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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

The Apotheosis Project
By Alex Christopher
Jun 21, 2009 - 8:30:00 AM

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The Apotheosis Project

by Alex Christopher

extracted from 'Pandora's Box

The Ultimate "Unseen Hand" Behind the New World Order'

Two years ago, I was given information about an on going 'secret military’ project.


One person had come in contact with the “Top Secret” file in a generals’ office in the Pentagon. This person had gotten to actually read the file and to say the least from what he told me he was just a wee bit shaken up at what the project proposed to do.


According to what he related to me this project was an effort to utilize the “Unified Field Theory” that Einstein had perfected in his time and the government had seized to keep it from a public (they felt the people were not mature enough to handle the information). In utilizing the unified field theory in the simplest terms it refers to the physical mass of the human body, the result would be awesome and almost beyond belief for most common people.


In short the apotheosis of a human.

We need to understand in simple words that what Einstein had discovered was all “mass“ is nothing more than coagulated thought and light. Nothing exists in this universe without the application of thought. Someone or something has to create everything first with the thought to design it. Also all existing mass “things” even people, animals etc. are a coagulation of energy (thought).


Everything is made up of elements from the atomic table and that is most definitely “energy”, and energy is most definitely “light”.


Are you with me so far?


If you don’t believe this, you will find pictures of Kirlian Photography.

This is a special type of photography that photograph’s the “energy” or “light field” that is around matter in different degrees and all living things have very active and ever changing light fields of all colors. All colors, not just blue or green or red, but all colors.


Why is that you ask?


Because different colors of the spectrum, are different frequencies of energy all the way from Hertizan to Gamma Ray and beyond. Colors also represent different levels of vibration or density that are also related to electro-magnetic fields, or frequency. As you can see, each color is related to a radio or energy frequencies.


Refer to the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project.


Now in simple terms, what Einstein found out was that by unifying the fields you can take mass, coagulated thought or light energy which could be anything, and accelerate the electro-magnetic field or the set light frequency that the object exists in, accelerate it by adding more electric energy to it, and by speeding up the magnetic fields that exist around the object you take it into another light frequency or density.


Say you took a rabbit and placed it between electro-magnetic fields and accelerate the rabbits elector-magnetic fields, the rabbit would first turn a glowing blue and would look like a hologram and chances are if you tried to touch the rabbit your hand would quite simply just pass through it.


Next the rabbit would become a bright light and then it would just disappear.

  • Where did it go? The rabbit is still where it was if it didn’t hop away.

  • Why can’t you see it? Because it is in another level of light, energy frequency or density, of existence in another dimensional level now.

  • What happens if you turn off the electro-magnetic accelerator? The process is reversed and your rabbit comes back.

I know that right about now most of you are thinking this is garbage, but that fact of the matter is that it is true.

Now a little about the different levels of energy or colored light.


As it relates to mankind on this planet most every person on the planet earth vibrates at a set frequency. For simplicity, let us say that there are only seven different levels of vibration on this earth plane. Each one of these levels of vibration is called a dimensional level. And all mankind exists in the third dimensional level on earth.


For the human, these different levels also relate to the human body and the endocrine system of the body. For those of you that don’t know what the endocrine glands are, they are ductless glands and they secrete their products into the blood. The secretions of endocrine glands are always hormone, chemicals that regulate various physiological activities.


The glands that this system consists of are:

  • the Ovaries or Testes in female or male

  • pancreas

  • adrenal glands

  • thymus gland

  • thyroid gland

  • pituitary gland

  • pineal gland

Each one of these glands in the body relate to what level of dimensional reality a person functions in.


Most humans on the earth at this time are unfortunately locked into a reality of unawareness as to who and what they really are and that is because the few in control of everything have worked for centuries to keep mankind unaware so that they can put yokes around your neck and keep you as uneducated and unaware as possible as to what the truth about you really is.

It is all part of a bigger plan!


This way they can control and dominate you.

Each one of the endocrine glands have an energetic level and the sexual glands are the most powerful because they have lots of energy “power” to create new life, the sexual glands relate to level number one in a reality and we will call them “procreation and survival”, then you have pancreas and adrenal glands and these are levels two and three, and we will relate these to “Pain and Power” or “Victim and Controller”.


Reproduction, power and pain, these are levels one, two and three.


The third density or dimensional level is were most everyone lives today. The people of this planet are very socially caught up in their little boxes or their image of who they think they are; be it doctor, lawyer or Indian chief. This is also refereed to as a social consciousness level number three.

The planet earth is now in the process of taking its vibrational frequency into a higher level of density, which will accelerate everything on this planet into what is called forth density or the fourth dimensional reality. This well be accomplished in parallel with the earth changes, but it is a process that has already begun on this planet. In the forth dimension, people will still care for their physical bodies. It is also a dimensional level where compassion, understanding and unconditional love are predominant.


Full conversion to the fourth density will occur between 2003 and 2013.


The people that will survive this dimensional shift will have to be positively polarized in a path that is oriented towards unconditional love and service to others. There are people on earth now that are operating in the fourth density, and they will move on into the fifth and sixth density levels soon.

The next step up in dimensional vibration will also thrust people into the realization that “one” (a person) is not separate from God. It is that kind of spectrum which has been called by the Christians as the “second coming”. The second coming is a state of being and not an individual arriving and establishing a power hierarchy.

The fourth density is a vibrational spectrum which is working in sync with the geological changes. The time/space continuum has put Earth and that star system into that type of vibration. This causes the electromagnetic realignments within the body of the planet. The energies and collective thought forms of the population also disturbs the energy patterns of the planet.


Geological changes accompany transition between densities.


At this point we are in the last 20 years of the end of a cycle which has lasted 75,000 years. After the dimensional shift on Earth the evolution of man will be completed and there will be no need for “time” any longer and thus there will be no more “time.” There will be a collapse of Time/Distance and Space. The object of our time here on earth has for thousands of years been to come to earth and grab an available body the third dimension, and figure out how to accelerate the vibratory frequency of the body to do it like we did the rabbit, and take it into other dimensional levels (forth, fifth, sixth and seventh).


This process is talked about in The Keys of Enoch and also in the Bible in the book of Revelations. The following is not a new science, and it is not demonic possession, it is a birth right inheritance that has for thousands of years been genetically blocked in our brains by interfering genetic engineers from another galaxy. It is the rise of the Phoenix, the awakening.


Another name for the seven endocrine gland in the body is “seals”; some times they are refereed to as “Chakras”. For two thousand years there has been virtually no one that has been able to achieve this. This is only part of what Jesus was teaching when he was here.


What I haven’t told you so far about this little process is that once a person is able to accelerate his vibratory frequency into other levels of consciousness, they get some wonderful gifts; they have the capability to collapse time, distance and space and with a thought and they can travel from point “A” to point “B” at the speed of light.


They have the capability to walk through walls, to grow a new limb or an organ inside their body, to become invisible, to create food and water out of thin air, the proper word is the “ethers”. To touch a person and heal them; to raise the dead. The capability to see the past, present and future, because a person that can collapse time, because time becomes a no thing and everything and all times of the ages are all there together simultaneously. This person can see the past and the future as well as what is happening around him, having absolute awareness of everything, and everywhere at all times.


They have the capability to pick up a thought from across the universe or to send one. This person never dies, and does not grow old, because for them there is no time any longer and if they are old when they achieve this new vibrator frequency their body reverses the aging process. This person will not need food or sleep and can create anything by simply having the thought and desiring it.

These are some of the secrets that Jesus was teaching, shortly after he made his grand exit by ascending. There were others that followed his lead and also ascended into higher vibration level and dimensions. This is what he thought was to follow his lead and do what he did. He never taught people to worship him. That is something the church concocted to fill the flock full of lies to control them because if the people knew how to do the things that Jesus was teaching; the church and the Roman government would loss all control over people.

When people go into other dimensional realities things start happening to them and they have a serious attitude adjustment rapidly. They soon start to discover unconditional love or they can’t exist there. Your body and mind and spirit must be in sync in order to handle the dimensional shift.


I have been there briefly and once there you realize that you are one with everything that exist everywhere, there is a part of you that is part of everything and is God. If you were fortunate enough to sample the next dimension up. when you come back from your short stay in an elevated frequency, it just might be a couple of steps on the way, not the full leap, you are changed and you may start to experience some of the following as we have. You feel everything around you, such as how that person seating next to you feels.


You could be driving down the road on fine day as I was and feel someone's sadness and just be to the point of tears and look over and see a young girl sobbing as she drives down the road, or you could feel extreme joy from someone. Or you may hear you horses talk to you or your dog or cat. Or a rock may speak to you. It comes from their consciousness to yours it is a knowingness a new awareness that will open new vista for you.


Some day you and your mate may be able to communicate to one another mentally over many miles. Or to touch someone you love very much an heal them of cancer. You may find that your body disrupts electricity of the lights in buildings or high voltage equipment. You may be having a romantic dinner by candlelight with the one you love and suddenly see X-ray and be looking at a talking skeleton setting across from you. You may be able to go out of your body and visit other places and have full memory of the journey.


About this time you start realizing that every thought that you have starts to manifest and then you really have to be very careful as to what thought process you have because this capability knows no right or wrong it just manifest for you to experience. If you start doing any of these you are on your way. And if you want to learn how to do these things all you have to do to start the process is to think it and want it and you will start feeling changes. The more passionately you desire a thought the faster and more profound the manifestation becomes for your experience.


All of this is a birth right as you start the apotheosis.


Even in the bible it is stated in John 10:34 and in Psalm 82:6 that everyone has that birth right of the apotheosis becoming fully activated. For you my brothers and sisters take this tiny piece of knowledge and if it feels comfortable for you take it and expand on it all the way to heaven. Because having these capabilities over all kingdoms is heaven.


Your next question I bet is how can I do this apotheosis process to myself?


I can only tell from some of my experiences because I have no idea how the government is achieving the process with people unless they can put some kind of attachment on a person’s electro-magnetic field and accelerate it but that can be a fatal way to go if the body and mind is not ready for that much energy. Ideally it should be a progressive process of enrichment and expansion of the mind, spirit and the body follows so to say.


What has to happen first is all the powerful energy that keeps your mind occupied with sexual desires has to be pushed up through the endocrine glands. It reaches the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain and opens up your brain. This process has been referred to as the rise of the Phoenix and the rise of the Kundalini.

What it really is, is pure energy being forced up through all the endrocine glands and spinal column into the center of the brain were it will cause through the opening of the pineal gland a chemical or hormone to be released that will stimulate the entire body to raise in vibration and you will start to change.


This is what the Yogas in India do. Once you start opening up the other 90% of the sleeping brain you can never be held back because it is your birth right to be all and know all and have absolute awareness and capabilities to use “thought”.


The next step up is the fourth dimensional level of vibrational frequency.


Ron: For additional background discussion and analysis in relation to these matters see Sonia Barrett's 'The Holographic Canvas; The Fusing of Mind and Matter'  at:

And: Gregg Braden's 'Awakening to Zero Point' at:

And: 'Now is the time for you to engage your higher aspects and intentions for the world you wish to create' by Sananda channeled by Lois Hartwick, at:



Candace:  This is a good article generally, but there are some problems. There is no magic ascension, it is gradual and individual. Densities and Dimensions are used interchangeably in the article and they are not interchangable.

ALL planets with organic life evolving on them are ALWAYS forever 2nd DENSITY.  1st Density are the suns, moons, planets and the like with out evolving life.  Dimensions are levels of consciousness within Densities.

We are already just barely 4th Dimension of 2nd Density expressed as 2.405 right now.   This is because of the growing of spirituality. Now as the spirituality of people grows, so does the vibration rate of the planet.

Those of you who have looked at the Urantia Book know about the mansion worlds.  The mansion worlds are 3rd Density planets, and are architectural spheres have more than the 100 elements earth has, and so an increased light or spiritual presence within that matter. There are 100 morontial materials beyong our 100 physical elements on this planet. We will not have morontial elements ever.   This is not a natural part of the evolutionary creation of the matter worlds. We do NOT have morontial materials within our matter on this planet, but we will have morontial temples at a later date where celestials can visualize and interchange with us and where people will fuse with their thought adjusters.

We can go to 2.9999999999........... but will never be a 3rd Density planet.  2.5 or 5th Dimension of 2nd Density, will be a huge gain by the people of this planet, as we will not be bi polar anymore, and the magnetics etc, will change but the planet will not become somehow mixed with morontial material.  

The sphere's above the mansion worlds have higher Densities.  Salvington and it's 490 worlds, often called Melchizedek Unversity are 6th DENSITY, with dimensions again within this, levels of consciousness.

Paradise itself is 13th Density, while the Havona worlds (1 billion of them) are 12th Density.

Now our other side is a somewhat different case.  It's higher realms are mind constructs, and have not the density of this planet, but that is a topic for another discussion. We have not yet finalized how this will be taught.  We will do that during stasis.

The other material in this article is over all excellent. I wish it had more detail on the Kirlian photography.  Also the 7 chakras are not interchangable with the endocrine glands.  They are separate, but there is some correlation.  And there are more than 7 chakras actually, you have many minor ones, and there are ones ABOVE the crown chakra which must be developed for telepathy with beings off the planet.


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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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