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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

By Les Visible
Mar 15, 2020 - 3:35:52 AM

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March 14th 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

So....... I've been looking into the Coronavirus escapade and....... there are wheels within wheels. It 'seems' to me that something is going on behind the scenes with China. They have been aggressively attempting to take over the United States; buying influence, buying up American properties, infrastructure and influential groups, who can then be influenced to act on China's behalf. It 'seems' that they are deep into backing many of the radical social changes that are contributing to the downfall of Western Culture; including the proliferation of The Communist curriculum in schools, movements like The Green New Deal and Climate Change Hysteria, politicians like Bernie Sanders + the entire Political Left, AOC and the rest of the squad, eradicating whiteness, fabricated racial conflicts and a host of other disorders.

I 'suspect' that there is WAY MORE going on behind the scenes than is being reported on. I am 'guessing' that an ACTUAL REVOLUTION is being engineered and financed at every level of our society.

The administration has come upon certain evidence that is requiring swift and dramatic responses. Coronavirus is providing all of the opportunity necessary to shut China down. The administration is going to be causing cease and desist, of China's control over pharmaceuticals and many another area of commercial enterprise that China has been deep into. The game is up!

The administration is seizing upon a golden opportunity NOT to let a good crisis go to waste, by making the crisis appear far larger than it actually is and POSSIBLY testing the waters for greater government control over everyday life, as governments ALWAYS do. It certainly looks so at the moment.

It is clear to me now that a real coup has been in operation and the tables are being turned on those orchestrating it and it will all be happening under the umbrella of National Security. As circumstances presently appear to be... the Democrats chances of victory in November are screwed and I think it is also certain that they will lose The House of Representatives too.

The administration, at present, is doing a masterful job of appearing to be fully hands-on. Hannity is a vehicle for what the administration is up to and what it wants the public to be told. Watching the media has suddenly become enormously entertaining and informative. I keep thinking... MR. APOCALYPSE... MR. APOCALYPSE... MR. APOCALYPSE. Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, he is everywhere. I had 'been told' recently (and even reported it here) that the force of REVEALING... UNCOVERING... and AWAKENING was going to increase tenfold and more. I am watching it take place in front of my eyes.

I am 'being told' to watch out for much more of what just happened to Andrew Gillum in Miami Beach. I am 'being told' that we ain't seen nothing yet. As levels of intensity increase, the ability of public figures to control their own behavior is going to become more and more iffy and tenuous. EPIDEMIC FREAKOUT, is on the menu for compromised politicians, high profile entertainers AND the very wealthy. I 'am told' they are being directly targeted by the forces of the Avatar, as his influence in the material sphere grows increasingly stronger.

It is now nearly ten years since I was told that what is presently happening, would be happening. There is no mistaking it in my mind because what is happening is EXACTLY what I was told was going to be happening, bringing to mind that old statement; "the mills of God grind slowly; Yet they grind exceeding small; Though with patience, He stands waiting, With exactness grinds He all." This was said by William Wordsworth. Lest anyone imagine I am fabricating having said these things, IT'S ALL IN PRINT HERE AT THE BLOGS and... the search engine feature is back (thank you ELF!!!)

To more accurately define what I am trying to convey, I can find no better template than that of progressive alcoholism. As one sinks into the depravity of infernal spirits, distilled into liquid form, in the early stages, certain events that were not previously experienced, begin to occur. Then they become routine. Time passes and new events that were not previously experienced begin to happen. Then they become routine. More time passes and new events that had not occurred before, begin to take place and then, they too, become routine and then? Sooner or later, one of three things takes place; the alcoholic dies. The alcoholic winds up in prison, or wet brain occurs and the alcoholic winds up in a mental institution. Since they have closed many of these institutions down (it began, with a vengeance, during Reagan's presidency), the urban streets are now the institution.

The logic, at the time, was that most of the insane could be discharged back into society since medications have now been invented to control their particular sicknesses. It was determined that keeping lunatic asylums open was too expensive, even though, with dreadful irony, far more expensive things continued to be financed, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. UNFORTUNATELY, in this particular case, you are dealing with crazy people and crazy people are NOT CAPABLE of remembering, or caring to take their medication. So now they wander the hardscrabble landscape of urban decay, of which they are a primary feature.

As we have said here, REPEATEDLY... As Materialism intensifies, so does Insanity. It is simply the result of Fortune that some of these crazy people, are able to function at a maintenance level, because they have family, or the financial wherewithal to not be homeless. In other words, there are far more crazy people around than just those on the Nomad Zombie Highway. Craziness is intensifying dramatically. You see it in road rage. You see it in VIOLENT domestic outrages. You see it in the lives of the powerful and celebrated, just as you do at every other level of society and ACCORDING TO MR. APOCALYPSE, it's presently transiting to a tenfold and more increase. There is also no way of telling what the impact of 5gig and prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation is going to result in. There are already pandemic pathologies, demonstrating in the behavior of the youth.

All along, time has been speeding up. Things are happening faster and faster. For most people, the state of existence, as observed all round, is getting more and more unsettling. Those with a deeper anchor, are weathering conditions better than others. It is much harder on the young, who have had little opportunity to develop a strong sense of self and so you have trends like Gender Fluid, Identity politics and any number of ancillary, batshit phenomena rising and falling, on the streets where you live. People are becoming more and more extreme in their actions and reactions because desperation, panic and an uncertain sense of self are growing stronger by the day.

Those ruling large nations are not unaware of the opportunities that this general lack of well being is providing. Bill Gates and his vaccines and him stepping away from Microsoft is no mere accident. Or... natural career evolution. Positions of power and influence are being shaken to their core. Desolation and Trepidation are magnifying and there are emotional contagions on the loose that dwarf the potential impact of Wuhanvirus.

With EACH passing moment, I am becoming more and MORE convinced that what seems to be going on is not what is really going on and well... that has been the case ever since I started paying attention to what is going on and I'm sure it was going on before that. As much as you attempt to ADVISE and WARN and INFORM people, about a BASIC ENDURING TRUTH, which is that APPEARANCES ARE A LIE, it comes to naught because people are INSTINCTIVE and that triumphs their REASON. If you think civilization is a consistently operational state... have you seen what happens when people are panicked? The first thing to go is their REASON, followed out the door, near immediately, by their HUMANITY. They can be programmed like a device and THEY ARE. Very, VERY FEW OF US have proven capable of overcoming conditioning so far AND THAT is what THE AWAKENING is presently all about.

In conclusion, I would like to state SOMETHING I KNOW. I don't know very much but I am in contact with someone who does know very, very much and IF... I can suspend my resistance to it... whatever answer I am in search of, springs to the surface, from the subconscious, just as a ball held underwater will when you take your hand off of it. This is a LAW... not generally in the common parlance. So... something I know; although I cannot define the power, I KNOW there is a power, in control of EVERYTHING and I also KNOW it....... ABIDES IN ME. Its will BECOMES MY WILL when I relinquish my will, that is... ordinarily, automatically in opposition to it and THAT IS THE CASE WITH EVERYONE.

EVERYTHING you sense and also do not sense is under the command of this force. I permit it to act through me, like the conductor of an orchestra. If I do not permit it to act in this manner, DISSONANCE is the music which results, BUT NOT IF YOU get out of its way. THE WHOLE OF THIS LIFE and every other life you will EVER have is about learning to let this force move through you unhindered. Nothing else has any importance, otherwise. This is the SUPREME COMMISSION from the SUPREME COMMISSIONER. There is NOTHING ELSE to learn, since all else useful, that one can learn, comes out of this.

We can KNOW the divine through its means of expression. Primarily that is Love, which once passed through the spectrum, becomes his qualities. GO AND DO LIKEWISE.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

♫ And Who Dwells In Me ♫(Narration and Music by Patrick Willis)

As the culture crumbles into ruin and a Golden Age rises like a Phoenix from the ashes, Pocketnet will be there in all of its decentralized glory. For the moment you can find it here.

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