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"We Are in a Society That Has Lost Its Moorings, and No Longer has Any Sense of Identity."
By Les Visible
Oct 14, 2021 - 6:05:54 AM


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I'm going to say some things today that are generally controversial in the madness of these times. I have no hesitation or concern about it. I know these things to be true. We now celebrate mental illness above all Favored States in these times. In these times, celebrating your obesity is a form of living your own non-existent truth. Celebrating your sexual dysfunction, especially if you are of the approved victim coloration, gives you front seat status at Let's Make a Deal.

If you happen to be permanently inabled at being, in present time, social media level disabled, non-functioning, and incapable of anything other than striated pink hair with livestock-sized nose rings, you will be the belle of The Monster's Ball. The graffiti tattoos serve as a roadmap of distinction. What is the purpose of jailhouse tattoos when you can afford the services of an artist? I'm not promoting tattoos of any kind, I'm just wondering about the level of quality control.

Steps are being taken for a new form of Minority Report, pre-cog research, where those offended are gifted the power to tell if you are thinking prejudicial thoughts about them, and empowered to be able to call for you to be sent to the gulags for unspoken thought crimes.

Race mixing can be seen from a number of angles- usually not much is said from the Black Perspective. Does it not occur to them that they are engaged in making their people less ethnically solvent, as they white out the black, and black out the white? All of this is being engineered by The Usual Suspects and Semitic Pretenders, who are now claiming that they aren't white either. Let me POINT OUT that they came from Central and Eastern Europe. I'm guessing they want us to believe that those were mostly non-white areas back in the day.

We call them Semitic Pretenders BECAUSE... it is their intention to replace the original People of The Book, The Palestinians, with themselves. Unfortunately for them, they have NO Semitic DNA. Therefore, they are pretenders, frauds, and it doesn't matter how many Arab street signs they change. It doesn't matter how they wipe out the history of Palestinian towns and add their own revisions. They will NEVER be what they claim to be. They remind me of a form of HIV that camouflages itself as something else. Now they pretend not to be white because their intention is to exterminate the white race, and they don't want any blowback on being white themselves.

I can say these things, WHICH ARE PROVABLY TRUE, and inarguable, and that will lead to my being slandered because I told the truth, and got accused of some politically incorrect behavior. I'll take my chances. It doesn't matter to me how I go down or if I go down, I won't be going down. The body is no more than a suit of clothes I wore for a while and then discarded. You CANNOT hurt or tarnish what I really am, and your ability to confuse and deceive the less intelligent and more fearful among us CHANGES NOTHING. Your witch-burner mindset is noted by more and more people. You strike others and then you cry out in pain. The Awakening is NOT going to turn out well for you.

The many-pronged assault on humanity, by those who imagine they are in charge, is dedicated to the reduction and totalitarian control of the population. The gay and transgender thing is part of that. It is also to introduce reckless hedonism and the pursuit of pleasure above all, which makes people much more controllable. It's a Babylon 2.0 for the digital age. The universal sex force when mutated and perverted leads to all sorts of pathologies. The Satanic maxim of divide and conquer requires the application of confusion and disorder in the common mind. Sexual confusion accomplishes this.

Much of what I find deranged, exploitive, and self-centered about the New Age can be found in sites like In5D (which is offline suddenly) where instead of letting The Individuality be the central focus, the personality is deified and hijacks the (super)natural order in the same way that gay sex reverses the kundalini. Nothing can justify that, as history proves over and over in the fall of cultures. It is the same thing with the gender-bending, it is a society that has lost its moorings; no longer has any sense of identity, and that puts these tortured souls among the most mentally ill in the human spectrum.

Some will not appreciate what I have said here. I could care less. I happen to be right and can easily prove it, which is why no one challenges me. They couldn't do anything about my calling out The Holocaust Fraud either. I am already marginalized.

A man remains male, even if the profile is distorted. A man cannot surgically be made into a woman and the reverse is true as well. If you want to play dress-up because your mother POSSESSED and twisted your sexuality as a child, turning you into a mini-mommy, and you want every day to be Halloween, you can do this. You won't be happy, but there will be those moments when you convince yourself you are... in the world of artificial constructs. Your happiness will always depend on your level of hope, counterbalanced with self-deception.

The whole idea of legitimizing this mental illness, and making the delusional a protected species is the work of The Usual Suspects and their Satanic handlers. Oh... you didn't know they had HANDLERS? Everyone has a handler, and sometimes several.

All that you see in this trans-humanism, sexual identity revolution, is the result of the wrong reactions to the return of The Divine Feminine... by the carnal mind. Once again, the Personality seeks to starve out the higher mind or The Individuality... which is how I term it.

What is happening NOW is beyond the control of those seeking to control it. Everything they do goes wrong and WILL come back on them. The Awakening is NOT their friend. Mr. Apocalypse is NOT their friend. The Avatar would like to be a friend to all, but all will not permit it. Since The Avatar is an unstoppable force of conscious, living light, I suspect it will not turn out well for those in search of darkness.

It happens OVER and OVER and OVER again. The Avatar comes and sets the soundtrack for the next age and everyone dances to it! Some-Most dance very badly, and are noted for it. Usually, The Avatar is martyred... because his blood is the currency that pays for the age. I suspect this is a different model coming because he also comes as The Punisher. Accept that the impossible is now the possible. Anything COULD happen. Huge swaths of the population might simply disappear, without warning or explanation. Parts of humanity could be transformed beyond recognition. Many will most certainly lose their minds when confronted with REALITY.

Yes...God IS Love, insofar as we are able to understand what God is. Love is as close as we can get. It goes further than that, however. The union of Love and Wisdom produces Truth. The Avatar is a living embodiment of this. It can take MANY... MANY lives to attain the state of World Savior. The level of commitment and determination required cannot be measured!

Look to what you are getting up to. It will be the determinant of your fate. As one thinks, so they are. Everything we are presently seeing is a form of ground-breaking. The Earth is being turned over and sown with the seeds for the coming age. Incomparable minds are engaged in this (call them Rishis or The Elohim), at the direction of the most incomparable mind of all. This greatest mind is the divine template for ALL minds. How we respond to the fiat of The One Mind, builds the schematic for our transport, whither and wherever we are bound and fueled by our own desires for The Purpose of Demonstration. At all times we are engaged in The Purpose of Demonstration. We are the acting out of what we think we are. The Purpose of Demonstration happens when what you think you are meets up with WHAT IS.

They are presently intent on destroying the former coach of The LV Raiders for some minor league emails from TEN YEARS AGO. The alleged racist comment was given slack, BUT... when he said the word, "Faggot" that was the end. I am not a fan of Dave Chappelle. I do not consider him in the same league as Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy, and he is gratuitously profane and racist, but he was spot on in his latest Netflix doc. Race is nowhere near as bad a No-No as negative commentary on transgenderbenderism. Powerful temporal forces are behind this. They are The Usual Suspects and their footpad hirelings. Everything of bad intention for the rest of the human race is being stirred up by them, and this is INARGUABLE. If you can't see this, you are self-blinded by cowardice and self-interest.

God IS coming. God is HERE. God is ALWAYS around because there is no one to be around otherwise. HOWEVER... sometimes he makes a cameo appearance. Sometimes he steps from his place on the invisible plane and becomes visible. This is about to happen in a Big Way. I am surprised more people cannot see this, all appearances point to it, BUT... if you are fear-driven, you can see nothing but the alter ego your fear has fashioned him into.

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