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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"They Most Especially Want to Shut Down Our Access to The Pineal Gland and Kill Our Spiritual Nature."
By Les Visible
Feb 19, 2022 - 4:55:43 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It should be clear to anyone paying attention... and that number increases by the day; it should be clear that a shadowy cabal, that relies on shadows, intimidation, and lies for its success in The Manifest, used the COVID scam and the Killer Vaccines to shut down the independent spirit in Humanity. The public was already waterlogged and near-drowning in Material Culture. They sensed the moment was ripe for the shackling and enslavement of Humanity. Most of the work was already done. People were immersed in Material Dreams and the various intoxicants they were using to enhance the experience, or... would it be... deaden the experience?

They most especially want to shut down our access to The Pineal Gland. That is one of the main features of The Killer Vaccines... to kill out our spiritual nature. THEY KNOW that The Aquarian Age is bringing the qualities and character of The Pineal Gland into play, after a long collective quiescence. It is part of what is required to bring about The Age of Brotherhood. THEY KNOW that if they can kill our Spiritual Nature they can zombify us and turn us into drones... those they don't kill off. They have VERY bad intentions for the rest of us. They WILL fail in spectacular fashion, given that it is ALL for The Purpose of Demonstration.

I like to get high. Let there be no confusion in that regard. I am VERY selective about what I get high on. This was not always the case, but... we learn as we go, or... we don't. These days I am more of a mind (can I say it like that?) to get high on Impersonal Love. I still consider the idea of psychedelics; specifically Oaxacan Mushrooms or real LSD-25, which simply does not come my way. Then again, maybe it's not supposed to (grin). The last time I had pure LSD-25 was in Romania. I had hoped to secure more through the fellow who provided it, BUT... I loaned/gifted him all the money I had at the time because he was in desperate straits, and promptly (can I say it like that?) I never heard from him again. That's been several years now. I have found this to be a common occurrence, BUT... I never learn, nor should I, I suppose.

Early on... pure psychedelics opened my Third Eye. That has been a constant since. I've been going the slower route with mixed success. One of my flaws has always been impatience. I am seriously anxious about all things spiritual. That has not changed, but... it has stabilized. My memory of The Previous Magic has not faded AT ALL.

So... and it has been a few years, I have been thinking, "Well... just let The Divine provide it." The Divine has, so far... not done so (grin), but I haven't really asked either. I will be the first to admit that earlier in my life, I was the most ardent lover of The Doors of Perception that I have ever met. I was just CONSUMED by the desire to be closer to God and The Heavenly Realm. These vehicles accomplished that for me. The downside was that I hadn't earned the awareness or the siddhi that granted me natural automatic access. I was storming the Gates of Heaven. I was relentless about it. You have no idea how relentless I was. It consumed my whole life and everything else was secondary.

I knew that God is real and I wanted more, and more, and more. Finally... later in the game, I backed off. I had a love affair with Ketamine because it took me right where I thought I wanted to go. It had little noticeable toxicity, neither of the others I mentioned did either. So... The K went on for ten years at least. Suddenly... without my even knowing it was happening, most everything fell away. It was a while before I even noticed. I would put that on The Shelf of Strange.

Because... like anyone aging, certain limitations and chronic aches and pains come into play. So I got a medical marijuana card and took the edibles for a year or so. That was helpful, and... when I started thinking that maybe I shouldn't keep taking it, I was told internally, in no uncertain terms, to keep taking it. Then certain events took place and I heard, "Now do you see what I mean?" I did. I was also informed that EVERYTHING I was getting up to over the years, was supposed to happen. I was supposed to be having these experiences AND storming The Gates of Heaven. Okay... it didn't work out to pursue this in continuance, but... God has his reasons and works in mysterious ways.

People have a VERY limited perspective on God, who sees everything from all perspectives at all times. He does things and permits things that confound the rest of us, so a good many of us decide that he doesn't really exist (hard physics PROVES otherwise) or that he is just a mean and indifferent sonofabitch. I can see how it might look that way to everyone committed to playing God, and... doing it badly. We dial up whatever lands on our plate. This is something I KNOW to be true. There are NO innocent victims and no innocent bystanders... whatever happens and wherever you are, you caused it and put yourself there. I know that all of those playing God, do not agree with me, but... it is so. If you want to argue about this, go find someone who shares your interest in that form of conflict.

Sometimes... some of us, willingly take upon ourselves, afflictions... handicaps... onerous conditions... all sorts of limitations and liabilities FOR THE GREATER GOOD. This is what ALL avatars do. This is what saints and sages do. This is what Masters/Gurus do. I know of specific holy men who took the karma of certain disciples upon themselves. Isn't that what Jesus the Christ did?

There is a lot of evidence that John of Patmos took mushrooms, certainly there is as much evidence of this as there is evidence of the details of him being around in the first place. It is well documented that certain advanced souls took psychedelics and had profound visions. This is a staple in nearly all primitive cultures. Many of our cultured and civilized members of the human race, smirk and mock these people while overdosing on Scotch and cigars. A great many smart and well-fixed people have drunk themselves into compost. Alcoholism is one of the biggest tragedies we have; far bigger than is let on, and it is the source of MANY other fatal maladies that are not always associated with it. This I also know to be true.

If you drink to excess, you will wind up in one of three locations; dead... in prison... or in a mental hospital with wet brain.

One of the reasons I bring up the subject of interior voyaging, via psychedelics, is because I like to CHECK IN at different times to see what progress I have made and to get a deeper look at what is happening in The World. When I am in such altered states I get regular visits from Arcturus and The Sirius Cluster, which I have been made to understand is the location of The Galactic Government. I have had these visits more times than I can remember, and in far-flung locations. I very much know the difference between hallucinations and real events... by this time. This is something else that I also know to be true. When I CHECK-IN, it is also in order to communicate with The Arcturian Brotherhood and The Central Command at Sirius Cluster. I seldom get any action from the latter, but I nearly always get interactions from Arcturus. They have ships in our area and have had.

Now that I haven't checked in, I haven't had that intense level of communication that I generally get in Altered States.

I don't know if I ever mentioned this before. There is a great deal that I don't talk about. I don't care whether skeptics think me crazy. I already know that I am mad by The Grace of God. I also have certain sensory abilities that make any of this possible in the first place. There have also been witnesses on many occasions when such events transpired and there are people reading this very posting who were present for some of them, and for some of them, the events were hair-raising. Don't mess around in these areas unless you have The Dispensation or a great deal of Shraddha and Trust.

There is a lot more going on behind the scenes now than there has been in a long time. BIG CHANGES are coming and The Celestial Realm is fully engaged... THROUGH US in many cases, whether we know this or not. NOTHING happens here that escapes the notice of Heaven, and Heaven's representatives are judiciously placed around the planet. You may not see them, BUT... they are most definitely here.

Try to see all of the low-jinx of the intentional and deluded servants of The Dark Side as being engaged in digging their own graves. All of what you have been seeing in recent years is THEM convicting themselves in the court of public opinion, AND... they can't help themselves. There is a delicious irony at work in these times that was not formerly present, HOWEVER... we are in a time of sorting, harvesting,  and judgment. It's a new age, my friends. How do you expect to represent yourself in coming times? That is a matter for great consideration. It has a lot to do with how you, personally, get sorted... harvested or judged.

End Transmission.......

I finished watching "Get Back" last night. It was more overwrought than I expected and the more I saw of Yoko... the more my revulsion intensified. I know I'm supposed to become independent of that. Still... you sometimes feel your gorge rising before your dispassion can come into play. It could have all been done a lot better, BUT... there was much to see in body language and such... IF you are paying attention. I also saw something called "The Ledge". It's a low-budget free climbing movie. If you like that sort of thing there are some astonishing visuals that make you wonder how they did it. The actors were not gifted. The writing was pedestrian, but it kept your attention.

I wanted to mention that I am going to be using the Les Visible blog on the weekends, occasionally... to review films and other areas that no longer get much attention here. They'll be linked at the end of a post, such as you are seeing right now.

I'm also going to be doing video again from The First Church of the Presence of God, sundry... and podcasts or... so I am told.

A few links... maybe more than a few=

Trouble is coming. The Deep State and Satanic Elite are NOT going quietly into the howling unknown of their own dark nature. Such collectives have never learned that Arrogance and Indifference to the suffering of others has their own GUARANTEED downfall=


More about the scum also rising=


Just one of the many things you don't hear about. As I've been saying... there are HUGE changes coming in the cyber-tech industry AND in the energy sector. Mostly this article is linked for the links at the end=


I'm guessing, just guessing, mind you, but... I suspect that someone has pictures of the man with small boys, small girls or... a household pet=


I think, given this woman's appearance and personality, it is a very good thing for her to continue to wear a mask. I would prefer a full face mask in her case, but I will take what I can get=


The comments alone are worth it for taking the public's pulse=

Wow look, it's a member of the privileged class that is behind the racial bullshit to begin with... here is your rank and file Satanic demagogue representing his clan. It won't be long before they are insisting they are white=


I am looking forward to seeing "2000 Mules"=


The criminal mentality is alive and well in times of Materialism=


I guess no one told him about the apocalypse=


They are really... REALLY losing their minds and it is going to bite them in the ass as they are hounded through the door. Mr. Apocalypse!!!=


The thing about Stupid is that it is not static. It NATURALLY becomes more Stupid because it grows in only one direction; backwards=



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