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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Sep 14, 2021 - 6:31:06 AM

"Transitory It Is... Because of Your Sense of Time. It is an Amusement Park for the Carnal Mind."
By Les Visible
Sep 14, 2021 - 6:27:41 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

How sad and tedious it was this weekend as they trotted out the same old lies. Thankfully, Mr. Apocalypse was in the crowd and got a few of the main players with their mouths open and the brain not engaged. Most notably, one of the central 9/11 attack players, Sir Segway Bush made a whole bunch of stupid statements. He it was... that went to war against a Stone Age country, as a subterfuge to cover his own malfeasance in the affair. Nothing was said about Mossad, nor Israel. We did get a bizarre confession from a fellow who says that he and his team wired up the buildings with explosives. How is this for a warm steaming pile of bovine excrement?

It is times like this that I give praise and thanks for people like Christopher Bollyn, shining the light all up and down Hypocrisy Road, sailing on a river of darkness, a river made from crocodile tears, where cowardice and ignominy dwell in an unholy union. Christopher composed one of the best disinfecting articles on the attacks.

We also have the inimitable, Zander C. Fuerza with his Masters of Deception. If you want to know what there is to know about 9/11, you don't need to look any further. You could also get the book by Victor Thorn, "Made in Israel." I don't like to talk about 9/11 BEFORE the crocodile tear anniversary. The build-up by the usual buffoons and card sharks are hard to bear. I never imagined there were so many whores! They could fill a football stadium. Watching them posture and lie is something to avoid. So I wait until after the anniversary to bring any mention to it.

How many ambitious, self-centered shits, sold out their country and their own integrity, so as to make a living from The Beast, by repeating the ridiculous lies which only the truly cowed and stupid could believe? Fortunately, there are always a few of us who are not intimidated and KNOW what a weapon the truth is against the legions of darkness. The power of FEAR is in the fear it generates. You do not have to live on your knees before that which has no power but what you give it.

The whole of this world is a sham and a false front Hollywood film set. It IS NOT real! Sure... you don't want to hit it at any speed, that might have a less than salutary effect on the parts of you that also are not real. In the relative sense, The World is right there to be experienced and discussed by anyone. You can't see how insubstantial and transitory it is because of your Sense of Time It is an amusement park for the carnal mind. A surprising amount of The Public, does no more than hit the rides and the concession stands, over, and over, and over, and over again. Then they discover what the monkey with the cocaine button teaches. "Heck man! This shit can kill you!" Well... that's not true either. You might disappear for a short while, but... like The Terminator and the Energizer Bunny, you'll be baaack!

Notice how all the organized street rioting has disappeared? Would it surprise you to know that China has thousands of operatives in business and the education system, and oceans of money? They apparently learned something from the Israeli art students that were running amok through all the government buildings, pre-9/11. Try not to pay too much attention to the 'alleged' tiff between Mephistopheles Soros and the Chi-Coms. It is either one more red herring, or Evil at work destroying itself.

This is the thing, my friends; God is in COMPLETE CONTROL of Everything at all times. Now... if you don't know that, if you don't acknowledge that, and rely on that, then I am guessing you have some amount of nervous wiggle room in The Uncertainty World. Then you get a lot of events that look random and incidental unless there is pain involved. Pain is the great educator of Good and Evil. It will teach you how to behave if you don't already know. If you don't already know... then you are guaranteed to find out.

Who is it that hid Reincarnation and Karma from The West? More importantly... why would anyone do this? Cui Bono! There is more to it, however. Many facets of Ageless Wisdom are concealed from The Public. Who is responsible for that? The Unveiled Truth is hidden from the eyes of The Profane by The Profane themselves. Sometimes it is the Bad Guys hiding the information. Other times it is The Initiatic Brotherhood. The Bad Guys can't hide what they don't have. Most of what the Bad Guys hide is the evidence of their own behavior. What The Initiates conceal are the things humanity is not ready for. They would destroy themselves in no time because they would apply it to profane interests.

Of course, there will be the usual mockingbirds who want to know who it is that gives anyone the right to conceal anything? What do they say about Possession and those tenths of the law? Remember... whatever it is you set out to possess will most definitely wind up possessing you. There are shepherds who do what they can to protect you from that. Of course, it's the usual thing with luminous beings. The Public either wants to fuck or kill them. This is why they go in camouflage and hide the luminous aspect. Masters and Saints are also favored with The Coronal Light but do not have to conceal it, although quite a few of them do. Some are meant to work in anonymity, and some are for public display.

You don't want to try to do someone else's job. It doesn't go well then. This means you have to find out what your job is. This is usually already handled by The Lords of Karma, but once you get past a certain point it is a good idea to know what your duties are.

I am going to share something with you now. For those who get what is implied in practicing this, you will be able to see what the rewards are. For others, it will sound fantastic and even frightening. I assure you it is true! EVERYTHING in form is being eaten by something, just as you have your meals each day. Where many of those meals are concerned, something else had to die in order for you to eat it. People eat themselves up inside with Cancer, when the body system goes to war with itself or when their heart attacks them or the brain seizes up. People are also consumed by their ambitions and their appetites. It hollows them out inside. Whenever you eat something, it becomes a part of you, and there is NO GETTING AROUND that something or someone WILL EAT YOU.

I could go into excruciating detail about this but this is not the format for that. You'll have to algebraically shoot around the corners yourself, through the use of The Imagination and The Intuition. If this is true, that we are all being consumed, even right this moment, by something (and it is). If it is true that there is NOTHING you can do about this (and that is also true); then what are you to do?

You CHOOSE who or what it is that consumes you! You have to have the necessaries in order to get eaten. If it is a tiger or the marketplace, you don't have to do much. Your body serves on the one hand, and your heart and mind on the other. You are prey and meet the standards of the predator. If, however, you want to be eaten by higher life forms, then you have to make yourself appealing to those you would have dine on you. REMEMBER... you become a part of whatever eats you.

What I do with this is to offer myself for consumption at any time. When I eat food, I imagine that Heaven is dining on me. I imagine that I am upon a table and that angels, and archangels, and other creatures of light are consuming me. Sometimes I send billows of violet light up out of the top of my head and imagine that it is a very special cotton candy, much preferred by members of The Angelic and Devic Realms.

You can find rituals of this nature in ALL traditions, but there is almost always a cognitive disconnect that occurs when people contemplate it, such as what happens with the wafers and the wine. You have to become childlike to make it work for you. A child has no trouble believing things that adults scorn and dismiss; Dismas? Probably no connection (visible shrugs his shoulders, which results in typing errors). It's like feeding the birdies (which I do) or your dog or your house guests. It is surely as real as that; more real, since the world of the angels is a great deal more enduring than our own.

So... I feed the angels and archangels. I invite them to dine with me, and on me. It's a real thing. Like anything, it has to (metaphorically speaking) get into the muscle memory. It has to have impacted on the subconscious, down where all the boilers and fuse-boxes are, and the heavy industrial stuff goes on. Then the factory prints out the design. I am feeding the angels whenever I consume anything, and the angels are consuming me.

What is the alternative? You are eaten by demons? Of course, that is the case for those who exercise their carnal appetites. That is what demons feed on, as well as all of your negative qualities. Many of us are food farms for The Infernal Kingdom. Now... an argument can be made that both angels and demons are only in your head. I know otherwise, but even so... does that make them less real for being in your head? We are a MICROCOSM!!!

Feed your angels! The day will come when you just don't recognize yourself anymore, but you will be most profoundly GLADDENED when you see who it is that replaced you in your understanding of your Self

End Transmission.......

A few links for you=

I gave a bad link about Mother Shipton. This one should prove more informative. That other link was some people profiting off of using her name.




Mr. Apocalypse, how nice to see you, AGAIN!



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