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"When God and Religions are The Targets of Protracted Cancel Culture, Wave Bye Bye to Your Country."
By Les Visible
Aug 21, 2020 - 6:41:41 AM

August 20th 2020


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The greatest danger facing this country is one about which everyone is mostly silent, or completely unaware. It is a product of Materialism and as Materialism intensifies, so does this condition and there is no other condition that I can think of that is more dangerous for the United States of America. This was One Nation Under God. It was a nation that stated DIRECTLY, "In God we Trust." When a society turns away from God, the fall of that nation is ONLY a matter of time.

"Oh generation of vipers. Where there is no vision, the people perish."

You might think this nation was made great by our resources, by our 'can do' mentality, or for any one or several of other reasons I could mention. Africa has plenty of resources. Look at Africa. This country was made great by the spiritual principles it was founded on and the forces of prayer and worship that have prevailed since the beginning and are now no longer. As goes the religious traditions of a country, so goes the destiny of the country.

I am not a fan of religion but I do see the positive side of it. The conditions in which children are raised has EVERYTHING to do with the values inculcated. There used to be prayer in schools. Want to hazard a guess at what group of people was behind ending that? Because spirituality is the centerpiece of my life, I notice its presence and absence, EVERYWHERE I GO. The malls are the new religious institutions. The television is the new altar of worship. Social Media is the new arbiter of dogma and doctrine.

We now live in a time where the majority of us adapt our thought processes, speech and actions to 'what other people think'. The herd mentality is everywhere and never so vividly evidenced than in the public response to COVID. In lockstep they march into perdition. Why does zombie culture fascinate so many people and especially the young?

People mimic what they see. The main force behind the emergence of the transgender fad is the pursuit of popularity. This has been noted in the behavior of children. It makes one the object of attention and being the object of attention is the number one concern of children. What makes the whole matter so insidious is its promotion among the prepubescent. I don't think I even have to go into all the reasons why this is WRONG. And they are handing out puberty blockers like M&M's, ESPECIALLY in the UK, where Tavistock is running the show.

GOD IS NOT MOCKED! God is certainly not ignored. One way or another, God WILL show up in a life, one way or another. Let's present it in a different fashion; God is Love. Love is how we are able to understand and interpret God. We cannot interpret him/her (Dvaita-Visible) otherwise. Beyond Love, beyond his/her qualities, God is incomprehensible. This is one of the reasons that God appears as the Avatar. God takes upon him/herself the limitation of physical form to demonstrate the force of divinity for The Purpose of Demonstration AND to reward the good and punish the bad, as is in the process at this moment.

In this world there is one force that renders YOU in two different ways. That is The Attractive Force. In the manifest it is expressed in carnal fashion. This is a multitasking force, just as is electricity, which we don't understand either BUT we can use it. That same force will heat a house and cool a house. It will run a stove (if you can't cook or are poor, you generally have an electric stove) and it will run an icebox. You can get it from The Sun AND from The Wind, which comes from The Sun. You can get it from Water, which originally comes from Fire (hard to imagine, yeah?).

In a materialistic culture, sex is celebrated and defined in particular ways and one of the ways in which it is promoted, once degeneracy becomes a modification of Materialism, is that License is Liberty. We are led to believe, in present day culture, that repressed sexuality; read restrained and disciplined sexuality is harmful to your health. They now teach that you should masturbate to avoid health problems. Materialism promotes the discharge of life force through the sexual organs. I am not here to speak against sex. There would be no population, no families, no culture, no civilization and no world without it. Without it there would be no planets. I am talking about perspective.

Cavalier discharges of the life-force weakens the immune system. The Satanists promote this in order to weaken the moral fiber and mental capacity of the population, for the purpose of control and manipulation. They also promote and celebrate anal sex because it perverts the Kundalini force and opens the gateway for Black Magic. Within the human being, at the base of the spine, is a pool called The Kunda. The God-Force sleeps there. It dreams there. This force, according to those who have experienced its awakening (like the author) find it to be the same as electricity. It is active in everyone to a particular extent. In most cases, it rises to the second chakra and then exits through the sexual organs. At that level it is ruled by the false persona of The Divine, or God as he is perceived by the dissolute. I am using WORDS here. Words are very difficult to make behave and even more difficult to employ as a medium of Truth. You might well substitute other words here that could change the meaning or make the meaning more clear, go right ahead.

Please bear with me. I mean well. Unrestrained sexual profligacy is seen in every religious tradition as Anathema in every sense of the word. It leads to other things, very undesirable things as anyone so engaged finds out. There are those who don't care about what they discover in the process. I am one who does care. Most people come and go here, live and die, age and depart. Their destinies go round and round and round upon a literal wheel of fire, which is the fire of desire. Their lives are a persistent symphony of suffering, interspersed with temporary moments otherwise. Sometimes you get a good long ride of happy trails but inevitably it leads to disease, pain, old age and death. Buddha saw this in a hyper clarity and his teachings evolved out of that vision.

This force in humanity is something different on each landing of its ascent upwards, should it be encouraged and directed to do so. Each chakra, at each point where they are located in one's being, represent an entire world. They are like floors in a department store; "bling! Bling' third floor, ladies clothing, cosmetics, yadda yadda." If it is permitted to rise to the zenith it becomes The Godhead and why you see those serpents behind the heads of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses is because (at that level) God is a Serpent. At the lower level he is the snake in the grass or in the tree of 'the knowledge' of Good and Evil. At the highest level, it is the direct experience of divinity. I can attest to this because I have experienced it. I was not permitted to stay but I've had brief, ongoing, periods of visitation.

The purpose of Religion in a society is to provide a schematic for acceptable behavior, so that a country can prosper and be strong. It gives cohesion and community. It creates an atmosphere of kindred spirits. It HAS ITS DOWNSIDES AS WELL. Yes it does, as history teaches BUT... without it? Look out! Well, we have The Bolshevik Example of what happens and the same people who brought that about are trying WITH ALL THEIR MIGHT to do the same thing here and IF they can pervert the sexual force and destroy the family unit, THEY WILL SUCCEED. Were it not for the REALITY of the existence of God they would have already done so. Can you see where their efforts are directed? Can you see the messages in popular music and film, as well as in a variety of fairly recent cultural adaptations, ALL OF WHICH they control?

One of the experiences that comes to you, GUARANTEED... if you engage in prolonged pursuits of sexual excess, is FEAR. An atmosphere of FEAR (and Dread) WILL come upon you. Weakness of all kinds will beset you. Illness will assuredly appear. Confusion will be your mental state. You will also become enslaved to it because you will have been feeding a beast, who... in the beginning was quite small but... as with any beast, if you keep feeding it it gets BIGGER AND BIGGER< AND BIGGER. Count on it! And like anything of similar bondage; Heroin Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Gambling Addiction and SUNDRY, the monkey on your back turns into a gorilla and sooner than you might think, becomes stronger than you are. These days, paid academic whores are working overtime to convince you that it's all natural and good fun to engage in all manner of activities. It's NORMAL. It's not just normal, it's SUPER-NORMAL. It's better than normal and you do want to belong and... you do want to be popular... and you do not want to be labeled as Intolerant or a Bigot or whatever buzz terms they are using to terrify you, or confer pariah status on you; to CANCEL you. Meanwhile... the country... the country is going down the toilet because you bent in so many different directions that you don't know what's what anymore BUT someone will tell you. Count on it! They KNOW if they can Cancel God and reinterpret the religious experience into New Age Feel Good, moral relativism status, they KNOW they can get you to agree to almost anything and Push and Shove are finally together in the winner take all Cage Match and the winner AND the loser are going to be determined on an individual basis, depending on whatever horse you backed. Count on it! Today's Song is;

♫ God's not Dead ♫

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