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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

"There Goes The No Longer Functioning Framework from a Now Disappearing Age."
By Les Visible
Sep 25, 2020 - 6:13:10 AM

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September 24th 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The World is changing. It is transforming into what is yet to be seen or experienced. At the moment, it is a construction site. What is there and which has been there for a long time is the no longer functioning framework from a now disappearing age. It has to come down and it is coming down. The Big wrecking ball is swinging too and fro. Why they decided against Controlled Demolition I couldn't tell you. I'm not one of the people that get THAT memo. There is a crowd of barbarians who are possessed of a long-simmering hatred for the old structure and they have been TEMPORARILY permitted to take out their aggression on everything in reach, including each other. They'll be gone once the building is gone but, for the moment, they are around. In cosmic terms, the destroyers are not employed in replacing what they had a hand in bringing down.

Heaven's ways are mysterious to those not consciously resident there. In Heaven, there is no Fear. In Middle Earth there is plenty of Fear. Dramatic change ALWAYS brings that out in people and when they see everything they once believed in being dismantled before their eyes, they get REALLY nervous BECAUSE they have yet to see what is replacing it. For all they know, nothing is replacing it and that is a scary thing, no question.

Construction hasn't begun on the new structure (duh), which is still on the blueprints in the architect's office. What is happening now, is the tearing down of the old structure. This is why we don't know what is coming and why we haven't seen or experienced it yet because it isn't here yet. We are in the demolition and planning stage.

Fundamentalist Christians and Muslims, whose religions were supposed to be an improvement on the 'buy low, sell high' usury and ancestor worship systems that existed previously (and still exist), are not going to be happy about what is coming and the cash register faiths are also not going to be pleased. EVERYTHING is due to change into new forms; LIKE IT OR NOT. In the old, old system, which became reference points for the old systems, there was a splendid fellow called Joshua. Joshua (the name) was a precursor for Jesus. Joshua translates as 'Jah Liberates'. This is a TELL from the cosmogonal headquarters as evidence that the basic impulse of ALL LIFE is toward FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

It is the NATURAL reaction out of the human breast, to pay fealty to what exists as the universal ideal to which we all subscribe, WHETHER WE KNOW IT OR NOT. This is why scripture tells us that, "at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow." What that means is that before the altar of our most basic and compelling drive we shall give homage. It's the same thing with that long contested and inflexible comment; "I am the way, the Truth and the life and NO MAN cometh unto the Father but by me." It's another way of saying, "My way or the highway." The statement is true. Jesus is an avatar and the first emanation of the source, personalized so that we can relate to it. It is more difficult to relate to a Cloud of Unknowing.

The Christ is not going anywhere. It is the same yesterday, today and forever BUT the Jesus side is going to be reconstituted.

Jesus the Christ was a spokesman for Ageless Wisdom. He was/is also a Wayshower but Fundie Think demands that EVERYTHING be by the book, according to their interpretation of it. The Christian Church is now crumbling because a NEW AND IMPROVED version is coming. If you asked me what that is going to be, well... I have an idea or two about that (grin) and I'm pretty sure I am close to the mark. I don't have all the details but I have a screen capture of the Big Picture. What is coming is Universal Brotherhood. The age of Highest Love expressed in Sacrifice, is going out with the age it was representative of. This doesn't mean that sacrifice, as the highest expression of love, is going to be redacted. It is simply being tailored to resonate with the Zeitgeist persona of what will be the essence of our makeup in this new term.

We will be seeing "and thou shalt love thy neighbor (brother) as thyself." becoming the new pattern of interaction. Jesus said to love your brother as yourself because, HE IS YOURSELF. Yes, he is. Our temporary false constructs of ourselves, our personalities in conflict with other personalities, are not real, BUT The Self behind it is and it is the SAME SELF of each of us. This will probably freak a lot of people out, given their major investment in their personality but... what are ya gonna do? You can scream and stamp your feet all you like, it changes nothing. The Truth, like The Cheese, stands alone.

Remember how Jesus had one message for the masses and another for the disciples-apostles-initiates? Well... courtesy of the coming avatar, the same method will apply. On the mass side, you will get Universal Brotherhood and love your neighbor as yourself. On the initiated side you are going to have THE AWARENESS of the INDWELLING. This indicates a state of consciousness where some number of us are to be linked telepathically in a common understanding of unity with The Source. That is what the First Church of the Presence of God is all about. NO... I am not going to be The Pope. I'm just a common parishioner and I had BETTER NOT FORGET THAT! I do happen to be a bit ahead of the curve however and have been granted some degree of insight into what is happening and what is coming. All and sundry are free to object to that and argue it to their heart's content; absent my presence, of course.

I do get daily updates, just like anyone involved in any network or business does, if they happen to be in the REQUIRED position that puts them on the memo feed. I don't get a lot of memos like I said. I'm not interested in being informed about anything else. I am ONLY interested in what the Supernal Realm transmits. Of course, I don't get the whole story. That's above my pay grade and my 'need to know' status. I don't get paid anyway, not in the coin of the realm that is. I get paid in metaphysical cryptocurrency, as anyone who has had the opportunity to investigate my 'no means of visible support' template has discovered. This is not to say that they have figured it out. This is another kind of 'need to know' thing and if you do know then you are probably engaging in it, same as me. IF you don't, then... well, what can I say?

So... there are a lot of people who are going to strenuously object to the hamburgerization of their sacred cows; not just religiously but socially and in almost every way, because what is coming is not designed to serve selfish interests, raging megalomania, entitlement, or elitism. This DOES NOT MEAN that all the fun is going to go out of life; anything but. Have you ever been joined in a group effort... say... in a restaurant, or... gee, any sort of cooperative effort where everyone involved depends on everyone else and a kind of gestalt emerges and even... dare I say, a sense of brotherhood? Maybe you get the picture. If you don't, you are probably going to be working somewhere else.

By now I can hear an undercurrent of muttering about, the sisters. What about the sisters? How do they fit into this brotherhood thing? I'm glad you asked. In the Aquarian Age, the Divine Feminine is in the ascendant. This means that parity and fairness are about to be restored... after a REALLY LONG TIME and the female aspect is going to be celebrated like it hasn't been in a long time, except, perhaps in those cooperative efforts I mentioned a moment ago. I've been involved in some form of that for most of my life so I know it's real. I use the word, Brotherhood, as a general catchall. Maybe a new word will come up in time. That's fine with me as long as it's not Personhood and 'they and their' doesn't predominate, cause that is real fringe stuff. So is 'comrade 4216' and similar. Sisters are brothers. There is a big misunderstanding that has been in place for far too long and it would take me far too long to go into all that at the moment.

Let me give you a couple of FACTS that are not in the general mindset. Unless one has a 'special dispensation' otherwise, like some of us do... and let me add here that ANY OF US could have such a dispensation; unless you have this dispensation, USUALLY if you are male in one life, you are female in the next. That puts a whole new light on how you treat your significant other, doesn't it? Best give some thought as to how significant that other is.

There is a reason why KARMA and REINCARNATION were intentionally left out of the Christian faith. I've treated with that briefly at other times and don't have remaining space to treat with it now. Anyway... since you will likely be one or the other in each succeeding life you will, at THE VERY LEAST, reap the benefits of the Divine Feminine Ascendancy. If you want to get ahead of the curve as a man, I suggest getting in touch with your female nature and I don't mean sexually. That implies missing the point. Although everyone is going to have at least one life like that to see what it's about. The whole point of being here is EXPERIENCE and finding your way out of here.

Before some people get all hot and bothered about what I said, ALL of this can be worked out during those regular interim times when you go before The Lords of Karma, which... whether you like it or not, I ASSURE you IS GOING TO HAPPEN. It is SELDOM hard and fast, without choices, in these sessions. You get an array of choices, depending on what kind of a hurry you are in and what you're after. Not everyone wants to get out of here, or is interested in Liberation or Salvation, in fact, that number is SURPRISINGLY small. Most people want to get DEEPER into it and have more of it. Regardless, it ALL has to be earned. You want to be Tom Cruise? Take a number. Same rules apply, no matter what your preferences are. Of course, you surely realize... that some roles have a much longer waiting period and involve a great deal of preparation and PREPAYMENT or... Promissory Notes. That's it for today.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is; ♫I'm Coming Back♫

Please try not to force your way to Parler in order to vote or comment on my post. People could get hurt in the scramble like sometimes happens at Soccer games. Proceed in an orderly fashion to vote and comment... What am I thinking? You have no intention of going there. You have vastly more important things to do but... if you don't have a life and you are looking for something to do then... here's the link for that.

As I mentioned yesterday, there's a great deal of interesting and compelling information to be had at Pocketnet these days; stuff on Hunter Biden that YOU WON'T GET in the Crass Media. Do yourself a favor, if you are curious and drop by Pocketnet. There are more cool and caring people there than I have found ANYWHERE else (except at these blogs, of course)


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