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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Feb 23, 2021 - 5:29:18 AM

"They've Had a Good Long Run, Feeding on the Nutrients in Human Sorrow and Loss,"
By Les Visible
Feb 23, 2021 - 5:25:37 AM

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February 22nd 2021


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

So... let me see if I can unroll the scroll in a sequential manner in order to collate and consolidate the information, properly.

The recent presidential election was compromised, and that is not all. The election results were also skewered in the Senatorial races, as well as in The House of Representatives. There was OUTRIGHT voter fraud that we haven't seen since Mayor Daley in Chicago, and that was just a city-wide thing. This happened all over the country.

We KNOW that the Democrats did not legitimately win the presidency or the Senate. It is to be presumed and assumed that the same applied to certain house races as well. The Globalists have now taken control of every area of American government while compromising and intimidating the Judicial sector. The borders have been flung open and the Sexual Dysfunction Armies have been loosed on society. They have put turbo-fertilizer on The Creeping Rot. Monsters of slime and sleaze rampage at will. It seems to have ALL taken a turn for the worst

One would think that Hell on Earth can't be all that far off, BUT... what have we here? The Democratic governors of the two most powerful states, on both coasts, are under serious threat of recall. The Democratic governor of New Mexico has been caught with both her hands in the cookie jar and Ted Cruz's week could not have gone much worse. MEANWHILE... the former concealment's of shadows and underbrush in which celebrities have hidden their private lives are getting the helicopter searchlights of Mr. Apocalypse, like chasing crime up and down the ruins of LA

Mr. Apocalypse is going NOVA and this phase of his operation is only just beginning. It is such an eerie sensation for me to remember what he said to me near ten years ago in Italy. I am watching it take place. The biggest return on this is not the sudden revealing of evil in all these different cases. It is the profound way that it impacts on one's faith in God. It is the living force of the deity in action. By now you would think that all of these shadow-meisters have to be trembling in the vampire shade as The INNER Sun grows closer. They've had a good long run, feeding on the nutrients in human sorrow and loss, which is their favorite comestible.

They inhale fear, and all of its effluvia, across all the possibilities of form and the shapes it may take. How is it that those who, LITERALLY, stole all access to the corridors of power, now find themselves abandoned and saddled with all that their works are heir to? There is a hollow emptiness, resounding across the country. Something is not where it was supposed to be. Events did not turn out as they were intended to do, by those committing their actions at the behest of The Dark Side. I can't say it often enough, The Devil works for God. Argue if you wish about whether he does so willingly or not. He does so. There is a reason they call God, Lord God ALL-MIGHTY. Don't let appearances fool you.

It was mentioned here before, recently. Let me present it in another way. Be careful as you go in these times because certain centers of power are releasing all manner of negative emotional states into the collective unconscious. There is a Very Real war on. What certain vested interests are intending is to turn us upon one another. They have been at it for a while. Now they are upping the ante and no longer playing Table Stakes. I used to love to play poker, probably still do; not for the money, although I nearly always won or broke even. It was what poker reveals about people. Such things fascinate me.

Certain invested interests are doing all they can to spread discord and confusion. It is of such stuff that they build their empires, such as they are, for as long as they last. You DON'T have to be a party to any of that. If you don't buy in, you're not in the game. I KNOW it can be intimidating and sometimes nerve activating, as per the abdominal brain. I've heard it can even be bowel loosening. It doesn't have to be. It really comes down to WHO has the greater influence over you; the Dark Side or the Vales of Light? If you are giving fealty to the Dark Side, you come into its embrace. If you live in the light, you walk in the light and you then become resonant with the light and EVENTUALLY become Conscious LIGHT, even though a part of you already is.

My work gets published at Truthseeker. I've been there for a long time. What is interesting is that a lot of atheists and serious material-minded sorts come around there. There's a really eclectic palate overall. What they are... mostly, regardless of focus, is intelligent. I got a comment a few days ago from a despairing fellow. He was referring to my commentaries on God as being wishful fantasies. He said we are all in a prison camp being tortured and THAT'S IT! From his perspective, in the subjective reaches of his being, that could well be true... for him. HOWEVER... even a borderline intellect can look about in the world and see that not everyone is in the same physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual state. There are people jumping for joy and people who have people jumping on them.

How is it that some live in a state of blessed serenity and some live with awful fear and terror in brutish environments? EVERYTHING comes down to who is doing the talking in your life; the Personality? Or The Self? We inflict upon ourselves all that we experience through the Karma accrued in our passage. Karma ALWAYS starts WHERE YOU ARE and appears WHERE YOU ARE, not where you were, though it took you through that, and as for The Future, it shows up HERE too. It's all HERE, and that is why HERE is where you start to weave a new tapestry of life. If you RELY on God (however you imagine God to be) and if you relinquish your need to be in control, God WILL take you over the most expeditious and least painful route.

You HAVE TO, you MUST separate Religion from Spirituality. They are not the same and they are THE CAUSE of all your bouts with God, the idea of God and yadda yadda. Toss Religion away and embrace the LIVING and PRESENT consciousness of The Indwelling. Life is an endless demonstration of people acting out their version of things, which comes into conflict with all the other versions of things. Look around you and read the road-maps on their faces!

It is now, or it is not at all. It all happens HERE, RIGHT NOW. It is possible to live so in the moment that it becomes timeless and eternal. This is no idle statement. It matters to me, whether others are set free from the jailer of the false self. HOWEVER... interfering in the lives of others is NEVER a good idea. People must come to their own way of understanding, at the right time. Nothing serves better than by example. Maybe they didn't hear you yesterday. Maybe they didn't hear you ten years ago, or a lifetime hence. They WILL hear you. Truth is timeless, so is Ageless Wisdom. Go about your life as if you were a constant gardener. Till the soil of the human soul FROM WITHIN. No one can argue with you if you don't say anything.

I feel a real sorrow for those who have managed to trap themselves in a negative, emotional climate. I also don't want them to bite my fingers if I lay my hand on their shoulder. You can influence life the same way that The Sun does by simply doing what The Sun does. The Sun is life-giving. Be The Sun in microcosm. You only need to shine. You don't need to explain yourself. Think of Johnny Appleseed.

God is coming and all I can think is that I should get the house in order since I am receiving an honored guest. I am FULLY expecting this guest. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that he is coming. I don't want a glancing blow. I want it direct. Others, I know, are planning weddings, and funerals. They are planning their own future and their children's future. They are going up the hill and down the hill, doing the tango with Sisyphus. They are building this and tearing down that. I really don't have time for any of that. They are not the important things and the Living God within will attend to all of those and everything else at the necessary time. My job is to find God. God's job is to take over and manage my existence COMPLETELY.

Try to be as nice as possible to others in this time for many are suffering. Some are suffering from real conditions, and some are self-inflicted punishments for something or other which is not real, except in their heads. People are more likely to rise to conflict, in these times, due to the intense presence of inner conflict. WHO are you in conflict with? Uh-huh.

End Transmissions.......

We will continue to dispense with the links. You can find them by going to older postings. Since most of our outlets are in some state of disarray, we'll just head on up the road.



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