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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 24, 2021 - 6:25:28 AM

"We are All Food. Everything is Food for Something, or Fuel for Something."
By Les Visible
Jul 24, 2021 - 6:22:04 AM

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July 23rd 2021


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Allergies are often the result of specific excesses in past lives. Physical disabilities, skin color, place of birth, all the trappings, are karmic reverberations from previous visits here.

How much time do you spend in Heaven, or Hell, or anywhere in between while the meter is running? That depends. You have to keep in mind hat time in either place and anywhere in between is subjective. An hour on the beach is one thing. An hour in jail or a government agency is another. An hour of pleasure is assuredly different than an hour of pain, and ALL OF THESE THINGS come to you courtesy of your past actions. Time in Heaven is much different than time in Hell, AND both of them are as real as you make them.

At ANY point on your way ANYWHERE, you can (but not always) make a shift in direction. You can always make a shift in Attitude. Dismas comes to mind. The hour of death is ALWAYS an interesting time. This is when you find out if going to Sunday School as a child, and occasionally attending church as an adult is enough to get you past the velvet ropes. Everything comes down to your actions. Ancient myths provide allegorical perspectives to Justice, merit, and demerit. It is all precisely mathematical. How do I know these things when I don't really know anything at all? A little birdie tells me.

I've often used the image of snow-covered mountain tops to describe the flow of existence. The white snow at the mountaintop is pure math. When it melts it runs down into the valley where it becomes a riot of color, similar to white light moving through a spectrum. In case you need further understanding, this should help. The valley is the plane of material culture. It is also the realm of The Senses. This is not so at the mountaintop.

Because of the POWERFUL effect of The Senses, one can quickly become immersed in the spectacle and experience of sensations. One can, and does forget The Higher Mind. One then becomes gradually separated from it and captivated by the lower mind. All of your problems emerge from a lack of understanding about what is REALLY going on. We are food. We are all food. Everything is food for something or fuel for something. You have command of who and what it is that eats you. I prefer to be The Food of the Gods. In that case, I have to work to make myself taste good.

Does this alarm me that I will be eaten by... something? Not at all. It excites me because I KNOW that I am being amalgamated into a higher expression of myself. Now... there is this fundamental area of contention, which has to do with whether we acquire something new, or we reveal something old. Do we suddenly come upon a novel and evolved being, or do we wash away what conceals and has concealed it for so long within us? It's like the argument between Advaita and Dvaita. They are BOTH valid and they are BOTH right. I CHOOSE Dvaita because I prefer to worship The Divine, as opposed to becoming The Divine. That might still happen but it is a matter of indifference to me.

I am aware of what happens when one falls from a high plane. I seek not to be on a high plane in the first place. Of course, the Will of God will put me where it pleases him, but I prefer something at a distance from The Court of Spiritual Celebrity. I often will ask God to put me at the furthest reach of The Kingdom, while STILL IN The Kingdom. Fans of The Ring Trilogy might think of Strider, who was later revealed as Aragorn Elessar. He was a Ranger, one of the Dunedain, who scouted the boundaries between the wild and the (cough cough) civilized, and protected the public, though most remained unaware of that. That always impressed me.

Let me parse that a tad. The King, which Aragorn became, is The King resident in all of us, and in the Kingdom of Heaven, all residents host The King of Heaven in some fashion. As above so below, so in Heaven as anywhere else, there is a pecking order, and where there are too many chickens, some are going to get pecked to death, and the rest wind up in a Pride Parade. I am not suggesting anything like that takes place in Heaven, BUT... crowds make me uncomfortable. I much prefer a more solitary state.

I am fascinated by the higher planes. Some people like to go clubbing and hit restaurants, attend sporting events and go on holidays to where their special tastes can be exercised. I prefer to travel and to visit in more esoteric lands. When I discovered LSD, I thought I had found The Door to Everything. I had, in a sense, but all I had was a temporary visa. I drove myself crazy with this. It's a good thing I was already so close that I hardly noticed the transition to full-time dancing dervish. I think I can honestly say that I know what I like.

When I lived on Maui, there was this fellow in Pukalani-Makawao who had a bike shop. He was grossly overweight and slovenly to boot. I can't remember how it was that I came to even be there. I suspect I was with a friend who knew him. What this fellow did was to save up all of his coin and every year, for a month or more, he would take off for Thailand and rent a house in the hinterlands and hire 3 or 4 young ladies to look after him and his pleasures. "What else can a guy who looks like me do?" he asked me. I appreciated his candor, if not his style.

The world is now filled with people in pursuit of appetite satisfaction, and there is a huge marketplace for that... whether it be Tinder, or Grinder, or a particular block in the city. There are clubs of all sorts. I remember walking on a certain street when I lived in NYC. It was on my route so I passed along it most days. At one location was a place made up to look like an exclusive club. It had a subtle and ornate exterior with blacked-out windows (this is how I remember it). It was called Paddles and it was for people who were into S&M. A surprising amount of people are compelled in this direction. They NEED to be punished and humiliated. I don't get it but that's just me. I'd say life hands out a great deal of punishment and humiliation already (grin). I don't have to go looking for it.

What do you expect from a place where you can order ANYTHING and have it appear at your door 24/7? I have definitely seen some things I hope to never see again. I was propelled through certain experiences to IMPRESS upon me what happens when you push this button, metaphorically speaking.

Yes... the spiritual path, especially in the inception, can be difficult. Far more people fall away or make a compromised arrangement in their minds to accommodate their wants. HOWEVER... I would say that every other path one can take is even more difficult, given you will wind up worse than nowhere at all, and there is NO UPSIDE other than a state of temporary satiation. I've tried pleasure and what most might call pleasure, I find to be unpleasant. I don't like pain either and I've had a good portion of that. I realize now that I caused it all myself. I don't have to do that anymore and I cannot tell you what a relief that is.

Day by day I watch the world's procession into madness. I can LITERALLY see it happening at varying distances, thanks to modern technology. It sure looks like a big test to me. It looks like a great opportunity to see what you are made of, though most would not look at this challenge as being all that inviting. Life IS. It's a fact. It's a fact that you appear here and that you disappear. Where do you come from and where do you go? The World is a bus station, a train station, an airport, define it as you please. It is a period of residence on THIS PLANE, and how you comport yourselves is what punches your ticket to the next port of call.

We live now in a time of excuses. Everyone has a reason for why they are where they are and what they are, and most of the time it is because SOMEONE did something to them, or they rightly deserve something that they are being denied by SOMEONE, yet again. This is a time of payback and revenge. It is not a pretty picture. The pushing and shoving for personal gain looks like the aftermath of lighting up an anthill. It is a mad scramble in all directions, a world of billions of little animated (some might say 'charged') particles all scrambling for possession of something that looks like something it is not.

Will the ships come? Will a race appear from within the Earth? Will we find Childhood's End? What's going to happen? Will the hero escape in the final reel? The portal to Shambhala is in your own heart, just as is a portal to anywhere, because "where your heart is there are your treasures also." These are not just bytes from scripture. These are not just words. Ah... the tears and agony that are gleaned from the pursuit of personal gain. What a mad folly!

There is peace to be found. There is Serenity and Tranquility to be found. There is content and there is distress and they are both to be found. So are Serendipity and Want. Always there is want; a burning hunger to consume. It is a raging inferno of pain. "All life is pain caused by ignorant desire." Be careful what you wish for and be careful of what you want. To your great misfortune, you may get it.

Now... I don't know much. I am in no position to chart the course of the life of another, given the hash I made of my own for a while. Still... that part is over and at least I have the good sense to seek guidance and to be led by those who have gone before and left Good Footprints. HELP and SUCCOR are THERE TO BE FOUND~! You have to want it the same way you wanted everything else. Your hunger has to burn from a secret fire. This fire will also consume all that hinders and confines you. It will refine your appetites and weave them into a single hunger, and then? "Success is speedy for the energetic."

End Transmission.......

I include these links and, in one way or the other, they reflect aspects of the posting. Some of them are ghastly. It is what it is because it is NOT what it is;

Is a duet with Miley Cyrus in his future?
Via TooFab
Lil Nas X Drops Nude Prison Dance Sequence in New Music Video with Jack Harlow Spoofing Nike Lawsuit

I REALLY fail to see the attraction. I'd have more desire for the body of a demolition derby car that, no doubt, has less miles and damage to it=
Via Page Six Style
Miley Cyrus poses pantsless in new ‘Miley made me gay' merch

♫ When you're a jerk, you're a jerk all the way, from your stint with Madonna to your Haitian souffle ♫
Via Fox News
Sean Penn won't return to Watergate TV series until all cast, crew get vaccinated

This is a public relations stunt to indicate that Spacey is not gay, just confused
Via Page Six Style
Mena Suvari details ‘weird and unusual' Kevin Spacey encounter on set

Speaking of NYC=
Via The New York Post
Shootings, lawless peddling, open prostitution: NYC has lost all self-respect

Bruce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DEFINITELY hardly knew ye.
Via Breitbart
Bruce Springsteen, Barack Obama Turn ‘Renegades: Born in the USA' Podcast into a Book

This is how it is in the land of Materialism. You could spend all day reading the links in this=
Via Bloomberg
Wild Superyacht Secrets I Learned When I Became a Deckhand
(Read /skim and just keep scrolling until you just can't take any more)

Via The Gateway Pundit
"Trump Won! - Biden is the Big Lie!" - Trump Supporters Line the Street to Protest Joe Biden's Visit to Cincinnati

This is a new twist=
Via The New York Post
Twin 18-year-old Brazilian sisters reportedly killed in livestreamed execution

Via The U.K. Daily Telepraph
( page capture)

Pingdemic means supermarket supply chains ‘starting to fail'

Via Twitter @Bachman
Another of countless articles exposing the COVID lies


Ah, the Southern Poverty Law Center!=
Via Twitter @JohnStossel
The Southern Poverty Law Center claims it protects us from"hate groups". But it's a scam... a money grabbing slander machine:

The Southern Poverty Law Center Scam

Via Breitbart
Lawmakers Who Refused Anti-Harassment Training Banned from UK Parliament Facilities

May Heaven truly bless you, one and all.



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