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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

"There are Many True Heroes to Pick from. DO NOT Emulate the Failed Dust of Witless Terrestrial Celebrities."
By Les Visible
Aug 31, 2020 - 5:11:36 AM

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August 30th 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Before we get into today's post, allow me to blow your mind just a tad.

All this time, while the world is tipping to the detriment of humanity, unable to control itself because it doesn't know itself, there is an exponential, technological explosion taking place. Of course, if you are incapable of controlling yourself, there are those who will do it for you. You can't tell people who will not listen, what they do not want to hear. So... those who will not hear MUST FEEL. The Universe and The World are self-correcting. They are LIVING THINGS. There is nothing that is not alive in some fashion, even rocks are alive and they are what Black Magicians are sent back to become, once the Lord's of Karma get their hands on them.

We are on the verge of technological breakthroughs that can and may utterly transform our world. We are also and MORE IMPORTANTLY, on the verge of Spiritual breakthroughs for THOSE WHO AVAIL THEMSELVES OF THE SAME. I cannot stress how critically important this is, BUT... you will make your own mind up about that. If you knew the profound and serious truth of this, you would turn your attention to it as if it were a life ring in a stormy sea, WHICH IT IS!

Prolonging physical life is not something reserved only for the good. Anyone who knows HOW it is done can get it done, BUT... nothing in manifestation goes on forever. Sooner or later it winds up in court. We ALL reap the fruits of our industry. Most will hear that, acknowledge it AND THEN... go right on by. They've heard it before. They get it, or so they think they do, BUT... the idea of 'reaping what you sow' gets filed and stored somewhere because SENSATION commands our attention. One would be measurably improved if they were to spend even a small amount of time considering what it means and the implications thereof, BUT... there are none so deaf as those who will not hear. But... But... But...

If you 'catch' something early you can cure it quickly. If you let a wrong understanding go on and on, on and on (cue Stephen Bishop) it increases in complexity and then it increases in difficulty of resolution. Yeah, yeah, I get it. I get it. We all get it... intellectually, but we DO NOT all get it VISCERALLY and it fails to have any deeper meaning when that is the case, no matter what 'it' may be. This applies to certain inflexible rules of life, JUST AS it applies to the consideration of DEITY.

The Earth, The World, is a living and conscious thing. It is VERY patient. It is the poster-girl of PATIENCE but... once the balance tips, once the scales reach a certain level of disparity... IT adjusts. It's not an emotional adjustment. It isn't motivated by revenge or getting even. IT adjusts, according to FUNDAMENTAL LAW. Existence operates according to LAWS. Why does this garner so little interest from so many of us? I'll tell you why; making yourself aware of these laws and their method of function INTERFERES with WHAT WE WANT. "We wants it, prezzshussss. Yes... we wants it."

Digression Alert; I am thinking of launching a Crowdfunding event to raise money and awareness, so as to bring together Shaun King and Rachel Dolenz. Imagine the beautiful black children these two can produce. Do they even know the potential that exists there? I want you to just think about that for a moment. I hear you. Yes... you are lucky that I think about things like this and spend the time and take the trouble to tell you about them. I can see the wedding, the wedding reception, and after-party, right now in my mind's eye. Milli Vanilli will be providing the music. Marina Abramovic will do the catering and The Reverend Dr. Cameron Partridge will preside over the nuptials unless we can get the Reverend Lee Crowell.

Revered Crowell Church of SatanReverend Lee Crowell

If you are considering hosting a wedding LIKE THIS of your own then you are going to need the ritual of the cursed sacraments and Visible has located the procedure for you; how thoughtful!

I'm guessing you never expected to see this sort of thing at Visible Origami.

What is the real source of what is happening in the streets? It is invisible entities that are accessing the minds of those who have no sense of themselves. They are being mind-jacked just like a stolen car. It is a carjacking, where the car being jacked is ANY person who is unaware of what is happening to them. You can transpose this to EVERY life and the fates engendered in the living of them. We are ALL mind-jacked to some extent. Some of us are CONSCIOUSLY mind-jacked. We decided ahead of time who would control our comings and goings. I did... anyway. Do you want to know my dream of how I would like to spend Eternity? I'm going to tell you anyway. I would like to spend mine, forever after, in service to Heaven and Humanity.

Does such a vocation sound exciting and enjoyable? In the minds of most of us, it does not sound like that at all. It sounds like it would be a dull grind and not something one could sustain for very long, given the state of humanity and the obscurity of Heaven. Like anything and I mean ANYTHING, it is all in the way you look at it. My present life is the result of my reflections. It is the product of my looking back over the reach of my life in this life. I've done this. I've taken a hard, cold look at where I've been and what I've done. I've done this more than once. Strangely, at least it might seem so to many, my greatest enjoyment and my most precious memories were those moments of service, ESPECIALLY mutual service. The times I worked with others in a commonly shared enterprise, whose objective was the creation of joyful engagement in works that we were known by; "by their works ye shall know them," gave me fulfillment that I NEVER got anywhere else and fulfillment is not something to sneer at. Here is what it comes down to, YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH YOURSELF.

Unless your conscience is appeased, you will get no rest. Unless your heart is in what you do, there will be no joy. There is a doorway we all MUST pass through and it is the entrance to The Purpose of Demonstration. Due to IMMUTABLE LAW, whatever we think about, speak about, or engage in, depending on its composition and intent, winds up at a guaranteed destination. What is the personal nature of the residents of Heaven? It is IMPERSONALITY!!! I've said it over and over here and everyone gets it... intellectually, everything in this life of appearances is UPSIDE DOWN and BACKWARDS. Ergo, you must walk in all ways contrary to the world. I think Jacob Boehme said that. I can't remember. For me, it is always more important to remember WHAT was said, rather than WHO said it.

All this is leading up to what I want to tell you about; what happens when you die. WHEN you die, not IF you die, WHEN you die, you go to the Astral Plane. You go to a level that corresponds to your behavior while you were corporate... If you have been unjust, profligate, cruel, Selfish, or any derivative of the same, you will wind up in the hands of those entities that deal with what you are. At the moment, your physical body PROTECTS you from the realities of the sure and certain destiny of recompense. Once you have left the body, you are COMPLETELY EXPOSED in a place where thoughts and feelings are THINGS and they have an impact, the same way that bullets and rocks, or sundry, have an impact when they hit you.

SUFFERING has a purpose, though that is not apparent to most. Suffering is a RITE OF PURIFICATION and it continues until you are purified. Wise souls attend to this prior to the need for Suffering to be employed. MARK MY WORDS and pay careful attention here. Just as there are levels of the Astral Plane that contain raptures beyond what your present imagination can conceive of, the SAME APPLIES in reverse. We should feel no sorrow when someone dies if they are/were a good person. When we SHOULD feel sorrow is when someone dies who was not a good person. We are SHIELDED from many things here. We should be more mindful of this. Deal with the verities BEFORE they come upon you. If you catch something early you can cure it quickly. BUT... BUT... BUT... what about that which we have just let go by? Hmm... Yeah. Well... you're in luck. Besides Providence and Grace, which are always present, whether employed or not... as long as you are still here... there is a great deal that you can do.

God is THE ONE who can heal and correct ANY situation. You must appeal to him/her. You cannot speak to God directly. That is what angels are for. It is the angels that carry your prayers to God and they DO NOT carry every prayer so make sure of the sincerity of your petition. Ask to be cleansed. Offer yourself for the transforming and direct ALL of everything you do from now on to being a better person. IN THIS TIME... A VERY unique opportunity exists for redemption and forgiveness. No positive effort will go amiss. You can redress a great deal very quickly' "Success is speedy for the energetic."

There is a Cloud of Unknowing. There is a heavy atmosphere of Stupor and Low Dreaming that is like a weather condition and it exists to our detriment. It is seductive and compelling and it is EVERYWHERE around. It is what keeps us thinking of all the irrelevant things that make up the landscape of that time between our arrival and our departure. YOU MUST turn your attention to what lies within, as opposed to what lies beneath. Angels WILL lift you up. Let them know of your intention to exit this weather condition. No good can come of remaining there and it does not end well. I don't say anything I am not convinced of through my own experience or by the thoughts of those I follow and admire and aspire to. Pick something or someone far beyond your present state to emulate and act as if you were that. I have chosen The Sun. There are many heroes to pick from. DO NOT emulate the failed dust of witless celebrities.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

♫ All the things that I Wanted ♫

Well... if you can get there and not everyone can BUT... if you can get there, let your presence be known at Parler.

And if you have a moment, you might stop by Pocketnet and let your presence be known too. I have certain enemies there whose rage is a consuming fire. It helps when their down-votes are matched by a positive response. Thank you, kind reader, for coming to my aid at Pocketnet.

les visible at pocketnet


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