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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"This Would Apply With any Destination Apart from the Shoes You are Standing In."
By Les Visible
Feb 25, 2022 - 5:03:26 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Intuition operates on a kind of superhighway. I mean that information can come in from all directions. You want to be sure of where you are getting the information in your head. There is that one source within... then there is all that chatter. It is what the NSA and its Google affiliate monitor. They really are mad.

I had been getting messages internally, from someone that has to do with monitoring my life. It was about my computer. For about two, maybe three weeks; whenever I would come in to turn it on... or when I turned it off. Today it wouldn't come on. I have a backup workstation. I got that on, and it wouldn't let me sign in to my accounts... with the right password, as I discovered later.

Next, I went to my laptop. What do you know? It let me sign in with the same passwords the desktop would not. I can't get anyone to fix it until tomorrow so... I'll make do.

Easily... twice as many more unusual coincidenti (like stimuli) and assorted anomalies, came around in the process of getting this done. I noticed afterward that I had not gotten distressed, frustrated, or angry once. Now, leaving everything in the hands of The Divine, in all those areas where... formerly, I would meddle and get inconsistent results, due to my interference. Now with this Certitude in The Divine having all of my affairs in the hands of Heaven, there is no reason for being troubled.

If you can be troubled, something or someone must have stirred you up, or... did you do it all by yourself? You still had help, depending on who is giving you your information in your mind. This is a very important detail. Until you get the information superhighway in your head synced up with the celestial navigation system; do you know where you are going? I would think that would be one of the primary concerns of life, yet people sidestep it with persistence.

Yes... unfortunately for them, it all gets resolved in and by The Purpose of Demonstration. Some of our dramas are public and some of our dramas are private, BUT... all of our dramas are known. You see people getting away with all manner of horrific crimes or so it seems. You see famine and false plagues, like false flags waving. You see wars and godawful encounters between people and groups and nations. You see demagogues rising up on all sides.

Right now you see the Crass Media headlines all screaming about WAR! Where is the war? Somehow they think headlines will do the job. You see all these events going by and you might think, "there is no justice." "There is no God." You would be wrong. It's like someone broke a nail and they're looking at 20 to life. All this hysteria; with the vaccines (that are not vaccines), the insane governance from the highest office on down, it should be apparent; the old order is falling and flailing about in their sleep as it becomes nightmares.

What will replace it? I think that depends on the people where they are. There is such a trail of Karma. I was reading Joseph Brenner some years ago and I came to the part where he says, "There was a time when very great evil took place here. It was so bad that every particle of ground was to some degree poisoned by it." He was talking about events far worse than anything we have seen since.

That is not verbatim but it is accurate enough. I do not know if what he says is true. I have mostly stayed away from things like The Urantia Book, Scientology, and all those dense mind fantasies about other beings from some other zone who are still controlling us. I will give you... that there is a variant on those tales that is true. It would certainly be represented by the idea of angels and devils. One can see the lower and higher nature of humanity every day, demonstrating; "All the world's a stage."

I am certain that there is an accurate Hall of Records somewhere. I had already told myself that it was my intention to go there for a while just to see it for how some of it really was. Of course, there are many parts of History that I have no intention of visiting. I'm not a ghoul or one possessed by appetite. I would want to study the time and persona of the great masters, avatars, and people like Pythagoras, Apollonius of Tyana, Paracelsus. There is a big list.

Some people just want to merge into the boundless ecstasy. I like being a serving instrument in a cosmic drama. Yeah, I suppose melting and disappearing into everlasting bliss is a wonderful thing, but... heh heh, I want something more. Cosmic Unity... understood, but I like The Dance, when you can dance that is. If you can't dance that can and does lead to all kinds of complications. Call it Karma, call it bad luck, Your dancing has brought you here. It can take you to ever finer and finer music. IF that is your thing. If that is not your thing it will take you to where you think your thing is.

It's like, "Alexa, play some sad music." "Play some happy music." "Play the wind in the trees through a prism of sound." You order it up and it will play it for you. That's Life. Some of us came here to wound. Some of us came here to heal. Some of us came to satisfy a particular appetite. Some came and were inspired and helped out where they could, and skirted those places of the trampled pearls, so as to get to that great and shining city that is The Kingdom of God. As you can imagine, it being closer to the home of The Divine, it is a much nicer place than it can be here, although... there are people walking around on this Earth who are already in The Kingdom of Heaven.

It amuses me sometimes to think about all those people who have philosophies of an intricate nature. I sympathize with them. I know what that is like. One afternoon when I was young and full of knowledge about western things, I took a magic potion and the cleansing wind of God blew through my head and washed all of it away. To me, it all looks like a dog chasing its tail or the tail of another which leads to all those other things you hear about, from Romeo and Juliet to Heloise and Abelard; both of them end tragically and all lovers in separate suits must part eventually.

There is a dance, an interior dance... it takes all that passion and runs it to its highest possibility of union. Everything else is an elevator stop into entire worlds of experience. Unless you were born on the dark side of town, you pretty much have to go there to be there. This would apply with any destination apart from the shoes you are standing in.

It is a different setup for me today. I am going to cut it short, perhaps tomorrow as well. Then... either before or after the weekend we will be seaworthy again. I apologize if you don't hear from me in the next day or two.

There will be no links. Those are on the other system. Be well my friends and mind the Jabberwock.

End Transmission.......



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