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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"We are Awash in the Bullshit Glossolalia of Unknown Tongues. No One Knows What They are Talking About."
By Les Visible
Dec 23, 2021 - 5:04:29 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Everybody wants to be the star of the show. Vain imaginings. There is ONLY one star. I've learned the cost of this, perhaps in other lifetimes, but the lessons took. Unless God has cast you for the role, stay off the stage or you will embarrass yourself and be left with great regrets. Whatever role The Cosmos apportions you, do it joyfully and with Love. Heaven will see this and find you greater tasks when you have proven your worth in smaller ones.

As you will see in the links below, I have included only a few of the inexplicable outbursts of violence that are Jack-in-the-Boxing, here... there... and anywhere. It should be enough to say these things are going on all over. We know the Deep State has energy beam weapons that can cause bad reactions in human behavior. I don't know what they are called; directed energy weapons, weaponized moonbeams, sympathetic resonance, set up between the magnetized vaccine victims and The Dark Tower Directives...

It is hard to know what the actual source of these violent episodes might be. Materialism alone, as it progresses through its stages, could account for all sorts of crazy actions, by people driven temporarily mad, though that seems not to be the totality. One thing is clear, a determined band of psychopaths is seeking to destroy life as we know it, so that they can reinvent it as a zombie army of shit golems, fighting each other in never-ending darkness for their entertainment. I'm guessing they can see in the dark since that is their natural habitat.

They DID HAVE their agents in the invisible, but they are presently driven out or being driven out, which means they are all loose down here. That should explain a great deal.

There are a number of ways to try to process information. We have the inductive and deductive perspectives. We have the analysts and the idiot savants. We are awash in the bullshit glossolalia of unknown tongues. No one knows what they are talking about. They are all so certain they are right. For them, opinion is fact. Opinion is just... opinion.

Now they are forcing shutdowns, terminating employment, and threatening imprisonment and fines for those who don't want The Killshot, The Death Jab, or whatever it really is. There are so many vaccine variables... depending on whether they want you dead, robotized, or simply infirm. The fortunate get the placebo prick so they can be pointed to as an example that the vaccines do not kill. Yeah... they do, but they can't kill off the NFL, NBA, MLB, and sundry athletes, entertainers, or talking heads. They need the bread and circuses to continue until everyone is pacified or eliminated. If you doubt that this is taking place you are already on the conveyor belt outta here.

It's getting really bad in Austria and other places. The Austria thing is The Usual Suspects looking to wipe out the Hitler gene. As you know, The Usual Suspects, invented the viruses and the vaccines. They had the vaccines ready before there was a need for them. Of course, there was NEVER a need for them. They created that with their control of The Media, which is like having the relentless whispering of Death Angels in your ear; "just lay down and go to sleep, everything will be better when you wake up." That is true... if you wake up before you go to sleep.

We know WHO it is that is making war on Christmas. This is strange in a way, given how much profit they make from the holiday season. They want to kill off the idea of a God. That is always a precursor to Communism coming into operation. It can get confusing when you try to figure out how those with too much money, expect to make more money, in a system that says all funds and services must be equally shared and accessible to all. It is because NOTHING actually works the way they say it will.

We are awash in the bullshit glossolalia of unknown tongues. No one knows what they are talking about. You don't find this out until it is too late, however... I, honestly, do not care what THEY say or what their intentions are. They have no power over me. Sure, they can marginalize me and seemingly cut down my sphere of influence... BUT... I do not rely on them for support; employment, shelter, sustenance, or ANYTHING at all.

My life is arranged in such a way as to evade any reliance on them whatsoever. They have NOTHING that I want. Their scare tactics don't work on me, AND... apparently, they do not work on all kinds of other people either. With their ACLU and ADL and all the other acronyms they have for Satanic proliferation, they seek out the appearance of injustice wherever it is to be found. Then they trumpet it from the rooftops and set about fixing it in a way that nothing is fixed and they rake off whatever there is to be gained, during and afterward.

This is an old story with them and they do it again and again and again. Their efforts to come are now COSMICALLY directed to utter failure and exposure of all their intentions. The time has come and there is naught they can do about it. The demons they summoned out of the deep. to serve them in their efforts to enslave The World will soon be feeding on them.

I don't want to talk about these things. I want to be suffused with the Christmas Spirit of brotherhood toward all and enmity to none. That's a bit of a difficult process with The World as it is at present, but... we try.

Mostly, I want to assure you of positive results if you are steadfast in your faith. I don't care what churches or temples you may attend, I hope the core teachings are present in your everyday affairs, and that you can endure in this time of departing darkness. It looks like it is getting worse if you are the sort to go by appearances.

It is getting better and you see it in many ways if your mind is tuned to the observation of it. The harder they press, the more certain it is that their panic is driving them. They know it's over but they can't stop themselves. How could it possibly have gone wrong? They had it all figured out. They got so arrogant and dismissive they even told you what they were up to; as if you could do anything about it... right?

Yes... there are all kinds of negative events in the day to day. People are losing it, and people are being possessed by dark energies. I am seeing it in people I am familiar with. They turn on you out of nowhere. It is best to keep your own peace and out-wait it. Don't concern yourself with what other people are doing. Keep your attention on what you are doing.

The Light is eternally victorious over all darkness. The False Light is the light by which the senses perceive and the mind misinterprets. There is another light, and it is within you, and it is in this season that we celebrate the recurrent birth of it through the ages. God is ever with us, most especially when he appears not to be.

We will be ceasing to post any day now; the end of the week for certain and will not be returning until after The New Year. Hopefully, this will suffice as notice to that effect. You will be having too much to do and to celebrate (if you are so inclined). There is no point in me inserting myself into the mix at this time. I wish you and your friends and family all of the finest possibilities of this Festival of Light. Ignore the man befouling himself behind the curtain. It's all he has to work with. It's all he knows.

It can be hard, in these times, with such a concerted effort being directed at all of us, to fall prey to The Doom and Gloom. Take care... and close your heart and mind off to the caterwauling insane who know not what they do. Do not let them rob you of your joy. No matter what, do not let them rob you of your compassion, which is what makes it possible for you to afford them.

God WILL set it all aright. I don't know how this is to be accomplished, that is also not my department, BUT... I am certain it will be so. It is a VERY long haul, my friends; countless lifetimes in the making. We do the best we can until we know better, and then we do better... until the day comes when we do nothing at all, having recognized the source and intentions of all action, whether it be thought... words, or deeds. I do not know why it takes so long. I do not know why it is over before it even begins. I... simply, do not know. What you see here are the fruits of my internal conversations; those portions it is possible to talk about.

I refuse. I refuse absolutely and forever, to buy into the lies and machinations of those whose intentions mean us nothing but ill. They are a fart in a windstorm, a thing of the moment, a rite of passage even... perhaps. May The Living God PROFOUNDLY bless and protect you at every turn, and may everything turn out well for you... here, and ever after elsewhere.

End Transmission.......

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More and more crazy=

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and yet more forms of extreme crazy. This is a small sample size of what i see passing each day=

On the other side of the spectrum, where entertainment is not the point. and where the film is made by a brother-sister team who used to be a team of two brothers, we get ever more intense wokesainty=

This is a particular website that caters to extreme perversity and shallow emptiness. I doubt you will read the whole article but it is a good example of how low the culture has fallen=

The bottom basement of consciousness=

Holy shit! They can't help themselves=



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