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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Nov 25, 2021 - 5:48:27 AM

"Yes, It Might get Tight and Trepidatious in Places, Up a Notch, Down a Notch on The Dial."
By Les Visible
Nov 25, 2021 - 5:46:07 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Things are going up a notch in places and... down a notch in others and mostly staying the same, however... the same uneasy peace that is everywhere in The World today and the common apprehension of a world falling into disorder... continues. The fabric of society has been torn again with this Plandemic. It can be easy for timid souls to believe the worst but... God is the champion of humanity and he appears when he is needed. He comes in all colors and languages and other garbs. He looks like everyone looking back at him... as they really are.

Yes, it might get tight and trepidatious in places, up a notch, down a notch on The Dial, but WE ARE radiating stations of energy, just like a power plant and capable of immensity. A purpose-driven life SHOULD BE to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, and the ONLY way you are going to accomplish that is to behave as if you are already there and sharing it. This radiates outward from you and calms the waters of life. It stills the troubled heart. I find it hard to imagine any other occupation. Once again, as Lord Krishna said; "Success is speedy for the energetic."

Gratitude is of great impact on Heaven. It is one of The Qualities of God, like Fortitude, and Patience. These qualities are the most precious treasures in the universe but... the self-interested mind cannot see this. They are components of The Kingdom of Heaven, like what forms the walls and shapes the valleys of that land and... Heaven is such a land. It is also a subtle thing. One might be resident there and another not and yet be in the same supermarket or park, go right past one another. Love is contagious too. I'm talking about Higher Love. They already have the other kind.

Heaven to me is very personal. I visit certain friends there, such as Lord Vivasvan. He has other names too but he is the present resident of Lord Surya's seat... a personification of The Solar Divine. The evidence of God is there to be seen each and every day by most anyone who cares to. Without The Sun there would be no life on Earth. What does that tell you? He is the source of all life, but he's a front-man for the more central core, so he is Personalized. He has a persona.

The reach of The Mind is tremendous, and you can visit with The Sun in real-time. So... I go out each morning around 9 and visit with the Sun because I consider him to be one of my friends. One morning it went deeper and I found myself inside The Sun, in a room of many shades of gold, each distinctive enough to form a location of objects and such from density and hue. There was Lord Vivasvan (as I call him).

The room was large and I thought of a drawing room or a French kitchen, but it was nothing like that... more like classic Greece because of the way Lord Vivasvan was dressed. He looked like a Roman centurion with a Trojan helmet; not unlike the Indian posters you might see, but a lot of the detail is missing; the presence of The Real Thing. He was also... almost in bas relief... apart from everything else. All the energy around him was passing through him. He was also around 9 feet tall. He was imposing and commanding as you might expect, but with such a cheerful and positive way about him. Many times in my altered states I have had brief interactions with him. Often it was no more than a "Hi-ho Silver!" Aloha, as I was passing by. The Sun doesn't rise and fall, we turn around into and away from it; which is fine because I have no problem with The Night, which is also provided by the one who shines through a million suns, and beats in the hearts of everyone.

When we find commonality with our fellows, there can be no problems that are not easily brought to solution. In this world, there are those who choose disorder so that they may profit from it. This is a terrible affliction to have because of the cost of it. Still... in times of Material Darkness, it is present. These are times of a Great Summing Up. You could call it Judgment, even The Final Judgment... though... there is no final judgment in the mercy of God. That comes of the lies that religious leaders have been peddling for years. God's Mercy and Love are immeasurable. I TRY NEVER TO FORGET... "There but for fortune goes you and I."

There was an amusing radio evangelist some decades ago called Billy Sunday. He used to say, "throw your money up into the air, and all that stays up is God's, and all that comes down is mine." Heh heh. He actually believed that too, and demonstrated it, in his fashion. A lot of people were around in the early decades of the last century who brought a powerful message, whether you believe their message or not. There are renaissances in the human spirit, in the community of life. There are doldrums too, like recent decades when culture and art are in the emergency room and have been there for years because the patient is still alive but not well enough to go into General Care. Thank God for the pharmaceutical companies.

I don't want to blow smoke up your ass. It's probably going to get bad in parts...of course, I ALWAYS hold out the hope of Global Awakening, when collective humanity comes to the fore. That might be why certain natural disasters occur, to compel people to consider their common struggle, instead of contending with each other.

This massacre in Wisconsin is getting seriously low-balled by the media. I couldn't find any news today that was not already yesterday's news. I don't know if it's Bread and Circuses, The Apocalypse, of course, or... something else I don't know about. As I have heard, close up, "No news is good news" There is something going on in The World at this time. It is a big deal because major power struggles are going on among The Worldbeaters, Master's of the Universe set, BEHIND the scenes. Lots of nudging, some pushing.

I don't know the content or the context. It's none of my business in any case. On the Fallout side, however, we are at some point in the line of fire. You have to let it pass through or around you. The Martial Arts are all about this... if you are; same with Feng Shui. The key to Life is harmony with all life through the power of a Higher Love. I don't get that most people don't get, that God... AND all sorts of other creatures see EVERYTHING you do. When you do things they like, they hang around you and feed on the experience. It is your responsibility what companions you attract. It is CERTAINLY your responsibility... who and what it is that continues to hang around.

This is one of the ways that The Kingdom of Heaven is built, by attracting the right entities from The Supernal Kingdom to assist you, and without whom... you wouldn't get it done anyway. Heaven is NOT a place of discord. That is somewhere else located, at least from where we stand. You carry it with you. You are what you encounter coming back on you from previous engagements. Get your affairs in order! That's what I say (grin). It most definitely improves as you do. We have the opportunity to age like fine wine. Some of those wines are drunk by The Gods themselves. When I say Gods, I mean personifications of The Qualities of God... interacting. God socializes with himself by talking to an endless line of reflections that reflect ALL the conditions of The World but apart from each other like a wall with a hidden door. God walks among us in various guises, his wonders to perform.

Of course, you are free to believe as you wish. In my experience, God walks among us. I have definite proof of that to my satisfaction, and... isn't that all that counts; since it's a memory of events and not a pattern of bad behavior? Heh heh. I have no trouble being convinced myself. I have been convinced again, and again, beyond the remembering... since the evidence kept appearing in Real Life, just the way everything else happens to everyone else, according to their disposition about what they consume, and what consumes them. I have chosen, irrevocably... to be consumed by God, in whatever fashion he chooses. Where have I gotten on my own?

It is flat-out amazing how The Media... and I mean the alternative media as well... has backed off of this carnage in Milwaukee. Yes... six people were executed, but... 61 more were injured. That's a big deal anywhere, especially given the circumstances. I am amazed at the way God plays existence, like a conductor in front of an orchestra. Human emotion rises and falls. The baton goes up and down. Thoughts take wing and descend to The Earth. The baton waves it all into accord.

In altered states, I have seen angels in a spiral coming down from The Sun. I seem to remember this being depicted in paintings or sketches. It was very much the same. I have seen The Goddess on many occasions, more often in valleys with high grass, and at the wood's edge. I have felt her tasting me with mosquitoes, and caressing me with The Wind. My Heaven is populated with a group of entities who circle about or stand still before The Light of Lights; the Lord of Light. It is a simple thing that gets complex in the explication. Best to not talk about it unless you can talk around it, and work with allegory and analogy, because... what are you going to say that hasn't been said before? My only defense in the involvement is that I believe it needs to keep being said. All of the other things are being said, and there is so much of shadow in these times.

The Light of God within can illuminate us. We CAN shine with an interior light. We are stars in the making... however far away that might be... heh heh... "Success is speedy for the energetic."

End Transmission.......

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