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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Sep 15, 2021 - 6:40:28 AM

"War is the External Result of Inner Conflicts in a Contagion. Plague is Generated by Self-Loathing."
By Les Visible
Sep 15, 2021 - 6:36:28 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......


Last night... or whenever it was, they had The Met Gala. This is an event where those who attend are so driven to be seen, and so clueless of how they appear, that they appear to be some form of stagnant pond-life hybrid, something with suckers and eyes on stalks; not human, but vaguely similar. I just thought it was something you were invited to, if you traveled on The Spiritual Short Bus, and were temporarily famous for... something. It turns out you have to pay $35,000 to attend. It's about the cost of a private jet flight across the country.

I'm not linking to the photo galleries. You can get there on your own. The Culture is moving at a good clip from absurd to ridiculous. It can't be long now before something has to give. Being as none of it is too tightly wrapped or stitched together, the coming apart-part should be easy. There are a couple of links below that touch on the Hypocrisy Angle.

Today, The Fixed Election in Kalifornia goes down. Irregularities are already evident. It should be a real Hootenanny, BECAUSE... The Awakening continues and the Critical Mass moments, which are kind of like Waking Aids, also continue, and sooner than later, the excrement will hit the fan. This SEEMS inevitable. It is also, just part of the process. It's kind of like an organic moment just before the GMO stormtroopers rappel down the side of the building. I'm thinking that another great social event which hasn't happened yet and... really, really should, is a Met Gala spinoff, attended by corporations where the attendees come as they really are. It would be a lot like Halloween. They could host it at The Museum of Modern Art.

It has gotten so comical! Sometimes you can laugh at the absurdity of it, but then it hits you. It's not funny at all. It is very sad, and also, certain to be painful. It's like experiencing growing pains when your feet are bound in feudal Chinese style.

A culture of excess will invariably result in a culture of Want. This invariably leads to Famine. We already see pandemic famine in the area of the common heart and mind. It will continue to precipitate into the manifest and become Real Hunger.

In times of famine, God feeds his people. Scripture has made many reports of that. What appears as sustenance is a synchronicity of Faith, AND the thing believed in. It is a timeless dynamic. "FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things unseen." There are those who doubt this. They ridicule this faith. However, should a time of famine come into being, they will not be fed. It is not that God is indifferent or lacking in compassion. The circuit is not completed... something is missing and the dynamic cannot perform. All should be mindful of this. It takes two to become one.

The seasons of human life mirror the seasons of the year. We are presently in the Time of Harvest. They are 'bringing in the sheaves'. The Wheat and the Chaff are being separated. The Met Gala showcased the glittering chaff, eternally boarding The Ship of Fools, on a cruise to nowhere. That is not what the brochure told them in the full color glossy. No mention was made of the pointless exercises of their lives. Michael Bay did a film called "The Island". The people on the island reminded me of the people at the Met Gala. There was a harvesting going on in the film too.

The entire world of fashion is built on the control and twisting of The Sexual Force. Fashion produces the costumes that the Hidden Underlords want promoted; also... the lifestyles, the toxic celebrity, the empty, voided lives. It's a magic show. The magic is SIMULTANEOUSLY being practiced on the audience AND the celebrities. Many of them have only pedestrian talent, and many others have little talent at all. Why are they there? Somewhere... someone threw a switch and the spotlight hit them. They'll jerk and tremble for a bit, like a dead frog being jolted by electrodes in biology class, and then? Then they will lie still.

The people who finance and produce the perversities, which are now a hallmark of the culture, have NO POWER to save the ones they mesmerized with promises of fame and influence. They wouldn't bother if they could. The celebrities that they WORK, are no more important to them than the audience it was been created for. They flush the celebrities with Kickapoo Joy Juice, which intoxicates them with the deluded fantasies of The False Self, and they behave like the morons that they pretty much have to be, to have gotten seduced into it in the first place. They rock the imaginations of the great unwashed and unlovely with dancing sugar plums in their heads. Soft whispers tease their minds with short videos of similar fame and fortune. It's not real, and it almost never happens, unless you were meant to be a joke like the Gorilla Glue Girl, ALL of which was engineered to that end.

There are many thousands who plot all manner of assaults upon the castle of exclusivity. They WILL do ANYTHING to get noticed. Even when they are noticed, The Jussie Smollett caper sings like the sirens in their ears. It could have worked! He just didn't plan it out all that well. I'll do better!!! Yeah... sure, and what better time than an apocalypse to give it a shot?

There is a long-standing, and moving, tradition of The Divine stepping in to assist those who sincerely love him/her/it. Here, there is also a circuit that needs to be closed. Surrender and utter reliance are a big part of it. It makes it possible to hitch the couplings. Surrender makes you flexible and modifiable.

As for the famine aspect; "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." Famine DOES NOT begin in The Body. It also has to precipitate into the manifest. Certain cultural and social behaviors DIRECTLY CAUSE Famine... and OTHER ills. There are STDs for every area of human activity. You might say they are the moral of the story.

Karma plays the major role, and you did not get here as you are because of something that happened last week. I don't care how dramatic it might have been. All of us are the work of lifetimes of shaping ourselves and being shaped by the reaction of existence to whatever shaping we did. Eventually, the stream of life melts away the forms standing against it.

Famine, Plague, War, and Death, ALL come about as a response to cultural triggers. It's like stepping into a trip line or setting off a building alarm. When the course of humanity departs past a certain point, these conditions are activated. One can see the causes of their activation all around. Some are BOUND and determined to find Perdition. Perhaps they think it is a ride at Disney World? One REALLY SHOULD study the cellphone fixation syndrome. It speaks volumes! I have zero inclination to be tapping on and stroking a tiny screen. I think it goes against my nature. What is this magic that hypnotizes hundreds of millions of people? There is more going on here than is evident.

Famine need not come to your door. Famine and his crew come by Invitation. There is some kind of vampire protocol that has to be engaged in. Often... before Death actually arrives, those in the waiting zone are begging him to hurry on up. War is the external result of inner conflicts in a contagion. Plague is generated by self-loathing. How did I arrive at those conclusions? A little birdie told me. It might have been a big birdie. It wasn't visible. That did not impact on my ability to hear the little birdie.

There are PRACTICAL REASONS for loving God. The benefits are past counting. Of course, I doubt that God is pleased by anyone who loves him for practical reasons. I suspect it becomes increasingly harder to maintain it. A sincere love, on the other hand, grows and strengthens beyond one's ability to imagine it. Once again, the 23rd psalm covers every exigency. So does The Bhagavad Gita.

Bhagavad Gita

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

God does not abandon us, we are a part of God, so it is unlikely that God would cast-off parts of himself. He is simply patient as a mountain. He knows the end of all comings and goings. We abandon God in a frenzy of materialism, AND... it is ALL for the Purpose of Demonstration. It is how we learn, and eventually, we do... BUT; at what cost?

I don't know what anyone else is going to do. I am going to seek to serve and befriend the ineffable with all my forces; stolen, borrowed, or begged. Anything else seems to me like a monstrous insanity. You need to watch out or you might get invited to The Met Gala. It's not far from there that Famine dwells, and... Plague, and War, and Death live near him.

End Transmission.......

and some links with occasional brief commentary= page capture from WSJ
rules for thee and rules for me=
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We've got a double helping of hypocrisy this morning=
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wears ‘Tax the Rich' Dress to $35,000 Per Ticket Met Gala

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wears Tax the Rich Dress

Via Breitbart
Fashion Notes: Kamala Harris' Stepdaughter Ella Emhoff Channels Menstrual Cycle at Met Gala


Via JovanHPulitzer on Twitter
THREAD: News from Kalifornia

Voting irregularites in Kalifornia


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