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Who Dares Say He Believes in God?
By Jordan Peterson with comments by Ron
Jun 19, 2019 - 4:37:22 AM

This 1 hr 43' 33" video was published by best Audiobooks on Jun 9, 2019:

Ron: Jordan Peterson's somewhat tortured views on life the universe and everything seem to stem from an over focus on the Talmudic Old Testament in the Bible. As a result he seems to think that Christian values, ie the spiritual values taught by Jesus the Christ, arise from Judaic origins. They don't. Jesus was not a Hebrew, an Israelite, a Pharisee or a Judahite. His mother was of Sumarian stock and his father's seed was supplied by the Gabriel of Nebadon. Jesus didn't incarnate to establish a religion and didn't. The Pharisees crucified Jesus in an attempt to eliminate his divine teachings and then distorted his Good News about reincarnation and the fact that all ensouled humans are indwelt by fragments of Creator consciousness making them ALL sons and daughters of God, by influenced Roman Emperors to create the Christian religion. The Pharisees then inserted the Torah into the Bible, labelling it as the Old Testament. Accordingly the statement that there are Judeo-Christian values is bogus. The Judaic Torah is a materialistic, ethno-centric political ideology that is diametrically opposed to Jesus' teaching that salvation consists in learning to love everyone and everything unconditionally, including one's self, FOR the love of God (ALL).

Peterson also talks about the Holocaust as if it really happened. It didn't. Any intelligent person who has examined the issue would know that. Anyone who fears being called an antisemite for saying the Holocaust didn't happen can simply refrain from talking about it. By consistently and gratuitously referring to the Holocaust and proclaiming that it must not be allowed to happen again Peterson is spreading the Jews' BLOOD LIBEL of the entire German nation and indulging in gross ANTI-GERMANISM. Moreover, by consistently referring to the Holocaust AND the alleged Judeo-Christian origins and values of the Western World, he is a spokeman for the Jews' faux religion of Holocaustinaity which is a core constituent of their global propaganda used to enslave all gentiles on this planet.

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