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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 22, 2020 - 4:24:48 AM

"Will You Dance with Devas in a Luminous Realm, or Stand Alone with Saturn in a Barren Field?"
By Les Visible
Jan 22, 2020 - 4:21:43 AM

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January 21 st 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting......

Perhaps you have wondered about the mindset of the celebrities of this time. Perhaps you have wondered at the sheer vacuity of the celebrities. Maybe you've given a thought or two, to the body tats on the females singers and the piercings. You might have considered the graphic Satanism of the videos. Of course you could be passing aware of certain things; not clueless and out of the loop like so many people in these times. If that is so, then you know who owns the record companies and the movie studios and maybe you figure there is an agenda in operation, concerning the kind of messages that are being produced through these entertainment vehicles.

You have surely seen the massive shifts in attitudes in the population, especially the demeanor of college students. Maybe you are aware of the background of the college and university instructors and some of the courses offered these days. You might be one of those people who put things together by looking at trends and conditions and then backtracking to the causes.

You know there are people fomenting hatred against the white race. You know there are people working to initiate friction between the races and you know that there are well financed efforts to completely open the American borders and let ANYONE in. They want to offer free room and board to the immigrants and are even working to grant them the right to vote. All of this is to inflate the number of voters who vote democratic, with the intention of turning America Communist. I'm as sure of this as I am that today is Tuesday, so I'll just say it without doing a step by step; saves time on my end.

Let's leave all of that as an introduction to something you might think about at some point... or you might not.

There's something that doesn't occur to most people... and that is the mental state of celebrities, high ranking politicians, powerful and wealthy business types; basically there is a level of society that most of us know about but aren't welcome in. It's that club George Carlin used to talk about that runs everything but we're not members of it. I'm guessing some amount of us think of influential people, power broker types, as perhaps being unpleasant people, even sociopaths but it doesn't occur to us that they might be mentally ill or even, collectively insane.

We live in an age of material darkness, deeper now than at any time previous and the presence of the infernal realm is greater now than at any time previous. We've been brought to this place in time, FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. Never has there been such a disparity of wealth. Never before has there been such a number of people suffering in such abysmal poverty and oppression in so many different locations.

Most of this we never even hear about. At the same time, many of us live better than the royalty of other times. Along with that, we are on the threshold of the most profound technical and scientific discoveries since the last time it all got wiped out, with Lemuria and Atlantis ...and which went down for the same reasons we are close to seeing a repeat of NOW.

All of this is why the apocalypse arrived. It always comes in times like this, in times of great spiritual crisis. It is in times of cataclysmic change and social turmoil that The Apocalypse appears and all of these days that pass now... this long progression of weeks and months and years, since the turn of the millennium, has been about giving us an opportunity to wake up. Kalifornia is degenerating into a cesspool of insanity and it goes on and on... because of the mercy and compassion of God, who wants to give them every opportunity to wake up. WAKE UP! Many are seeing the writing on the wall and are fleeing ...but many are staying because of ATTACHMENT; an attachment to things that do not even exist. How many millions of us over the course of time, have died for the same reason?

A dragon sleeps under the surface of the Earth in Kalifornia and Oregon and Washington and Alaska. It twists and turns beneath the earth, but it is held back by the will of The Ineffable. Eventually, the decision will be made, that enough time has been granted ...and then there will be no more and... then? IT WILL HAPPEN.

Biblical prophecies, all true spiritual prophecies, regardless of the religion, always repeat ...and ancient truths are eternal and that is why their source is called Ageless Wisdom. Prophecies repeat because human nature repeats. Some portion of us, usually the larger portion, given that the weak and confused, are swept up in the will of those who march, with greater force, toward their own destruction. And... that is why the calamities repeat and repeat. Sodom... Gomorrah... Babylon and Rome are all reincarnated in the present for The Grand Summing up; the denouement of this Grand Apocalypse.

The power of the material dream is great. So many desires and appetites have been awakened. So many people cannot pull their attention away, from the thrall of the world, from the tiny screen that now holds tens of millions in a hypnotized stupor. They move through the days like zombies; the living dead, walking deeper and deeper into the darkness. Were it not for the immeasurable Love and Mercy, of the incomprehensible Lord, who holds all of us in AGAPE, all would be lost. Because of this, the awakening is about to intensify and all who can be awakened, will be awakened. It will be hardest for those I mentioned in the beginning of this post. It will be especially hard for those who have been committed to deceiving and preying upon the rest of us but... that is the inconceivable mercy of God, who is reaching out to everyone from within.

A great and welcoming hand is extended, but many have hardened their heart against that mercy and they will suffer, as they have caused others to suffer and it is a pity... it is a pity beyond understanding, because of the opportunity that exists in this time. So much... SO MUCH KARMA could be washed away, in the coming of The Shining One and his immortal friends and consorts. God is coming, The Second Coming is coming, in the human heart and that is the last stage of the awakening... And that is where the concept of the hardened hearts comes from. It is they who are doomed to resist the second coming WITHIN. And then they will go mad. There is no other direction in which to turn.

There are the two options, the divine madness and the intoxication of the awakened love of God within, or the other, much less desirable madness, the madness of Selfishness, where one is transported to that planet... that barren planet, that empty field... with no one but Saturn for company. No... that is not a typo.

End Transmission.......

There is a new discourse from the First Church of the Presence of God up now.

#5 from the First Church of the Presence of God

Today's Song is;

♫ Foolish Pride ♫"Foolish pride, we can't take back our words
Foolish pride, to give hurt for love
Foolish pride, as the wind blows empty
and the night rolls in
our love could be shining
if it hadn't been kept inside
by foolish pride..."

And Pocketnet... what can I say about Pocketnet? Ah... Let me count the ways... better yet... let's not. Oh do not ask what is it, Why not go and make a visit?

les visible at pocketnet


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