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"This Byzantine and Labyrinthine Maze is a Sad Testimony to These Times of Material Darkness.
By Les Visible
Nov 24, 2020 - 5:00:30 AM

November 23rd 2020


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I am looking, as deeply and comprehensively as is possible for me, at my present state of awareness, at the many changes taking place in the world, AND... I am checking my internal senses that speak to what I cannot see or hear. I am 'beginning' to see wheels within wheels within wheels. It is such a spectacle that it renders one mute before the challenge of describing it. I THINK I have penetrated to the core issue, OVER and OVER and OVER, each time thinking that I have arrived at Ground Zero, only to find that that location leads to yet another location. It is Byzantine! It is labyrinthine! Dear God...

I KNOW, in the ultimate and absolute sense, that there are centers of concentrated darkness, and centers of ever more dense and intensified light. It is conscious darkness and conscious light. It is the age-old tale of Good vs Evil. The beautiful symmetry of it all is that both The Darkness and The Light are ports of call, that exist as locations which personify the end result of our DESIRE(s). We are each, and all of us, magnetized by the focus of our DESIRE, and DESIRE is the AGENT of GOD'S WILL. In other words, we all wind up as either the Victim or the Beneficiary of our desires and intentions. We arrive at the place we set out for, regardless of whether it resembles what we imagined it to be when we set out.

I think I am looking at the biggest sting ever orchestrated. It is right out of Sun Tzu. Meanwhile, everyone and their second cousins on their third cousin's mother's side are being given the opportunity to parade before the world. Some of the hysterical invective is beyond anything I have seen, and I am beginning to believe that invisible forces are amplifying the emotional states of people on BOTH SIDES of the issue, but most especially those directly engaged in the election theft or supporters of it.

For awhile I was looking at the surface action and then studying the connections and then the backdrop. It is as if there are a handful of puppeteers at a very high level, who are working a larger number of puppets below them, who are then operating an even larger portion of puppets below them. By example, think of The Media, where the honchos set policy and that is carried out by the editors and managing directors, who provide the marching orders for the announcers, commentators, and staff writers, who then influence the public, which then influences everyone around the water cooler in offices around the world, and who then influence their families and friends... but as we know, it all streams down from the top. At the top, BUT 'top' is not the right word. Let us say that behind the behind the behind, way back... are the appointed representatives from The Infernal Kingdom, who are lodged in the minds of the main players under their sway.

At the behind the behind the behind at another level, way back, is the living light of God, and that streams down through the angelic hierarchy, which then expresses into the minds of the main incarnate players, who influence all of whom they broadcast to on the ether and other mediums of transmission. Because the world is in a state of EXTREME material darkness, there is a preponderance of Infernal force expressing in The World. Not everyone experiencing Infernal or Celestial influence is aware of it. The Influencers from BOTH locations, find an easy road into the minds of their supplicants (whether they know they are supplicants or not) due to the Native Disposition of each of us. If you are drawn to certain forms of expression, ALL OF THEM fall under the influence of either The Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of Hell. If your desire body vibrates to carnal force and all related forms of behavior, you come under the sway of Hell. If your desire body vibrates to any permutation of Higher Love or any related state of being, you come under the sway of Heaven.

I realize this is all simplistic and it needs to be. I also realize that it is NEVER going to be possible to define and describe the essential truth of it all because that is communicated internally, and depends on what channel your interior radio system is set to. Not everyone sets the channel they listen to. They don't know how and it gets set for them, based on the level of their appetites and desires. These are key significators of the level one operates at. One's desires and appetites account for the invisible forces that one attracts into their environment, their aura, and various subtle bodies.

If you are not consciously directed to a specific end. If you are not being influenced by representatives of one kingdom, you are BY DEFAULT, influenced by the other. This is why saints and sages across the ages have recommended one find a teacher. The moment you think of it that teacher is activated. The teacher is, in actuality, ALREADY PRESENT and has been for some time, often even before your most recent appearance here. You may have no sense of the presence of the teacher, initially. This comes by degrees over the course of time. Depending on your level of intensity, on that depends your rate of progress. This is why Trauma and Desperation are often catalysts to this end.

I can tell you about certain assets you NEED to acquire, which will DRAMATICALLY assist you on your way. One is, a profound TRUST in the rightness and rectitude of The Kingdom of God. You also NEED, Faith, Certitude, and Determination. You will get NOWHERE without them. It is a JOINT EFFORT. The representative of God does the HEAVY LIFTING, but... you are required to maintain your focus. You are tasked with (as much as you can muster) Constant Remembrance and consistent and continuous adjustment to the contours of the path, and staying within the parameters of it. We ALL go astray. Much depends on your ability to pull yourself back on course. Think of yourself as the rider in the chariot. The horses are your senses. Unless you control them they will pull you off the road. Behind you is your guide, so... your job is continuous focus on restraining the senses (horses) while having an ear to the guide who is advising you. The Guide being behind you is a metaphor concerning the guide's location in your mind.

You must also have Integrity. Don't leave home without it. Of singular importance is a PURIFIED WILL. Purity is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL because as you travel you are going to find yourself passing through locations that contain entities that are inimical to your passage. This is most especially so when traversing the Sephiroth, Yesod; The Sphere of the Moon. One should not EVEN CONSIDER traveling beyond one's capacity to successfully navigate ANYWHERE you go. Purity is CRITICAL and you purify yourself through DEVOTION, Love for The Creator, abstinence, and prayer purging. You will also attract Grace, based on merit. A passionate spiritual zeal is a tremendous asset.

Of everything one might consider of importance, the Guide, Teacher, Wayshower is the most important. This entity is ALREADY PRESENT. Here is where passionate zeal comes into play, AND the others as well, because they will facilitate the Critical Dialogue needed for protection. If you are sincere and dedicated, you WILL prevail. The luminous entities of Heaven will rush to your side. There are far too few of us who are consciously engaged in this effort, and WILLING HANDS are ALWAYS in short supply. Do not fear that you will be overlooked. Of course, the duties assigned to you may seem pedestrian at first, BUT... if Pride is a problem, you might as well forget the effort now. We all have to start in the mail-room. Sooner or later your real talents will emerge and you will automatically be slotted to that area of enterprise best suited to your abilities.

I had no idea that I was going to write all of this. It just showed up. It is what was expected of me on this day. I am just a tool. If any of this resonates with you, you will find that what is contained herein is very useful. I never knew how important Purity is. I do now. I was familiar with the strategic importance of all the rest, BUT... Purity went right past me. Unfortunately, I was always a little too close to the Shaivite Aghora path, probably the psychedelics and other comestibles had a lot to do with that (grin). No more. I have learned my lesson. Now I long for Purity. It takes some doing and one must be relentless in the pursuit of it. God will wave his hand at some point. Until then, I labor as I go.

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