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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

"Until THE MERCY AND GRACE OF GOD INTRUDES, at Some Point on your Personal Road to Damascus."
By Les Visible
Jul 6, 2020 - 5:30:40 AM

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July 5th 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Chicago's mayor needs to pull to the curb and let some of the air out of her head. Over the weekend 67 people were shot and 13 of them died. Mayor Light-in-the-head said, "We are making progress... but we have to do better."

Watch video, read article on Fox News web site

The Coronavirus Hoax is seeking to soon challenge the biggest hoax of them all, which came out of World War 2. It's got legs and people, as people do, are buying into it. You want to know why everything that seems like it shouldn't have happened in this world did happen? This is why. People believe what you tell them, unless, of course, unless you are telling them the truth.

Here is the latest to come out of Florida, land of The Fish that Walk, the snails that are becoming condominiums and The Alligator Smorgasbord.

Watch video, read article on Fox News web site

Finally... as was announced here several years ago (and several times since); guess who is running for president?

President Macho Camacho has thrown his pointed hat into the ring and the man whose girlfriend is auctioning off her soul has announced that he supports him.

West is courting the intellectuals, as confirmed by rocket surgeon, Paris Hilton, who posted her topless support (viewable in the linked Fox article). It was probably the evidence of Kanye's superb command of the English language that got to her; "yo, whatchu [sic] all laughing at?"

Hilton has long been known in academic circles as The Topless Philologist. She's also something of a savant at theoretical physics having dated Stephen Hawking for a couple of weeks. "I picked it up by osmosis," she said. Hawkings said she should be credited with several of his mathematical constructs because her lap dancing expertise was "out of this world." and had she not unscrewed his head and danced on the wires he could never have come up with them.

I am a mathematician myself as you might have noticed with one of my more popular equations; Materialism=Insanity=Chaos. People have taken me to task for pointing out that Hawking and Larry King were siblings but I was able to verify this during my study of the particular Hawking's theorem, illustrated in his paper to The Royal College of Edinborough, which was titled "The Suspenders that Hold up the World." This pretty much blew String Theory off the court when it was released. Of course, afterwards everyone could clearly see the advantages of suspenders over strings but it took Stephen to put it all in perspective.

It is important that I occasionally engage the mind of the reader in other pursuits besides my relentless pressure to seek out The Presence of the Ineffable. The world is not going to go away anytime soon and so it bears paying attention to on occasion, so as to militate against the possibility of getting hammered by a garbage truck while thumb-humping your cellphone. There is an app for that which is based on the GPS model and you can get it online.

Okay... okay... before I get too carried away so that I actually wind up getting carried away, let me say that if the past few months have not proven out the veracity of my equation then the next few months are going to leave you with the appearance of a poleaxed steer. We'll be going from The Thousand Yard Stare to The Thousand-Year Stare. There is a point that comes to everyone. Sometimes it is to be expected and that is the good side of the affair and sometimes it comes upon you in an unexpected fashion and that is often less than desirable and that is when you find out that THE YOU YOU IMAGINE YOURSELF TO BE DOES NOT EXIST. Environmental and social programming account for the transitory persona that you identify as you. It is an ephemeral camouflage which conceals the reality of yourself from others and from yourself. Anyone who has experienced a full-blown acid trip knows what I am talking about.

'You' disappear and... at first... there is no one there. I've seen this up close and also experienced it myself but for me, it was a marvel of awakening and for many another, it was the scariest thing that ever happened to them. I've used a particular analogy several times here. Two people are riding in a roller-coaster. One of them is frightened out of their wits and the other is screaming with excitement.

I come out of the school where 'you fake it until it becomes real'. You walk like that is what you are and it becomes what you are. I could probably explain that better but no matter how I explain it, it won't serve to explain it. It is like trying to describe to someone what swimming is like when they have never been in the water.

For some of us, our false persona is like a stone set in concrete. For some, it is like a thick blindfold where no light can enter. For some, it is like a semi-opaque scarf and one can dimly perceive forms in movement beyond it. Then there are those who have a sheer or gossamer veil over their eyes and they can identify the forms in movement. The latter can go to their wit's end trying to transmit what they are seeing to the former but they won't effectively communicate it.

The whole world is an argument, going on between the people wearing the different sight impairments over their eyes. The ones who can clearly see are not arguing at all. When the false self is erased, whether by trauma or divine intervention, one can... it does not always happen but... one can encounter the eternal self that exists behind all of the masquerades and individual hallucinations of identity. This abiding self is present in EVERYONE. There is ONLY ONE SELF. You might say that it is a light which can assume any form for the purpose of demonstration. The you that you think is you is like a stained glass window through which this light does... or does not shine through. Those who can see more clearly are able to assess the whole of anyone they encounter by observing those areas through which the light shines and those areas which block the light. The human body is a miniaturization of the cosmos and every portion of the body of the cosmos has a symbolic and actual meaning. This is also so in the reflected particle which we are individually.

The places blocking the light are the residence points of our shortcomings. They are WHAT CAUSES US TO BE HERE. They are what torments us and what blinds up to the beauty of ourselves and others. There are those, moving among us, who have no blockages in their being and you can only see them if they permit you to. They are here to inspire and to guide us but... for the greater portion of us, our attention is not on such possibilities of encounter. We are neck-deep in the murk of the material world and it is collectively and individually driving us mad. It is one thing to go mad in the search for God. You have to anyway. It is a rite of passage, BUT... to have the world drive you mad, as a willing participant, is misfortune indeed.

At regular intervals, an unacceptable portion of humanity has been 'herded' to the brink of destruction and there is NOTHING ANY OF US CAN DO ABOUT IT on that large a scale. There is one who can, however, and that is The Avatar. The world routinely gets into an unmanageable fix and routinely, The Avatar 'returns' to set it right. This results in liberation for some and punishment for others, who are resisting their own liberation. In other words, it doesn't have to be that way BUT FOR SOME, it is.

The Avatar might well be among us now, or he might be still precipitating downward through the planes, sweeping them out on his way; dealing with those principalities, and powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world. He it is who attends to all that wickedness in high places and he has to deal with that before he presents himself here. What he does is to press these forces downward into physical manifestation where he can deal with them in the appropriate fashion.

This Avatar is God himself in the flesh. Here is what the Bible says about him;

"For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether [they be] thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him."

You can dispute and argue and rail against THE REALITY OF THIS as you wish. You change it not a particle nor a degree. IT IS WHAT IS IS... EVERLASTING. I am not just saying these things, I KNOW THEM TO BE TRUE and the naysayers will continue to be born again and again as the dogs that bark at the passing caravan, until THE MERCY AND GRACE OF GOD INTRUDES, at some point on your personal road to Damascus, so that you might get rerouted to Damcar, or Shamballah, or Kitezh, or Shangri-La, or Pherylit, or Ketumati, or Pieroma, or Svarga, or Zion, or Cloud Cuckoo Land, or... what find you.

Those are only some of the places of legend mentioned as the end result of a particular path of spiritual pursuit, like The Western Pure Land or Brahma-Loka. There are, in fact, a great many locations such as these, resident in the cloud banks of the higher mind. Alternatively, you have New York, LA, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, and sundry terrestrial locations and you can get to ANY OF THEM, simply by taking the road that leads there and if you don't deviate, you will get there. These times in which you find yourself, regardless of the present state of the appearance of tumultuous change, is the perfect moment to set forth on an unwavering course. See that you do so, in whatever fashion, becomes that road up the mountain which best appeals to you.

End Transmission.......

My friend here listens to Robert Phoenix's radio show on a regular basis and so it is that my friend told me about his most recent guest named Penny Kelly, who had a powerful Kundalini experience. Traditionally, women are not the usual examples of this BUT... in this age of the returning Divine Feminine, it is only appropriate that it should begin to happen. My friend was telling me about what this woman had to say and remarking on the fact that everything she said was near identical to the experiences I had been telling my friend about over time, which had happened to me. Just as there is a similarity in physical experiences, shared by diverse individuals, the same applies spiritually as well. AS ABOVE SO BELOW.

Today's Song is;

♫ Every Fairytale ♫

You take the South Gate and I'll take the West Gate and you may be in Pocketnet before me.

les visible at pocketnet


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