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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Nov 24, 2021 - 4:56:00 AM

"What is Deepest and Most True Does Not Express Itself on the Material Plane, EXCEPT... as Impersonal Love."
By Les Visible
Nov 24, 2021 - 4:52:57 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Christ WAS NOT a Jew. He was/is The Sun King from a perpetual lineage of the same. He is above race and religion. My sources tell me he was of Syrian extraction, but... what does that matter? It is not the conditions or ancestors of a realized person that speaks for them, but what he does with his circumstances; what he has done with his commission, because... make no mistake, we all come here with a commission, even if it is only the default folder of our Karma.

What did Jesus Christ look like? He looked like everyone else might look while looking into a mirror. You can think of God as being like a temporary pool in the Kalahari, where there is an unspoken, instinctive truce between the animals, both prey and predator. When the deer looks into the pool, he sees a deer and says, "Oh... that is what God looks like." When the lion looks into the pool, he sees a lion and tells himself the same. When a snake looks into the water, he sees a snake. God looks like everyone to everyone, the perfect reflection in the smoking mirrors. The smoke is generated by Desire, BUT... God, in essence, does not look like anyone or anything. He is pure conscious light, BUT... he is ever so much more than that.

God is what is PRIOR TO... when he trends toward the manifest... he becomes an appearance. God is like The Wind. You can see the effect of The Wind on everything that can be moved by The Wind, BUT... you NEVER see The Wind. You see the clouds moving, dissolving, and appearing, but... you do not see the cause of the dynamic.

There is a tale told about a medieval monk who was cleaning out the stables. A vision of light appeared to him and stated that he was Jesus Christ. The monk looked at him and said, "Get thee hence or I will fill your mouth with this horse dung!" Hmm... what do you suppose that means? It means that Jesus Christ DOES NOT appear in front of you. He appears WITHIN YOU!

You have heard the saying... "if you see The Buddha on the road, kill him?" The Buddha is WITHIN. He is actually a state of mind... a level of awareness called, The Buddhi... Buddha-Mind... The Buddhic Plane. EVERYTHING is WITHIN YOU, including The Kingdom of Heaven. The Buddhi is The Intellect, BUT... that is only a stage in the affair, keeping in mind that it is a purified mindset.

I agree with the poison-heads in this one regard, the Christian religion has been hijacked as a weapon against The Useful Idiots by The Usual Suspects. HERE... right here is where the problem arises, for every religion that has been around for any length of time. What is deepest and most true of any of them, does not express itself on the material plane, EXCEPT... as Impersonal Love.

The laws we are compelled to live by are composed by lawyers, whose job is usually to get around the law to begin with. They compose the laws AND the loopholes. The doctrine and laws of the faith are composed by priests, who interpose themselves between God and Humanity for the benefit of neither. Who then... are the benefits generated for? Themselves.

This is the same principle by which programmers build Backdoors into software. Deception is the most persistent and profound expression occurring in the realm of The Senses. Anyone who has studied the text of Patanjali's Aphorisms understands... to some extent... what the meaning of 'restraining the Chitta' means. When you can restrain this, one needs no longer be concerned about what happens to them, because... only The Best that can happen will occur. Do I mean 'restrain'? Do I mean 'channel'? Words fall short. We use terms to describe things. None of them (as Lao Tzu says) are Absolute.

You are at one point or another within Carnal Mind or... The Liberated Mind. Carnal Mind is DRIVEN by appetite and desire. Liberated Mind is driven toward Liberation. More of human consciousness is in Carnal Mind in Times of Material Darkness. That is the direction it trends in. Consciousness is always moving in one direction or the other... Evolution... or Devolution. We are propelled into matter for the investigation of matter. Once having found whatever portion of that is appointed to us, we HEAD HOME. We go back the way we came. It is the story of The Prodigal Son.

This is all talk from my perspective, which is itself, always changing as a greater Clarity comes to me. Greater Clarity will come to anyone who seeks it. The same is true of Purity, BUT... of what value is Purity if you never lose it? How do you measure its value? This event, called The Fall, was no accident. It was intended to happen. We fall, and then we rise. It's cosmic biorhythm. Why do you think the kundalini force is depicted as a serpent? It is because of the way it moves. If it is said that the Fall of Man was instigated by Woman, who represents the fall into the sensitive life, it is ONLY through Woman that he will rise again; no getting around that.

We have invested all of this time into technology, directed toward comfort and the eradication of pain. Civilization is Humanity's reaction to pain. There is a much finer technology from which our ham-handed efforts are bastardizations of a much more profound science. We... Humanity... are now coming to a time where this science is going to appear again. A golden age is in the offing for those who are directed to that end. Purgatories of Regret and Hell's of Unrequited Desire also await for those so disposed.

We all have goals in this life. The majority of them are pedestrian and prosaic, as is fitting for the times in which we live at the moment, BUT... those times are passing. In the beginning, you see wild-eyed and murderous revolutionaries, who want to bend the whole of existence to their puny will, which is only borrowed for The Purpose of Demonstration. They will... soon enough- in Cosmic Time, be pushed to the margins, and saner and more informed voices will be heard.

We must remember who authored Communism and what it resulted in. Something like 60 million Russian Christians were murdered by The Usual Suspects, by... The Cheka. Over two-thirds of the members of this Russian Secret Police organization were (drum roll) Tribe Members. This is who it is that has taken over the American Education System. This is who owns Congress, The White House, and the legal apparatus. This is who owns the Central Banks and who devised The Federal Reserve so that they could control the money supply. This IS NOT speculation. This is all proven and can be easily discovered by any who seek to inquire therein.

THEY authored The Holodomor. They authored The Armenian Genocide. Again... this IS NOT speculation! They are presently genociding The Palestinians, AND they make war on their neighbors on their own High Holy Days in order to appease the Demonic Kingdom (which they believe serves them) with Blood Sacrifice. This is ALSO NOT speculation. They are the agents of Satan on Earth. Now... one can debate whether this role was apportioned to them by The Cosmos. God gave them the keys to The Candy Store for some reason. Somebody has to play the villain.

Always keep in mind that the whole show is for God's entertainment. You may not like this, but it is so. The Hindu Tradition calls it, God's Lila (look it up).

You see... when you consider the ABSOLUTE power of The Divine, you have to figure he influences everything. He certainly powers everything, and he is THE END portal to Purity Restored. Where this becomes a sticky wicket is that a greater portion of those who represent this tradition, racial character, religious disposition; whatever it actually is... are as good and decent people as anyone else in this benighted age. I have PERSONALLY met a number of them, and I have certainly been advantaged by studying and appreciating the creative talents of many of that demographic. THEY (the psychopathic bad guys) hide amidst their fellows, and use their fabricated persona as victims, while they victimize everyone else. The Poles have a saying... no doubt based on experience; "THEY... cry out in pain when they strike you." Kind of says it all, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, THEY control the purse strings and their dupes and catamites, parrot whatever they wish to be said. It IS what it IS.

I cannot tell anyone The Way for them. The Way varies depending on temperament, character, and Karmic directives. When my friend, Michael Green told Guru Bawa about my situation on Maui, facing a 60-year mandatory sentence, he looked into his hand, like he usually did when considering the fate or track record of another, and said... "He'll be fine. He has simply taken another path." This is a man (now invisible, but still very present) who possessed Divine Luminous Wisdom. Nothing was hidden from him.

We are presently resident on one of 7 rays. This has much to do with what befalls us and what is possible for us. Eventually... one returns to the Cosmic Prism and the color-nature of their ray is no longer relevant. They are Gate-Gate-Paragate= Gone- Gone- Gone Beyond. May you find that portal that opens for you into a world beyond description.

End Transformation.......

And, of course, some links...

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Lifelong Democrat, feminist warns party to stop trying to abolish biological sex or lose votes

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Project Veritas legal team rips DOJ raid of O'Keefe as 'sucker punch' to free press, praises unlikely allies

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Pregnant Philadelphia woman fatally shot unloading presents from her baby shower

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What a very strange justice system=
Judge Refuses to Jail Pedophile Who Abused 6 Kids: He's 'Too Fat' for Prison

Peter John O'Neill

Yes... a strange justice system it is.
SOMETHING is going on behind the scenes=

No prison time for man who pleaded guilty to rape and sexual assault of four teenage girls


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