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"What do You Prefer, Light or Darkness...? You Make the Call."
By Les Visible
Aug 27, 2020 - 5:25:29 AM

August 26th 2020

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We're going to talk about something today that needs to be said. I've known about it for some time. The whole of the present VIOLENT protest movement is being engineered by KNOWN Satanists, like Bloody George Soros. He's an employee in the Red Shield Empire. There are, of course, various UNSUB's and other 'interested parties' that are involved because they see an opportunity for personal gain AT SOME LEVEL. There are also the IDEOLOGUES, the TRUE BELIEVERS who are like unto those who do EVIL for the SHEER JOY OF IT.

Here is something you see in regular fashion these days, whenever those trying to maintain some semblance of balance and stability in the lives of the rest of us, get together in larger venues. I've seen these Craig's List ads for years.

Rentacrows ad

You might well ask, WHY; WHY has no one, powerful enough to do so, put an end to the efforts of Little Georgie Sorrows to destabilize societies worldwide? The power of The Satanists is directly tied to the power of Materialism's influence over the minds of the public. If a larger portion of the public is ALREADY under a hypnotic spell, it is much easier to subvert it further. Once the force of Materialism has reached a certain level of toxicity, it is no problem to poison the minds of people far and wide. Keep in mind that ALL OF THIS is done in increments. Add in the ubiquitous presence of a corrupt media and it is not unlike shooting fish in a barrel.

MANY factors are at work to create BOTH a docility and PANIC in the human mind. One is to amplify the attractions of base appetites, which work to destroy any climate of morality that might have previously been present. Another is Fear being increased through the creation of uncertainty in daily life. Threats and rumors of worsening conditions... manufactured specters of approaching chaos. It is all too much to cover in this limited format... BUT you can see it all round you. The 'appearance' of Life is not what it was.

In times of Material Darkness, the leaders of the Temporal World are NEARLY ALL COMPROMISED. This is WHY powerful Satanists are able to work their magic at will. People in possession of any greater degree of Integrity are ABSENT from the seats and corridors of power. However, there is one MAJOR REASON why these psychopaths are permitted to operate in an unhindered fashion and that is; God PERMITS it for The Purpose of Demonstration. It is all being directed to an end that most everyone is unaware of. Indeed, those preying on humanity and spreading Fear and Terror around the world, are being both assisted and encouraged to continue in their evil ways, ONCE AGAIN, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Think of it as being something like a hunting party moving across a field, flushing quail into the air to be shot. Is that a good enough simile? Meanwhile, the quail think themselves in no danger whatsoever. I happen to like Quail and I picked them at random for the purpose of the image created. Little Georgie Sorrows is being USED.

Those caught up in Materialism think it is a marvelous thing. It is not. It is the breeding ground for Spiritual Death. It is also a staging arena, sooner or later, for terrible events, brought about by complacency, on the one hand, and evil intention on the other. The Celestial Realm DOES NOT WANT THIS FOR US, and it is using the Purpose of DEMON-stration to bring it to our attention. Trauma (it is an unfortunate truth) is a highly effective dynamic for bringing about Epiphany, for manifesting a Wake-up Call. The PRESENT force of Awakening is intensifying by the day. It will eventually lead to a great many formerly unconscious and captive minds WAKING UP. WHEN that happens, the impact of collective group awareness is going to have powerful effect on those being exposed by the Awakening. They WILL BE seen for what they are. They KNOW what can happen should the public awaken and they are NOW desperately engaged in attempts to thwart it; NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

The problem for so many of us is that even when we say we believe in Divine Agency, we don't, not really. It is like someone who is not a Christed being waving a cross at a real vampire. Where is the power going to come from? Is that a good enough simile? (grin). Far too many of us, have an intellectual faith, but ONLY a visceral Faith is effective. If we TRULY believed, we would know that there is nothing to worry about. How many of us have even a rudimentary understanding of the power of The Supernal Realm? How many of us have any idea of the power of God's Army of Angels? The entire collective of EVIL presently active here has NO CHANCE AT ALL against them.

We have some vague Hollywood influenced concept of the battle between the Supernal and Infernal Realms. The latter would be mowed down and mulched in less than a heartbeat. Real opposition DOES NOT EXIST. What power does the fading night have over the rising Sun? Without The Sun it would be night. When those angels come AND COME THEY WILL, that is where they will be coming from.

The whole affair is not about what most imagine it to be about. The entire drama is about finding out what we are made of. The battle is already won. ♫ We have come to Armageddon just to find the battle won ♫ (song will be posted at the end of the post) There is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, unless... THERE IS.

The supremacy of the Avatar Spirit of the Risen Christ is ABSOLUTE. He has vanquished death. He has The Keys to Hell. He is the primary manifest expression of The Spiritual Sun, which is far more powerful than The Sun in the sky. EVERY star in the sky is borrowed power from The Spiritual Sun, which NEVER... NEVER reaches its zenith. All the power in demonstration is CONSIDERABLY less than what is in reserve. There is never a time when this is not so. 'Limitless' is a concept that few understand.

Everything happens for a reason. It WOULD NOT happen otherwise. EVERYTHING is UNDER CONTROL and it ALWAYS HAS BEEN and it ALWAYS WILL BE and any problem you have in understanding that is due to your having given power elsewhere. You have empowered what gives you fear and what makes you uncertain, just as every monkey on every back, is fed by the one carrying it. STOP interfering in God's efforts to liberate you! Stop getting in God's way! Align yourself with The Supreme Authority over all, by living accordingly. THE MOMENT... the very moment you relinquish the idea of your own authority and let go of your opposition to The Single Everlasting Authority, ALL the forces of Good will fly to your side. That is HOW IT IS, unless YOU insist on it being different.

Observe the ORCHESTRATED madness at work.

Read accompanying Fox News article here

Observe the Satanists, LITERALLY seeking to control and manufacture their version of reality.

Read accompanying article here

That particular site is at it, lying and fabricating 24/7. Why do I visit there on a regular basis? Know the enemy. Even though the ONLY enemy that should concern any of us is the one within. All the forces of the external world are as nothing by comparison with the invisible and everything in the visible world is controlled from the invisible. What do you prefer, Light or Darkness? You make the call.

They are going all out to subjugate and terrorize us. Let them exhaust themselves. In an instant the power will be cut and rerouted. The Avatar approaches. He is coming within. His herald is The Awakening. There is no power on Earth as great as the Love in your heart. Exercise it and it will increase in force. The agents of the darkness KNOW who is vulnerable and that is their target. Don't be vulnerable. They know better than to mess with the Children of the Light. Turn the spotlight of your love upon them and watch the shadows flee!

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Today's Song is;

♫ Spread Your Wings ♫"We are standing on an endless horizon
With our faces turned into the blazing sun
And we have come all this way to Armageddon
Just to find that the battle has been won"

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