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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 23, 2020 - 9:55:29 PM

What God Wants
By Aleksandar Sarovic with comments by Ron
Jul 26, 2020 - 1:02:08 AM

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July 22nd 2020

Jesus Christ is supposed to create Heaven on Earth when He returns to Earth. I have discovered that equal human rights will create Heaven on Earth unavoidably. If I am right, does it mean that I might be Jesus Christ ?



God created a good World

Something created the nature in which we live. This nature is very complex, logical, functional, rational, beautiful and harmonious. It means that a highly developed power that we could not conceive has created the world. I accepted that the name of this force is God. God created a good world. God certainly wants people to live well, but people deviate from his will.

The origin of religions

Some individuals have claimed that they received messages from God and passed out his will to the people. This was the origin of religions. Religions contain ancient wisdom that brings good to people, and that is why we can say that they carry the will of God. But why do the messages of God pass only the knowledge from the time when the religion originated? Why has God, as almighty and all-knowing, not said something more about the world that, according to the Bible, he created in six days? Or, perhaps most importantly, why did God not tell these messengers how to build a good society?

[Ron:As I understand it, becoming Godly is a very looong and complex process. Free will creatures cannot be fold the truth and then automatically understand and follow it, they have to learn through experience in physicaiity, that is the purpose of the physical creation. The Creator is exploring physicality. That is what the ascendant human being's experience is all about. Every element of the Cosmos is alive with God consciousness. That consciousness coalesces into ever more complex entities and beings. Initial living entities have very little individual consciousness with that consciousness being held in a group soul. Eventually after countless incarnations individuals within that group soul develop an individual soul which we see in animals and birds et al. With experience such individuals usually evolve MIND, ie greater ability to think and to formulate an individual view of the world. After many incarnations the individual's soul graduates through those incarnations in varying animal bodies until it reaches some higher animal body such as a dog, cat, horse, elephant, dolphin or whale et al, in which they reach or pass the perimiter to the higher conscious level appropriate to a human being. At that point in is/her evolution the individual is  gifted by the Creator will free will and unique human personality.

The individual's next incarnation is usually in a human meat suit. Although there may be exceptions. See eg: The Smartest Horse That Ever Lived - A True Story -

As a new human they then depend on the planet's collective unconscious (morphic field) memory bank for instinctual reactions; and upon family, community and environment for learning about life, the universe and everything and developing conscious choice mechanisms since they will have usually had very little or no cultural human "education", unless that has been obtained through living as a pet in a very loving human environment. So new humans are largely a blank slate upon which their human, cultural and physical environment will provide experiential soul inputs. Then, depending on how much the individual chooses to think and reflect on self and the world, the individual's soul grows.

When the individual crosses the threshold to individually generated thought capable of making moral decisions the Creator gifts that individual with an indwelling fragment of the Creator's spirit to imperceptably assist him or her to adjust those thought processes and begin to THINK coherently and rationally about life the universe and everything as s/he lives life. Learning to think coherently and rationally may take many incarnations depending on the human souls' family, community and physical environment. Eventually the human soul chooses to seek to live morally and at that point the indwelling God fragment fuses with the individual's soul and s/he become a higher Universal Man (HUman). Thereafter, unless the individual decides in full knowledge not to continue his/her eternal journey, the soul sets out on a journey through his/her universe of origin (in this case( Nebadon) thence through the super universe of Orvonton and on to Havona and eventually to the Paradise Isle to meet with the Creator. Thereafter the individul HUman returns to the Creation to help with its administration and management.].

Does the lack of knowledge that comes from the Bible mean that God's messengers invented the words of God, or they were not able to understand his words well enough? Taking into account that different people received different messages from God, they have formed different religions. But God certainly has not sent different messages to different religions; he certainly did not deceive people.

[Ron: Some detailed discussion on these issues is in: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism -].

Mistakes of religions

Also, the range of material written into religious books is very comprehensive but not useful in defining a good society. God is not a blabberer; he is an extremely effective creator, which means that his messages must be effective as well. In contrast, many sentences in religious books confront to wisdom which cannot make a good society. Such sentences definitely cannot be sent by God.

[Ron: I agree.].

Most religions force people to follow the will of God obediently. God certainly does not want to force people into anything because coercion cannot make right. Power over people is a need of the spiritually undeveloped people. Control over people is a privilege that brings evil. This control creates stupidity, greed, hatred, destruction, wars, and hell on earth. It has nothing to do with the will of God. With this in regard, the religions which force people to follow God are in confrontation with the intention of God. God does not need power over people. He is far above such need. God wants us to create a good society.

[Ron: I agree.].

Can we assume that among those people who wrote religious books were some who wanted to reach power over people? When you see how quickly today's religious preachers improvise verses from the Bible to achieve intellectual superiority over religious people, then yes we can assume some writers of holy books did the same. These people entered ideas into religious texts that have nothing to do with the will of God. They created contradictions in the Bible. For example: God's 6th commandment states: "Thou shall not murder" and Jesus Christ, Son of God, according to Luke (19:27) said: "But as for these enemies of mine who didn't want me to be their king - bring them here and slaughter them in my presence." The mistakes in the Bible have certainly prevented the progress of society.

[Ron: I agree. Christ Jesus’ teachings were diametrically opposed to the ideology in the Torah and Talmud. The pretence that Jesus was a Jew and that Christian spiritual ideas emanate from Torahite origins is just another monstrous LIE promulgated by Pharisees and neo-Pharisees. Jesus was NOT a Hebrew, an "Israelite", a Pharisee, a Judean or a Judahite; and he certainly was not a "Jew" because the neo-Pharisees only started calling themselves Jews in the latter part of the 18th century. Jesus' mother was of Sumarian stock and his father's seed was supplied by The Gabrial of Nebadon. See eg: ESU IMMANUEL, THE CHRIST, WAS NOT A JEW - And: CREATOR GOD ATON/HATONN: THE TORAH vs. THE TALMUD -

The idea that Christian thinking and morality has anything to do with Judaism is just another humungous LIE promulgated by 'The father of lies' via Pharisees and neo-Pharisees however they describe themselves.

Jesus did not incarnate to establish a religion and didn't. He incarnated to teach divine truths about life, the universe and everything which had been lost over millennia and corrupted by Pharisees and others.

The Christian religion and the Bible didn't exist for almost 300 years after Jesus' crucifixion.  In 331 Constantine commissioned fifty Bibles for the Church of Constantinople, but little else is known (in fact, it is not even certain whether his request was for fifty copies of the entire Old and New Testaments, only the New Testament, or merely the Gospels). Then in 325 AD Emperor Constantine organized and presided over the Council of Nicea and the Christian religion was launched.

In effect, Roman Emperors, advised by Pharisees, created the Christian religion. The Pharisees were not content with crucifying Jesus, they also sought to eradicate his divine teaching by creating and using the Christian religion. The neo-Pharisees who call themselves Jews are continuing that project.

Once the Pharisees had arranged for Roman Emperors to establish a false religion in an effort to eliminate the truth taught by Jesus they distorted his teachings by excluding the Gospel of Thomas and many other books from the Bible. But their biggest coup was getting the Torah included in the Bible as the "Old Testament". That completely compromised Jesus' teaching and created the basis for perpetuating the colossal Trojan Horse LIE that Christian truth somehow arose out of Pharisaic bullshit. That perfidious accomplishment has enabled Pharisees and neo-Pharisees to pretend that despite having crucified Jesus they never-the-less happen to be the font of "Judeo-Christian" morality and values and hence the source of the civilisation that Jesus' divine teaching caused to manifest in Europe.

How today's neo-Pharisees who call themselves Jew but are not, must laugh whenever they contemplate the obvious contradiction between Jesus's teaching and the Old Testament. What could be more opposed to Jesus' teaching that we must learn to unconditionally love our neighbour (everyone and everything) AS self, (ie we must learn to accept and love our selves) FOR the love of God (ALL); than the materialistic, ethno-centric, racist, genocidal political ideology set out in the Torah?

The "joke" involved is obvious. Pharisees and neo-Pharisees are and have always been, a malignant parasitic incubus upon every community and nation to which they have attached themselves, including the Judeans. This malignancy has been especially prominent in relation to Christian nations as the Talmudic destruction wreaked by the Rothschilds’ organised and funded Jacobins in France and the Bolsheviks’ genociding of Christians in Russia, the Ukraine, Germany and Eastern Europe evidences.

The genocidal Torah was inappropriately included in the Bible and called "the Old Testament" when the Emperor Constantine established Christianity as the official religion of the Empire. The so-called Church Fathers appear to have had no real say in the matter or were susceptible to Talmudic persuasion. In the interests of ensuring the new religion was asuitable social control mechanism, Emperor Constantine and later, the Emperor Justinian, enforced the elimination of many books and teachings from the Bible while including the Torah. Followers of Jesus' real teachings were sidelined or bloodily eliminated.

Pharisees and neo-Pharisees have censored and distorted successive iterations of Christian teachings and the Bible for two millenia, starting with the Pharisee, Saul of Tarsus (St Paul), who denigrated females, subjugating them to males which was totally at odds with Mary Magdalen's relationship to Jesus' male disciples. Subsequently Pharisees and neo-Pharisees continued to manipulate Ecumenical Councils.

In particular, the Pharisees were not satisfied with inserting the Torah into the Bible and calling it 'The Old Testament'. They sought to ensure that virtually all references to Jesus' GOOD NEWS such as reincarnation and the fact that EVERY ensouled human being is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness making each one an only begotten 'Son of God', were deliberately omitted from Christian teaching and deleted from the Bible.

This denial of the fact that every HUman is indwelt by a God fragment and hence sovereign and immortal was as crucial as the elimination of the truth about reincarnation. Why? Because it led to the infantilisation of Christian religious believers via the false doctrine that Jesus the Christ was the ONLY begotten son of God and that he sacrificed himself for the salvation of ALL of humanity. He didn’t and couldn’t. Jesus' message was that every ensouled HUman is gifted by the Creator with a unique personality and free will and that, as a consequence, every ensouled human being is a sovereign individual responsible for his/her own decisions, evolvement and destiny. Each HUman must learn about life the universe and everything and evolve spiritually to ‘save’ self. Moreover, HUmans are eternal spirits and have eternity in which to reincarnate and complete this process.

The Christian religion doesn’t tell adherents this truth because Emperor Justinian eliminated virtually all references to Jesus’ teaching about reincarnation from the Bible. This was finally achieved during the Fifth Ecumenical Council in 554 AD. At that time Emperor Justinian arrested Pope Vigilius for Believing in Reincarnation and had the Council declare:

If anyone asserts the fabulous preexistence of souls, and shall assert the monstrous restoration which follows from it: let him be anathema. (The Anathemas against Origen), attached to the decrees of the Fifth Ecumenical Council, A.D. 554, in Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, 2d ser., 14: 318). See eg: Pope [Vigilius] Arrested for Believing in Reincarnation -

Eradication of the doctrine of Reincarnation, ie knowledge that the evolvement of life and hence MIND is based on the reincarnation process (which is essential to enable spirit beings incarnating into physicality to avail themselves of a sufficient number of physical incarnations to adequately explore and understand the immensity of life, the universe and everything) is the method used by the Pharisees and neo-Pharisees, ie Talmudists who call themselves Jews but are not, to convince gentiles (ie all who DO NOT accept Talmudism) that they are merely physical creatures having one, only, lifetime which has no meaning, destiny or purpose. Concomitantly this LIE, reinforced by the Talmudists’ funding and coercion of scientists to accept and promulgate false science about life, the universe and everything as typified by falsely promulgated Darwinian evolutionary theories about the Origin of Species, has made it easy for Talmudists and the Christian religious puppets they control, to instil fear of death into congregations. The truth is scientifically explained by Bruce Lipton. See eg: Bruce Lipton - Fear vs Love State and Stress's Effects on Your Body -


The Bible has presented deeply wise and wonderful words of God

The following verses from the Bible undeniably confirm that God wants people to create a good society:

Psalm (89:14) ‘Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; steadfast love and faithfulness go before you.'

Amos (5:7,15) ‘Ah, you that turn justice to wormwood, and bring righteousness to the ground! ...Hate evil and love good and establish justice in the gate.'

Galatians (5:22-23) ‘The Spirit's role in a person's life is to perfect the person's character, to make him like God. Its fruits, being shown in human behaviour, are the divine attributes of God: "The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control..."'

Colossians (1:9-10) ‘The essence of all true spiritual knowledge lies in God's divinely ordained laws. It is God's desire that we be "filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding... in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God."'

Isaiah (9:6-7) "The government will be upon His [Christ's] shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace, there will be no end."

Micah (4:4) "Every man will sit under his own vine and under his own fig tree, and no one will make them afraid."

Equal human rights will fulfill God's will

My philosophy will bring righteousness and justice demanded in these verses through the implementation of equal human rights. Equal human rights will solve all the problems of society. Nothing else is needed to make a good society, and nothing else can do it. Equal human rights must be the will of God

Today we have defined equal human rights insufficiently. All equal human rights are established on the formal level, while reality suggests that they are not equal. A president of the country may send people to war, and people cannot do it to him. Bosses may fire workers, and workers cannot do it to them. Teachers may force students to accept knowledge, and students cannot do it to them. Where are the equal human rights here? Throughout history, authorities have prevented the development of equal human rights. They have never existed, and this is the reason society was never good. People do not know even how they are supposed to look like and do not understand how important they are.

Equal human rights imply that all people have equal opportunities in their lives. This includes the right of all people to participate equally in decision-making processes on all issues of common interest. Until recently, equal human rights were not even possible to establish because it was impossible to harmonize the needs and decisions of all people. This has become possible only with the development of computer technology.

The equal rights of evaluation among people will bring a radical transformation of powers in capitalism, which will completely change the world. I've called it democratic anarchy. Each person will have an equal right to evaluate a few people of their choice. A positive assessment will bring small awards to the assessed person, and a negative evaluation will carry small punishments. Such assessments will direct every person to respect other people; to do everything they can to beautify other people's lives, and do nothing that can hurt other people. This will be the basis for the establishment of a healthy, constructive, and productive orientation of society.

[Ron: I disagree. HUmans are soverign and equal because each is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness. Accordingly every HUman's sovereign rights are unalienable and cannot be usurped by ANY human or other authority. However, HUmans are not equal in spiritual, intellectual and physical capacities and attributes. Nor are they equal in experience. Each is on a journey and each has his/her own soul evolvement as a work in progress. What is needed for peace, love and equality of spirit to flourish on this planet is an increase in individual HUman awareness and a resultant growth in consciousness. Once a critical mass of HUmans here have attained the higher level of consciouness sufficient to lead our world into the Fifth Dimension of consciousness we may be able to govern ourselves in a world ruled by unconditional love but until then Universe Management will need to actively oversight governance on this planet.

Our current dystopian global situation is dire because of rampant corruption centred upon control of usurious Central, and fractional reserve commercial banking. That situation must cease and to that end Christ Michael Aton the Creator this universe and this planet, (see the Urantia Book)  declared the commencement of his Millennial Reign here on 5 February 2019. To effectuate the needed changes Christ Michael's Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their supporters are eliminating the demonic bankster controlled Globalisation cabal and introducing proper sovereign money creation and distribution by sovereign nation states.

Money is essentially a lubricant for enabling and facilitating economic activity. It should not be used as a store of value in its own right because that distorts the process and limits its optimum use. Creating and issuing money should be a routine function. Determining who gets it and why is the essential function and that should be a community decision and not subject to any suggestion that the decision maker needs to "profit" from the decision or the process via receipt of interest or anything else.

Sovereign national Treasury money creation and distribution will mean that private banks and financial corporations will NOT benefit but will in fact be eliminated and replaced with community friendly, usury-free money distribution. Existing commercial banking corporation will be replaced by money holding and  accounting organisations untainted by usury. Those organisation may be akin to the Japanese post office money saving system which primarily provides basic money holding and accounting services. See eg: Trump Takes Control of the Fed -Leads the way for other countries to follow - Michael Tellinger -




Once COVID-19 has been dealt with the global monetary system will have to be RESET. The Trump Administration will force the privately owned Fed to swallow the debts it has created for humanity (or pay it with a multi-trillion USD coin minted for the purpose) and similar actions will be taken by other nations in respect of their Rothschilds' controlled Central Banks so that debt levels will cease to be an issue for human nations and societies because the Fed and the Rothschilds' global central banks will be liquidated and cease to exist. Then each sovereign nation will become responsible for issuing its own usury free money and currency. As of 1 June 2020 The International Treasury Controller has begun  the process of agreeing, with all countries of the World, the "Pegging" of their currency to a replacement for the Petro Dollar which will be the INTERNATIONAL GOLD BACKED GLOBEC CURRENCY. That process will establish the value of each national currency vis-a-vis the Globec which will bring them stability and away from the currency markets which will be abolished. This will involve the collection of numerous details and data so that a real and practical value can be assessed for each currency and agreed with the applicable country. See: DAVID CRAYFORD ---------- IT’S TIME THAT SOMEONE STARTED KICKING ASS SO THAT CHANGES TO THE CURRENT FINANCIAL SYSTEM CAN BE MADE TO BENEFIT EVERYONE, NOT THE MINORITY -


Everything about human life on this planet will be subject to a rethink and a RESET. As this planet and its population journey towards higher consciousness and Light and Life, divine cosmic law will replace Talmudic propaganda and all its manifestations including corrupted religions, "democracy", man made law, globalisation and 'rules based' international law etc. Similarly, flawed ideas about universal suffrage, police powers and usury will cease to be relevant as global governance becomes divinely directed. Nations will become genuinely sovereign and will assume republican forms of local, regional and national governance.

This process will involve a massive upheavel in all aspects of human society and not just the value of money. The real changes may not manifest until after the coming Magnetic Reversal and stasis period. During stasis Christ Michael's Space Fleet will remove many people to other planets and places more suited to their level of consciousness. That will mean that life will be very different on this planet thereafter, assisted by higher vibrational enegies impacting the planet and its inhabitants. So be it.].


Mutual evaluations among people are the most important principle of equal human rights. It was suggested in the Bible: Proverbs (18:17) "The first one to plead his cause seems right until his neighbour comes and examines him." Democratic anarchy will especially affect authorities after which they will become people's servants as it was predicted according to Mark (10:42-44) "Jesus called them together and said, "You know that those who are regarded as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all.""


Equal human rights also mean that every person must have the right to work. As long as there is unemployment, such a right does not exist. Unemployment will be eliminated by shortening working hours proportionally to the rate of unemployment. This would increase the demand for workers on the free market so that employers would have to pay them more. Then workers will be able to buy more, which will remove the present problems of capitalism. This will make good capitalism.

The ultimate stage of equal human rights will create an equal possibility for the employment of every worker at every public work post at any time. It will be necessary to open a permanent competition of workers for every public work post. The best worker would get the right to work at any time. I know it sounds impossible because such a division of labour never existed. But the realization of it is just a technical problem. I have developed a system that will effectively evaluate the productivity of work offers, harmonize rewards for work, and define the job responsibilities of workers. No economy can be more productive than the one where each job gets the best available worker. Public companies will become more productive than private ones so that the latter will go down in history. This will be good socialism.

The final result of the establishment of equal human rights will be visible in good communism, where people will establish equal consumer rights. To realize it, people need to discover new values that will come as the result of equal human rights, values that follow the will of God. These values are significantly larger than money. Then we can expect that all people will individually and voluntarily assign all their incomes for taxes. They will democratically direct the production, which will bring stability to the production process and make all the goods and services for all people free of charge.

My philosophy will make Heaven on Earth

Equal human rights will bring freedomjusticelovepeacewisdomjoy, and very good to people unconditionally. I have presented the results of equal human rights implementation in the scientific book Humanism - A Philosophic-Ethical-Political-Economic Study of the Development of the Society. Also, I presented the bright future of humankind through three stories in three screenplays Good Capitalism, Good Socialism, and Good Communism so that everyone is supposed to understand it. One can take a very good peek into the future by reading them. But unfortunately, society is extremely slow in accepting new social ideas.

Am I Jesus Christ?

My vision of equal human rights will finally eliminate social evil and create Heaven on Earth. This is exactly what God expects from the people on the planet Earth. Does it mean I am the way, the truth, and the life? (John 14:6) According to the Bible, the Messiah will create Heaven on Earth (Amos 9:13-15). Does it mean that I am the Messiah? Since I belong to the Christian religion, it should mean that I am Jesus Christ and that my path leads to God the Father only. To accelerate the acceptance of my ideas, I asked: Am I Jesus Christ?

Bible does not allow me to be Jesus Christ

According to the Bible, I cannot be Jesus Christ because I have not seen nor heard God the Father (Or I am not aware of it which does not help). According to the Bible, Jesus Christ and God the Father are one. But then, should not have Jesus Christ presented much more knowledge to be equated with the creator of the world? He showed in the Bible less understanding of the world we live in than me.

According to the Bible, I also cannot be Jesus Christ because I do not know anything about another world and eternal life. I can say something about it from the secular philosophical point of view. In the article Everlasting life, I quoted the studious Christian website "2001 Translation Bible," which translates the original Bible written in Greek again. In the article "Does the Bible promises eternal life?" they answer, "the fact is; it doesn't... at least, not in those exact words. Why not? Because the Greek word that other Bible translators render as "everlasting" (aionos) doesn't mean that. It's what we get the English word "eon" from, and it means a long time." Due to the different meanings of related words in different languages, Bible translators sometimes interpreted the lyrics freely.

I do not reject the possibility that eternal life exists because I do not have any evidence that it does not exist. However, I asked myself whether eternal life is desirable, even if it is only in spiritual form? (The laws of physics deny the eternity of matter.) One could say that the actor Christopher Reeve was practically destined to spiritual life. He fell from a horse, broke his neck and was immobile for life. He did not like such a spiritual life, was unhappy and even thought of suicide. But suppose eternal spiritual life exists. Can you imagine what this eternal life would be if an individual desires a glass of red wine that they could never drink?

Why do Christians believe that eternal life must be good? I think I have an approximate answer to this question. People who are not free, people who are afraid, are not able to satisfy the needs of their lives. And there is no difference between authorities and their subordinates here. Narcissistic authorities need to achieve supremacy in society and are slaves to their megalomaniac ideas that cannot be realized. People who live under the oppression of authorities and obediently follow them, also cannot meet their needs. Both do not live well and are afraid of death because they feel that they did not live their lives well enough. I believe that is the main reason why they need faith in a much better and eternal life in heaven.

People who live in freedom, who are responsible for their lives and for the nature that surrounds them, live life in its fullness. Such people are not afraid of death because they recognize that their living has fulfilled their life expectations. Death brings them freedom in the broadest sense because they practically do not need anything anymore. Spiritual writers have shown this state in their work. For example, Victor Hugo in the novel "Les Misérables" and even more, Henryk Sienkiewicz in the novel "Quo Vadis." I believe that God made the best solution for the people and a longer life than God had predicted would be a disadvantage. God allocates a good life and death as a gift to the people who follow His will based on a productive way of living and respect for the rights of others.

At the end questions for all

The Church does not accept me as the Messiah. Is it because so many mistakes exist in the Bible? If my philosophy may create Heaven on Earth, is there a chance that I might be Jesus Christ? If that chance exists, would it not be a prime task of the Church and Christians around the world to examine my philosophy? If my philosophy proves it can build Heaven on Earth, can I be Jesus Christ ?

[Ron: I won't discuss the later part of this article as it is somewhat garbled, except to say that EVERY HUman is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness and hence is a son or daughter of God and Godlike in the same way that Jesus was; and every HUman is therefore bound for eternal union with the Creator provided that s/he so chooses and persists in that choice.].

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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