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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 20, 2021 - 6:40:29 AM

"You Need Angels and The Illumined as Step-Down Transformers for The Love of God."
By Les Visible
Jul 20, 2021 - 6:35:28 AM

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July 19th 2021


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

This world comes into being through PRECIPITATION. So does our personal world. It starts as an idea in The Mind. Then it becomes a blueprint/schematic. Then it goes through the formative process, and then it becomes the thing itself. It is in the same way that we are Authored, or created. We engage in the same creative steps as THE Creator. Why does the world we create not resemble the finer kingdom of THE Creator? We have among us, many badly inept and incompetent creators. Conversely, there are those who are resident here in an atmosphere of Paradise. They carry The Kingdom of God with them wherever they go and dispense it to ALL life.

Our life is a gift, and we are gifters as well. Too often, in times of Material Darkness, the gift we bring is an undesired gift, and we litter the trail we have come by with our gifts, that are not gifts but burdens. As we learn, through suffering, to emulate our creator, we come to live in his finer kingdom and we can dispense that kingdom as we pass through the Veils and Vales of Suffering.

Our physical bodies are a collective of systems and each system is a collective of cells that are living beings, evolving just as we are in the body of our creator. If we think well of these cells and encourage harmony between our systems and the cells that compose them, we become capable of remarkable expressions; call them what you will.

A plan, long in the planning, was set into motion by The Dark side at the turn of the century. Their signal dish, so far, has been 9/11. They've sponsored selective mayhem since but not on the scale of 9/11. This ruined air travel for those of us who care about ambiance. Then the Loony Tunes, Tavistock graduate, Shoe Bomber caused added humiliations for us. This was all the inception to crowd control. First, we had the psychopath, Bush. Then we had the sociopath and sexual reptile, Obama. Then we got something that THEY did not plan on, and a war for control ensued. Next, a phony pandemic was created out of the common flu and so much force came down about it that they actually convinced just less than half of the population to, 'possibly' suicide themselves. In the process of this PACIFICATION, there was a major election and it was hijacked by a Communist insurgency.

9/11 was orchestrated by Israel and rogue intelligence agencies from America and other countries. You can read all about it on the right-side menu of this blog. They are still much engaged in their plot and subterfuges.

As the inarguable proof of a stolen election is disseminated far and wide, powerful forces will be set into motion (powerful forces are ALREADY in motion), to shock The World into submission. I DO NOT know what shape it might take. I do know it has to be a biggie. A desperate war is taking place at this moment. Most of it is out of public view. Certain forces have been at work on their plan for generations. They stand now on the precipice of victory in their minds. They WILL do or say ANYTHING to keep it moving. I call it a precipice because it is just that. They THINK they will seize the moment, as so many before them also thought, but... as Lao Tzu said, "The World is a sacred vessel and at the mere touch of the profane, it recedes.

Then there is the matter of what Heaven wants, and whatever might be wrought by Lady Nature.

It does not matter how much money you have. It does not matter how big your armies are. It does not matter how much power you imagine that you possess. Those are all Useless Things. The powers of Light are far, far in advance of ignorant armies, sophisticated weaponry, money, or WHATEVER. It is the invisible world that THEY have to be concerned with, not us. Everything significant is taking place outside of the physical senses.

I will tell you a little about Shambhala today. All I know is a little, but it is a significant feature and of great use to those who seek after it. Researchers have contended about the location of Shambhala for a long time. Nicholas Roerich set out to find it and so have others, including The Reich. It is not a physical place but a dimensional space and the gate, the entry point, is in a secret chamber of The Human Heart, near where it connects with The Soul. Yes... that is how you get to Shambhala, through a portal in the heart. This will lead you to both Inner and Outer Shambhala.

Think of it as something like a video game in your mind. If you've ever played video games, you find that they can be VERY difficult, and there are so many levels to reach. Actually, the progression of human awareness, up the divine column of light, is infinite. You have eternity to look forward to and it is UP TO YOU how you spend that time.

Actually, you can get ANYWHERE by traveling within. Many pundits and experts like to argue about these subjects, even though they know little about them. Certain mindsets are not permitted to access certain knowledge and information. The way is closed. The Queen of Heaven is hidden from the eyes of the corrupted. She is a REALLY good friend to have; given that she weaves the spell of Maya that binds us to the ceaseless actions of The Gunas. She can ALSO free us.

Perhaps a deeper explanation of The Gunas might be useful. Think of Tamas as darkness, illusion and ignorance. BUT ALSO think of it as The Collective Unconscious. Think of Raja Guna as energy, movement, and action, BUT ALSO as The Self Conscious Mind, and think of Sattva Guna as goodness, selflessness, peace, and harmony, AND ALSO as The Superconscious Mind. You would not go far wrong with that. The whole of the manifest world is the interplay of these RELENTLESS forms of expression. It is ceaseless. The Key is to aspire to the higher and transform the ones below. That might apply to all kinds of conditions.

Why am I talking about these arcane things? No matter what we are engaged in, we are engaged in a dance between these gunas that is determined by our level of awareness. There are those who work to manipulate appearances and all appearances come into being by the same interactive process. Depending on your level of awareness, on that depends the level of bondage and confinement, or freedom that you are experiencing.

You can do something about your state of being. You can improve it a GREAT DEAL by aspiring to the higher and transforming the ones below. You DO NOT have to have your fears come upon you, MOST ESPECIALLY if you have changed your fears into FAITH. What is fear anyway? As well as a paucity of Love, it is always about the unknown and the unexpected. Fear comes about when we have a misinformed perspective about that which we do not understand. It also comes about... depending on where we place our reliance and dependence. Let God take care of the details! Stop trying to do what you are not equipped for, and keep finding out to your dismay.

You CAN HAVE angels in your proximity. You attract them the way you attract anything. You find out what they like and you become that. How do you get closer to God? You emulate him and like attracts like. Imitation is the most sincere form of appreciation. I prefer that to "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." I guess it depends on the circles you run in (grin); or would that be 'ran' in'?

Angels are an extension of the will and presence of God. You could no more get close to God himself than you could fly into The Sun. Of course, you can fly into The Sun in one of your more subtle bodies. You need angels and the illumined as step-down transformers for the love of God. The presence of God is visited upon you by his emissaries. He is present in you as a TINY shining particle of conscious light; whether you are conscious of it or not.

This explains why loving God is the swiftest means to The Kingdom. It explains why simple minds can often grasp the essentials better than the overly educated. That can actually be a liability because you CANNOT enter the presence of The Illumined thinking you know anything at all BECAUSE YOU DON'T. There is a reason it is called The Cloud of the UNKNOWING! It is best to let go of all you think you know so that YOU CAN BE INFORMED.

Guru Bawa used to say, "How can I put any water in your buckets when they are already filled? You have to empty your buckets." If the water in your buckets is polluted by low-level desires, how can you comprehend the higher arc? Or the higher-archy for that matter? All self-importance must be evicted. It is an awful burden to begin with. You can't get closer to the shining light if you insist on your own light shining instead. It is not your light. It doesn't work like that. It isn't even the right light. We need to get our inner lamp lit by the one who can do it. We set up waves of interference all around ourselves. We set up a network of conflicting systems because we THINK we know what we are doing, and we DO NOT. Eventually, we become the prisoners of our own Star Wars defense systems, caught in a web of fearful paranoia.

I find it impossible for me to say directly what I mean. I can only hope some parts will be indicative of what I intended but was unable to say.

It's about to get VERY... VERY INTERESTING.

End Transmission.......

Some links for you today. I have too many to include. This happens after every weekend when I do not post. I will get them in over the course of the week.

Here's a couple of lovely items;

where can those of us who are still sane go to get away from this?


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The fattest state in 1990 (Mississippi) was slimmer than the slimmest state in 2016 (Colorado).

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cosmic justice



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