at odds with Christ Jesus' teaching. He revealed that every ensouled human being (ie higher universal man - HUman) is an only begotten (ie unique) son or daughter of the Creator because each individual is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness and is infused with life and a unique personality and free will by the Creator. That means each individual is unique and sovereign.  And each individual must take responsibility for his/her own life decisions and evolvement. Christian HUmans are not defined by membership in a nepotistic collective as is the case with individuals governed by Judaic ideology. Christians are sovereign individuals not collectivists. They seek to collaborate and co-operate as sovereigns in loving community relationships. Christ centred HUmans are called to love everyone not merely their tribal brethren.

Judith Acosta: In Christianity and Judaism, human nature is bifurcated and flawed. We are all born equally fallen with chips in our souls.

Ron: I disagree. THIS is a LIE inserted into the Christian religion by Pharisees ie Talmudists. HUmans are NOT 'bifurcated and flawed'. HUmans do not incarnate 'equally fallen with chips in our souls'.  Spirits incarnate in a state of amnesia, ie they have no memory of their previous existance and knowledge. That is why Jesus came to tell us the GOOD NEWS about our being, like him, 'sons of God' who will reincarnate myriad times until we learn all about life the universe and everything and journey through the universe and super universe until we reach havona and then meet with the Creator on the Paradise Isle. Thereafter we return to the Creation to assist with its management and administration.

Judith Acosta: "The Church has nothing to do with safety. It prepares us for eternity, for our real lives."

Ron: I disagree. Jesus didn't incarnate to establish a religion and didn't. He came to teach divine truths lost over millennia and corrupted by Pharisees and others. Pharisees influenced Roman emperors to establish the Christian religion in an effort to distort and eradicate Jesus' true revelations and teaching. And unfortunately the Talmudists have been rather successful in burying Jesus' message

Judith Acosta: In Judeo-Christian culture you suffer because you live in a fallen world. Period.

Ron:  Actually much of the suffering in our world is foisted upon us by Talmudists.  A prime example being usury and income taxes. A small example being The "U" Tax! -

Judith Acosta: And that bureaucratic megalith is not sharing anything with the hungry masses, as Venezuela, the CCP, and the USSR all demonstrate.

Ron: I disagree. China has raised some 800 million people out of poverty in the last 20 years while the US has been invading, occupying nations and causing the deaths of millions of people all over the world. Morover, until President Trump was elected, millions of USans were being reduced to poverty by US governments.  Russian Christians have steadily improved life in Russia since they wrested control of the Soviet Union  from bolshevik jews in the mid 1970s. See: Dr. Peter David Beter - Audio Letter No. 26 ff -

Venezuela has been subjected to crippling economic sanctions and attacks on its electricity grid by the US, UK and EU for years. THAT is the primary reason why Venezuelans ace hardships and shortages. For instance see: Store Your Gold At The Bank Of England And You Might Never See It Again -

Revealed: Secretive British Unit Planning for ‘Reconstruction’ of Venezuela
Contract for Guaido's Mercenary Hit on Maduro mirrors official US bounty death squad killings -

Other Spiritual Pieces
Oct 14, 2020 - "A Golden Age is Coming for Those with Hearts that Love has made Golden."

I seek to bring the Kingdom of Heaven and its righteousness to Earth. It is an insane ambition but it is what I seek. Each day, I ask for it to descend... into the hearts and minds of those WILLING to host it. Any one of us who accomplishes the possession of it can become a contagion that infects the hearts and minds of everyone they encounter. It is like playing tag. It is like, 'pass it on'. It is like radiating outward that Heavenly resonance which brings every heart into accord.  Les Visible

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