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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"Think about It. We ALL Pray to Our Idea of God and You Can Be Sure that Idea Changes as Time Goes By."
By Les Visible
Jan 15, 2022 - 5:21:34 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I know it will make no difference to those who believe there are monsters under every bed, BUT... this has been going on for years now about how The Elite; rich, powerful, influential types, are taking this serum extracted from frightened children which makes them youthful.

I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS NOT HAPPENING! I do not know, BUT... where is the actual proof? This has to be happening on a massive scale. Twisted minds have no sense of loyalty to one another except that born of Fear of Consequences.

What is this Adrenachrome thing? Have we EVER seen a vial of it in all this talk? What evidence is there of any of this? I'm not saying it isn't real. I would expect such things of THEM, but... it could of course be a blind alley. It could be a blind for something else. Same with Comet (Ping Pong) Pizza. There must have been hundreds of kids who processed through there. Where is the smoking gun? Why would there not be whistleblowers in fear of their mortal souls? Why are they called Mortal Souls? In other words my friends, something doesn't smell right. Maybe someone out there in Anonymous Land can tell me something. I suspect they have crafted these to take the attention off of other activities.

Before you start frothing at the mouth in virtual fashion... I don't want to hear what someone said to someone else. I don't want wild ass accusations from some guy who went and jumped off a bridge. I don't want speculation. Where is the vial? Even the empty vial will hold plenty of evidence. Swish it with glucose or whatever they use... toss it in the centrifuge and send me the lab report.

What makes more sense to me than anything else is that they set these things up to wind up nowhere. They toss red herrings right and left while they get up to what they really get up to. How come Klaus Schwab looks like he does if he's got The Item?

We live in a time of instant video, and spy tech, where you can film with no one knowing, with high res video and clear sound. This Adrenachrome is... allegedly... epidemic in the exclusive corridors of The High and Mighty in all professions. We've been hearing about it for years. Why is there no evidence?

In these times of steroidal delusions, people very badly want to believe certain things because it fits their internal narrative. What is really going on is that a large percentage of Humanity, from the lowest to the highest levels of society is going mad. When I say mad, I mean everything from the terminal lassitude of serious depression and weltschmerz to raging catastrophic violence. This is the case at the street level and it is the case in the halls of political expedience, such as we see in the latest neo-con war effort with Russia.

The ridiculously bloviated shitstorm of COVID-Fear has shown me with dreadful clarity, the size of the population that is brainwashed and conditioned. When you add together the cowards and the fools, the carnality junkies and sex freaks, the power-mad and the celebrity chasers and... you add in The Stupid, you are left with a sizable number of people. What drew 50,000 people to Astroworld to listen and writhe to incoherent no talent morons and risk their lives in the bargain? The dumbing down is already complete. There are far more witless people loose than I ever imagined. Can they actually be that clueless? Are they possibly under a spell?

Word of mouth alone should have turned everyone against the vaccines by now. People are dropping dead all over the place. It should be Common Knowledge that the people in power are not only incompetent but stone-cold evil. Yes... many are just weak and compromised, but... still. I remember what I said here a couple of days ago, that The Divine causes people to continue as they are for The Purpose of Demonstration. I can find references to this in The Bhagavad Gita and The New Testament. I am sure I can find it in Buddhism and Sufism as well. Let those who are good continue to do good. Let those who are evil continue as well.

One of the things you learn at further levels of initiation is that there is no such thing as Evil. I am supposing you have to possess some degree of it to see it. This won't sit well with a lot of people, who all believe that if they were in charge everything would be different. That's what the last batch thought. It's like the power of money. Fortunately, I am free of this pestilence by the Grace of God. I've had numerous opportunities to vastly increase my store of material wealth and I just walked the other way without thinking about it, and I ALWAYS will. Wealth will ruin your circulation system if you try to stop the flow of it.

A couple-few weeks ago, this enterprising fellow wrote to ask me if I was still at the same address in a particular town; the town I say I live in but do not actually live in. He wanted my address so that he could send me a Christmas gift of a thousand dollars. He told me he had sent one at an earlier time but didn't want to give part of it to PayPal. I sensed, right off the bat that this person did not intend to send me anything anyone would want. I told him I had no memory of his previous gift and that I wasn't giving him my address. He said all kinds of things that didn't make sense. He was counting on the thousand dollars being a big deal to me. It's not. Millions of dollars are not a big deal to me. I could have literally had that a few times here and there.

He continued to be polite and then said, "Okay, I'll just send it via PayPal." What I got was a REQUEST for a thousand dollars. He was hoping I wasn't paying attention and would just click the button. He said his name was Terry Politi and this is the email he was using= There are quite a few Terry Politis around.

The whole bait and hook thing was predicated on my wanting the money. I could care less. Money doesn't fix a damn thing but it will surely bring problems if you are a poor steward. I'm posting this so that others might be warned that scams abound, mostly because people are greedy and credulous. Here is one of his missives to me;

"I understand. The reason I asked for your address was I did not want Paypal to get a cut, you agreed a few years ago and sent me your address. Things have changed, I agree. I will not ask again for your address. I will use Paypal. thanks for the sanity of your friends and your writing, it makes me happy to realize I am not alone. Your intuition will keep you safe, you are in my prayers. Last thing, I do not live on my computer, I only checked my Emails looking for yours. Probably will not check them again for months. Love terry"

If you are forensic about these things, and I am... you can see a number of things wrong with his word arrangement. Here is the thing, my friends, the hope of gain blinds one's common sense; "well... maybe it's true." Uh-huh. God takes care of my every need. It is near unbelievable the extent to which he does this, and the more I let him handle it, the more he handles. Make God the centerpiece of your life and concern yourself with NOTHING ELSE.

You've heard that you can't cheat an honest man? You also can't suck someone into something unless the idea of personal gain is colorfully dangling on a hook. "Wow! That's all squiggly and pretty. It must taste good. It looks like something I once ate."

Let me leave you with something useful. Do not abuse it because the consequences are real. Prayer is an amazing thing. It is beyond my abilities to tell you how amazing. If you pray to The God of Rock, he will hear you, just like Mohammad, Jesus Christ, OR ANYONE you can name or imagine. Think about it... we ALL pray to our idea of God and you can be sure that idea changes as time goes by. We are not all meant to be sweet, sensitive, and caring people. Perhaps it is so in the latter stages, but...many other states of existence and expression are along the way. You can have whatever you want. Remember the Nam Myoho Renge Kyo chant that was all the rage some decades ago?

It was out of the Nichiren Shoshu tradition and you got yourself a little portable altar called a Gohonzon and you just chanted away with a fury.

People were chanting for new cars and all kinds of things, AND GETTING THEM. "According to your faith is it done unto you." I knew some of these people. They were everywhere at the time. Some of them were acquaintances of mine. Even then I knew that Material Culture was not something I wanted any part of and I paid dearly for that too. There is a real cost for not fitting in with the game dynamics of the culture.

Prayer is a power well beyond the usual human understanding. Otherwise, it would be much more consistently employed. You can pray for anything and there are entities that serve every need imaginable. This is an area where one should pay careful attention to their motives. You can ask God to be rich and he WILL see that you are, For The Purpose of Demonstration. You will be made rich and you will see what that gets you. Everyone who is presently rich very much wanted to be, EXCEPT in those cases where it is conferred upon The Good Stewards. People also earn their wealth by working for it.

You'll get what you pray for, and often as not, you will pray for it to go away later on. Pray for Wisdom and Clarity. Pray for The Kingdom of God to come to Earth. Pray for Higher Love. Pray for God's Qualities. Pray for The Awakening to intensify. Pray for the light of The Avatar to cleanse the citadels of darkness.

Pray for something useful and not for yourself. You are more likely to get a quicker response. If you pray for yourself, God is watching you. He knows what is involved if he gives you what you ask. He will give you time to think about it. If you had any idea of how often God has protected you from yourself...

End Transmission.......

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